Timberline Motel, Aurora, 2012 #americanguide #sociallandscape #denver #auroracolorado #colorado #colfax #instagramerica
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We got wet taking this picture, just so everyone can appreciate it that much more #brothers #instagramerica #johnsonsiblinglove #christmascardmaterial
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peter_darkmatter : ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️😭 it's so beautiful!!!!!
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The Johnson kiddos visit Boston! Happy 4th of July πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ #fambam #brothers #picswithgeorge #instagramerica
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Independence Day in Boston! #instagramerica #boston #canoli #quincymarket #independenceday
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Split Rock Quarry. During WWI, this was a hazardous munitions plant. Tragedy struck one horrible day in July of 1918. On July 2, 1918, a horrible explosion rocked the plant, it's ruins seen here. 50-52 men lost their lives in a most horrific way. Now, almost 100 years later, a few tumbled rocks, and this ruin, are what is left. It's been said, that what you can see isn't all that is left behind. As with all places where tragedy stikes, stories of ghosts are abundant. Do the spirits of those poor men that died that day, still linger? Maybe......
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amongtheruin : Great shot and thanks for the History.
aprillee72 : Thank you! I appreciate that. @amongtheruin. I enjoy trying to keep the history of the places in my pictures alive.
3cs704 : Very cool. My grandparents didn't too far from there but I wasn't aware of the place back then. It would have been fun to explore.
3cs704 : Didn't live^ too far from there. 😐
aprillee72 : @3cs704 , I remember you posting pictures of your grandparents from Syracuse. This place is quite out of the way. It's at the end of a dead end St. Then you have to walk up hill to it. It is very interesting, and a little eerie. (At the end of Onondaga Blvd, near Onodaga Hill, if you know where that isπŸ˜€).
3cs704 : My grandparents lived on Onondaga Hill. We would pass through there on the way to Fairmount.
aprillee72 : Then I guess you do know the area.πŸ˜„ My Dad's cousin lives on the hill. This day was actually the only time I've been in that area though.
aprillee72 : @3cs704 ^^
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Will Paul Revere ever ride again? Once a local landmark, lighting up the night sky, a symbol of the strong manufactuting business in the area. Over the past two decades, the mills and factories have all but left. Paul Revere's lights went dark, probably never to gallop in the dark again. His light was a becon that said Home for weary travellers returning from out of town excersions.
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aprillee72 : #royalsnappingartists. #romeny. #rsa_ladies. #rsa_country. #aj_ladies. #abandonedamerica. #abandon_seekers #autopsyoftheamericandream. #icu_usa. #ig_expeditionists #instagramerica. #ispyny
aprillee72 : #gonebutstanding #ig_abandoned
anneriepma : That's a great sign.
aprillee72 : It is a cool sign. I just wish it could be lit up again. That will probably never happen. At least it's still up though. @anneriepma
esq_design : What a wonderful description of the old sign and building, thanks for sharing @aprillee72
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Empty and broken. Once, it was one of the many thriving factories in the small NY city of Rome. Now, it stands empty of everything. A ghost to the not so distant past. Many of the old brick mills are being demolished, and replaced with new, steel structures. Will this one suffer a similar fate?....
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aprillee72 : #royalsnappingartists #rsa_country. #icu_usa. #instagramerica #ispyny. #ig_expeditionists. #abandonedamerica.
aprillee72 : #autosyoftheamericandream. #abandonedworld. #abandonedphotography. #abandonedamerica
fotografingnyc : I like the photo. The circumstances, not so much
aprillee72 : Thanks @fotografingnyc It is a shame how these factories are closing and left deteriorating all over the country.
aprillee72 : #loves_abandoned. #romeny #upstateny
aprillee72 : #outcastamerica. #trailblazers_rurex #theamericancollective
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Another view of the same bridge posted yesterday. The city (of Rome, NY), has created a nice walking path along the canal, that goes right under this bridge.
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jill_koop : β–ͺ️NiiiCeβ–ͺ️
aprillee72 : Thank youπŸ˜ƒ @jill_koop
don.snaps : Nice perspective
aprillee72 : Thank you very muchπŸ˜ƒ @darkshadows36
bdn61 : Excellent
aprillee72 : Thank you! @bdn61 πŸ˜€ : Cool shot!
aprillee72 : Thanks!! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
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A bridge over the Barge Canal in Rome (NY). This one is on S. James St., as seen from Muck Rd.
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aprillee72 : #royalsnappingartists. #rsa_country #instagramerica #romeny #upstateny #ig_expeditionists.
don.snaps : Looks like an interesting explore
dwtc6 : Very nice
aprillee72 : It is pretty interesting exploring around it. I'll be going back for more, once the snow is gone. I almost went down on some ice that was on the trail under the bridge, lol. @darkshadows36
aprillee72 : Thank youπŸ˜ƒ @dwtc6
aprillee72 : #ispyny #iloveny
threericeboysandagirl : My boys and I tide our bikes along the that the snow is the view along the Canal
aprillee72 : @threericeboysandagirl it is very nice along the canal. I love the upgrades they are making to it in Rome. It looks very nice
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East branch of Fish Creek, near were it merges the west branch. Sunset was just a few minutes away.
royalsnappingartists - rsa_rural - instagramerica - newyorkexplored - upstateny - iloveny - ispyny - icu_usa - fishcreek - rsa_country - rsa_ladies -
bdn61 : Beautiful
newyorkexplored : Hello, awesome picture. I think this one really helps depict the beauty of New York. Check out my page if you'd like, and tag #NewYorkExplored on your photos to be featured on it! :)
aprillee72 : #newyorkexplored
aprillee72 : @bdn61 Thank you!
aprillee72 : @newyorkexplored Thank you so much!πŸ˜ƒ
aprillee72 : #iloveny #ispyny
giampieromont : πŸ‘πŸ˜Š great shot!
aprillee72 : Thank you very much!πŸ˜ƒ @giampieromont
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❀️ #brooklynbridge #nyc #manhattan #travel #instagramerica
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makelovelocks : Perfect!
happysince86 : @herminedorf wo habt ihr in NYC genächtigt? Will im September hin :)
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Ice on #LakeMichigan #instagramerica
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πŸŒ‡ #NYC #buildings #architecture #travel #instagramerica
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πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ #NYC #travel #radiocityhall #instagramerica
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The view from the #Willis tower (was sears) in #chicago #vscocam #instagramerica
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squirrelnips : Fuuuuuuck this looks goooood
mylosadler : Cool pic man
christianahedlund : πŸ’›
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At the @woodfordreserve distillery this afternoon in #lexington #KY #bourbon #instagramerica
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#nashville #predators #nyislanders #instagramerica
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rephpaint : Check out the canvas @neilchidlow
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The backyard right now. I've heard spring is almost here. I'm not sure I believe that!
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aprillee72 : #instagramerica #rsa_rural #royalsnappingartists #rsa_country #upstateny #winter #wintertime
aprillee72 : #cny
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Getting in front of dad's photos of Chinese kids
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neilchidlow : #10k #houston #texas #instagramerica
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#rockets #USA #instagramerica
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October 3, 1939. A young man named Paul Riegler takes a young woman, Rosemary Neudecker, to be his wife. It was a union that lasted until 1978, when Rosemary passed away. In the years they were married, Paul and Rosemary raised three children in the brick farmhouse that has been in Paul's family for many years. The church is in Augusta, NY. Paul and Rosemary are my grandparents.
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aprillee72 : #ig_ruralamerica #ig_expeditionists #instagramerica #rsa_rural #royalsnappingartists #rsa_country #church
aprillee72 : #storyofamerica
bdn61 : Excellent
aprillee72 : Thank you! 😊 @bdn61
fotografingnyc : Great photo and narrative πŸ‘πŸ‘
aprillee72 : Thank you very much😊 @fotografingnyc
milolanoue : Great back story! ❀️
aprillee72 : Thank you! @milolanoue. ☺
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The snow is very beautiful, but I'm ready for it to be gone. This month has been rough, with lots of snow and many days of sub zero temperatures. I'll be happy with a steady 20 degrees!πŸ˜„πŸ˜
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dwtc6 : Great shot but I'm with you πŸ‘ ready for summer
papa_bigjohn : Beautiful.
andre__viana : Can't agree more! I've recently moved to NY and am more than ready for this winter to be over!! 😎
aprillee72 : Thank you! @papa_bigjohn
aprillee72 : @dwtc6 Thanks a lot! It has been a long one!
aprillee72 : @andre__viana Even though I'm many miles from the city, welcome to NY! When we finally get summer back, take a trip about 4-5 hours north of NYC, to the Adirondacks. It's a very beautiful area. πŸ˜ƒ
andre__viana : Thanks for the welcome! 😊 I'm enjoying it a lot despite the cold. Have heard highly of the Adirondacks, will definitely go!!
aprillee72 : Great! You will love it😊 @andre__viana
spenniiboii - turquoise_wanderer -
An old bridge, spanning the Mohawk River, just outside Rome, NY. The bridge may once have been green, but now is rust. I wonder how long before it is replaced with a new, modern bridge.
bridges -
aprillee72 : Thank you! @bigmem72
aprillee72 : @bdn61 Thanks so much!
aprillee72 : Thank you😊😊 @piratkulpaween
cactusdqp : Sooo beautiful πŸ†’πŸ†’πŸ†’πŸ†’πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
creator666jk : πŸ‘πŸ˜‰
aprillee72 : Thank you so very much!! 😊😊 @cactusdqp @icoup.q.xxi
laurenjand : πŸ‘Œ
aprillee72 : Thank you!! @laurenjand 😊
spenniiboii - bigmem72 -
It's quite cold out, (-4 F), but it sure is beautiful. The backyard this morning.
rsa_rural - ig_ruralamerica - winter - instagramerica - wintertime - upstateny - ig_expeditionists - winterwonderland - rsa_country - royalsnappingartists -
gplayer01 : Really pretty😍😍😍
lovenotfear : Gorgeous!
hdaaag : Very nice
aprillee72 : Thank you so very much!! I really appreciate it😊😊 @31fordman @justinmcz @gplayer01 @lovenotfear @hdaaag
andymarie : Really pretty! I was wondering how much snow you had up there! I'll be trying for a Buffalo trip again next week 😬 @aprillee72
aprillee72 : This picture is from before Christmas and was gone by then. It came back though. I have no idea what Buffalo has
aprillee72 : @andymarie
aprillee72 : @andymarie I don't know what I was thinking! Lol. This is a recent picture. The other one I thought this was, was posted a few weeks ago. I need more sleep, lolπŸ˜œπŸ˜„
shinkobonsai - susan_monteith -
This street, aptly named Railroad St. is a small stretch of road in Rome, NY. This bridge is over the Mohawk River. Notice the train tracks right on the road. I wonder what it would be like to be driving in the bridge with a train just inches away! These tracks aren't used too much anymore. When in use, it's just a couple of cars running between the mills and factories that dot the east and west sides of the city. While they were once powerful, large employers of Rome, most of the mills are now closed, standing empty or have been demolished.
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aprillee72 : #ig_ruralamerica #ig_expeditionists #rsa_rural #romeny #royalsnappingartists #rsa_country #ig_northamerica #ig_ruralamerica #instagramerica #upstateny
aprillee72 : #storyofamerica
dwtc6 : Very cool
aprillee72 : Thank you!πŸ˜ƒ @dwtc6
aprillee72 : #newyorkexplored
instapicdan : Nice
aprillee72 : Thank youπŸ˜ƒ @instapicdan
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Another unique white zinc monument from St Peter's cemetery in Rome, NY. To me, this represents a strong faith held by the family.
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aprillee72 : #instacemetery #instagramerica #royalsnappingartists #rsa_graves #rsa_graveyard #aj_graveyards #graveyard_dead #tombstonetuesday #taphophiles_only #tombstones #graveyardphotography #graves #cemeterywanderings #cemeteryphotography
aprillee72 : #romeny
aprillee72 : #tv_churchandgraves
drifterdon_ - graveyardgirl2015 - elsa_pupu -
Broken. Discarded. Forgotten. I often wonder, upon seeing the old, forgotten headstones, when was the last time a loved one visited? Or a distant family member, searching for their ancestors. Do they have anyone left connected to them, even distantly, who knows they are here.
rsa_graveyard - graveyard_dead - rsa_graves - instagramerica - cemeterywanderings - aj_graveyards - rsa_grittygraves - ig_expeditionists - alongthecountryroad - rsa_country - royalsnappingartists - cemeterybeauty - ig_ruralamerica - cemetery_nation - instacemetery - cemetery - cemeteryphotography - graveyardphotography - graveyard_lovers - graveyardbeauty -
robinwiseman : Me too. This is the reason I choose to not be planted in the ground. I don't want to be a broken, forgotten piece of rock.
bdn61 : Beautiful thoughts and photo
aprillee72 : @bdn61 Thank you!:-)
aprillee72 : @robinwiseman I understand that and am leaning that way myself
umbertozampini : πŸ‘πŸ˜”πŸ‘
aprillee72 : πŸ‘ΌπŸ˜” @umbertozampini πŸ’™
amongtheruin : EXCELLENT capture
aprillee72 : Thank you very much!! @amongtheruin
bdn61 - mrmechanicmike - i_digyourenergy - mrsmd89 -
Before the snow falls...A feeder creek empties into Tagasoke Reservoir, also known as Lake Tagasoke. The reservoir was created when a dam was built on Fish Creek in Swancott Mills (NY). Picture taken Dom Creek Rd, wirh the reservoir in the background.
autumn - rsa_rural - ig_northamerica - ig_ruralamerica - instagramerica - rural_life - newyorkexplored - upstateny - fall - ig_expeditionists - fishcreek - rsa_country - royalsnappingartists -
sboeckelman : Wonderful!
aprillee72 : Thank you :-) @sboeckelman
umbertozampini : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
aprillee72 : Thank you my friend! πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ™ @umbertozampini
umbertozampini : πŸ‘πŸ˜˜πŸ»
aprillee72 : #newyorkexplored
jordi_g_c : Beautiful!
aprillee72 : Thank you! @jordi_vlad
sher.a.ko - springyyyyy - reez_world -
Herman Neudecker, Civil War veteran. Died in 1908. He's an ancestor of mine, my Grandmother's great uncle. I found his grave quite by accident, but recognized the name when I saw it. Located in Madison, NY
rsa_graveyard - rsa_rural - rsa_graves - instagramerica - cemeterybeauty - tombstonetuesday - aj_graveyards - rsa_grittygraves - ig_expeditionists - cemeterywanderings - rsa_country - royalsnappingartists - trb_gyd_headstones - ig_northamerica - ig_ruralamerica - cemetery_nation - cemetery - cemeteryphotography - tv_churchandgraves -
aprillee72 : #tombstonetuesday #tv_churchandgraves #trb_gyd_headstones #aj_graveyards #ig_expeditionists #ig_ruralamerica #instagramerica #ig_northamerica #royalsnappingartists #rsa_grittygraves #rsa_graveyard #rsa_rural #rsa_country #rsa_graves #cemeteryphotography #cemeterywanderings #cemetery_nation #cemetery #cemeterybeauty
dwtc6 : Very cool
aprillee72 : @dwtc6 Thank you. I'm glad I came upon it.
mrmechanicmike : heavy artillery. Cool!
aprillee72 : @mrmechanicmike Yes, it is pretty cool πŸ‘
jlgear : πŸ‘πŸ‘
aprillee72 : @jlgear. πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘ Thanks!
spenniiboii - lunespix - cassettapostale -
William, died Sept 4, 1866 @ age 1 yr, 8 mo and 16 days. His sister, Mary. She died June 26, 1868 (?- maybe be 1866, last number hard to read). Her age was 7 mo, 18 days. They were the young children of David and Diana (?-last name hard to read). No matter how many of these graves of young children I come a gross (and it's too many), it still breaks my heart.
rsa_graveyard - graveyard_dead - rsa_graves - instagramerica - rsa_rural - tombstonetuesday - aj_graveyards - upstateny - instagraves - rsa_grittygraves - ig_expeditionists - headstone - rsa_country - royalsnappingartists - ig_northamerica - ig_ruralamerica - instacemetery - graveyardphotography - graveyardbeauty -
graveyardgirl2015 : Love your gallery!
aprillee72 : @graveyardsandhalloween Thank you!
graveyard_dead : @aprillee72 Thank you for this very appreciated caption.
mrmechanicmike : Those are some unique and amazing looking stones!!
aprillee72 : @graveyard_dead Thank you :)
aprillee72 : @mrmechanicmike I agree. Each gravestone can tell a story, if you look carefully.
beckhint : @aprillee72 πŸ˜’πŸ˜”
imaluchador : Very nice!
bdn61 - sher.a.ko - _sara_j_ru - capnjasper -
#kiss #highline #newyork #newyorkcity #lovenewyork #love #bestkiss #graphics #graffito #explosionofcolours #seasunfun #photo #america #peace #instagramerica
highline - love - newyorkcity - newyork - photo - peace - explosionofcolours - instagramerica - graffito - seasunfun - kiss - graphics - bestkiss - lovenewyork - america -
d7606 : Art by @kobrastreetart
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#centralparck #newyork #newyorkcity #lovenewyork #lake #romantic #place #ny #love #relax #america #instagramerica #seasunfun #photo #picofday #gopro #fisheye #autumn #magicmoment
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#apple #applestore #ny #newyork #newyorkcity #lovenewyork #5avenue #america #instagramerica #gopro #fisheye
lovenewyork - newyorkcity - ny - newyork - applestore - gopro - 5avenue - instagramerica - america - fisheye - apple -
mrjuicebox : rad
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