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Still coming along. Oil on panel #birds #bird #birdpainting #blue #australian #wren #oil #paintingsforsale #painting #instagramartshow #arts_gallery #instadaily
blue - paintingsforsale - oil - wren - bird - instagramartshow - arts_gallery - birdpainting - instadaily - australian - painting - birds -
spottedinsydney : Nice one!
mattshyman - monanahleh - gabrielgavioli_ - codyplallier_art -
An oldie but a goodie. 'Bath time 'oil on canvas. #instagramartshow #instaart #art_worldly #arts_gallery #artisatart #artforsale #dog #lady #bath #paintingsforsale #painting #vintage #legs #pinupart #pinup #pinupstyle #art #sassy #art_is_a_tart
paintingsforsale - art - bath - instagramartshow - artforsale - artisatart - art_worldly - sassy - pinup - lady - pinupstyle - art_is_a_tart - vintage - dog - instaart - pinupart - legs - painting - arts_gallery -
herbmonster : Love this one!!
instartposts - shahrzadrabbitt - kate_stavniichuk - sashatherottweiler -
#fbf shooting for @ameerahkart 's #InstagramArtShow , thankful for the experience 😊 πŸ“·: @sikatheart @thejuiceperspective #coveredisthenewnude
instagramartshow - coveredisthenewnude - fbf -
sikatheart : Definitely dope day
magnum_med - rickycodio - nick_breezy215 - luvmuffinnn -
Another watercolour. On a roll ! #birds #birdsofinstagram #sulphurcrestedcockatoo #arts_gallery #instagramartshow #instagood #australia #paintingsforsale #paint #takingcommissions #artforsale
paintingsforsale - australia - birdsofinstagram - instagood - instagramartshow - paint - artforsale - arts_gallery - sulphurcrestedcockatoo - birds - takingcommissions -
cordialkid - frolllz - wallcd - thedailyjames -
@theunitlondon @paintguide show in London last month with #helenedelmaire Thanks #pinkstarpix for the photo :) #artopenings #londonartopenings #instagramartshow #paintguide
instagramartshow - helenedelmaire - londonartopenings - pinkstarpix - paintguide - artopenings -
jan_l_ch : Bravo, I remember you from Basel, Jan
idleworship : πŸ‘
docwhite5 : I intend some day to meet you. Peter
monkdxiii - caregallery - guywgane3 - __m4tth3w__ -
Little squares. πŸ“Έ #instagramartshow
instagramartshow -
shelbz0203 - daynamoguel - max2music - abigailkazmierczak -
30 x 30 #acrylic #artist #interiordesign #nonobjective #floralart #flowers #floral #contemporary #gallery #turquoise #grey #instagramartshow #art4sale
art4sale - turquoise - artist - interiordesign - grey - contemporary - instagramartshow - floralart - nonobjective - floral - acrylic - flowers - gallery -
ll.simmons - artistasy_official - gabifaammorecarvalho - camrachiq -
48 x 48 acrylic #art #gallery #art4sale #gallery #contemporary #instagramartshow #white #interiordesign #isabellegautier #floral #fleur #floralart #flowers
instagramartshow - flowers - art - interiordesign - contemporary - fleur - art4sale - floralart - floral - white - isabellegautier - gallery -
aylinebaker : LOVE your colours
gregorycroxfordliving - desaturatedworlds - nivito_com - ifilm247 -
48 x 48 sold Interiordesigners, #art #contemporary #gallery #instagramartshow
instagramartshow - art - contemporary - gallery -
emmabellfineart : This is so beautiful @isabellegautiersart 😘
isabellegautiersart : @emmabellfineart thks Emma
senecalake2 - gnarrang - jaannaandre - dancing.queen -
36 x 48 #contemporary #isabellegautier #Stael #gallery #green #instagramartshow #white #abstract #abstract #art #art4sale
art4sale - art - abstract - stael - contemporary - instagramartshow - green - white - isabellegautier - gallery -
hippiechickchronicle : I love your work Isabelle !
isabellegautiersart : @hippiechickchronicle thank you Hippiechick!!!
isabellegautiersart : @hippiechickchronicle 😘
fodil_sdk - chrisienimenko - vaganzi - che940 -
two canvases painting, #contemporary #art #gallery #abstract #instagramartshow #grey #blue #green #gallery #Stael (36+48) + 48 acrylic and polymer . #isabellegautier
blue - art - abstract - stael - grey - contemporary - instagramartshow - green - isabellegautier - gallery -
the_new_life_beginning : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
isabellegautiersart : @the_new_life_beginning thanks
dripcult - elenatorypreobrazhenskaya - _alibabba_ - reginaldleung -
#60x60 #hommagetostael #designers #isabellegautier #interiordesign #interiodesigners #floral #fleur #grey #contemporary #abstract #contemporary #gallery #instagramartshow #gallery
interiodesigners - 60x60 - designers - abstract - interiordesign - grey - fleur - instagramartshow - contemporary - floral - isabellegautier - hommagetostael - gallery -
paradecraze : This is awesome!
isabellegautiersart : @paradecraze thank you
officialjony : Awesome!
two_chung - hippiechickchronicle - burgbuilt -
#nofilter #instagramartshow @nicoleeosborne
instagramartshow - nofilter -
frontfoot - doctornvrmore - piratemel - nycartist212 -
48 x 49 floral acrylic, polymer and Matt medium that give the wax-like touch. #contemporary #design #interiordesign #designers #instagramartshow #fleur #floral #grey #gift #gallery #bigsuccesslastnight
bigsuccesslastnight - gift - interiordesign - grey - fleur - instagramartshow - contemporary - design - floral - designers - gallery -
mycraftwork_llc - harpourdesigns - adelideli - millianimobilya -
Sneak Peek.... "Covered is the New Nude" reveal is tomorrow at 10am exclusively on @instagram What Do You Bear Before Baring it All? #InstagramArtShow #KnowledgeOfSELF #CoveredIsTheNewNude #ArtOfficialNeverArtificial
instagramartshow - knowledgeofself - artofficialneverartificial - coveredisthenewnude -
ameerahkart : Thank you!!! @dat_dela! Hopefully we can meet soon at a show! :-)
iam_d_om : Yesss Blessings to you and yours ✨✨
distant_drummerrr : I can't wait to c the pics! Love that it's droppin on my bday!! @ameerahkart
shaninadionna : eeek! ONE MORE HOUR! :D :D :D
djtat2s - __eenk - msstephmo - kenyaabdulhadi -
48 x 48 original acrylic design designers #gallery #instagramartshow #interiordesign #contemporary #blue #round #show #studio #decor #seaside #seashore #seascape #followers #followme
blue - decor - studio - followme - show - seascape - seaside - interiordesign - contemporary - round - instagramartshow - seashore - followers - gallery -
darleenmeier : Cool!
olgakaydanov - eccololtd - torezan1 -
I want give a special thanks to all the females included in this Instagram Art Show that @ameerahkart has displayed today. What defines a "black" woman? We are all different, we are not the same & we come in shades. Thanks for the opportunity to meet/shoot such lovely black women and to be apart of such an impactful project. Juice, What do you bear before baring it all? Courage. Not afraid to try things I'm unfamiliar with. You can think of that as being problematic, which it is initially but the lessons I learn are far greater than the couple bumps in the rode I normally hit. #WhatDoYouBearBeforeBaringItAll #InstagramArtShow #ArtOfficialNeverArtificial #visitphilly #savephilly #whyilovephilly
instagramartshow - visitphilly - savephilly - whatdoyoubearbeforebaringitall - whyilovephilly - artofficialneverartificial -
sonny_thehost : Nice
i_ride_unicorns : beautiful!!!!
rideindego : Love this and well said!
storm.tyonn : That's my cousin behind u lol
philly_pretzel - fashionishta - shexshe - can.dace.m -
A mini 9 x 11 #acrylic #polymer #fleur #floral #design #designer #designers #interiordesign #instagramartshow #art
polymer - designer - art - interiordesign - fleur - instagramartshow - design - floral - acrylic - designers -
susiejaure - mosessa - besimplystylish - munseungji -
After the photoshoot yesterday for my next Instagram art show I was talking to my art sisters about @ivbentaqiy oil paint workshop I attended and how that workshop really helped me complete my first oil-based series. I hadn't worked with oil since college but his workshop really helped me get familiar with it again. I encourage all my fellow artists please be open to learning from other artists. It doesn't mean you are inferior. Your pride could be stunting your growth! Be sure you support Taqiy's next art show "Women in the Water" June 6th! I hear he has a great evening planned! #Artists #WomenInTheWaterArtshow #CoveredIsTheNewNude #InstagramArtShow #CAPAAlum #ArtOfficialNeverArtificial
instagramartshow - coveredisthenewnude - capaalum - artists - womeninthewaterartshow - artofficialneverartificial -
do_re_mina : You look quite flyy my love, well done:)
shaninadionna : <3 !
ivbentaqiy : Much love sis
sofiyaballin : yaaass body!
chase_madison9 - howie_el - yovelriches - kalaj_musicnerd -
I am the black to her white πŸ”²...Behind the scenes with @itspossiblekimm for @ameerahkart 's #CoveredIsTheNewNude #InstagramArtShow #mqfactory #May29
instagramartshow - coveredisthenewnude - mqfactory - may29 -
thejuiceperspective : I'm editing yall pic tomorrow
yellowbrownie : Beautiful @thejuiceperspective ! Thank you, I know they're gonna come out great!
ameerahkart - christophertimberlake - kept_it_jazzy - winningsince1985 -
I used to hate this stage of painting....I was only able to see the imperfections, the failed lines or colors and all the spaces that needed much more attention. This series for #CoveredIsTheNewNude has really opened my eyes to the beauty of each stage in the creation process. Yes, this piece has a far way to go but I see my vision taking form and more importantly, I have the confidence in myself that it will be beautiful. Even posting this now in it's current stage is challenging but also a purge against self-doubt. Make sure you tune in May 29th for my 3rd annual #InstagramArtShow "Covered is the New Nude" exclusively on @instagram. What Do You Bare Before Baring it All? #InstagramArtShow #CoveredIsTheNewNude #KnowledgeOfSELF #ArtOfficialNeverArtificial
instagramartshow - coveredisthenewnude - artofficialneverartificial - knowledgeofself -
mspassionart : Keep being great!
ameerahkart : Thank you @mspassionart! I got to see your piece at the Mannequin Factory today up close and OMG! Photos do it no justice. You are so talented!!!
mspassionart : @ameerahkart thank you for that. I'm just so inspired by what the women of our city is going.... Looking forward to your show πŸ™Œ
mspassionart : *doing πŸ‘†
newdaytray - noorah_islam - mrdt201 - yellowbrownie -
This is the third consecutive year I've done my Instagram Art Show. I choose to do it purposely in the Spring because Spring is the first season of the year, a new beginning, a fresh start. These IG art shows are much like that for me personally. They allow me to explore new approaches and set the tone for my artistic goals throughout the rest of the year. I'm especially excited this year because I'm working with a new palette (literally) and this is my first oil-based series. I hope you join me here, exclusively on @instagram for my 3rd installment of Knowledge of S.E.L.F (Still Evolving Learning From) theme- Covered is the New Nude May 29th. You can catch a sneak peek of a few pieces tonight at Freedom Theatre where I'll be painting live at 7pm. What Do You Bare Before Baring it All? #InstagramArtShow #KnowledgeOfSELF #KnowThySelfArt #CoveredIsTheNewNude #May29th #ArtOfficialNeverArtificial
instagramartshow - knowledgeofself - may29th - knowthyselfart - artofficialneverartificial - coveredisthenewnude -
k__en__ya : I hope I'm free that day ☺️
shardacious - ichibanmiko - imsuperdope_ - mikemooretheproducer -
When I first started doing these Instagram Art Shows people always asked me how was this supposed to make me money. Art is my buisness but art was my love first. Therefore my first concern will always be for the love of addition to that these IG Art Shows are my way of showing appreciation to those of you who come out to my shows and actually show your support...not those who ask me when's my next show but never show up anyway. You know who you are. These social media shows are for the supporters that understand support goes beyond likes and retweets. This show is my way of saying thank you and having faith that you will support my live shows. Although my IG art shows are free for YOU, no art show is EVER free for me. From venue, photography, materials, entertainment, food, etc. I invest not only my money but my faith in every show I do. So the next time I'm putting on a live show and you turn up your face at the price, just know for the past 3 years I've given you a free show....And the next time you ask me why I still have a day job when I'm an artist, it's because some of you are only instagram supporters and likes don't pay my bills. I say all this to say my next Instagram Art Show May 29th, Covered is the New Nude is for those who have shown me support on and off social media. I appreciate you. #InstagramArtShow #KnowledgeOfSELF #CoveredIsTheNewNude #May29th #ArtOfficialNeverArtificial
instagramartshow - knowledgeofself - may29th - artofficialneverartificial - coveredisthenewnude -
djtat2s : πŸ’―
love_pinck : πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ I love you Ameerah!!
couture_cupcakes : Keep up the Hard Work insha Allah 😍😍😘
garron215 - kourtnella - innerflydom - djtat2s -
Subject: Queen Latifah, business woman, actress, Covergirl spokesmodel just to name a few. I grew up wanting to be like this woman. She was the first black woman I could identify with that embodied strength, intelligence, and self-respect WITHOUT an underlying reliance on her sexuality as a woman or her body. Queen Latifah is not just an inspiration for my upcoming Instagram Art Show "Covered is the New Nude" she has been an inspiration for me as a young woman period. Ladies: What do you bare before baring it all? #QueenLatifah #InstagramArtShow #CoveredIsTheNewNude
instagramartshow - coveredisthenewnude - queenlatifah -
jemainejones - layla_yamean - brownsugarheaven -
What Do You Bare Before Baring it All? Covered is the New Nude- Instagram Art Show May 29th Exclusively on @instagram #CoveredIsTheNewNude #InstagramArtShow #ArtOfficialNeverArtificial
instagramartshow - coveredisthenewnude - artofficialneverartificial -
nikcphotography - change_makers - treatwomennicely -
48 x 48 #contemporary #art #artist #acrylic #blue #decor #design #designer #designerdeinteriores #dedignersaree #donotforgetyourmom #fleur #floral #flowers #fetedesmeres #grey #green #gallery #instagramartshow #interiordesign #isabellegautier #mothersday #mother
designer - art - designerdeinteriores - contemporary - fetedesmeres - instagramartshow - design - dedignersaree - floral - flowers - gallery - blue - decor - artist - interiordesign - grey - fleur - donotforgetyourmom - mothersday - mother - green - acrylic - isabellegautier -
emmabellfineart : Love this!
blakedill6 - hosein.azadi - outofspce - seaul -
36 x 48 #acrylic #polymer #designer #designers #interiordesign #gallery #isabellegautier #floral #happymothersday #mother #mothersday #mayday #instagramartshow
polymer - designer - isabellegautier - interiordesign - instagramartshow - mothersday - mayday - happymothersday - mother - floral - acrylic - designers - gallery -
doreen.ol - missalicedesigns - isabellegautiersart -
Currently painting for "Covered is the New Nude" which is my 3rd Instagram Art Show. I believe a new perception of women of color in the art is very much needed. We all are not hourglass beings with curly afros and pronounced backsides walking around topless with an ankh dangling between our breasts. Our artistic images of ourselves must be honest and vary just as we vary in real life. I'll also be reaching out to 20 women to participate in a special project in conjunction with this show. If we cover the obvious we can uncover our beauty from within. #CoveredIsTheNewNude #InstagramArtShow #ArtOfficialNeverArtificial
instagramartshow - coveredisthenewnude - artofficialneverartificial -
noorah_islam : ✌️😌✌️
j_u_n_e_ : Nice
shaninadionna : !!!
cee_itsjusme : I absolutely love this concept... Excited to see! ❀️ @ri0n_nwa
brisisbliss - _agarts - glproductions - leila_damato -
Repost from @sashaloriene I read this and thought someone must be reading my mind. This is the driving force behind my fourth Instagram Art Show "Covered is the New Nude" The representation of black women and other women of color is very stereotypical in art. I'm noticing more and more a woman's value in art is only valued if she is nude and it's not even by the so called "oppression of men" but by women themselves baring it all. Don't get me wrong, the physique of a woman is beautiful but aren't we equally beautiful fully clothed? I'll be exploring this May 29th exclusively on @instagram #CoveredIsTheNewNude #InstagramArtShow #WomenInArt #ArtOfficialNeverArtificial
instagramartshow - womeninart - coveredisthenewnude - artofficialneverartificial -
1crystal : Yass!!!! πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ. #uRthebest @ameerahkart
basrootmovement : Throw a ankh in there and its enlightened art. Literally JUST had this convo with my husband.
sashaloriene : Although we have different views, my point was to be the change you want to see or pay for personalized pieces, not criticize artists for what they choose to paint. Glad to see you using your platform and actually making this change. Good luck and blessings with your show !! 😁
lilhardeee - melaneated - econfelonyrec - 1crystal -
I've been in denial for a while but today I've finally come to terms that it was time to purchase a new palette. My previous palette that has been only palette since my high school CAPA days has been "missing". Being emotionally attached to my palette is an understatement. Only an artist would understand the triumphs, difficulties, and long hours you share with your palette. Although I'm still saddened, I'm looking at this as God's way of keeping me moving forward. I promised myself this year would mean new things and I guess I have to embrace that theme in the literal sense now. I hope you all will stay tuned with the new stories I want to illustrate with this palette. Next up #CoveredIsTheNewNude #InstagramArtShow #ExclusivelyOnInstagram #ButSeriouslyWhoStoleMyPalette #ArtOfficialNeverArtificial
instagramartshow - exclusivelyoninstagram - coveredisthenewnude - artofficialneverartificial - butseriouslywhostolemypalette -
mayaangela_ : Love your work!
brattbritt_21 - artabovereality - _iamnajeeb -
Tomorrow's the day! Our Minneapolis Instagram art show is taking place at the Grain Belt bottling building (studio 211). It starts at 7 PM and is sponsored by awesome companies like Five Watt Coffee and With a Twist bartending service! Come by tomorrow to see over 1800 Instagram images printed and displayed. Lets hang out and have fun!
jeff_prose : Thank you, and @timeintopixels for all of your hard work! Saturday was a lot of fun!! πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ»
gregmpls : @jeff_prose πŸ‘ Thanks! Ira was the official photo clipper and cutter for 1,900 photos and boy, it took a lot of time! The question is, when do we do it again? πŸŽ‰
jeff_prose : Oh my that's a lot of chopping!!!! πŸ’ͺβœ‚οΈβœ‚οΈβœ‚οΈπŸ’ͺ @timeintopixels
intimate_atmosphere : love that shirt!
annalena61201 - nickelbackdatassup - eric2014141 - saarah_perret -
#art#instaart#artist_community#canvas#artoftheday#ipaint#ipaintedthis#artsy#artwork#artoninsta#artoninstagram#instagramartists#instagramartshow#instagramartcommunity#artist_canvas#artist_sharing#artistoninstagram @chichimiles
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richardlipp - theautonut - edubirdy -
artoninstagram - instagramartcommunity - art - ipaint - artsy - hawaii - instagramartshow - palmtrees - artoftheday - artwork - ipaintedthis - instagramartists - artoninsta - canvas - artist_sharing - artist_community - artist_canvas - aloha - instaart - artistoninstagram -
image_storm : Pretty :)
urencio - yogafitzen - nafiz_emre_konuralp - threemantiger -
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