After work :) #sailboats #helicopter #bikes #sea #zoom
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_cotita : #instamoment #picoftheday #instagood #sky #instacoincidence #instalike #hashtag
barkova_alina - mikaelwel - akuoza - chirixvolta -
I took this pic some years ago... I still see #Kuzco in this #cloud !! #disney #shapes #weird #cool #llama #sky #bluesky #photographer #cloudshape #instagood #awesome #instacoincidence #imagination
photographer - awesome - sky - cloudshape - instagood - shapes - imagination - instacoincidence - cloud - llama - kuzco - weird - bluesky - disney - cool -
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#Bro #NightOut #SameTShirt #ColorsLookedTheSameInDark #Almaz #InstaGood #InstaHappiness #Instacoincidence
sametshirt - nightout - colorslookedthesameindark - instagood - bro - instacoincidence - instahappiness - almaz -
omarldeeb : Fl dalma kano dhabah ba3d fash5 eda!!! Gmhahhahahahhaha
ahmedel_masry : I know !! Ana et5adeit lama shoft el sora :D
ahmedshawkibehairy : Homa mesh kano lon wa7ed!!!!!!
ahmedel_masry : E7na konna fakrin kda bardo !!
nashwabaseet - omarldeeb - yaranawar1 - soudeni -
Kedileri bile hayrete düşüren hakiki organik bilinmeyen tesadüfler #bezbebek #eskidatça #coincidence #real #cat #cats #instacoincidence #instacat #portrait #inspiration
real - instacat - cat - instacoincidence - eskidatça - portrait - cats - coincidence - bezbebek - inspiration -
sixdedi : cok guzel
cheshireket : hemfikirim:) @sixdedi
safakk08 - yurdanurozkan - sweetmellonx - esma_buyuk -
"This is my spot!" #instaSheldon #instaposto #bus #instacoincidence #instadestiny
instaposto - bus - instasheldon - instacoincidence - instadestiny -
nico_paolucci - arcangelocaiazzo -
#instacoincidence @f_millions
instacoincidence -
f_millions - newcuriositea -
#instacoincidence @bbdee123
instacoincidence -
bbdee123 - newcuriositea -
Mommy and daughter in overalls! ❤️☺️ #coincidence #family #mommy #love #fashion #overall #happy #smiles #instaday #instapic #instacoincidence #lovely #selfie #taptap #follow #followme #RETRICA
smiles - fashion - love - family - selfie - instapic - overall - coincidence - follow - instaday - retrica - mommy - taptap - instacoincidence - lovely - followme - happy -
diana_kx : Follow me 🙏🙏🙈
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Happy Anniversary to my favorite brother and sister (in-law)! I'm excited to see what God has planned for you in this next chapter of your marriage! #tbt #anniversary #instacoincidence #lawschool
instacoincidence - anniversary - tbt - lawschool -
kamarie2 - selinnaaasmiles - kgrieps - ryanmorton11 -
Asked and answered. @megamaed @iamsamtodd #instacoincidence #yeswayrose
instacoincidence - yeswayrose -
iamsamtodd : THEY SURE DO.
megamaed : HA. I see I came to the right place.
hedtk - iamsamtodd - julie_coe - rosemarysummers -
Good graphic novel delivery at work #waterstones #comics #graphicnovels
comics - graphicnovels - instacoincidence - waterstones -
6seasons_and_a_movie : @shesgabrielle that would have been too much of an #instacoincidence I guess :-D, our new manager John used to work at Oxford st.
6seasons_and_a_movie : @shesgabrielle well I hope you stick around :-)
tdi_society : @6seasons_and_a_movie I'm looking to get back into comic books I haven't read since I was a kid. I'm more interested in graphic novels at this stage I believe. My interests are Star Wars and Marvel. I specifically love thor ironman and a few other. Big into batman (DC). I'm also aware of walking dead which I am a fan of as well. I'm looking for a series in particular something with multiple volumes. Out of all I listed I'm probably the nerdiest into Star Wars. If you could please point me in a starting direction that would be most amazing. Thank you so much for any help and helping me to get back into comic books. Please let me know if there would be any other info you need in order to help me out. Thanks, and any tips on how to build a nice collection would be great. Obviously in a moderate pace but would love to have something nice to look at as well
6seasons_and_a_movie : @tdi_society phew ok, :-), I guess the first thing that comes to mind that is similar to star wars, is guardian's of the Galaxy, the latest run is pretty cool, the first collection is called 'cosmic avengers' I think, but I would try and start with the Dan abnet and Andy lanning series which marvel are just about to start reprinting, I think it starts with 'Annihilation' it's a good mix of superhero sci-fi, if you like superheroes another title with multiple volumes and consistently beautiful art is 'Invincible' by Robert Kirkman, has lots of space battles too and is very well written. Talking of Robert Kirkman, if you are only aware of walking dead by the tv series, you should really check out the book, they are quite different from each other, with the tv series only using some characters and story ideas from the comic, the comic is far superior. The latest batman run by Scott Snyder 'court of the owls' is the best batman I've read in a while. Thor is also very good at the moment the first 3 volumes out start I think with 'Godbomb' it's hard to suggest long runs of marvel/dc titles as they keep re-booting. Another good writer to look out for is Brian k Vaughan, he has 3 particularly good series 'Y the last man' 'Ex-Machina and Saga, all worth checking out. Hope this helps:-)
6seasons_and_a_movie : @tdi_society oh and as far as collecting the actual books, eBay and Amazon marketplace are your best bets, you can get some really good deals, that will save you paying full price in a shop.
tdi_society : @6seasons_and_a_movie awesome thanks so much for the reply this helps a ton!!
tdi_society : @6seasons_and_a_movie also do you have any websites you can direct me too that perhaps puts them in chronological order to help me until I get a swing of the novels?
6seasons_and_a_movie : @tdi_society I found Wikipedia quite helpful putting together the run of guardians of the Galaxy and the various crossovers, other than that it's just a case of googling I'm afraid, marvel.wikia.com is ok, and comicvine.com
kaylan_art - superhero__battles - tomastatoimeen - capes_and_tights -
👏😳 #kahveyaparken #resimgibi #güzel #kafa #insan #instaart #coffeeart #second #instacoincidence #istanbul
coffeeart - insan - istanbul - instaart - kahveyaparken - second - instacoincidence - kafa - resimgibi - güzel -
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LoLxD Luv this shot, #throwback #lastfriday Me n ma idol Ryan Higa lookin at the sme angle with almost the sme expression... Too much of similarities :p Was in ma fav mamak shop wit ma homie @stevenrajmuthuraman , meetin up 2 complete our vid, bunch of vfx 2 do... As he was compositing while i was chillin out watchin @notryanhiga 's vids and we both paused to order drink, n i realiz this so took a snap Hehehe U call it coincidence I call it COFFEE SHOP LOVE Hahaha #instalove #instabored #instadaily #instagood #adobedaily #adobelove #adobe #aftereffects #vfx #vfxcomposition #vfxsupervisor #vfxdaily #filmmaker #postproduction #almadinah #ryanhiga #coffeeshoplove #instacoincidence #LoLxD
adobe - almadinah - adobedaily - instalove - coffeeshoplove - filmmaker - throwback - instadaily - ryanhiga - adobelove - vfxsupervisor - lastfriday - lolxd - instabored - vfxcomposition - instagood - instacoincidence - vfx - aftereffects - vfxdaily - postproduction -
jacksonmullane : :)
stevenrajmuthuraman : Coffee Shop love baby!!! :3
andyto : niceeeee :)
thafallen_mikeysylar : @andyto tanx bro
awkwardtm : v nice
thafallen_mikeysylar : @awkwardtm tanx
stevenrajmuthuraman - crismontalvomc - thestuffedcookieco - superpixelchris -
#lovingme #instaselfie #instating
instating - instaselfie - instacoincidence - lovingme -
arthur_gitu : Hiyo kiss i receive fully fully
antoamimo : I am wearing the exact same neckpiece today! But mine is triangular not circular. Gosh @annruthmwangi
annruthmwangi : Haha @arthur_gitu furifuri we shud call it #instacoincidence @antoamimo haha
antoamimo : #instacoincidence @annruthmwangi
antoamimo - sonique_joss - arthur_gitu - kiprutoc -
just as I come across @d7606 while browsing #instastreetart in #California, I look up &... #streetart #instacoincidence #lovecoincidences #coincidentalart
instacoincidence - california - streetart - coincidentalart - instastreetart - lovecoincidences -
katsya3 : Deena----u look HOT🔥🔥🔥 !!!!!!!
luist : @deenav
eclectic_electric_ : Love this!
luist : @eclectic_electric_ 🙏
captain_smulders - jimeninis - tantejane - aksona48 -
#che #coincidenza #stesso #numero #di #gokart #10 #me #mirkotrovato #coincidence #same #number #ten #go #kart #idol #italy #follow #instacoincidence #instamirkotrovato #instanumber #instagokart #instaitaly #instafollow #instalike #like4like
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marinehanquet : C bon? Jpeux goûter plzz? Haha @victoriatheunissen
victoriatheunissen : Hahaha énorme @marinehanquet
victoriatheunissen : @inespetit1998 pq tu les a pas acheter ? Aight #instacoincidence
eleboonen : Trop belle acheter ou?
victoriatheunissen : @eleboonen merci ! Au godillot a lasne :)
eleboonen : Merciii
clemcorbisier : Topppp👌👌👌😱💕
victoriatheunissen : Merci ! 👑
sophie.dupont - viodegruben - camille_mathy - clemcorbisier -
Hands down our best melbourne discovery! @botanical cuisine frozen cashew yoghurt. This was the coffee-chocolate flavour topped with cacao nibs and basically heaven in a cup! My recommendation is to seek it out in your local health food store stat 😍😍 #paleo #paleotreats #primal #dairyfree #glutenfree #refinedsugarfree #iqs #iqsforlife #healthyfats #healthychoices #eatclean #iheartmelbourne #botanicalcuisine #melbournefoodies #organic #getinmybelly
iqsforlife - healthyfats - primal - dairyfree - paleotreats - healthychoices - botanicalcuisine - iheartmelbourne - getinmybelly - paleo - organic - glutenfree - refinedsugarfree - iqs - melbournefoodies - instacoincidence - eatclean -
healthbywholefoods : Hahaha I love it when that happens @liesbeth_eats I'm even more excited now :)
erin_od : @kviitala we must find this!
liesbeth_eats : @erin_od I bought it at the organic food store in collingwood on smith st 👍👍
liesbeth_eats : @botanicalcuisine no doubt has a listing of other stockists 😄
kviitala : @erin_od.... smith st! (Thanks li
kviitala : @erin_od ... smith st (thanks @liesbeth_eats)... that's your end of town, do it!
erin_od : @liesbeth_eats awesome, thanks for that! 😋😋😋
erin_od : @kviitala I'm so there!
cleanandrawroots - itskatiemk - perthveg - birive -
I am a Class 2014 Velez College - College of Nursing Graduate signing off!! It's #official #BSN
bsn - official - instacoincidence -
alfonsomvsungcad : Just now lang?!? @gillechan Whatta coincidence then!! Hahaha. I'm just 😱 cuz why me?! Hehe. Did you know? This is my favorite song in Frozen!!!👌 And it's been an ambition for me to duet it ever since!! Even make recording of it! Ahhahaha. Shhhhshh. 😷 It's a dream duet song of mine! Hahaha. So cool. Amazing #instacoincidence 👍👍
alfonsomvsungcad : @gillechan Did you know ba that i secretly love this song and ambition to actually duet it??!
gillechan : Weeeeeeeeeeee sige na kanta ta ani na 😄😄😄ahahaha Ikaw Lang feel nako bagay ang guy nimo Kay ma lain man kog malahi sa original ang ako ka duet feel nako ma kuha nimo ang guy eheheeh na happy lageh ko Fons
alfonsomvsungcad : @gillechan Hahahaha. I'm shy man. Lack confidence. Pffft. 😷😷 How weird noh, that you thought of me. I have friends also who said the same thing about me and the song!! Hahaha. @brett0y is number 1. Haha. Cuz when Brett told me. That's when i made a small realization also. Haha. Why na happy ka? Haha. 😆😁
alfonsomvsungcad : What you mean "Kay ma lain man kog malahi sa original ang ako ka duet"? Hehe. Idk why people think that, na bagay ang guy sa ako. ✌️😁
alfonsomvsungcad : @gillechan
gillechan : I want to make sundog the original tune and beat and all notes sa song man gud hehe not make usab of it. I think only you can achieve that. And hehehe maka happy ang coincidence, it means nga nice gyud ang song na daghan man ganahan mu sing ani
gillechan : Bretokun has indeed great taste
liannj93 - puertoricaaaaa - alyssadashmae - gigianni -
When your cappuccino shows a smiley face :)#couldnthelpbutsmile#:)#behappy#instacoincidence#stillhappynow#Smile#cappuccino
stillhappynow - cappuccino - couldnthelpbutsmile - behappy - smile - instacoincidence -
classyboydaniel : Dope time yesterday bro...nh... @johny_kebz
broccolo_amanda - ah_ndi_tichaonazvikomborero - ntd.9 - yedzayi -
#coincidenze #coincidences #instacoincidence
coincidenze - coincidences - instacoincidence -
giangicilavegna -
This nigga sure loves his Wu-Tang Clan. Weird coincidence we were listening to the same radio station|| @tumimaps Busy playing around|| @thatboijae Busy talking too much #Taxi #WuTangClan #InstaCoincidence #DoubleTap #L4L #F4F #Igers #TFLers #InstaVid
taxi - tflers - instasemiturntup - doubletap - wutangclan - instacoincidence - igers - f4f - instarappinganddrivingatthesametime - instavid - l4l -
tumimaps : Lmao :"D InstaCoincidence
thatboijae : I forgot what I was talking about there .
zoo_rvnks : @thatboijae Because you were busy talking too much...
zoo_rvnks : @tumimaps Lol, #InstaCoincidence #InstaRappingAndDrivingAtTheSameTime #InstaSemiTurntUp😅😆
thats_enough - tumimaps - thereal_milomojaypillow - thatboijae -
Birthday cake for @kghezzik Dark chocolate cake with chocolate and red wine glaze. #latergram
instacoincidence - latergram -
alexannelouise : Omg @richardlevengood and I are eating leftover cake and saying how amazing it is at this exact moment. #breakfastdessert
richardlevengood : It is in my mouth right now. I wish it could stay there forever.
emmywalsh : #instacoincidence!
kghezzik : @highfivesandsandwiches don't worry, there's some in the fridge for later...
katebrary - richardlevengood - alexannelouise - ms_riordan -
instacoincidence -
mirzasarali - fzafarsait - eshanithin - nehalfazal -
Dem angles.
hsdailyfeature - losangeles - rising_masters - hscseries - 9finds - tinypeopleinbigplaces - neverstopexploring - unsung_masters - welltraveled - vsco - instacoincidence - royalsnappingartists - fartoodope - bestofvsco - igmasters - herschelsupply - iphoneonly - vscophile - lamasters - urbex - strangersinmyfeed - architecture - archiporn - linemeetscorner - vscocam -
dvrx : @itsenglish see. Lol
itsenglish : What the?! And we posted at nearly the same time? Dooope 👊
dvrx : @itsenglish #instacoincidence hah
itsenglish : Too sick man. Great minds think alike ✔️
yokace : Can't make out what this is man, but it looks dope! Lol 👌
dvrx : @yokace Walt Disney concert hall man thanks!
o.live.ia : 👽👽👽👽 far out dood
scottuzoho : This is killer bro! 🙌🙌
andrezimpel - paintdat - vans5lobes_ - sephtus -
#instabest #instabasketballer #instagood #instacoincidence #spain #españa
instacoincidence - spain - españa - instabasketballer - instabest - instagood -
tugcesvm : Güle güle @fnurayar :( İyi eğlenceler videomu unutmaa seni çok seviyoruuuzz ola :))))
fnurayar : Tesekkur ederim tatlim:-) bende sizi seviyorumm;-)@tgcesvm
herrblitz - balcibsra - kaanaktay - cskunirem -
P'tit moment des bonheur entre amies #instalove#instafriend#instamoment#instadomac#instafruitacroquer#instaraisin#instacoincidence#mais vous êtes des glands!! #instabrest
instadomac - instafriend - mais - instalove - instacoincidence - instafruitacroquer - instamoment - instaraisin - instabrest -
lisouchoux -
#Red #in #black #college #Faculty #of #Medicine #El #Mowasah #instacoincidence 😄
el - mowasah - of - in - instacoincidence - college - faculty - medicine - black - red -
yaraaliatif - dinaabozeid - salmeensandresy - soly297 -
👯❤️💋 @rola3azzam #love#sister#bestie#jamelna#insta3afawiyyeh#instaCoincidence
sister - jamelna - love - bestie - insta3afawiyyeh - instacoincidence -
rola3azzam : Hayetee ❤️ @mireillemaddah
joelzaytouni - nironana - amani_wadi -
Even me from the past felt this picture was distasteful..... #instacoincidence#funny#thanksgiving#mileycyrus#thanks#giving#coincidence#vmas#nasy
funny - giving - vmas - nasy - mileycyrus - thanksgiving - coincidence - instacoincidence - thanks -
f.wilt - magabutters - meganfrankeee11 - bringing_sanity_back -
Late night date night... #BestManHoliday #BestManRemix #Popcorn #KettleCorn #MixedCorn #GKmixed #InstaCoincidence, lol ... #LateNightsEarlyMornings #WCLife wit my #WCW @queenchrissyj
mixedcorn - wcw - bestmanremix - bestmanholiday - gkmixed - instacoincidence - kettlecorn - latenightsearlymornings - popcorn - wclife -
devonaire1 - prettyroundbrown28 - queenchrissyj - athena_ash -
Good morning Houston :) #instaCoincidence #instaDaVinci .... Currently reading "The Science of Leonardo" .. Greeeaaat Book about the genius's illustrations :)
instacoincidence - instadavinci -
watteralbahry : nice mashaa Alla
marwawafeeq : thank u sooo much Watter :) @watteralbahry
susialmendra - emanalabd16 - youssefmahrous1 - watteralbahry -
A little tenderness.
royalsnappingartists - ig_victoria - streetphotography_bw - bws_artist_oz - canon - mafia_streetlove - instacoincidence - infamous_family - rsa_streetview - bnwlife_member - ig_photoflair - ig_captures - ig_australia_ - ig_photoflair_bw - igersmelbourne - photoflair_bw - bnw_universe - melbourne - snapseed - streetcandid_worldwide - rsa_bnw -
instaroy : Cheers @jkerouac59
soconnie1 : Sweet capture 👌❤️
jorgezaragozah : 👌
instaroy : Thanks Connie, Jorge. @soconnie1 @jorgezaragozah
its_camargo : Dude, do you know what music I'm listening to right now? Try a little tenderness - Florence + The machines ....
instaroy : @its_camargo - that's called an #instacoincidence!
sirenuk : What a lovely image😃
instaroy : Thanks again, Deborah, really glad you like it, as I enjoy all your images very much. @sirenuk
amhilmes - offthepaigephotography - heatherholtorf - mariannabjerglys -
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