First workout of the Fierce Programme. #Fierce #InOverMyHead๐Ÿ˜ฐ #FF #BackInTheGame Day 4 #100HealthyDays
fierce - 100healthydays - backinthegame - ff - inovermyhead -
stephneymurray -
(10.22.14) Spinner racks got here today! IKEA stuff is all put together too. The only missing piece to the puzzle is all the new work that will fill said racks and cover the walls of the new retail space. Eep, gotta get on that. Zoom zoom!
retailspaceorbust - ohwell - dreamcometrue - smallbusiness - progress - emdashpaperco - inovermyhead -
aeolidia : Wow!
becomingjolie : Soooo exciting!
lesleyzellers : Awesome!!! Congrats.
simplybeffie : Ah, how exciting! Congratulations :)
corrieborealis_ : eeek! so exciting!
havokdesigns : Yay! :)
akseabird : I can't wait to visit the new space!
estanifo : This is so amazing!! I'm so excited for you!!!!
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#lovethisguy #dontdeservehim #hipreplacement #Musclepain #inovermyhead
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This is #howifeel right now. I am NOT trying to be negative this is just #myreality right at this moment. It has been #exhausting to be in the hospital for over a week in a1 month time span.#pain #ibs #colitis #gastroparesis #itcouldbeworse #itiswhatitis #missingthem #piccline #missmykids #woretothecore #sickofbeingsick #momof2 #wifey #inovermyhead #paininthegut #pain #wanttogohome #thinkingtoomuch #healing
pain - thinkingtoomuch - missingthem - missmykids - piccline - wifey - itiswhatitis - woretothecore - howifeel - gastroparesis - colitis - myreality - wanttogohome - itcouldbeworse - exhausting - sickofbeingsick - paininthegut - momof2 - ibs - inovermyhead - healing -
stoneylane71 : beeeeeen there, every 2 monthsss im back in for 4 months..stay strong love
stoneylane71 : my kids always stay with me, im blessed, prayers honey. XoXoXo
gemineyejules : @stoneylane71 I understand that sucks that you're in there for that long. My kids are so young but I am very blessed. Have extreme guilt when I am in the hospital or at home feeling sick. I can't stand knowing how much pressure is on my husband to maintain our business, to care for the kids, and figure out where they're going to go because I am NOT THERE. I really fear that my children will resent me in the future. But I know that I have to take care of myself so I can take care of them. The whole thing it's heartbreaking honestly. Thank you for the prayers I have said many myself. Hugs and much love my GP sister
tweedy1975 : I'm always in the hospital too for months at a time & always seem to be there for my bday & all the major holidays. I have 5 fury kids(goldens) & I miss them so much when I'm gone & actually cry about it, wish they could be in my hospital room. Your kids will understand & won't resent u for being sick, just be thankful u have them!! My hubby & I have been married 15 years & have no kids cause I had to get emergency hysterectomy & its heartbreaking we will never have kids, but thankfully my brother shares his 2 kids. You're very lucky, even though sometimes it doesn't feel that way at the time.
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Just a small tidbit of what im working on this quarter. Hint: its the foundation of borderlands and Gears of war. #inovermyhead #screamsinternally
screamsinternally - inovermyhead -
just_j3w_it_bro : I'm going with Gearbox software
ryujikun619 : @just_j3w_it_bro not quite. Its unreal engine. Oddly enough the same engine gearbox used for borderlands.
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Whatever they pay the seamstress in Arendelle...they are under paid...a lot. #inovermyhead #etsywouldhavebeencheaper #frozen
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paigie772 : You're such a good mama!! It looks great! Can't wait to see the final result! #MajorMamaCudos!! ;) โ™ก
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With @bfenton23 on #bearpeak in #boulder. #inovermyhead #regram
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rorycal5 : That was the hike you went on when Amanda and Charlotte were visiting @coultl ?
coultl : @rorycal5 just a few miles away. This was a really long one!
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No one ever said being an adult sucks alot of the time. #inovermyhead
inovermyhead -
jocoolmama : You okay? @bettyblair
bettyblair : Yea just stressed
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It's official! #1stShiftLife #upgrade #inOverMyHead #matlab
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At the point when I started doing my liquid eyeliner, I thought to myself, hmm, maybe I should've hired a professional.
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elissarphoto : #inovermyhead #makeup
yayacougar : Nice kaboodle
elissarphoto : @yayacougar it's ~vintage~... used to be my sister's!
lbergman2 : I have that urban decay stuff and I'm not sure how to use it #makeupfail
elissarphoto : @lbergman2 which one? Eyeshadow primer?
aznchex : Mmmm hmmmm, you'd better give credit to that kaboodle! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜
lbergman2 : @elissarphoto yep. I went sephora crazy for the engagement pics. Thankfully my cousin is gonna put it all on my face.
elissarphoto : @lbergman2 primer is one of the easiest things, though! You just put a dab of it on your eyelid and smear it around. It doesn't have to be pretty because it's got a function, not a color (if that makes sense!) But I'm glad your cousin's going to help you out! ๐Ÿ˜‰
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3.5 months to prepare... #InOverMyHead #LetTheRecordShowIOnlyWantedToDo5K #ObjectionOverruled
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kco88 : Naks!! Ü
sunshinydays : Talaga lang ha!! Haha! Good job though!
jeffreymichaelwong : Rexonarun?
jrladaban : @jeffreymichaelwong condura!
jeffreymichaelwong : Plano ko rin sasali. Im thinking kung kaya umabot full marathon. Kng ndi kaya baka 21 na lang
jrladaban : @jeffreymichaelwong 10k din lang ako doc!
yesbutdidyougetpictures : Baka mainjure ka!
jrladaban : Wag naman sana @yesbutdidyougetpictures , ABL season yan!
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Randomly set a goal to make 1000 paper cranes. This is what 100 looks like, uh-oh! #inovermyhead #origami #papercranes
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I'm gonna sit here and hope those photos edit themselves. What do u do when a shoot looks like it goes well in camera but is a mess in the computer??? #inovermyhead #donothinginsteadofsomething #mykidsarenapping
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craftyfesta : Those "in"s should be "on"s
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#thefray #inovermyhead #shesonyourmind #overmyhead #losingyou #amazing #everyoneknowsiminovermyhead #eightsecondsleftonovertime #iminovermyhead #cablecar #grunge #indierock #screamo #posthardcore #country #techno #dubstep #musicunitesus
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phantex : This post though :)
a_true_paradox : Lol yea? @phantex
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Today I am working on something very different .. a request from the small boys ! Its a challenge! #painting #bumblebee #transformers #art #artist #artoninstagram #challenge #inovermyhead
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My new second home for the next 10 years or so built in 1905 with over 7000 sq ft to be restored. #inovermyhead. #freerent #LAhistoricalhouse
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grod8 : Whoa. Where's this at?
tomakazi90292 : West Adams over by USC
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screwthis - fthis - omg - tubie - jtube - hospital - hazardtomyself - inovermyhead - inpatient - gastroparesis - goodtubegonebad -
gemineyejules : Yeah that just happened!! It fell out on the nasty #hospital bathroom floor a few tiny blood spots. So insanely frustrated. I wanna scream #goodtubegonebad bye Justin my #jtube. #screwthis #omg #inovermyhead #gastroparesis #tubie #inpatient I am a #hazardtomyself #fthis
lollies_fight_xx : Praying for you ๐Ÿ’•
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I've got this covered...you just have to cage them l. #inovermyhead #needmorecoffee
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Arya Stark pants almost complete! Next up, shirt - then that crazy vest! #gameofthrones #aryastark #cosplay #halloween #inovermyhead
halloween - aryastark - cosplay - gameofthrones - inovermyhead -
halloween_costumez : Cool
zxcod : Jon Snow dies... Betrayed by the Nights watch. Catelyn comes back to life. Tyrion becomes a slave. Big battle at winterfell, Stannis vs Bolton. Danny rides Drogon, Arya becomes a faceless man.
kelllllllllllyy : ^ you sir, are an asshole. @oscpixie teach me how!! i also want to be arya for halloween, but i can't even sew haha. i'll probably just end up going to thrift shops and hoping for the best #fingerscrossed
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#mk4 #timing #help #vw #jetta #18t #repair mkiv #engine #turbo #lastresort #readytogiveup #inovermyhead #wtfwasithinking
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artjustanothercanvas : Plz have a look at our film, Art, Just Another Canvas (Kickstarter)
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Who's that technical whizz kid? Lol not me #inovermyhead #canunotjustuseaniphone
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I've had A LOT of people ask me how the puzzle is going... Here it is... Only 3 days to finish this thing.... #inovermyhead #HELP
help - inovermyhead -
latifkamara : Haha bring it to the beach! She can help you there @hharris0 lol
clarea : @latifkamara .. Look I don't know how they do things where you're from but that's not how things work ok @hharris0
latifkamara : It's always good to try new things out. ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜
hharris0 : I'll bring a table and we can finish it there....by throwing it in the ocean ๐Ÿ˜€
hharris0 : Oh and @clarea & @latifkamara FYI I can't swim.
hharris0 : Like at all. ๐Ÿ˜ณ
clarea : @hharris0 what the heck!? I don't believe you?
hharris0 : Why don't you throw me in the ocean and watch me.....watch me die!!! ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ
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#InOverMyHead #APaintedWorld #APW
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So this is happening in a week. #allume #allumenewbie #whathaveigottento #inovermyhead
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GM IG! @platosclosetcommack has done it again! ENTIRE outfit, head to toe...THRIFTED! #boom #thrifty #thanksplato #ishallbeback #mk #ae #fallcolors #imfallinintothedeepend #inovermyhead #idontcare
imfallinintothedeepend - ae - fallcolors - ishallbeback - thanksplato - mk - inovermyhead - boom - idontcare - babyfootproblems - thrifty -
bedroomdr : Shoe game #on-point๐Ÿ‘ 
qnz234 : @bedroomdr thanks Los! I hit the jackpot with these #babyfootproblems
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Have to "reseat" my computer tonight because it's not working... This may prove to be WELL outside my range of technical abilities, even with my PC-nerd bro on the phone offering instructions...! #inovermyhead #pleasebefixable
pleasebefixable - inovermyhead -
breeferrier -
7 hours of work followed by 4 hours of school. Not at all possible without the help of #Starbucks! #gradlife #inovermyhead #papersonpapers #twomoreyears
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ainavee : @annna_vu one of my go-to drinks at Starbucks! โ˜บ๏ธ
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He's smiling because we're "working" on his schedule. :-D #inovermyhead #tinyterror :-)
tinyterror - inovermyhead -
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Current situation! About to tackle this hair for picture day tomorrow. #inovermyhead #hairfordays #thickenoughtoshare #ClarkebaileeSalonhelp #gladIonlyhave1todo
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mrsdkm27 : Love that smile๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„
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Grapes anyone? #mexicancousins #great #grapes #delivery #prettymuchAvineyard #whatdoidowithsomanygrapes #inovermyhead
delivery - great - whatdoidowithsomanygrapes - grapes - prettymuchavineyard - mexicancousins - inovermyhead -
mooseloo : #Grapesfordiner?!
_moonnchildd : Whhhyyyyyy
imthebig_brood : because @_moonnchildd grapes are delicious
_moonnchildd : But where did you get that much ????????๐Ÿ˜
chrisweenigmma : Wine? Lets make some!!!
_rally1 : I want Some!๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ‡
mhkxo : Can I get three grapes please
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Today's feels. #inovermyhead #literally
literally - inovermyhead -
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Gnarlier than your lampshade #spines #inovermyhead #pow #mcm
pow - spines - mcm - inovermyhead -
theskination - mcbussa - mariah.j.c - hayleehowardd -
#ADTR #inovermyhead #oneofthosedays #letsgetdaydrunk
letsgetdaydrunk - adtr - oneofthosedays - inovermyhead -
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