Current and LAST project...I think lol #firstbirthday #inovermyhead #AriaMarie
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#doubledin #inovermyhead #ohwell #whatamidoing
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#inovermyhead #bethelmusic #jennjohnson #comeanddowhateveryouwantto #allin #allYours πŸ™ŒπŸ’ž
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That point when your painting a room and you ask, what have I done? #paint#noturningbacknow#blue#inovermyhead#whathaveidone#intense#work#homeowner#goingtoneedmorewine
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moflymia : I actually kinda like it lol
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Wow!!! It's here already! Open tomorrow from 11AM - 4PM! #cachechic #jewelry #art #vintage #apparel #bybeesquare #roundtop #roundtoptexas #antiquesweek #inovermyhead #Godsgotthis #dream #hope #prayers #Hegoesbeforeme
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the_kimmi_show : Sweet! I wish you all the best...
sdnaron : Sooo excited for youuuuu!!! 😘
gueritashook : So exciting! Hope you have a great day!
tricialegg : @the_kimmi_show @sdnaron @gueritashook 😘thank you! πŸ˜‚
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Indestructible #fan #amv #anime #japan #japanese #otaku #random #epic #drop #music #cool #rock #rockout #doit #animeamv #action #fun #standup #indestructible #warrior #fiverings #miamotomusashi #power #oregon #excite #clash #inovermyhead #wow #awesome
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I guess you could say I'm kind of a big deal. #inovermyhead #employeeofthemonth #nominee #didntactuallywin #closeenough #parkingspot #idliketothanktheacademy
parkingspot - nominee - employeeofthemonth - closeenough - didntactuallywin - idliketothanktheacademy - inovermyhead -
ashleyykatee_ : Yayyyy Nicky!!! Go Nicky go Nicky go! I'm so proud of you 😍😍😘
bbyglorrr : Life goals ❀️ @nickssullivan
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Organic bacterial indigo vat from fresh leaves. #naturaldye #freshindigo #inovermyhead
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#Repost @josephjevec with @repostapp. ・・・ "Dear child, I want your full attention; please do what I show you." -Proverbs 23:26- #holyspiritpower #growmeFather #growingcloser #growmeFather #MasterPainter #Hessofaithful #headoverheels #inlovewithJesus #thegreatexchange #worship #worshiplifestyle #inovermyhead #holyspiritaintholdingbackNOTHINGtoday #wowza #outrageouspraise #justletgoandgothere #music #family#worshipleaders #humility #humbled# intimacy #inovermyhead #bethel #kingdomfaithministries #kingdomfaithworship #soulsong #prayer
bethel - family - outrageouspraise - prayer - soulsong - inovermyhead - headoverheels - thegreatexchange - holyspiritaintholdingbacknothingtoday - worship - worshipleaders - repost - wowza - humbled - holyspiritpower - kingdomfaithministries - justletgoandgothere - worshiplifestyle - growmefather - masterpainter - growingcloser - kingdomfaithworship - inlovewithjesus - music - hessofaithful - humility -
josephjevec : @crocbandgod dude...you honor me with this repost...so honored sir :)
crocbandgod : No way I'm honored! You're word were so raw and from the heart. Thank you for saying something that speaks so closely to my heart. I love when worship is so open to God and the interaction we have with him. @josephjevec thanks for being awesome and sharing all your feels
josephjevec : @crocbandgod did we just become best friends?!?!?! Lol but seriously, thank you. It truly is my prayer for us to become one giant family, woth a love and a "I'm rooting for you" mentality for each other :) it's like, He has done so much for that it wouldn't make sense for me not to come after Him with intense ferverancy, ya know? You're amazing sir and you inspire and encourage me. Thank you :) from the bottom of my heart...you.rock.
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Come and tear down the boxes I have tried to put you in. #Bethel #InoverMyHead The power of the Lord is available in 2015. Not just for biblical times. Use it. Be a Legend. #legendaryfiles
bethel - legendaryfiles - inovermyhead -
txyankeeprincess : Preach it!!! Love that song! πŸ™ŒπŸ»
jseansmith : @txyankeeprincess girlll Jenn Johnson sends me straight to heaven!
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"Dear child, I want your full attention; please do what I show you." -Proverbs 23:26- #holyspiritpower #growmeFather #growingcloser #growmeFather #MasterPainter #Hessofaithful #headoverheels #inlovewithJesus #thegreatexchange #worship #worshiplifestyle #inovermyhead #holyspiritaintholdingbackNOTHINGtoday #wowza #outrageouspraise #justletgoandgothere #music #family#worshipleaders #humility #humbled#intimacy #inovermyhead #bethel #kingdomfaithministries #kingdomfaithworship #soulsong #prayer#bible #sing #word
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Picked up Michelle's birthday present today! #NotTheUhaul #NewLaminate #InOverMyHead
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Not sure how I find myself in these situations. What the hell to do with 13 mixed aged guinea pigs that you rescued from your crazy drunk neighbour? #animalrescue #amotrainingcameinuseful #guineapigs #baby #inovermyhead
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First day of school! Nothing says welcome to the public health major like a 9am infectious disease class. #InOverMyHead
inovermyhead -
mellovesmath : 😍
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This is my night #studying #pineappleyumminess #inovermyhead #alwaysupforachallenge
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cgoshko1 : @cognitivereverie ...stop stalkin & start packin!
cgoshko1 : 😜
cognitivereverie : @cgoshko1 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
cgoshko1 : @cognitivereverie ...you laugh, but I'm serious! When do you fly back? The 5th??
cognitivereverie : @cgoshko1 9/2 - 9/10 guuuuuurl
cgoshko1 : @cognitivereverie .....sooooo.....you're already packed?! Haha. Don't forget that I called dibs on the weekend...like....MONTHS AGO! πŸ˜†
cognitivereverie : @cgoshko1 hahaha you got it and not packed yet :x
cgoshko1 : @cognitivereverie stop working (I know that's what you're doing!) And throw some clothes in a suitcase man!! Jeez!
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THE PILE!! Between no camera and having a cold I haven't been able to take pictures of my items. Well I am going to try tonight! Should I have waited until the sun was up? Probably. But I do what I want :) #etsy #knitting #loomknit #etsyshop #jandsknitts #pictureday #14itemspeople #14 #inovermyhead #instaknit
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"Then you crash over me, I'm right where you want me to be, I'm going under, I'm in over my head. Whether I sink, whether I swim, it makes no difference when I'm beautifully in over my head." This song brings so much reassurance to my heart because it reminds me that even though I may be in a storm, I am still held by the strongest hand. As long as my eyes are fixed on God, nothing that comes against me can prevail. #inovermyhead #bethelmusic #trust
trust - bethelmusic - inovermyhead -
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An entire #spacestation was just delivered to my #office in a 229lb #steamertrunk shipment. Take the #GoogleTrekker they said. It will be #fun they said 😁😁😁 #inovermyhead #backbreaker #smallbutmighty #makinghistory #howtonevada πŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸ’šπŸ“·
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bethdrysdale : Oh wow! That thing is bigger than you are!
sydneymmartinez : @nvp118 what the F!!! I'll be there again soon, hopefully I can see you both! πŸ˜‰
sydneymmartinez : @bethdrysdale I will definitely hit my workout quota for the next year, that's for sure!! πŸ’ͺ🏼πŸ’ͺ🏼πŸ’ͺ🏼
emily_nv : This is awesome!!!!
sydneymmartinez : @emily_nv I'm pretty pumped! Intimidated, but pumped 😜
emily_nv : How did you get it?! What's their expectation?
sydneymmartinez : @emily_nv they invite non profits and tourism boards to document places their Google car can't reach. I partnered with them, borrow the equipment, pitched Nevada locations, got approval, had to apply for formal film permitting for 23 locations and I go and Trek all of them! I send it back to Google, they do all the post production and implement on GoogleMaps.com and they allow TravelNevada.com to use the mapping function as well!! Been working on it for 6 months, quite the project! πŸ˜‰
emily_nv : Whaaaa?! That's so cool! I can't wait to see your adventures!
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#beetsofinstagram #inovermyhead #getinmehbelly
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theprovisionroom : @deanjones692003 yeah, she doesn't often yell with a beet. πŸ˜‹
deanjones692003 : Does she even eat beets? I know I put them in the same category as squash
theprovisionroom : @deanjones692003 yes, she does now that I have converted her.
deanjones692003 : Another Catholic in the making?
deanjones692003 : I am so funny!!
theprovisionroom : @deanjones692003 converted her to beets! She never ate them until a couple years ago when I made her try warm beets on a salad with walnuts and blue cheese. So delicious she crossed over!
deanjones692003 : Don't eat blue cheese either. Don't know why. Never squired a taste for it. Beets and squash is a mental thing. And salmon also. Blame my mother for that
theprovisionroom : @deanjones692003 you have quite the list! LOL
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Today is the last day of Beth Moore's "Breaking Free." God and I affectionately call it - the season when God took a knife to my heart! 😩 The beautiful thing about a season of "heart surgery" is that you get to feel so light and free. I am such a better human, Christian, friend, lover because of it! Spaciousness, vulnerability, tears, authenticity = heart of flesh & a new thingπŸ’– Thank you LORD for loving me enough to bring pain πŸ’– #BreakingFree #romanceandadventure #LampandLight #womenintheword #YoungandFree #FREE #InOverMyHead #WarriorPrincessBlog
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LIFE SCIENCE 1010 here I come! First day of college classes. πŸ˜„ #universityofwyoming #biologymajor #firstyear #downeyhall #herewego #sciencetime #scared #excited #inovermyhead
excited - biologymajor - scared - inovermyhead - herewego - downeyhall - sciencetime - firstyear - universityofwyoming -
jakepederson_ : I'm so proud of you sis. You got this. Miss ya alot.
lacelace211 : Thanks, Jake:)
gjpederson : That's a sweet brother you have, @lacelace211 @jakepederson_
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About half of what I need to deal with today. #abundance #KyloFarm #feedingourselves #inovermyhead
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barbieisaac : Yum.
outoftheboxmama : Wow! That's great!
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||Further and further my heart moves away from the shore Whatever it looks like, whatever may come I am Yours Further and further my heart moves away from the shore Whatever it looks like, whatever may come I am Yours|| #Jesus #soloved #bethelmusiclyrics #inovermyhead #IAmYours
bethelmusiclyrics - soloved - inovermyhead - iamyours - jesus -
candycoledds : Safe is boring anyway 😏
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• I have come to this place in my life • I'm full but I'm not satisfied • this longing to have more of you • #newzealand #whiteagram #adventures #inovermyhead #crashoverme #newseason
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Beautifully in over my head
thighsonthighs - thighsthelimit - becombing - outfitfromabove - becomb - inovermyhead -
_solepassion : #outfitfromabove #becombing #becomb #inovermyhead #thighsonthighs #thighsthelimit
streetwear_best : Amazing!
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I've got my Sunday work cut out for me! Thanks to my friend for loaning me all this stuff so I can continue to learn all I can. πŸ“·πŸ˜Œ#sundayfunday #camera #dslr #inovermyhead
camera - sundayfunday - dslr - inovermyhead -
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It's way past morning but I need a little extra #coffee boost if I want to succeed in math. Maybe my #GameOfThrones pencil will be my lucky charm? #backtoschool #coffeeaddict #inovermyhead
coffee - coffeeaddict - backtoschool - inovermyhead - gameofthrones -
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Whatever it looks like, whatever may come I am yours. | #inovermyhead #bethelmusic #vsco #vscocam
vsco - vscocam - bethelmusic - inovermyhead -
sbethinman : woahhh
olivia_copeland : luv u
suke_lhepherd - sophgrasso - ashleynitemusic - therealheezie -
Making time for myself isn't something I have done a lot of in the past but over the past few months I've been carving out "me" time. I've been pushing myself to get out of my comfort zones and do things that I've buried deep inside because I just didn't feel like I could do them. I can feel that by taking time to not only work on the physical me but also the spiritual and emotional me I'm becoming the person I always dreamed I could be. I'm pursuing my passions, more in control of my life than it controlling me, & I'm opening myself up to whatever God may have next for me. So, this is the product of my me time today and where my heart is these days..."come and do whatever You want to..." Thanks for the inspiration @jennjohnson20 #inovermyhead #bethelmusic #propheticart #takingcareofme #saturdayprojects
saturdayprojects - takingcareofme - propheticart - bethelmusic - inovermyhead -
hannahlannalee : Love you (:
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Story of my life: βœ”οΈ1. Survive one week of school. ❌2. Catch up on sleep. ⁉️3. Go into reclusion forever.
needcoffee - beauthentic - itsnaptime - nevergiveup - thatsdarling - inovermyhead -
happyshortcake : @jolynn83 I'll try not to, but homework... ^_^ I'm going out with my friends tonight, so I won't be a total hermit this weekend, even if I should be. Thank you for the encouragement. ❀️
dreaminon84 : You will learn to Handle the load !!! πŸ˜€πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ƒ
derwinfriesen : You got it, @happyshortcake! The first week is usually one of the most stressful because you're figuring everything out 😊.
jolynn83 : I agree with @derwinfriesen. It's a whole new thing to adjust to and figure out. After a while it will become normal. Enjoy the social life this wknd! πŸ˜„ maybe sometime you can squeeze old boring me in πŸ˜‰
happyshortcake : Thanks @dreaminon84 !!! You are such a dear soul I can help but love you so. πŸ’•
happyshortcake : @derwinfriesen you are my champion. πŸ’ͺβ˜•οΈ with you, God and coffee I can do this. ^_^
happyshortcake : @jolynn83 Yes! I'd love to chat with you again some afternoon :) (because you certainly are not boring!)hahaπŸ’œ
derwinfriesen : @happyshortcake well, with God and coffee at least πŸ˜„
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It's Saturday so it's time for my weekly game of Engage, Avoid, or Paint Over. #inovermyhead
inovermyhead -
emnksq : OMG. I can send over Yard Crashers. Or Mike? Or, better yet, Sylvia! #sylviagetsitdone #justaskauntmarion
stove78 - margaretmegmadge - phillykatmajor - neurodisruptor -
β™‘ #inovermyhead #bethel
bethel - inovermyhead -
wilmapieterse3 : So mooi β™‘β™‘
ciela_u - sineadbosh - cindymackay9 - lollanmari.snyman -
Final Tea House for Japanese Architecture at USF SACD Spring 2014. It's now Fall 2015 and I'm revisiting my Tea House as the first project for my architectural masters thesis. That's right I'm going to make even more origami and make this Tea House full scale. At least that's the plan, I have a lot of newspapers to collect and a lot of folding to do but what better way to find out if paper can scale up structurally other than by trying it? #japanesearchitecture #sacd #usf #teahouse #origami #modularorigami #paper #newspaper #thesis #fullscale #inovermyhead #biomimicry
biomimicry - sacd - teahouse - archstudentshub - usf - japanesearchitecture - architecturehunter_postsuggestion - fullscale - inovermyhead - arquitetapage - modularorigami - paper - archi_students - thesis - archilovers_triangles - newspaper - origami - arquitectura -
curlygirlmimi : Can't wait to see!!!
yoraychill : 😍 I love this model @gtbaker52
gtbaker52 : #arquitectura #arquitetapage #archi_students #archstudentshub #Archilovers_triangles #ArchitectureHunter_PostSuggestion @3_nta @australian_architecture @grimshawarch @architizer @architecturenow @archello @archi_students_leb @architectureyes @architecturestudent
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