Afternoon walk #kingy #kingscliff #kingscliffbeach #sunset #injuredrunner #restday #beach #tuesday #almosthumpday #godscountry
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tamyb73 : Nooooo injured???
jim_runner : Not badly injured. I should be running by the weekend hopefully @tamyb73
tamyb73 : Hope so! Take it easy @jim_runner
jim_runner : I broke into a slight jog this arvo @tamyb73 ill try go 1 more day before i test it out
tamyb73 : That will be #justafterhumpday yes? πŸ˜‚
jim_runner : Either #latehumpday or #justafterhumpday @tamyb73 #toomuchhumpinginthispost
tamyb73 : πŸ˜‚
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Absolutely loving #LakeTahoe. There are so many beautiful trails right out our front door. The air is so sweet and clean...enjoying every moment! I really felt the urge to run today - it was so powerful. Instead I went on an awesome power walk! I am so grateful to be walking and the running will come soon. #run #injuredrunner #marathonrunner #motherrunner #vacation #fitmom #patience #lakelife #summer
summer - injuredrunner - lakelife - laketahoe - vacation - fitmom - patience - run - marathonrunner - motherrunner -
scsnow : So happy to see this!!
natrunsfar : @scsnow Thanks friend! Miss you!! πŸ’œπŸ’•
frommaytomars : I love Tahoe too.
natrunsfar : @frommaytomars It's so beautiful here!!
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Oh man! This day was fun! And thankfully .... It's done! #run #swim #bike #swimbikeruncommunity #fit #fitfam #healthy #healthychoices #injuredrunner #dedication #motivation #runlikeagirl #swimlikeamermaid #peddlelikeapro #getoffthecouch #gooutside #tired #butitsgymdaytomorrow
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Ahhhhh!! ❄️❄️❄️ I have such a love hate relationship with these things, and icing in general. The first few minutes are the worst. Torture. 😫 It hurts so good! #DrCoolWraps #Icing #Compression #SoCold #RICE #IHateIcing #InjuredRunner
ihateicing - injuredrunner - compression - socold - rice - icing - drcoolwraps -
tunderholmes : I am... Intrigued. Tell me more about this hurts so good. Is it like foam rolling hurts so good or different?
run.with.your.heart : They are Dr Cool Wraps. I bought mine online on their website, they are pretty cool. I like that they go all the way around my leg, and I can ice it all at once! They also allow for icing and compression at the same time! Super convenient! @runstrongbehappy @mamamarmalade
run.with.your.heart : It is kind of like foam rolling.. It's painful/uncomfortable but you know it's for the best! I have never been a fan of icing. I hate the cold. And these things are so cold when they come of the freezer, it kills me. Haha @tunderholmes
katieeee10 : Omg I need these! That sounds wonderful on my shins 😍
run.with.your.heart : I originally got them for shin splits, and now I use them all the time! They're amazing! @katieeee10
runhealthlife : @haleybrunning Do you have these? May help?
healthylivingwithmelissa : I need to try these!
beckyboox1990 : I really need these! :)
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Couch to 5k day 1! A hot, humid run by the Charles after a downpour #running #instarunners #injuredrunner #boston #tired
boston - running - injuredrunner - instarunners - tired -
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And so we meet again.
run - fitfam - triathlete - runner - runchat - running - garminfitness - runnerspace - garmin - tri - triathlon - injuredrunner - igfitfam - stressfracture - trigirls - runnergirl - igrunners - fitness -
heealthhyteen_14 : Praying for a fast and easy recovery 😘
natashaaa_0 : Aahhhhh omg no!!!! How long? You made it through before, you can do it again!
zo_dawg3 : Thank you guys! @ketchfive @heealthhyteen_14 @runfarally @rebeccalabriola
zo_dawg3 : @natashaaa_0 I'm not sure, I don't have an actual dr appointment to confirm anything until the 11th, but it feels the same as before so I'm like 99% sure it's another stress fracture just the other leg 😩 So I pulled out the boot to start the recovery process earlier and hopefully heal faster πŸ‘
audrey_weyand : Nooooooooooooo...
zo_dawg3 : @audrey_weyand pulled an Audrey and injured myself too soon after the last one πŸ˜₯
tashallmighty : That friggin reeks girl. But I'm glad you're taking the initiative to let this get better first! Maybe if you're lucky, by the 11th, it'll be just about healed/gone
zo_dawg3 : @tashallmighty fingers crossed it'll be healing well by then!
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You can't see my face... Because I'm not smiling! No run today due to injury... #everydaystyle is #Wittner boots, #HandM skirt, #tempt top and gifted necklace. #cranky #injuredrunner
wittner - injuredrunner - tempt - handm - cranky - everydaystyle -
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belated gym selfies & 5 miles in the humidity that you forget exists when you spend the past 2 summers unable to run 😜 #injuredrunner #ish
ffcheckin - livelifemakewaves - furtherfasterforever - f3 - instarun - fitfam - seemerlag - runnerd - findyourstrong - runlove - runchat - themermaidclub - fitfluential - irunthisbody - tnflocals - runitfast - injuredrunner - marathontraining - dreambigrunlong - tmrunner - imarunner - runnergirl - runsonplants - vegrunchat - ish - teamigotyaback - ilovetorun - sweatpink -
couldberunning : #furtherfasterforever #f3 #themermaidclub #livelifemakewaves #teamigotyaback #imarunner #ilovetorun #irunthisbody #dreambigrunlong #sweatpink #runlove #tmrunner #fitfluential #ffcheckin #fitfam #findyourstrong #runnergirl #runnerd #runitfast #runsonplants #vegrunchat #runchat #instarun #seemerlag #marathontraining #tnflocals
darwinianfail : Go girl
leahmarieb : Get it 😎😎
samiamooney : Nice bangs!
knead_to_cook : Love.
canopenerboy : #bangsfordays πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜‚
laurammke : Rani! Are you going to The North Face / Rob Krar run tomorrow night? @thenorthfaceecs
tamponsteacakes : You caved and got bangs again!! So cute!
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First day of physio and I'm ecstatic!!!! I will be able to continue training and run my marathon on Aug 22nd! Although I've completely blown one of the ligaments in my ankle, I can start running again this week! Will be running with a brace for a minimum of 6 weeks and it will take 16-20 weeks for the damage to be fully healed, but I'm going to stick to the recovery plan, and have trust in my physio πŸ’• He was fantastic, and when he said I'd be able to run my marathon I seriously cried! Was fitted for and picked up the brace this afternoon, and will get to run on Wednesday as long as I follow my "homework" stretches and I feel comfortable going. Then back to physio on Friday and get to run on the anti gravity treadmill!
runnernotrunning - injuredrunner - recovery - runner - physiotherapy - marathontraining - running - trailrunning - healthyandtotallytransformed - sweetworkout -
adventuretoanywhere : Oh man. I'm glad you're recovering but what a rough go!! Thinking of you girl ❀️
miles_for_mochas : Great news!!!
rachellopez143 : Hope it goes good for you!!!
heartbeatnrunningfeet : Keep it up!!! Being down sucks! I'm so glad to be back and able to run again. You'll be lapping your old self in no time :)
kaellaontherun : Yay!!! Did you see Bruce?
healthyandtotallytransformed : @kaellaontherun see Steve this week, then Bruce next week! Super nice! So glad I chose to go there over the hospital physio clinic where I was referred.
kaellaontherun : Awesome!! Yes, they're the best and the Alter G will be great for your training and recovery!!
healthyandtotallytransformed : I'm pretty excited to try it out @kaellaontherun looks neat!
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Everyone is talking about their great runs at #BSB this weekend and I'm like ICE CREAM! #injuredrunner #eatingmyfeelings #iloveicecream #okimdone
iloveicecream - injuredrunner - okimdone - bsb - eatingmyfeelings -
lilgcourt : Yummy!! :)
allison1080 : What happened? Is it still your knee?
_rundomrun_ : Hey at least you're getting in your "core" πŸ˜‚
deirdygreenholz : #statefairdietfor5days!
theranchathletics : My girl
coachjimwachter : That looks like a "core" workout !
ultracougar : #nothingwrongwithsweets :)
tomw242 : You're gunna get fat, and I'll be more the happy to call you disgusting....
amiller7905 - jordip_xoxo - sscott0224 - lilgcourt -
Counting down the days til I can *hopefully* run again! After 6 weeks off, it's going to be tough, but I'm hoping my cross training and sheer will and determination will get me back in no time. I've got a marathon to train for! #injuredrunner #run #marathontraining #rnrsav
marathontraining - run - rnrsav - injuredrunner -
kwaller1030 - marathon4beginners - callousedsoles - crbai -
Rehab from this last re-injury has been awful. I haven't been consistent and it's definitely been a factor in the motivation department. Started today with determination. Moving slowly but I'm moving carefully! I want to get back out there. I have my #duranduranappreciationday 10K coming soon! #injuredrunner #fitness #motivation #SweatPink #1millionminutes
motivation - injuredrunner - fitness - duranduranappreciationday - 1millionminutes - sweatpink -
nycsweat : Start with consistently telling yourself how awesome you are. Go from there ;)
mburton0214 : @nycsweat High praise from an awesome man who just ran a double marathon! Congrats and happy recovery! PS - I'll be in NYC from 8/11-8/18 perhaps I'll see you in Central Park. cc: @racepacejess @theodorable
nycsweat : Definitely!
racepacejess : Yes!
actio926 : Cmon girl! U got this!
truth2beingfit : Hang in there!!!!!
theodorable : Yessss!
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Elliptical "running" is the rung of the ladder holding my foot for a moment. I hope to soon push to the next rung and actually run, but for now, this will have to do. 12 miles of intervals this morning. I don't always start my morning with chocolate, but when it has protein, fiber, healthy fats and superstarch, I do. Look for this delicious @genucan UCAN Chocolate Snack Bar, for a pre/during/post workout snack. #injuredrunner #day17
day17 - injuredrunner -
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Last run 5 days ago... πŸƒπŸ’ͺ #sore #nopainnogain #healthcomesfirst #running #runner #runforabettertommorow #nikerunning #nikeplus #asics #hudsonriverpark #injuredrunner #fitness
hudsonriverpark - nikeplus - injuredrunner - runner - runforabettertommorow - asics - sore - running - fitness - healthcomesfirst - nikerunning - nopainnogain -
ka2.ao : \(^o^)/
yerimmiee - ka2.ao - airbornr57 - nathanielm_1047 -
After taking yesterday off due to my leg pain returning, I was able to run almost 3 until it started again. Glad I got it in! Time to ice and rest up! #run#runner#running#runohio#run419#runforfun#runforlife #runtoledo #runnermom#runnergirl #injuredrunner #igers #ifit#ifitness#health#healthy#healthychoices
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#Runners super fuel! It's a great morning for a run! It's in the 80's! #injuredrunner #runlikeagirl #running #womensrunningcommunity #sbr #foodisfuel #banana #whitechocolate #nutsnmore #peanutbutter #bagels #carbs #yummy
sbr - carbs - injuredrunner - whitechocolate - iplaywithmyfood - bagels - runlikeagirl - nutsnmore - peanutbutter - running - womensrunningcommunity - yummy - foodisfuel - banana - runners -
thefitfork : Ha, cute!
redcattleya : @thefitfork .... Ha ha! You see what I did there? Lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #iplaywithmyfood
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Finally. A run that actually felt like a run. #injuredrunner#iloverunning #oiselle #nike #sunrise #iamarunner #motherrunner
oiselle - injuredrunner - iloverunning - nike - iamarunner - sunrise - motherrunner -
rundergirl : Nice job!!
karlsdenver - missy_nicole2 - bec_awesum - karhuofficial -
Nothing like a sweaty great run to start my week 3 miles - No Walking Alter G- 60% Over all pace 13:47 My return to the road is coming
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jaxrunnergirl : #weightloss #weightlossjourney #workout #nevergiveup #neverquit #eatclean #train #trainhard #transform #transformation #alterg #progress #attitude #904fitness #strongnotskinny #stronger #dontquit #dedication #fat2fit #noexcuses #injuriessuck #injuredrunner #selfierunner #womensrunningcommunity
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Good morning!! Pardon the dark circles under my eyes this morning...I spent 18 hours in a car between 10p Friday and 5p Sunday, I'm a little tired! We had to go out of state for a funeral, which left little time for anything. So, I'm up at the crack of dawn to start my week off right and get these legs moving again. Even broke out some more super bright colors to help wake me up this morning...Including a towel from my last 5k (thanks @knoxvilletrackclub!) #6amworkout #sweat #mondaymorning #injuredrunner #spinbike #garageworkout
garageworkout - injuredrunner - mondaymorning - spinbike - 6amworkout - sweat -
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First we ice, then we massage. At least I'm well practiced at what needs to be done πŸ˜•
injuredrunner - ultrarunner - magnesiumisawesome - stupidankle - injuriessuck - iceicebaby - ishallovercome - trailrunner -
runjojo : Thanks @ando_ultrarunner πŸ’œ
runningthroughthetrees : Hope you're ok girl! πŸ’šπŸ’š
captainawesome75 : I don't wanna like this! I refuse. Tell your ankle to get up to speed or you'll trade it in on a new one!
runjojo : Angry at myself more than anything @runningthroughthetrees that I did it again on the same leg, 2 weeks out from a race - argh!!!
runjojo : I'm definitely considering it @captainawesome75 πŸ’œ
ultratrailsketch : Hope you recover quickly
tamyb73 : Ouch! Healing vibes coming your way Jo xx
runjojo : Thanks @ultratrailsketch and @tamyb73 😘
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The bling! Beautiful course, awesome bling, only about 200ish runners, not soo great weather. πŸ’§β˜” #HelpMeImSore #RainOrShine #DoWorkSon #RunningIsMyDrug #TrailRunner #MarathonRunner #Ultratraining #Trails #Seattle #NorthBend #ironhorsestatepark #RainOrShine #marathon #jackandjillmarathon #Runner #MarathonManiacs #InjuredRunner #Trails
helpmeimsore - jackandjillmarathon - runner - rainorshine - ultratraining - marathonmaniacs - runningismydrug - northbend - doworkson - marathonrunner - seattle - marathon - injuredrunner - trails - trailrunner - ironhorsestatepark -
runnermom26.2 : She's back!!!! Yay!!! ;)
keilynn.hopkins : πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌ sooooooo happy for you!
alex_dad1st_run2nd : Woohoo congrats!
sergiocabral : #SexyBling πŸŽŠπŸ†πŸŽŠ @clairebearruns
latinainaction65 : Badass sista! You rock!!!
gio_reyes : πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘πŸ’ͺπŸ™ŒπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™Œ
runnermarx : Bling city. You rule!
runneresk : Love those smaller races!! Congrats Clara! I gotta check that race out!
r.physique - bsxathletics - ironmexmarquez - live.learn.evolve -
Marathon #25 done! State #5 done!! Rain, beautiful scenery, downhill trails, and pure awesomeness. Beyond happy to be running 26.2 again! Its been a long journey since my first full in 2012 but running has blessed me in so many ways. Cant wait to my next one! #DoWorkSon #RunningIsMyDrug #TrailRunner #MarathonRunner #Ultratraining #Trails #Seattle #NorthBend #ironhorsestatepark #RainOrShine #dirtbagrunners #marathon #jackandjillmarathon #Runner #MarathonManiacs #InjuredRunner #Trails
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panadapants : And just like that, she's back! Luv this!
misunshine2 : Congratulations πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
jen_tx_ : Congrats! Great job!
nursenyuma : I hope you never get tired of reading this....because I will never get tired of writing it because YOU ROCK!!!β˜†
live.learn.evolve : Congrats doll!
bsxathletics - ironmexmarquez - live.learn.evolve - smackeyruns -
Way too many of these this week. Another long run bites the dust today. No run in 7 days. #injuredrunner #runner #running #halfmarathontraining #drinking #groinstrain #fitmom
fitmom - running - injuredrunner - runner - drinking - halfmarathontraining - groinstrain -
marleneruns : Boo!
nes_amorim - gary_sethi - lulusstitches - woodsthief -
Good question πŸ˜‰ #keepgoing #run #instarun #runchat #injuredrunner #fitnessjourney #healthy #wholehealth #workout #fitness #cardio #activelife #fit #heal #truestory #aintnobodygottimeforthis
instarun - truestory - workout - runchat - keepgoing - wholehealth - run - cardio - injuredrunner - fit - healthy - heal - fitness - activelife - aintnobodygottimeforthis - fitnessjourney -
runningnurse26 : For real! Being told I couldn't run for a long time was a death sentence
crazy_mother_runners : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I actually just thought this today! I wish running more was my punishment for running too much and injuring myselfπŸ˜…
ashleypryorruns143 : @runningnurse26 & @crazy_mother_runners you girls get me! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚
r.physique - bananareview - _maxzmomomgets_healthy_ - crazy_mother_runners -
Now if only my smoothie was also blue, I'd really be rocking this recovery in style... @5peaksrun pretty sure this is not what we mean by #getofftheroad! #injuredrunner #buffcanada #5peaks #naturalfood #naturalantiinflammatory #recovery
getofftheroad - injuredrunner - recovery - buffcanada - naturalfood - naturalantiinflammatory - 5peaks -
leryanator : Get well soon!! And try not to go crazy sitting still.
tara.trails : Thanks @leryanator...And too late ;)
woodlingrunner : 😳
5peaksrun - mark_sawh - trailrunningmaniac - sarah_from_van -
So the thing about not practicing yoga regularly over the last few months - I'm so stiff and things that used to feel ok are hard. Trying to find the ease in my practice. Anyone seen it? # Day 6 Revolved Half Moon / Parivrtta Ardha Chandrasana for #RunnersLoveYogaTWIST @runnersloveyoga @beechiesbakehouse
injuredyogi - yoga - fitfam - yogaeverydamnday - igyogafamily - yogaeverywhere - yogaforrunners - runnersloveyogatwist - yogalove - instayoga - fitfuential - fitness - injuredrunner - igyoga - yogainspiration -
cyu888 : #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #yogainspiration #yogaforrunners #yogaeverywhere #yogalove #igyogafamily #igyoga #instayoga #fitfam #fitfuential #fitness #injuredrunner #injuredyogi
sigikolbe : Remarkable! πŸ™πŸ»
cherylthorntonfitness : I like your profile!
lessxes - mma_yogi - cherylthorntonfitness - thecrystalclearpath -
Holy Humid Sunday Runday!! After 5 days of cross training & icing my ankle/lower tibia I decided to attempt my long run today. It actually went ok , didn't feel any soreness till mile 14 but I should probably get it checked out. #longrun #gilmantrail #julymiles #injuredrunner #humid #sundayfunday #sundayrunday #UpfoeMore #garmin #training #crosstrain #trainsmart #runhappy #dontcrackunderpressure #faith #runlikeagirl #instarunner #marathonrunner #relentless #fierce #roadtochicago #garmin #hydrate #nuun #summerrunner
runhappy - humid - instarunner - sundayfunday - julymiles - runlikeagirl - sundayrunday - fierce - crosstrain - marathonrunner - garmin - longrun - roadtochicago - faith - training - injuredrunner - summerrunner - gilmantrail - nuun - trainsmart - upfoemore - dontcrackunderpressure - hydrate - relentless -
jthoe21 : Truth
tattedrunnergirl : Booo....hope you get better soon my dearπŸ˜™
molliemcphearsona : pls follow me
jblen10 : @tritonal_runner I'm with you girl! I've been cross training for the past 1.5 weeks because of my ankle. Procrastination at its finest 😩get well soon!!
tritonal_runner : @run4prs Thanks girl I appreciate it!
tritonal_runner : @tattedrunnergirl Thanks Brenda!! Oh and your new oiselle inspired tat is awesome!!
tritonal_runner : @jblen10 oh no, not you too!! Yes we runners are stubborn procrastinators! I hope yours is nothing serious & heals quickly!
runnermom26.2 : You are amazing, great work.
g2gevents - runloloco - r4iaf - zarah_pitt -
I told @paulblankman not to let me run today because I was feeling better yesterday and didn't want to undo any progress... but when I came back from the store this morning and said I wanted to go out he said I could do three max. Phew. #cautiouslyoptimistic #calfsleevesforthewin
livelifemakewaves - furtherfasterforever - runitfast - injuredrunner - bridgerunning - cep - findyourstrong - newenglandsummer - gopro - calfsleevesforthewin - cautiouslyoptimistic - flystyle - womensrunningcommunity - themermaidclub - natickrunners -
chittawellness : Your bridge looks nice and flat.
comeback_runner : I've wondered if the calf sleeve element of the Strassburg sock helps, too. Been wearing that since the marathon since that definitely aggravated it a bit.
jakekatesnow : Awesome 2 days in a row!!!
bekahstendahl : @jakekatesnow Actually just two days of pictures in a row. I think I've only done 3 days in the past week total. Boston registration is looming and I want to be confident I have this under control.
bekahstendahl : @comeback_runner Maybe! I've worn this sleeve to bed instead of the boot the past couple nights and feel decent with my first steps in the morning. I'm thinking there might be a KT tape alternative but I'm not actually sure what it's doing for me.
bekahstendahl : @chittawellness flat and short and closed to traffic
chittawellness : Williamsburg bridge: 1 mile of steep up, long gradual downhill, hipsters, homeless people, fecal smells going up, graffiti, subways, crazy people and insane bike messengers πŸ˜‚
bekahstendahl : Not so similar :) @chittawellness
therunningtherapy - runnersgonnarun - jet_sweets - estherruns -
I think I have re-strained my hip flexor, so I can't run. Gotta get the work in somehow, so an hour of cardio on the elliptical at an average heart rate of 144. #injuredrunner #halfmarathontraining #elliptical #fitsnap
fitsnap - elliptical - injuredrunner - halfmarathontraining -
patriguevara - jessrunshappy - thequeen35 - runtimo -
Ten mile race yesterday. I feel defeated. I struggled with heat and hamstring issues. So my pace suffered. I would have loved to finish this with a sub 10 pace. Many times yesterday I wanted to give up. I did not. I finished and I am happy for that small victory! #100happydays #day56 #running #milesformankind #marathontraining #runhappy #freepmarathon #injuredrunner #injuriessuck #turtlepace
runhappy - injuredrunner - marathontraining - milesformankind - turtlepace - 100happydays - running - injuriessuck - freepmarathon - day56 -
melissarose04 : Awesome job! It was rough out there yesterday - fun race though!
jhny82 : Way to push through and finish the race. Hope you recover quickly.
jen_murpheee : I felt the same way yesterday minus the hamstring issue. I really wanted to keep a sub 10 minute mile for my 10k. I should have been able but I couldn't do it. I hope you are feeling better soon
krissy1wonderwoman : Thanks guys! :-) This is my marathon pace to finish sub 5 hours so as long as I don't get any slower or reinjured as I further in distance I'll be good!
wolf_fit - rxsorbo - jennifer_kerr_16 - brightlight782 -
It feels so good to finally be able to stand long enough to cook! Even if I was super clumsy about it!
iwannarun - instafood - injuredrunner - foodporn -
mommyinpieces : #InjuredRunner #IWannaRun #FoodPorn #InstaFood
jessi_atzeni - ferngbs - shouldntsaythat -
Excuse the background mess. I'm so upset my ITB is injured and I am four weeks off my marathon. I got to 8k today and my left knee started to ache. I forced it in pain all the way to 22k and could no longer run and had to walk 8k back to my car. I have bathed, stretched, foam rolled, put on deep heat, ice and heat pack. Does anyone have any advice now before the marathon? Any marathon runners out there? @affirmationfitness #affirmationfitness #marathonadvice #marathonhelp #injuredrunner #feelingdepleated #runninginjury
feelingdepleated - injuredrunner - runninginjury - affirmationfitness - marathonhelp - marathonadvice -
affirmationfitness : @laura.robertss three weeks ago I ran 15k and then in Europe only did a 3k run and a 4k run but went to the gym and had pt sessions. So technically didn't distance run for three weeks when I ran yesterday. Do you think that was the issue? Even if I did just 10k yesterday I would still have been injured as it hurt at 8k. I'm gona go back to my old running technique if I can remember it. Todd used to say I ran on the balls of my feet but I just tried that and that's weird so that's definitely not what I was doing I was landing on the mid part which online they say is a good running technique they say landing on your heel is bad. I was gona rest for two days and try 3k on Wednesday would you do that ?
nine_paradise : Oh no... sorry to read that! No advice as I'm not a runner, but all the possible good vibes for a prompt recovery. Take care 🌸
affirmationfitness : @laura.robertss yep last year I saw a physio it was the same issue but I didn't know what it was last year. They basically just massaged it which I think I can do and foam roll and rest
affirmationfitness : @laura.robertss do you think if I couldn't do another long run that I would be ok on the day with all this training?
affirmationfitness : @laura.robertss saw a physio but he didn't do much and just put a machine on my leg for 10mins. He said don't do the race at this stage. I'm seeing a sports one tonight. I spoke to a running coach and she said I hadn't been running enough in the week. I read online that as long as you do the weekend long runs that's ok so in the week I was doing bootcamp and other workouts but she said you have to only run when marathon training and not cross train. So bit bummed about that. She said basically my body is now at 70%compared to 100%before I went to Europe as in Europe I didn't distance run so lost some condition.... Again I thought if I exercised it would be ok. She said I would be ok on the day if I do a technique that a lot of people do where they run 4mins then walk 1min the whole race. She said she has clients that have run a whole marathon and now use this technique as it's less drastic on the body so I might have to do that. So by the end of the marathon I will have walked about 48minutes but I think near the end of I was feeling ok I might just push through and not walk. So make sure you run only when you do yours. I found by running so much I was getting over it. It was boring mentally. After this marathon the most I think I will run at a time is 10k
affirmationfitness : @laura.robertss do you think you will still do your marathon? I just want to be over and focus on strength and that f45 thing
affirmationfitness : @laura.a.roberts @laura.robertss focus on strength training with my PT and maybe do f45 for a challenge. I guess like you said everyone has opinions on this marathon thing and people always do diff things. I just think only running is very boring
laura.a.roberts : Yeah me too! I love it when I do a good run but once you start changing things up and finding something you actually enjoy & want to do everything changes !! I wouldn't stress to much about it just see how you go
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