2nd pain free run, precautionary ice pack. Am I onto a winner? #injuredrunner #girlswhorun #run #runners #instarun #LRC #brooks #plantar
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jagreen1987 : Naughty them hobbit feet lad!
amy_norfolk : Yaaaayyyyy... Mountain goats reunite soon?!! 🐐
coolhunterun : Nice instant! Follow @coolhunterun and post the #coolhunterun tag!
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Running shoe pillow: the only action they're getting today, stupid calves. #puppylove #halfmarathontraining #injuredrunner
halfmarathontraining - injuredrunner - puppylove -
symingn : He looks concerned for your calf.
clubbhaus - mollymacsim - shercub - bisonkiller -
I'm EXTREMELY HAPPY that I am able to run again!! But, will I ever be able to go more than 3 miles ever again? I miss my long runs and my races πŸ˜’πŸƒπŸ˜’πŸƒ!!My leg doesn't really bother me much while running, I can feel it slightly, but it's not bad during or after. I feel like I'll always slightly feel this pulled muscle!! As badly as I want to run more, I am taking it easy and only running 2x per week and walking and. Cross training the rest of the week! Have a happy 😊 Wednesday friends!!#running #fitsnap#injuriessuck #injuredrunner #morningrunner #fitmomma
running - injuredrunner - injuriessuck - fitmomma - fitsnap - morningrunner -
firemom : Have you tried any of the tapes on the spot that's bothering you? I use RockTape on my back. It's amazing. My husband is using it on his Achilles.
si_running_chic : It'll happen!!!! So happy for u! I struggled with an injury a few months ago, I promise it'll happen!!
ellybeanruns : 3 miles probably feels lame, but just think back to 0 miles.. 3 is AWESOME!! 😁😁😁
pennyfrey - runochirun - liveloveand_run - angtris -
Oh calf muscle. I don't know what I did to you, but here we are after 2 miles that were supposed to be 5, and you're royally ticked off at me for something. I'm going to give you everything you want for the next 24 hours, but we've got 6 miles tomorrow night and 13 on Saturday, so shape up or ship out. Kthanxbye! #ouch #cardio #sunrise #injuredrunner #runner #beach #beachrunning #goodmorning #run #livelifemakewaves #instarunners
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jessrunshappy : @jersearunnergirl I haven't tried the stick but I've seen it! I may need to check it out, cause this pain is annoying as hell! Thanks 😊
jessrunshappy : Thanks @bostonbounddad!
jessrunshappy : Thanks @healthymind_activebody! Where did you get a rub like that? It sounds like I could use it for my knees too...
jessrunshappy : That's right @meg7710 - wanna give me issues? no cake for you! πŸ™…
jessrunshappy : Thanks @sherbertski!! 😊 me too!
selfierunner : β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘
werunnc : @jessrunshappy @jersearunnergirl my calves are notoriously in pain...kind of pain that sometimes keeps me awake at night, legit hurts so bad I can't sleep. I swear by getting sports massages every few weeks, and using the stick in the mean time. And I'm still in pain, but less than I would be. Ice baths are also key...I wear compression sleeves to work during the day if I'm in a lot of pain in the morning ( I am trying to add in those calf raises too! For me, it's been 2 years of running and two years if trying to manage this excruciating pain! Oh, and i run 5 days a week instead of 4. Having a few lower mileage days helps me, too!
healthymind_activebody : I got it from a spa in town. A massage therapist used it on my shoulders for tensions knots and it's Amazing!!! It's called Magsoothium @jessrunshappy
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Late night #gymsession. #stationarybike for 20 minutes, then lots of #weights. I was getting ready to leave and the #treadmill was taunting me..."run! You know you want to!" I did. Probably a bad idea but my leg doesn't hurt! I'm going to try really hard not to run again until 9/15 (6 weeks from my last run). #injuredrunner #stressfracture #stressfracturessuck #halfmarathontraining #detroitmarathon #fitmom #fitmomma #runner #runnergirl
injuredrunner - detroitmarathon - runnergirl - halfmarathontraining - fitmom - runner - weights - treadmill - stressfracturessuck - fitmomma - stationarybike - stressfracture - gymsession -
z0mbi3lady : Btw, I put the speed at 4.5. Nice and easy so I didn't over do it. 😊
petewholikestorunalot : Love it.
danagoodall : Naughty!!!
alanthefitnesscoach : Nice !
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Remember to drink lots of water since it is universally beneficial to everyone. It assists with healing and promotes digestion.
injured - water - digestion - injuredrunner - heal - sprained - healing - sprainedankle -
licking_wounds : #heal #healing #sprained #sprainedankle #water #digestion #injured #injuredrunner
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My exercise tools for the next couple months. My poor hips ache so bad. I first started noticing it after my first 8 mile run. The further and faster I go the more I notice the ache/pain. Gonna be working on strengthening my hips while finishing up #10ktraining and before I move into #halfmarathontraining. I really don't wanna end up grounded on the #injuredrunner list, so hopefully I can stave off any injuries that I'm headed towards right now. Hoping to get into a chiropractor as well. #runnerproblems #selfcare #trainsafe #trainsmart #hardworkpaysoff #runlikeagirl
runallthemiles - injuredrunner - arizonarunner - runnerd - womensrunningcommunity - hardworkpaysoff - oldguyrunningtinman - runlikeagirl - halfmarathontraining - teamrunnerd - igrunner - teamigotyaback - runnerproblems - earnednotgiven - trainsmart - runnerscommunity - selfcare - 10ktraining - trainsafe - challengeville -
m_fitness_and_adventures : Oh no! Hope it's nothing serious. Let's hope that some hip strengthening exercise help. I too have to get more core and hips strengthening done. I just get lazy. Lol. Anyways, best of luck.
lizwhitehorn : my guess would be a lot or stretching!
qualityfitness : keep it up, check out our page and let us know what you think
runlikethewinded : @m_fitness_and_adventures that's totally my problem. I just wanna run, not pay special attention to certain muscles. I've been trying to do some research on it, there's a possibility that this may be part of my shin and calf pain as well as all the pain in my hips/glutes, and I could wind up with IT band issues also. So new goals being set I guess. I should set up a reward system for each week I spend time doing strengthening exercises ;-)
runlikethewinded : @lizwhitehorn I stretch a lot, and foam roll also. The pain is finally too much. But yoga is also being added to my list of things to do.
m_fitness_and_adventures : Yup, my doctor told me that a reason my my IT Band was causing issues was because I have weak hips and core. He highly recommended I strengthen my core, gluteus and quads. I'm with you, I need something that motivates me to work on strengthening. We can do it! I said I was going to start today, and I was feeling lazy, but now you have motivated me to get it done. Thanks. 😊
runlikethewinded : Oh so glad to hear that what I've been reading is confirmed by a doc! Here's to not feeling like an old lady when I walk around the house! ;-)
challengeville : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
katiemoran24 - steve_on_a_run - biggmannyfresh909 - challengeville -
Back to reality!!! We had an awesome weekend as a little family of 4! Instead of being really restrictive on eating, I enjoyed myself, not too much, but I did have ice cream at night and some chips and queso one night, and pizza another. I eat pizza every Saturday anyway, so that wasn't out of my norm. I want to whine about not eating so clean, but I sill worked out in the mornings for an hour a day and ran around the resort for hours on end, so what is three days of a little "off" eating going to do to me?? Nothing!! I'm moving on now!! I wanted to run this morning but decided I would walk because My injury feels really good, so I want to keep it that way 😊 have a Great Tuesday!!!#walking #fitsnap#injuriessuck #injuredrunner #morningrunner
walking - morningrunner - injuredrunner - fitsnap - injuriessuck -
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Didn't get to run the Whistler Blackcomb @5peaksrun myself this weekend, injury & trailer problems kept me away Friday, and Saturday I was behind the scenes. Luckily @ndscottnygren captured this stunning shot for me. My most favourite race venue! Congrats to all runners and thanks again to all vollies. #trail #trails #mountain #mountainrunning #trailrunning #running #hiking #5peaks #5peaksrun #whistler #whistlerbc #whistlerblackcomb #blackcomb #explorebc #injuredrunner #racedirector
mountainrunning - hiking - racedirector - trails - trail - running - 5peaks - 5peaksrun - mountain - blackcomb - injuredrunner - whistlerblackcomb - trailrunning - whistler - explorebc - whistlerbc -
ndscottnygren : Thanks for sharing! I love how tiny and far away the trail looked ahead of me at this point!
dianna_chr : Way to go !!!
uptothetop : Nice shot...Looks like a great part of awesome BC to race through the mountains and fly over the trails
territoryrunco : This is amazing!
woodlingrunner : Simple beautiful! Wish your injury would buzz off!
justinmingo : Amazing view!
runningjasonw : You should come up for it next year @territoryrunco ❕ So much fun. Hope you get to run it in 2015 SolanaπŸ˜„
territoryrunco : I am definitely going to try to make it happen @runningjasonw
sivanita_j - ardavannobari - chilicanoe - bice_ultra -
Started my day with a 2k swim then pretty much met different friends all day and drank coffee ! Then taught my yoga class πŸ™ now off to see my crazy friend Jim do his ice bucket challenge - it's never going to be straightforward πŸ˜‚I think he's going into the sea ❄️#monday#mymat#yoga#yogalove#yogapose#iloveyoga#instayoga#yogi#pose#yogigirl#swimmer#swimming#injuredrunner#instarunner#instarunning#f3#fitness#findyourstrong#positive #positivemindset
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alimathers02 : @cyu888 it sure was ! I love not working Mondays !!
alimathers02 : @runningon0m ah thanks πŸ™
alimathers02 : @melissawhiston ah thanks !! This is a happy pose !
alimathers02 : @ramzikayello thank you !!
james1966p : Sounds like a great day
bridget_pz : Wow, I am jealous about all that. You are a beautiful woman !
triandrungirl : This is perfect! βœŒοΈπŸ‘Œβ€οΈ
blonde_bun_runner : U seriously rock😍
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Feeling not bad today. Gorgeous weather! I'm cautiously optimistic about this weekends races. #garmin #puravidabracelets #brooks #pureflow #trashmore #rnrvb #training #tapering #runchat #run #running #runner #runnergirl #swiftwick #fitness #motivation #mondaymotivation #runhappy #runhealthy #ilovetorun #ifit #injured #instarunners #injuredrunner #sun
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vabeachblonde711 : @sushi_dragonfly saw an scars this morning... It said... Unless you find a dead body, I don't want to hear about your morning run! Lol! But I am proud of you and will support you this weekend!
laetitia_run - myrunningdiary_ - carleemcdot - vabeachblonde711 -
πŸ˜€ Another run in! IT was a bit grumpy but got in 2.35 at a slow 10:50 average pace🐒 I am not where I want to be but I will take it!πŸ‘Œ Healing takes time. Finished with some weights & yoga. What's for breakfast?! #slaydragons #beginwithin #namaste #ૐ #beyourownsuperhero #fitfluential #inspiringfitness #fitfam #running #runner #injuredrunner #iloverunning #myITbandsucks #runnerprobs #girlsrunfast #teamtoughchik #furtherfasterforever #teamigotyaback #runnation #instarunners #igrunners #yoga #chicksthatlift #fitat45 #takethat
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mad_harmony : great shot :)
kimko32 : Not what's you want to be, yet further than you've been in recent days. ... you'll get back there, my friend!
kimko32 : Great job! !!
teamallamerican - ceo_fit - bc_onefortypointsix - seattlevj -
Someone doesn't want me to run this full come November😩😩 twisted the same ankle again.... Swelled up like a plum while waiting for hubby to pick me up... It's my fault.. Not running w a brace and speeding on uneven ground... also these Mizunos are going back. I should have stuck w what I know... #injuredrunner #canijustrun #icetherapyAgain #thisisworsethanthepain #myOldestSonGetsProps #Painlikenoother #fitfam #runchat #anklesprain #marathontraining #needPrayerAsap
needprayerasap - painlikenoother - injuredrunner - fitfam - myoldestsongetsprops - thisisworsethanthepain - runchat - marathontraining - anklesprain - icetherapyagain - canijustrun -
spin_dogg : How is the swellimg goimg? Has it increased or reduced?
mrsryderruns : @spin_dogg after the first ice bath this morning it's gone down def... I just finished the second one and I will do one more this evening to keep it going down... I'm trying to maximize the ice therapyπŸ™
spin_dogg : That's good. Would u share a pic of the current swelling or dm me to get a better idea? You mentioned you recently injured it how long ago was that?
mrsryderruns : @spin_dogg will do... I recently sprained it July 22. I did ice it but not as consistently as now. I started running back on the 8th
spin_dogg : Ok thanks. Oh really that was only 4 weeks ago. Was it fairly minor the first time?
sweet_as_cocoa : So sorry this happened! Hope you recover quickly!
mrsryderruns : @sweet_as_cocoa me too😩 thanks hun!
shanloves2run : Oh dang!! Looks painful! I'm so sorry!! πŸ™ for you!
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6 am coffee β˜• and strength training πŸ’ͺ βœ” happy monday 😎
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runsoncoffee : #run #running #nike #nikeplus #tcsnycmarathon #halfmarathon #marathon #training #NYC #nycm #hamptons #furtherfasterforever #morningworkout #teamigotyaback #instarunners #instafit #fit #fitness #fitgirls_inspire #insanity #motivation #runhappy #liveloverun #bike #biking #yoga #yogi #injuredrunner
maxfitgirl29 : Good combo for a Monday! πŸ˜„πŸ‘
camrunner : Great job, Samantha!
alimathers02 : Great work
theivdoctor : #getrevived
martina_nyc : So proud of you! You'll come back stronger than ever! @runsoncoffee
michrun4 : Yay!
runallday84 - sassyfitgirl - runnerlace - jdel_runnermom -
Ankle sprains can be very debilitating, particularly for athletes, because the ankles are used for so many physical activities. A person with an ankle sprain may find relief from sprain symptoms through thermal (heat) therapy, but only if it is applied with the right strategy. Because heat relaxes the blood vessels and encourages swelling, wait to use heat therapy on an ankle sprain until the sprain has had a chance to heal enough for swelling to go down. Usually this will mean that it has been at least three days after your injury. I started this method on my third day when I found that my foot was really stiff in the morning and the swollen had gone down a little. Heat relaxed my muscles and tendons of my ankle. The purpose of heat therapy with a sprain was to increase mobility rather than to relieve pain. I apply heat therapy before doing rehabilitation exercises and stretches, or in the morning when my ankle is "cold" and hasn't been used. I use a warm bath or foot soak but limit the time in the tub and don't use extreme heat, just very warm water- as much as I can bare it I alternate heat with cold using ice pack-1 minute in the heat and 1 in the ice water or ice wrap. And always end the session with the ice pack.
injured - injuredrunner - mobility - dailyexercise - daily - sprained - therapy - sprainedankle -
licking_wounds : #sprained #sprainedankle #therapy #mobility
licking_wounds : #injured #injuredrunner #dailyexercise #daily
mylifenatural -
I would do this exercise as soon as you can. Usually around : weeks after the injury and your foot is no longer swollen. Perform this exercise while sitting or standing. If you are standing, hold on to something sturdy, such as a stable piece of furniture or a wall. Rotate your injured foot in a circle, making a clockwise motion. Repeat 10 times through, pretending as if you are drawing around a big circle. Then, reverse the exercise, drawing the foot in a counterclockwise motion. Repeat throughout the day as needed when you experience pain or tightness in your ankle. #sprained #sprainedankle #mobility #rehab #runner #injured #injuredrunner #exercise
injured - training - strength - injuredrunner - mobility - runner - sprained - rehab - trainning - sprainedankle - exercise -
licking_wounds : #mobility #trainning #training #strength
mylifenatural -
Toe flex: mobility exercise for #sprainedankle. I started this exercise on week 3. I have level 2 sprained ankle. #sprained #mobility #training #ankle #injured #injuredrunner
injured - sprained - training - injuredrunner - mobility - sprainedankle - ankle -
licking_wounds : Pointing your toe towards the ceiling and to the floor. Do this when you have free time.
mylifenatural -
Picking up a piece of rag. Seems easy enough. But if you are on the end and you are ready for mobility exercise. 5-10 minutes a day is all you need. Don't forget to listen to your body. But be consistent. #mobility #training #strength #sprained #sprainedankle #injured #injuredrunner
injured - sprained - training - strength - injuredrunner - mobility - sprainedankle -
coolhunterun : I like running so much, if you like see my pictures!
mylifenatural -
What's that thing underneath me?! I "retired" from mountain biking 5 years ago when Jay and I did a small scale adventure type race. Truth be told, I've been on a mountain bike only a handful of times, in my life, and I suck at it. Took friends up on the offer of a bike ride today in Whistler and as out of shape as I am, it was so good to be outside and sweating. I won't be buying a bike or out there everyday, but maybe I'm a bit more open to easier rides. I'd call that a success. #injuredrunner #whatsabike? #biking #mtnbiking #mybumhurts #imgoingtobesoretomorrow
whatsabike - injuredrunner - mtnbiking - mybumhurts - imgoingtobesoretomorrow - biking -
yukonrunner : Good for you!
trailrunningmaniac : awesome! enjoy... whatever then mode of transport be πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜Š
stasher_bc : Well done 🚲
lizsquared : Since I can't really run I've been doing lots of biking lately.
dianna_chr : Let's go biking!!
emctracey : The trails around Lost Lake are wonderful, something for every level of rider.
gkmull : πŸ‘πŸ‘
igbikes - adnaloy74 - craigt858 - philthomas26 -
Better today especially considering I went out at 2 pm about 30 minutes after eating a sandwich. Sam is telling me how displeased he is that I'm outside wasting time when I should be inside with him. I've never met a dog that liked to moan and talk so much. Stamina is shot and no chance of getting it back anytime soon since this is a taper week.
injured - transcend - motivation - runhappy - run - labrador - sam - runner - ifit - brooks - running - lab - sundayrunday - bestfriend - garmin - puravidabracelets - runnerprobs - injuredrunner - taper - runnergirl - instadogs - instarunners - fitness - ilovetorun - runhealthy -
sushi_dragonfly : #runnerprobs #run #runner #running #runnergirl #taper #injured #instarunners #injuredrunner #garmin #puravidabracelets #brooks #transcend #sundayrunday #fitness #motivation #ifit #runhappy #runhealthy #ilovetorun
sushi_dragonfly : #instadogs #sam #lab #labrador #bestfriend
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I apparently have some sort of leg muscles!! :D
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runcarmyrun : @sprgear I was super soft on my off season. Like SUPER squishy haha
dreckchau : I see it :)
runcarmyrun : @asicsgallery #asicsteam #asicsgallery @asics
runcarmyrun : #run #runner #running #runnerspace #xc #marathontraining #marathon #injuredrunner #motivation #training #athlete #race #track #trackandfield #sports #fit #fitfam #fitfluential #fitness #halfmarathontraining #womensrunningcommunity #instarunner #instarun #instarunners #runTO #runchat #runnerd #girlsgonesporty
jaffajosh : They look great!
runcarmyrun : Thanks! @jaffajosh
runcarmyrun : @getjackiedup please squat with me in sept :(
getjackiedup : @runcarmyrun sure thing!
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Shirt: "If it was easy, everyone would run" - UA
brooksrunning - motivation - run - fitfam - runner - xc - fitness - brooks - halfmarathontraining - running - track - runchat - runnerspace - instarun - marathon - fitfluential - runnerd - training - injuredrunner - fit - marathontraining - trackandfield - athlete - sports - instarunner - race - instarunners - runto - girlsgonesporty - nikerunning -
runfasterrun : Hey miss! I tried the Nathan hydration pack yesterday and it's really amazing! I felt no bouncing and it was extremely comfortable! A really good purchase that I'm happy with
runcarmyrun : @runfasterrun really?!?!?! Okay it is officially going on my short list! They're apparently coming to @runningfreecanada markham in the fall!
runcarmyrun : #run #runner #running #runnerspace #xc #marathontraining #marathon #injuredrunner #motivation #training #athlete #race #track #trackandfield #sports #fit #fitfam #fitfluential #fitness #halfmarathontraining #brooksrunning #brooks #instarunner #instarun #instarunners #runTO #runchat #runnerd #nikerunning #girlsgonesporty
queeniescards : I like the hat!
runcarmyrun : Thanks! One of my many pink hats! LOL @queeniescards (from @brooksrunning / @brooksgurusarah
kosher_vegan_athlete - jaffajosh - refuelkit - ryangagnon1 -
Headed to the resort gym early early this morning in hopes that the elliptical was available, but I ended up on the bike, which was ok! The one treadmill and one elliptical were taken the entire time, so I got 45 minutes on the bike 🚲 and then 15 minutes on the elliptical. Since I don't go to a gym, I don't ever get a gym selfie, so I decided to take one today πŸ˜‰on to more water park fun with the fam!! #minivaca #morningrunner #injuriessuck #injuredrunner
morningrunner - injuredrunner - minivaca - injuriessuck -
runhealthlife - brynteagan - thisrunnersfuel - runnylegs -
Place a rolled towel under the ball of your foot, holding the towel at both ends. Gently pull the towel toward you while keeping your knee straight. Hold this position for 15 to 30 seconds, and repeat 2 to 4 times.
injured - strength - injuredrunner - runner - sprained - rehab - trainning - fitness - sprainedankle - exercise -
licking_wounds : #sprained #sprainedankle #exercise #rehab #fitness #strength #trainning #injured #injuredrunner ##runner #fitness
tali_sobolev - steve_the_runner - madetomotivate - jakefosmire -
Followed me for tips to recover from sprained ankle injury. I'm living it with you. This is my 4th week since I had the 2nd grade sprained injury. Use a rolled up towel for this balancing exercise at home. Try to do it three times a day. Hold it as long as you can. Remember- listen to your body. Of you feel the pain, stop.
injured - sprained - strength - injuredrunner - recovery - sprainedankle - balance - trainning -
licking_wounds : #sprained #injured #injuredrunner #recovery #balance #sprainedankle #balance
licking_wounds : Tag those who are suffering.
licking_wounds : #strength #trainning
aye_sooksomchitra - sillyliam -
Al fresco dining with mi madre... Hanger steak salad at Paul Martins. #welovepatiodining
whatrunnerseat - tiumeals - injuredrunner - lunchdate - welovepatiodining - runchat - marathoner - toneitup - fuelyourbody - createyoursummer - tiusacramento - womensrunning -
seemegrun : #whatrunnerseat #runchat #toneitup #tiumeals #createyoursummer #lunchdate #tiusacramento #womensrunning #marathoner #injuredrunner #fuelyourbody
hayraycrow : Yum!
breazzyfit - rck_grimes - divas_tiu - krosetiu -
Elevation training with #camprhino #leecanyon #kneeproblems #injuredrunner
kneeproblems - camprhino - leecanyon - injuredrunner -
lvtrailrunner : Swope is a beast.
angryasianbear : @lvtrailrunner yes he is!πŸ’ͺ
lemon314_ - daniiiicakessss - tbeegz - mitosgiselle -
As an example of the benefits strength training can provide, recent studies have shown that as few as six weeks of proper weight training can significantly reduce or completely relieve kneecap pain or "runner's knee." It also reduces the recurrence of many other common injuries, including nagging hip and low back pain. By strengthening muscle, as well as bone and connective tissue (ligaments attach bone to bone; and tendons attach muscle to bone), weight training not only helps to prevent injury but also helps to reduce the severity of injury when it does occur.
injured - training - injuredrunner - weight - keepfit - healthy - stayfocus - sprained - health - fitness - strong -
licking_wounds : #injured #injuredrunner #healthy #health #weight #training #fitness #strong #sprained #stayfocus #keepfit
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Not too bad of a workout (compared to running) on the old elliptical .
injuredrunner - pma - veganrunner - fitness -
therealbobbyd : #injuredrunner #pma #veganrunner #fitness
juliia0992 - fitgirlsacademy - justcallmehorse - jvelghe -
If you want to achieve the best results during your training it is vital that you vary your exercise routine. There are many articles written by experts giving advice on how to vary your exercise routine so as to avoid overtraining. Some suggest that you need to vary your routine after every 3 weeks, or 4 weeks, or 5 weeks. Preventing an injury is always a good idea. #injured #injuredrunner #fitness #focus #healthy #routine #recovery
injured - sprained - injuredrunner - recovery - routine - healthy - fitness - focus -
licking_wounds : #sprained
julialoveees - larissareis285 - thefitnessmodels - moaykel -
Just so you know, you have to run a length of a football pitch to burn one of these babies. But if you are an injured runner....#injured #injuredrunner #runner #recovery #burn #healthy #eatclean
injured - healthy - injuredrunner - recovery - runner - burn - eatclean -
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When you have a sprained ankle, the best thing to do,apart from applying ice to the area, is to lift your leg up above your heart level. #sprained #ankle #injured #injuredrunner #runner #rest
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licking_wounds : #sprained
mochesse00 : How is it feeling
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#injury #injured #injuredrunner #keepfit #keepmoving #practice #perfect
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licking_wounds : Do it right the first time. #exercise
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