Oh hi! Ain't that πŸ‘† the truth! For those wondering, I'm still alive. Unfortunately still injured too πŸ˜©πŸ˜” It's been 17 days since my last run! My doctor ruled out a stress fracture and labral tear in my left hip. He also wants me to get an MRI to see what's causing me pain and not showing up in X-rays. Btw, he said to me, "You have one of the strongest and most solid legs I've seen." Yes sirrrr! Made my day! Lol. Anyway, getting an MRI done next week and in the mean time I will be praying! πŸ™ Running is super hard on the body and it's finally catching up to me after 7 years of it. But I'm not done yet! I'll be back sooner than expected! I'm super bummed I won't be running the Turkey Trot this year. So run for me everyone! Thanks to all my friends on here who have been super supportive! I appreciate the kind texts, DMs and comments. Especially my hubby who is encouraging me to do more Bikram yoga bc he says I get depressed when I don't run. Lol. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!
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saraquezada : Awww wishing you a speedy recovery! #YourMyInspiration
orchid613 : Happy Thanksgiving!! ..and hope you will be able to run soon!!!
artiffact : It's not the same without you on the concrete! I have a free pass to my yoga spot in union city if you ever want to go. I love bikram.
sandisuni21 : Amazing!
run_with_purpose : I'm sorry! 😒 Tell that doc to hurry up and find out what's wrong! You aint got time for that! Lol. I hope you heal up soon! πŸ™
mom_sol : I miss your running post 😩😰
msjdella : Get better my other half! I need you with me! The crew misses you!
lymarisserrano : awesome!
ty_clyde - lany__villalobos - gfofo - adenike557 -
Well, well, well. Hit my #cycling goal for the month today, with four days to spare! Also, today was my longest ever #ride, and my highest elevation gain, to date. I feel like I'm really getting stronger and faster on the bike with every single ride. #LearnerRider #NewbieRider #RunnerRider #InjuredRunner #MeniscusTear #RoadBike #WannabeTriathlete #LongDistanceRunner #SBRO #SwimBikeRunOkinawa
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My injury is not over yet...I'm going crazy, I wanna #run!!!
ultratraining - injuredrunner - run - ultramarathon - ultramarathontraining -
stepheslam : Same over here, that sucks!
runfastersarah : Aw girl... I feel your painπŸ˜₯
calundrigan : Me tooooooooo!!!
runfasterrun : @calundrigan @runfastersarah @stepheslam sorry to hear that, looks like it's the injury season! It really sucks, I opened my second bottle of wine for this week and I never drink outside of big occasions and gatherings because I think it's bad for training. Lol
runfasterrun : @run__jimmy thx, I hope it will go away soon
lala_226 : Baby time
tsimon2 : Oh no...I can suggest the physio I went to..she was very helpful for me..let me know
acale991 : Stay positive!! I always think of this quote when I'm low... This to shall pass... Things happen for a reason... Keep your head up!! 🎈😊
running4cupcakes - joshuaholmes - honeytri - tsimon2 -
So, my run yesterday seems to have been a bad call. My foot felt fine during the session, and felt fine the evening after. But today, it feels very tight and swollen again and even walking feels uncomfortable. I have to admit, I had a little cry. I thought I'd be able to run again. That session last night was just amazing, despite the huge reduction in my fitness and the fact I got my ass kicked by an 11 year old. To resign myself to not running after a taste of what it was like, it felt like such a blow. But I'm glad for this injury. Why? Because as is the case with many runners or other sports people, it is all too easy to become entirely absorbed in the sport, so much so that it defines your life. I am a runner, that is true. But I am also a sister, a daughter, a girlfriend, a friend. So, instead of wallowing in my misery, I went to school, won a debating competion and am currently sat in front of a bonfire eating marshmellows with my little sister discussing how wonderful life is. Because it is wonderful, and don't let negativity take that away from you. So instead of a picture of my swollen foot I was ready to post this morning with a caption of despair, here is a picture of my foot next to my sister's whilst I have one of the best evenings I have had in a long time. Turn your day around. Be the hero of your story, not the victim.
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emma_runs_alot : #eatclean #eatcleantrainmean #runner #running #run #athlete #athletics #track #nutrition #nutrients #healthy #health #healthyeating #balance #happiness #positivity
emma_runs_alot : #fitness #fitspo #fitfam #foodisfuel #fitfluential #fitspiration #fittie #xc #xclife #crosscountry #injuredrunner #injury #lightningprocess #lp
medherbalifefit : Wow!
endlesscash4life : Very best!
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I swam and I had a great workout ! And someone even complimented my swimming!πŸ˜€πŸŠ #elf4health #gratitude #injuredrunner #fitmom #sweatpink
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obsessiondiva : Niceeeeeeee
yousignedupforwhat : Awesome! I swam today too!
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Leaving early so I can arrive safely to my podiatrist appointment. Hoping for information to help me deal with the weird toe causing my foot pain so I can run again! #injuredrunner #injurysucks #snow #nofilter
injurysucks - nofilter - injuredrunner - snow -
sheafgirl : Good luck!!
amotherspace : Good luck to you!
mrsemmypants : Good luck!!!
party_uv_5 : @nicowhat hope you got some answers & preferably good news
steffmcgee - beautea97 - tiff_gayle - clydeisme -
Can't wait till #fastTwitch #SpeedWorks #injuredrunner can still dream #runnernotrunning
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Another day, another #RoadBike #Ride. I need to figure out new routes with more distance as I'm getting faster! #NewbieRider #LearnerRider #RunnerRider #InjuredRunner #MeniscusTear #WannabeTriathlete #LongDistanceRunner #SlothAthletics #SBRO #SwimBikeRunOkinawa
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Sitting on the shelf || #runnernotrunning #injuredrunner
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Action shots from tonight's circuit. I'm sore from yesterday so this was interesting! I love to use the SworkIt app for this kind of thing! #holidaysweat #sweatpink #injuredrunner #sworkit @sweatguru @badassfitceo @runtothefinish
holidaysweat - sworkit - injuredrunner - sweatpink -
runtothefinish : Nice work
fitlifewithe : Great job!!
sweatguru : πŸ‘πŸ‘
depicus - jeffrunner - blueeyez1981 - alysemb -
A much needed workout while this cute guy sat by me! 🚴🐾 #gratitude #DCTrifecta #injuredrunner #fitmom #blackdogs #rescue
gratitude - fitmom - injuredrunner - rescue - blackdogs - dctrifecta -
jenniehorbach : He's getting so big!!!!!
marathonmom28 : @jenniehorbach yes he is but I still think he's a mini dog compared to Morgan who was 80lb!
jenniehorbach : But he's not done growing. Yes Morgan was a big dog but, little man still has to grow
marmaone1 : Precious!!
corgimamarunner : He's so cute! ❀️
eatprayrundc - anna_schmitz95 - jeniferpressley - corgimamarunner -
FIRST TRAINING SESSION BAAAACK! So excited! Physio said I could give it a go! I really hope my foot doesn't hurt. Fingers crossed! #gettingbackondatgrind
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emma_runs_alot : #eatclean #eatcleantrainmean #runner #running #run #athlete #athletics #track #nutrition #nutrients #healthy #health #healthyeating #balance #happiness
votefrenzysports : @emma_runs_alot Hey, we invite you to download VOTE FRENZY, the newest buzz in social media to share polls and opinions on all of your favorite sports events and games. Download the app for free today in the App Store or on Google Play
fit_lux : Tell me how it went !!!πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜πŸ™ˆ
transitiontimes_dot_com : Check out our profile for our website and post it
emma_runs_alot : It was really fun and I loved it, although I've gone from being the second fastest girla at training to the slowest and being beaten by 11 year olds! And unfortunately I'm gonna have to stop running again because it's hurting again today :/ I miss it so much! @fit_lux
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dexs3 : Ahh, I'm indoor sweating today, sick monkey
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I am going to KENYA .... With some of my favs in the whole wide world ... My husband , @kassidym22 ( youngest ) @runtrimom And my running buddies including Alan and Phil .... absolutely beyond excited to be involved in supporting this amazing charity #Gathimbaedwardsfoundation ... @mzungumyles is the leader of the pack ! Our local pro athlete who has set up this wonderful foundation. ! You say an experience of a lifetime - this is it ! Going to work and support children in the orphanage ... Teach yoga πŸ™ We get to go to the infamous Camp Iten and meet the superstar Kenyan runners - including Wilson Kipsang ! We also at going to run - maybe not the marathon πŸ™ˆbut the relay ! Starting at 8,000ft ... Some altitude training I think !! Where wild animals are roaming 🐘🐯
gathimbaedwardsfoundation -
ang_e_lina__ : Love how you put this together Ali! You guys are so darn amazing!! I'm so excited for you both!!! πŸ˜πŸ’–πŸ˜˜
kirstyaturner : Amazing news! Very exciting πŸ˜€
james1966p : Great pics. That sounds like it will be an amazing trip
systaley : Wow this is awesome and amazing!! Big round of applause for you guys πŸ™πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
alimathers02 : @ang_e_lina__ I kinda have to confess @runtrimom put it together πŸ™ˆ my creativity for such things is about zero !! Mucho excitement tho on the kenya experience !
natascha_runners_law : #awesome so excited for u!!! You'll have an amazing time!!
camrunner : I am really impressed with you, Ali! You are a wonderful person. What an amazing trip! πŸ˜˜πŸ™Œ
runningjamie : @alimathers02 πŸ˜³πŸ‘πŸ˜³πŸ‘ That's sooooo awesome Ali!!! I'm excited for ALL of youπŸ˜ƒ
theldaradifference - brumacwhite - runemz - fitandtuff -
Almost two months after my foot surgery to remove a bone spur, I am finally back to running! A couple of test runs the past week or so and then a 5 miler today. Realized I just like myself better when I am running
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the_gavittron : #injuredrunner #nikerunning #nikeplus #itsagreatdayforarun #whyirun #runrhody
srcanter : thank goodness. We have all been talking about how annoying you are when you're not running.
no_limits_running : So nice!
mistermilko13 - queenfine - dubkdamsel - csharpe613 -
✨"The ones who find happiness are the ones who don't make excuses. If it's broken they fix it...if it's wrong they make it right"✨---- don't let anyone or anything define your limitations!🌟 #noexcuses #nolimits #shithappens #dreamBIG @lululemon @procompression @saucony @fitsnapapp #oneleggedplanks #injuredrunner #stressfractureproblems
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alimathers02 : πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
jdel_runnermom : @alimathers02 😘✌️
bostonboundbrunette : That's right πŸ‘Š!
sittingatstalemate : Nice pic!
mahaney2 : You rock!! πŸ‘ŠπŸ’©
michrun4 : So strong!!!
therunshark : Love your kicks!!!
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So unfortunately my first 24 hour race didn't agree with my feet. Got an infection in my blisters. Antibiotics and sofa rest is the order of the day. At least I reached my 150 km target and got my finishers medal :-)
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osloneil : #lopno #løp #Bislett24hrIndoorChallenge #bislett #bislettstadion #bislettstadium #24hr #24hrrace
tulliomucciolo : Hope you will recover soon!!!!!!
bear_fitness_gear : Nice! #keepitup @bear_fitness
__lotus__16 : Feel better dude!! πŸ‘ŠπŸ’₯
carinaontherun : #au 😱😱
supertim65 : Not good,happy and good recovery:)
mariannmae : ouch.....
fjellmannen : 😱 Blisters from hell is my biggest concern about going for ultras, and infections hadn't even crossed my mind! Haha, how do you even get yourself home like that? Hope they heal up quickly!!
katiemoran24 - osljogg - fjellmannen - marcusmauricio -
Went for a #ride with @tabcola72 today :) she gave me some great tips! She also took my up the famous Molland Drive hill on #Kadena. 1.7 miles straight up! #NewbieRider #LearnerRider #RunnerRider #InjuredRunner #RoadBike #WannabeTriathlete #LongDistanceRunner #SBRO #SwimBikeRunOkinawa Oh, and we saw @bmore98 :)
sbro - injuredrunner - newbierider - roadbike - ride - longdistancerunner - learnerrider - runnerrider - kadena - swimbikerunokinawa - wannabetriathlete -
erin_san : We should've taken a picture together @tabcola72 lol
zwicker83 : You have to be the most active person in the world ... so jealous
bmore98 : @erin_san @tabcola72 I was honking at y'all! Y'all both looked strong! Had to shutdown the ole facebook for a while for my lack of a filter
the_stubborn_runner : Dang! 16 miles. I'm slacking.
erin_san : On the bike though @the_stubborn_runner ;-)
the_stubborn_runner : More milage than what I'm doing.
kinley446thompson - chennai_kelly - magnuscederberg - wookiebump -
And another week of no running (not that I could break the order if I wanted to. I tried). #injurysucks #runchat #runhappy #injuredrunner
injurysucks - runhappy - injuredrunner - runchat -
katydid611 : 😒
runnerchik : @katydid611 I'm just transitioning from the denial to anger stage.
callousedsoles - sandrarunrun - meesha41 - running_life_inspiration -
Last Wednesday morning at 6am, weighing 173 pounds I developed a deep and extremely painful blister on the ball of my left foot that has kept me hobbling and unable to run. I therefore will not be able to do the Turkey Trot as planned, which really frustrates me, but I'm just going to wait it out and come back strong. Injuries happen, it's part of being an athlete. But I'd still really like to punch someone in the face for this! #injuredrunner #brokenbutnotout #esparzafitness #wetraininjuredpeople
wetraininjuredpeople - esparzafitness - brokenbutnotout - injuredrunner -
esparzafitness : @timothylee69 it's the entire padded area below the toes. By far the biggest and worst I've ever had in over 15 years of running
timothylee69 : Ouch bruh, so are you planning to pop it or let it heal by itself?
slaflair : @48kitkat sounds about right. LOL
pjthebullsfan1 : Lol
esparzafitness : @timothylee69 that's the problem, it's so deep under the skin I can't pop it. It's weird. It's under two other blisters I popped a couple of days prior
ljfunk : This is so true, I can totally relate. I'm just coming back from 3 weeks of no running due to a calf strain. Hope the blister heals fast.
timothylee69 : I suggest you seek medical attention. You may never know if it is infected or not. Hope you have a speedy recovery πŸ‘Œ
_akelasaurusrex : @alyssa_ewing
davidl7705 - bryann_805 - j_cool_97 - 4jesus20 -
Dealing with my first running injury and trying to stay positive. I'll be spending plenty of time with the bike for a while, trying to get stronger and make sure I don't have to take extra time off from running. #injuredrunner #running
running - injuredrunner -
txa1265 : Oh no, feel better. Love the pants, though (and the meme of course;) )
txa1265 - kristineeikrem - running_fit_ - haleybruce -
I am incredibly blessed. Walked two miles tonight in beautiful weather with very little foot pain. Not everyone has the abilities or privileges I do and I try so hard not to take them for granted. Thankful for my health today :-) #injuredrunner #runchat
injuredrunner - runchat -
magicmilestogo : What a lovely sky to walk under!
megroach628 : Awesome to see you walking! Hope the foot continues to feel good!
sas_rubel : I'm so happy for you!! πŸ’š
clevercactus : What happened to your foot?
sparklyrunner : @clevercactus I've been out for almost nine weeks with a stress fracture. Just started walking again three weeks ago. Was non-weight bearing for six weeks.
clevercactus : @sparklyrunner that's too bad. I can empathize. I could barely walk for 2 years with metatarsalgia and bursitis in my second toe. It took me forever to find a doc who could help me. I am glad you are progressing quickly. Stay strong because it will pass! πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
mathews_runs80125 - jlk92207 - runfoxxirun - thisrunnersfuel -
Sunday's recovery #ride was great, except for all the red lights during the uphill section of the route. #NewbieRider #LearnerRider #RunnerRider #InjuredRunner #MeniscusTear #FitMom
fitmom - injuredrunner - newbierider - meniscustear - runnerrider - ride - learnerrider -
justinmmendoza - helen_anne_love - shellstier - samrob_fit -
So I only did 30 minutes on the elliptical before heading over to lift to find that it was the last few minutes of women's hour! AKA guess who got a free squat rack?! This lucky gal 😊😊 pic was snapped before my legs decided it was done and stairs would be my enemy for the day 😐 PS, if you haven't already, don't forget to enter my #VegaOne #giveaway sponsored by @vega_team on my blog :) 20grams of protein and 6 servings of greens per pack!
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fitfriendruns : Win!
runcarmyrun : @fitfriendruns literally 5 minutes after, all the men came flooding in and took over. πŸ˜‚ so happy I snagged it first LOL
swensurfers : You are so cute!!πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘
runcarmyrun : #run #runner #running #xc #marathon #marathon #injuredrunner #training #runaddicts #igrunner #trackandfield #nikerunning #runaholic #fitfluential #fitness #sweatpink #runchat #runnerd #ig_running #runhappy #girlsrunfast #ootd #runTO #trailrunner #halfmarathon #womensrunningcommunity #nikerunning #gymrat #gymbummy #squatrack
runcarmyrun : @swensurfers says the most adorable person ever! πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜™πŸ˜™
swensurfers : Oh! Haha! Thank you!!
nicolecarp : Awesome :)
hubertcjy - ahappypace - emilytheoxfitness - dimmysteez -
3 pain-free miles! I've had a couple days with absolutely no foot issues, so I decided to run some slow miles on the treadmill. Stopped at 3, but felt like I could've gone on and on. Hoping this is a sign of things to come. Foot doctor in 2 days! πŸ€ #runner #running #injured #injuredrunner #treadmill #footpain #footinjury
injured - running - footinjury - injuredrunner - treadmill - runner - footpain -
bekahstendahl : Great!
ectodoobie : Jess you should follow my friend Corine @zucchinirunner and vice versa for running and clean eating like-mindedness :)
shushka84 : @ectodoobie done πŸ‘ thanks, Erica!
zucchinirunner : Thanks Erica!! @ectodoobie ☺️☺️
heartnsolerunning : Yay!!!
heartnsolerunning - evofoot - positivephysicaltherapy - fitnessworkout69 -
Yoga all day on Monday πŸ™ attend and teach a class. We did lots and lots of twists tonight ! This is fairly simple but yet so effective ... πŸ’– #yoga#yogalove#yogi#yogapose#yogaclass#mymat#minfulness #mondayyoga#iloveyoga#instayoga#instayogi#ig_fitness_girls#instarun#instarunner#instarunning#injuredrunner#aliyoga#alwaysyoga#aliwillbeback#twists
minfulness - aliyoga - instarun - instarunner - instarunning - iloveyoga - alwaysyoga - injuredrunner - mymat - yoga - yogapose - yogalove - mondayyoga - yogi - aliwillbeback - yogaclass - instayoga - ig_fitness_girls - instayogi - twists -
marlous__ : Pretty lady 😘
melissawhiston : Very effective and love the smile!
camrunner : You look so pretty, my friend! 😘
runwithholly : Love this one - and so so my IT bands!!! :)
alimathers02 : @runwithholly isn't it the best !
alimathers02 : @camrunner ahhhh thanks my lovely friend πŸ’–
alimathers02 : @marlous__ 😘😘😘
alimathers02 : @ramzikayello ahh thanks !
sassyfitgirl - bridget_pz - paulonobbre - mre0w -
2 shoes today! 😊 After 4 weeks in the boot I'm walking in shoes again! Still not running but small steps in the right direction. #gratitude #DCTrifecta #injuredrunner
gratitude - dctrifecta - injuredrunner -
rachelleq1 : πŸ‘πŸŽ‰
tunderholmes : Congrats on the victory over the boot!
eatprayrundc - cheeriochubster - rachelleq1 - jenniehorbach -
Feel the burn! ;) 30 minutes of upper body weights this morning. Here's to a fun week ahead!
run - fitspo - triathlete - instafit - runner - workout - fitsperation - training - vegan - fitmom - runnersofinstagram - running - lift - instafitness - marathon - fitfluential - triathlon - injuredrunner - fit - glutenfree - igfitness - motherrunner - fitlife - weights - fitnessgirls - fitness - fitmotivation - runtoinspire - exercise - : #weights #lift #fit #fitspo #fitlife #fitness #run #runner #running #triathlon #triathlete #training #instafit #exercise #workout #fitmotivation #fitsperation #vegan #glutenfree #runnersofinstagram #fitmom #fitnessgirls #fitfluential #instafitness #igfitness #motherrunner #marathon #runtoinspire #injuredrunner
julianc2013 : Hope you recover soon 😊😊
julianc2013 : For running that is!! πŸ‘πŸ˜ƒ : @julianc2013 thank you!! :)
pm1e1 : Don't forget to follow me back ;)
taro_runs - oskartria - realfoodfitfamily - malin_tria -
Working on being #thankful! I've never been thin but #thankful that after 2 months of just about zero activity my pants still fit and I didn't go crazy with my food intake. #injuredrunner
thankful - injuredrunner -
ajstark633 - praterrun - 2koolbrees - ghost2004 -
Today's #breakfast #smoothie after an hour in the pool to start the week--- beets, kale, frozen cherries, pineapple, @plantfusion protein powder, almond milk, chia and flax seedsπŸ‘ŒHave a great Monday! Another opportunity to start fresh!🌟 @fitsnapapp #noexcuses #keepgoing #fitfluential #ffcheckin #fitsnap #poolrunning #injuredrunner
ffcheckin - nutrition - motivation - instarun - nutribullet - plantfusion - findyourstrong - runchat - fitmom - keepgoing - drinkyourveggies - injuredrunner - breakfast - fitfam - fitsnap - fitfluential - poolrunning - glutenfree - smoothie - dietitian - imarunner - igfitness - foodisfuel - fitchick - noexcuses - fitness - plantpower - inspiration - antioxidants - rdchat -
jdel_runnermom : #imarunner #instarun #findyourstrong #fitchick #foodisfuel #fitness #fitmom #fitfam #glutenfree #RDchat #runchat #dietitian #nutrition #nutribullet #plantfusion #plantpower #drinkyourveggies #inspiration #motivation #igfitness #antioxidants
rachelballfitness : I love your posts πŸ’—
sherunsjerseystrong - scnoogle - camrunner - ericaspellman -
#xmas in #america But have to get thru #Thanksgiving first #booksellers #streetstalls #injuredRunner #runnernotrunning
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Summit celebration πŸ‘ Because 1500 feet in two miles on spikes hurts so good. All for my baby brother who I remember today/tomorrow the anniversary of his death & birthday. Hug your special people this holiday. Tightly. Life & love are fleeting. We are all lucky to be alive. Don't have to tell #SnakeBait that! #grateful #seenonmyrun #fromwhereirun #runsteepgethigh #trailandultra #ultrarunner #injuredrunner #rattlesnakebite #survivor
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josephchick : I am lucky to count you among my friends. Thank you. #gratitude #hashtaginventasauraus
agazelle74 : @josephchick I'm the lucky one. And the #verbageprocurementationnation
irun_norcal : Awesome and amazing, as always!
michrun4 : ❀️❀️❀️
knead_to_cook : πŸ’™πŸ™
trenachellino : Wow your family has been through a lot! Awesome job!
jackie2luis : No no I got him πŸ”«he ain't never coming back!!! Spikes sounds like yummy
jackie2luis : The color is returning in your face #loveyourfaceπŸ’™idoidoido!
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I'm so happy that I was able to sign up for the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler! After hearing what happened, the race organizers so kindly allowed me to defer my entry until 2015. Today I received my entry code. Can't wait to see all of those cherry blossoms πŸ˜ƒ
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_jennijen : Omgg no way? I need to check this race out! I love DC during cherry blossom season.
adventuresofvega : I run this every year! My favorite race.
twinsrun : See you at the @cucb!
f45trainingsydneycbd : So nice!
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