Day 3 of the goal steak! #determined #fitness #goalstreak #health #injuredrunner #walkingisasport
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Per my doctor, the #fabulousfracturedfibula is fractured no longer (and is now sporting a fine bone callus). This gal is officially cleared for light running. Oh happy day!
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overcoming_ace : Keep moving!
jsrainman1 : Keep on keepin on!! Glad you are back at it!!
stuftmama : Yay yay yay!!!!! So happy for you! You look fabulous!!!!!
urbanrunnersnl : #NeverNotRunning
fabuliz : Yay! I love your outfit too! Perfect for spring!
briankutz : @larisa_elaine Is Western still a possibility?
r1zumu : Back in action! ❀️
isabellemarietoma : Beauty πŸ‘©
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The lovely bridge in the dark morning. This morning's run felt great, actually, despite my super sore ankle/inflamed tendon/shin splint issues. I give up trying to figure out why it's happening, and just take it one day at a time. Sigh. #running #injuredrunner #marathontraining #ultratraining
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3 miles on the #treadmill and then back/glutes/core #strengthtraining. Tiny bit of soreness from the #dryneedling at PT the other day, but I'm still doing it πŸ™Œ Also made my day with a sweet delivery from @oiselle - loving the new spring #flystyle πŸ’•πŸ‘Ÿ
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ct_wyatt : #running #run #runnergirl #runnersofinstagram #runchat #runnerd #runhappy #hokaoneone #cliftons #igrunners #instarunners #injuredrunner #comeback #ilovetorun #itband #oiselle #motivated #halfmarathon #halfmarathontraining
adi_nelson : #fit πŸ‘
karizalillo : This is so nice! :)
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I couldn't go a full week without going to the gym... Back and abs with this marvelous lady! #injuredrunner #myversionofaslowdeath #ladiesthatlift
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So excited to be chosen as a #fitfluential ambassador πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ Also, got semi good news from my doctor, no stress fracture but he wants me to take a month off from running and suggested to skip #Mountains2BeachMarathon and I almost cried! The reason why I didn't run it last year is bc I suffered from the same arch pain but on my right foot, right now it's my left and I really really want to run it. πŸ˜” #livewell #fit #fitgirl #runner #Imarunner #injuredrunner #prayforme #prayingforamiracle #marathon #marathoner #run #runspo #sweatpink
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eatrunsail : Congratulations
julio_castillo_21 : #runnersproblems huh??!! That sux! I hope you recover soon!! I know what it's like to be sidelined by injury!! Oh btw.. Congrats!!😁 @lani_runs_lifts
mini_runner : Congrats! We are #fitfluentialsisters !! I'm so sorry about the news! That broke my heart!! 😭 maybe you can rest enough and still kick butt love! I'm hopeful for you
lani_runs_lifts : @julio_castillo_21 not running sucks. I feel empty but I think my legs are happy to get a break. 😭
lani_runs_lifts : @mini_runner thanks love! Still hoping for a miracle but I know I have to be good and rest up. 😘
trailrunneraddict : Take care! πŸ˜‰
runwiki : Welcome to the #fitfluential family! I am scheduled to run the same marathon (M2B is my hometown fav race and where I ran my PR in 2013) I too am suffering from a pretty nasty injury and not sure I'll be running either. You and I can cheer on the other runners-- It will be tough not to be running. I feel your pain. xoxo
bostonboundbrunette : Oh bummer but you have had some great races this year!! Take care and get better! ❀️
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Day 1 of this abs and arms only workout. I might not be able to see them, but I sure as heck can feel them burn. Absolutely no running, jumping, kicking, lunging etc. This is really hard for me but I'm constantly and oh so easily reminded of how much it hurts with the slightest use of my legs. I get my MRI tomorrow afternoon. _________________________________ #InjuredRunner #AbsImCommingForYou #AlwaysKeepMoving #workout #IdRatherBeRunning
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renaissancedad : Hope for good news tomorrow!!! πŸ™
thecookierunner : ❀️❀️❀️
rach2o : πŸ˜‘ praying for you! Injuries suck!
emilygettinghealthy : πŸ™ sending good thoughts for ya! πŸ’•
rosie_prado : πŸ˜•πŸ™
geaux_running : My poor buddy. No doubt good news headed your way.
justrunchicago : Hopefully a good result tomorrow sending you a good vibe πŸ’– ️hugs!
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Seriously every #runner should try this! Alter G running @alterginc (also known as anti gravity running). Today I did 30 minutes at 50% of my body weight. The first 15 minutes I did at 6.7 mph and the last 15 minutes I did at 7.0 mph. After 5 weeks of no running it was truly amazing to run again...and I think I found my new ideal racing weight! Ha! Happy to report no aches and pains and I will be back there again tomorrow! #run #runners #running #instarunner #instarunners #igrunner #igrunners #fit #fitfam #fitness #instafit #treadmill #alterg #injuredrunner #exercise #cardio #workout #runchat #brooks #lululemon
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mg1523 : @haleybrubin haha yes, good timing and intro buildup
sallyleetex : @haleybrubin πŸ‘πŸƒ
haleybrubin : @mg1523 im getting good at it...and if the next two days are as slow at work as the last more than happy to do some for you! Ha
k_runsthistown : @haleybrubin knock on wood I am still feeling good! Sometimes I'll get a little ache here and there that remind me to make sure I keep up with my exercises though. I have a half marathon in two weeks so just hoping that goes well!
haleybrubin : @k_runsthistown you will do great!!! I can't wait to see your results! And you have to come race in NYC soon!!!
therunshark : Thats awesome. Congrats.
haleybrubin : @therunshark next time you start feeling sore...go for the alter g...they might even let you wear that scary mask on it! HahHa 😷
meretherunner14 : Yayyyyyyy H!!! This makes me soooo happy! CONGRATS love!!! 😍😘😘😘 @haleybrubin
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MRI #3 = DONE! Crutches = gone! Enter the tres chic leg brace... Isn't it lovely? πŸ˜€ Good news = no further damage to the knee Great news = surgery on April 16th!! Woo hoo!!!!!! I see the rainbow!!! πŸŒˆβ˜€πŸ™Œ #rainbow #runnernerd #runla #motherrunner #runnersofinstagram #injuredrunner #thereislight
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medarmygal : Awesome!! Best wishes!!
natrunsfar : @medarmygal Thank you so much!!! πŸ™Œ
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Aqua jogged today! It felt so good the water was so therapeutic for my shin and ankle. Then came home stretched and ate some kettle corn. Perfect start to my spring break #swimming #aquajogging #fitfam #fitspo #fitness #health #healthy #healthspo #runner #crosstraining #training #triathlontraining #followme #follow #instarunner #instafit #instahealth #runnergirl #track #injuredrunner #shins #runnerprobs #kettlecorn
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priscilla.monarrez : Nice!
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#lkbennettlondon head to Sledge, with a little #zara #mulberry and #BoscoLeee... Accessorizing with #KTtape after Monday morning run aggravated #ITband. Ugh. #injuredrunner #dogsaremycopilots #replikate
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It's wet and windy and I can't feel my fingers. Just shy of 3 miles done. #motherrunner #injuredrunner #halftraining
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Ah, such true words! And today is the first day I haven't had a limp in over 2 weeks! I think my shin is finally healing
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runwilk : #lillypulitzer #lilly #positivity #happy #bbgcommunity #bbg #bbgladies #bikinbodyguide #runner #injuredrunner
prepavenue : Too cute! Perfect way to start off April! πŸ’•
runwilk : @prepavenue thanks 😊
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An achiles tendon pain appeared yesterday. Not sure how related it is to running since I haven't run since Friday. I figure the pain would have appeared sooner after my long run righ? Help a sister out! #runner #running #runnerproblems #injuredrunner #ouch #RICE
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twoboysnmygirl : Mine always appeared a couple days after maybe because everything was tightening back up?
glitter_girl76 : Oh! Thanks @twoboysnmygirl. I'm keeping off my feet today and keeping it elevated. Won't run for at least 5-7 days just to be on the safe side. I didn't have any heel pain beforehand though... 😒
twoboysnmygirl : Ugh, injuries suck! Definitely rest a ton and maybe gentle calf stretches in a few days before you try to run on it.
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Super busy today, I literally found an empty conference room and took this in like 2 seconds before my meeting. Ugh not the best but #virasana or seated meditation for day 1 of #MermaidYogis. Trying to find my inner peace and happiness after losing my mojo and feeling super down. _________________________________ hosts @stoked_yogi @beachbeeyoga @zengirlmandy and @seavibesyoga as well as the incredibly supportive #mermaidtribe _________________________________ #NewbieYogi #InjuredRunner #FindYourMermaid #YogaForRunning #RunnersOfInstagram #YogaLovers #Yogi #YogaEveryDamnDay #YogisOfInstagram #GetBendy
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therunwarrior : So incredibly important! πŸ™
thecookierunner : Sending you lots of love
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Gonna give this one a try at the suggestion of the yogi master @thecookierunner. I need something to keep me busy since I can't run or do kickboxing at the moment. πŸ˜’πŸ˜–πŸ˜­πŸ˜­ _________________________________ Counting down the hours til we dive into another month of #mermaidyogis! This month long challenge starts April 1st and invites you to float and flow through 30 postures which combine to form a beautiful, fluid sequence. _________________________________ Join your hosts @stoked_yogi @beachbeeyoga @zengirlmandy and @seavibesyoga as well as the incredibly supportive #mermaidtribe for this experience of yoga by land and sea. _________________________________ πŸ’™πŸ¬πŸ’¦ Immerse yourself πŸ’¦πŸ¬πŸ’™ _________________________________ #InjuredRunner #NewbieYogi #YogaForRunning #RunnersOfInstagram #YogaLovers #Yogi #YogaEveryDamnDay #YogisOfInstagram #GetBendy
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thecookierunner : You CAN do it!
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Got the okay to cycle today! :-) Biking with a #CAMboot is a little difficult and probably looks hilarious, but its better than nothin ;-) Oddly enough the doc said no swimming :-/ #carneros #bikepath #cycling #stressfracture #injuredrunner #napavalley #eucalyptus #vegancyclist #aircast
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Physical therapy, here we goooo. #injuredrunner #nofun #HopingForGoodNews #IWannaRun #patience #optimistic #achilliestendoninjury #physicaltherapy #orthopedics #sportsmedicine #pt
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deviolin : Oh man...saying a prayer for you!
jenngetsfit_ : @deviolin thank you! Been coming for several weeks, thankfully it seems to be helping.
tabd07 : Been thinking about you @jenngetsfit_ !!! Hope you are healing up!!!!
cassi2 : That nail color πŸ˜šπŸ‘Œ
awisenanpie : Praying for you. 😘
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Morning stretch before the workday begins! April #detoxyobody #yogachallenge by @aloyoga @beachyogagirl @kinoyoga @taylorjoan @thecookierunner @emilygettinghealthy @amandadawnvnsn
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thecookierunner : Pretty!
mrs.bless2013 : Love the shoes!
amandadawnvnsn : Oh I thought this was an elaborate April fools joke? 😩 jk jk I'll do it I swear
laylaynoel : @thecookierunner @mrs.bless2013 thank yall!!
laylaynoel : @amandadawnvnsn bahahaha! Duhh
laylaynoel : #heelingyoga #yogaposeoftheday #yogaonyogis #yogainheels #progressnotperfection #injuredrunner
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Workout #1 Complete βœ… Early morning spin class at #flywheel with amazing instructor @marmarnyc this morning! 🚲No PR today but still a decent score (282). My legs were absolutely dead at the end! But the big news is that tonight I will be #running on an alter g! πŸƒπŸƒπŸƒAfter 5 weeks completely off of running...tonight I will be trying anti gravity running for the first time! Feeling very excited! #run #runner #runners #running #fit #fitfam #fitness #fitsnap #NYC #spin #spinning #workout #exercise #strong #cardio #gym #healthy #health #instafit #instarunner #injuredrunner
run - fitfam - runner - workout - flywheel - spinning - fitsnap - strong - cardio - runners - injuredrunner - fit - healthy - spin - running - 1 - instarunner - health - instafit - fitness - nyc - gym - exercise -
therunshark : Glad to see you actually get off your butt and doing something πŸ˜’
haleybrubin : @astoria_kristina @miriamcamacho1230 thanks ladies!
haleybrubin : @marmarnyc already excited for Friday! I'm going to get 290!!!
haleybrubin : @therunshark well I went to the class...then just sat on the bike...and let it spin...but shhh! Don't tell...and I won't tell about your photo shopped abs πŸ‘
therunshark : And i wont tell about your πŸ“· photoshopped abs either. Or your butt implants πŸ™Š
haleybrubin : @therunshark LMAO!!! Everyone know I would never do that...Google images "Nicole Ritchie Beach Running" and you will see my ideal body type and you will understand that I would never get get that surgery!
danisturtz : @haleybrubin go girl!!
uppallnight : Absolutely love cool! ❀ 😊
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#Yestergram πŸŽ‰πŸ˜ŠGetting excited about doing 5miles is kind of funny considering I was doing 12 and 14 mile tempo runs at the end of XC season, but after over 7 weeks of zero miles running I am definitely celebrating the ability to even do 5 miles at an 8 min/mile pace! Cross trained again this morning and looking forward to bumping it up to 6 miles tomorrow in the 70 degree weather. πŸŒžπŸ‘ŸπŸƒDahhhh! #injuredrunner #run #runningonplants #runnergirl #runners #collegerunning #track #crosscountry #crosstraining #workout #fitness
runningonplants - run - track - yestergram - workout - runnergirl - collegerunning - fitness - injuredrunner - crosscountry - runners - crosstraining -
zo_dawgg3 : Ahhhh I'm in the same boat and it feels so good to be back, even if it's lower mileage! Congrats girl! 😁
plantrunner92 : @zo_dawgg3 thanks so much! And congrats to you as well. It has been a long time coming. 😳
fitness_motivation_picture : I love your page! Check out mine for some great motivation!
alan_121 - insanembraine - helloamandamurphy - coraliedartigues -
I went to see an orthopedic surgeon today (sports specialist) and have never been so excited to go to the doctor!! Today I got a series of x-rays and tomorrow another MRI followed by immediate results and will see doc again to discuss the plan. More to come! πŸ™Œ #injuredrunner #larunner #runnersofinstagram #womensrunning #findyourstrong #wearegettingthere #positivevibes
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runningnreading : πŸ’š
natrunsfar : @runningnreading πŸ˜˜πŸ’œβ˜Ί
natascha_runners_law - mprcoaching - kristenlawrence - suttonkate -
AND I just won an entry into the Superhero Showdown. :) #running #5k #runningblogger #runnerproblems #injuredrunner #skinnyraven
running - runningblogger - injuredrunner - 5k - runnerproblems - skinnyraven -
danikbates - manicsocratic - amarpreetvirdi - proactiveoutside -
Don't know how I managed to even run these miles with the arch pain I'm dealing with. Finally seeking professional help and seeing my doctor this week to see if I have a stress fracture. I'm hoping for good news. I really want to run #Mountains2BeachMarathon in May! Please pray for me. πŸ’œ #injuredrunner #runner #Imarunner #marathoner #marathon #MarchMiles #2015in2015
injuredrunner - gains - marchmiles - runner - imarunner - marathoner - mountains2beachmarathon - marathon - 2015in2015 -
renaissancedad : Prayers for good news πŸ™πŸ™
lani_runs_lifts : @renaissancedad thank you!! πŸ’œ
antdpt : If you have arch pain, most likely it's not a fracture. You might have posterior tibial tendinopathy. Google that and lmk if you match the pains they describe.
lani_runs_lifts : @antdpt I'm going to google it right now!! I need my doctor to refer me to you!!!!
antdpt : That would be dope
irun_norcal : Good luck at the doctors. Fingers crossed for good news!
lani_runs_lifts : @irun_norcal thank you Linn. πŸ’œ
tofts06 : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
marinah615 - thebeardedjock - eat_pray_love_26.2 - tinaaa1011 -
3.29 Miles in 47:04 might not sound that awesome, but that is the longest time and furthest distance Ive ran in a year. Coming back from a torn archilles is no picnic, my friends... but I DID IT. Woot woot!!! #running #runningblogger #injuredrunner #skinnyraven #run #irun #fitness #weightloss
irun - runningblogger - run - weightloss - running - fitness - injuredrunner - skinnyraven -
sportzonees : Love it!
africankelli : Good for you! πŸ’ͺπŸ‘πŸ‘
exhalebill : Recovery runs after injuries are blessings. Take it easy and enjoy the runs....
exhalebill : Great job!!!!
connormeaks : So stoked for you :)
louiebaur : πŸ’ͺ
travelwithmrst : Congratulations! I broke my left foot years ago and badly sprained my right ankle just a year and a half ago and have struggled getting back. Bravo!
jenrunstheworld : Very cool!
travelwithmrst - nycsweat - amarpreetvirdi - onefoodguy -
Day two of meeting my goals is officially in the books...can I start calling it a "streak" yet? #determined #fitness #goalstreak #goodlife #health #injuredrunner #walkitout #walkingisasport
walkitout - injuredrunner - walkingisasport - goodlife - determined - health - goalstreak - fitness -
kaleandtequila - fritzlifestyle - jessican371 - emm_07 -
Went for my first real run in 3 weeks today with my awesome workout buddy @mellg4 ! Made it 3 miles and stopped as soon as I felt the tiniest bit of pain and moved on to some weight lifting, can you tell I'm pretty freaking HAPPY!? #injuredrunner #babysteps #babymuscles #marathontraining #rnrsea #rnrvan #instarunners #girlswhorun #womensrunningcommunity #runnersofinstagram #wearetherunners #runhappy
girlswhorun - babymuscles - injuredrunner - marathontraining - wearetherunners - rnrsea - runhappy - rnrvan - instarunners - womensrunningcommunity - runnersofinstagram - babysteps -
mommy_loves_to_run : So awesome!!!
miles_for_mochas : Yay!!! So happy for you!
mammanelley : I love you guys too fricken cuts
mammanelley : Cute lol
littlemissroadrunner : Thanks ladies!! πŸ’—πŸ’— @mommy_loves_to_run @miles_for_mochas
littlemissroadrunner : Hahaha @mammanelley no way as cute as your kiddos!! 😍
jemworrall - itsyogurlroni - that_runner_chick_ - ashlynnstashaa -
Fears confirmed: metatarsal #stressfracture restricted to #theboot #injuredrunner #napariver #CAMboot #aircast
napariver - ultrarunnerproblems - injuredrunner - veganrunner - camboot - theboot - stressfracture - ultratraining - aircast -
runnin2crzytwn : #ultratraining #ultrarunnerproblems #veganrunner
tara.trails : Oh no! Sending healing vibes :)
cevatts : Best wishes on a speedy recovery!
jakeysprinkles : Weaksauce! Get better!
runlxsrun : Argh. Rest well.
jenergizer_ : πŸ˜―πŸ˜’πŸ˜• Healing vibes!
collegiatevegan - geekyvegangirl - trailrunaddict - lauralou_fink -
Day two of PT done! Deep tissue massages never felt so good 😁😁 #injuredrunner
injuredrunner -
runningforever831 - lala_226 - runner_christina - sas_rubel -
Another 20 min run! My shins are still not feeling great so I think I am going to take tomorrow off and Thursday I'll see how I feel! #run #runner #running #lovetorun #livetorun #runforever #runforlife #garmin #gpswatch #fitfam #fitspo #fitness #health #healthy #healthspo #workout #track #follow #followme #injuredrunner #instahealth #instafit #instarunner #runnergirl #training
runforever - run - fitfam - runner - workout - instahealth - running - livetorun - instarunner - follow - runforlife - fitspo - training - lovetorun - injuredrunner - healthy - garmin - runnergirl - track - health - gpswatch - fitness - healthspo - followme - instafit -
gracetothemoon : woo hoo go maddy!!
garminofficial : Well done!!
shredlikemike : Nice pic!
bettannaas - itsallaboutsarah - konkolyandrea - chantelleapps -
Nervous to see my running doctor. What he tells me about my knee effects my Half Marathon goals for April and maybe my running for the rest of the summer. A week off? A month off? We'll see. Fingers & Toes Crossed. Wish me luck......πŸ™ #run #running #running #injuriessuck #injuredrunner #runninginjury #masterunner #womensrunning #runninggoals #detroitrunning #runmacomb #halfmarathon #halftraining #hansonsmethod #howdoyouhappy #5K
detroitrunning - hansonsmethod - runmacomb - injuredrunner - masterunner - halfmarathon - howdoyouhappy - runninggoals - running - run - halftraining - 5k - injuriessuck - runninginjury - womensrunning -
jessica_g_kaiser : I've everything crossed for you Alice!
t.spector : You have perseverance on your side.
derrickejohnson : Hope it went well.
alicebmcguire : Not so much @derrickejohnson .....torn patella tendon. Not sure how bad. Find out tomorrow.
alicebmcguire : Thanks @rowansaunders !
derrickejohnson : Well, its bad news, and l'm so sorry to hear it. The good news is the that you know what it is now, and you'll have a programme to get back to where you were. I will pray for you my sister. Be strong.
alicebmcguire : Thanks @derrickejohnson
alicebmcguire : @derrickejohnson pretty sad. Will see tomorrow!
runsmilerepeat - makeyourbodyyourmachine - heyotoro - amber_lowe124 -
Thanks @rkuchinsky for your post, it's inspired me to get over my fear of closed spaces & feeling trapped. First appointment in the sensory deprivation float tank tomorrow evening! I've heard/read what a great experience this can be physically and mentally but always thought it would induce a panic attack. I also reminded myself I said I was going to do more stuff that made me uncomfortable. I'm less fearful and more excited for it. Maybe I'll actually get a full nights sleep! I know I can sure use some meditative restoration right now, being consumed with a fatalistic viewpoint to the running season. #floaton! πŸƒπŸ˜„πŸ” #runsmilerepeat #runhappy #justkeeprunning #run #runnerscommunity #instarunners #wearetherunners #runitfast #runTO #love #toronto #floating #sensorydeprivation #meditation #runnersnotrunning #recovery #injuredrunner
runhappy - love - runsmilerepeat - runnersnotrunning - runto - wearetherunners - run - floating - meditation - toronto - runitfast - injuredrunner - recovery - floaton - justkeeprunning - sensorydeprivation - runnerscommunity - instarunners - solidadvice -
tejsand : Let me know how it goes! Also considering it!
luc.ippersiel : Anxious for your experience statement
rkuchinsky : Enjoy. Might want to keep you hand on the door handle when you shut it behind you when you first get it until you get used to the total darkness. Esp. If you are not a fan of closed spaces. I don't mind dark but I panicked for a sec at first and couldn't find the door to get my bearings. Once you are good and lying down though it's all awesome. Just relax. πŸ‘
torunning_grl : I am looking for your feedback as well ;-)
trixze_s : Looking forward to you sharing the experienxeπŸ‘
si11yskitt1es : Definitely want to hear how it goes for you!!! Sending you relaxing, tranquil vibes!!! πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ™
runsmilerepeat : @rkuchinsky #solidadvice
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demics : Damm what happen?
behindtherun : @demics not exactly sure dude. I tore my meniscus in June so I was out for like 5 months. It healed but something else developed where I'm having issues straightening out my leg and it feels like it's grinding lol. I'm working on getting it checked out. I'm hoping it's just a lot of scar tissue that needs to get worked out as a result of the initial injury. I can run but not consistently or without it affecting the rest of my day so I decided to shut myself down until I get it fixed... After ragnar that is! Lol
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superauntie_ : This dude swears he is Batman πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚lol jk Get your goat legs better !!!!
jevidence : damn hope you have a speedy recovery Victor. Try cycling to strengthen the knee, its low impact and will help with the recovery.
pgal12 : #GoatHealth
fitgirlselite : hi, please checkout our page :) @fitgirlselite
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