I stayed up most of night watching votes come in and I have to say I am gutted for Scotland ... This was NOT about English hatred it was purely about giving the power to Scotland ... Anyway .. I managed 40 mins of running in water ... I usually do an hour ... Last night I went back to ashtanga yoga and loved it - it's been a while ! My body certainly feels it today !!! #instarun#instarunner#instarunner#instayoga#athlete#aquajog#injuredrunner#doit#getitdone#strong#strength#positive#positivemind
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Stress fracture in my foot means no running for 2 months, year over! #frustrated #angry #injuredrunner #athletics #athlete #flotrack #hospital #boot #fracture #bone #broken #annoyed #iwanttorun
flotrack - injuredrunner - iwanttorun - athlete - boot - annoyed - broken - fracture - athletics - hospital - frustrated - angry - bone -
Another sexy night in with my @tigertailusa
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runcarmyrun : #run #runner #running #gymbunny #xc #marathontraining #marathon #injuredrunner #motivation #training #runaddicts #igrunner #trackandfield #nikerunning #runaholic #fitfluential #fitness #halfmarathontraining #sweatpink #instarunner #selca #instarunners #runchat #runnerd #ig_running #brooks #recovery #runhappy #girlsrunfast
runcarmyrun : #tigertail
runcanucksrun : OMG, I love my tiger tail. I tried The Stick and didn't like all the little rolly pieces
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Last minute decision to give the #knees a break led me to the #gym for #cardio and #crosstraining instead of the #run I so desperately wanted - no matter, the #elliptical and the adaptive motion trainer kicked my butt for just under an hour - and I got to test out my new #fabletics gear, too! #marathontraining #neon #ymca #training #adaptivemotiontrainer #gymrat #brooks #runner #injuredrunner #livelifemakewaves #healthychoices
livelifemakewaves - run - runner - gym - neon - brooks - healthychoices - adaptivemotiontrainer - cardio - knees - training - injuredrunner - marathontraining - fabletics - ymca - elliptical - gymrat - workout - crosstraining -
lisa__runs : Oh never mind. I see you said they were.
jessrunshappy : Hehe yep @lisa__runs! They're pretty great, I'll definitely be ordering again soon! πŸ‘
sandra_ballester : Love love your pants!! @jessrunshappy
sandra_ballester : Tell me about these pants and how you like the brand? @jessrunshappy
healthymind_activebody : @jessrunshappy yes! I love the pants and have been wondering about them for a while!
kreesikes : Love your pants!!!@jessrunhsppy I gotta to Have a pair! Too cool
springs559 : 😍 love the pants!!
paulwesson : @jessrunshappy I would say so! They are awesome!
shannonmcclellan040 - jeffrunner - ita2nlheartusa - drinkcocogo -
Asked my hubby to run me an ice bath, come up to find he'd put bubbles in to make it more bearable. What a good egg. #injuredrunner #icebath #girlswhorun #run #runners
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23 days ago I was on this 15 miler & about 5 miles later would be bitten twice by a rattler. The subsequent days have been the hardest of my life. The pain & daily challenges are humbling. The nightmares leave me feeling like a child. I've been as courageous as I know how to be, & have spent plenty of time being wimpy & crying. My kids are all still sleeping with me. I've learned humility through use of a bedpan. I've learned patience. And most of all I'm seeking to learn grace. I have had the harshest criticism of my lifetime thrown at me during my darkest moments & am not too proud to admit how much it hurts. So I sit and look at this picture. I feel the warm sun. I hear all of you reassuring me. And I promise, myself first, that I'm coming. Tell the trails I'm coming. I miss them so much. And am so grateful to all of you who stay on this ride with me, every day that passes. #rattlesnakebite #ultrarunner #injuredrunner #fromwhereirun #tbt
fromwhereirun - ultrarunner - injuredrunner - tbt - rattlesnakebite -
runlikeacavegirl : You will be back soon! Let your body heal and chin up! You know who you are, your kids, friends, Patrick, your family and the ones who follow you here, know who you are, criticism is what lame people with no life do when they are jealous. Keep it up! You are a fighter! Take it easy on youπŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›
calrifkin : πŸ‘πŸ‘
werunnc : We are here for you @agazelle74 πŸ’–βœŒ sending positive vibes your way. Don't let anyone's negativity into your mind. You're such a bright light. A true inspiration to all of us! I will let the trails know you're coming for them on my run this evening! Dedicating these miles to you girl! Stay strong. You are doing great!
curlymariruns : πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›#allthelove #hugs from California!😘 #runnersuniteπŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›
trailrunningmaniac : You got this girl! one step/day at a time, I am pulling for you in BC CanadaπŸ‘ you are in my thoughts and prayersπŸ™πŸ‘Š
jackie2luis : @agazelle74 oh I forgot .. Your so Gonna laugh (today I finally googled what lyf means ).. Jenn I'm slow .. SO LYF......! I'm thrilled to find out what it means (shoot gotta google go pro cam KENZIE used it the other day n I was wondering this here made me remember to google it). Want you happy at all times now I will tell tom n Michelle and cause lyf is only for you guys n my bestie.❀️
anna.m.c : You got this.
blondejules7 : You are amazing and I am so glad you pulled through!
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how I feel about having a running injury, in cartoon form. coincidentally, also a good depiction of my thoughts towards a lot of other things. #thoselipsthough #bluehair #redlipstick #faceq #injuredrunner
bluehair - thoselipsthough - injuredrunner - faceq - redlipstick -
azzurrigunner : Them lips! 😍 and the blue hair. Yes please
littlehatjones : @azzurrigunner I tried to be as accurate as possible haha
markafterdark23_ : πŸ‘Ž (staying in theme)
littlehatjones : @markafterdark23_ fortunately its minor but im on day 5 of rest and it's driving me insane!
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Chillin with some 5.30am yoga #yoga #gettingbendy #chillin #relaxation #injuredrunner #happiness #mentalstrength #earlybird #namaste
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Pretty soon I can get rid of this night splint for my Plantar Fasciitis - almost there! And yes, I do sleep with our #UCLA flag, right next to my #angelsbaseball hat on my dresser. πŸˆβšΎοΈπŸ€ 😹 #runnerproblems #recovery #2XU #compression #PF #plantarfasciitis #running #runner #rest #bruins #uclabruins
compression - runner - uclabruins - angelsbaseball - ucla - rest - running - plantarfasciitis - runnerproblems - pf - fashionfail - 2xu - bruins - recovery -
casiepr : Trying to sleep with one of those now. Haven't made it all the way through the night.😏
borabill : @runningjasonw both feet! I would of retired from running at that point.
borabill : @kristy4412 get better! Strength moves like Russian kettle bell swing?
borabill : @kpeep thx for advice. Yes tennis ball and frozen water bottle has been helpful. Now Birkenstocks with socks? #fashionfail? @angryjulie
borabill : @casiepr you mean it didn't make it to your favorite 10 things about you??? πŸ˜…
562life : Great shot!! check out our page!
gennsgotagun : πŸ™Š
runningjasonw : I very nearly did Bill. Missed almost a whole season.
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Jacked up my right knee during last night's 4-miler thanks to overstriding & hard downhills, then twisted the left knee while tossing in my sleep last night 😐 nothing a little biofreeze and TLC can't fix! Fingers crossed they're not so angry in the morning, I've got high hopes for tomorrow night's #run! #runnerproblems #marathontraining #training #running #aclwarrior #aclsurgery #comeback #determination #dedication #runnergirl #runnersknee #injuredrunner #goodnight
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jessrunshappy : thank you @001yaya & @sandra_ballester! feeling a bit better today, it's so frustrating having bad knees! :(
jessrunshappy : thanks so much @azusoir06 @jzwellnesscoach @runningprado @elizbridges @onesorerunner! I think I probably need another day of babying the left knee and i'll be good :) Wearing my sneakers at work to give my legs a break either way!
jessrunshappy : @runikirun No!! I definitely have to check it out, I hear so much about it! Maybe this weekend I'll finally use the gift card to my local running shop that's burning a hole in my pocket ;)
jessrunshappy : @meg7710 you're telling me!! Im thinking of sending them to bed without dessert tonight to see if that gets my point across lol
runikirun : YESSS! I got one for my roommate and he raved so much about it that I got one of my own and use it before and after runs—made such a huge difference :)
meg7710 : @jessrunshappy eh... Thinking not on the denial of #dessert. They'll #rebel. They need a #motivationalspeech and a good #yellingat
jessrunshappy : Oooh @meg7710 like the miracle on ice speech! πŸ˜‚πŸ‘
meg7710 : Eh.. Forget it. Give Em a glass of wine and call it good 🍷
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#CaptainsChair #onAmish #gymsesh #24hrfitness #mililani #runliftrestrepeat #mililanirunner #ootd #abs #imissrunning #iloverunning #injuredrunner #myaddiction #gotmyfix βœ¨πŸ‘Šβœ¨
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laf391 : You so got this!!! Cheeehooooo! !!
ala_moana_ : @laf391πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘πŸ˜†looking forward to tomorrows pain! Lol!
laf391 : It's gonna feel so good! We should hit the gym together some time =)
laf391 : I'm sure we can both learn a thing or two from eachother
ala_moana_ : @laf391 yes! sounds good!πŸ‘πŸ‘ŠπŸ˜„
5ive10ken : #getit! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ : πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜ @ala_moana_
jcpacheco70 : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜˜πŸŒΉ
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CALF PAIN/TIGHTNESS? Tag someone who doesπŸ‘Try adding these 3 dynamic moves into your warm up. Midfoot strikers have the most incidences of lower leg issues and injuries. Do 3 sets of 15-20 of each exercise making sure the back foot points straight ahead...and the heel remains planted to the floor. By warming up in all the 3 movement planes of motion only then are you REALLY warm! Good luck! #runners #injuryprevention #injuredrunner #exercise #fitness #nyrr #NYCruns #nycmarathon #chicagomarathon
chicagomarathon - injuredrunner - nycmarathon - fitness - nycruns - runners - nyrr - injuryprevention - exercise -
samiamm2012 : @suzeeq739 check out these exercises for your calf pain.
patoook : @leanstrongfast nice video application, what video application is used?
quitatheroadrunner : Nice
musewithme : What about knee pain?
leanstrongfast : PicPlayPost @patoook
leanstrongfast : Did that day before. For side of knee pain. Where's yours? @musewithme
musewithme : It hurts when I sit for too long and I feel like it's my entire knee.
nellesworld : This feels so good. That stretch πŸ™Œ
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Run run run!
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runcarmyrun : #run #runner #running #gymbunny #xc #marathontraining #marathon #injuredrunner #motivation #training #runaddicts #igrunner #trackandfield #nikerunning #runaholic #fitfluential #fitness #halfmarathontraining #sweatpink #instarunner #selca #instarunners #runchat #runnerd #ig_running #brooks #brooksrunning #runhappy #girlsrunfast
weightlosspals : Good shot!
runcarmyrun : @womensrunningcommunity #womensrunningcommunity
pditolla : I am so behind on your blooooog!!!!
runcarmyrun : Lol! I think you'll like Monday's post. They've been a bit all over the place lately with school :( @pditolla
pditolla : I can only see up to Sunday - πŸ’›ed the post
runcarmyrun : @pditolla ooooh. Yeah it says sept 14 cause i forgot to publish it til the 15th and thanks β™‘ my runs have been a wee bit difficult recently :(
evelinaach - christianclimbs - jaffajosh - ayishashafna -
I may be smiling but I was an inch away from puking. My BF had the day off so we did my interval training run together (sry @blacktoerunning team!) 2.34k warm up 14:00 1k 4:19 (one of my fastest single k loop!) 2k 30sec/hard, 30sec/easy 5:30 split ...then i wanted to puke so bad I dropped to 6:00 1k cool down 5:54. Despite it all, we did our run #runhappy ;) Shoes, Shirt, Socks: @brooksgurusarah // @jeanmachiner // @brooksrunning Shorts: @newbalancecanada // @newbalance Hat: Running Hat Watch: Garmin
brooksrunning - motivation - runhappy - run - runner - xc - fitness - ig_running - runchat - halfmarathontraining - runaddicts - igrunner - brooks - instarunner - marathon - fitfluential - training - injuredrunner - selca - gymbunny - marathontraining - trackandfield - running - runaholic - instarunners - runnerd - nikerunning - sweatpink - girlsrunfast -
runcanucksrun : Good work, Carmy! Way to push your limits πŸ‘Š
runcarmyrun : @runcanucksrun I thought I was high or something when I saw the time. Still can't believe it
mommyrunfast : Great job!!
_shermanlam : Killin it!!
runcarmyrun : @mommyrunfast @_shermanlam β™‘ thanks!! πŸƒπŸƒπŸƒ
runcanucksrun : @runcarmyrun lol. Keep it up!
queeniescards : I hope my dog won't scare yours away lol
runcarmyrun : @queeniescards my bestie has a golden! Haha he loved him
evelinaach - christianclimbs - jaffajosh - brooksrunningde -
It's not much, but I'm starting to get some range if motion back in this toe. Baby steps! #sesamoidectomy #recovery #footsurgery #foothurts #fibularsesamoid #brokenbone #surgeryrecovery #rangeofmotion #learningtowalkagain #iwanttorun #needtorun #iwillrunagain #runner #injuredrunner #furtherfasterforever #f3
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1 mile run + leg day!! #legdayisthebestdayever #injuredrunner
injuredrunner - eatcleantrainmean - blackgirlsrun - legdayisthebestdayever - runlikeagirl - runnershigh - run - nikeplus -
moreauk11 : @kharladupre lol it kinda does but I'm not that crazy πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
moreauk11 : @tamaraohaire thnk you Tamara.
moreauk11 : @michigandaddy @j_eclectic22 thnk you!!
moreauk11 : @bribri_29 I'm sore!
bribri_29 : Welcome to the sore club. I can barely move and it's been three days. No pain no game chica.
pipodada : Keke the knees are better???
moreauk11 : @pipodada a little. A lot less pain. Building my quads.
pipodada : You re up
papa_beast24 - pachnerc - jemy72 - silence_is_my_attitude -
Knee felt good yesterday so I went a little further this morning. Still trying to listen to doc and slow down, but being a runner I wanted negative splits so that's as good as it'll get today doc! And I love this autumn weather! #run #runva #runner #runningdad #runrichmond #richmondmarathon #marathon #marathontraining #igrunner #instarunner #injuredrunner #runnersknee #runnersproblem #training #ilovethisweather
training - runnersknee - run - marathon - runner - ilovethisweather - runva - runnersproblem - marathontraining - igrunner - richmondmarathon - runrichmond - injuredrunner - instarunner - runningdad -
run_amer_run : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ nice
lift_run_t_o : Thanks @run_amer_run
kenmaready : Nice work!
linusdepaoli - runninglifter - lowtrob - runrjunkie -
My deal with my Achilles: I won't go over 60km a week ever again. I will only do speed 1× every 8~10 days. I will cross train 1× weekly. Now come on, and cooperate with me plz. πŸ™ #iloveoatmeal #spin #crosstrain #injuredrunner
crosstrain - iloveoatmeal - spin - injuredrunner -
jkubruns : Ditto. So frustrating. Hang in there.
fueling4fitness : Sending your Achilles some heal soon vibes! πŸ™
xoashleighd : I can empathize with you. I had Achilles tendinitis a lot when I was young (because of gymnastics) & it is painful. Physio really helped me. Wishing you a speedy recovery!
hbilty : Speedy recovery!
runcarmyrun : Sending you good vibes!
garnetwhyte : I'm baffled. Who is taking these pictures?
heather_runningmomma : @garnetwhyte lolπŸ˜„ the self timer on my phone!
heather_runningmomma : @runcarmyrun @hbilty @xoashleighd @fueling4fitness @jkubruns @narindipity thanks everyone!
thais_adriana12 - blythe_on_the_run - michrun4 - glennwzdon -
Even though I haven't been #running much (just under 9 miles all of last week), I've still been hitting the #gym. The #elliptical, #bike and I are getting reacquainted. 12.6 #miles on the bike at lunch today. No fall marathon this year. But I've got to stop letting this bum me into inactive purgatory. Just because I can't run now doesn't mean I won't run again. #injuredrunner #crosstraining #mizuno #mizunorunning #trainhard #furtherfasterforever #f3 #runnerd
trainhard - furtherfasterforever - f3 - injuredrunner - runnerd - gym - mizunorunning - running - bike - elliptical - miles - mizuno - crosstraining -
bekahstendahl : Stick with it-- you'll get back out there.
waterlily3808 : Thanks @bekahstendahl :)
mizunoasia : Word!
tessphelan - bekahstendahl - darwinianfail - brisunny4 -
I forgot to say good morning βœŒπŸŒžπŸŒ„ Have a beautiful day. I'm exhausted after a rough nite of pain & horrible nightmares. Was very happy to see the sun come up. Onward I go. #injuredrunner #rattlesnakebite #almostadeadgirl22daysago #ultrarunning #sunrise
almostadeadgirl22daysago - ultrarunning - injuredrunner - sunrise - rattlesnakebite -
edselroad : Good morning!!!
cjcovy : Stupid pain and nightmares. Good morning to you Jenn! I will go talk to the mountains for you after work. I know they will say, "hello and be strong, we'll see you soon!".
bluberi01 : hang in there
erinchurchill : Yes- onward! You're doing great
shannondempsey : 😘
mollykassouf : U got thisπŸ‘βœ¨.
borabill : πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘
jackie2luis : FOWARD PROGRESS....TODAY YOU WILL PERSIST With out EXCEPTION...... You have the power given by GOD, to choose... Fight till the last fiber in you then YOU CRAWL...k taught me that..don't think you need much teaching but in case you forget πŸ’šalways ..... @agazelle74
leanstrongfast - tonierceg - appelqvistannika - ceci_run -
I was going crazy! My first run in 18, yes 18, days! Doctor said to take some time off and let knee heal, slow down till knee feels better, wear knee brace and basically don't be stupid! So I listened and hope all will be well. πŸ™ feels different running with a brace but I suppose I'm gonna get used to it. Still depressing but through it all I will make it! Man I missed these running shoes! πŸ˜‰ #run #runnersproblem #runva #kneebrace #knee #asics #igrunner #imsoparanoid #injuredrunner #instarunner #marathon #marathontraining #training #prayingfornosoarness
training - run - instarunner - runva - asics - runnersproblem - marathontraining - igrunner - prayingfornosoarness - injuredrunner - imsoparanoid - knee - marathon - kneebrace -
runninglifter - k1ng_chliger - bryan_cichon - lowtrob -
Gym day ya'llπŸ™ŒπŸ’¨πŸ’ͺ I'm still in recovery mode but this strength training is KILLAHπŸ˜«πŸ‘Š also refueling my body with a yummy green smoothieπŸ˜‹ frozen bananas are a mustπŸ˜‰ #injuredrunner #fitfam #strengthtraining #marathontraining #phillymarathon #planetfitness #riseandgrind #greensmoothies #kale #bobsredmillflaxseed #keeppushing #runningcommunity
riseandgrind - strengthtraining - phillymarathon - injuredrunner - fitfam - marathontraining - keeppushing - planetfitness - runningcommunity - greensmoothies - bobsredmillflaxseed - kale -
4thelucky1 : Frozen bananas ARE a must! πŸ‘
stephaniegram_ : and you work out at the gym😫 have work to do
gbena : I love weight/lifting day. I feel so much stronger. You go girly.
mrsryderruns : @stephaniegram_ if I expect to not have to crawl across this finish line come Nov I need all the gym time I can getπŸ˜‚πŸ˜©πŸ™Œ
squatdatbooty : F4F? @SQUATDATBOOTY
runninginpeace : So skrong! Don't hurt nobody. πŸ˜‚πŸ’ͺ You'll do great in November. 😊
mysoxfit - sbabe322 - runningpregnant - leah_balentine -
'nuff said... #imissrunning #injuredrunner #runner #run #runfast #runforme #furtherfasterforever #f3 #runningwithdrawls #running #ineedtorun #iwanttorun #runaway #iwillrunagain #soon #notsoonenough
furtherfasterforever - f3 - run - imissrunning - runner - soon - iwanttorun - running - notsoonenough - runningwithdrawls - runaway - runfast - ineedtorun - injuredrunner - iwillrunagain - runforme -
corre_bh - mellose23 - veggie_monsterr - christianclimbs -
So let me just take a minute and say "WHAT WHAT!!!" I haven't been a size 8 since before I got married. I'm pretty stoked about this! #fitness #weightloss #itsajourney #itsalifestyle #95pounds #mylife #runner #injuredrunner #success #screwyouED #size8 #usedtobeasize24 #beastmode #beauty #loveyourself #beautiful #newjeans #theyfit #ohsnap
beautiful - itsalifestyle - loveyourself - workforit - itsajourney - runner - 95pounds - hardwork - screwyoued - mylife - newjeans - beastmode - training - ohsnap - injuredrunner - beauty - success - personaltrainer - hardworkpaysoff - size8 - weightloss - neverquit - dontlookback - fitness - theyfit - loveyourbody - usedtobeasize24 -
running_fish : @kmorales7690 hahaha okay. Fair enough!
running_fish : @kmorales7690 I miss your face.
kmorales7690 : I miss yours too... anf
kmorales7690 : And thise two pretty little girls
kmorales7690 : And robert I guess lol
caponetta : Keep at it!
running_fish : @caponetta thanks....I plan on it! I'm recovering from foot surgery right now, but even that hasn't been able to keep me down for very long. Gotta keep working! 😊
moreauk11 : Great job.
robbyne - gbmuscle - wfrtrev - idangel -
Children know how to assist with #rattlesnakebite therapy πŸ‘…πŸ‘#lovemyboys #theyareputtingupwithalotrightnow #theyforcemetolaugh #injuredrunner #fitfamily #ultrarunning #quityourwhining #dowork #SherpaOn
sherpaon - theyforcemetolaugh - injuredrunner - dowork - ultrarunning - fitfamily - rattlesnakebite - theyareputtingupwithalotrightnow - lovemyboys - quityourwhining -
nikeboy63 : Just move, it's not a workout but physical therapy. You'll be back soon enough. Trust your body.πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘Š
katharinestrauss : Good to see you smile! :-)
michrun4 : We r thinking of u!!!!! Keep fighting!
pichappyaz : #sonsareawesome
scottahock : It's great to see that smile. Best of luck on your recovery Jenn. @agazelle74 :-)
squigleyline : Pretty sure getting bit by a rattlesnake means you're going to develop super powers.
jackie2luis : πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ˜»#kissing that face..... Love this...... Pink is πŸ’›
jackie2luis : 🌟🌟it's getting back little by little leg left will be like the right in NO TIME..!!!!!! No time you'll seeπŸ™
borabill - trailrunnersketch - ericajr0 - supernovarunner -
Waiting at the podiatrist. Here's hoping this is the end of the long road to the right doctor! Cross your fingers :) #4thtimesthecharm #33daysandcounting #injuredrunner #stressfractures #runnerproblems
4thtimesthecharm - 33daysandcounting - stressfractures - injuredrunner - runnerproblems -
skorarunning : :( Hope it all works out!
clairebearruns : Wishing you a speedy recovery!
songa32 : Thank you! @clairebearruns
clairebearruns - meganfitzpatrick - paulwhecht - kippingkate -
Good Monday Morning :) my newest blog post is up! It's a little pick me up post to keep me going since I've been having a string of bad runs recently :( link here or click through on my profile :)
brooksrunning - motivation - runhappy - run - blacktoerunning - runner - xc - fitness - ig_running - runchat - halfmarathontraining - runaddicts - igrunner - brooks - instarunner - marathon - fitfluential - training - injuredrunner - selca - gymbunny - marathontraining - trackandfield - running - runaholic - lifting - instarunners - runnerd - nikerunning - sweatpink -
bonjourmaria : Carmy is this at the AC??
runcarmyrun : @bonjourmaria lol don't tell me on for unauthorized pics ;)
emmspice : You look so cute!!
runcarmyrun : Haha thanks β™‘ this was me trying to get a good shot in before the "supervisors" could spot me with my camera ;) @emmspice
mikethorntonca : The singlet tho!!!
runcarmyrun : @mikethorntonca makes me work harder ;)
blacktoerunning : Way to make our black training singlet look good!
_instafitmotivation : Great page! Follow us :)
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I was definitely NOT squatting four plates. After a 3 month break, I am currently squatting a max of 95 :( unlike @getjackiedup over here doing my little weights plus his four plates. Work out of the day: squats, b-lunges, toe lifts, leg lifts+kick back with the cable machine, leg press, and 6 minutes of cycling. See you tomorrow gym!
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pditolla : I miss the gym so much this week!
runcarmyrun : But you still worked out! Still counts ;) @pditolla
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Just leg pressing.
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Up at my regular time to sit around and mope about not being put any weight on my left foot 😭 What started as a slight discomfort months ago has turned into a "thing". Already going to PT for piriformis syndrome on that same side, now I gotta schedule another doctor's appointment to check on the foot. Gah! First half marathon of the fall is in 3 weeks!!! πŸ˜– #injuredrunner
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narindipity : Blarg @kate_tbd 😫 I'm hobbling hard this morning
narindipity : Thank you @darwinianfail 😚 I'll take all the hugs I can get right about now 😞
runnylegs : Oh no! I had a similar issue about 3 weeks before my first marathon. I took about 2 weeks off and then still was able to run. It might just be overtraining but whatever it is listen to your body & it'll all work out. xo
narindipity : Waaaa @runnylegs thanks girl πŸ’– I needed that! Sitting at the doctors office already, and hitting the pool at lunch: trying to prevent panic 😳
andsoitburns : Oh no!!!
narindipity : Ugh @andsoitburns πŸ˜• It's pretty sucky
sara14410 : I hope you recover quickly. Read the new issue of runners world (if you haven't already lol) to help pass the time! Also, do you keep a running journal? I've kept one for almost a year now and I love it! I record all my runs, injuries, preventative care, goals, quotes, interesting facts. Most of my runners worlds end up being cut up and put into my journal πŸ““βœοΈ
narindipity : Thanks @sara14410!!! And what great idea about keeping a running journal! I love it. Especially seeing as I got extra time on my hands now 😜
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Visiting near where the ambulance came to get me. Not ready to go out there on crutches & a wobbly stick, but when I'm stronger in my body & mind I know I will. My heart yearns for the mountains every minute. #seenonmycrutches #injuredrunner #rattlesnakebite #almostadeadgirl20daysago #ultrarunning #boulder #mountainlove #skyporn
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slowmo52 : πŸ‘Š
samhaagenson : @agazelle74 glad you are on the road to recovery! What trail were you on when you got bit?
frecklefacedrunner : Praying for you lady!
agazelle74 : @samhaagenson I was on the backside of Coalton near Flatirons Vista. Near the windmills. Fortunately not far from the one place an ambulance could drive out onto the trail. 😨😱🐍
la_lanterne_rouge : It's purty though.
aflorun4life : @agazelle74 I wish you a speedy recovery. Your a great friend and a true inspiration. I don't have the words. I can't wait to see your trail pics and hear the tails!
jackie2luis : YOU GOT THAT RIGHT, you will go get some fresh air on TWO STICKS.., YOUR OWN GOD GIVEN STICKS, you hear me πŸ’Ÿ..... Now if you need to go with crutches if need be and you want to take a walk that's great too, but no CRYING!!! Cause your wing is just SCRATCHED, it's not EFFIN broken jenn, it's scratched and YOU WILL BE RIGHT BACK THERE IN NO TIME.... @agazelle74 I really wish I was something great so that you would see me and say I CAN...YOU GOT THIS... Strongest battles are not for pussy SOLDIERS... Pardon my p word... YOU ERASE STINKING THINKING.... Love you... ❀️and I love only #3 n bestie n @runhealthlife that's in jenn count yourself lucky (ha ha ha ) made you laugh right.. Silly dumb me.!! Hands n knees jenn yes mam.. Till your back on the horizon where you belongβ€οΈπŸ’‹
samhaagenson : @agazelle74 very fortunate indeed! I haven't been on that trail. But, now I don't think i ever will. Glad to see you are recovering!
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That moment when you fit into a air of shorts that you haven't worn since college. Feeling good. Hard work pays off! πŸ’ͺπŸƒπŸ‘πŸ‘»πŸ˜„πŸ˜‰ #fitness #neverquit #weihtloss #happyday #itsalifestyle #hardwork #hardworkpaysoff #runner #injuredrunner #run #runfast #success #behappywithyou #f3 #furtherfasterforever #loveyourself
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running_fish : Pair* stupid autocorrect. lol
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Just a quick roll before I start studying.
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