I apparently register for more races! And I'm looking for my shoes online, on sale. #runcrs #HSRO #TYS10K #STWM #ZooRun #injuredrunner #insanityissettingin #getinthepool #swim
swim - injuredrunner - runcrs - insanityissettingin - zoorun - tys10k - hsro - getinthepool - stwm -
piperb123 : @thedalejrfanswife don't worry I changed the ZooRun!
rungry.mommy : LOL you're my hero.
carol456 : Yep! I did the same. Heal quickly
blistersandblacktoenails : I want to be doing the same but can't bring myself to just yet πŸ˜ƒ
andyjha : Heal fast.
lindamnguyen : I've done all of those races! So much fun. I'm only doing the #HSROT and #STWM next year πŸ‘
lindamnguyen - andyjha - trailrunneraddict - charm_tdot -
I guess I ordered an iTab for #stwm. It sure came quick! But my Dr. told me I have tendinitis and I'm not to run or cycle. I'm to put ice on it and take anti-inflammatories. I'm allowed to swim. Yay!!! #halfmarathon #injuredrunner #insanityissettingin
stwm - insanityissettingin - injuredrunner - halfmarathon -
quest4wellness : Feel better! 😊
amywhoruns : When I ordered one from Green Bay Marathon it came pretty quick to.
googoogirl80 : Hope you feel better soon
thedalejrfanswife : Rest that foot all weekend. Get a good book, some chocolate and πŸ·πŸ·πŸ·πŸ˜‰
marleneruns : Ger better quick!
jlmruns.bikes.hikes : Get well soon πŸ˜”
runhealthlife - marleneruns - longmilerun - mamadoherty -
Thought maybe putting on the running clothes would make me feel better. Of course, once they were on I thought "I can do a mile. Just a mile." Nope. Not even a little. #goingstircrazy #running #injuredrunner #halfmarathontraining #rnrsav #twoweekstogetoverthisthing #runnerscommunity #runchat #womenrunners
goingstircrazy - injuredrunner - womenrunners - rnrsav - runchat - halfmarathontraining - running - runnerscommunity - twoweekstogetoverthisthing -
callousedsoles - mina.miyaki - serkan_cosar - elisabeth314 -
Happy feet! πŸ‘ŸπŸ‘Ÿ Best podiatrist ever!!! Yup doctor pointed out how messed up my legs are but gave me so many pointers on ways to improve my body mechanics and heal my injuries! Turns out I use my forefoot as my ankle which is causing a ganglion cyst and arthritis. Time for some foot stretching and a quick run on the #dreadmill with my new insoles!! #iberunnin #marathonmaniacs #running #podiatry #injuredrunner #runningmotivation #teamigotyaback #sufferbutter #motherrunner #marathontraining #ultrarunnerintraining
podiatry - injuredrunner - dreadmill - marathontraining - sufferbutter - marathonmaniacs - running - teamigotyaback - runningmotivation - iberunnin - ultrarunnerintraining - motherrunner -
mokyingren : Looking fit mate
maris_marquez : I think I need pointers too
lexiha917 : That don't sound too great. Hope you can fix it πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜
callousedsoles - hillary_renner - according2kelly - marathonrunner1973 -
The shoes I want #NikeFreeFlyknit3.0! On a side note I'm Scheduled for a doctors appointment for my legs the soonest they can see me is November 24th #InjuredRunner
injuredrunner - nikefreeflyknit3 -
runnermarx : I have them. B-
cazriot19 : @runnermarx how are they!? I want those for tempos and Nike zoom pegasus 31 for easy long runs, and Nike zoom victory elite spikes for track work
runnermarx : They're ok. I use them on trails to strengthen feet and tendons. Or on the infield of the track during stride sessions. Personally I wouldn't use them (for me) on tempos. For that I use the Flyknit lunar 2. Def try them in the store and get in a treadmill with them if possible. You're probably lighter than me so you may like them better!
cazriot19 : @runnermarx well yea I'm 19 and weigh 120 because of a surgery as a baby... And I actually have a lot of lean muscle mass and i use to be a heel striker but I started being a forefoot and midfoot striker naturally and that's why I want these
runnermarx : These will help with that. But then again so will running barefoot in grass 😊
runnermarx : On grass that is.
tomruns_262 - thais_adriana12 - rodrigosdlp - chris_rehkopf -
guys im in a boot 😰 i may have a stress fracture in my shin and my hip. i keep telling myself its just a muscle injury so that way it will be but my hip hurts when i walk. like really sharp. im so scared πŸ˜“ #injuredrunner #collegerunner #run #running #runner #stressfracture #injury #injuriessuck
run - runner - running - injuriessuck - collegerunner - injuredrunner - injury - stressfracture -
rasmusbgregersen - liknutsen - shoelessrunner - sincerelykaitlyn_ -
I want to listen to you but.. πŸ’­πŸ’ͺ 5 days with no running or gym got me like 😭 πŸ˜€πŸ˜– #sigh #injuredrunner #missthegym #gymwithdrawals #runwithdrawals #fitfam #fitness #needtosweat #workout #train #imissyou
injuredrunner - fitfam - runwithdrawals - missthegym - sigh - needtosweat - fitness - train - gymwithdrawals - imissyou - workout -
fuentestudela - quizzy101 - sdpinkie - liveloveand_run -
I'm trying to get used to this whole not running thing. Today I woke up, iced & stretched my foot, then did a strength & spinning workout. I'm also trying to look at the positives and add some variety to workouts!
strength - crosstrain - injuredrunner - spin - runchat - motherrunner -
lexburg : So sorry you may have plantar fasciitis. I've been dealing with it since March. Hope you feel better soon!
sheafgirl : Woot!!!
mommyrunfast : Variety is good- you'll come back even stronger!!
amotherspace : @lexburg Ugh, I'm sorry to hear you've been battling it for that long! Did you go to a dr? I've been trying to decide if I should...
amotherspace : @mommyrunfast Thanks, Laura! I wish I had as much motivation for other things as I do for running. I'm going to try though!
amotherspace : @sheafgirl πŸ˜„
lexburg : I went to PT - hasn't helped much.
amotherspace : I hate to hear that! I hope it clicks soon and is back to normal for you!
clairebearruns - buffalo_face - lzack - lyrasrunquest -
I'm pretty speechless about the last 24 hours. I'm moved by how utterly amazing we are as a breed. Last night i was lost, lower than low, after some social media attacks on me & how I'm choosing to fight my illness/disability. Today, I'm beside myself that you all care, and beyond that, you have turned your warm hearts into selfless giving. Suddenly, a million dollar Healthcare crisis doesn't feel like a crisis. Just another endurance event that I need to face, & don't have to alone. And that is why I'm proud to be an ultrarunner, & precisely why I'm running #jj100 next weekend. You people better save me some hugs! #allthelove #allthetears #rattlesnakebite #survivor #ultrarunner #injuredrunner #fromwhereirun #community #generosity #compassion #26vialsofantivenom #shouldbedead #readytogetonliving #lovethisrunningfamily @josephchick
allthelove - readytogetonliving - injuredrunner - survivor - compassion - rattlesnakebite - shouldbedead - 26vialsofantivenom - community - jj100 - generosity - allthetears - ultrarunner - fromwhereirun - lovethisrunningfamily -
krystinc03 : Stay strong ignore that negative people! #easiersaidthandone
jackie2luis : Jenn the "critics" are LOSERS...!!!! No one can stop you but YOU!!! Not only on IG (Us and especially moi) french for YA, ha ha. but those close to you love you so much and want what's best for you, and I think it's a GREAT IDEA!! WHY NOT!!! shut those stupids UP!! and you know what, it will be a fantastic and fun race, kinda like getting back into the groove of things..& you never have to feel alone were here were here to tell you ALL THE TIME you can and will perservere, Unicorns fly JENN and your wings are 99% ready to fly, doesn't matter how fast or slow or how high Or low, it's that they fly...! And your beautiful (sticks) as you call them will be going along each and every mile little by little all the way TO THAT FINISH LINE..!!! So proud of you.. (Sssh I'm not surprised) unicorns are magical just like you!!! #loveandhugs.. Let the goal be No scraped up knees this time πŸ˜‰ @agazelle74 best news ever, (Luis gets home tomorrow)that's great news too❀️❀️❀️
joansplace : jenn love, the second of the four agreements by don miguel ruiz--'never take things personally'; how sad someone must be in their own mind to lash out at you, in any way! you are a strong, beautiful, warm-spirited woman and i am blessed to call you family and friend!!!❀️❀️❀️ p.s. you go girl!!
brookeandersonwalker : Keep on keeping on.....you inspire me
fit4life_sonia : You are a total inspiration and are the impossible in my books! Keep it up! 😊😘
ironmomkim : Keep it up! You are so inspiring! #noexcuses #determined #nevergiveup
runlikeacavegirl : There is people who have too@mi h spare time and they don't know how to use it and they think the have the power of judging people. You are a warrior on top of being a mom, a (ultra) runner, a swimmer, a friend, fun to be around. You are strong! Stay that way! And hands down to you for signing up for #jj100
mrf87 : Way to inspire every day Jen! Good luck and thank you for sharing your story! You are loved!
kjetilraaen - christopholofigus - madmax0375 - krissy1888 -
That moment when a 10 mile ride turns into a 14 mile ride...and it was glorious!!!! #cycling #ride #bikeride #cycle #pedalfaster #itsalifesytle #fitness #keepmoving #footsurgery #sesamoidectomy #recovering #injuredrunner #speed #cantrun #rideinstead #cardiojunkie #personaltrainer
footsurgery - cantrun - bikeride - injuredrunner - itsalifesytle - speed - cycle - rideinstead - cycling - cardiojunkie - recovering - personaltrainer - ride - pedalfaster - keepmoving - fitness - sesamoidectomy -
liftordieofficial : amazing! follow us for motivation! :)
blessediwear - fitwes - veronica_reid - katiemsummers -
Weird quirk. I don't take off my bib to stick on my wall until my race recap is up.
brooksrunning - motivation - runhappy - run - fitfam - runner - xc - wearetherunners - brooks - halfmarathontraining - fitness - running - track - runchat - runnerspace - instarun - marathon - fitfluential - training - injuredrunner - fit - marathontraining - trackandfield - athlete - sports - instarunner - race - instarunners - runnerd - sweatpink -
runcarmyrun : #run #runner #running #runnerspace #xc #marathontraining #marathon #injuredrunner #motivation #training #athlete #race #track #trackandfield #sports #fit #fitfam #fitfluential #fitness #halfmarathontraining #brooksrunning #brooks #instarunner #instarun #instarunners #runhappy #runchat #runnerd #sweatpink #wearetherunners
fitfriendruns : Cool quirk ☺️
runcarmyrun : ;) @fitfriendruns
runcarmyrun : Threw me off cause it's usually @posttweetism and not @fitfriendruns
wpscrosscountryandtrack - trackaddicted6 - dkrr11 - greg___g -
Yup, they're out, first time in 68 days! Here's hoping this goes well with no pain :) #injuredrunner #recovery #whatdoesntkillyoumakesyoustronger
whatdoesntkillyoumakesyoustronger - injuredrunner - recovery -
kippingkate - _brookeboswell_ - jamilionaire22 - mayracita_ -
What's your reason? Mine is to fend off depression and keep my sanity. #runhappyeh
brooksrunning - motivation - runhappy - run - fitfam - runner - xc - fitness - brooks - halfmarathontraining - running - track - runchat - runnerspace - instarun - marathon - fitfluential - training - injuredrunner - fit - marathontraining - trackandfield - athlete - runhappyeh - sports - instarunner - race - instarunners - runnerd - sweatpink -
runcarmyrun : #run #runner #running #runnerspace #xc #marathontraining #marathon #injuredrunner #motivation #training #athlete #race #track #trackandfield #sports #fit #fitfam #fitfluential #fitness #halfmarathontraining #brooksrunning #brooks #instarunner #instarun #instarunners #runhappy #runchat #runnerd #sweatpink
greg___g : Running for your... Sanity? 😏
runcarmyrun : @greg___g oh you. β™‘
the_suzlyfe : Trex s come to mind
mamadoherty : Stress relief and to keep my sanity as well :)
dkrr11 : Yeah, except when you're already running
jaffajosh : I have suffered from bipolar disorder my whole life. Running keeps me level. I have actually came off all my meds and I was on alot. Lol. I still get depressed but its much more maintainable with running.
runcarmyrun : Thanks for sharing @jaffajosh just like you running helps maintain my depression levels too. Sometimes I'm still down but it really helps!
fancynancysan - camilleisrunning - kta78 - ieatnoobs -
I have missed seeing the sunrise on the path!! Can't wait until I'm off the bike, out of the boot and running again.. Just in time for freezing temps.. #ChicagoSunrise #LakefrontPath #LakeMichigan #InjuredRunner
lakemichigan - injuredrunner - lakefrontpath - chicagosunrise -
sasmi23 - justrunchicago - nycsweat - carriestack7 -
Well it turns out that I might have injured myself during the marathon. A callous on my right foot hurt and changed my stride. Now I have heel pain and possibly the dreaded plantar fasciitis. πŸ˜•So this morning it was the spin bike again and I threw in some core work. 🚲
injuredrunner - spin - sweatpink -
amotherspace : #sweatpink #spin #injuredrunner
samiam10700 : πŸ˜•oh no! Hopefully not...
sheafgirl : Oh no!!! I had dealt w PF a lot! It sucks!!!
andyjha : Oh no.
toodles103 - amyruns77 - jillyanndenise - lyrasrunquest -
Day 3 without a run and I'm really feeling this. #regram #running #injuredrunner #halfmarathon #marathontraining #rnrsav #instarunners #womenrunners
regram - injuredrunner - womenrunners - marathontraining - halfmarathon - rnrsav - running - instarunners -
jennymarie536 : Love it! How long have you been on your fitness journey?
annjoyrun - thetrihub - gottlieb.maryann - clshearon -
My #30Minutes30Days includes planks, squats, lunges & a brisk walk. You? #fitness #workout #runningblogger #injuredrunner
workout - 30minutes30days - injuredrunner - runningblogger - fitness -
mikereilly4120 - frankiee_reyes - novsunflower - preetamar2003 -
Today my #Garmin #fenix2 arrived. It's the happiest day of my life since becoming a runner. Can't wait to take it for a spin #runner #run #running #instarun #babygarmin #love2run #injuredrunner
stravarun - strava - babygarmin - runner - run - love2run - segmenthunter - running - fenix2 - injuredrunner - instarun - garmin -
insightmassage : I'm lining one up too mate, you can let me know how it goes!
jim_runner : Yep, I will Robbie @insightmassage. I'll take it for a little tester this after and see if it's easy to figure out
trev__gc : Haha nice one . That's awesome . You're gonna be so fast now . @garminau #garminau
garminau : Congrats!!
jim_runner : Thanks @garminau u guys make some great running watches :):)
saadbojlia_tri : Congrats πŸ‘
tamyb73 : Pity your 'friend' @trev__gc couldn't win one for you Jim.
jim_runner : I know right @tamyb73 @trev__gc did offer his watch to me while I didn't have one though. He can still win one for me. I won't complain
trev__gc - andervinicius - satoshiashida - nathrunner76 -
#Office #Gym selfie time! My good #knee wasn't having any part of my first post-#HalfMarathon #run tonight (ouch! πŸ‘ŽπŸ˜«πŸ‘Ž) so I hit the #bike instead - and registered for a chance to run the 2015 #tcsnycmarathon! #Dream big, right? πŸ˜‰πŸ™ #nycmarathon #gymrat #cardio #biking #fitness #instarunners #injuredrunner #ouch #speed #dreambigger #strongerthanyesterday #muscles #stationarybike #spin #pushharder #harderbetterfasterstronger
muscles - run - office - nycmarathon - halfmarathon - gym - fitness - tcsnycmarathon - ouch - dreambigger - knee - stationarybike - pushharder - dream - strongerthanyesterday - injuredrunner - cardio - bike - instarunners - harderbetterfasterstronger - spin - biking - gymrat - speed -
colegracewitt : @jessrunshappy how did u register for NYC? When is registration for 2015 officially open?
jessrunshappy : @colegracewitt they've got a contest going right now on their site and the marathon app 😊 they're giving away 60 spots I think. Hey, you never know! πŸ˜‰
emilysjourney : @jessrunshappy I so hope you get in!
colegracewitt : @jessrunshappy good luck!!! I am going to put in my name for lottery when registration opens...maybe I'll see you there! πŸ™πŸ‘
arunnernnotsorry : I entered too you never knowπŸ™
alexbliston : You should start coming on lunch with @nboyer111 and me !! 😊
sandra_ballester : Crossing fingers and toes for you! @jessrunshappy
onlyatomsnyc : Great work! @jessrunshappy
kharaaberle - strutyourstuffsignco - onlyatomsnyc - addictedtoendorphins -
Oh HELLO, unfortunate #sweat marks from that crazy 7-miles-in-30-minutes #bike ride! 😜 #crosstraining #soattractive #sharingiscaring #graypantsproblems #spin #cardio #lowimpact #injuredrunner #shakeout
lowimpact - injuredrunner - shakeout - cardio - graypantsproblems - sharingiscaring - bike - sweat - truth - spin - soattractive - crosstraining -
bengalalumna : The struggle is real
dishouttawater : Yep! That was me yesterday! πŸ’¦
sandra_ballester : This is the very reason I don't wear light colors when I run! Lol my friend its #runnerproblems I'll rock a pattern any run day @jessrunshappy
jessrunshappy : Lol @donteatthespatula - make me look like I peed myself once, shame on you... πŸ˜‚
jessrunshappy : Lol @sandra_ballester that's right, prints or black forever!
jessrunshappy : Haha I'm glad it's not just me @dishouttawater
jessrunshappy : Lol @bengalalumna #truth!
meg7710 : #swass sweaty a** πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ
run_for_your_life_ - delaybicycles - beetleb72 - 001yaya -
INJURY UPDATE ------------------------------------------- I went in to see Dennis yesterday. He performed what is called Active Release Technique (ART) on my calves. He said he could feel the scar tissue build up, but that he's able to knead it out. He feels that with some rest and a few sessions I'll be good to go. I feel lucky to have found him and I'm glad I was humble enough to go. AS RUNNERS WE ARE NOT INDESTRUCTIBLE - SEEK HELP OFTEN AS NEEDED! ------------------------------------------- Tagged by @heathernibi to #stopdropandselfie. I did a short workout instead and captured half of me. I tag @corbin86 @crookedframes @therunningfiend ------------------------------------------ #RUN #runner #running #runnerdad #runnerscommunity #runnernirvana #runnersofinstagram #runLA #runitfast #runchat #runnernerd #RunRevolution #runningmotivation #runningwisdom ------------------------------------------- #runnermarx #coachmark ------------------------------------------- #beard #beardedrunner #beardlife ------------------------------------------- #fit #fitspo #fitfam ------------------------------------------- #instarunners #wearetherunners ------------------------------------------- #halfMarathontraining ------------------------------------------- #nikeplus #nikerunning #justdoit ------------------------------------------- #injuredRunner
run - fitfam - runrevolution - runner - runningwisdom - beardedrunner - wearetherunners - runnerdad - runchat - runla - coachmark - stopdropandselfie - running - runningmotivation - halfmarathontraining - fitspo - runitfast - injuredrunner - fit - justdoit - beardlife - runnernerd - runnerscommunity - nikerunning - instarunners - runnersofinstagram - runnernirvana - nikeplus - runnermarx - beard -
runnermarx : @cl_mind - Thanks amigo!!
happy_the_man : That's my goal for this weekend. I'll see if I can do it and dedicate that run to my fallen homie.
runnermarx : @happy_the_man - that'd be acceptable! And mighty gentlemanly of you!! KILL IT!!
heathernibi : Hoping the ART helps!! Fingers crossed!
shanloves2run : The rubs/massages hurt so good!!
webe_running1 : Is this photo celebrating the half festival?
runnermarx : @webe_running1 - that and save the tatas of course! 😜
webe_running1 : Awe yes!!
lzalsman - ekajee - dodgerdogg88 - dangergirlkittykat -
Good news at my ortho appointment!!! Check out my fb page for a longer report but I CAN SWIM AND BIKE!!!! #injuredrunner #runchat #thecomeback
thecomeback - injuredrunner - runchat -
chasingwhiterabbitsforfun : Yay!
heatherruns13.1 : Hooray!! πŸ‘πŸ‘
hcaltrider : Yipee!!!
jsmerc26pt2 : YAY!!! Queue the Rocky music, Sarah's Comeback Begins!!!
preciouslovex4 : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜€
laurenh56 - atlrnnr - erinttweeting - stefyd8 -
Not coping! I'm missing running so much 😟 hopefully not too much longer & I'll be back running. #injuredrunner #sooky #exercise #workout #calories #calorieburner #fitness #weightloss #fitspo #gettingfitter #health #fit #active #healthy #fat2fit #fitter #weights #strong #results #inspiration #motivation #train #Run #training
motivation - gettingfitter - run - fitspo - workout - results - calorieburner - active - train - fat2fit - sooky - strong - inspiration - training - injuredrunner - fit - healthy - calories - weightloss - fitter - health - fitness - weights - exercise -
beyond_driven - becoming_mrs_pesce - sharon_730_12wbt - summer__salt -
Late night in the office meant a gloriously unrushed #morning at the #gym! πŸ˜„ Never been so happy to see the #elliptical before! Can't believe how good #cardio feels again. Did a whole hour. And I even braved #RunnersWorld again after having to take a hiatus: reading about #running was bumming me out. #injuredrunner #injuriessuck #injuredrunnermaybite
morningmotivation - kittycuddles - injuredrunner - workout - gymtime - runnersworld - runner - catsofinstagram - gym - injuriessuck - runnergirl - morning - fitness - running - elliptical - kittytime - cardio - injuredrunnermaybite -
michloise : Great work ! πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
teedub88 : πŸ’ͺπŸ˜ƒπŸ‘
narindipity : Thanks @melcroteau 😊🌺 it was nice getting in a little late 😳
carlyecakes : @narindipity your hair is getting so long! Love it!
clairey_fairy : @narindipity I am considering finally reading that same issue of RW now that I'm feeling better. I will see Kara run NyC next weekend!
narindipity : Thank @michloise 😊 Slow and steady wins the race, presumably πŸ˜„ or at least doesn't get hurt again πŸ™
narindipity : @teedub88 πŸ˜„πŸ’ƒπŸ˜š
inspopageforall : i like! want shoutout or lot of followers? kik me for info: inspofitnesslife
hydropocket - thistle_goat - instaminde - kcicc79 -
Time to hit the poo #injuredrunner
injuredrunner -
therunningchef : Damn bro, hope you feel better soon
abs_of_syl9 : The pool right? πŸ˜‰ cuz no one needs to know you have to πŸ’©πŸ™‰πŸ™ˆLol #ifitwasntforthehashtag
delacruzd_ : @abs_of_syl9 lol. Hey stranger!!
delacruzd_ : @abs_of_syl9 hey. We all πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©
honeytri : @delacruzd_ feel better!
abs_of_syl9 : πŸ˜„
alimathers02 : What's sore ??? I am i am in pool daily !
gtprince : Good idea pool @delacruzd_
alimathers02 - blanco_419 - anushanush - piasmiles_ -
Big steps, big steps: Two Running Shoes! πŸ‘ŸπŸ’—πŸ‘Ÿ 11 weeks after my injury and I can finally squeeze into a running shoe. These are the exact shoes I was wearing when I took a leap off a 20ft bridge and smashed my heel. Warning kids... Don't run on railroad tracks. Especially when they're active tracks. πŸ˜΅πŸš‚ One plate and nine screws later, I still have a long road ahead of me but I've come so far from where I started. I didn't always believe I would be here, but once I started believing I started achieving! Whoop whoop... Like a BO$$!! #roadtorecovery #injuredrunner
transformationtuesday - injuredrunner - fitfam - runnersworld - believers - marathontraining - marathoner - runchat - toneitup - norcalrunner - tiusacramento - chicagomarathon2015 - roadtorecovery - friskyfall - californiarunners - norcal - nikewomen - womensrunning -
seemegrun : #toneitup #tiusacramento #friskyfall #nikewomen #womensrunning #runnersworld #norcal #norcalrunner #californiarunners #runchat #fitfam #believers
seemegrun : #marathoner #transformationtuesday #marathontraining #chicagomarathon2015
prettycheeky - fmaia95 - rckytheruler - jonnytrublue -
Even though my run was cut short - I'm glad to be back running with everyone @blacklistla #ItsNeverTheSame#BlacklistLA#InjuredRunner#AmazingPeople#AnkleSprain 😫 #IWontBeAbleToRun #StrongerEveryRun#LAArtMurals#Artist#LA#StreetAtheletsOnly#RunLa#Running#StreetArt#Wensq #GetWithTheProgram
streetatheletsonly - streetart - iwontbeabletorun - runla - running - getwiththeprogram - itsneverthesame - blacklistla - injuredrunner - la - artist - laartmurals - amazingpeople - anklesprain - werunasone - strongereveryrun - wensq -
guatemalanchick03 : πŸ™ˆ Hope youre OK!!!!
elementsofdaisy : I saw you but wasn't sure it was you. I got shy to say hi. :\ I hope your ankle gets better soon. h@ge_o83
ge_o83 : @jackiecolindrez I'm better . thank you ! .. Now just to heal πŸ’ͺ
ge_o83 : @mrsrod521 i was relieved it wasn't as bad . rest I will be doing - but not for long - untill I'm back πŸ‘πŸ‘ thanks again !
mrsrod521 : Ur a beast dude!! πŸ’ͺ you'll b back πŸƒ n no time!!
ge_o83 : @guatemalanchick03 I'm good. πŸ’ͺ πŸ™Œ thanks
ge_o83 : @elementsofdaisy you can't be shy .. #WeRunAsOne thanks ..
elementsofdaisy : Kk I won't be next time :) @ge_o83
ricogutierrez25 - mslorenna - runtoeat_ - wonderwall_15 -
New post! Accountabilty on vacation, weight loss, and injury- all on sparklyrunner.com. #runchat #wwchat #transformationtuesday #injuredrunner #stressfracture
transformationtuesday - stressfracture - wwchat - runchat - injuredrunner -
marthmark - crystal_marie128 - runnerinoc - dawnee.d -
Delighted to be starting another yoga class specifically for runners πŸ™ at the same time I am donating money to a fabulous charity ... After covering costs money goes to a giving kids a chance in Kenya .... @mzungumyles delighted to be part of this .... #yoga#yogapose#pose#iloveyoga#yogaallday#mymat#aliyoga#loveyoga#justrun#instarunner#instarunning#kenya#injuredrunner#ilovetorun
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alimathers02 : @brucie_h yes ! As @mzungumyles said it will be fabulous to do after a run ... A great stretch out ...
expat_maike : You're awesome! Wish I could go.
alimathers02 : @runtrimom how I wish you could be in class ...! It's exciting and so far lots of interest !! Spreading the yoga love πŸ™ my challenge is to get @mzungumyles in headstand !!!
fitandfab4life : I soooo wish I could take this class!!!😣😣😣
druhoo : awww, it all sounds fab, this is exactly what I need. Do a road show Ali, bring your class to York.. πŸ˜‰
eringiggles : Sounds awesome! I would love to take something like this!
james1966p : That's great.
systaley : Super!
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*finally* wrote my recap of the Rock n Roll Half Marathon in Philly. See link in my profile. It was my first half back from injury and oh boy was it a hot one. 20k+ runners overtook Center City
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ladylionrunner : #racerecap
runhappyomar : One of my best races so far. I would probably fly up there next year.
sheafgirl : Way to go!!!!'
tomruns_262 : Loved this race! It's on my list to do again for sure.
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Kinda looks like volcano running. My S5 takes these bizarre inverted pictures every once in a while. #seenonmyrun #fromwhereirun #ultrarunning #trailrunning #trailandultra #rattlesnakebite #survivor #ultrarunner #injuredrunner #quityourwhining #dowork #SherpaOn
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kmlrunner : Very cool picture! Keep running girl! You are amazing!
runwithwalter : Nothing will stop you.
derkfor3 : #hero
jackie2luis : Looking MAGNIFCENT
werunnc : @agazelle74 my s5 does this too, totally randomly!
pyllon : you sure you're not on another planet?
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Good news! My Achilles is feeling well enough to run and my back doesn't feel like it's jamming with every step. Bad news! My glute/hip don't want me to run just yet. I tried this morning and they were talking back to me. It's frustrating but at least I'm seeing progress. 3 weeks and counting of no running is not fun! #marathonrunner #Saucony26Strong #honolulumarathon #runchat #runnerscommunity #fitfluential #injuredrunner
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fitfoodiemama : Oh gosh! Feel better!!!
k_riz_nevergiveup : I'm with ya!!! Good luck to you! Hope you're back in the game soon! πŸƒβ€οΈ
tinamuir88 : Yaaaayyy! Getting there! You will be back to health soon!
runfargirl : Sending healing vibes!! You'll be back out there soon!
mommyrunfast : You're getting there!!
misszippy1 : Getting there!
cyu888 : Happy to hear there's progress! Keep healing friend.
hriacobacci : Progress is a start!!
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Thanks to my sister and @chris_m_turton for coming to support me at #STWM! I greatly appreciate the love! #family #love πŸ’™πŸ˜˜πŸ™Œ Repost By @_vickinguyen_ "Congratulations Linda! #TorontoWaterfrontMarathon" via @PhotoRepost_app
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pauluster : @lindamnguyen Correction, I was still drunk
lindamnguyen : @marathonerjack Wow! That's awesome! Congrats
lindamnguyen : @mrsadoran Thanks Mary!
lindamnguyen : @wanderleyreis1 Thanks!
lindamnguyen : @ynnekyl Thanks! πŸ˜„ I have a Spartan race Nov 1 which is a maybe because my shoulder isn't healed yet. As for running, just small 5k fun ones I think
lindamnguyen : @mark_sawh Thanks!! Congratulations to you too!! πŸŽ‰πŸ’₯πŸ”₯Yes! #recoverysushi #recoveryicecream #eatallthefood
lindamnguyen : @pauluster Haha I figured! πŸ˜„ #evidence
piperb123 : Yay!!!! Awesome!!!
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