An absolutely brilliant race experience. I had to get the support wagon part way through thanks to all my injuries but I cried with pain to get to the finish line from 11.5 miles. My necklace might not have been reward for 13.1 miles but it was reward for how hard I worked to get here. #werunsf #injuredrunner
werunsf - injuredrunner -
djvip510 - sandravee - analogmonsters - simplyfreely -
Started cycling a week ago. Got my bike fitted this weekend. Rode this was my best ride yet. I think I'm going to love this! #cycling #injuredrunner #sesamoidectomy #recovering #bikeride #runkeeper #5miles #freedom #speed #iloveit #pedalfaster
injuredrunner - sesamoidectomy - recovering - iloveit - freedom - pedalfaster - bikeride - 5miles - cycling - runkeeper - speed -
wfrtrev - anezkko - cathleenmccoy - thebunchcyclist -
Running hurts but not running hurts twice as much. A 5k-race for speed runners and this was going to be my 1st experience. I believe I was quite prepared for this but well...injuries are part of a runner's life as well and as such we do have to put up with them :'( Correr duele pero no correr duele más. Estos 5k iban a ser mi 1ra experiencia en muchos años y creo estar bien preparada pero bueno....Las lesiones forman parte de la vida de un corredor y hay que aceptarlas. #Runner #runnergirl #runningadict #injuredrunner #injuries #runnerscommunity #NeverGiveUp #neverquit #igrunner #5k #race #disapponted #igrunner #loveliverun #AmoCorrer #ritual #dreams #effort #furtherfasterforever #iloverunning #livetorun #passion #runnershoutouts #runnerscommunity #vidadecorredor
furtherfasterforever - 5k - runner - runnershoutouts - igrunner - amocorrer - livetorun - effort - injuries - dreams - injuredrunner - loveliverun - ritual - runnergirl - neverquit - race - passion - runningadict - nevergiveup - runnerscommunity - disapponted - iloverunning - vidadecorredor -
dannyflech : El dolor es momentaneo, la satisfaccion es para siempre... #WearetheRunners exitos en la carrera!!
abeandsarah : Pain is only temporary πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š
lacherrytattoo : Pronto estarás recuperada y vendrán muchas más clau. Un besote 😘
astupillo48 : Lástima sigue adelante que si se puede
helycira : Que te recuperes y todo positivo! !!!!
claudiabautista12 : Gracias @lacherrytattoo @astupillo48 @helycira .....Así PASAJERO! !!!
jzwecker_s4 : Amazing!
maguidragon - anabonifaci - runnerscommunity - helycira -
Oh my goodness. I might be so excited. Other than fourteen full on panic attacks whenever a cyclist rode by on the single track (remember a cyclist clipped the snake and flung it into me before) I freaking did awesome today! #grateful #seenonmyrun #fromwhereirun #ultrarunning #trailrunning #rattlesnakebite #survivor #ultrarunner #injuredrunner #quityourwhining #dowork #JJ100herecomesSnakeBait
injuredrunner - survivor - seenonmyrun - dowork - ultrarunner - ultrarunning - trailrunning - grateful - rattlesnakebite - fromwhereirun - jj100herecomessnakebait - quityourwhining -
jessicagrunnergirl : Yay!!! So excited and happy for you. You are so inspiring.
shannondempsey : Awe yay!!! Happy for you!
leslieplatzgray : So proud of you friend.
hazenburg18 : way to go!!! panic attacks are SO crippling, way to push through β€οΈπŸ’—
krystinc03 : Rocked it!!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
cjcovy : Awesome! Super stoked to see/read this!
grayrunsutah : Wow!! Great job!!
created_then_cursed : Awe. Some.
amentia - owiebold - jdpierce1 - the_spotted_bean -
So fortunate to have the opportunity to change my first flat tire in awhile right when I was furthest out. Luckily got it changed fine, otherwise I would be calling people for a ride #injuredrunner #rehab #newengland
rehab - injuredrunner - newengland -
mistermilko - wrongwayduck - mrsbasharpe - iciikd -
So cold out there, a got shower never felt so good. Came back through injury, I worked HARD for this one, my fourth half marathon in the books, PR'd by over four minutes, unofficial time 1:43:36 #STWM #halfmarathon #babyitscoldoutside #PR #ITBS #injuredrunner
pr - injuredrunner - stwm - halfmarathon - itbs - babyitscoldoutside -
tereza416 : Great run! Thanks for the company!! πŸƒπŸƒ
instalx : Amazing!!!! Congrats!! πŸ‘
dani4nier : Congrats on an amazing time!!!
damaranickerson : Killed it!
kjhurricane : Thanks everyone :)
retiredcardioqueen : Yay!!! Congrats!!!!
borisrehab : I knew you could do it 😁
runsmilerepeat : Kapow!πŸ’₯ Wicked time!
runsmilerepeat - shawnak23 - cherylc143 - retiredcardioqueen -
Last night I wasn't sure about doing my 5k today because of my foot. Woke up feeling ok so decided to try. It was at my old college so I got to see my cross country coaches and some old teammates. It was great!! I ran way faster than I thought I would and somehow kept it steady through the entire race! This is a post-college PR for me and I got first in my age group. Good run that felt amazing! I am so happy. Still in shock I got the time I did. Kylie did the fun run - she gets her own post for that haha. #run #runner #runningmom #runhappy #runtherapy #iloverunning #injuredrunner #injuredfoot #distancerunner #workout #fit #fitmom #fitness #5k #pshc #garmin #pr #runwithendurance #marathontraining
runhappy - run - runwithendurance - runner - workout - phsc - runtherapy - distancerunner - injuredfoot - injuredrunner - garmin - pr - fitmom - pshc - fit - marathontraining - runningmom - 5k - fitness - iloverunning -
kimster_runs : #phsc
laurel_h : Nice!
kimster_runs : Thank @laurel_h 😊 it was a great run
shortandmighty : Rockstar!
kimster_runs : Haha heck yes I felt like a rockstar! Lol @shortandmighty
motherrunnerx3 : Thats awesome!! Congrats!!!
kimster_runs : Thanks! @motherrunnerx3
kimster_runs : ** official time 24:32 - 7:53 pace wowza**
abbiew135 - kimberley_mitchell - halfmadrunner - shortandmighty -
Guess I'm still stuck on the elliptical 😒 1 minute on the treadmill was enough to make me realize my knee isn't ready bummed... Good luck to everyone racing today!!! πŸ˜πŸƒβ€οΈ#injuriessuck #injuredrunner #run #lovetorun #runhappy #thistooshallpassright ?
runhappy - injuredrunner - injuriessuck - run - thistooshallpassright - lovetorun -
jillh0126 : Ugh sorry...take it easy πŸ™
nicolebg72 : :( join the club. Hope it heals quickly. You Will be back!
stellarunsboston : Sorry πŸ˜” I hope you feel better soon πŸ™
vicki_runs_it : Give it time. Technically we shouldn't even be running yet. I know how bad you wanna get out there though. Hang in there! You need to get all better for the Hot Chocolate race!🍫🍫
jmw_fitness_for_life : Goodness girl 😦 I hope that knee gets better soon! Rest, rest, rest! Easier said than done...I know all too well. Ugh...
gsf_runner : 😒 tiger palm patches...i swear heal everything!!! Feel better!!! And take the time to heal properly!!! Hot yoga is sure to help as well! 😘
therunshark : Patience grasshopper. You'll be ok. Just stretch, and work on core strength!!
k_riz_nevergiveup : @jillh0126 @nicolebg72 @jmw_fitness_for_life @vicki_runs_it @stellarunsboston @gsf_runner @therunshark thank you all for the encouragement....I was born with very little patience so this is aggravating, lol! πŸ˜‚
amieontherun - stellarunsboston - eyeofthetiger25 - alex_dad1st_run2nd -
Another one from today, can't help that we had such a beautiful run! And can't help being giddy over being able to run a little bit again! Almost pain free up to 3 hours on trails right now, just painful mainly on the right foot post run. Better than not running, and I'll just keep going on the exercises, icing, and not doing too much too soon. Progress. #trail #trailrunning #cabintrail #running #roadtorecovery #injuredrunner #fitfluential #getoutside #getofftheroad #hiking #seymour #vancouver #vancouverisawesome #superseymourselfieadventurerun #clubfatass #outdoorvancouver
clubfatass - seymour - trail - running - getoutside - roadtorecovery - getofftheroad - superseymourselfieadventurerun - fitfluential - injuredrunner - hiking - cabintrail - outdoorvancouver - vancouverisawesome - trailrunning - vancouver -
trailsnales : Jealous
karl_kovacs : Beautiful trail!! Envious
yukonrunner : Who won the selfie challenge?
solanaleigh : @yukonrunner well, our team didn't win, but we got lots of points and almost found everything! So....
eastvanshan : Well done!!
heatherandhunny : Haha #clubfatass
theregrass : Beautiful trails
harvydanger - erin_rae08 - caffeinegirl - pedrojesusnoyola -
Ready for race day tomorrow! Will be 'slinging' my way through #STWM proudly repping @RightToPlayCAN @tribe_fitness @nightterrorsrun @energybits @v_running.
brooksrunning - runhappy - fitfam - crewlove - halfmarathon - fitness - runlove - runcrew - lululemon - running - injuriessuck - marathon - fitspo - toronto - jointhetribe - injuredrunner - r4twc - run26pt2 - igrunners - runners - energybits - runto - runnerslife - stwm - nikerunning - nightterrorsrun - ntrc -
amgg5 : Goodluck! 😊
tribe_fitness : Yeah Linda! You got this!!
miss_brett : Good Luck Babe! @lindamnguyen I will look for you tomorrow to cheer you on! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
mrdurwin : Have fun tomorrow and dress warm.
mark_sawh : πŸ™ŒπŸ‘Œ
jasarazzi : Good luck @lindamnguyen
wanderleyreis1 : @lindamnguyenπŸ‘ŠπŸ€πŸ€πŸ€
kristianhell : Grid for the win!! πŸ”₯πŸ‘€ @runfitgrid
kenmaready - team2much - tmotf - caterinatodaro1 -
No running today, but lots of quality time with my favorite boys (including the one behind the camera) #MRTT #injuredrunner #nhrunner #skechersGO
nhrunner - mrtt - skechersgo - injuredrunner -
runwithnoregrets - beastmodebeautifuls - heandsheeatclean - jenneralcfitness -
Check out the Withrow girls... Going for their first walk since both surgeries!! πŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ™‹πŸΆπŸ’• Man it felt awesome to get outside in this amazing fall weather and take her for a walk. πŸπŸƒπŸ‚πŸŒΎ (Almost) back to normal! 😝 A big shoutout to my broseph @colin_mcbride719 for the idea of using a gentle lead on the pup. By far the BEST purchase I've ever made, and even though she hated it momma loved it! It was a lot easier to take her for a walk. #saturdaystroll #withrowgirls #runningbuddy #runchat #runningfamily #womensrunning #nikewomen #rrs #onekingslane #wrigleywithrow #friskyfall #toneitup #babysteps #roadtorecovery #injuredrunner
runningfamily - wrigleywithrow - injuredrunner - saturdaystroll - babysteps - puppiesofig - labsofig - runchat - toneitup - mygirl - runningbuddy - worldoflabs - roadtorecovery - friskyfall - blacklabs - withrowgirls - onekingslane - puppylove - rrs - nikewomen - womensrunning -
ashleyjademohr : The Gentle leader is the best!! I use it for my puppy dog!!
seemegrun : @ashleyjademohr oh my gosh it's so amazing. I wish I knew about it sooner!! Did it take a while for your pup to get used to it?
seemegrun : #worldoflabs #labsofig #blacklabs #mygirl #puppiesofig #puppylove
ashleyjademohr : Yeah it took him awhile-- he's pretty stubborn and he still even wants if off sometimes! but for the most part he's pretty used to it and forgets about it! Really is a game changer when it comes to walks/runs with him!! @seemegrun
ofmountains_and_sea : sweet
kc_tiu - hayraycrow - meowvictoriiiia - jcb12_tiu -
Days like today need no filters. Perfect running weather, great running partners, and a super fun reason to run; a selfie adventure run! Yep, that's right, we ran around Seymour Mtn on a scavenger hunt Club Fat Ass event. It was in one word, ridiculous. And I loved it!! #seymour #mtseymour #superseymourselfieadventurerun #needsashortername #clubfatass #vancouver #vancouverisawesome #getofftheroad #getoutside #fitfluential #trail #trailrunning #running #injuredrunner #roadtorecovery #hiking
hiking - seymour - trail - running - getoutside - vancouverisawesome - roadtorecovery - getofftheroad - superseymourselfieadventurerun - needsashortername - injuredrunner - clubfatass - mtseymour - trailrunning - vancouver - fitfluential -
kroylen : #nofilter indeed!! Nice!
trailsnales : Looks amazing!
harvydanger - jader77 - darjantavcar - pedrojesusnoyola -
Me and Becca (RW intern) volunteering at shirt pick-up! #rwhalf #injuredrunner
injuredrunner - rwhalf -
lnrbailey : I love this.
beccarun : Love love love that you volunteered!! That is such a great idea!
thejacim - goalinreach - harveymonster - beccarun -
Making progress. I love cloudy fall mornings, which makes me sound a little depressing, but I'm really not. #running #fitsnap #injuredrunner
running - injuredrunner - fitsnap -
mini_runner - organicoregonrunner - pacpie - runlstoy -
Woke up early to go for my distance run but my ankle keep hurting every time I put pressure on and my plantar faciattis has been screaming n so swollen recently. So I decided to just give it a break. Better safe than sorry.. I don't need another big injury in my life and I really want to do this half in December. Still got time so I'm not to worried. #injuredrunner #injuredrunnerprobs #runningfamily #fitfam
runningfamily - injuredrunnerprobs - injuredrunner - fitfam -
vprose : Had to go get my knee checked this week. Doc said I got patellar tendonitis and might want to keep running off my exercise routine for a lil while πŸ˜” @bellecantu01
bellecantu01 : @vprose oh wow. Yeah pay attention to your doctor. In scared of them haha they always tell me not to do something so I avoid them lol. But find altering excessive. That's what I've done. Today I did mostly legs with little no no stress to my ankle.
daniellicalynn23 - riku1128 - ro_runner - pamlovesmike -
Cheering on the #baltimoremarathon runners this morning before the #bmoreMARAC business mtg. Would rather be running! #injuredrunner #runningarchivist
baltimoremarathon - runningarchivist - injuredrunner - bmoremarac -
theslumley1 : Boom!πŸ’₯πŸ‘
cova___ - ikkint213 - bertramlyons - vanessajunkin -
Well that run was craptastic. Foot was hurting from the getgo and it took 2.2 miles for me to have enough sense to turn around and go back to my car. At least I got to try out running with my new Gator hat. Time for ice, rest, and chocolate. #run #runner #runhappy #runtherapy #iloverunning #distancerunner #workout #fit #fitmom #fitness #injuredfoot #stupidfoot #injuredrunner #garmin #marathontraining #gators #gogators #florida #sunrise #farm #tractor
runhappy - run - farm - workout - runtherapy - distancerunner - stupidfoot - injuredfoot - garmin - sunrise - fitmom - injuredrunner - fit - gogators - florida - gators - runner - tractor - fitness - marathontraining - iloverunning -
jersearunnergirl : Chocolate sounds good😊
runlstoy : Hope you have a fast recovery!!!
kimster_runs : @jersearunnergirl it makes everything better πŸ˜ƒ
kimster_runs : Thanks @runlstoy
slimalfitness : Nice pic! If you could check out my fitness page and (maybe) follow me, that would be cool ! Thank you.
uf_partytutor : Go Gators! - amazinglifepix - alanasmithhealthfitness - mickywilkes -
3 more weeks off until I can run and train my lower body #injuredrunner . . . #swimming #fitsnap #cardio #run #runner #injured #anklesprain #weekend #workout #fitness #fitfam #training #legday
injured - training - injuredrunner - fitfam - runner - weekend - workout - legday - anklesprain - fitness - run - fitsnap - cardio - swimming -
fiitness_l1fe : :) @love_fitness_f00d
rockstarracing - townuki - amey_larente - lexiloo_fit -
#running #injured #injuredrunner #knee #iWantToRun
injured - knee - running - injuredrunner - iwanttorun -
towandacolliver -
Happening. Ready as I am going to be although still not 100% but I will give it my all. #stwm #injuredrunner #motherrunner #run
stwm - injuredrunner - run - motherrunner -
jaclynb : Good luck!
superguard_sin : Good luck and hope to see you on the course!! #STWM
matt_pus - hellocaite - superguard_sin - run_happy_dani -
Day 12 of the #NoJunkFoodChallenge was clean and light and full of #BluePrintJuice ❀️🍡 And thank god for that otherwise I'd be stress eating like mad 😳 #Dinner was @lifealivecafe's #LoverBowl in consolation of picking up my bib for #BayStateMarathon, the 3rd race I will not be running due to the #stressfracture 😝 And apparently great minds think alike since I met @heartnsolerunning running there πŸ˜„πŸ’ƒ#greenjuice #vegan #foodasmedicine
eattorun - greenjuice - baystatemarathon - poweredbyplants - foodasmedicine - vegan - healthyfoodporn - crueltyfree - stressfracture - injuredrunner - plantstrong - plantbased - vegansofig - eat2run - nojunkfoodchallenge - vegetarian - vegannomz - veganfood - loverbowl - dinner - whatveganseat - eatclean - injuredrunnermaybite - blueprintjuice -
kate_tbd : Meanwhile Day 2 of cheesecake for dinner
narindipity : @kate_tbd you're pretty much living my dream 😳😜
heartnsolerunning : It was so nice to meet you and I totally forgot to get a pic together!! #nexttime πŸ’–πŸ’–
narindipity : @heartnsolerunning we should catch a yoga class together! Then pictures? 😊
thistle_goat : I keep meaning to send you some love and well-wishes for your foot. Wishing you a speedy recovery missy xxx
narindipity : Thank you @thistle_goat ❀️ I need all the well wishes I can get. It's been 35 days since my last run πŸ˜–
thistle_goat : Aw love :( hopefully yoga will be helping make things more bearable for you xxx
lifealivecafe : Yay!
thestableco - anka328 - vonblaschke - mquaas -
#cuzwecan...#gymsesh completeπŸ’ͺyes I'm following the doctors orders, all #abs #arms and #back legs😒#legendofKorra #Korra #girlswholift #24hrfitness #gymflow #gymrat #addicted #gotmyfix #runliftrestrepeat #nikeplus #nikefuel #liftlikeagirl #nikefuelfriends #injuredrunner #noexcuses #justdoit
gymsesh - gymflow - back - gotmyfix - girlswholift - legendofkorra - liftlikeagirl - nikefuel - injuredrunner - nikefuelfriends - runliftrestrepeat - noexcuses - gymrat - korra - arms - abs - 24hrfitness - addicted - nikeplus - cuzwecan - justdoit -
coolhunterun : I love what you do! Check out @coolhunterun gallery :) Post in your pictures #coolhunterun to be featured. And follow us on Facebook!!! Check it in my profile.
jasyfit : Nice pic!
_lani_86 : Get it gurl πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
vincent708 : Lift it, BEND it, break it.
elturko80 - mustafa_o_alsadah - nakedelite - alicia_medina -
2 days left 😱😱 The #STWM Marathon map as my desktop pic 😬 A Clear reminder of this Sunday Oct. 19th, 2014 😁 I'll either be successful & cross that finish line or.. will just have to try again next year :( :( #boo #scared It's no wonder I'm addicted to this green lady πŸ”‹πŸ’š #starbucks β˜• β˜• #grande #americano #cafe #lovecoffee #stressed #race #goals #fitness #runner #nikes #macbookair πŸ“š #firstmarathon #ijustwannacross πŸ™ #42k #run #medal #runner #determined but: #injuredrunner #prayforme πŸ™
firstmarathon - run - americano - scared - ijustwannacross - lovecoffee - fitness - starbucks - macbookair - goals - cafe - medal - nikes - 42k - injuredrunner - determined - prayforme - runner - race - grande - boo - stwm - stressed -
la_eli_run : Good luck as well πŸ€ @15ibra15
abeandsarah : Good luck mamas. You got this.
superguard_sin : Hope to see you on the course @la_eli_run! I wish you the best of luck!!!! :) #STWM
la_eli_run : Same!! πŸ‘ŠπŸ’₯ @superguard_sin
la_eli_run : Thnxs!! 😘 @abeandsarah
itsmelakiboy : Good luck!! Stay focused and the next thing you'll see is the finish line in front of you.. Be safe and Run Happy!πŸ‘βœŠπŸ’ͺ😊
grclx : Buena suerte :) @la_eli_run
la_eli_run : Muchas gracias :)) @grclx
streich22 - carlinio11 - itsmelakiboy - superguard_sin -
This stress fracture can't steal my shine! I'll be the sparkliest spectator at @rwhalf this weekend! #TeamSparkle #liveloverun #rwhalf #flatrunner #injuredrunner
teamsparkle - injuredrunner - liveloverun - rwhalf - flatrunner -
lawgirl246 : Yes you will!!! Shine bright!! ✨✨
balmerchick : What is the name of the skirt on the left??
sparklyrunner : Not sure of the name but it's @sparkleathletic!
nelsiaaislen - mainerungirl - corkthedog - forever_fit_mom -
Thanks to @stevewlayton for this! 2 more days until #STWM! Good luck to everyone running on Sunday! Looking forward to seeing everyone at the finish line! It's going to be a huge #runparty! #runTO #Toronto #digitalchampions
injured - runhappy - runparty - imissrunning - runto - spartan - fitness - ocrlife - fitspo - fitfam - marathon - spartanrace - toronto - injuredrunner - run26pt2 - zoorun - igrunners - digitalchampions - halfmarathon - runnerslife - stwm - ocr -
lindamnguyen : #run26pt2 #marathon #halfmarathon #runnerslife #ocrlife #runhappy #injuredrunner #injured #imissrunning #spartanrace #ZooRun #spartan #OCR #igrunners #fitness #fitfam #fitspo
tjcarlyon - rynerap - petechanley - ronaldli13 -
Cleared to run the half at @cityofoaksmarathon in 2 weeks and then working towards Boston in April! #lovemydoctor
findyourstrong - lovemydoctor - injuredrunner - 26strong - bostonmarathon -
island_daisy : Check out Neomonde's in Raleigh! Or if you're wanting BBQ, The Pit downtown is yummy!
island_daisy : If you're carb loading the night before - Mellow Mushroom are Lilly's Pizza are both great places close to downtown!
andin26 : 😍 I can't wait!!!
t_fallon : Are they prices of treatments ?
fittie_slynn : Ah!!! I've been trying to decide if I wanted to run that half. Have you been before/know what the course is like?!
jessmacari : Bella Monica for carbs the night before city of oaks. I am doing the 10k.
brittneyjoywilliams : πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
chicrunner : @t_fallon no, it's codes for the nurses in the office. @iliveinyellow yesssss! @island_daisy I love the mellow mushroom!! We have the pit on our list! @fittie_slynn I haven't! I heard it's nice on a bike path and the full has more of the hills. Do it!! @jessmacari thanks we will have to check it out!!
janellenelson - ocmomruns - brittneyjoywilliams - _kaniela -
It is the most perfect morning ever to go run. But I still have enough pain in my knee that it's probably not the best plan. I met up with a friend last night who has dealt with the same knee pain (and he's studying to be a doctor) so he could check it out for me. He gave me some great pointers on how to help it, so hopefully I'll be back on the road in no time. We did a light, maybe half mile, jog up and down the street so he could show me a couple other things. By the end of it there was a dull ache, but not excruciating. Anyway, I can't wait to be able to head back out again. Still 28.1/48 hoping to increase that by next week. So instead of running, I'm headed out to meet with a teacher. I'm going to be heading back to work and have a couple options. This is option number one. Can't support a running addiction with no money 😜 but also, with all three of my littles in school now I think I need to do something besides sit around the house all day. And we need the income. #girlsrunfast #sweatpink #oldguyrunningtimefighter #challengeville #teamigotyaback #runlikeagirl #runnersofinstagram #injuredrunner #runnersproblems #earnednotgiven #hardworkpaysoff #halfmarathontraining #lifecanbearealpainintheknee #norunningforyou #runnerd #teamrunnerd #runnerscommunity #womensrunningcommunity
runnersproblems - runnerd - oldguyrunningtimefighter - runlikeagirl - halfmarathontraining - teamrunnerd - girlsrunfast - womensrunningcommunity - norunningforyou - challengeville - injuredrunner - hardworkpaysoff - lifecanbearealpainintheknee - teamigotyaback - runnerscommunity - earnednotgiven - runnersofinstagram - sweatpink -
challengeville : Hope your knee gets better. Would bike physical therapy work?
runlikethewinded : @challengeville possibly. I'm not sure about it though. I was in enough pain the first two days I had a hard time walking the kids to school. Now the pain isn't as bad. I'm gonna do the stretches my friend told me and showed me and try to do small and slow mileage so I can also do the stretches on warm muscles. He was worried there might be some fluid in the knee so I may head to the doctor at the beginning of the week to just check, especially since I'm going back to work. I want it dealt with so I don't have to ask off days.
m_fitness_and_adventures : I'm sorry to hear your knee pain isn't going away. I really hope your knee heals up completely. Hopefully you don't have fluid in the knee. Keep found some stretches and icing. Hopefully that helps. Take care πŸ˜‰
jimonsium - kristelaustin - runnerscommunity - carieleesy4 -
Good morning. #seenonmyrun #fromwhereirun #ultrarunning #trailrunning #solace #rattlesnakebite #survivor #ultrarunner #injuredrunner
injuredrunner - solace - survivor - seenonmyrun - ultrarunner - ultrarunning - trailrunning - rattlesnakebite - fromwhereirun -
knead_to_cook : Perfection.
pdbarnes : Beautiful
peter_v_hulst : Nice road
cristascott : Gorgeous! Love the fall colors πŸ‚πŸ
jackie2luis : πŸ’
created_then_cursed : 😳
christopholofigus - phtsui - tmrunr - chelzorz -
πŸ‘πŸ˜‚πŸ’™ #sotrue #imissrunning #injuredrunner
injuredrunner - sotrue - imissrunning -
nycsweat - ratherwearrunningshoes - tiu_nej612 - cdmorten -
We conquered the @unitedwayto #cntowerclimb! So proud of my team! The CN Tower is a #Toronto landmark with 1,776 steps and 144 stories high. My coworkers Tina and Mira did awesome with it being the first climb for Mira and Tina haven't climbed in a few years.πŸ‘ Lloyd finished in a super speedy time of 14:35 for his first climb as well! πŸ‘ŒI finished in 23:49; not my fastest time (19:17), but I did pretty good for not running/training in almost 5 weeks and had my sling on.πŸ˜„
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yogicrystal : Awesome!
lindamnguyen : #unitedway #enbridge #scotiabank #teamscotia #cntower #charity #stairs #climb #fitness #injured #injuredrunner
lindamnguyen : @yogicrystal Thanks!
elleryslife : πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– if you have a chance, I'm raising money for my rare disease by my song on iTunes. Have a listenπŸ˜šπŸ’˜
damaranickerson : Hero! ⭐️🌟⭐️🌟
piperb123 : Awesome!!!!
amgg5 : I'm doing it on Sunday!! Good job Linda! Do they give you t-shirts? I was going to make a team t-shirt but if they give them to us, I won't! @lindamnguyen ??
lindamnguyen : @amgg5 They only give you the blue shirt with your time on it at the end. You wear your own shirt for the climb
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4994 would of been a good first marathon bib number. Still bummed, but excited to support and watch my dear friend cross the finish line of her first marathon. πŸ‘ #marathon #dreambig #runlong #injuredrunner #aclsuckfest #acllife #nextyear #spacecoastmarathon
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mountainlauren1 : I had to forego a race bib too (for the only race I ever care to run each year!) it definitely sucked!!
being_shortt : I used to do a race a month, but 26.2 was my big 2014 running goal. Now it's rehab lol. Here's to 2015! @mountainlauren1
tammied13 : You will Rock 2015
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Rockstar parking, errr'where... πŸ˜‚ ♿️ #injuredrunner #runchat #womensrunning #nikewomen #marathoner #toneitup #friskyfall #onestepatatime #recovery #neverbackdown #californiarunners
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mrbleu12 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
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