That was a nice 5.5 miles this morning! Great way to start a long Friday! I'm really anxious to get back to running, but I know I'm not ready yet! I'm so thankful that I have been able to cross train through this injury! Have a fabulous Friday!#walking #fitsnap #injuriessuck #injuredrunner #friday #livinghealthy #healthyliving #fitmomma
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ramrun : Keep looking just fine!
peanutbutterandrunning - tooshortname - bellfitness - runhealthlife -
Ok so I didn't swim here but I did swim 2 miles ! 132 lengths ... 60 min spin later ... Don't tell me I am not trying to keep endurance up !! TFIF ! Enjoy your Friday ! #swim#swimmers#swimming#spin#injuredrunner#instarunner#instarunning#runner#running#ilovetorun#justrun#f3#furtherfasterforever#strong#fit#fitgirl#fitfam#getitdone#fitspro
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james1966p : That's a good workout. Nice pic.
rachel_runner : TFIF indeed. Way to go Ali!! I want to hug you from over here in Michigan!!
runtrimom : Ummmmm that water is amazing!😍😍😍
alimathers02 : @runtrimom this is NOT the North Sea I have to admit πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
alimathers02 : @rachel_runner I wanna hug you tooooooo 😘😘😘😘
alimathers02 : @james1966p thanks !!! It was hard !
holisticshapeup : Awesome!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜˜
sarademuch - nene_bond - eatteachrun - runrachrun11 -
Once again can't run this awesome race in my name bib πŸ˜” but I've got a good replacement #gominion #amiyahall #newlunars #nikerunning #justdoit #instarunners #injuredrunner #runnerprobs
newlunars - runnerprobs - injuredrunner - justdoit - athleteprobs - amiyahall - gominion - instarunners - nikerunning -
bri_gymnasty : That sucks, your City 2 Surf curse πŸ‘Ž Hope you come back fast 😘
audreycampkinsmith : hahahahaha
simply_auds : Sadly have to pull out of Bay Run and XC too, gutted, but oh well #athleteprobs Good luck!!! πŸƒπŸšΆπŸƒπŸ’¨ @anne_runner_moss
natarcher : You and me both @simply_auds πŸ˜”next year!!!
hollieemery : @simply_auds next year fattay. Get back and join the sub 50min club πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ
simply_auds : @natarcher we will come back stronger and faster for next year booya!!! πŸ’ͺ That or become a swimmer at the amount of swimming Im doing πŸ˜‚
simply_auds : @hollieemery just talking to an awesome Hollie about 'ducks' that sucks hehe... Yeah we will do that easy next year, that's like 3'20/30 pace, we do that in our sleep πŸ™ŒπŸͺπŸͺπŸͺπŸͺπŸͺπŸͺπŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’©
hollieemery : @simply_auds haha awesome ducks those ones πŸ˜‰ 49 is my barrier ifffff I can get back running 😩
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July Mileage. Shoes in photo: @brooksrunning glycerin 11
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runcarmyrun : #run #runner #running #runnerspace #xc #marathontraining #marathon #injuredrunner #motivation #training #athlete #race #track #trackandfield #sports #fit #fitfam #fitfluential #fitness #halfmarathontraining #brooksrunning #brooks #instarunner #instarun #instarunners #runTO #runchat #runnerd
retiredcardioqueen : Intense mileage!!
mikethorntonca : I got them kicks. They're sick.
runcarmyrun : They are ;) @mikethorntonca
runcarmyrun : Thanks! Wish it was more though! @retiredcardioqueen
mark_sawh : πŸ™Œ
blacklistla - jeriblynn - nils_the_clean - georgia_admd -
The last day of the @sparkleathletic #photoaday #photochallenge has come! The theme: summer running. I had quite the summer journey. Started off with the Memorial Day 5K, followed by the Irish Fest 5K where I had a major PR and got to run with a Boston runner. Then came the old tailbone injury but it didn't stop me from running with my niece and nephew at the firecracker run. Took some time to heal and did the race for the cure last weekend. Now I'm just running around my hood prepping for the Labor Day race! Thank you #teamsparkle for the fun photo challenge this month! It was awesome seeing everyone's pics and meeting new people!
8k - runforfun - run - sparkleathletics - runner - summerrunning - photoaday - running - clevelandrunner - akronrunner - photochallenge - teamsparkle - injuredrunner - motherrunner - runlikeamother - ohiorunner - 5k - racing -
bethjudy : #sparkleathletics #motherrunner #injuredrunner #5K #8K #runner #run #running #runforfun #racing #runlikeamother #summerrunning #ohiorunner #akronrunner #clevelandrunner
jeanetteladner3 - triserg - matthewabitbolracing - beccag53 -
same day registration success! one of my slowest 5k's [24:18] but apparently my age group was playing slow tonight. limped home with my bacon (literally, the first 100 finishers got bacon).
classicbryan -
couldberunning : @racy_red so fun!!!
couldberunning : @ablondeandherbike #classicbryan wanted ALL my prizes
couldberunning : @bexruns slow for me 😦
couldberunning : @dishouttawater very!!
couldberunning : @3heather24 it was lots of fun!
couldberunning : @mlc1102 yes please!!!!!!
couldberunning : @blakewdec thank you Blake!!
couldberunning : @hazenburg18 thanks love! πŸ’—
rungretarun - runningpast40 - hazenburg18 - run_debi_run -
Two days a week I have the pleasure of this happening to my ankle. #injuredrunner #sooverit #iwanttorun
imstilloverit - iwanttorun - injuredrunner - sooverit -
pavementrunner : It pretends to be a marshmallow?
skidoorn : Oh no!!!!!!
megroach628 : I really shouldn't complain. I can walk and now jump without pain. #imstilloverit 😜
decadentphilistines : I'm over it running too. πŸ‘Š #solidarity
sblades : I'm sorry you are still dealing w this! What's the verdict? ASA misses you!
megroach628 : @sblades after serval X-rays and a MRI I have the weakest ankle ever and I need to make it stronger. Good news is it no longer hurts to walk and I was jumping in PT today so making great progress. Don't tell my physical therapist but I'm running a 4k Saturday 😳
cherieirene : πŸ‘
sblades : Ahhhhhhh! Be careful! Steady & strong! πŸ‘Šβœ¨
brittanicarolan - munchkin30 - bethymcar - sblades -
Well... The aleve I took helped ... Didn't push myself too hard. But 7 days off is about all I can take... Needed to run and get my release... Hopefully the foam rolling and strength training will help this little injury go away. Totally thankful I was able to get a 5k in. Small baby steps back to building my mileage up. #injuredrunner #injury #run #runnerd #running #runnergirl #runsonplants #plantbasedrunner #veganrunner #runnersofinstagram #training #recovery #hatebeinginjured #hatebeinginjured #piriformissyndrome #asics #smallsteps #thankfulforthemiles
run - runnerd - hatebeinginjured - asics - thankfulforthemiles - running - piriformissyndrome - plantbasedrunner - training - injuredrunner - recovery - veganrunner - runnergirl - runsonplants - runnersofinstagram - injury - smallsteps -
jmw_fitness_for_life : Yay! So happy for u :-)
vegan_chic : @jmw_fitness_for_life thanks !!! 😊
couldberunning - runningtheday - rooks24 - rachelsayasith -
#latergram πŸŒ€Recovery timeπŸŒ€ I'm grateful for a quiet place to read and watch my boys actually play nicely with each other😍 #grateful #favoriteplace #windowseat #goodbook #theshoemakerswife #momofboys #recovery #injuredrunner #myview
favoriteplace - injuredrunner - recovery - momofboys - theshoemakerswife - goodbook - windowseat - grateful - myview - latergram -
runninginpeace : Lol at boys playing nicely. Sometimes it actually happens. πŸ˜œπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’› #LoveMyBoys
gbena : Praying for you friend. Hope you're doing good. 😊 @mrsryderruns
jillthorstad - ktaylorwilliams - vanessawaznis - fitdadovafity -
#2miles today...I had to stop because I started to get pain in my leg again. So pissed. I did some more #deadlifts and #backsquats and a bunch of other stuff. This #injury makes no sense to me. I can do everything except #run. #injuredrunner #runner #runnergirl #marathontraining #detroitmarathontraining #dfwinstarunners #girlsthatlift #fitmom #fitmomma
run - backsquats - runner - detroitmarathontraining - girlsthatlift - 2miles - fitmom - marathontraining - runnergirl - dfwinstarunners - injuredrunner - injury - fitmomma - deadlifts -
hitthafloor : @z0mbi3lady where does it hurt?
petewholikestorunalot : Did you just jump right back in where you left off? May need to ease back into it a little slower. Sucks, I know
z0mbi3lady : @hitthafloor My lower right quad, just above the knee.
z0mbi3lady : @petewholikestorunalot I didn't, I've been doing fewer miles at a slower pace. I tried to push myself a bit today and that's when I felt the pain so I stopped.
z0mbi3lady : @thorneransom Thanks! I've been resting...I think the injury was misdiagnosed by the dr I saw. 😫
danagoodall : Injuries just suck!!! I feel your pain!!
turbo_flames76 : not good
hitthafloor : @z0mbi3lady so sorry about that. I wish it was something I'd heard about bit that's a new love to me.
seichstaedt - hitthafloor - turbo_flames76 - runningtheday -
Ok I did it. I entered Runner's World cover contest. Please consider voting for me. Hopefully my story will keep someone motivated when they are frustrated.
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ladylionrunner : #runnersworld #okforrw #runnersofinstagram #runningmotivation #runnerscommunity #runninginjury #runningaddict #runspiration #runnerslife #injuredrunner #instarunners #iloverunning #imarunner #trailrunner #halfmarathontraining #comebackstronger #furtherfasterforever #lovetorun #runnergirl #runnershigh #girlswhorun #strongisthenewskinny #slowrunner #pennsylvania #wearerunners #runnerd #pelvicfracture #brokenpelvis
jerlynthomas : nice
wthwhynot2011 : Good luck!!
sheafgirl : You are just amazing
amwayj : You are so amazing and inspiring!!
aitoon_nylkky : Wow, congratulations!
runtherapy6 - connayang - mommymightgocrazy - sheen_bean12 -
My booty really needs to shrink πŸ™ˆ sad but true. Perfect fit and look good from the front but then hot pants at the back πŸ‘Œ really ha to listen to my body today, my foot is in agony 😭 currently sat with my foot elevated with it buzzing with pins and needles. Who knew coming back from a broken foot would be so hard 😭 even though my half marathon is 10 weeks ago I don't think I will be able to achieve that πŸ‘Ž but there are other things out there that I can achieve just gotta keep my head held high πŸ’•πŸ’• #brokenfoot #injuredrunner #hotpants #weightloss #girlsthatlift #liftheavy #squats #fitfam #ukfitfam
injuredrunner - fitfam - squats - brokenfoot - girlsthatlift - weightloss - hotpants - liftheavy - ukfitfam -
ap2swole : Keep up the good work
samantha_jo_harvey : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’ͺ
pammy_fit_rose - showgirlslimtea - fitness_god24 - crossevolvefitness -
This is what my #stressfracture looks like. Kinda creepy and weird and cool all at the same time! Hopefully free of #sexyboot on August 28. #stayingpositive #injuredrunner
sexyboot - injuredrunner - stressfracture - stayingpositive -
thatderbymama : Crazy! Fingers crossed the boot gets booted and how weird the "s" shape? S=strong!
jenergizer_ : @thatderbymama Right?? The shape trips me out, I can't stop looking at it!! S = strong, I like it! πŸ’ͺ
smileycj75 : Dang girl !!
farmgirl3878 - thatderbymama - kristykunkle - sowhatirun -
Gym at 5:00am! #fitfam #fitspo #fitness #shoulders #triceps #traininsane #injuredrunner #inkedandsexy #womenwholift #rippedgoddess #girlswholift #veganmuscle #veganstrong #vegansofig #nomeatathlete #nothingcanstopme #motivation #ffcheckin #fitnessmotivation #getitdone #gettingstronger #fitsnap
ffcheckin - motivation - rippedgoddess - fitfam - fitnessmotivation - gettingstronger - shoulders - fitness - traininsane - nothingcanstopme - getitdone - nomeatathlete - fitsnap - girlswholift - fitspo - veganmuscle - injuredrunner - vegansofig - womenwholift - triceps - veganstrong - inkedandsexy -
hotveganmomma : Nice job woman!! Way to get it done!! πŸ’ͺπŸŒ±πŸ’—
mamatrek - hotveganmomma - reneeyeoman - kristykunkle -
Always be a runner! πŸƒ Running has completely changed my life from the way I feel about myself to the people that are in my life.πŸ’– Always be a runner.πŸ‘ #running #justrun #rUNstoppable #runnersofinstagram #runnation #runningchick #furtherfasterforever #teamigotyaback #teamRWB #igrunners #fitfluential #inspiringfitness #gorun #screwtheITB #everydamnday #werunthis #injuredrunner
furtherfasterforever - teamrwb - running - fitfluential - werunthis - screwtheitb - injuredrunner - runnation - gorun - justrun - everydamnday - teamigotyaback - igrunners - runstoppable - runnersofinstagram - inspiringfitness - runningchick -
jolynneshane : It changed me too. Slowwwwy coming to terms with the fact that I may not be able to be a runner. :-( I still love seeing your posts tho, and others like them. Its inspiring.
lilbeesmommy : Running is the best!!
cleaneatsfastfeets - lilbeesmommy - steampunk_bulldogs - ralbright1233 -
Newest blog post is now up!
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runcarmyrun : #run #runner #running #runnerspace #xc #marathontraining #marathon #injuredrunner #motivation #training #athlete #race #track #trackandfield #sports #fit #fitfam #fitfluential #fitness #halfmarathontraining #brooksrunning #nikerunning #sweatpink #instarunner #instarun #instarunners #runTO #runchat #asics #newbalancerunning
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Indi joined me at Pilates tonight.....and showed me what balance, strength and flexibility is all about. #Pilates #splits #injuredrunner
pilates - injuredrunner - splits -
melissa1781 : Coolest daddy date ever @andrewdower
fischertwins : Nice!
tegangrills : You are being smashed!!!!πŸ˜‚πŸ‘
tegangrills - jeffmechanic - alineguedesbiagi - itsalovelydayforapicture -
Ran happy today. Did my intervals 3k 14:44, 2k 9:5x, 1k 4:33 :) great run with the @blacktoerunning team!
brooksrunning - motivation - run - fitfam - runner - xc - fitness - brooks - halfmarathontraining - running - track - runchat - runnerspace - instarun - marathon - fitfluential - runnerd - training - injuredrunner - fit - marathontraining - trackandfield - athlete - sports - instarunner - race - instarunners - runto -
retiredcardioqueen : I've been injured for the last month :( hip pain!
runcarmyrun : Oh no :( (but luckily you got to spend your "break" in japan!) @retiredcardioqueen
_clareruns_ : Nice running lady!!!!
runcarmyrun : @_clareruns_ :)! Thanks! Garmin free run went better than expected!
antoniothin : Ever done the cooper test?
runcarmyrun : Once in middle school haha @antoniothin
beckymirando : Love that!
runcarmyrun : Thanks! @brooksrunning is the cutest slogan! @beckymirando
jaffajosh - brooksgurusarah - joshuaholmes - thefreedomrunner -
Cohen thought it would be a good idea to jump on Mommy's tummy while she was doing an ab workout πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’—πŸ’—. #cohen #mrcohen #abs #injuredrunner #makesmesmile #workout #tryingto makethebestofit #nomorepityparty #run #running #runnergirl #veganrunner #injury #runnersofinstagram #dogsofinstagram #dog #dogs #smile
mrcohen - run - dogsofinstagram - cohen - tryingto - running - injuredrunner - veganrunner - makesmesmile - dog - runnergirl - dogs - nomorepityparty - abs - runnersofinstagram - smile - injury - workout -
gingr_snapps : 😍😍 lil squishy
couldberunning - ucyildiz - cynthia_aleece - rachelsayasith -
Yey for free race pictures! 😊😊 So many emotions throughout a race. One moment I was jumping for joy, the other I was digging deep and just a mess of emotions. πŸ˜„πŸ˜‚πŸ˜  Yup it might be time to give in and get that ACL repaired. 😣😣 I may not have a runner's body or be fast, but I refuse to let that hold me back from becoming better. Everyday is a new day to grow and get stronger! Arroyo Creek Half in two weeks! πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š Happy Humpday peepz! 😘 #ineedanewknee #injuredrunner #westcoastwednesday #marathon #sfmarathon #keepsmiling #byefelicia #livelovelife #humpday #marathonmaniacs #teamigotyaback #teamsparkle #tilicollapse #cantstopwontstop #weightlossmotivation #runner #weightlossgoal #neverstop #runningismydrug ##aclinjury
coolkidsclub - runner - westcoastwednesday - neverstop - aclinjury - byefelicia - ineedanewknee - weightlossgoal - runningismydrug - trailsalldayerrday - keepsmiling - marathon - teamsparkle - weightlossmotivation - injuredrunner - marathonmaniacs - livelovelife - cantstopwontstop - tilicollapse - teamigotyaback - sfmarathon - humpday -
clairebearruns : @lawgirl246 Thanks so much for your words. You totally made my day!!! πŸ’• #coolkidsclub
clairebearruns : @sergiocabral Gracias!! 🍯 back at you!! 😚 I see you hittin them beautiful trails!! πŸ‘Œ #trailsalldayerrday
clairebearruns : @selfierunner Tu tambien!! I see those selfies!! 😍😍😚
clairebearruns : @seelosrun Thanks!!!! 😊 @dmorales_24 Hey don't make me blush! 😜😜
clairebearruns : @motherruns @nursenyuma Thanks so much!!! I love your kind words!!! 😊
lawgirl246 : @clairebearruns 😊
clairebearruns : @tillybruce OMG you are too sweet! You made me smile!!! Thanks so much for those words they fuel me to keep going!!! πŸ’•πŸ’•
twinspire : πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
cheaprunnermichelle - slambooy - omar_ptrainer - grumpyjanet -
(ducking) yeah so I tested the knee. Wasn't perfect but at least there was no searing pain. Kept it short and slow. #nikeplus #injuredrunner #irananyway #stubborn #runnergirl
irananyway - nikeplus - injuredrunner - runnergirl - stubborn -
marleneruns : Shh don't tell @colemania
colemania : Omg...i am ignoring this.
doctormom03 : @colemania oh shit!! I totally forgot you could see this! Thanks to @marleneruns for tagging you!! Bahaha!!! Oops. 😝
colemania : Well just saying you wont see anymore injury advice from me!
doctormom03 : @colemania understood. This was a very slow jog which I needed mentally. Lots of walk breaks.
marleneruns : Hehe sorry @doctormom03 😜 Hoe does it feel this morning?
doctormom03 : @marleneruns the knee feels ok!!
see_emily_run : I have a bad case of runners knee. (Had). Testing it was a bad idea. I needed full rest until it was totally gone and then some. I didn't run for 8 weeks. Got orthotics, went to chiro. Waited it out. It only comes back now of the support in my shoes is wearing out. Be patient!!
dremmyjo - fearless_and_fit - oskarjsf - szafmamma -
Robot knees. Here's hoping they work and I can finally race again this weekend.
injured - runnerprobs - run - fitfam - getwellsoon - nofun - runner - ouch - runchat - it - broken - running - brokenrunner - kneepain - sadday - physicaltherapy - knees - badknees - injuredrunner - works - shock - ionto - robot - badnewsbears - runnerproblems - exercise - fitness - electric - fingerscrossed - hope -
turtlegirl00 : The headwaters one is fun, but there is always next year!!!
aaparker14 : @turtlegirl00 Next year I'm cutting back. I'm like an addict preparing for rehab lol. I've decided to limit my halves, so right now Sea Wheeze and Nike DC are my for sure races and probably Missoula.
turtlegirl00 : Smart!! I did that this year... Last year I fried myself.
turtlegirl00 : I'm not gonna lie-those r freakin me out(bionic knees)
aaparker14 : @turtlegirl00 hahaha just wait til you're by my side in 2 years when I get real bionic knees and make the jump from 30 to 80 years old πŸ˜‹
turtlegirl00 : By then they will be like those of a 12 year old!! Good as new!!!!!:)
plur_aesthetics : aesthetic
alana311 : Girl u need to take it easy. Ur gonna need double knee replacements before ur 30 birthday...
jaimera2 - rocky_gingg - candacemeec - malismam -
When the P&G Olympics mom commercial came out, I balled. This part got me the most. I know that feeling. It's the worst feeling in the world. But what we must do is take our setbacks and turn them into comebacks. Not just in sports, but in life. But along the way, there will always be lots of people standing there, cheering you on. I'm thankful for my setback. It has gave me many opportunities, and made me mentally stronger. I'm so excited for the day I'll be physically stronger!πŸ’ͺ
runhappy - run - fitfam - runner - brooks - lift - saucony - injuredrunner - fit - gofaster - peace - runnergirl - runhard - health - eatclean - fitness - keeppressingforward - muscle - healthyliving -
runningwithjubilee : #run #healthyliving #health #fitness #lift #saucony #gofaster #runhappy #brooks #runner #eatclean #runhard #runnergirl #peace #keeppressingforward #muscle #fit #fitfam #injuredrunner
jkingla : Niiiiiiice!
rokhardbodynutrition - paulritter5fitness - polar_runner - joshuaholmes -
These legs were made for running and that's just what they want to do. #injuredrunner #ifeelbetter #want2run #impatient
ifeelbetter - impatient - want2run - injuredrunner -
gingermamato - winejess - sherissemason - mackenziekoole -
Back at my yoga class ... It's always great ! Missed my spin class due to traffic but it's ok I will survive ... So long as I got yoga πŸ™ now out for pizza - it's part of the rehab of my foot ! #yoga#yogapose#aliyoga#iloveyoga#instayoga#loveyoga#headstand#pose#lovely#mymat#alwaysyoga#instarunner#instarunning#injuredrunner#pizza#friends
aliyoga - instarunner - instarunning - pose - iloveyoga - alwaysyoga - injuredrunner - friends - mymat - yoga - yogapose - loveyoga - headstand - instayoga - lovely - pizza -
alimathers02 : @bridget_pz πŸ™‹πŸ™‹
alimathers02 : @ultramomsonamission thanks !! Pizza is the best cute !!
alimathers02 : @anewdawn01 thanks lovely !!
alimathers02 : @blonde_bun_runner thank you πŸ˜˜πŸ™‹I kinda love you ❀️
ladykty : So awesome!!!
poofmama : Mmmmm pizza! 😝😝
triandrungirl : Beautiful pose!! β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈπŸ™Œ
cyu888 : Pizza = best rehab
inoukie - kjk_runs - ramzikayello - james1966p -
I still have this! @brooksgurusarah :) #runhappy @brooksrunning
brooksrunning - motivation - runhappy - run - fitfam - runner - xc - fitness - brooks - halfmarathontraining - running - track - runchat - runnerspace - instarun - marathon - fitfluential - runnerd - training - injuredrunner - fit - marathontraining - trackandfield - athlete - sports - instarunner - race - instarunners - runto - hipsterrun -
brooksgurusarah : Awesome!!!!!
sprgear : @runcarmyrun you're a real hipster! Haha.
mryasha : I want one too
runcarmyrun : Hahaha I actually got it from the #hipsterrun hosted by @blacktoerunning and @brooksrunning (with the help of @brooksgurusarah and Jean!) @sprgear :)
runcarmyrun : I think you need to attend a @brooksrunning event for one! @mryasha
mryasha : Eh..... There is none here, unfortunately. Not at a large scale. I'm already an informal @brooksrunning ambassador in Indonesia, @runcarmyrun... Hahaha
runcarmyrun : Are you?! @mryasha that's so cool! Wish I was a @brooksrunning ambassador too ;) these might have been made just for the hipster run
mryasha : Haha not really really official, but I do lots of #runhappy testimonials here about my @brooksrunning #AdrenalineGTS in many local forums, especially on how to choose the best running shoes.
alpryor94 - jaffajosh - teamrunnerd - napwarden -
I wish my hamstring will loosen ASAP.... 😭 I miss #running. #injuredrunner credit: @runsmiles
running - injuredrunner -
obey_katee28 - moncherheather - chiuabbey - ssssalll -
'One of these things is not like the other. One of these things just isn't the same.' . If I'm gonna loose the nail I hope it's soon, it kinda hurts a little, and it's super annoying. The bruising in the big toe doesn't hurt thank goodness. #runnerproblems #earnednotgiven #injuredrunner #nevertoughtitwouldhappentome #idontneedallmytoenailsright
nevertoughtitwouldhappentome - runnerproblems - injuredrunner - idontneedallmytoenailsright - earnednotgiven -
beckymirando : That's the same toenail on both feet that give me a fit. Mine has a thickness underneath. It did come off at my last pedicure, which was hilarious! You should have seen her face! But the new one had already started growing so I was cool.
runlikethewinded : @jilbery hahahaha! I never in a million years would've thought I'd have this problem. I've heard the jokes, but have never been in this predicament. All my years running in elementary/jr high/high school/college, nothing. Kinda bummed really. It sorta sucks.
runlikethewinded : Hahahahahahaha @beckymirando that's hysterical! I would've snapped a picture of her face ;-) mine's thick underneath too, I figure in time it'll fall away. Dang, longer than all the other toes, toe.
amannamy : Ouch!
chaychelrachel : @runlikethewinded lol I'm laughing only because last week I just posted a picture of my feet with 2 band aids on my 2nd toes because the nails fell off from running. It's such a pain and weird! I just had gotten a pedicure too! Lol
runlikethewinded : See, and I laugh because....who posts their gross toes on social media hahahaha, runners do, that's who..... @chaychelrachel
allirra_anne : I have the exact same toe bruised on both feet. I think it was the halfy earlier this month... I have also lost both my middle toenails at the same time just 3 months ago. That really hurt. So glad they grew back :) fingers crossed for our toes and speedy growth if they decide to drop off :) I'm sure the others will compensate....
m_fitness_and_adventures : Oh no! Damn nails, don't they know we have to work out! 😏.
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Bragging rights! I met my final goal...#100milejuly! I am beat! It sometimes feels like all I do is run, but all total, I haven't even spent a full 24hrs running. Eye opening :-). Today's run was 1 mile slow next 25:00 held at 9:00-9:15 and then 1 mile slow. I was aiming for between 9:30-9:45 for the fast interval, and I nailed that! Came home and kicked my trash in a leg workout. So so sore. Gonna spend the day rolling out, taking a bath and taking a nap, assuming my children will allow me since I haven't slept yet. Insomnia is for the birds! Hard work pays off :-)
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runlikethewinded : #runlikeagirl #liftlikeagirl #LeaveItAllOutThere #RunnerProblems #runkeeper #runnerd #teamrunnerd #teamigotyaback #Challengeville #OldGuyRunning #OldGuyRunningTinman #garminforerunner #garmin #garminforerunner310xt #310xt #10kTraining #100milechallenge #desertrunning #findyourstrong #ir4 #irun4 #injuredrunner #ownit #shinsplintsarenojoke #womensrunningcommunity
lizwhitehorn : Good for you!!!
luckykays : Cool profile! We should connect on FB! :)
challengeville : 100 miles down!!!!!
m_fitness_and_adventures : Wow!!! Congrats on this accomplishment. πŸŽ‰πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸŽ‰
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Trying cycling for the first time!#injuredrunner#firsttime# cycling#fitness#fitfam#fitspo#xsportfitness
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dannyloves2run : Go Dee Gooooo!!! :)
dennyslane : Miss ya! @dannyloves2run
dannyloves2run : Awww let's get a run in soon @dennyslane
dannyloves2run : And meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee too!
dennyslane : As soon as I'm running pain free!
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Haven't seen a morning below like 72 since moving to Florida. Had to take advantage and push Kylie on a walk. Threw a couple really short jogs in there. Now icing my ankle. Yesterday it felt pretty good so let's hope it still feels ok after this walk and I can slowly get back into my training! #run #walk #runner #runningmom #stupidankle #injuredrunner #garmin #runhappy #workout #fit #fitmom #fitness #fitspo #florida #summer #brooksrunning #halfmarathontraining
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After a long and tiring day yesterday along with a cold, I did not want to wake up today, but I did and I headed out for my walk. I feel so much better that I got out and did it! I would MUCH MUCH rather be RUNNING, but in time I will be!! This resting and only walking will payoff in the end! Happy Wednesday!#walking #fitsnap#injuriessuck#injuredrunner#fitchick#fitmomma
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Hahahaha! My weak little arms :-D! I actually have always had a bicep, just been a while since I've had any definition. I really want a strong body again, not just a faster one. So I'm working strength training into my schedule. This means extra planning and motivation to put in the work. I have to remind myself my progress will come, do NOT compare myself with anyone else. I'm excited to see where this takes me.
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