Only running a couple days a week right now until fully recovered, but each one is feeling a little better. #nikeplus #injuredrunner #marathontraining
marathontraining - nikeplus - injuredrunner -
iwannarunfast - jen.mason - klamtk - ahappypace -
Slowly but surely #running #fitsnap #recovering #stillnotpainfree #halfmarathontraining #marathontraining #instarunners #injuredrunner #womenrunners #runchat #runnerscommunity
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nth4u : cool πŸ‘
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More progress in returning to running this morning! Eccentric heels drops with a weighted backpack have really helped my Achilles. My glute/back/hip are slowly healing too. Not as fast as I want, of course. I'm sick of being injured but I have to remember where I was 2 weeks ago. I couldn't even walk without pain. Progress, no matter how slow, is progress. #runchat #injuredrunner #fitfluential #ffcheckin #marathonrunner #nhrunner #motherrunner
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truth2beingfit : πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘
misszippy1 : Yay! They work!!
bekahstendahl : Just sent info on this exercise to my husband who always has achilles issues. Glad it's working for you.
mommyrunfast : So glad to hear that!!
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✨"Keep smiling because life is a beautiful thing and there is so much to smile about"✨✌️ ~Marilyn Monroe ------- #keepsmiling #quoteoftheday
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jdel_runnermom : #fitfluential #ffcheckin #strong #keepgoing #fitness #igfitness #fitfam #instafit #runner #runhappy #runnergirl #runchat #injuredrunner #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #namaste #latergram #healthy #athlete #workout #exercise #themermaidclub #furtherfasterforever #instarunners #runnersofinstagram #runnerslife
funkyd79 : awesome πŸ‘πŸ’ͺ
bekahstendahl : Amazing
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#TBT to one of the last races before the #stress fracture: #LevelRenner10K in August πŸƒπŸ’¨ Not a PR #race or anything, but dammit, I miss #running, even if it's slow 😝 #runner #runnergirl #runnerproblems
10k - motivation - runhappy - run - morningmotivation - runner - injuredrunnermaybite - levelrenner10k - tbt - running - injuriessuck - runeveryday - stress - injuredrunner - makeyourweaknessyourstrength - runnergirl - runyourday - race - runnerproblems - fitness - happymiles - workout -
narindipity : #run #runyourday #runeveryday #runhappy #happymiles #10K #injuredrunner #injuriessuck #injuredrunnermaybite #makeyourweaknessyourstrength #motivation #morningmotivation #fitness #workout
kate_tbd : You're doing great! Recovery is an investment in running for years to come.
narindipity : Thanks @kate_tbd 😊🌺 Trying not to get dispirited. But I'm still counting the days 😝 Recovery is HARD! πŸ™ˆ
b.allen__ : nice
gschutte : Slow is relative, my dear. πŸ˜‰ You will be back out there, one step & breath at a time!
runnergirl1986 : You got this. You'll come back a stronger runner because of it.
runnergirl1986 - vanesina85 - teedub88 - therunshark -
New post! Do's and Don'ts for talking to your favorite injured runner. See all the silly things people have said to me on #runchat #injuredrunner #injury #stressfracture
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Love, like everything else in life, should be a discovery, an adventure, and like most adventures, you don’t know you’re having one until you’re right in the middle of it.... #tbt On the way down from #TheClimb ... We can through the clouds and the sun was shining ... I had been so cold and had a total meltdown about my frozen pinkie !! Yes really @runtrimom was desperately trying to get my third pair of gloves on! Right then a group of Marines literally skipped past us !! 😍😍 my pinkie heated up slightly 😜#throwbackthursday
mountains - life - love - thegreatoutdoors - munrobagging - trails - instarunning - tbt - doit - justrun - injuredrunner - munro - hills - throwbackthursday - positive - scotland - instarunner - theclimb - haggismunchers - instayogapose -
marlous__ : This is so awesome 😍😍😍
runtrimom : #bestdayever #theclimb #harmlessweirdos #frozenpinkiesandharibos
haleybrubin : Beautiful photo and beautiful person
cyu888 : So gorgeous!
shannondempsey : ❀️
necky2008 : Awesome pic and quote!
comerunawhile : Beautiful
runnerjen1 : Stunning!
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He's not so sure about my new accessory! Me either😩😑 at least I waited until after the marathon. No clue how it happened but the pain has not been fun the past 3 days! #injuredrunner
injuredrunner -
marathonmom28 : @lambdagirl @ktpt23 either cuboid stress fracture or partial peroneal tendon tear 😩 pain started midrun Sunday and despite resting getting worse everyday!
ktpt23 : Oh! I had a peroneal tendon tear 3 years ago. Ouch!!
jasnell06 : Oh no! So sorry, Jen! Hope it will heal quickly.
psyched2run : Hope you heal quickly!!
noellebakken : Oh no! Feel better soon!
kganoe : Nooooo :-(
emski1976 : Ouch. Hope your better really soon
jkbashaw : Oh no! Who do you have to pay off to get an injury free season?!?
thais_adriana12 - chasingwhiterabbitsforfun - teachersonia - piperb123 -
Treadmill work today, Week 3 of no running😫 if it keeps up, I might kill someone. #dreadmill #injuredrunner #runnersproblems #kneeproblems #iustwanttorun
kneeproblems - injuredrunner - iustwanttorun - runnersproblems - dreadmill -
senelworldwide : It the worst, I'm in the same boat. Speedy recovery from here on!
alexandrianicholle : @senelworldwide what happened?
senelworldwide : Aggravated it during the marathon. How about you?
alexandrianicholle : @senelworldwide patellafemoral malalignment. Tape has helped but running doesn't. It's bone, not muscle and I don't know how to fix it or if it is fixable.
senelworldwide : Yikes. Have you seen anyone for it?
jmefrost : I just went through this, had to go to PT:(
alexandrianicholle : @jmefrost how long were you out for and what kind of exercises did they do?
jmefrost : I did it for 2 months...a lot of leg strengthening (squats, bands, weights)
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Just got my Virtual Pug Run medal from @frugalbeautiful! I can't wait until my foot heals and I can finally do all my virtual races! @theoatmeal @irisheyes1982 #runchat #injuredrunner
injuredrunner - runchat -
sca1pel : What's a virtual race?
sparklyrunner : @sca1pel a virtual race is where you send in the money, they send you a medal, and you do the race on your own time!
sca1pel : Well, there goes my money.... :(
irisheyes1982 : Yay!! So happy to be included
lifestylecoachsilvana : Good shot!
kbhgal : That pug one!
thestudiousstitcher : What!?! A virtual pug run? Can we still register?
sparklyrunner : Check out @frugalbeautiful's blog/ig. I'm not sure if she'll do another one.
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Got off work and thought I would try a run....nope made it less than a half mile so I jumped on the #spinbike and got my #cardio on. #injuriessuck #injuredrunner #cardio #activelife #run #goals #trainhard #believe #irun4Wyatt #Irunthisbody #noexcuses #fitnessjourney #ineedarun #motivation #miles #marathon #instarunner #strongnotskinny #strength #mompower
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You know it's serious when you need to wear your @aspaerispivot compression shorts under your skirt to work! #injuredrunner #notoriussartorius
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livefreebefit : #nextlevel
piperb123 : I almost always wear my running shorts under a skirt. It's the most comfortable.
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Just call me the comeback kid! πŸ˜‰ I thought taking two weeks off running might kill me.. And maybe it would have, but my hip is thanking me! It's also thanking me for going 1.5 instead of 2.0 miles today. Trying real hard at this whole "listen to your body" thing! πŸ™‰ I wanna be running for a long long time!! πŸ’œπŸƒπŸ’¨ #runch #runfie #injuredrunner #ilikedthisquote #dirtbagrunner
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tracyonthetrails : #azrunner
desireegravel : Love those sunglasses!
tracyonthetrails : @desireegravel thanks! They're super affordable ($50) polarized brand called @sunskis !! I love them!
gregknottlemond : Great news! #keeplistening
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My first sub30minute #5K since my foot #injury! Woowee!!! #run #running #lovetorun #injuredrunner #mizuno #garmin #peaceloverun
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Icing... #ugh #injuredrunner #marathonmaniacs
marathonmaniacs - ugh - injuredrunner -
lilbeesmommy : #dislike I missed a memo I guess 😞
ali_baba_ants : Whatd you do!?
training2befast : @ali_baba_ants Nothing, it started hurting after a run. Not taking any chances before Sunday!
schmenge : Ouch! Sending healing thoughts
runconquercelebrate : Bummer
kennethr75 : Ouch!
mel.e.mel : I hope that is the magic cure
melisrunning - sonicdeathmonkey80 - eefromjersey - kennethr75 -
Go Sarah! / By @sparklyrunner "TOUGH 12 miles on the bike tonight that almost didn't happen. But @jandaracing Shamrock Half and @pghmarathon aren't going to run themselves. It's amazing how winded I was after just a few minutes- it's going to be an interesting #comeback. #injuredrunner #runchat #liveloverun"
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sparklyrunner : Thank you! I wore my new scuba duba blue Enell sport for good luck!!
jerlynthomas : πŸ‘
ambivalentmind - jilliankmf - lovelyinla - jgoshia -
Is it crazy I'm still on a marathon high weeks later?? Most amazing experience and can't wait to do it again.. #chicagomarathon #runnersofinstagram #runner #injuredrunner #marathoner
runnersofinstagram - chicagomarathon - runner - injuredrunner - marathoner -
marathonmama30 : It been a couple years since I ran mine. Every now and again, I'll hear a song or moment will hit me and remind me of my marathon, and I'll start tearing up... I will never forget that moment, ever! I wish everyone could experience that feeling. Finishing my marathon ranks up there with marring my soul mate and having my babies... One of the most amazing things I have ever done! It is something you will carry with you always!
hwells2284 : It wasthe most amazing experience and I totally agree it's something I will never forget.. I am hoping I always keep the marathon high!! @marathonmama30
colegracewitt : Me too!!!! I keep looking at my pics and am constantly talking about it! I think my hubby is ready to kill me! Lol @hwells2284
hwells2284 : Hahaha I don't feel so dorky @colegracewitt I love when someone asks me how it went lol great opportunity to gush about it
pacpie : I can't believe the post-marathon depression hasn't kicked in!
hwells2284 : Probably because I started training for a half for December.... If I didn't I would b a mess @pacpie
pacpie : Good call. It's the most helpless feeling lol. Still nothing on the calendar for me other than a turkey trot but I've resumed full training just because I love it.
hwells2284 : If I didn't find anything that was gonna be my plan too @pacpie I love training.. And now I can't wait for spring marathons!!!
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This is happening many times a day lately.
injuredrunner - sweatpink - motherrunner -
amotherspace : #sweatpink #motherrunner #injuredrunner
hwells2284 : It's my nemesis right now too.. Also my fave object if that's possible
therunshark : Sorry you're still hurting, hope you're FULLY healed really soon! I so much enjoyed watching your journey to chicago!
mz.betty : I have the same compression sleeve socks!! I don't run w/o them!!
amotherspace : Thank you, Deon. That means a lot to me!! @therunshark
amotherspace : @hwells2284 I completely understand, Heather! All too well...
andyjha - bodyshopxperts - pasus58 - buffalo_face -
Bus stop attire? Yep!πŸ˜‰ @injinji --------Well, had a lovely visit with my ortho guy yesterday and we are dealing with what is likely a tibial stress reaction or fracture. X-ray showed nothing (which happens a lot) No surprise to my ears--- Going for an MRI later this week, but won't know anything for sure until Monday. It was a freak thing...I can tell you exactly when it happened--- a few days before Chicago I did something weird getting up from my desk...a hyperextended thing with my shin and heard a little crunch. I remember saying to myself "that was odd" but there was no pain. Told myself to forget about it because we all know how our minds play tricks on us during taper crazies! Then I felt something "weird" during Chicago from miles 5-8ish --and that's the only way to describe it because there was no pain...but it was also a feeling like I've never experienced. Then it disappeared and I crossed the finish fine. But it only meant to resurface about 5 days later. I'm surprisingly ok with this tho--partly because I've been thru all the emotions the last couple of weeks and now onto acceptance I guess. Just a little bump in the road. If this was going to happen I am truly grateful for the timing. After Chicago where I already ran a BQ for 2016 and before training for spring marathon season begins where my goal will be to get to that Boston start line in April. I had registered for Philly marathon in a few weeks but that truly was just a fun run for me. I'll be excited to take on a new role as cheerleader on the sidelines!πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ Now onto lots of cross-training and rock hard abs of steal and massive shoulder/arm work---you know, just in time for winter sweater season!!πŸ˜‰βœŒοΈHave a great hump day friends!! @fitsnapapp #fitsnap #injuredrunner #positivity
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mahryahg : These socks you have on, do they help with blisters? And where do you get them?
runsoncoffee : Jen you are so positive and will get through this! My xray also showed nothing (just minor inflammation), but MRI revealed healing tibial stress fracture. Injuries are definitely an emotional rollercoaster but you are so strong and just focus on the stuff you CAN do πŸ’ͺπŸ˜˜πŸ’–
jeffrunner : Hope you heal up quick!! I'm sure you will come back even stronger!! πŸ’ͺπŸ˜€πŸ‘
magsinmotion : You have a great attitude! You'll be back at it soon!
michrun4 : πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
mahaney2 : @jdel_runnermom I'm so sorry to hear this but grateful for your positivity in your situation. I had a tibial stress fracture back in 2007, it's no fun but you are so lucky that you made it through the race!!! You will be back at it in no time. I spent a lot of time pool running & on the elliptical recovering from mine. Best of luck & hope to see you in Boston πŸ’›πŸ’™ I'll be thinking of you.
camrunner : And that's what you call having great positive energy! I hope your MRI results are negative. πŸ’š
sherunsjerseystrong : πŸ’œSending positive vibes for negative MRI results. You still remain amazing and strong! Little and fierce! Xoxo
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Feeling like a Jedi today. Twenty miles down - my longest ride yet. Yeah, I'm a bad ass! Now it's time to work chest and tris. #Jedi #20miles #cycling #cyclist #injuredrunner #imabadass #chestandtris #fitness #exercise #pregnant #pregnantandfit #fitnessfreak #bikeride #iammore #pedalfaster #sesamoidectomy #recovery #imajedi #nerd #fitnerd #cantstopthis
imabadass - pregnantandfit - bikeride - imajedi - cycling - nerd - cyclist - fitnerd - injuredrunner - recovery - pregnant - 20miles - pedalfaster - cantstopthis - chestandtris - jedi - iammore - fitness - sesamoidectomy - fitnessfreak - exercise -
thesoulwillflow : Nice!
ems2526 - craigster_9 - bmatthews01 - igerstriathlon_dantemori -
Woke up several times last night with pain in my Achilles, feeling defeated when I got up for work today dreading that I am not running like I want to be...then I got to work and a friend sent me this, perfect timing! Down but not out, and looking back how far Ive come in the last three years I cant be upset with myself. #goalstoreach #goaldigger #momsthatrun #mompower #marathon #instarunner #instarun #blessed #injuriesuck #injuredrunner #Newtonrunner #fitnessjourney #dontquit #healthy #wholehealth #workout #fitness #cardio #activelife #motivation #journey #irun4Wyatt #Irunthisbody #noexcuses #hardwork #dedication #adventure
motivation - instarun - goaldigger - instarunner - fitnessjourney - blessed - hardwork - mompower - journey - wholehealth - adventure - injuriesuck - goalstoreach - cardio - momsthatrun - marathon - irunthisbody - newtonrunner - injuredrunner - dedication - irun4wyatt - healthy - noexcuses - fitness - activelife - dontquit - workout -
runnermom26.2 : Girl! I know how upsetting this is..but you will be back!!! Your body is trying to recover from #beastmode --hang in there!! Xxxx β™‘
ashleypryorruns143 : πŸ’–πŸ’– @runnermom26.2 πŸ’–πŸ’–
erineason_fitnesscoach - mommyrunschicago - jcmz72 - awalters92 -
Stopdrop and do yoga ! It's like my fav game ! So the pic is from a climb a couple of years ago ... On top of the world freezing my butt off ! It's a cold crisp day today - perfect for running - if one can 😝 @justrunchicago for you !! #yoga#yogalove#yogi#yogapose#iloveyoga#instayoga#instarunner#instarunning#injuredrunner#instayogapose#justrun#doit#igrunners#positive#pose
doit - yoga - yogapose - yogalove - positive - instarunning - pose - yogi - instayoga - iloveyoga - instarunner - justrun - igrunners - injuredrunner - instayogapose -
james1966p : Great pic.
cyu888 : Love this!
chayo_run : Very cool pic!!
blonde_bun_runner : Beautiful!!
kburie : I love this
melissawhiston : πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
vmazze34 : Awesome picture :)
camrunner : Great picture, happy girl!
kburie - elmononacho - alexriddell_ - kirstyaturner -
TOUGH 12 miles on the bike tonight that almost didn't happen. But @jandaracing Shamrock Half and @pghmarathon aren't going to run themselves. It's amazing how winded I was after just a few minutes- it's going to be an interesting #comeback. #injuredrunner #runchat #liveloverun
comeback - liveloverun - injuredrunner - runchat -
banksy84 : Those are two races on my bucket list!
sparklyrunner : Thanks @andrea_r104! And they are both pretty awesome @banksy84!
nevierunsraces : It is AMAZING how hard that thing is for how few calories it says are burned. I should have stuck with it way more, that cardio is no joke. I'll probably be on it later this week too, so I feel you. I'm considering Shamrock Half this spring!
sparklyrunner : @nevierunsraces right?!? I felt like I'd never worked out before in my life! 6 weeks off and I feel like all my conditioning is gone. I need to really stay on it this next week so I'm better prepared for walking. And Shamrock is amazing- honestly. I can't wait for this year's event!
nevierunsraces : @sparklyrunner girl I feel you. I'd spent the week leading up to this past Sunday worrying about hip pain when I should have been killing that bike to get my cardio back bc that was what got me in the end! Stay with it!
cross_country_posts : I have those same pants -- love them, they're so colorful!
acola23 : At least you got there and got it done!
sparklyrunner : @cross_country_posts yes! @acola23 preach.
laurenh56 - lnrbailey - alyshu314 - kdavisnc -
Taped up and ready for some city rec volleyball! #KTTape #AchillesTendonitis #blacktoenails #runnerproblems #injuredrunner
achillestendonitis - kttape - injuredrunner - blacktoenails - runnerproblems -
jenchoosesjoy - kttape - lollypophanslow - runlstoy -
Magnesium Oil, whose tried it? Went into the health food store to get turmeric started chatting and she suggested I try it on my Achilles, at this point why not right? Ready to be back at it. #magnesiumoil #holistic #health #wholehealth #activelife #motivation #injuriesuck #injuredrunner #cardio #activelife #run #goals #trainhard #believe
trainhard - achillesproblems - motivation - holistic - injuredrunner - physicaltherapy - runnersproblems - magnesiumoil - instarun - instarunner - run - healthychoices - health - goals - injuriesuck - runnersofinstagram - wholehealth - activelife - believe - cardio - healthy -
abbeyr23 : I have started using magnesium oil on my hip!! @ashleypryorruns143
uplifting_ : Like!
ashleypryorruns143 : @abbeyr23 have you noticed improvement? I really hope it works! I have never had Achilles issues until after my double marathons last weekend and it is horrible 😒
abbeyr23 : Oh that's so terrible!! πŸ˜“ I hope you heal soon!! But what an accomplishment for sure!! I'm not sure if it's in my head or not... But I think it instantly makes it feel better... Like it numbs it...I also started taking a magnesium vitamin...!! I'm in therapy for my ITband, tfl, & piraformis.. All from weak hips... Ugh!!! Being injured is the worst! 😩
ashleypryorruns143 : Mine didnt numb it πŸ˜• I hope it will still work with repeated uses, maybe...Fingers crossed. I have ITband issues I see a chiropractor for he does electro stim and ultrasound on it and it helps me, if that is something you have by you I recommend it for sure! Heal up! Lots of PT and happy thoughts to be out running soon @abbeyr23
ashleypryorruns143 : #runnersproblems #runnersofinstagram #instarunner #instarun #achillesproblems #physicaltherapy #healthy #healthychoices
abbeyr23 : Fingers crossed for sure!! Yes! I've had the electro stim & ultrasound for a couple of weeks now! I'm all knotted up! Ugh!! Thank you!!Happy thoughts to you too and lots of PT ! I'm sure you'll be up and running in no time!! 😊@ashleypryorruns143
selfcatheter : Sick of bad customer service? Email for free samples
abbeyr23 - cassyeggy - selfcatheter - ericadooleyfitness -
Notice the timing tag on my shoe? It's from my first marathon (almost a month ago). I'll probably never take it off. I love looking at it, especially on days like today when I feel like I'm struggling-mentally & physically. I think to myself...if I can run a marathon, I can surely run a 5k. #motherrunner #marathonrunner #5k #runtheday #pdxmarathon #runchat #middayrun #lunchrun #runinspired #pushyourself #justrun #armmess #brooksrunning #pileonthebraclets #injuredrunner #mykneeshateme
brooksrunning - pushyourself - runinspired - runchat - justrun - lunchrun - middayrun - mykneeshateme - marathonrunner - pdxmarathon - runtheday - injuredrunner - armmess - motherrunner - 5k - pileonthebraclets -
scottfishman : Nice!
theperennialstyle - mrsv_runsoncoffee - gustav213 - ahappypace -
Beast mode! Conquered the bitch todayπŸ˜°πŸƒ! #redrock #injuredrunner #ragnarvegas #saucony #hillssuck #BeyondVegas
beyondvegas - injuredrunner - redrock - hillssuck - ragtards - saucony - ragnarvegas -
angryasianbear : #ragtards
lvtrailrunner : Yes! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
daniiiicakessss - nathancleveland - _juicy_julie_ - jummelh -
Working on the scary single track today. Not that the snakes are out when it's 45 degrees, but they will be Saturday in AZ. Keep calm & #SherpaOn No luck with getting the Achilles freed up from the entrapment with the adhesions, so I just spun around a few miles & called it a day. The least I could do for those doing for me πŸ’›πŸπŸ#ultrarunning #trailrunning #seenonmyrun #fromwhereirun #rattlesnakebite #survivor #ultrarunner #injuredrunner #PTSD ##JJ100herecomesSnakeBait
sherpaon - injuredrunner - survivor - seenonmyrun - ultrarunner - ultrarunning - trailrunning - rattlesnakebite - fromwhereirun - jj100herecomessnakebait - ptsd -
run_far : Yes. You rock. Can't wait to meet you out there.
agazelle74 : @run_far me too Janice! Hoping you have an epic race :) i will be rooting for you lady!!
j_eichhorst : Solid! Happy to see you getting after it.
rwinston23 : @agazelle74 you are an incredibly inspirational woman! Keep truckin'!
hjamesb : cant wait to see everyone at the run! ur stronger fought thru the worst no fear !
created_then_cursed : one mile > no miles
cjcovy : Correct @created_then_cursed
jwm_84 : Cool shot!
boyanglin - rottum - bethhamp - devinjbarry -
So ready to conquer the world again! Love that feeling after a hard run when you feel like you can take on anything, the feeling after an ez pace day when you can clear your head of all the days troubles, Im so ready to be back at it. #injuriesuck #injuredrunner #Newtonrunner #Newtonrunning #NewtonGravity #NewtonFate #hellobetter #lugitout #shoes #runningshoes #fitnessjourney #dontquit #instarunner #mules #marathon #runner #fitness #determined #irun4Wyatt #activelife #motivation #fitnessquotes
lugitout - motivation - hellobetter - runner - fitnessquotes - mules - injuriesuck - newtonfate - determined - marathon - shoes - newtonrunner - injuredrunner - irun4wyatt - newtonrunning - instarunner - runningshoes - fitness - newtongravity - activelife - dontquit - fitnessjourney -
mslilya6 - lnchilders - bryancaloha - viveylife -
#rwhalf recap is posted! Find out what it's like to volunteer- and meet @bartyasso in person! #runchat #injuredrunner
injuredrunner - rwhalf - runchat -
dancingtorunning - runjenniferrun - ayeyoitsglosto - thisrunnersfuel -
Who doesn't love fall? I'm glad there are beautiful things everywhere to distract me from the upcoming NYC marathon that I had to back out of. This is a tough week! #fall #ilovefall #autumn #leaves #pennsylvania #injuredrunner #liveonpurpose
autumn - liveonpurpose - injuredrunner - fall - pennsylvania - leaves - ilovefall -
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Lets spin! #injuredrunner #hiprecovery #hiplabrumtear #hipscope #cycling #surgery #fai #hipimpingement
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Good morning πŸ‚πŸπŸŒž Today is a day of deep breaths, hope & possibility in a few arenas of my life. #rattlesnakebite #survivor #ultrarunner #injuredrunner #fromwhereirun #community #generosity #compassion
injuredrunner - survivor - compassion - rattlesnakebite - community - generosity - ultrarunner - fromwhereirun -
_russian_oksana_74 : Good morning πŸŒΈπŸŒΏπŸƒ
penny_lemonade : ❀️
joansplace : beautiful jenn!! love you much!!!😘
thedarkhammah : (((( hugs )))) 🐞
davidgray713 : Gorgeous
created_then_cursed : Wondrous.
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