"Only 1% of abortions are due to rape!!" Okay asshole way to dismiss all those victims because it's a "small number". Well do you know what 1% is? Do you really comprehend the words you're saying? Lets just assume that these are completely accurate and not faulty statistics like most studies are. In America? That's around 8,200 abortions due to rape. That's 8,200 women needing an abortion in the US. These surveys are done by taking 1000 women and asking them to put their reasoning down for their abortion. So around 10 say due to rape. Is the true statistics? No. If you only take a select few of women (these 1000) and base all your data for an entire nation from them, you do not get an accurate number. You just don't. The truth is that percentage so many people love to throw out there (only 1%!) is wrong. Many more women are raped and seek abortion than just that "small 1%". Many women can't prove they were raped, unless they filed a police report within a certain amount of days, and many many women are still too scared to say they were raped even to the doctors. So please stop spreading false information about this 1% bullshit. #prochoice #abortion
prochoice - shutup - victims - inaccurate - people - percent - dismiss - screwyou - one - not - facts - debate - me - prolife - rapeculture - abortion - try - stupid - so - abortionisaright - small - abortionisnotmurder - rightwrong -
socialbutterflyhi : #rapeculture #prochoice #prolife #abortion #abortionisaright #abortionisnotmurder #shutup #one #percent #not #so #small #inaccurate #stupid #people #dismiss #victims #screwyou #debate #try #me #rightwrong #facts
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Paid $35 to find out that I am "PROBABLY a warm and sociable person who reaches out to others with your friendly, laidback approach. You tend to view everyone as a potential friend, and your open communication style often puts others at ease. Because you make time for casual small talk and have an open door policy, people probably find you approachable." #FALSE #Inaccurate #Lies #skool
lies - false - inaccurate - skool -
alyssaxbyrne - sarahhacke - thedennyramirez - malina_novelle -
#religion isn't to #blame #inaccurate #information #ignorance & #hate are the #issue
blame - information - inaccurate - religion - issue - hate - ignorance -
missygallardo - atheiststuff - choudharyamee - chanellxdnowacki -
My new roommate @hayleycaitlin27 drew me. I don't know how to feel about this #drawing #inaccurate #sketch #idonthavebuckteeth #shesstillcool
idonthavebuckteeth - sketch - shesstillcool - drawing - inaccurate -
hayleycaitlin27 : Its an exact replica of you silly...
hailyy_bug12 - kane_buckley - leucemica - borann9 -
๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ #inaccurate #thanksanywaybongo
inaccurate - thanksanywaybongo -
pourewaruriclarke : ๐Ÿ˜‚ way off!
rsmpxo : chh ๐Ÿ˜‚ @pourewaruriclarke
tiahinemoa : HAHAHAHAHA LIES ๐Ÿ˜‚
1jokke - el_3taiba - natalia_elise28 - elinalind__ -
In celebration of The Oatmeal Man's soon-to-be-released thingy (aka October 19th) I made this!! :D As per my style, quite dramatic and potentially inaccurate, but I still like it! Man; I'm stoked!! #theoatmealman #movie #film #epic #horror #comedy #The #oatmeal #man #October #19th #dramatic #depiction #inaccurate #art #fanart #yay #excited #soon #celebration #birth
art - inaccurate - horror - soon - celebration - depiction - theoatmealman - birth - film - man - october - yay - fanart - movie - oatmeal - 19th - dramatic - comedy - the - epic - excited -
marijuanafilm : Would love your feedback on my documentary? Its free to watch.
fitfoodlover_ - hugsfactory - varya_d - free.vampirefangs -
This gun sucks so much it took a 357 magnum round and the round looked like something you would put in a rifle my hand hurts and I got a cut from the recoil but if you want something to make you hurt go ahead #sucks #mansgun #dontown #inaccurate #doubleaction #revolver
mansgun - dontown - inaccurate - doubleaction - sucks - revolver -
rolex_king_ - _stay_young927 -
Are you aware? Are you aware that your primary educational textbooks contained inaccurate depictions of historical account? "Textbooks are often muddled by the conflicting desires to promote inquiry and to indoctrinate blind patriotism" (A, p. 14). Do you also understand that history textbook content is voted upon by individuals who maintain an agenda? This agenda often stresses "the superiority of American capitalism," (B), and presents "Republican political philosophies in a more positive light" (B). In fact, there is even a separate non-profit research organization dedicated to addressing "integrity of the humanities curriculum, multiculturalism, history standards, textbook accuracy, and teaching the history of religions," (C) because United States (U.S.) history textbooks are riddled with errors.
inaccurate - lies - asleep - thinkcritically - deceit - education - historyclass - society - school - davechappelle - jiddukrishnamuriti - questioneverything - us - research - textbooks - historical - awake - unitedstates - history -
patterson_rosco : "Many history textbooks list up-to-the-minute secondary sources in their bibliographies, yet the narratives remain totally traditional--unaffected by recent research" (A, pps. 15-16). For the students who are subjected to the inaccurate lessons history textbooks offer and, "Because textbooks employ such a godlike tone, it never occurs to most students to question them" (A, p. 16). As a result, many U.S. children walk around believing that U.S. foreign policy is in the best interest of the world as a whole, that the establishment of the U.S. was an acceptably necessary series of events which led to today's overall sense of prideful patriotism, and that the Confederate flag did not represent slavery as much as it did "heritage," as one respondent to my post concerning the Confederate flag termed it. As well, these youths are presented with feel-good history which disallows them to think critically and ask questions, resulting in repeated mistakes from the past manifesting at present and to unfold in the foreseeable future.
patterson_rosco : Is it a surprise to anyone to know that "Rich capitalists control [at the time] all three TV networks, most newspapers, and all the textbook-publishing companies, and thus possess immense power to frame the way we talk and think about current events" (A, pps. 275-276)? Even U.S. media sources are not held to a standard of factual integrity. "The [Akre and Wilson vs. FOX News] position implies that First Amendment rights belong to the employers – in this case the [now] five power media groups [Belo Corporation, Cox Television, Inc., Gannett Co., Inc., Media General Operations, Inc., and Post-Newsweek Stations, Inc]. And when convenient, the First Amendment becomes a broad shield to hide behind" (D). In essence, the media coverage you receive is protected by the First Amendment right to Free Speech, giving the media authority to report opinions and outright fallacies.
patterson_rosco : When the country's historical account remains subject to opinions rather than research, and media coverage maintains the authority to present completely false information, is there any wonder why so many U.S. citizens remain asleep? It is easy to dismiss conspiracy theorists and those advocating for truth as being "crazy." Dave Chappelle once stated, "The worst thing to call someone is crazy--it's dismissive." Still, for the countless North Americans who either remain asleep (ignorant and not desiring knowledge) or zombified (ignorant though craving knowledge), those of us who offer realistic truth are considered "crazy" and are readily dismissed. In the eternal words of Jiddu Krishnamurti, "It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society"--and U.S. society is among the most ill.
patterson_rosco : References: A - Lies My Teacher Told Me - Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong by James W. Loewen (1995), Simon & Schuster Inc.: New York, NY. B - C - D - *Not my picture #UnitedStates #US #history #historical #textbooks #education #school #HistoryClass #lies #inaccurate #deceit #DaveChappelle #JidduKrishnamuriti #society #awake #asleep #ThinkCritically #QuestionEverything #research
patterson_rosco : @bigmacpat This one is for you. Take time and read it carefully.
trout_44 : Is there an economic system you prefer over capitalism ? @patterson_rosco
patterson_rosco : @trout_44 Not really. As long as human involvement influences economic systems, no system will work for the people. I believe in order to address the issue properly, greed must be removed. No system I have ever learned of is absent of greed.
matebrzuszek : @martin_genek @rdpoppy328 @elynoreee
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#inaccurate #actuallyidontknow
inaccurate - actuallyidontknow -
naomihiller : Lololol
lou_pan - zangusofficial -
The struggle is real ๐Ÿ˜ช Image credit~ @sciencenerdsrock #scientifically #inaccurate #movies #icant
movies - scientifically - inaccurate - icant -
poomanx : Prometheus soo good but so bad
scienceandfunnypics : Lucy, for sure.
cosmic_authoress : All those movies about when the world ends, the movie Noah, Lucy, Titanic (the original night-sky fiasco).... These are the true hardships of a scientist. ๐Ÿ˜ข
skepticsrus : Ah that was Lucy for me
ljdoe : I'm a nurse, so I can identify... with medical inaccuracies on TV... I feel your pain.
gloriaflowers : @lulu_2m this is why I'm so critical of films I watch. Lol
lulu_2m : @gloriaflowers thats why i criticized that play lol it was a good play thougg
mbk264 : This is me.
queen_palm_cresentmoon - nerdysciencelife - a.v.e.r.y_ - andrerosado117 -
The XD-S was harder to control, I sucked at it #guns #sametags #inaccurate #suckedatthis
guns - sametags - suckedatthis - inaccurate -
theguncollective : Nice!
lilosidesmitty - m_choiboy - kaena_elderts - theguncollective -
I wanted to see what out babies would look like and this is what we got....a gremlin. #lol #inaccurate
inaccurate - lol -
kimchi2000 : BWAAHAAHAHAHA! #hopefullyinaccurate
emillimilli : Bahahahaha!! Made my day
christyflinn : Why does it like he's part brotha!!
bryan_bradley : What a cutie!
jaredabradford : Yikes! Haha!
elmeach : I wish I could take back what I just saw.
mandabrianne : Pahahah... It (he?) has... Your teeth? ๐Ÿ‘„
susymc65 : Adoption is such a wonderful thing! ๐Ÿ˜
hollyerassarret - jenny_wanders - samjanwil - norcochick951 -
#socialinaccuratepotato #social #potato #proud #inaccurate #:3 #derp #soproud
social - soproud - inaccurate - potato - proud - socialinaccuratepotato - derp -
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Every morning.. #takesworktolookthiscute #mornings #hahaha #inaccurate
mornings - hahaha - inaccurate - takesworktolookthiscute -
ttheway2life : Haha
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Discovered this cool little toy store called Pinocchio and found this #inaccurate #michaelangelo ! #yoink !
michaelangelo - inaccurate - yoink -
sanepollard : Best. Souvenir. Ever.
tsmith2088 - bruisedbones - wingedfanel - th3_beanie_guy -
dis·tort /disหˆtôrt/ give a misleading or false account or impression of. synonyms: misrepresented, perverted, twisted, falsified, misreported, misstated, garbled, inaccurate. #inaccurate.
inaccurate -
anzelbuan : ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ
quanabee : ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
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This be that #BPS #bus billshit. The map updates whenever it wants to so the gps is #inaccurate on #location. This is why they keep #losing #buses & #kids
bps - kids - inaccurate - buses - losing - bus - location -
jorghensen - mindfoodmonday -
Question of the day: What's wrong with this picture? #media #racism #history #inaccurate #racist #Egyptians #slavery #African #AfricanAmerican #Motherland #European #Eurocentricfilms #unlearn #oppression #freeyourmind #consciousness #liberation #lies #truth?
motherland - inaccurate - consciousness - oppression - freeyourmind - slavery - lies - egyptians - africanamerican - eurocentricfilms - media - racism - liberation - unlearn - racist - truth - african - european - history -
kuzindemon : like paul mooney said "Jesus is black and so is Cleopatra." #facts #truth
fdrk3 : Great @VinesBeLike
addict3d_2_kutz : @mrsmelucas @ty_underground
reikisamurai_freepalestine : YUP!!!
ty_underground : Not surprised at all. I'm used to this. I took the blue pill along time ago. Mainstream media has been white washed since forever... just we were too blind to see it or to disenfranchised ( sp ) to care @addict3d_2_kutz @mrsmelucas
priscillavision : Wait. What movies are the white dudes from?
theunlearningproject : @priscillavision they're in an upcoming film called, The Gods of Egypt, due in 2016. These are what the "Gods of Egypt" look like in the film, meanwhile those cast as the Egyptian slaves are Black!
addict3d_2_kutz : We didn't know what we signed up for @ty_underground @mrsmelucas
kateharrow - jekkahdotcom - the.npp -
Just wanted to share this with those of you who workout on the machines at the gym! After wearing my heart rate monitor today on the treadmill I realized how deceiving/inaccurate the machine is when it comes to calories burned! It was over 100 calories off! I highly recommend investing in a HRM bc they not only motivate me to push harder but they give a much more accurate reading!
gymmachines - beaware - workout - fitfam - polar - beware - fitness - fitnessjourney - inaccurate - know - fitgirls - pushharder - fitspo - trainhard - hrm - reading - lifestyle - deceiving - fit - healthy - weightloss - lookscanbedeceiving - heartratemonitor - sweat - treadmill - healthyliving - fitfluential - accurate -
healthyinspiringoptimism : #beware #heartratemonitor #polar #deceiving #inaccurate #pushharder #hrm #accurate #treadmill #gymmachines #trainhard #workout #weightloss #lifestyle #healthy #sweat #healthyliving #lookscanbedeceiving #know #reading #fitfam #fitness #fitgirls #beaware #fit #fitfluential #fitnessjourney #fitspo
laurenkae13 - freshfitme - for_the_loveee_of_health -
People are jerks #inaccurate #false
false - inaccurate -
vivaca.jae : Damn I know it pisses me off when people post this kinda stuff ๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜”
nikkigirl96 : Me too! I mean after a little while it's exciting but still to this day I still think how different things could have been
celina_katherine_hall - vitalireclothing - 17_chic - destinyy_vee -
Story of my life. #stretch #stretching #bodymod #bodymods #bodymodification #bodymodifications #inaccurate #gauge #gauges #plug #plugs #questionsigettiredofbeingasked #bodymodprobs #bodymodproblems #educate #educateyourself #bodymodsafety #takecareofyourears #perfectlobes #happylobes #tattooedlady #2014
plug - inaccurate - gauges - bodymod - bodymodproblems - perfectlobes - bodymodprobs - plugs - bodymodification - educate - educateyourself - stretch - takecareofyourears - stretching - tattooedlady - bodymodifications - happylobes - 2014 - bodymods - questionsigettiredofbeingasked - gauge - bodymodsafety -
shuttheplugup - hale_seitan - lena_lovehatetragedy - crceretti -
LORD OF BUTTS LAND OF BUTTS AND RAINBOWS SIGN ME UP -Prince of Gayโ™’๏ธ #badoc #shittyoc #terribleoc #inaccurate #hs #hsoc #homestuckoc #homestuck
inaccurate - terribleoc - hsoc - badoc - shittyoc - homestuckoc - hs - homestuck -
phantacosmo777 : FISTKIND.
phantacosmo777 : NIce.
yourdumbshitroleplayer : *puts face in hands and cries*
sp00ki_cat_obsess : Guys it's a joke
0ct0pus.l0rd :
reely.bad.ocs : @pasta.and.waluigi the bio -โ™’๏ธ
doodlebound : hoLY CRAP
super.sp00ky.waluigi : Oh.
youraverageinternetuser - unisenpai - schizophrenichacker - 0ct0pus.l0rd -
Wait for the bio I can't even -Prince of Gayโ™’๏ธ #badoc #shittyoc #terribleoc #inaccurate #hs #hsoc #homestuck #homestuckoc
inaccurate - terribleoc - hsoc - badoc - shittyoc - homestuckoc - hs - homestuck -
artist_of_hecate : SCARED ALREADY
reviews.advice.ocs : NOOOOO-saups
yourdumbshitroleplayer : I MIGHT CRY
sp00ki_cat_obsess : I know this one, it's a joke
0ct0pus.l0rd : BRB CRYING
super.sp00ky.waluigi : Whats the bio?
doomy1995 : I dont know this anime but... let ua call her superkawaiidesutolly... I dont know
unisenpai - fantasy.joke - fandom._.rps - oni.pone -
This REELY is a bad OC I mean blood that changes from black to white?? No. Just no -Prince of Gayโ™’๏ธ #base #badoc #shittyoc #terribleoc #inaccurate #hs #hsoc #homestuck #homestuckoc
inaccurate - terribleoc - hsoc - badoc - base - shittyoc - homestuckoc - hs - homestuck -
derpy_spooks : Bewbs
lonk.frompennsylvania : OMFG they followed my other account ;-;
youraverageinternetuser - callivista - f4dom.l1f3 - fandom._.rps -
Listed Car for sale Type:- Gx100 toyota #Chaser Cc:- #1998 Year manufactured -#2000 Tires #mpya zote ipo #inaccurate Condition #imelipiwa vibali vyote mpaka mpaka mwakan #march Km:- #88,670 โ€ปAsking Price Tzshs Milion 8 -#8Milions โ€ปCONTACTS:-+255712052078/+255718936416
march - inaccurate - 1998 - imelipiwa - 88 - mpya - 2000 - chaser - 8milions -
ambrosemalembeka : IPO 6M vp??
bestsellersonline : @ambrosemalembeka. waweza piga namba zao hizo hapo juu mfanye maelewano
ambrosemalembeka : Poa
onelineonline1 : Is there a way we can work together? Just a thought
bestsellersonline : how @onelineonline1
onelineonline1 : I make radio Adverts... I thought you're an advertising agency then u might need Voice over people....
bestsellersonline : sure! wht are ur terms n condiotn!
dalalimuigizaji : Nice one
tanzanian_ - violet_delphin166 - man_pua - abdunour -
Listed Car for sale Type:- Gx100 toyota #Chaser Cc:- #1998 Year manufactured -#2000 Tires #mpya zote ipo #inaccurate Condition #imelipiwa vibali vyote mpaka mpaka mwakan #march Km:- #88,670 โ€ปAsking Price Tzshs Milion 8 -#8Milions โ€ปCONTACTS:-+255712052078/+255718936416
march - inaccurate - 1998 - imelipiwa - 88 - mpya - 2000 - chaser - 8milions -
alimbhai : million 4 vipi
dalalmwanamke : @alimbhai ipo bajaj hapa mil 4
alimbhai : Hahahahaaaaa
donmambo2014 : @dalalimwanamke bado iko
dalalmwanamke : @donmambo2014 ipo dear
rozannetups : Unataka gari ya million 4 @alimbhai
dalalmwanamke : @rozannetups stak ufanyie biashara ktk post yng if unalo unaliuza la mil 4 njoo kiofis sio kuwatag wateja wng plz
fammychonko - cyprianmosha - stellah_jm - allymbonde -
#nyc #manhattan #chelsea #busstop - #inaccurate #advertising - #correction : #hands at #waist #level - get #mad #diesel #bro - #gyms are #lame - #ohhhhhh a #gym - #HomerSimpson
inaccurate - diesel - correction - gym - bro - busstop - hands - waist - level - lame - gyms - ohhhhhh - advertising - nyc - chelsea - manhattan - homersimpson - mad -
gowiththehype - kozmokerry - pxmultimedia - deborah.witherell -
instagram programmers are being replace by computer? Anyways, the lists are inaccurate. The replacement for teachers are high. #career #teacher #computerprogrammers #programmers #engineer #replacement #bullshit #inaccurate #automation #computeriablejobs
computeriablejobs - inaccurate - career - computerprogrammers - automation - programmers - engineer - teacher - bullshit - replacement -
dsj182 : Should I learn .net or java fundamentals to get hired as Jr developer? : @dsj182 Java
ellechants - justindickens - kxngace - therealbingobrown -
โ†ฌinsert inspirational caption hereโ†ซ #selfiemineday <--- #inaccurate #but #whatever #recentforrecent
recentforrecent - whatever - selfiemineday - inaccurate - but -
pixelpotion : Haha desperate much
afnenl : excuse me bitch, what was that @pixelpotion
pixelpotion : ^ follow guy
afnenl : oh yea ๐Ÿ˜‚ @pixelpotion that bitch must need some water, cuz he is thirsty as helllll
pixelpotion : ๐Ÿ˜‚
pixelpotion : You wouldn't mind if I deleted this insta so I can make a new one? @afnenl
afnenl : as long as you promise not to abandon me ๐ŸŒš๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘Œ @pixelpotion
pixelpotion : Nice
_fxwt - itsmemiloyt - kaitlyn_brooks999 - grettaaa_ -
Got a #globe today! Come to the #arcatapool's 3rd annual Rummage Sale tomorrow and Sunday to get your hands on some cool stuff like this! #oldschool #inaccurate #ussr
globe - ussr - arcatapool - oldschool - inaccurate -
numma1stunnaa : I dropped off a citrus juicer, food processor, coffee grinder, fan, some dishes, and some other stuff. Saw a set of dining room chairs... Lots of good stuff...
globemakers : Nice :)
andyrubberbandy - lovemarnie - gretalou18 - shif.samira -
S/O to @litha72 for the ShoutOut! We are happy our #CreditRepair Program is working for you and just 2 months... You are seeing your #CreditScoreBoost! #CreditRepair is #LifeChanging because its #POWER in your #CreditScore! Taking CONTROL of your #CreditReport and Challenging #Inaccurate #Negative Info listed will definitely gear you to the Lifestyle you have always wanted!!!! STAY PATIENT... You WILL SEE RESULTS!! Email us to enroll in our CreditRepair Program. Email
creditscoreboost - inaccurate - power - creditscore - negative - creditrepair - creditreport - lifechanging -
_xo_16 : Do you clear bankruptcy too?
lavishcredit : @_xo_16 yes bankruptcys are included
litha72 : Thank you @lavishcredit ๐Ÿ˜Š
adamohms : I Just turned 18 And Trying To Build Credit Can U Guys Help @lavishcredit
byondnails : @lavishcredit how much is it to get started on this repair journey
bluvz_u - edy_lux - litha72 - corinthialasha -
for sale
brisbane - wobbly - queensland - inaccurate - justice - thisisbrisbane - forsale - outofbalance - notinuse -
you_are_here : #justice #forsale #queensland #notinuse #thisisbrisbane #brisbane
you_are_here : #wobbly #inaccurate #outofbalance
brinetime : @you_are_here hahahaha wondering where lady justice had gone when they demolished her old digs
sproutaus : Great shot, good angle! #brisbane
sloanworldwidextc - growcookformychef - joshbavas - brinetime -
next - version - inaccurate - history - monarchy - my - elizabeth -
philsalisbury : And before you say anything: I know there is the odd mistake...I had to do it from memory.
kelly_r_321 - cathrinemai - black.geneva2014 -
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