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Even Santa says #ImWithCupid. #holidayspirit #funrun #happyholidays #merrychristmas #running #cold #undierun #runclub
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amylynntiu : Yes!
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#getsome #endNF #imwithcupid #cupidsundierun #stockingstuffers Help fund research for a cure & get cute stuff!
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Not sure what to get the loved ones in your life for Christmas? Get the gift that keeps on giving and save today if you shop I. Our online store! 30% off when you use coupon code "stockingstuffer" at checkout! Link in the bio! Only valid on December 19, 2014!
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cupidrunnash : #ImWithCupid #endNF #swag
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This February I'll be running through DC in my underwear to raise $ and awareness for #Neurofibromatosis a condition my friends daughter has. Please check out the like in my bio πŸ‘† and consider donating #endNF #ImWithcupid @cupidsundierun #childrenstumorfoundation
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cupidsundierun : What a cutie!
karafisher2002 : #FNF
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Another leg workout in the record books!!! New PR's set today. Elated not only at my accomplishments, but I was able to workout with a sincere and motivational @sparkxxxx. It's not to often you run into genuine people. Special thanks to @susanleekim. As I must make sure that I'm #cupidfit for the race. Especially since a deluge of skin will be shown. Please feel free to click the link in my bio and donate to Children's Tumor Foundation. In a time of giving and happiness, please help those whom cannot help themselves. Every dollar counts and every cent adds up!! Lastly, and surely not least thanks to @smartbodynow for the quality supplements that has helped me to transform, and continue to do so. 20% off storewide by using promocode DIVINEBOD. #fit#fitness#gym#hardbody#gymrat#bicep#gymflow#smartbodynow#health#sofit#instafit#bodybuild#curls#Jesus#chest#arms#weightloss#ripped#beast#muscle#bodybuild#aesthetics#teamsmartbody#geturgunz#instagramfitness#imwithcupid
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tyhortonphotography : Dope
maddie.fitbodytrainer : Keep workin it x
susanleekim : @divine_perceptions - @sparkxxxx will be doing the Undie Run with us, right? :-)
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All I want for Christmas is... more #TeamMembers and #Donations please! Help me #fundraise for the #Children'sTumorFoundation and #NF research! #Join: http://my.cupids.org/register.asp?utm_source=referral&utm_medium=link&ref=42098 *Use #PromoCode FLY for $5 off registration! EXP 12/31* #Donate: http://my.cupids.org/HilariHolt #PutTheHILARItyInCharity #CupidsUndieRun #ValentinesDay #2015 #RunningInMyUndies #ImWithCupid #CupidIsMyValentine #KansasCity #KC #KCMO #party #race #fundraiser #helpout
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hilarious124 : http://my.cupids.org/register.asp?utm_source=referral&utm_medium=link&ref=42098
hilarious124 : Copy and paste above to register or below to donate! Please & Thank you!
hilarious124 : http://my.cupids.org/HilariHolt
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Hey, at least you're working out. #wine #holiday #workout #running #funrun #charity #endNF #ImWithCupid
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atpunderscore : @ericabowman
natbo4 : @krislabar @shaun3984 😸🍷
mollz116 : @tay_bell from Emmy
tay_bell : What? @mollz116 you don't like this work out? πŸ’ƒπŸ·
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Please help my team for the Cupid Undie Run by making a donation to the Cupid Crusander's! We are currently in 9th place in pittsburgh. These donations will go towards a 8 year old child from Greensburg(my home town) with multiple spinal tumors. Please donate at Http://My.cupids.org/sarahziska #cupidundierun #imwithcupid
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nkosko2 -
imwithcupid -
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We live for this stuff! #cold #running #undierun #charity #runclub #polarbearclub #cupidfit #endNF #ImWithCupid
polarbearclub - cupidfit - endnf - imwithcupid - running - undierun - runclub - cold - charity -
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Start growing out your winter coats so you can do amazing things like this, gentlemen. #ImWithCupid #endNF #chesthair #running #charity @childrenstumor
running - endnf - chesthair - imwithcupid - charity -
the_hairfarmer : @nickvicious!!
reems7 : @joeghazalseattle @randahamden Fundraising inspiration !πŸ˜‰
sstrimpel21 : @codys360 will you do this to your chest hair if you do the run!?!?!?
ironmanforgotr : @tlenni ... You can do this !!!
ultragrassfed : @lifebybicycle this will always be the best CUR photo ever.
codys360 : Of course @sstrimpel21 only if you shave something epic into it.
amylynntiu - ultragrassfed - ivan_mejiag - caraseas -
Am I right? Come make some memories with us! #funrun #running #charity #colorrun #undierun #imwithcupid #endnf #warriordash #howichive #toughmudder
toughmudder - warriordash - imwithcupid - howichive - running - endnf - undierun - colorrun - funrun - charity -
shayzinha9 : @pattygr
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#imwithcupid #endnf #vabeach
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757collective : Great pic. If you're looking for more pix of the 757 area code, check us out.
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Getting ready to run the Cupid's Undie Run ! #imwithcupid #cupidrun #pantsareoptional
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cupidsundierun : Looking festive ladies! See you in February.
kimberlyaf31 : @cupidsundierun I won't be able to run this year. 😞 My son is due February 4.
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Sounds about right. #CupidFit #ImWithCupid #running #fitness #beermile #rebelwilson
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rosa_dj : @mrsg526 lol!!
smwil728 : @dmrite @mrd801
kahteelee : @keelyisthebest yes
miraculous_marilyn : @andrewdle
jcarr27 : @rachaelanne._
jcarr27 : @sbillings18
sbillings18 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I'm dying @jcarr27
rachaelanne._ : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜’πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­ so true!!!!!! @jcarr27
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Our #mcm is this dude, who shaved his head for Cupid's! Now that's commitment. Want to try a less daring look? Try shaving your chest hair into a heart shape for Cupid's! #ImWithCupid
mcm - imwithcupid -
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@divine_perceptions Looks like the snowmen are getting ready for @cupidsundierun! #imwithcupid
imwithcupid -
tlgaur : Ha haaaaa ;)). Funny !!
tlgaur : I don't want to become that way 😜
divine_perceptions : Yes indeed!! I need to place an announcement to all men that desire to join the run. PLEASE DO LEGS. This is all!!!
susanleekim : Gentlemen - Do not skip leg day!! Do you really want to find out my quads are bigger than yours? :-)
cupidsundierun : Love it! See you out there in February.
divine_perceptions - devonciruti - dkdc77 - tlgaur -
Share the love(and maybe some undies) with Frosty & friends! 2 months & counting! #EndNF #imwithcupid #piccollage
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cupids_run_lville : www.cupidsundierun.com
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Quick! Before your weekend fun begins, go to the facebox and join the new #ImWithCupid community. LOTS of hilarious stuff going down over there. #nopantsparty
imwithcupid - nopantsparty -
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Don't you ever get the urge? Join us this February and LEGALLY run up and down Broadway in your undies. Because you know you want to. Link in the bio!
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cupidrunnash : #Nashville #Tennessee #TN #615 #runchat #cupidsundierun #ImWithCupid #endNF
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#Repost @cupidsundierun with @repostapp.
Can I get an amen? #imwithcupid
imwithcupid - repost -
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Can I get an amen? #imwithcupid
imwithcupid -
thehungryclementine : Amen πŸ™Œ
amylynntiu : Amen!
nazor929 : I think I need to share this hahha!
juliegaughan : πŸ™
buckswife13 : Our house helps bring the average up on these things; we do them almost nightly ;)
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We hope to see everyone at the holiday party tomorrow! #nopantsparty #imwithcupid #balancelife #balancegym #crossfitbalance
studs - balancelife - fitfam - balancegym - imwithcupid - nopantsparty - badsanta - reebokcrossfit - santa - fitness - crossfitbalance - rethickulous - fitspo - balance - crossfit - beastmode -
larsthekid : Great quads in this pic
balancegym : #santa #badsanta #crossfit #reebokcrossfit #balance #fitfam #fitness #fitspo #beastmode #studs
rodolfofarro : ✌
bananagram_ : Ho ho (no) ho-mo
cupidsundierun : @devinmaier I think @markcrick beat you in the quad-off.
balancegym : @cupidsundierun that's #rethickulous
balanceseminars - crossfittransforms - sofiedoc - meitte623 -
Ben & Ted's romantic adventure at Cupid HQ #imwithcupid
imwithcupid -
honoremargaret : Bottom left is the best
honoremargaret - laurastenovec - jamiebalhon - el_hueso_ -
The Cupid HQ holiday party is about to begin. Party moose is ready. #imwithcupid #pantsoptional
imwithcupid - pantsoptional -
cupidsundierun : Also, @balancegym can Party Moose be friends with Party Monkey?
balancegym : #partyonmoose
filet_mig_yon - mvetting - msgaylab - kimily24 -
Getting people hyped for @cupidsundierun in Detroit! If you want to help #endNF head to their website and sign up or donate to the cause! #ImWithCupid
endnf - imwithcupid -
cupidsundierun : Ow oww! Looking good!
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Obviously, my mug collection at work needed to contain this precious gem. #ImWithCupid #thereindeer #andtherun
thereindeer - andtherun - imwithcupid -
defiant3 - djjpac5 - jrunner80 - alyshu314 -
Shout out to the Denver @novemberproject tribe for hosting one of Cupid's co-founders this morning while in town. Awesome workout getting #cupidfit. #np5280 @mollz116 #traverbal #imwithcupid @turboletti
traverbal - np_dc - np5280 - cupidfit - novemberproject - imwithcupid -
cupidsundierun : #novemberproject #np_dc
smorleysays : Aww @mollz116 and @turboletti are awesome! Sorry I slept in... <cough>
cupidsundierun : @smorleysays They totally called you out. Penalty burpees owed tonight at the holiday party.
amelioestavezz : @smorleysays shame!!!
mollz116 : @smorleysays come back and bring your furball!!
ualoveua - ultragrassfed - mommasarro - brashmode -
Our #wcw is Marilyn Monroe, who famously showed off her undies on the silver screen. #ImWithCupid #BeBraveforaCure
imwithcupid - wcw - bebraveforacure -
cupidsundierun - risaxu -
balancelife - fitspo - balancegym - cupidfit - dexa - imwithcupid -
piablobrown : You have a lot of work to do @devinmaier!!! That scan says your almost redlining #obese. Say it ain't so!!!!! Are you the #crossfatchamp now?
devinmaier : @piablobrown at this rate in 2064 I'll be 100% fat.
crossfitbalancetc : Why do you have breasts @devinmaier ???
devinmaier : Time to get to work. @composition_id #dexa #cupidfit #imwithcupid #balancegym #balancelife #fitspo
cupidsundierun - rpgoodfellow - ualoveua - nickyh1218 -
Today might require pants. But February 14th doesn't have to. Sign up today! Link in the bio! #ImWithCupid #endNF #Nashville
endnf - nashville - imwithcupid -
cupidsundierun - yachtclubco - ambereliece - nslsports -
Catwoman and BatGirl want you to do Cupid's Undie Run with us and help #EndNF! You know you want to! #imwithcupid
endnf - imwithcupid -
divine_perceptions : @itsdrewbieee @nathangamble_87 you down guys?!
itsdrewbieee : @divine_perceptions message me with more info and dates
divine_perceptions : @itsdrewbieee @nathangamble_87 The race is on Sunday, February 15th at 2pm. Although it's on Sunday the following Monday is a holiday. The race is usually done in a persons underwear or some sort of costume that shows excessive skin. The money paid and donated go to children with cancer. There is also an after party. I am creating a team and look to add people to it. As well those whom join the race will receive a goodie bag which have have supplements and promotion items from the supplement company in which I'm affiliated with. Feel free to DM me with any further questions. I'll shoot you a link with the team name and where to registrar this week coming. As well let your guys know of the event as I'm sure it's something everyone will enjoy!!
divine_perceptions : @1and_only_worm22 this is the race I was speaking of. I'll send you a text in the beginning of the week, once I finish the process of getting the group together. So that you can registrar with our group and get a discount in doing so. Feel free to review the above comments for more info.
divine_perceptions : @mr5percentbody pay attention sir!!
mr5percentbody : @divine_perceptions in definitely am sir!!
divine_perceptions : We're going to take DC over!!! Fit and underwear (or costume) time to make up for Halloween!! I'll give you the info to registrar etc hopefully by this weeks end. Tag your soldiers that may be interested! @mr5percentbody
divine_perceptions : @enigmatic_khaos
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Anyone else doing the #cle Cupid run?! #tiuohio#imwithcupid#fitfam#tiuteam#tiucle#believeincle
tiuohio - tiucle - fitfam - cle - tiuteam - imwithcupid - believeincle -
tiujilly : When is this?!
amylynntiu : Valentines day! @tiujilly
cupidsundierun : Do it! You'll have a blast. Promise.
amylynntiu : @cupidsundierun I'm totally down!
rogueeyewear : Sweet
eventsincle : Good shot!
fitgirlinspires - lindseygonzales_tiu - kails3519 - partybuscle -
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