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I'm done messing around. If you want to be a super fit K9 decoy you must treat your self right and eat right on a timely schedule. Meal prep now in full effect. Salute to my coach @impact_training and a shout out to @obeythebolt and @mar_fit_james for helping with my fitness goals and showing love at Golds in the mornings. #calik9 #decoylife #startnow #impacttraining
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breakthruk9s : I'm starting the same thing ... But food is so good
angeliathomkat : I've been doing bootcamp 4 days a week for 2 mo. Still don't have my food right.
myco_fusion_ab : #Stubbs πŸ‘Œ
calik9 : @angeliathomkat food is everything!!
mar_fit_james : @calik9 yessir proud of ya brotha !!
impact_training : You made 25 reps look like CHUMP change!! Such a beast!! #shedude APPROVED
obeythebolt : @calik9 that's what's up bro! πŸ’―!
impact_training : Yeah buddy. Time to make some gainzzzzz @calik9
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Tu peor rival eres tu mismo Conoces tus debilidades a la perfeccion. #bodycombat #livewiththefire #motivation #fitness #impacttraining
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Met one of the #illfit fam at the 24 in valley ranch and he will be competing at the Phil Heath as well. This guy has one of the sickest v-taper. Follow him on his journey to the phil @bruc3banner #impacttraining #illfit
illfit - impacttraining -
ibechillin_ : Bro you are getting defined af! I come back feb. Lets link up @the_scrawny_ant
vi3txboii : Dudes huge we got comp =T
the_scrawny_ant : Hail yes bro, I'm excited to see you kill it in March! @bruc3banner
the_scrawny_ant : @ibechillin_ it's the filter lol. But for sure bro hit me up
the_scrawny_ant : @datdudekeo good workout today bro thanks for the push
the_scrawny_ant : @vi3txboii hail yes bro his v-taper is sick gonna be a crazy and fun show!
_acsf_ : Beef cake
official_illfit : Awesome!!! πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ™ŒπŸ’ͺ
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Its was a good day today πŸ’ͺ realized I've been out if the gym for 9 days now coach πŸ™‡ @impact_training Lol time fly's when your busy. #totalnutritionSA #happy #smile #impacttraining #impact_training #totalnutrition
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obeythebolt : @taylorryan88 get on your shit monkey!
taylorryan88 : Im heading up there in 15 minutes to get my swole on. πŸ’ @obeythebolt
gymjunkyap : πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜ no days off...no excuses!!! Gym time
taylorryan88 : Lol @gymjunkyap team works out 4xs a month πŸ’ͺ😒✌
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These are shots from my last 3 shows. From earning my pro card to my first 2 pro shows. You don't have to be the biggest dude, I have always believed that conditioning is king. If you can bring in your conditioning on point all you have to do is time out your pump appropriately to look bigger and fuller on stage. In the first pic, I pumped up too early, the second pic I pumped up just right and the 3rd pic I pumped up a little to early as well. My advice is to stay patient and try to pump up 10-15 min before hitting the stage. #handsomemuscle #impacttraining #ifbb #ifbbmp #musclecontest #musclegaugenutrition #teammgn #darcsport #crewners#maxmusclesanmateo#transformation#mealprep #icaterelight #mensphysique#ifbbproleague #ifbb #abs#muscle
impacttraining - musclecontest - darcsport - ifbbproleague - handsomemuscle - teammgn - musclegaugenutrition - mealprep - crewners - mensphysique - icaterelight - abs - ifbbmp - ifbb - muscle - transformation - maxmusclesanmateo -
rafaphysique : πŸ’ͺπŸ”πŸ‘
john_cakes : Plus you train like a mothafkin πŸ‘ΉπŸ‘Ή
obeythebolt : @john_cakes when I train with you boo... I'm on cloud 9!
john_cakes : Gonna get you sliced & diced for @musclecontest baby!!
silvato17 : Tighter and tighter and tighter with fullness. You are a G.
obeythebolt : @silvato17 it just takes time to learn how our bodies work! 😜
oliverjay_e : @obeythebolt Makes a lot of sense... My first show, I pumped up the whole time and my heart rate was way too high on stage, the second show I only had about five minutes. Using time wisely at a show... I never realized how critical it was.
lordtj_yabish : You are a king brotha! #HM
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Celfiè ! Love my @gymshark track jacket. Quality is supreme and comfortable as hell #fitness #health #fitfam #impacttraining #calimuscle #couplesthatlifttogetherstaytogether #npc #ifbb #sac #sj #fit #handsomemuscle #cut #stance #quality #handsomecutz #icaterelight #nike #lvft #aestheticrevolution #alphaclothing #livefit
stance - aestheticrevolution - fitfam - impacttraining - sac - npc - handsomecutz - quality - alphaclothing - lvft - cut - icaterelight - fit - nike - livefit - calimuscle - sj - couplesthatlifttogetherstaytogether - health - fitness - handsomemuscle - ifbb -
a_millie49 : NICE PIC
dice_thabarber : that a size Xtra shmedium ??
bobcee : Why dont u make me sexy like you
lexivia365 : Nice!
weirdo_denden : @bobcee you sexcii already booboo
weirdo_denden : @dice_thabarber literally is tho. They ajnt playing when they said 'fitted'
projectalpha_minh : Dude everything is sold out ..
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The brolo @jquebada and I gettin it on a rainy day. There's just somethin' about the sound of rain and iron. #fitness #health #fitfam #impacttraining #calimuscle #couplesthatlifttogetherstaytogether #npc #ifbb #sac #sj #fit #handsomemuscle #cut #stance #quality #handsomecutz #icaterelight #nike #lvft #aestheticrevolution #alphaclothing #livefit
stance - aestheticrevolution - fitfam - impacttraining - sac - npc - handsomecutz - quality - alphaclothing - lvft - cut - icaterelight - fit - nike - livefit - calimuscle - sj - couplesthatlifttogetherstaytogether - health - fitness - handsomemuscle - ifbb -
jack5017 : #tfti
physiquejoe : πŸ‘† what he said
nolajune : Can He get a spot.. LOL
khoatram : @weirdo_denden I think your home boy need a spotter asap.
flminis : Awesome!
esmleite : Beast!
t.vedo : Haha "can he get a spot"^^^!
weirdo_denden : @t.vedo @nolajune @khoatram lmao dammit.
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Naw whad I meeean?! Always moving forward. Don't dig yourself a hole you're going to kill yourself to get out of. Balance is key and will always keep you on that 24/7, 365 grind. Make health and fitness a welcomed part of your life, not a "Meh" part of your life. 100% mental. #positivevibes #positivefitnessmovement #nooffseason#teammgn #darcsport #musclegaugenutrition #musclecontest #lifestyle#health#fitness #personaltraining#health #icaterelight @meeshelliieee #impacttraining #handsomemuscle
positivefitnessmovement - lifestyle - icaterelight - impacttraining - musclecontest - darcsport - nooffseason - positivevibes - health - fitness - teammgn - musclegaugenutrition - handsomemuscle - personaltraining -
cameronjamesfit : πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
mommyspencer3 : @shirleybflossin
impact_training : @obeythebolt @meeshelliieee @junglecat35 @cameronjamesfit @michellesylviafit That's what WE do!!
missdelilaaah : @obeythebolt ☺️☺️☺️ that's right! I was feeling off today but I know I'm still moving forward and enjoying life at the same time! Balance is key! πŸ˜ƒ no off season, no digging myself a hole!
bobbygrainz : Chuuuuuuch
icaterelight : Sorry you are sick brother. Get well soon. Now you have our food to stay on track! Xoxo
junglecat35 : Feel better pumpkin. Good seeing you yesterday 😘
liveluvd : πŸ‘
ricardomiranda90 - aelushengbrabra - jevi.chan - muh_nah_low -
Certainly not as cocky as I was first starting. I thought I had braced myself for all the challenges I would face on this prep... But I was certainly wrong.. Everything I though would be difficult has been easy. I love eating chicken and celery everyday, and I love going to the gym. I dont even mind double days. Whats been hard is the cooking behind dieting/prepping, and the time management to make it to the gym everyday while working full time. These are the things people dont take into consideration. Alteast for me these "behind the scene details" didn't even cross my mind. But Im taking it all on and pushing through come hell or high water. #6weeksout #justdoit #sleepwhenyourdead #impacttraining
6weeksout - justdoit - impacttraining - sleepwhenyourdead -
impact_training : That's what's up @alexismontes you definitely have impressed me. Doing everything I've asked and more. You are definitely going to shine bright on that stage. You got this eyes on the prize
mawsomee : Get it girl! Looking great πŸ’ͺπŸ‘
deeezies : love u so muchπŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—
jmontes1214 : You are the definition of commitment...no stoping you baby, get it! πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ😘❀️
eunicem1117 : So proud of your commitment and dedication. I love you, my angel. πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ‘ΌπŸ‘Ό @alexismontes
beastmodette : If it was easy everyone would do it. Hang in there. Ur doing great!!!
l_ng : Admire your determination. Go Lex!!!
marine3049 : Keep up the great work
josh_prodigy12 - koinnnnn - ajhanley91 - donavon5 -
Great way to relieve stress and get mentally strong. Thanks Dave @impact_training for getting me right. We are just getting started. #calik9 #impacttraining #golds
golds - calik9 - impacttraining -
steviee83 : πŸ‘πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
impact_training : #sanctuary
franknsteinmetz : Looking strong!!
calik9 : @franknsteinmetz working hard man
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Excited to launch the new client portal!!!! 2015 is going to be awesome!! #impacttraining #fitlife #bestclients #technerdwannabe
fitlife - technerdwannabe - bestclients - impacttraining -
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#motivationalmonday Been knocked out on antibiotics for the last 4 days, but receiving this is the mail brightened up my day. With @musclecontest's #westerncup less than 4 weeks away, it's time to gather up all my strength and pull through to the finish line. May 2015 be a positive year full of great times. πŸ™πŸ’― #ifbbpro #musclecontest #goals #handsomemuscle #impacttraining #mppro
westerncup - impacttraining - musclecontest - mppro - motivationalmonday - goals - handsomemuscle - ifbbpro -
obeythebolt : @coolpicturebro just put in for my card early because I applied for the Arnold.
101freeway : Shit that sinus is no joke
teameclass : Hope you feel better coach!
obeythebolt : @teameclass thank you big P.A.! Looking good my man!
teameclass : Thanks coach, I'm on it! Gotta look the part with Handsome Muscle! =)
icaterelight : That is beautiful!
muh_nah_low : Positive vibes and wish you a speedy recovery coach! You'll be bolting around in no time to kill it.
darcsport : Let's go πŸ’ͺ
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I miss my Impact Training pals. This spiritual group really changed my life. I know bc of the way I react. I no longer base by decisions off of fear...fear of failure rejection the future....I continue to take more risks and keep my heart open even in times of pain. All emotions exist for an absolute reason. It's a matter of choosing to break down or break through them. Again EVERYTHING is PERFECT as it is. The purpose to life is to learn through experiences. More than ever I'm listening to my heart and learning so much more. It has a lot to say just like my mouth believe it or not βœ¨πŸ’–πŸ’Œ #impacttraining #spiritualretreat #utah #chooselove #gratitude
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I'm exhausted, beat & tired. It was an awesome experience to be on that platform today. I met some amazing people & some bad ass chicks that can truly lift some $hit! I have the best support team, sponsors & coaches that put up with my crazy competitive ass. Thank you to all my friends & family for all the messages of love. We killed it today because it was me vs me. I know my strengths & know my weaknesses to improve on. I'm very satisfied with today's results & I know more meets will be in my future. But for now I'll hang up my singlet and get ready for prep season with the WBFF. One focus & one goal at a time! PRO card minded & on a mission! #uspla #wbff #calimuscle #powerlifting #fitness #girlswithmuscle #sports #SAF #dezifit #impacttraining #1stphorm #showtimetans #wbffshows #strength #procard
strength - impacttraining - 1stphorm - saf - calimuscle - sports - dezifit - uspla - fitness - procard - showtimetans - wbff - powerlifting - wbffshows - girlswithmuscle -
fitg03 : So dope!!! @dezi_fit
incredibleshehulk : I am so proud of you girl!! You definitely are inspirationalπŸ’ͺ😍
foreverq79 : @dezi_fit that's right, own it! πŸ’ͺπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
dezi_fit : @foreverq79 thanks babe! See you in 2015! We're going to kill it next year πŸ‘Š Miss ya!
dezi_fit : @impact_training bye bye chubby cheeks πŸ‘‹
dezi_fit : @ant_woodz @fitg03 thank you my big bros!!!
dezi_fit : @erainarich @pao.pao_ @faaviee @incredibleshehulk @fitt_bambi thank you ladies for inspiring ME! Y'all keep the fire burning in me to do more & be the best version of me! I admire every single one of you 😘
pao.pao_ : Awe... Coach @dezi_fit you inspire me, since day one! I'm so proud of you!
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#impacttraining #impact_training #Nike #nikefree #nikelife
nikelife - impact_training - nikefree - impacttraining - nike -
belle_betkolia : They should just give you your own Nike store
_justkeeplivin_ : That look of determination. Sexy
beastmodemuscle : #gunzout
impact_training : Those biceps on point @beastmodette
davidnuuyen : @nike sponsor this gal 😁
beastmodette : @belle_betkolia I wouldn't even argue :) @_justkeeplivin_ I am determined to reach my goal @impact_training I wonder where they came from? @davidnuuyen lmao
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Displaying a great picture of my bathroom decor. #InteriorDesign #ShouldBecomeAInteriorDecorator #WhyisthereAXmasTreeInMyBathroom #impacttraining #impact_training #npccali #ifbb #tntakeover #totalnutritionsa #teamtotalnutrition @totalnutritionsa @impact_training
teamtotalnutrition - impacttraining - totalnutritionsa - impact_training - whyisthereaxmastreeinmybathroom - interiordesign - npccali - shouldbecomeainteriordecorator - tntakeover - ifbb -
abbieburrows : Lovely!
martitwelve : #philheathclassic ?
taylorryan88 : @martitwelve no sir, I don't compete anymore
macaelmarieee : Why is your waist line so tiny and your shoulders so large? You should fix that..
myfacepot : Super!
luanfernandes2 - thecondoagency - sukanya.roy - tonyd2180 -
#wcw goes to my wife @jklandi ... not just today, but everyday! @impact_training #impacttraining #goldsgym #npc #figure #trophywife #mywifeisleanerthanme
ididntfinishelementaryschool - goldsgym - trophywife - figure - impacttraining - wcw - mywifeisleanerthanme - npc -
landi_16 : DEM ARMS DO! #ididntfinishelementaryschool
jklandi : #stupidigphrases
alex_siqfitness : Good talking to you brotha. U and @jklandi always beastin it! πŸ‘πŸ’ͺ
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Filmed in Metabolic Project facility. Los Angeles, CA. #GMOGMO #GROGRO #instagood #instadaily #instavid #video #losangeles #california #la #metabolicproject #getactive #health #fitness #gym #workout #impacttraining #followMME #Follow #MME #Love #me #life #fitfam @mmenterprises805 @mdavis4291 @mcyounks @impacttraining805 @mrdnotary805 Tag someone who would like to experience the #Trazer
life - losangeles - love - fitfam - impacttraining - trazer - gym - grogro - getactive - video - metabolicproject - mme - follow - instadaily - followmme - instavid - me - la - instagood - health - fitness - gmogmo - california - workout -
brocktj1 : sweeeeeet @VinesBeLike
impacttraining805 : Thanks! Much appreciated! @brocktj1
robertrod1972 : Very cool. Would you like to join my FB group. We are like minded people that push each other to reach our goals. My FB addres is on my IG Profile.
f45trainingsydneycbd : Pretty!
impacttraining805 : Awesome, yea sounds good. I'll have to check it out ! Thanks! @robertrod1972
impacttraining805 : Thanks! Preciate it! @f45trainingsydneycbd
david_wilson40 - official_johnstagram - n.0.r.i.t.a - rnhot -
Totally made my day receiving two shirts from @impact_training. I completely appreciate who these people are and value of good health they represent...so grateful! #impacttraining #fitfam #healthylife #goldsgymbernal
healthylife - goldsgymbernal - fitfam - impacttraining -
impact_training : @jmontes1214 man you make that shirt look GREAT!! Awesome picture and thanks for the support. We are all winning here om out, 2015 be ready!!!
tonyb408 : @jmontes1214 I need to get on your level; I need the blueprint.
jmontes1214 - zyrahmontes - abe410_elsv - marine3049 -
Take a quantum leap towards being a happier, more loving, and productive person! Checking into the "institute of higher consciousness" today! #quest #impacttraining #lifechanger
quest - impacttraining - lifechanger -
breannaroach : I love you!
nobleglobal : Where da jeep?
icoopuh : Love you too b! @breannaroach
icoopuh : Parked it for a bit, I've been driving a lot and I love Gus to death, but can't handle the 16mpg lol @nobleglobal
nobleglobal : @icoopuh yeah, gas is a b*t$h.
pattymcpat : Handsome!!
icoopuh : Thanks @pattymcpat miss you!
kdschue : @icoopuh thank god! You can keep learning things to keep me straightened outπŸ˜œπŸ’‹
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So Ive been extremely on edge and grumpy #7weeksout but I think Im finally getting in routine with this new diet and fasted cardio. Happy Monday! #laterlosers #impacttraining
7weeksout - laterlosers - impacttraining -
prodigy_collective : @alexismontes you got thisπŸ‘Œ
mawsomee : 😍
j0eyc0mbat_1 : That smile
mbattiatofit : It's all mental now girl you got it!
davidnuuyen : #selfiemonday-sunday
beastmodette : U got this!!!! @alexismontes
xoxbrielle : 😍 Where'd you get your workout pants? I've been looking for some cute grey ones.
gabriel_goonzales - jerksnskk - mi_kehawk - smackk_smackk -
I don't always work out.. But when I do, I make sure my coach gets a picture 😲 @impact_training @sumay1 #impacttraining #impact_training #mensbikini #skinnylife #totalnutritionsa #totalnutrition #tntakeover
skinnylife - mensbikini - totalnutrition - totalnutritionsa - impacttraining - tntakeover - impact_training -
jctriple3 : #bruh
impact_training : @taylorryan88 I've helped create a MONSTER! ! #impact_training such a handsome muscle solider
taylorryan88 : You sure didddd. Wait till I come to Cali πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ @impact_training
albertopolanco : #zumbabod
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Rock'n that @bevsgym with my @bottomlinepants in Cabo! GTL! πŸ’―πŸ˜Ž #handsomemuscle #impacttraining #teammgn #icaterelight #bevsgym #ifbbmp #ifbbproleague #musclecontest @musclecontest @musclegauge @meeshelliieee
ifbbproleague - icaterelight - impacttraining - musclecontest - bevsgym - ifbbmp - teammgn - handsomemuscle -
mrlasvegas2u : @obeythebolt I'm with you bro!!! No way am I ever wearing those πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I hope you two kids are having an awesome time over there πŸ˜œπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™πŸ’ƒπŸƒπŸ’ͺ
junglecat35 : Ramrod ramrod ramrooood @meeshelliieee πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
nolajune : No one wants a roundhouse kick to the face while you're wearing those bad boys
obeythebolt : @junglecat35 πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ
obeythebolt : @nolajune lmao!!
fitbakerlife : @4winterrose here's my coach πŸ˜„
teamjordan_fitteam : Wassup bro ... My friend pam Hysinger .. Told me about you and your coaching I was wondering your feed my email is beloj14@yahoo.com thanks for your time
obeythebolt : @teamjordan_fitteam Hey J! Please shoot @john_cakes and I an e-mail at hmphysiques@gmail.com
the_deep_ocean_pearl - derekbrueningfit - joewarren1 - marccampos15 -
Before hittin the beach we must hit zeeee weights! Rockin my @bevsgym tank and @bottomlinepants. #flexinincabo #weworkout πŸ’ͺ #ifbb #ifbbpro #fitcouple #bodybuilding #ifbbcouple @musclecontest #westerncup @meeshelliieee πŸ’ @impact_training #impacttraining #handsomemuscle #handsomeimpact
westerncup - impacttraining - boltup - bodybuilding - weworkout - handsomeimpact - fitcouple - flexinincabo - ifbb - handsomemuscle - ifbbpro - ifbbcouple -
zomg_matsuflex : Oh lawds those delts
hashem_asad : Chargers baby!!!
anderstrust : Nice!
msyna : You guys are to cute πŸ’πŸ’‘πŸ‘«β€οΈ
junglecat35 : Hahaa love u guys πŸ‘‹πŸ™
thomasscott1990 : Follow4Follow!
nutwhats : U 2 are on vacation....that's dedication! :)
shemgym : Great pic!!!
wankerwheel - alvin3103 - bville_fitness - davidmarinovic__ -
I just wanaaa take a damn nap 😣 @impact_training #impacttraining #impact_training #totalnutritionSA #totalnutrition #tntakeover #utsa #210 #physique #stayweird #naptime
210 - totalnutritionsa - impact_training - physique - utsa - totalnutrition - tntakeover - naptime - impacttraining - stayweird -
impact_training : What a sexy BEAST
nathan_northcutt_physique : Keep motivating others with your instagram!
kcar8498 - fransheska_o - erikagoodflower - zachgomez_ -
Power breakfast before taking on the day. When your're on vaca and you have access to a full kitchen, use it. Cooking up your own food will not only keep your diet more in check, but also keep your wallet heavy for activities. 😜 #vaca #cabosanlucas #breakfast#balance #nutrition#health#fitness #handsomemuscle #impacttraining
nutrition - balance - impacttraining - cabosanlucas - health - fitness - handsomemuscle - breakfast - vaca -
instakamran : ... And tequila
allison_cotayy : Oh what is this beauty 😍😍
obeythebolt : Eggs, spinach, mixed nuts, rice and hummus
calimusclejay : Wisdom.....πŸ‘Œ
impact_training : That's what im talking about. Enjoy β™‘
fitnfunsize : Yummy
fitbakerlife : Mmmmm πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹ keep it clean in the morning for tequila in the evening! 😳
junglecat35 : #cabowabo
il_mondo_di_fedoro - jairoglyphics_ - badansazanedonya - sajjad__777 -
In the last two and half years I met some awesome new people. People that welcomed me to this new place, new life style and made me feel I've been part their family. They have encouraged me to work harder. Here is one of these people that always walks to me and tells me "keep it up. You're doing great." @haku17 @beastmodemuscle #impacttraining #impact_training #goodfriends #SwolSaturday
swolsaturday - impact_training - goodfriends - impacttraining -
haku17 : Kind words...keep pushing your limits @beastmodette
chrissygarciaifbbpro : Bernal Crew right there!!! @beastmodette @haku17
impact_training : That's right. We keep eachother strong. Love the support other give to all that are around. @haku17 @chrissygarciaifbbpro @beastmodette
haku17 : @impact_training ;)
haku17 : @chrissygarciaifbbpro
mr.bodiesbyamorim - xddw58x - haku17 - abiyadegar -
This is funny but true. Don't obsess over the scale. Measure your progress by the standards of how you FEEL and how your clothes fit. Be confident, be active, be healthy and numero uno... BE HAPPY!! #positivevibes #weightloss #goals#lovelife #fitness #health#selflove#selfrespect#handsomemuscle #obeythebolt #onaquest #mealprep#icaterelight #handsomeimpact #impacttraining
mymomisnuts - icaterelight - onaquest - lovelife - weightloss - obeythebolt - positivevibes - handsomeimpact - health - selflove - goals - fitness - handsomemuscle - mealprep - impacttraining - selfrespect -
junglecat35 : Yolo
lyssbomgaars_fit : @istayyflexin
nutwhats : @obeythebolt won't be on there but go ahead and order and I'll email u to see what flavor options you want. :)
nutwhats : It's available at the markets and to those that know about it #secretflavor
livefree29 : @rob_berry_fit hahahaha LOVE IT πŸ˜‚
darkhussla : Hahahaha
aleenf : @lisaselz
chaquemoment : @bobbyleemma truuuuuu
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I don't always #selfie, but when I do, #flexfriday may be the reason. But I have such a pump going on, I can't flex right now. #bodybuilding #figure #delts #impacttraining #bitchyrestingface
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jodier23 : #bitchyrestingface. Awesome!
kaleo54 : Geez jodi do u have a permit for those guns! Lol
kschultz30 : Come home and teach me all your tricks πŸ˜„ @jklandi looking anazing as always!!! 😘
pepper_314 : When I grow up I wanna be like Jodi Landi!!!
landi_16 : @jklandi is the reason I do not post. #wifeismorerippedthanme
kjsummers : @jklandi you look amazing!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜ƒ
jklandi : @kjsummers thank you! I admire how lean you stay. Just trying to find a balance. I don't want to feel disappointment for having double digit body fat, but I don't want to look like the typical competitor that packs on 20 lbs in the name of the "off season".
kjsummers : @jklandi Girllll you are being way too hard on yourself, in this pic you look totally stage ready! I love the strength you exude! I haven't checked my body fat, but pretty sure it's double digits right now, lol. Oh the fitness life struggle. But straight up πŸ’― % real talk, you look great and I don't lie, cause that's how I roll πŸ˜ƒ
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Had to crank my inner @rrronson πŸ‘ mid-workout #selfie bc it felt πŸ‘πŸ‘ to train for the first time since the show... Will take it light this week to break the gears in, then I'm down like Charlie Brown to help this monkey πŸ’ @obeythebolt for his prep. πŸ‘ΉπŸ‘ΉπŸ‘Ή #piepump #allmaxhvol #betanalways #crewners #handsomeimpact #handsomemuscle #impacttraining #ifbb #npc #mensphysique #physique #bodybuilder #fitfam #flexfriday
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jaybird_1111 : Your a role model for many good peeps out there buddy! Keep killin it my friend!
jimrny : damn bro Vietnamese striations πŸ’―
gromance0804 : @john_cakes I just want your Biceps
gymnemesis : Great job man! #GymNemesis
johns.on : Jesus them delts.. Really gotta step up my shoulder days lol
doievenflex : Den här snubben har fan bästa fysiken av alla typ @filipwaldelius @knugkewin
filipwaldelius : Tycker typ att han har för lång mageπŸ˜‚ @doievenflex
doievenflex : Aa kanske iofs...men kolla på hans axlar, bröst, rygg o ben iaf!! De dödar! @filipwaldelius
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My shoulder has been tight, but today was a new day. 100 lbs DB press. The roof was on fire, so I just wanted to raise it for a minute. @darcsport @instakamran @john_cakes @impact_training @meeshelliieee #bodybuilding #mppro #ifbb #npc #handsomeimpact #handsomemuscle #impacttraining #darcsport #civilregime#beastmode
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jazsidhu9 : @obeythebolt let your hair grow out and you'll be warming up with the 100's πŸ˜‚
suprcitzn : πŸ‘Œβš‘οΈ©
brandonmichaelfit : #raisetheroof πŸ”₯πŸ’ͺ
obeythebolt : @brandonmichaelfit miss you B!
obeythebolt : @isaac_civil reppin for the #civil#darcsport crew. We all goin to the O.
obeythebolt : @jazsidhu9 ahah! #realestshitieverheard
andrewcivil : @obeythebolt the O! πŸ’ͺπŸ’‚ let's go
djmurphi : I always run accross your cool posts so I had to comment(:
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I typically warm up w\ 3x15 of rear delt machine flys and perform 3x12-15 of this variation of alternating DB front raises before hitting OH presses. Slow, controlled movements let you really connect w/ the muscle group your trying to hit. This is how you grow not only bad ass delts, but bad ass errrythang. Once you start getting sloppy and swinging around, injuries occur and a decline of progress takes place. You can train heavy, I highly encourage it. Just train smart. #mindmuscle#handsomemuscle #grow#connect#bodybuilding #bodybuildingcom #musclegaugenutrition #gainz #darcsport#impacttraining #ifbbpro #ifbbmp #ifbb #ifbbproleague #npc #teammgn @musclegauge @gaugegirltraining @meeshelliieee @john_cakes @impact_training
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darcsport : @obeythebolt πŸ’ͺπŸ’‚ yeahhhh James let's go !
impact_training : That's a sick hoodie @obeythebolt @darcsport
meeshelliieee : Delts of a greek god! ❀️
obeythebolt : @darcsport have you been to the O? #letsgo
lnocalifornia : Stud! It's awesome seing you work bro!
marioifbbpro : @obeythebolt go hard bro! 10 months left toVegas!
john_cakes : Vegas in 10months iiiiiiiiiiiiitch!
obeythebolt : @john_cakes I'm only going if you and @marioifbbpro go with!
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#Repost @obeythebolt with @repostapp.
A quote I live by. It's really simple. Whenever I find myself stressing, I stop, take a couple deep breathes and smile because I know life is good, God is great and everything little thing is gon' be alriiight! Happy Friday my beautiful people! #positivevibes #kushwizdom#positivefitnessmovement #ifbbpro #ifbb #goals#motivationeadbyexample#love#lovelife#friday#everyday#impacttraining #handsomemuscle #icaterelight #musclecontest #musclegaugenutrition #teammgn
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