regram @juliocblanco99 #ImogenPoots #wcw #needforspeed that accent too 🚗🚙🚘🚁😘
imogenpoots - needforspeed - wcw -
anthony_d_ross_ : 😊
wantmemore -
these two <3 #unf #socute #aaronpaul #imogenpoots #nowkiss #needforspeed
socute - unf - imogenpoots - aaronpaul - nowkiss - needforspeed -
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Imogen is so cute. #imogenpoots #cute #blonde #british #babe #needforspeed #thatawkwardmoment
needforspeed - imogenpoots - babe - cute - thatawkwardmoment - blonde - british -
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New still for #allisbymyside #jimiallisbymyside #imogenpoots
allisbymyside - imogenpoots - jimiallisbymyside -
sadeq66666 : beautiful
yahyaslmaan : @imogenpootss I I love you
qinkii : Amore 😍
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🎬 JUST WATCHED 👍 #movie #funny #alongwaydown #aaronpaul #piercebrosnan #tonicollette #imogenpoots
funny - tonicollette - alongwaydown - imogenpoots - aaronpaul - movie - piercebrosnan -
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I just watched this. Ugh, so painful. Im glad i didn't waste my money in the cinema, but i want my 2 hours back. Miss Poots is terrible but gorgeous actress doe. #NeedforSpeed #ImogenPoots #Agera 👎
imogenpoots - needforspeed - agera -
dianalowrider : Bad movie 🎥
retromercs : Worst film ever made
goheat1 : Lol
kennyholland1 : Super Mala mala
anastasialex - aykut0076 - alexivanovofficial - is350low -
imogenpoots - zacefron - quelmomentoimbarazzante - altrospettacolo - michaelbjordan - milesteller -
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she is actually so amazing 😍 #imogenpoots #gorgeous #needforspeed #hottie
imogenpoots - hottie - needforspeed - gorgeous -
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Deeeer she is lush aye #imogenpoots #hot #daaaam #needforspeed #babe !
imogenpoots - hot - daaaam - babe - needforspeed -
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Morning Friday😎 #stussy #barreta #adidas #rastaclat #imogenpoots #blakescott #streetfashion #gameshades #mensfashion #menswear #mensoutfit #ootdmen #bespoke #vscom #work #johorbahru
work - adidas - bespoke - johorbahru - barreta - imogenpoots - mensoutfit - menswear - stussy - mensfashion - gameshades - ootdmen - rastaclat - streetfashion - blakescott - vscom -
ekadiaries : sama sama...kan ari2 owg puji b4 g keje @shadanvziz dah jgn senyum sowg2 okay hihi
shadanvziz : Hahahaha mohon jgn carut sgt. Tpi klu nak di belanje bfast bolehhh jekk. Bini malas la nk buat bfast.. Xbleh hrap betol . buang laut lgi bgus hahahaa @shakienailianny__
shakienailianny__ : Tu la rasa menyesal tak kahwin? Ke terpaksa juga sebab dah sayang? Hahaha @ekadiaries
shadanvziz : Bontot dh kembang mcm eka ni... Bahahahhahaa @ekadiaries
shadanvziz : Hahahhaaha sayang tang mana.. Dah2.. Carot sgt ni... Hijab kan pagi ni.. Xbaik menfitnah... Sedappp ehh ekauu dri smlm bahan xabes hahaha @shakienailianny__
aurora_wong12 : Abg hensem
shadanvziz : Eleehhh. Shila kt mana skrg? @aurora_wong12
aurora_wong12 : Kat sarawak
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Dominic West (General Titus Flavius Virilus) & Michael Fassbender (Quintus Dias) appeared together in the film 300. Unlike 300 they are on the same side this time◆Norwegian army snowmobiles had to be modified to allow the cast and crew to access some of the more remote, snow-covered locations in the Scottish Highlands. The actors were knee deep in snow. On the first day of shooting, they had to get everyone 3,000 feet up the mountain, it was 5 below, and there was a blizzard. When you see the actors shivering on screen it's definitely real◆ Some cast members suffered health problems. Noel Clarke (Macros) recovered from frostbite. JJ Feild (Thax) quit smoking because of hypothermia◆ ◆Some of the stuntman on this film also worked on Gladiator and said that the fight scenes in this film were more brutal◆ The Roman centurions' armor was made out of fiberglass◆ The dead dear intestines the centurions were eating was actually cheese and spinach◆The archer who shoots Bothos (David Morrissey) as he's riding toward Hadrian's Wall towards the end is director Neil Marshall, playing the character Osvaldus◆The working title for the film was "Ninth Legion". The story goes that the Ninth Legion marched to Scotland from York with 3000 men and were never seen of again. The Ninth Legion was the top Legion at the time. They were called upon to do what others couldn't. Historians dispute what actually happened to them. Some believe that they were disbanded, while others believe that they were massacred. Director (Neil Marshall) wanted to explore a "what if" scenario and within that scenario what would happen if one survivor made it back to the Roman lines and how his own people would treat him◆German archaeologists have found evidence of the 9th Legion on the banks of the Rhine River and carbon-dated them long after these events took place, suggesting that rather than being wiped out, the reason that there is no evidence of the 9th Legion being in Scotland after these battles is that they moved to Germany◆Historical re-enactment groups were enlisted to play Picts and Roman soldiers◆
screenplay - filmproduction - movietrivia - dominicwest - cinephilia - liamcunningham - neilmarshall - director - davelegeno - movielife - rizahmed - ulrichthomsen - jjfeild - axellecarolyn - imogenpoots - filmschool - movies - michaelfassbender - dimitrileonidas - davidmorrissey - cinematography - moviebuff - olgakurylenko - centurion - noelclarke -
movietrivia99 : It was so cold at some locations that even with a winter jacket and gloves on in between scenes- Olga Kurylenko (who portrays Etain) could barely feel her fingers. For the scene where (Etain) is scouting in the mountains she often stands on the edge of whatever cliff she is near. Olga was shot for the close ups a few feet away from the edge. For the wide shots where she's literally at the tip of the cliff her stunt double was placed in a harness incase the wind blew her off. When (Etain) is graphically hacking the centurion's neck in the river- It was actually a dummy. A stunt mans facial expressions were superimposed in post-production. Olga was professionally trained to fight with a spear a knife and an axe. She never rode a horse before her life and didn't even know how to properly sit on on so she had to quickly learn sense her character is on a horse half the time she's on screen◆ In the original script, it was revealed that Etain (Olga Kurylenko) was the half-sister of Arianne (Imogen Poots) and it was her who had scarred Arianne's face. After the battle at the fort, Etain escaped, and when Quintus returned to find Arianne at the end of the film there was a brutal fight between the three of them in which Arianne eventually killed Etain. This story thread and ending was removed by the producers prior to filming◆Only three walls were built for the Roman fort because the way the film was going to be shot the fourth wall would never be seen- so they didn't bother building it since it would be a waste of money◆The Picts in the film are speaking Scots Gaelic. No written record of the Pictish language exists from 117 AD, but historians believe the modern language most similar to theirs is Welsh. However, director (Neil Marshall) thought viewers would be confused by a tribe in Scotland speaking Welsh◆
movietrivia99 : The Picts were generally thought to not have worn any clothes. Since the film was being shot in the wilds of Scotland in the depths of winter, it was decided that they should wear something◆ The filmmakers wanted a "dirtier" looking version of Gladiator because they wanted the audience to feel what the characters were feeling◆World karate champion turned stunt performer and actor (Buster Reeves) doubled for (Dominic West) in the fight with (Etain) Olga Kurylenko. Buster doubled for Christian Bale in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. He also doubled for Tom Hardy in The Dark Knight Rises◆When it came time for the actors to swim through a freezing cold river, (Liam Cunningham) joked that he was going to contact the International Court of Human Rights to see if it were legal to have actors do this. Liam is currently portraying (Davos Seaworth) in Game of Thrones)◆Neil Marshall and his director of photography (Sam McCurdy) spent about two years discussing the look of the film before making it. One thing they were adamant about was that it should be shot on location and nowhere near a green screen◆One of Neil Marshall's influences was Walter Hill's 1979 film (The Warriors). Which is arguably one of the most popular run, chase, survival while being behind enemy lines films. This is why Walter Hill is thanked in the end credits◆ Dave Legeno (who portrays Vortix) was a real life mixed martial artist. He said it was a good thing Michael Fassbender took their choreographed fight seriously because although his axe was fake, he was really trying to hit him during the scene at the fort in the beginning if the film. Fassbender dodged each swing. Dave played (Fenrir Greyback) In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1 & 2. Sadly his body was found by a pair of hikers on July 6, 2014, in Death Valley, California. Due to the remote area, a helicopter was called in to retrieve his remains. Legeno died of heat-related issues and may have been dead for three to four days before his body was discovered. No foul play is suspected
movietrivia99 : #Centurion  Directed by #NeilMarshall Starring #MichaelFassbender #DominicWest #OlgaKurylenko #ImogenPoots #LiamCunningham #DaveLegeno #NoelClarke #AxelleCarolyn #JJFeild #DavidMorrissey #UlrichThomsen #DimitriLeonidas #RizAhmed #MovieLife #FilmProduction #Cinephilia #FilmSchool #Movies #Director #Screenplay #Cinematography #MovieBuff #MovieTrivia
movietrivia99 : @olgakurylenkoofficial you did such an incredible job in this film
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Feeling fortunate to meet with #luckymagazine today! Grab your #septemberissue now!#onestopshoppingdestination #personalstyle #nono_noelle #iloveny #newyork #schoenbyyu @schoenbyyu
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schoenbyyu : #covergirl #dakotafanning #beautiful #imogenpoots
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Without Koenigsegg Agera S was not incomplete with my collection of Need For Speed cars! Starring by Aaron Paul (Tobey Marshall), Dominic Johnson (Dino Brewster), Dakota Johnson (Anita) & Imogen Poots (Julia) ... that they both to end up competing in the DeLeon ~ #needforspeedmovie #needforspeed #Lamborghini #sestoelemento #2014mustang #ford #mustang #aaronpaul #dakotajohnson #dominicjohnson #imogenpoots #vsco #vscom #vscomalaysia
imogenpoots - lamborghini - aaronpaul - dominicjohnson - 2014mustang - needforspeed - ford - vscomalaysia - needforspeedmovie - dakotajohnson - mustang - vsco - sestoelemento - vscom -
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Sen nasıl birşeysin be #imogenpoots @imogenpootss
imogenpoots -
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#wcw #canihaz #imogenpoots #uk
imogenpoots - canihaz - uk - wcw -
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My wife , my love, my dream, my crush 😍😍😍😍😍😘👌👸 #imogenpoots #needforspeed #iloveyou #everyone is jealous of you and me.
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#wcw #ImogenPoots #lawuera #englishaccent #NeedforSpeed #JuliaMaddon #driving #ShelbyMustang #900HorsePower #5point8engine
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My other #wcw!!! Girl from the need for speed movie! Imogen Poots, yeah she's got a weird ass but who cares! Lol!!! #imogenpoots #needforspeed #thoseeyes! #thatlaugh #heraccent #Ufff #nfs
imogenpoots - thoseeyes - heraccent - wcw - needforspeed - thatlaugh - nfs - ufff -
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Mod Squad. @luckymagazine #imogenpoots #jillstuartfall14
imogenpoots - jillstuartfall14 -
tunesandtunics : obsessed 😍
thisishwood : @shopdawn looks like something familiar
maryamele : McQueen boots
danibrookie : Need this entire look!!!!
kimmatulova : ❤️👍✨
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She's such a beauty💞 #imogenpoots #actress #beautiful #model #amazing #talented
beautiful - imogenpoots - amazing - talented - model - actress -
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Wcw😍 Imogen Poots just saw Need for Speed the other day and she caught my eye 😂 why can't I find someone like her😅. #wcw #imogenpoots #girldrivers #needforspeed
imogenpoots - girldrivers - needforspeed - wcw -
sassylip_mx : You just saw Need for Speed? Lol @ayits__alex
superman1995_07 : Cuz they're one in a million bro. Gotta get lucky like i did lol
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This afternoon's viewing! Really enjoyed it when it was out at the cinema! #filth #jamesmcavoy #jamiebell #imogenpoots #ukcinema #britishcinema #movie #film
imogenpoots - filth - movie - jamesmcavoy - britishcinema - jamiebell - ukcinema - film -
mysternoah : McAvoy is unreal. I don't think the film hangs together sadly, and so say that as a huge fan of the book.
mellyemclark : @mysternoah i haven't read the book but still enjoyed the film second time around :)
mysternoah : I liked it too, I was just disappointed. I had similar problems with Dom Hemingway but I liked Filth better.
thecinemaproject - fayzmalshhry - virginaspo - mrs_delight -
Probably one of the most beautiful women alive right now #imogenpoots is ridiculously stunning! My #wcw #needforspeed #womancrushwednesday #wow
imogenpoots - womancrushwednesday - needforspeed - wcw - wow -
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#ImogenPoots #wcw #needforspeed that accent too 🚗🚙🚘🚁😘
imogenpoots - needforspeed - wcw -
tu_papi_simon - mmonica901 - nis720 - katlouisebird -
Just picked this up, haven't seen it... Opinions??? #NeedForSpeed #AaronPaul #ImogenPoots #DominicCooper #MichaelKeaton #RamiMalek #BlindBuy #NFS #HappyBirthdayAaronPaul I only heard it was Aaron Paul's birthday after I picked it up so Happy 35th Birthday Aaron!!!
imogenpoots - blufans - happybirthdayaaronpaul - dominiccooper - blindbuy - aaronpaul - movie - michaelkeaton - cinema - bluraycollector - needforspeed - hidefninja - moviecollection - ramimalek - collection - bluray - movienight - nfs - collector - cinephile - bluraycollection -
the_cinema_prodigy : @random_cinephile it's good movie. All the race scenes & stunts are REAL!
anthonygtan : The PQ and AQ are demo quality, make sure you turn it up loud when you watch it @random_cinephile
gabeyccinema : @random_cinephile very very meh
moviesmaniax : awesome film..great acting by Aaron Paul
blurayging : It was okay I thought It was gonna be better
jordigeorges : hoeveel koste die daar?
random_cinephile : 14.99 ma das geen lelijke kutsteelbook ma zo'n zotte 3d slipcover @jordigeorges
jordigeorges : wee nice
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Such a good movie! Becoming more and more obsessed with Ms. Imogen Poots!! #ALongWayDown #ImogenPoots #AaronPaul
aaronpaul - imogenpoots - alongwaydown -
afnisymr - top.yg - taguroizumo - ponomareva_natalia -
Oohh me enamore ! Una de las pocas minas rubia q me gusta con una cara tan linda y un cuerpo echo por los mismos dioses xD *-* #InstaSize #instalike #instachile #instafrio #instasantiago #instancine #instansexy #imogenpoots
imogenpoots - instachile - instalike - instafrio - instasize - instansexy - instancine - instasantiago -
racing_setup : oh me encanta esa mina u-u
ani.morenoo : Es hermosa ! :)
nanyburtons : Estoy mas rika yo xddd okno u.u
_elcriis : @nanyburtons estay en el mismo nivel xD <3
_elcriis - _b4d_g1rl - justnatalia - weonaloca -
#ImogenPoots #needforspeed #favoritescene
imogenpoots - needforspeed - favoritescene -
nidia_ninid - rya_arviani - salbi_a - anggreniindah -
<3 #imogenpoots #beatiful #girl #nfs #love #2014 #atractive #thatawkwardmoment #alongwaydown
imogenpoots - love - beatiful - thatawkwardmoment - nfs - alongwaydown - 2014 - girl - atractive -
froople7639 - milteven19808360 - yoboiib3nz - rezabounds -
#hows my wcw # beauty #ImogenPoots
hows - imogenpoots -
riyaadk_wp : Kak reg
imaanwilliams - mishqahbrenner - naa_eela - yusuf_hparker -
#Yll :p #ImogenPoots
imogenpoots - yll -
da7mii_alwafi - uenndyuend - elisabeta_eli_ - kevibraho -
My god.... She is Beaauuuuttiiffullll #imogenpoots #beautiful #blonde #actress
beautiful - imogenpoots - blonde - actress -
pxytxn.h : She is gorgeous !
icarusisflying09 : I know right! If I find a girl like that I may melt
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One of my new favorite Comedy/Romance movies with a good message and cast. Very funny!! #ThatAwkwardMoment #zacefron #MichaelBJordan #milesteller #imogenpoots
milesteller - michaelbjordan - zacefron - thatawkwardmoment - imogenpoots -
angelicaa_93 - discosyl - ya.girl.christin - ansel_james_teller -
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