I Miss My #SQUAD #BROTHERS #BABE and #BÆS #Imissyall #Iloveyall
bæs - iloveyall - squad - babe - brothers - imissyall -
hash.brown99 : I❤️u
illiana_lovessss : I 💟 you boo
arleyr : I love you too
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#FlashBackFriday ⬅🕘 i dont even know what he was saying, but it sounded right😂 #imissYall ! #MyBrothasFromDifferentMothas💞 @unko_austeezy091314 @chuunno_mars @manase_ulufale @sam_ailao07
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unko_austeezy091314 : 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👌
teine_manuatele : Vocals 😂😂👌 @unko_austeezy091314
malaesilia1 : @unko_austeezy091314 mento 😂😂
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Always live today like it is your last because you are never guaranteed tomorrow and just forget what happened in your past because it's only going to prevent you from living today. Don't ever forget tell someone you love them or miss them because you never know when you are going to see them again. I didn't get the chance to tell two great people I love them before they went to their knew home in heaven so all it does now is bring me down everyday I try to stay strong but it is hard. #flyhighbubba #resteasydaddy #iloveyall #imissyall #likelikethereisnotomorrow #imready #staystrong #tellsomeone #peterbuiltstrong #fordstrong #RichardLynnPrice #JonathanBlakeTanner #countryfolks
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I Miss You Guys Soooo Much ;/. I can't believe we've got soo distant. We were always doing crazy things, staying out late like if we were grown😂😂 ghost hunting like if we were on t.v lol I can't believe it's been so long since we've all hung out. I love y'all so much. Although we have our lives going on just know I'm always going to be here for y'all there isn't a day that I don't miss y'all and I can't wait till we catch up. Thank y'all for always being there for me through so many years. #bestfriends #imissyall #flipagram made with @moneeymarie @gilbertpacheco9
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gilbertpacheco9 : Aww this was amazing!!! I love and miss you so much to! We will definitely need to hang out soon or something!!
ashley_motha_fkn_ambriz : I know 😢 I miss you like crazy we haven't hung out in a long time when you get in town we for sure have to hang out. @gilbertpacheco9
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Still in love with this pic of us, so throwback to that week we spent almost every waking moment together💞 #imissyall
imissyall -
glenna_pie : 😊😊😊 love yall
halle_lou : My favorite people in the world
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Gonna miss all my friends when I graduate... #seniorsickness #imissyall #grumpy
grumpy - imissyall - seniorsickness -
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I was going through my old notebooks and stuff today and I found this old poem that I wrote in the 7th grade #inmemoryofmypaparonaldmeeksandbrotherjosephmaxwellmeeks #imissyall
imissyall - inmemoryofmypaparonaldmeeksandbrotherjosephmaxwellmeeks -
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Get Naked🍒 #beachbum #tabsandgiaarenttheonlybombshells #imissyall #englewood
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putitonmytab_ : 😂😍😘
ryanrychlak : 😍😍😍
ashley_broooke : Are those the eyelashes I told u to get!?
nikole_lynn : Yessss😜 @ashley_broooke
ashley_broooke : Perfection
nikole_lynn : I love them 😍 @ashley_broooke
j_deedz : Stop it, you're too beautiful
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My brother (behind me) the one who loves me unconditionally and never judges me, even though he's younger he pushes me to be a stronger woman tells me to always keep my head up I know i can always count on him without any judgements my only sibling, so he's extra special for me. My best friend, the one who understands me and always is there to listen, her fam took me in as theirs. We're inseparable, more like she's my soulmate. Thank you for having beautiful Bella, she makes me so happy and I love her so much. So glad her and I have a cute bond. I miss my little girl💔 Can't forget Her baby's father, the guy to always remind me that I'm worth something, the one that kept reminding me to love myself or nobody will. He encouraged me to leave my last abusive relationship. These three people mean so much to me. Only a few people I'm missing @julianna_mob @lovelypanda121, my mommy, my 2nd momma hope and poppa Fabian. I love you guys and I wish you guys were closer sometimes but I am grateful for all the good times we did and will have together. Can't wait to see you guys..I think about all the good times we had and All of our childhood memories💭💞🏡🌅 #hometown #LA #mybrother #mybestfriend #parachuquelu #goodmemories #imissyall #funnight #greygoose #beerpong #peace #westside #onbloods #redeverything #bestmemories #imissla #family #mifamilia #overeverything #mysoulmate #theyholdaspecialplaceinmyheart #blurrypic #sorry
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artuud2 : You know I got you sis i love you to the moon and back. @stoney_j23
stoney_j23 : You got me more than our dad does or ever did. Love you too @artuud2
artuud2 : Everything happens for a reason sis it only made our relationship as siblings even stronger. Te cuidas hermana @stoney_j23
julianna_mob : Love & miss you Jocelyn ❤️
lovelypanda121 : Miss you Jocelyn! Hope you're doing good in your new house. Take care💕✨😊
stoney_j23 : Love and miss you guys too!
stoney_j23 : @julianna_mob @lovelypanda121 thank you I am, take care as well.💜😀
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Good times ... great people #imissyall
imissyall -
mchanelle : Welcome back to IG @miva1980 lol
miva1980 : Lol ... thanks @mchanelle
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#Family #tooenmeshed #imissyall #imissyallalready
tooenmeshed - imissyallalready - imissyall - family -
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#IMissYall #HopeYallDoingGood #Brothers4Life #Squad #IDKWhatElseToSay
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Really missing my two little ones!! #mybabies #socute #Bernie #Cletus #imissyall #iloveyall #cuddlesesh #adorable #Tampa
socute - iloveyall - imissyall - mybabies - cuddlesesh - cletus - adorable - tampa - bernie -
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This ones for all my SHHS kids ❤️ #imissyall
imissyall -
woahlydia5 : Yes💙💙💙💙
ninarodgers : 😘😘😘
pattyperez123 : 😞missing you
caitlynbrookeclark : omg 😂😂 love you :))❤️
awka.awkward : @caitlynbrookeclark I love you even after you left on your speedboat and left me in a lake😂😘🐻
aza.rias : 😂 miss you too. Gonna see you next year at the football games 👌🏿
iamjennastark : Your really pretty!😍😍
darkskin_qveenn : Fleek
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I love and miss you guys. @daviddistortion @flowerin_child #comebacktome #whereiseveryone #wheremyfransat #imissyall #love #flashback #froyo #prettysweet #goodtimes #smile
comebacktome - whereiseveryone - love - imissyall - goodtimes - wheremyfransat - froyo - prettysweet - smile - flashback -
flowerin_child : Awe I miss you too :((( come over next week!!
b0mbskillz : Love you guys!
daviddistortion - mikeyyymeyyyer - jpgoski - skitzotb -
#TBT @sunniedaze_ @_n_e_s_h_a #LORDNOS #IMISSYALL 😩😩😩💯💯💯
lordnos - duh - imissyall - tbt -
sunniedaze_ : Yu betta miss us Gizzzlllleee!!!
precisionmarketingllc : Zoe been stuntin' for a day. @azoeboilyfe 💯💯💯 #DUHH
azoeboilyfe : #DUH @precisionmarketingllc 💯💯💯💯
precisionmarketingllc : @azoeboilyfe you need one of these cds? 3 song promo?
_n_e_s_h_a : Me miss you😫😫😫
azoeboilyfe : DM me... @precisionmarketingllc
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Omgg! How about a #tbt to graduation 3 years ago! 😢😭😭😭 #myZubooo! & Autii! #ImissYall!
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When your big booty lovers are together in the Chi and you miss them 😫😫😫 #WeNeedAMixedGirlsTripAgain #IMissYall #YesIPostedThePicYouSentMeChelle #ImGayLikeThat @brianashani @remedee123 #IvePostedTooMuchToday lol
weneedamixedgirlstripagain - yesipostedthepicyousentmechelle - imissyall - imgaylikethat - ivepostedtoomuchtoday -
remedee123 : 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
djq_kc : 👀
brianashani : We miss youuuuuu!!!!!
mxxd2perfection : @brianashani 😘😘😘😘
mxxd2perfection : @remedee123 😘😘😘😘
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The... Cause "I ain't fucking with you", nights lmao!! 😂🙈🍹#lostarchives #iswearimnotdrunk #24 #lmao #iaintfuckingwithyou #smh #ridiculousness #selfies #funtimes #imissyall
24 - lmao - iaintfuckingwithyou - lostarchives - selfies - funtimes - iswearimnotdrunk - smh - ridiculousness - imissyall -
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I do it all for you , I do it all for us . because of yall my heart is alive . ❤️☀️⚾️ #iMissYall #iLoveYall
imissyall - iloveyall -
hayleymarie_xoxo : Love you bug💜
fosterr12 : I 💛 you ! @hayleymarie_xoxo
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Why this reminded me of us though?? Lol @iiam_la @sunkissedgem #IMissYall #GoodOleDays
goodoledays - imissyall -
serenadlove : @librab @sharonserenitysmommy @orangejdm @mo_money_mo
sunkissedgem : Lmaooo this does! I miss yall man! I'll be home the first week of May and we really need to go out somewhere!
milacruz_ : *GGGGGAAAASSSPPPP* YAY!!! I haven't seen you since last year....we all definitely need to have dinner together or drinks...whichever! @sunkissedgem
librab : 😂😂😭😫😫😫😫😫😫👋🏿 @serenadlove @sharonserenitysmommy @orangejdm @firstladij87 @mo_money_mo
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I wonder if he still tell ppl we divorced cuz I, me, SHE cheated or that I mistreated his kids? Or that we are still friends. #Nah #Never #BlockT I wonder if he ever found that porn I had stashed on the laptop he took, LMAO! (My married folks know that married sex life struggle! A bitch was bored as hell! Don't judge me!) What if he hasn't put down them Egyptology books and YouTube lectures on pause long enough find his way *back* to God? Who will he answer to in the end for his actions if not Him? #Yikes What are the ppl I don't/can't talk to no more, the casualties of divorce, up to? #IMissYall I wonder what that fucking WHORE Jamie Patterson who went to UofM with him is up to? If she got some self esteem, her own man or maybe even married? DOUBT IT! *evil laugh* What if I woulda had kids? Or been too scared to leave? Who, what and where would I be? Yeah I've moved on, I grow and get better* daily but I LOVE to reflect (and talk a whoooooole lotta shit). You can't forget a whole entire life you built for 7yrs. Gossip, FB, IG and deliciously nosey friends who love to screenshot won't let you anyways. But I survived (with no jail time) and I've changed forever. I like me and my story. #WhatsYourSuperpower #WhatsADivorsaryWithoutALilSHADE #PettyLaBelle 💅💅💅
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lilseaz : Awww I loved you when you said that, it cracked me up! You're so grown up now. I love when you pop up in my timeline @princess_lucille_dinkins
dabaddst15 : I miss you more! We are coming for Taste!
mrsjackson8 : We are doing good! We want to see you! We live in Nashville now, but let us know the next time you're in Memphis.
lilseaz : Ok good! Glad that trip is still on. Can't wait to see yall and yall get to meet the new Mr! @dabaddst15
lilseaz : Ok I'm trying to make it down there this Summer! @mrsjackson8
dabaddst15 : Yeah, buddy! It's party time! 🎊🎉🍹🍷🍸 I may even drink some rum!
lilseaz : Oh you know I'll have Rum on deck for yall!
lilseaz : @dabaddst15
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New blog post on about the Afghan American conference this past weekend at #UCBerkeley. Video of my presentation is also up. Still not over how amazing the experience was 😭😭😭 #AfghanAmerican #Afghan #Afghanistan #American #burqasandbeer #BiggestAtaanEver #IWantAfghanFood #Withdrawals #IMissYall 👭👫👬 #LaFamilia #AAC2015
afghanistan - burqasandbeer - imissyall - withdrawals - biggestataanever - ucberkeley - american - aac2015 - iwantafghanfood - afghanamerican - afghan - lafamilia -
mernaaa_h : Proud of you girl <3
madinahhh : @ayousse @mernaaa_h thanks girls 😍
intidharose : Yo go girl 🙋 Btw I totally like the sexy librarian look 😏 @madinahhh
findingneelo : Love this khwarak, I love how passionate you are, may Allah increase you in goodness and I hope your journey only proves to continuously better you as a person. Ameen❤️
madinahhh : @findingneelo thank u!!!!! Sending u love!!!
edenthrone : Um why wasn't I invited to this??? Would have loved to show support!
madinahhh : @edenthrone hey girl! It was a closed event for the afghan American youth council . If I have anything in the future I will definitely invite u 😘😘😘😘 thank u for ur support !!!! : MashAllah girl!
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Quelques uns de mes petits souvenirs^^ ou je vous ai rencontré ❤️, ou on a crié, chanté, pleuré, râlé, jumpé, couru, mourru aussi lol 😋🙈😂, que de bons souvenirs 😍 #VousVousReconnaitrezheheheh #EchelonILuvYa #IMissYaLL ❤️ #flipagram créé avec @flipagram. Voir la vidéo intégrale sur
imissyall - vousvousreconnaitrezheheheh - echeloniluvya - flipagram -
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The moment when you unintentionally match with the JREC squad #imissyall #imissplaying #MIandTUmashup 💖
miandtumashup - imissyall - imissplaying -
fares_e14 : Did u guys win the tournament?
bounessas - hell.yeeeah - fares_e14 - guadalupeexo -
#happytimes #imissyall
imissyall - happytimes -
preciouskais_ : Cassie ❤ Yol look pretty.
khalidhirsch - batho_safaree - loudsilence_99 -
Another tbt that trip from VA to ATL ain't no joke lol @xx_nolovelost_xx @pisci21 @_lovelyyshay #tbt #macbookvideos #imissyall #needanothertrip #family
imissyall - macbookvideos - tbt - family - needanothertrip -
pisci21 : Lol
capricorn.88 : Y'all wack!!!
hellocrooklyn : Lmao basically @capricorn.88 so much fun!
medo2228 - ashleymcollins - yeahitsmisty - capricorn.88 -
We look fab 💋🙌 #tbt @savahnasky @rossaryy @roxysparxx #prom2012#weputhighschoolmusicaltoshame#dresses#cuties#imissyall
weputhighschoolmusicaltoshame - prom2012 - imissyall - tbt - dresses - cuties -
roxysparxx : Tbt!
beckylee34 : @roxysparxx throwing it far back honey! ✔️👌 lol
savahnasky : Oh my god!!!!
beckylee34 : @savahnasky haha we are cute aren't we?! 💁😹
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Peeerrrfffeeeecct #imissyall #prepareforinciminflotsofphotos
imissyall - prepareforinciminflotsofphotos -
the_girl_of_the_trees - titaniams - _lost_in_my_own_head_ - itsaleathing -
I think we're excited to see each other tomorrow 😂😚💕 #imissyall #ilovemyfriends
ilovemyfriends - imissyall -
emilyyppaige : 💕❤️💕❤️
vannayaj - jesspo925 - _jayonceknowles -
Lil Sis & the Gang #IMissYall #Circa2012 #TBT
circa2012 - imissyall - tbt -
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Me and two of my favorite ppl enjoying the park #tbt #besties #imissyall
imissyall - besties - tbt -
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#ThrowbackThursday to the day after I got out of jail after doing 2 months and got faded af with these bitches! 💋 #bluntsandbitches #beerandbitches #imissyall #whensthenexthoedown #backroadin #TBT
backroadin - beerandbitches - throwbackthursday - imissyall - tbt - whensthenexthoedown - bluntsandbitches -
jaymie.ogg : Great fucking night 🙌🙌🙌
msmith11611 : 😂😂
bubbaajeskerr : Weak^^
sh4l3y : Omggg yaaaaaas. Miss y'all's cute assessssss 💋
oxysss - codygoodwin.19 - whatpaige_isit - bigjerm6 -
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