School, 2jobs, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, and i still manage to smile. #imgoodathidingthings #sometimesijustneedtocry #imstrong #walkinmyshoesforaday #itainteasy #butimdetermined #alliseeisagoodfuture #thereisalwayssomeoneworseoff #thankfulimstillhere
walkinmyshoesforaday - sometimesijustneedtocry - butimdetermined - imstrong - thereisalwayssomeoneworseoff - thankfulimstillhere - imgoodathidingthings - itainteasy - alliseeisagoodfuture -
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I hid some money lastyear so i won't spend it on rubbish and i totally forgot about it. I opened my bag cause i heard some coins and to my suprise i found $370.80 yayurr happy azzzz.. #letsgetsomeicecreamboys #happybirthdaytome #imgoodathidingthings #sogoodiforget
sogoodiforget - letsgetsomeicecreamboys - imgoodathidingthings - happybirthdaytome -
foloilindsaytavae : Omgsh I love finding cash.. its jus thee bestest everrr lol!!
patriciaposiano : 😳 want my bank details?
_posiano23 : its like giving a present to yourself for the future hahaha @lindsayftavae
_posiano23 : @patriciaposiano ai me
patriciaposiano : Nah honest
kenyakhalao : Score @_posiano23 happy days
_posiano23 : ha ha hard i bet il forget i have this and find it in a couple months lol @kenyakhalao
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Haha my grandmas the best . She gets me . My mom doesn't. #mygrandmaoveryours #shegetsme #mymomsdumb #mycrush #ilikeyou #soimgonnagoforit #ifyouaskillsayyes #imgoodathidingthings
mygrandmaoveryours - ifyouaskillsayyes - mycrush - soimgonnagoforit - shegetsme - imgoodathidingthings - ilikeyou - mymomsdumb -
julie_is_awkward : Lmao xD
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This song describes my life especially right now... #ImGoodAtHidingThings
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