I can't believe it's actually here. The day I have been dreading since the start if the season. Senior Night. It's a bittersweet moment, I'm so excited to finally be here and know I've come this far but it's hard to let go of such amazing girls and a great love for cheer. I wanna thank everyone that has supported/helped me over the years. I couldn't be the cheerleader I am today without any of you. The past 6 years of cheerleading have been amazing. The things I have got to experience and the people I have got to meet and bond with have been amazing. Im also so glad I've got to share this entire journey with my best friend. Im so glad we got to sped our senior year being co captains. I wouldn't of wanted to do it with anyone else❤️ I'm going to miss all the fun silly times we shared during this journey but I now there will be more to come. I'm still deciding if cheering in college is the best option for me but even if I do I will always be a Tecumseh Brave cheerleader at heart❤️ #Imgoingtomissthis @lydialue #flipagram made with @flipagram. See full video at
imgoingtomissthis - flipagram -
lydialue : Oh come on buddy I'm not suppose to cry before senior night even starts😢
sophie_loves__ : beautiful gallery 😍
asshhhlllyyynnn : This is beautiful ❤
kaylajewelxo - lydialue - asshhhlllyyynnn - coltonswhite -
Plazeando #Selfie #sunny #downtown #plaza #square #mexicangirl #mexicana #rioverde #sanluispotosi #rancho #despidiendome #imgoingtomissit #sayinggoodbye #hometown
mexicana - square - imgoingtomissit - hometown - selfie - plaza - sunny - sayinggoodbye - downtown - sanluispotosi - rancho - rioverde - despidiendome - mexicangirl -
brtbrt_ : cooool @VinesBeLike
italia_ashanti22 : Please buy Ashanti's new album Braveheart on iTunes
rancho3_leones - marcosm50 - gimeru - lf_ma -
A glimpse of last nights amazingness! Spontaneous, middle of the night bike hire, @_allahna and I rode all along Newcastle's gorgeous beaches and headlands 🌊 #imgoingtomissthis
imgoingtomissthis -
_allahna : 😘😘😘😘
felicittyla : When do you move chicken 😔😔😔😔
_megan.elise_ : Today flissy, I'm back quickly next weekend just to empty my room
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@ericzhang_420 killin his lighting midterm. #imgoingtomissthis #pratt
imgoingtomissthis - pratt -
ericzhang_420 : That's a great photo. Thx Pam. @pamelaj_ortega
magicalponyfarm : 😃
justin__daniel : #NICEEEE 😊😁😛
kirsten.jordan - ericzhang_420 - nitssss - natalianemchinov -
#Babysister #babygirl #smile #NYC #imgoingtomissthis #havingfun #cutie
babygirl - smile - havingfun - nyc - babysister - cutie - imgoingtomissthis -
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#NST In The Morning... Goodnight Jaxson❤️❤️ #babybump #BabyMovement #kickcounts #9monthsPregnant #ImGoingToMissThis #37weeks #Babybelly #HisButt #baby #Goodnight
babybump - 37weeks - babybelly - 9monthspregnant - imgoingtomissthis - goodnight - kickcounts - baby - hisbutt - nst - babymovement -
ckrlw2008 : @shereejlang Love it!!
rubengeeee : @shereejlang that Loco moco got him happy haha
gnaluv : Awwww omg!
notjessfashion : Like it!
gnaluv : I almost cried! Too sweet :')
lalabubaby : Enjoy each and every moment, congratulations!! :)
mixbabyladyfrench : Cute and creepy at the same time aww tho
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Morning conversations with my minime #teamnosleep #undereyebaggage 👀👜 #imgoingtomissthis 😥 #DylanLy #mommylife
teamnosleep - mommylife - imgoingtomissthis - dylanly - undereyebaggage -
jabreuvalle : 😍😍😍
ladymarebear : Awww
mike_montanez20 : It looks like he's telling you to be quiet
mike_montanez20 : "Stop talking mom" lol
richelle_haralson : 😍😍
lakotanation : 😍😍😍
lisa_cab : 💙
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Lunch time run with Women Out On Trails! @woot_run
upupup - run - fitfam - runwithfriends - adventureawaits - traineveryday - okinawa - explore - getoutside - japan - bridges - cherryblossoms - getoutofthegym - runtrails - lunchtimeruns - imgoingtomissthis - whereiwoot - somanyhills - trailrunning - fitness - whyiwoot - sakura -
amydhd : #runtrails #run #runwithfriends #traineveryday #trailrunning #whyiwoot #whereiwoot #okinawa #japan #cherryblossoms #sakura #lunchtimeruns #somanyhills #upupup #explore #getoutside #adventureawaits
amydhd : #bridges #imgoingtomissthis
amydhd : #fitfam #fitness #getoutofthegym
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Rainy days at the Zoo #imgoingtomissthis
imgoingtomissthis -
troublesome_c - lizbif12 - lisajgioiello - distevens31 -
Not going to lie, this C shift night routine melts my heart 💗💗💗 #lovemylittlegirl #imgoingtomissthis #firefamilylove
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lglopez1108 - sucka_81 - tinkzaman - lostwithoutatraci -
Moose trying to start a game of fetch from the bathtub #everyday #imgoingtomissthis
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melforkner - laurenlee1217 - hayleemalka - m_bunch -
Stop rushing things that need time to grow.. ⛅️🌴🌻 #imgoingtomissthis
imgoingtomissthis -
beautinaa : 😍
helica_14 : Preach🙏
rosamente : How are things flaca? Miss you!
les_lii : Todo bien hermano! Staying busy almost done with school 😁 y tu? Yo tambien te extraño! Cuando vienes! Ya te estas tardando!! 👏 @rosamente
harperjayde - wolfboy_099 - miss_ritzzz - estrellaaaf -
Bright & EARLY this morning I had the pleasure of speaking to the vibrant students of E.D. Nixon Elementary School on the topic of Mahatma Gandhi's quote/theory of, "Being The Change You Want To See In This World" as they celebrated black history month. They said you KNOW you love your job when you would do it for free! I swear I could do this every day! I loved EVERY second of it! #TayLovesTheKids #QueenDuties #MYASU #Service #MissASU1415 #ImGoingToMissThis 😩😭 . Thank God I'm #ForeverAQueen tho 👑😍🐝
queenduties - imgoingtomissthis - service - taylovesthekids - missasu1415 - foreveraqueen - myasu -
your_fave_addiction : Awww.. is that Ms. Beverly? I used to work with her!!
_foreveraqueen : @your_fave_addiction yes ma'am! That's her . She's great 😊
your_fave_addiction : Lol.. that she is! And she loves her ASU honey! But congrats love..I miss seeing y0ir face on campus! I'm happy to see all of the things you've accomplished and yet you stay so humbled. You're definitely the perfect role model for them! 😘😘 @_foreveraqueen
your_fave_addiction : *your
_foreveraqueen : Thank you so much! I love it! I wish I could be around more but by the time I finish all the engagements, intern, 20 hour, and go to work..I'm practically begging for my bed lol.
_foreveraqueen : @your_fave_addiction ^
your_fave_addiction : Lol.. I'm not there anyway.. I graduated last May..! @_foreveraqueen
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The one thing I'll miss when I move is this. These beautiful South African sunsets. #southafricansunset #beautifulsky #beautifulsouthafrica #sunset #imgoingtomissthis
sunset - beautifulsouthafrica - beautifulsky - southafricansunset - imgoingtomissthis -
h0tw1ng : #lovethis 💋
leianawilhite : Beauty 😍👌
barbaraxxo - mat_photos - h0tw1ng - sandra_tp89 -
#mommyandleoncuddletime #LeonRayJones #myheart #myworld #ilovemylife #imgoingtomissthis #mommysboy
mommyandleoncuddletime - imgoingtomissthis - leonrayjones - mommysboy - myheart - ilovemylife - myworld -
_cassie__jones_ : Cute photo!  
bmorejen - _cassie__jones_ -
Last day of ride alongs with my dad before he retires tomorrow!! And on his birthday!! ☺️🚒🚨 #happybirthdaytothebestdad #fireman #retirement #bittersweet #imgoingtomissthis #soproudofyou
bittersweet - imgoingtomissthis - retirement - fireman - soproudofyou - happybirthdaytothebestdad -
itallian_stallion_ : tell him to have a happy retirement
itallian_stallion_ : from a fellow brother fireman
nesteggguru : Tell him "Congratulations!" and to check out for premium retirement calculators that will help him with his retirement plans
tellagretchen : Wow! What a great day! Congrats!
gmabarnes8 : Happy retirement and happy birthday to him!!
ia_may - arnettew - madidavis92 - missmini32 -
I can't tell you what a blessing this trip has been. The performance was stunning, as well as these lovely people! I could ask for a better crew! 😉 love you all! P.S I will post more pictures! P.S.S still don't recognize new usernames! Let me know if you want to be tagged!!😘 #honorsperformanceseries #NewYorkCity #imgoingtomissthis
imgoingtomissthis - honorsperformanceseries - newyorkcity -
xsommerfunx : Love you chica!! 😘
itsfahren_duh : Love you !! 😘
rylee_v_98 : Love you tooooooo! 😘😘 @xsommerfunx
rylee_v_98 : @itsfahren_duh 😘😘
saraii_brookee : Tag me ;)
abbyvirginia99 : OMG my face! Hahaha
rylee_v_98 : Lol you're cute! @abbyvirginia99
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Dinner and drinks on the beach:) #Imgoingtomissthis
imgoingtomissthis -
amanda_gamble - olasri - yvonneemariee - michaelacukrovani -
Cheers to the last mom's weekend 🎉 #imgoingtomissthis #taketwo
imgoingtomissthis - taketwo -
smumedievalclub : 🎈
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Sister made pretty pancakes for my breakfast. #yum #morning #Saturday #imgoingtomissthis
imgoingtomissthis - yum - saturday - morning -
xhseexn - icecreamxbandit - pepemosa - chihhsuanlee -
#fromwhereistand #stood #technicalities #sirirfan #safdarjung #youbeauty #itwasasunnyday #imgoingtomissthis
fromwhereistand - stood - itwasasunnyday - imgoingtomissthis - safdarjung - thesafdarjungseries - sirirfan - youbeauty - technicalities -
jellyflush_con : #thesafdarjungseries
bilalo.0 - myousufr - limonlukahvelim - mustfahashmi -
#bioclass2015 #sureshotfives #imgoingtomissthis
imgoingtomissthis - sureshotfives - bioclass2015 -
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Last day before heading home. What better way to complete it then shopping and lunch on the beach 😄 #onehappygirl #bintang #oceanview #relaxation #beautifulday #imgoingtomissthis #lombok #indonesia #twoweektrek
beautifulday - twoweektrek - bintang - indonesia - imgoingtomissthis - relaxation - onehappygirl - lombok - oceanview -
john.borg.7731 : Wow I whish I could be there it looks very nice
szemnicky : @john.borg.7731 I'm definitely not ready to come home to all the snow and cold yet!
john.borg.7731 : I don't blame you it is very cold here
john.borg.7731 : In joy Paradise
szemnicky : @john.borg.7731 thank you, good sir. I will do just that! ;)
john.borg.7731 : Lol good
vinibordei : I must find a way to recreate this image on Monday when I go to work
szemnicky : I'm both terrified and intrigued as to what you might come up with @vinibordei
szemni - gracekustra - tpoet - chant_elle -
#nature #backyardfun #beautiful #imgoingtomissthis #norcal #fog #rollingfog #naturenoise
beautiful - nature - naturenoise - imgoingtomissthis - fog - rollingfog - backyardfun - norcal -
dorffy : @danbeaumont093 beautiful!
dorffy : I have been to a shitload of places but I really need to get to California.
cloud.kimberly : #thatsoundisheaven @danbeaumont093
danbeaumont093 : @cloud.kimberly I totally agree... I hear it all the time and can't get enough
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My bedroom is better than yours. #bedroom #forest #bed #love #comfy #vscocam #afterlight #colorado #denver #livefolk #liveauthentic #imgoingtomissthis
afterlight - imgoingtomissthis - love - colorado - livefolk - comfy - bed - liveauthentic - denver - bedroom - vscocam - forest -
tayylor_elizabeth : This is amazing! I love it!
carlosayala10 : That's actually cool
softsleeps : Love it!
tizzberry - carlosayala10 - brittanydunn18 - tskogg -
#imgoingtomissthis #favoritecuddles #mylittleman
imgoingtomissthis - mylittleman - favoritecuddles -
heatherwrapsfl : So sweet!
amandastar322 - __morrggiiee - meggles_16 - chokolatewonder -
#goodbye #florida #imgoingtomissthis #staugustine #sunset
sunset - imgoingtomissthis - florida - goodbye - staugustine -
jen_perdue : It's gonna miss you too 😘
yasminegycanda - chuckava - pinedajunio - andrefmacedo -
I love these girls so much!! I'm gunna miss all the 8th graders next year!! We have gottin so much closer this year, and we have learned so much about one another!! Thts what I love about this team is tht they're not afraid to show who they r and want to be someday. The 7th graders have gottin so much better from the first day of practice until now! We didn't win as much as we wanted to this year but we still all had an amazing time together!! This season was a blast for me, and I'm gunna miss all this next year when the 8th graders go on to be a freshman. I know tht they will be great but I want u all to know tht I will miss u ladies so much, and I'm gunna miss having u as my teammates. But in 2 years we will all be together again and I can't wait for tht! So I'm gunna miss u ladies as my teammates next year, but ik u will have a lot more fun next year. I could go on forever but I'm not. I just want all of u ladies to know tht I love u so much and I can't wait to play with all of u in 2 years!! And we will probably have some new teammates which will be a lot more fun!! I love u guys so much and btw this made me cry while I was typing this up!! #loveu #imgoingtomissthis #wereawesome #teammates #therethebest
loveu - imgoingtomissthis - wereawesome - therethebest - teammates -
fiona_soccer50 : Love you to Sammy ❤️
kyleee_xoxo : Aww love u too Sam! I'm gonna miss u and all the 7th graders next year but can't wait for when we can play again in 2 years together again as a team!(:
gawkygnat : Thanks! Wonder how long it took you to type that paragraph!
b_keller82 : Ida droped her lol(; @lex_manthey15
shmaddy_marie : When did you take this?
peplinski_10 : When we got back from Johnson creek last night. @shmaddy_marie
sierra_mist54 : Awe yeah... Im hot. Jk. Gonna miss you Sam!! Love yah!
_aasenator_ : @fiona_soccer50 you look like a total gangsta 😂 love the pic tho!!! 💛
irishhooper_1 - kkjornes_46 - shmaddy_marie - country_ticia.14 -
Perks of living with your parents #nofilterneeded #imgoingtomissthis
imgoingtomissthis - nofilterneeded -
jhclecce - kylielram - rebgoots - kdawgg_15 -
Ocean air, salty hair. 🌴🌊❤️ #ocean#sea#hair#girl#beach#smile#salty#quote#happiness#mazatlan#carnaval#Imgoingtomissthis
mazatlan - quote - carnaval - ocean - hair - imgoingtomissthis - salty - sea - smile - girl - beach - happiness -
albamfernandez : Que coooool, que bonita 🙊
daniamml : Gracias @albamfernandez 🙈💕
maggiekatesc : Love it
daniamml : &i❤️u @maggiekatesc
yulissadiazo : Preciosa de hermosa mi twin💗
daniamml : Love you, twin🙈❤️
oronkessel : So nice!
marianadp - ximjiml - soyalerubio_ - yakimeshi_ -
The view from my parents house is so beautiful. #westcoast #sunsets #oregon #oceanview #imgoingtomissthis
oceanview - sunsets - westcoast - imgoingtomissthis - oregon -
breadandbuttercups : Wow!
carlyaynnclark - lindseylosier - rachyscriv - chelseanoellew -
Finally 😍 #ILoveThisGirlSm #isabella #Myneice #SoStinkingCute #Kisses #ImGoingToMissThis #Wahh 😭
ilovethisgirlsm - wahh - imgoingtomissthis - isabella - sostinkingcute - kisses - myneice -
ink_dawwl : Sooo cuteee omygaaawwww <3
supermartinez18 : #reasonstomovebacktoslc #plusbecauseyoulovemesmsmsm
shawnteezy_116 : the beginning of march fea @supermartinez18
supermartinez18 : Yaaaaay
shawnteezy_116 - delivery_cent - _oskarjen93 - fatdudechouji -
The soccer grind...😭 #imgoingtomissthis
imgoingtomissthis -
sydney_admire12 : I'm going to miss you B!
big_beth : @sydney_admire12 aw! 😘 thanks girl! I'm going to miss you too!
sydney_admire12 : You better!😘😭
sydney_admire12 - _saaaarryynnn_ - tina_mckkay - _jordanlesliee_ -
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