Wataercolur works mahslf! #imaginativelandscape
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soumyo_live : @arpan404 awesome dude ! Can we flw each other?
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Mikaela and I using our English sac time usefully #imaginativelandscape #isstupid #hatesacs #spongebob #proartists
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kaitlyn_szakacs : The only thing you can draw hahaha
jesscarter96 : Ahaha yes! @kaitlyn_szakacs. What can I say, I'm so creative :)
kaitlyn_szakacs : So very creative! Haha
mikaelavincent : Kaitlyn, you must be disappointed you missed this demonstration of pure talent 😜@kaitlyn_szakacs
kaitlyn_szakacs : I am :( @mikaelavincent
jesscarter96 : Don't worry @kaitlyn_szakacs we have a whole double tomorrow where we can teach you ;)
kaitlyn_szakacs : Hahaha yay! A whole double!
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Stakeout for the midnight launch of the Zinger Pie @ebdowers #cantwait #delicious #bakednotfried #paranoia #imaginativelandscape #issuesanddebating #peace #2peacefeed #community
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ebdowers : Then provide me with the goods baby boy
top_blokes_r_us : Lets negotiate first
top_blokes_r_us : @ebdowers
jessiemoxham : Oh I've seen that before one time at KFC
jessiemoxham : Get it heh heh ?? @hawksquid
top_blokes_r_us : Harharharhar 👹 @lemonlady93
whoisjac : nice pic :) Would you mind following my page? would mean a lot!!
top_blokes_r_us : Nuh @whoisjac
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Fuck VCE #year12lyf #vce #studyinghard #notes #3outcomesthisweek #fml #nolife #notsokeen #naglecollege #religion #english #business #stress #imaginativelandscape #creatingandpresenting #largeorganisations #maintaingreligion #areaofstudy3
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When we've all but given up on English #yolo #yr12life #vce #imaginativelandscape #deathofme #letters #inclass #childhood #bordemgetsthebetterofus @caitlynalaryse
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bennymccarthy : Everything is matured with time
g_weave : I'll always be ahead of you in the maturity scale @bennymccarthy
bennymccarthy : Questionable. Alcoholism is a sign of maturity, and I surpass you in that too
g_weave : You've been sitting on that comeback for a while... and are you sure about that? @bennymccarthy
bennymccarthy : Im a regular bar fly, and developing alcoholic. My hobbies include stealing public property and vomiting on Latrobe terrace @tristanstephens will vouch for it. Has seen me at my prak
bennymccarthy : *peak
trinsta_ : Bens statement is correct, vomit was infact projected from his mouth into bushes beside the walking path on Latrobe Terrace
g_weave : Thanks for the vouch @tristanstephens although I never thought @bennymccarthy would tell me that if it wasn't true! Well Ben, unless you have more evidence to show, I am more mature than you in every aspect except alcoholism
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Exam revision!!! #context #imaginativelandscape #loveenrichment
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My Yr12 English class getting some inspiration. #outdooreducation #gonnagetafifty #imaginativelandscape #contextwritingrocks
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mardivasey : Getting some tips from mr fanning?
damostephenson : Mr Fanning's not the only good English teacher you know @mardivasey!
mardivasey : I know- we just also did that in the same spot last year! I bet if I had you I would have loved English just as much..... Hey perhaps even more!
madbbrown : Haha @mardivasey you're not wrong! Busted @damostephenson ! ;)
damostephenson : Busted for? @madbbrown
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#outdoorenglish #imaginativelandscape #fanningisboss
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madbbrown : Ah yes, I remember fanno doing this with our class. Left a good heritage we did! @g_weave
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