My favorite woman in heaven and still the world, would have to be the one who taught me to be myself, who taught me to "do" my makeup a little, who taught me to not care what people thought, even the one who taught me to not look at my food when i take a bite because i would think there was something in it.πŸ˜‚ Grandma, i would do anything for you back. I just think it as you're on vacation, for a very long time. And thats okay.. We'll all be on vacation together one day.❀️ And i really cant wait for that day. Or for even just me and you and Pawpaw.✨ You taught me so many things in just a few years.. Ever since March 24th, you taught me that when something soso horrible happens, to not be scared. To fight as long as you can and be as strong as possible. Thank you so much for being the best grandma in the world Mawmaw.❀️⛅️ I love you.😘 #rip#iloveyoumawmaw#seven#six#fifteen
iloveyoumawmaw - six - fifteen - seven - rip -
connor_fischer13 : Awwww. πŸ’™πŸ’œ
garberich_23 - _qveen_shayy_ - jami.haynes - kaitlyn_backus206 -
I used to be scared to be open about being gay to anyone close. And i used to be terrified to even talk about it with family because they're all against it. One day me and grandma were talking and she said its okay to be different. And if people have a problem with it,then dont worry about them. And if family had a problem, oh well. Ignore them and what they say. I used to be scared to do that, if anyone would scream at me, and i hated being screamed at. But im gonna make my grandma proud and listen for once. Im pride of my sexuality. Nobody should change who they are for others. If they really cared for your feelings they'd support you thru anything.πŸ’―πŸ‘‹πŸΌ I love you Mawmaw.πŸ’―β€οΈπŸ˜˜β›…οΈ #rip#iloveyoumawmaw
iloveyoumawmaw - rip -
kamryn__elise06 : gotchu
si.er.ra.12 : aweeeee 😩☺☺😍
kamryn__elise06 : ❀️❀️❀️😘 @si.er.ra.12
si.er.ra.12 : πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’™πŸ’™
gabrielle_adtr : Love you kam!!!!!!❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️
kamryn__elise06 : Love you Gabs.❀️😘 @gabsthorn
softball_makenzie_03 : You are amazing Kamryn
kamryn__elise06 : I mean she's my world imma do what she asks .😏 @makenziewhaley
madelyn.williams.587 - gabbywilson7 - jami.haynes - ashleynhayes_ -
My Beautiful Grandmother Carolyn. She kept one side of my Family together while she was here. Aint been the same since she left us in 2004. #ILoveyouMawmaw #Lookoverallofus
lookoverallofus - iloveyoumawmaw -
countryboy0880 : Yea u got that right
tinalouisepender -
Yesterday evening my mom came into my room balling and I knew that something major was wrong. She told me that my MawMaw had just passed away. I didn't know what to say or do. My heart is broken but knowing that she is now in heaven with Jesus and her beloved PawPaw makes me feel a lot better. She always made me laugh... Even if she was being 100% serious. She was such a great role model and I hope that one day I will be able to be at least half of the wonderful, Godly woman she was. #iloveyoumawmaw #RIP
iloveyoumawmaw - rip -
_moriahgrace_ : I know how hard that is! Praying for you and your family!@marycantrell24
marycantrell24 : @_moriahgrace_ thank you so much
_moriahgrace_ - hannahe_04 - kelseyeliz32 - itswinfred_00 -
Wow can't believe your really gone......you will always be missed and forever in our hearts ever since I was born you found someway to wipe the tears from my eyes and put a smile on my face now your my guardian angel and you look dwn on me with your beautiful smile...."If I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you to myself, that where I am, there you may be also John 14:3 @yourfavoriteholiday @cbshump @jzane15 @kaiyannashumpert32 I love you all #foe#fam#R.I.PMawmaw#forevermissed#4life#illseeyouagain#iloveyoumawmaw
foe - r - forevermissed - illseeyouagain - fam - 4life - iloveyoumawmaw -
jep_1977 : Sorry for your loss. Yall are in my prayers @foreverhers31_
tamarabraxton5 - therealtjpore - sayodell - mz_james08 -
Here's for my momma #iloveyoumawmaw
iloveyoumawmaw -
rhonda0069 -
I want a love like my maw maw and paw paw one day! Marriage isn't something that I necessarily count on happening in My life nor do I really welcome it being that I've seen SO many marriages fail around me, but these two love birds are the reason why I still believe in something stronger than a government paper bond. Love. Even though I've been through a lot of heart ache and rejection in my life and I just want one constant person that NO MATTER what tough roads we travel he is always there for me and I for him. #iloveyoumawmaw #RIPpawpaw #soulmates #missyoupawpaw #inspiration #goodwoman #goodman
rippawpaw - goodman - missyoupawpaw - iloveyoumawmaw - soulmates - goodwoman - inspiration -
bigal1023 - omygoshlaurenactually - hulk171 - kevonmorris -
This song is so dear to my heart. I can remember sitting on my Mawmaw's lap as she would rock me to sleep and sing this to me. β™‘ #bushelandapeck #childhood #memories #iloveyouMawmaw
memories - iloveyoumawmaw - bushelandapeck - childhood -
l_e_king - kristineseepaul - kaleighmae93 - j_mcguffin -
This my next back piece can't wait goin to be awhile till tht happened but the day it happens I will more the Likley cry cuz it for my grandmother she ment everything to me ik right now she is looking down and shaking her head at sayin way is he being stupid and getting tattoos well mawmaw this one is for u have been gone and I miss you I think about u a lot #iloveyoumawmaw #backtatoo #tatoos
iloveyoumawmaw - backtatoo - tatoos -
eg8_tyler : Hey are you up?? @coorslight2015 @coorslight2015
coorslight2015 : Ya
eg8_tyler : Wake up Gage pronto, go jump on him if you have to but make sure he calls me please, y'all niggas are gonna be uncles soon @coorslight2015
coorslight2015 : Call him
eg8_tyler : I've tried, he sleeps through it @coorslight2015
coorslight2015 : He toke niguil he is out
samanthacourtney26 - lissxbx - footballmom_2_11_21 - _mbreannw -
H A P P Y S U N D A Y🌺 #ILoveYouMawMaw
iloveyoumawmaw -
ms_carroll - __thewife - kockyboo_gee - __.miy.joi.__ -
My mawmaws flowers i brought her for her birthdayπŸ‘΅πŸŒΉπŸŽˆ #giraffeisold #newchristmasones #rip #aliceguillotte #iloveyoumawmaw
iloveyoumawmaw - aliceguillotte - newchristmasones - rip - giraffeisold -
chancesmommy2121 - chanel1818 - ashleigha1 - lauralou2919 -
at 10:55 this morning, 15 minutes after we left the hospital, heaven gained the most beautiful angel it could gain. this woman was the strongest, most independent, most loving, caring, respectful, and sweetest woman I've ever met in my whole life and I am soo thankful to be able to call her my Mawmaw. she made everyone she knew feel so loved and special, she truly impacted many lives and will be missed terribly. thank you soo much for everything you've done for not only me but everyone Mawmaw and I want you to know that it's okay to let go, it's okay to not fight and be in pain anymore. just don't ever forget that I love you more than anything in this world and always will. so rest in peace my beautiful angel, don't stop watching over usπŸ’–πŸ‘Ό #iloveyoumawmaw #youwillbemissed
iloveyoumawmaw - youwillbemissed -
cassie__elizabeth : thank you lex. i love you too. @abeeeenoit_
jchiasson4 : I'm here if you need anything at all. Keep staying strong & remember that she'll always know how much you love her. Love you!
cassie__elizabeth : thank you Jenna, I love you too. @jchiasson4
saltlife1967 : Sorry for y'all loss sweetie.. Prayers for you all.
cassie__elizabeth : thank you @saltlife1967
hf_benoit : I'm so sorry love. Y'all are in my prayers. I'm always here if you need me. Love you!
kjungurl317 : Sorry my honey
cassie__elizabeth : thank you Hannah, I love you too. @hf_benoit it's okay mommalissa /: @kjungurl317
karlimarabie - telli.elizabeth - sportsman2795 -
God gain another AMAZING && BEAUTIFUL ANGEL this morning at 3:30am. May God rest your loving soul Maw Maw. I know you will be looking down from heaven at all of us, watching over us. You were such an amazing strong woman && I love you so much. It kills me that your gone now but at least your in a better place. #ILoveYouMawMaw #RestInParadise #MyBeautifulAngel
restinparadise - iloveyoumawmaw - mybeautifulangel -
amber._.k : Prayers for your family
ajw2312 : Thanks girl @amber._.k
carla_pastorio : She was such a great woman. I always loved talking to her when she came to Mill Street. You and your family are in my thoughts.
ajw2312 : Thanks so much @carla_pastorio
rebornmemories : We would like to create a free memorial graphic design for her. Just send her info if you want it done, we also offer other support. We’re sorry for your lost.
willmaze91 - _kushonmybreath - _ayym.k - carla_pastorio -
Happy Thanksgiving! What are you thankful for? I am thankful for this amazing little lady! She means the world to me! She practically raised me along with 11 children, over 25 other grandchildren, and too many great grandchildren to keep count. Words could never express the love I have for her, so I won't even try! Anyone who truly knows me knows the special place she holds in my heart! #ILoveYouMAWMAW #TheBeautifulTheresaSoniat #ThankGodImASoniat #90yearsOldandFlawless #Thankful #WonderfullyBlessed
thankful - wonderfullyblessed - iloveyoumawmaw - 90yearsoldandflawless - thankgodimasoniat - thebeautifultheresasoniat -
breeofnola : 😍heyyy maw maw
__nyishia__ : Hey yall πŸ‘‹βœ‹πŸ‘‹βœ‹
__nyishia__ : Happy Thanksgiving !
dom_bella_ : @thee_image122592 MawMaw says hey too! Happy Thanksgiving! I am also thankful for YOU! I'm glad that Walgreens brought us together! You're a great friend and you've become like a sister to me! I'm happy and thankful because I know that you'll always be around and always hold me down! I love love you girl!! 😘😘😘😘
dom_bella_ : @__nyishia__ Same to you woman! Give beautiful Bailey a hug for me and save me some roast!! πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹
breeofnola : 😒awwwww that was sweet l love u too Dom,, so thankful to have u n my life 😘😍😘😍
dios__nino - rx05 - yelzukno - __nyishia__ -
Missing this beautiful and bright soul, especially today. #iloveyoumawmaw
iloveyoumawmaw -
littlelytton - cwelker7 - yenohnacirema - amandaratcliffe09 -
love you beautiful, praying constantly that you get better , i need youπŸ’” #CantTakeAnotherLostThisBig . #ILoveYouMawMaw
canttakeanotherlostthisbig - iloveyoumawmaw - canttakeanotherlossthisbig -
miss.tierra : thanks😘 , im trying , @essenceeef___
miss.brooks_ : Hope everything's ok 😘
miss.tierra : it's not , but i pray it will , thanks dess 😘 @miss.brooks_
miss.brooks_ : πŸ˜’sorry to hear that.. Hold your head 😘
calliope_niece : Praying everything is ok I love you friend
miss.tierra : thanks alot friend , i love you more @porter_vs_shaniece
calliope_niece : Text me
miss.tierra : * #CantTakeAnotherLossThisBig
abstyles_ - __waltdabarber - miss.brooks_ -
Still in love πŸ˜πŸ’– #tattoo #alzheimersawareness #iloveyouMawmaw
alzheimersawareness - tattoo - iloveyoumawmaw -
bentantlers - alzmanh - ekuchick96 - bhannah17 -
mawmaloveitlighthouse - iloveyoumawmaw - lighthouse -
365_fitcouple - singinghispraises_24.7 - k.rachelle.1526 - gafagamy -
My GRANDMA...was honored today at CHURCH as GRANDMOTHER of the YEAR...hahahaha my GRANDMA better than yours! #ireallysteppedouttodayforchurch #onlyforyougrams #whoyothinkismyBANK #thejoyofbeingtheyoungest #welliwqsuntiliwaslike12 #butimstillherbabyboy #hahahamyownpersonalCHEF #ATM #GRANDMA #COUNSELOR #SAVEFROMANASSWHIPPING #bruhshesavedmefromalotofasswhippings! #iloveyoumawmaw
butimstillherbabyboy - welliwqsuntiliwaslike12 - ireallysteppedouttodayforchurch - whoyothinkismybank - atm - bruhshesavedmefromalotofasswhippings - thejoyofbeingtheyoungest - hahahamyownpersonalchef - grandma - savefromanasswhipping - counselor - iloveyoumawmaw - onlyforyougrams -
krazyman25 : Tell Ms Z I said hello!
jamesdean._ : K
blazerndbowtie : @jamesdean._ you jelly
sydni.jayy - stewflowers - honeylove_40 - krazyman25 -
iloveyoumawmaw - hattiemaewarner -
mz_le : R.I.P. Mrs. HatπŸ‘ΌπŸ™πŸ˜
ketta2ave88 : Sorry about yall lost cuz
daughter_of_a_angel : Mawmaw looked so happy r.i.p mawmaw πŸ’πŸ’ž
ronaldhughes589 : Safe in the arm's of JESUS.
ronaldhughes589 : Rest in peace., MRS. Hat.
queen_cal - ikea_0618 - _.sayy.lakeithaaa -
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