Illarion comes from the Greek word "hilaros," which means "cheerful" and is also where we get the word "hilarious". 😂 It's a masculine name and also the name of a 4th century saint, a disciple of St. Anthony. Another variation of this name can be "Hilarion." #IllarionOdnoralov #Illarion #Everfound
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#mcm #illarion #larry
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everfound.fan.page : I miss him. 😭
midnightmasq : @everfound_fan_page We all do 😭😭
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I miss illarion, I'm still wondering what happened , @everfoundofficial #everfound #illarion #larry #everfondlarry #everfoundillarion
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#ilovemyfriends #bigfamily #illarion #happyme #happyweekend
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juliatrippoint : Знакомые все лица 😀☺️
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Larry! #illarion #formerbassplayerofeverfound #missingthebassplayer ~Em
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Некоторые туристы не могут ограничиться одной поездкой на Кипр и одной экскурсией) Евочка уже со мной на экскурсии 4-й раз)) здесь, кстати, мы на высоте 736 метров над уровнем моря. Еле залезли))) #кипр #замок_святого_иллариона #северныйкипр #экскурсиипокипру #кирения #я_люблю_свою_работу #cyprus #fromcypruswithlove #illarion #kyrenia
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baevdn : Няши)
aromat_saratov_ : Хорошего дня))
antonin_voyager : Высоко!😱
viktory911 : Крутышки) она хоть возвращаться собирается?
smalllean : @viktory911 видимо нет))
viktory911 : @smalllean я так и подумала...
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really missing these guys right now. 😔💕 @everfoundofficial
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awesomeness_in_paradise : Really!
cait.lin.cat : @awesomeness_in_paradise yeah of course! I didnt want to forget it either :)
awesomeness_in_paradise : I dont think that I ever will :)
guitarsandvans : Are you going to the tallmadge show on the 21st?!
cait.lin.cat : @guitarsandvans I don't think so :/ it's too far away from me
guitarsandvans : Awhhhg! We need to meet up at one of their shows! 😭
cait.lin.cat : @guitarsandvans I know!!😔I wish they were coming to pittsburgh!
christianconcert : Love it!
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I have to say that I definitely miss Larry but I'm so happy that he's doing what God is calling him to do! ~Mack
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andlarryofficial : The guys shouldn't use red sharpies to write the set list on their arms... I had to zoom in, cause i originally thought it was sh.
everfoundfans : You're right! I thought the same thing when I first saw it 😁 @andlarryofficial
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Happy birthday Larry! #Illarion
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Oh hey look! Larry is in the background! #everfound #nikita #larry #illarion
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nikita_fanpage : @katielabreche99 me too :(
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An end to an era: Larry is officially not apart of everfound. I'm actually so happy for him! He finally found his true calling and I'm so proud to have witnessed that. I really want him to have the best life he could've ever dreamed of and if that's being an architect, so be it! I hope one day I can go marvel at the buildings designed by him and be like, "I knew this kid would make it!" Yeah it's sad to see him go, but it's so exciting to know that he's doing what he was built for! Besides, Everfound has technically been the three of them since last summer, so it's not that big of a shocker!! Although, everfound has gone through a few members of their time, I don't think the three they are now will quit or abandon this position. Nikita is so passionate about bringing people to Christ... Ruslan is so passionate to create music and design new sounds.... And Yan is so passionate to bring people happiness and joy, so I don't see them leaving anytime soon. If anything, we should all pray for Illarion so that he'll continue to find his true happinesses like the three of his passionate brothers! ;) not only that but maybe one day I'll be able to see him perform symphonies and piano concerts, which I would not mind at all 😊 so here's my official goodbye to my friend, Illarion! #everfound #larry #illarion #goodbye #friend
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happyyheart_ : Awwhh this is adorable
kcristmalyn : Very well said :) Do you know him personally?
thamorelim : How cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
lisarose26 : @thamorelim thaliii :)
lisarose26 : @kcristmalyn I wouldn't say we were like close friends, I guess I'm a close fan that they know my name ;)
kcristmalyn : Aw that's awesome!
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"Proud" is an understatement. I'm so happy for Larry♥ The 4 years that I have been lucky enough to know Illarion, I knew someday he would pursue this architecture calling/passion that he has always been known for. If you know/knew Larry like I know him, you would know just how much his heart is placed in architecture more than anything else. I will always and forever be behind Larry 100% in anything he does because he is one of the most passionate people I know. Yes, you may be sad or upset now, but put yourself in Larry's shoes for a second. This is something he has /always/ wanted to do. Music was just a side hobby to keep him going until he found out that THIS is his true calling. Architecture was always first priority, music second. But I don't think he'll be gone forever. He's minoring in piano :) So he at least has some music still in him♥ Words can not explain my adoration for this man. I wish him all the best in everything!♥ #farewelllarry #illarion #illarionodnoralov #everfound
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lisarose26 : @imafriendofthefoot he used to. Now he doesn't
iamafangirlokay : Okay that's why I thought. I was wondering why I couldn't find him. Thank you! 😊 @lisarose26
lisarose26 : @imafriendofthefoot yeah :) you're welcome
everfoundupdates : @founders_forever What a cool memory!
everfoundupdates : @everfound_fan_central Happy late birthday! :)
everfoundupdates : @derbyandfreddi_freak Me too, but he's doing what he loves and he's happy. If he's happy, that's all I care about♥
everfound_fan_central : :) Thank-You @everfoundupdates
founders_forever : Yeah, i bought a button at their merch table (which happened to be of Larry) and was looking at it while walking back to my seat. And thats where i almost ran into the amazing goofballs who walk very, very fast :)
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I stole this from @everfound_fan_page. When I saw this I thought it was the perfectest thing ever. Larry is like my soulmate. Early #mcm #larry #Illarion
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theyarehunterswearefoxes : I'm really jealous of the girl who can say this and mean it 💔
webothwent_mad : Please...? @firecracker0616
firecracker0616 : Your so Annoying 😕😞 😡
firecracker0616 : @alexis_.23_ringler
webothwent_mad : Nope @firecracker0616 #illarion is my soulmate he just don't know it yet
firecracker0616 : I don't care your really annoying 😡😞😕😡😡😡😞😞😞😕😕😕😠😠😠😠😥😥😥
vanessacohn : Hey @firecracker0616 and @alexis_.23_ringler I won't stand for cyber bullying on my picture. Please and thank you.
webothwent_mad : Hah okay just sisterly "love" @vanessacohn
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I could put this on my personal account, but I don't think it would have the same affect. So this whole thing about Larry is getting way out of hand. I know some of you have a lot of questions and I'm more than willing to help you out! Yes, Illarion is not in the band "currently." Yes, he deleted his Instagram. No, he doesn't hate anyone. No, he doesn't mean to hurt anyone. He wasn't apart of the new photoshoot or EP because he's in school. I was the one that ran the illarion_fanpage. I deleted my account out of respect to him. Why should I keep running that account if he's not on Instagram? Not only that, but why should you run a page dedicated to him when he's not in the band? Don't freak out on me, thinking that he's never coming back! It takes time to go through school and graduate...
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ilovelgdandhawk : I agree all the same
lisarose26 : @evrfoundfanpage yeah! Go ahead :) I'm on my personal now lol
lisarose26 : @nikoshkaodn thanks!!
lisarose26 : @derbyandfreddi_freak don't be sad, he will be back!
lisarose26 : @evrfoundfanpage I co-own this ef update account with a friend of mine lol in case you were wondering what the heck
evrfoundfanpage : Thank you:) and I already knew that you ran it:) @lisarose26
monicarenee7292 : @evrfoundfanpage I run it actually :) She just co owns.
evrfoundfanpage : Ahh...I gotcha:) @monicarenee7292
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#Илларион #mylove #Illarion
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hanna_varanets : #фотонапаспорт
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#Илларион #Illarion
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ya_beliaeva : Ларик-красавчик
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