Feral cat problems. #catsofinstagram #cat #scratch #ihateyoubananas #whytheknuckle!! #ijustwanttoloveyou
ihateyoubananas - whytheknuckle - scratch - catsofinstagram - ijustwanttoloveyou - cat -
nlynnee : *slowly opens mouth and puts teeth over finger* *ATTACKS****
l_wills : @nlynnee hahahahah
_kpictures - candicerobs - alyssamitra - nlynnee -
"I am not the girl your mother warns you about. I won't kiss your best friend or break your heart. I won't make you choose between what you love to do and me. I am not cold. I am not reckless. I will love you more than anything. I will kiss you when you cry. I will stand by your side until you decide otherwise. " πŸ˜™ #goodnight #tbh #ijustwanttoloveyou πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ
tbh - goodnight - ijustwanttoloveyou -
veronica_gray - kittyxrina - eriestrada - charlito_controla -
I've never met a dog that hates me so much #ijustwanttoloveyou #evilbitch
ijustwanttoloveyou - evilbitch -
jessicanicholson - hailey_67 - addimosiondz - jaysawhite -
He's in a bad mood ;( #cat #mean #biter #pet #ijustwanttoloveyou
pet - mean - biter - ijustwanttoloveyou - cat -
okirakuoki - lalak56 - ceciliehsc - graythekocour -
"Mommy you are annoying me go away" #wyatt #hound #dane #annoying #ijustwanttoloveyou!
wyatt - dane - hound - annoying - ijustwanttoloveyou -
atomriver82 - anastasia102 - k_york22 -
#wcw #ijustwanttoloveyou #withallmyheart πŸ˜‚β€οΈπŸ’–
wtf - withallmyheart - ijustwanttoloveyou - wcw - whothefuckyouthinkyoutalkinto -
caseycarlin15 : Are u guys a thing??(:
miaa_smells_like_teenspirit : @caseycarlin15 no :)
hannah_ingrassia : Is who a thing.? @caseycarlin15
miaa_smells_like_teenspirit : @hannah_ingrassia me and you ??? I've been asked this twice now. Idk whyyyy
hannah_ingrassia : Its called being best friends. #wtf
miaa_smells_like_teenspirit : @hannah_ingrassia I know every other group of bestfriends make each other their wcw and shit and we do it and now we les??? #wtf
hannah_ingrassia : That's amazballs. Maybe Casey and all of her friends are all lesbian and they want us to join there little o groups
hannah_ingrassia : @havenransom haha
ohitskevinc - kxitty_ - zovaer_kaiser_emon - allyordogh -
Some people don't know what romance is dammit. Why won't you let me love you like a geriatric sparkly vampire loves his sullen socially awkward 17 year old girl?? #twilight #ijustwanttoloveyou #lol
stalkalltheladies - twilight - ijustwanttoloveyou - lol -
bender62806 : That's not love it's stalking !!
krissyface85 : Stalking, love, what's the difference?? Stalking is just love that's unrequited yet!!!! :p
bender62806 : #creep
the_miss_riley : I wish someone loved me enough to stalk me *Le sigh* #lowselfesteem. Lolol
krissyface85 : Lmfao #stalkalltheladies
soxgirl78 - bender62806 - the_miss_riley -
"What the fuck you say to me bish?" #catproblems #problemaselgato #totalbitchface #ijustwanttoloveyou !
problemaselgato - catproblems - totalbitchface - ijustwanttoloveyou -
gangsta_kat - nicecrazylady63 - spacebarzero - eskimoe_joe -
My boo thang πŸ˜˜πŸ’– #IJustWantToLoveYou #WithAllMyHeart @hannah_ingrassia
withallmyheart - ijustwanttoloveyou -
hannah_ingrassia : I'm ganna cry.!! I love you Soooooooooooooooooooooo much miaa. #thisaintno #gonewiththewindshit #illseeyousoon #mylittlepetunia
miaa_smells_like_teenspirit : @hannah_ingrassia πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I love you too
hannah_ingrassia : What day do you think I could come over.?
hannah_ingrassia : Omfg. Just Kik me haha @
jayeen_group - vvogxe - reynnax3 - diz_iz_hoo_i_am -
THIS. IS. THE. BEST. CAT. IN. THE. WORLD. GUARANTEED!! #want #please #sosoft #solazy #likeababy #ijustwanttoloveyou #bemine?
bemine - sosoft - want - please - ijustwanttoloveyou - solazy - likeababy -
rpetrie14 : I want it! Lol
memorylaine_ : SO DO I!!! It's soooooo soft!!
rpetrie14 : Dawww! Jealous! Lol
rpetrie14 : What's it's nameeee!?
hannah_rae248 - zac_brown22 - steph_williams7898 -
Jake doesn't like when I wake him up. #cat #jake #mad #meeeooowww #allcatshateme #ijustwanttoloveyou #thoseeyes
meeeooowww - jake - thoseeyes - mad - cat - ijustwanttoloveyou - allcatshateme -
iambmw85 : Oh he's ok. He's just being a pain in the ass lol. How's he doing?
littlemob : Fine. I was going to play with him this morning, but he went right back to sleep.. under the bed. @iambmw85
iambmw85 : Yea he's figured out its cooler temp under the bed
katieeemeow : I am the kat whisperer
littlemob : @katieeemeow help me. How do I make kitties like me?
broaustin81 - katieeemeow - samileexoxo - aftonjames -
As soon as "she" realize this I'm a have to break up with ghost baeπŸ˜†πŸ˜‚. #grownwoman #you #ijustwanttoloveyou #nogames #imserious #nopain #notears #love & #happiness
love - imserious - grownwoman - ijustwanttoloveyou - nogames - you - notears - happiness - nopain -
hmanphly82 - pecan_est.1988 - toxicturk - justgrizz -
#oomf making me feel some type of way always #ijustwanttoloveyou
oomf - ijustwanttoloveyou -
nancydiaz14 : 😏 ayyyyeee that was to me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Œ
abbbyyyy0366 - jrlundgren - kasandrachristinee - nancydiaz14 -
Finished with my video :) #serato #macbookpro #vinal #turntables #mixr #imovie #hiphop #actingupsong #ijustwanttoloveyou
mixr - actingupsong - turntables - imovie - serato - vinal - hiphop - ijustwanttoloveyou - macbookpro -
theappleleaf : Nicee!
devine_rodriguez0o - enriquehedman - _nigguhcesar - _dayzeexo -
That ONE time my cat allowed me to get close to him and he even took a selfie with me!!!😱....then he bit me right after πŸ˜ΎπŸ˜­πŸ’” #mycatismean #mycathatesme #ijustwanttoloveyou #mcm #thumperthecat #catmomstruggles
thumperthecat - mcm - evilcat - catmomstruggles - ijustwanttoloveyou - mycatismean - mycathatesme -
itsyesidude : Awww kitty!!!!!
jossramrz__ : @itsyesidude lol hes got cattitude!!
itsyesidude : Girl my cat too. There's this pic I posted on here a while back, you can see the bitch in her! Her face is price less lol
scillasag : 😼lol
jossramrz__ : @itsyesidude at least your cat lets you touch her! My cat runs away from me! πŸ’”
jossramrz__ : @scillasag he knows I want some loving and he's not giving it up haha
itsyesidude : Mine runs too but I grab her anyway lol she meows so loud so I can let her go but I just grab it n to her longer xP
jossramrz__ : @itsyesidude lmao! I try but I end up getting scratched or bitten....Most of the times both!!!! #evilcat
_qween_b - jjfranco02 - jenvaz6393 - nayjelly22 -
I never post these things..but this one is so me. #ijustwanttoloveyou #andcuddle #petproblems
petproblems - andcuddle - ijustwanttoloveyou -
tracematthews - jaslorraine_ - causee - gordanjilley -
#please #just #stay #still #kitten #difficulties #ijustwanttoloveyou
difficulties - just - kitten - still - please - ijustwanttoloveyou - stay -
taanishaacook - araceliskgnb - carlyesmedley - tiannaw_19 -
She really didn't wanna cuddle...πŸ˜– #badbunny #battlewound #fuckyouclover #ijustwanttoloveyou
fuckyouclover - battlewound - ijustwanttoloveyou - badbunny -
taylowe_ : Hahahah "just want to love you" poor emmy
emerslee : It really hurt :( @taylowe_
larseneau24 : :(
sc0tt7homas - taylowe_ - rpb15 -
bad - jasminevillegas - ijustwanttoloveyou - wcw -
kaithlopez6 : @jasminevillegas
j_nielsen08 - phil_bed - amazing.blasian - best_bartender_ever -
Current mood! Why doesn't the bae like talking to me! #ijustwanttoloveyou #annoying #sorrynotsorry
annoying - sorrynotsorry - ijustwanttoloveyou -
_crazylittlelove_ : Sorry :/ @illy_perez_ i've been distracted
sara_mccray : @ashleymccray12 This right here!!!
purelaughs_ : Omg! @_crazylittlelove_
purelaughs_ : I wasn't talking bout you but I guess it's a lot of people
rios_yabish - wow_tony_just_ - itsbeenrissa - sam_johno2000 -
y u bite me? 😠 #ijustwanttoloveyou #tinysatan
ijustwanttoloveyou - tinysatan -
sparksy17 - wontayoungnigga - shelbizzzz - jenn_wilson8705 -
Lol #ijustwanttoloveyou #stopbeingahoeplease #beingahoe #bitchesbelike #belike #justwannaloveyou haha
justwannaloveyou - stopbeingahoeplease - belike - bitchesbelike - ijustwanttoloveyou - beingahoe -
jayen_q : Lmao πŸ˜‚
bosscakin : Lmfao wtfπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
ivreal_kih : Don't get me started @emanusmc04
king_miksj : Can't save these hoes have fun with um then do it moven.
itsrobstar : @sal_408
_m4ri4 : Calm down lol @emanusmc04
danielleag196 : LmaoπŸ˜‚
lalababy_xoxo_ - nena5286 - vluxevapes - eem_1234 -
It didn't work. #hehatesme #ijustwanttoloveyou
ijustwanttoloveyou - hehatesme -
It's still at 9%. This wait is interminable. #destiny #xboxone #destinybeta #bungie #ijustwanttoloveyou
destiny - bungie - ijustwanttoloveyou - xboxone - destinybeta -
jamesmorenoishere : πŸ˜‚your last hashtag
ohyeahitzkayla : I already hit lvl 8 on ps4... This game is incredible!!!
gamehelmet - chadespinoza - kellzorz - yukabey -
I guess you can't snug ALL the dogs. Also, I have a lazy eye :)
cantsnugemall - yourestillcute - sorryforscaringyou - ijustwanttoloveyou - dogbite -
zarasutra : #dogbite #cantsnugemall #ijustwanttoloveyou #sorryforscaringyou #yourestillcute
ataziker - stefzacc - cloudbalines - roostale -
Do you ever had a Love/ Hate relationship with a doll ? I swear I 'm stuck with this Migidoll boy. I received him last year -almost 10 months ago and I was so very excited to get him. He got a name and I had a fitting character in mind but I can't seem to find a connection. On one hand I want him gone - to a better home where he's getting all the love he deserves, on the other hand, I don't want him to leave me. He's somehow special and I've not seen too many of his mold around. I think I hate his Migidoll body but no chance to replace this with a better one unless someone knows a match for suntan ? We will see *sigh*...poor boy #bjd #migidoll #Darklingsdemons #doll #instadoll #lovehate #bonding #abjd #suntan #dollstagram #dar_k_ling #balljointeddoll #IJustWantToLoveYou
dar_k_ling - bjd - balljointeddoll - doll - dollstagram - migidoll - ijustwanttoloveyou - lovehate - bonding - instadoll - suntan - darklingsdemons - abjd -
anniebunniesofunnie : *seems
dar_k_ling_1976 : Oh really? I have to look into this. But I guess no one would want my Migidoll body and it would just lay around :/ One way or another, there will be a solution @anniebunniesofunnie
anniebunniesofunnie : The match is near seamless.
anniebunniesofunnie : Although it may take time to resolve a balance between retaining the lovely Owen head and hybridize him on a more favorably designed body that supports similar coloration of the suntan; as you said, a solution shall be reached eventually. Please hang in there.
hydr_coma : Ah, I difn't know about this two tones, but yes I think he has the darker one :/ I really hope you will find a solution ! 😊
pretty_in_plastic : Clipsy: Ich hab ne gute Nachricht fΓΌr dich :3 Ich schick dir auf devart eine Note,vielleicht hab ich ne LΓΆsung fΓΌr dein Body Problem und color match gefunden!^^ Schau dann mal bitte vorbei,ja?
dar_k_ling_1976 : Das ist ja eine tolle Option, davon wusste ich gar nicht. Danke fuer deine MΓΌhe aber nun ist er adoptiert worden und ich behalte den Owen in normal skin. Ich hab gesehen das Migidoll nun eine neue version body anbietet, ich bin gespannt ob da auch mal wieder was in tan dabei ist. Lieben Dank nochmal! @pretty_in_plastic
pretty_in_plastic : Ach so,schade! Aber in normal skin ist das echt einfacher^^ Falls du den neuen Body kaufen solltest,irgendwann, sag uns bitte wie der so ist. Der alte ist ja echt besch**** Haben ja auch einen hier,leider -.-
fofionaohare - maggles____ - helvattu - _baka_red -
saw an adorableee baby deer the other day who didn't want his picture taken πŸ“·πŸ˜  #comeback #ijustwanttoloveyou #wouldcallitbambi #butitsmomisthere ... #ihatemyselfimsosorry
ihatemyselfimsosorry - comeback - butitsmomisthere - ijustwanttoloveyou - wouldcallitbambi -
jath__kujath_007 - _elias25_ - hoperkinz - missyknorr -
Mr grumpy paws is getting tired of mommies shit. 🐾🐱😾 #ijustwanttoloveyou #iwontletgotill youkissmeback
ijustwanttoloveyou - iwontletgotill -
kuyaa_so_lo - josevasquezlopez - her_hylian_knight - kristennn_nicoleee -
We're in the wrinkly face club 🐾 #ijustwanttoloveyou
ijustwanttoloveyou -
kaitlinalexh : Omg a wrinkly dog I want it!!! @shanda0310
aznmomma1 : He's gonna be ginormous cuz he has very LARGE paws! 😳
shanda0310 : @aznmomma1 hahah you're right! They said he was going be around 60 pounds!
aznmomma1 : Holy moly!
theangiekim : Omg omg so cute
erin.matsuoka - looshcarr - ericacengle - theangiekim -
It's not rape if I yell surprise.... #strugglesnuggle #ecards #lmfao #ijustwanttoloveyou #getbackhereandloveme
lmfao - getbackhereandloveme - strugglesnuggle - ecards - ijustwanttoloveyou -
pezziepezz : Hella funny
kennypowers707 - jennaraearmstrong - crumbtop - _sammie_roo_ -
Sometimes my momma ignores me when I try to take selfies with her #dontignoreme #ijustwanttoloveyou #momicanthelpitmyselfiegametostrong
momicanthelpitmyselfiegametostrong - dontignoreme - ijustwanttoloveyou -
sinderella626 : You're soo pretty 😊
__aydree_ : Not as pretty as you!!! @sinderella626
sailor.m : #Hawt
photofreak17 : Hey @__aydree_ I need a job hook me up at Juice it up girly___ pull some strings lolxD
__aydree_ : Well you see that will be hard seeing that I work at jamba juice and not juice it up lol @photofreak17
photofreak17 : Huh??? Wait is that place next to jersey mike's a juice it up or jumba juice?
mirandalove29 - sinderella626 - thezayo - adriane_renee -
#ijustwanttoloveyou #i #just #want #to #love #you #tshirt #picofday #design
picofday - love - just - i - ijustwanttoloveyou - to - tshirt - design - want - you -
fulyabaani : 😳
memoalpay : Olmuşş:))
gezengoren : Sus sus :) @memoalpay
nicolenmortimer - memoalpay - myagmurduman - ugurluukaan -
; my cat phantom xD love you β™₯ #catsofinstagram #attitudemuch #ijustwanttoloveyou #weirdface #ermagerd #phantom
phantom - attitudemuch - ermagerd - catsofinstagram - ijustwanttoloveyou - weirdface -
kaykhaos : lmao that face 5ho
kaykhaos : tho
misslunaeclipse : @kaykhaos I know I fucking died when he made it xD
kaykhaos : lmao!!! what you doin tits
thefirstnoel27 - irish_and_tattooed - kaykhaos - mjmeganjones -
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