The lyrics, I needed this song months ago. Fuck you. #kaceymusgraves #keepittoyourself #countrymusic #ihatemyex
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Also. Hi @sadpitt @sadderdaymedia
ihatemyex -
lexlockdown : #IHateMyEx
rtodaizh : Boobz.
quack_mcchead_md : Yowzah!
lexlockdown : @rtodaizh truchainz
lexlockdown : @quack_mcchead_md yowzeeeeee
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Fully focus for @sadderdaymedia #aug23 #blacksummernight #ryobirthday #ihatemyex #sadderday
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hotpockett : πŸ’™πŸ’ͺ
stylesbyju_ : πŸ‘ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ™Œ
therealcroc : The uation is lit
iampvnch : Lets make a new record or something man !!!!
ryothecrook : @iampvnch u still rap? Haha
iampvnch : I'll take that
iampvnch : I gotta respect it lol
ryothecrook : @iampvnch haha u can't come out of retirement and go back when u feel like it
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I don't get it.. I just don't. My bestfriend is in the hospital tonight, and she might not make it through, my anxiety issues are skyrocketing through the fucking roof these days, and my ex and his whole family unfriended me, even his sister who was supposed to be one of my best friends.. #fuckitall#fucklife#prayformyfriend#anxietyissues#fuckasses#fuckers#ihatemyex#fuckhim#anxious#upset#depressed#crying#mentallyfuckedup#secret_society123
fuckasses - depressed - upset - fucklife - fuckers - fuckitall - mentallyfuckedup - anxious - anxietyissues - prayformyfriend - ihatemyex - crying - fuckhim - secret_society123 -
whoaa_recovery : Thank you, I'm hoping so. @ourhiddenscars That'd be nice, but I don't want to bother.. @jakelautner
jakelautner : It wouldn't bother me! I'd love to talk to you, just dm me :)
whoaa_recovery : Alright, I'm sending a dm your way. @jakelautner
vampgirl0130 : Its okay it'll be okay i promise you can talk to me if you want to I'd love a friend all my friends talk behind my back and say mean things or ignore me my last friend called me an emo bitch I'm also bullied about my weight and scars one person even said if i an weird i am not normal shouldn't and be alive because i said i task to myself so you can talk to me
whoaa_recovery : Thank you, and I'd love to talk to you. I'd gladly be your friend. Don't let people put you down like that. You're beautiful, and no one is normal. Everyone's weird, and that is not a bad thing. 😜 @vampgirl0130
vampgirl0130 : I'm not beautiful I'm fat and ugly
whoaa_recovery : I do not believe that. I honestly believe everyone is beautiful. I haven't seen your face, but it's not all about your looks. What's inside counts. ❀️
whoaa_recovery : @vampgirl0130
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@therealbigbz #sadderday #ihatemyex #Zoe performing live august 7th at Tammany hall!
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still awake from yesterday #nosleep #depressed #emo #atwork #bored #pleaseiwantsleep #killme #dead wow these hash tags are depressing today lol #ihatemyex
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sspauldingx - farronnoah - normal_is_very_boring - lydamcory -
We finally talk to each other since last time, yeah just 2 or 3 words only I guess , it was totally awkward I was in his car sitting at the corner of the 3th line πŸš—like a stranger and ignore each other ,😩 SMH , I'll just let it go , we r not what we used to be 😣*note = I hate my friend , how dare they lied to me 😠
love - moveon - speakup - quotesforgirls - brokenheart - instaquotes - hurt - tumblr - quotes - ex - girlfriend - instadaily - instamood - quotesforlover - lovemeforme - boyfriend - moveonquotes - brokenheartquotes - breakupquotes - quotesforlife - dearex - heartsayin - next - heartbreak - instapict - singlequotes - quotesoftheday - followme - ihatemyex -
mylife.story.quotes : #quotes#quotesoftheday#brokenheartquotes #quotesforlover#quotesforgirls#quotesforlife#singlequotes#moveonquotes#instaquotes#breakupquotes#ex#next#boyfriend#girlfriend#love#heartbreak#brokenheart#hurt#moveon#lovemeforme#instapict#instamood#instadaily#speakup#heartsayin#dearex#tumblr#followme#ihatemyex
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iam_bittyboop : #SadderDay #IHateMyEx 😘 @sadpitt #InverseVerticalLip πŸ™Œ
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#InsertPointlessQuoteHere πŸ‘‡ #SadderDay #IHateMyEx πŸ’”πŸ˜
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Top 5 girls ever created @bundleofbrittany #SadderDay #ihatemyex
sadderday - ihatemyex -
rickiejacobsjr : I need this Bills!
bellalovecurls : Need!
gottaluvd : πŸ™Œ
fulltimeflyyy : πŸ”₯
shan_cole : My package was sent?
ragen_ray : I need this shirt lol
jonnymcdreamy - mizzgraf - rowwwe - rated_tye -
#sadderday #ihatemyex
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thesneakerheadcloset : @ferrarisimmons
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LLAH ex boyfriend got caught πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ nigga a slow player. Truth to be told you always will be a hoeass nigga! ain't ever gone learn πŸ˜‚ even thoe people will always try and keep me updated on yo stupidass #ihatemyex #gotcaughtup #withthesehoes #llah #exbfprobs
exbfprobs - llah - ihatemyex - gotcaughtup - withthesehoes -
ladiedelia_ : He's a piece of shit! that I waisted TWO god damn could have been wonderful years of my life ! Fuck that nigga remember how much he made me go through how I wasn't myself bc of that pussy fuck boy ughhh!!!! @terikaababyy I hope he rots in hell.
terikaababyy : Yea I remember you were always so sad and stuff @ladiedelia_
ladiedelia_ : I know I hate him with all my guts! πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ @terikaababyy
ladiedelia_ : Definitely a stranger! πŸ‘Œ I'm just saying it I feel sorry for his so called girlfriend cause to all of his friends he's single or so I've heard but I'll let her find that out (: I was with him for way too long I know the tricks he can play. Just wanna look out ya know. But your right. @bubbles_candyy
ladiedelia_ : @bubbles_candyy
ladiedelia_ : Not dumb stupid ... and he ain't slick, he's still a kid. But Well that's not my problem I got my own to worry about. @bubbles_candyy
kg_viridiana : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ omfg!!!! #aintslickkk
ladiedelia_ : I know!!! lmfao I was laughing so hard! Y pa cabarla de chingar se estaba con esa morra πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ pero from what I've heard "he's single" lol los dos estan pendejos ella por creerle y el por baboso πŸ˜‚ @kg_viridiana
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#say#xαΊ©m#sau#khi#xỉn#1h#sΓ‘ng . . #potd #photooftheday#bestoftheday #picoftheday#drunk #damnhim #fu#ihatemyex #nyx #nightlife #beer#lonely#uglygirl#girls#asian#throwback#friends #fml #forever21 #laneige #girlfriend#ex#brokenheart
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sam.wraith : Looking for house maid. If u r interested lol
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The #ihatemyex routine tonight
ihatemyex -
yardiegal - mikeshine11 - long_live_hayzsvp - yungbug17 -
SadderDay Media presents EveryDay is SadderDay coming this fall... #sadderday #everydayissadderday #ihatemyex
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Tomorrow @sadderdaymedia will be having a pop up shop @ skybox 1175 bedford ave in bed stuy Brooklyn... The best chicken and waffles in the whole Brooklyn drinks and live DJ come out from 1 - 7 pm and pick up your SadderDay and Ihatemyex T's ... #sadderday #ihatemyex
sadderday - ihatemyex -
sadpitt : @ingershwetrust_ty lmao bet
______trav : I'm coming
truecashgetta : Yo u got Big sizes bro?
sadpitt : @truecashgetta yea 2 and 3x
infamous_nu : I'll be there
sadpitt : @infamous_nu bet!
flexluger_ : Time for me to stop giving the owners of brand I don't know my bread and support my niggas ima come get a shirt too
krishnatrejo : Whats the website brother @sadpitt
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having a #sadderday #ihatemyex #itsruth #studio #working #newmusic
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naj4ya - capital_fame - _snow_whit3 - lady_dragonfly90 -
:/ #sadderday #ihatemyex
sadderday - ihatemyex -
nelegacy : So u walk pass n not speak
_haka_flocka : πŸ’―πŸ’―
haleymarshman : 😏
queenj13 : πŸ™€
liannab21 : She's your ex for a reason
citizencaine : πŸ‘€
sadpitt : @nelegacy I thought that was you but you didn't say anything
nelegacy : @sadpitt cause them girls was all around
andreagarayy - chema_2g - irresistible_roxy - rated_tye -
#iHateMyEx Word to @sadpitt & @sadderdaymedia
ihatemyex -
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REPOST FROM @sadderdaymedia: "This Sunday SadderDay pop up shop in bed stuy Brooklyn at sky box 1157 Bedford ave. brunch and drink will be served 1 - 7 pm come out and get your #sadderday and #ihatemyex T's" (via #RepostWhiz @RepostWhiz app)
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gpckesh - monnie_in_da_middle - just_nica_ - moses112 -
This Sunday SadderDay pop up shop in bed stuy Brooklyn at sky box 1157 Bedford ave. brunch and drink will be served 1 - 7 pm come out and get your #sadderday and #ihatemyex T's
sadderday - ihatemyex -
dajah_belle : Still no girl ones?
kristen_abraham1 : @amanda_abraham28 #sadderday #ihatemyex
amanda_abraham28 : @jack___a
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#sickofhurting #movingon #ihatemyex
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The other day @ #GriffinFridays with some lovely ladies. They were helping me deal with my issues with my ex. A lot of liquor was poured. #GriffinFridays #Sadderday #IHateMyEx #PartyWithKing
sadderday - griffinfridays - partywithking - ihatemyex -
_painful_pleasure_ : Lol at #IHateMyEx
amaredeus : Good seeing last nite bro
sirtriceledon : What events you do g?
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Bringing SadderDay in right henny in my hand and my ex on my mind... #sadderday #ihatemyex
sadderday - ihatemyex -
gdott_ : Lmao
gdott_ : Def need that I hate my Ex shirt
sadpitt : @gdott_ I got a package for you and Yharlie
irie__vibes : What u fuckin wit
gdott_ : My nigga !
biancashadai : 😘
skibo1011 - bellamarie00_ - fonzo101 - socialbutterfly_75 -
#sadderday #ihatemyex @urfavritasshole
sadderday - ihatemyex -
urfavritasshole : Aaaye I love this shirt lol
aileen82 - giggles703 - simmi_jae - jazmin_vergara -
#sadderday #ihatemyex
sadderday - ihatemyex -
kbolo59_badbitch : HellllLa
addicted2phresh : @sadderdaymedia when you puttin up the sadderday hoodies on the site?!
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let me tell you about a girl that i use to be, same name same face but a different me, she didnt know what she was thinking. #pastismypast #jks #imagoodgirl #ihatemyex #hehe #adidas #makeup
ihatemyex - adidas - imagoodgirl - pastismypast - makeup - hehe - jks -
makeupbymarcelle : Soooo pretty
adriano_do_brasil : 😍
alyshafknolsen : aw thanks girl @makeupbymarcelle
alyshafknolsen : @charliefursdon πŸ’•
t3n3k4 - vitaly_plascencia - enesatakanertekin - _whitneygenter -
ihatemyex - ifyoudonthateyourexillhatethemforyou -
shananightowl : @garrisonw
garrisonw : @shananightowl πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­
hennessy610 : I fuxk wit it
kayleannaa : LMFAO!! Buy me dis @jul_ay
kimmakeithappen : @tiffanyashley212 buy me this :*
coolstoryflaco : I need that.... Lol
xavier.ugalde : Me too
enxox : Bae
sadderdaymedia - bksonlyhope - hbic_philanthropy - zekedowling -
Had to show my bro @sadpitt some support at the pop-up!!! Go to @sadderdaymedia now to order your shirt today #Sadderday #IHateMyEx #PartyWithKing
sadderday - partywithking - ihatemyex -
vallxn : Grab me one of those!
f_ingawesome : Lol
kingthepromoter : Text me @vallxn
ticklemeantie : that shirt lol!
tinaprescod : Your ex really screwed up
hisigcrush - glamorous_q - n33ki_9 - lomein_collection -
552 grand street SadderDay pop up shop with my nigga @kingthepromoter #sadderday #ihatemyex
sadderday - ihatemyex -
milsdaskeyewalker : Is this the corniest movement ever ?? This man sadderday is gonna roll with more sad people and now it turns out to be about bitches ? This #ihatemyex shit is even more corny than sadderday. If sadderday had a dope logo it would be cool but damn man..
mrshakelife5 : @milsdaskeyewalker go sit ur Bit5h ass down u wud B da only fuckboy to hate on a nigga komin up how Bout dis I Bet u a grand dat any1 of my nigga shirts sell more than any pie5e of musik u ever put out so put dat dick Back n ur mouth & keep it there fuckboy
tiffybriskbeauty : Bills I'm still waiting on my shirt lol πŸ’ͺ
sadpitt : @mrshakelife5 @milsdaskeyewalker lol I ignore ppl like him cause I would break his arm and jaw if he said that to my face so I let them say w.e they want on the internet
mrshakelife5 : I just hate dat faggot shit Bro dis nigga took time out his day to write dat shit like r u serious if shit is dat wack u gonna spend da only thing u Kant get Back on kommenting sum negative shit #DatShitBrazy
mrshakelife5 : Dat nigga moms shuda plan B his ass Lmmfao
brooklynsexcyest : @sadpitt just seeing this post when is the next pop up shop if u guys closed already
such_a_diva_ms_liz : Ayyye my homie
mshilson - __exodus__ - lashesnlips - tarekluss -
#sadderday #ihatemyex @kingthepromoter x @sadpitt
sadderday - ihatemyex -
_2trillz_ - suchaboss_ladii - kg_dolo5 - ashtnmrtn -
552 grand street Williamsburg Brooklyn #sadderday #ihatemyex
sadderday - ihatemyex -
gpckesh : A blue one 😱
chrisasterisk : Mad hype lol @gpckesh
gpckesh : Yep I got my white one READY!! 😭😭😭 @chrisasterisk
chrisasterisk : I'm bout to head up there and get me a few @gpckesh
hennyhunni : You know they need a red one lol @gpckesh
_anna_g7 - h.nnydip - speaktoall - beardaprince -
Awh sun :3 #ihatemyex #needagf #needabf #lul #likeforlike #followforfollow
likeforlike - ihatemyex - needabf - followforfollow - needagf - lul -
nadi_britt : F4f?
ronie_bfmv : Yeye @nadi_britt
_vizard_ : Got a kik?
ronie_bfmv : Yeaah its ronie9lol @_vizard_
_cutting_daisies : You.. you are so beautiful. So it's random.. from a random person but.. wow..
ronie_bfmv : Um thanks hahhaah @_cutting_daisies
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