... but a devil's mind #photoownedbyinsta_charms
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insta_charms : #want #cute #musthave
alessbix : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
wataru_1026 : Lovely pic . Love it !
insta_charms : #whptypeinthewild
baobeitt : πŸ‘πŸŒΈπŸ‘πŸŒŸπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
dbmans : Insta_charms email me I may want to buy a bunch of the same charm for my customers broneaton@yahoo is the addy. Thanks
insta_charms : @dbmans will do n thanks✌️❀️
insta_charms : #whatelsedidyouexpectimakecharms
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[ many thanks for your purchase and all you have done for my lil shop @aerofan ]
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nestofposies : Yay! Love the charm!
insta_charms : @nestofposies thank you so much.
insta_charms : #smallbusinesssaturday
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[ foghorn leghorn getting his IG on ] #photoownedbyinsta_charms
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deborahyea : I say..I say.. Good Morning! 🌞
janeoako_ih : cool!
tanyamac_ : 😍😍😍
insta_charms : @deborahyea bahahahaha I been saying that all morning. Have a great day hunnie. βœŒβ€πŸ˜˜πŸ’¨
insta_charms : @tanyamac_gf @soheirali @janeoako tks have a wonderful week y'all!✌❀
rbpixs : Haha! Cute!:)
insta_charms : #instatypogram
insta_charms : #bunchofsquares
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[ thanks for your order Diana your necklace is on its way ] #photoownedbyinsta_charms
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insta_charms : @jeani7 awesome thanks #anyoneword
insta_charms : Instagram is... @instagramis @teamtexttypography #teamtexttypography_instagramis
insta_charms : #anyoneword_summer_1 #anyoneword
insta_charms : @americanmademsl #madeinusa love to nominate my etsy shop
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margotfonteyn : Love it!!!
insta_charms : @margotfonteyn many thanks.
insta_charms : #smallbusinesssaturday
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[ my funny valentine ] #photoownedbyinsta_charms don't forget select in stock items (custom items not included) on sale 5-25% off just be sure to read the shop announcement on my homepage for details on how to get your discount on something for your valentine like the LOVE charm shown above.
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shardrix : Sweet!❀
insta_charms : @shardrix thankya kindly✌❀
blue143 : CuteπŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
insta_charms : @blue143 thanks so much
insta_charms : #fmhwh_love
insta_charms : #ic_hearts
insta_charms : #bunchofsquares
insta_charms : #anyoneword_summer_1 #anyoneword
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[ many thanks to @ig_mississippi for spotlighting my shop. I love happy customers and was thrilled to see that you were so pleased with the outcome of your charm and magnets. Many thanks for taking the time to support our small southern businesses ]
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insta_charms : North or south ms @wendylou75
wendylou75 : North central
insta_charms : Cool @wendylou75 kinda neighborsπŸ‘
wendylou75 : Yep! We Having an instameet in April! Maybe u can come!
insta_charms : Awesome. Keep me in the loop.
wendylou75 : Will do!!
insta_charms : @lostfreelost awww thank you. I make tons of different items from folks photos. Just click link on my profile it will take ya to my shop. Thanks again. ✌
insta_charms : #bangkok #singapore #thailand #japan #china
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*ΰΉ‹ [ gotta dig those crazy squares ] #photoownedbyinsta_charms
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insta_charms : @stylecarnage cool what's your shop name n what do you make? I ❀etsy. I will check ya out ✌❀
stylecarnage : Style Carnage πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’› thank youπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ i will ad you on my circle @insta_charms
insta_charms : @stylecarnage same here. Tks
blue143 : ❀❀❀❀❀
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*ΰΉ‹ [now that black friday is over it time to check out small shop saturday. See what unique items the "mom & pop" shops have to offer. My shop is offering 35% off all in stock items (custom items NOT included). Contact me here, thru Etsy (click link on my profile), or "kik" me username "bunchofsquares. Once you know what items you want... I will make you a custom listings with the new reduced price then add it to your cart. It's that simple!!!! So on behalf of all small shops.... Thank you for letting us serve you! ]
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insta_charms : @rhondajl awe thanks sweetie. You will always have a special place in my ❀ My beta buddy 😜
insta_charms : #igmagnet #instagrammagnet #instagramphototiles #igphototiles
themuzicalone : βœ¨πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™βœ¨Thank you 😊✨
tanyamac_ : 😍😍😍😍😍😍
insta_charms : @instachildren hey there. I may be interested but this month is really not a good time. If its cool with you I can kik ya or you can kik me username bunchofsquares after the new year. Btw just curious who told ya about my shop? Thanks again n we will hook up soon!✌❀
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*ΰΉ‹ [ thank you @geekusa13 for your continued support of my shop and the honor of helping you keep your mom close to your heart. ❀
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insta_charms : @bree343 I'm honored. Thank you. N tks for fav'n the shop. Hope u n 🐢🐢had a happy thanksgiving
lisalisabug : Beautiful ❀
insta_charms : @lisalisabug thank you dear.
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*ΰΉ‹ [ coming soon possibly in your mailbox...... THANK YOU @AT&T INSIDER MAGAZINE for featuring my shop and custom instagram earrings in your fall newsletter. My shop along with several others were chosen to be spotlighted for the wide range of gifts that can be made from your IG pics. So if your an AT&T customer keep a look out for your copy ] #photoownedbyinsta_charms
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insta_charms : @diane_tweet thank you so much for your kind comment, likes and follow. ✌❀
lpezwm : Cool! Congratulations!
insta_charms : @lpezwm gee thank you my friend ✌❀
insta_charms : @ig_mississippi thank you so very much.
insta_charms : #bunchofsquares
insta_charms : #madeinusa #ourfinds
insta_charms : #igms_fashion
insta_charms : #smallbusinesssaturday
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*ΰΉ‹ [shipping out christmas orders thank you a. kennedy & @shelliewall for your orders ]
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aerofan : Love your work!
insta_charms : @prozach25_ud @aerofan you guys are great. Thank you so much.
sherryb82 : @insta_charms how much are these and how do I order one?! LOVE them!
insta_charms : @sherryb82 thanks. Click the link on my profile. It will take you to my shop. I am sold out of the bracelets. The 4 custom photo charms are $35 each (with a 2 week processing time) plus shipping. The IG stone tiles are not listed in my shop yet but they are $5 each + shipping. (Those are a rustic version of the logo) please let me know if you have any questions. N thanks again.
insta_charms : @sherryb82 I maybe label to make the bracket in the next few days. I have found some of the charms it's just the bracelet is not made yet. They are $20 plus shipping
sherryb82 : @insta_charms if you could that would be amazing, thank you! How would I pay you? Do you take PayPal?
insta_charms : Lest talk thru etsy. Click link on profile the look to the left of screen n hit "contact". I can send u pic there of what I have first before you purchase.
insta_charms : @sherryb82 check your etsy conversations. Your listing is online. Thanks dear!!!
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[ I ❀ happy customers...... thanks @nenita1963 for your order and posting such a cool pic ]
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insta_charms : @everydayfinds thankya kindly
everydayfinds : @insta_charms a pleasure great work and ideas πŸ‘πŸ‘
insta_charms : @everydayfinds ☺😘
deborahyea : So sorry I've been trying to catch up after vacation and posted the comment here that I'd meant to post on another pic. Lol Still a fantastic job Nina!!
tanyamac_ : Beautiful Nina!!
insta_charms : @deborahyea no worries Hun. I figured that was prob it. ✌❀
insta_charms : @tanyamac_gf awwww sweetheart your always so kind. Thank you. Have a wonderful weekend!!! ✌❀😘
insta_charms : #stockingstuffers
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congrats to @alessbix on winning 3custom photo charms from my shop in the FX birthday bash challenge are you on facebook want to save 35% on custom photo swag i'm running a special promotion if you want to save some cash..... all you have to do is post/share my link on your Facebook page and take a screenshot (picture) of the post. You can "kik" that pic to me (username bunchofsquares), attach it to an etsy conversation by using the "contact" button or i will give you an email to send it to Once ya do that I give you a special one time use coupon code to get 35% off everything in my shop INCLUDING ALL CUSTOM ITEMS PLEASE NOTE: coupon codes will only be active for 1 week so you will need to place your order within that timeframe. Also items are not discounted. You will not see your savings until you enter the code at checkout What a cool way to show off your toddlers artwork or infants footprints Need space on the fridge..... Miniaturize the artwork by making them into 2"tile or 1" glass magnets My shop has so many ways to make your keepsakes even more special
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insta_charms : @shogun_assassin no sorry. They had a total of 7 weeks of challenges that I was a co-sponsor. But if you ck out @colorsplashrocks they seem to have some new ones going on.
insta_charms : @thegentleman_jm ck comment above
smoothcannulator : Ohhh there's a new challenge my friend? Thanks.
insta_charms : @thegentleman_jm well they seem to be having a lot lately. Not sure what prizes are. Just wanted to give u a heads up.
smoothcannulator : Alright! πŸ˜„βœ¨πŸ‘Šβœ¨
insta_charms : #work_mm @markmakingdesign
insta_charms : #curepetcancer
insta_charms : #DOGforDOGpaws
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[ this is the loving caring hand of @sarah_hildebrand holding a #customphotocharm I made for her of her sweet Papa's hands gently holding a butterfly. I was truly honored to have made this prize she won in a challenge @jo3010_ih &@instagramhub hosted. I know it means more to her now than ever... and being able to help her preserve one special moment in her life has brightened my day. So thank you @sarah_hildebrand for allowing me such a great honor ✌❀🍻 ]
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insta_charms : @adrianrose26 thank so much
mindy_robinson_art : These are really neat! What a great way to keepsake!
insta_charms : @mindy_robinson thank you so much dear. I love making items from IG pics!
insta_charms : #igms_hands #ig_mississippi
insta_charms : @ig_mississippi @rbpixs thanks doll. Your always too sweet. I am loving the way @ig_mississippi is taking off. The themes are great and so are the submissions. I knew you could do it all by yourself. And now that ya got a lil help it will go further. So great job ladies. I hope you've been well too. I miss our lil chats. ✌❀😘
axe_lady : Love it β™‘
insta_charms : @axe_lady thank you. I love making them. ✌❀
insta_charms : #igbs_handful #igbsfeatures photo credits to @bear_kara (aka) Sarah Hildebrand
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[ insta_charms is a proud sponsor of the 5th weeks PRIZE challenge to celebrate the release of Color Splash Studio ] If you haven't yet entered the prize challenge loaded with a BUTTLOAD of awesome prizes from sponsors like me, @instacanvs @keepsy @postalpix @hatchcraft and an Olloclip then get your RED COLORSPLASH on and enter #colorsplash_jayw (details on his feed @jaywintermeyer) you still have time left AND DON'T FORGET.... 10% off everything in my shop including all custom orders. Use the coupon code "showoffyoursquares" for paperweights, magnets, charms, keyrings, pendants all made from your awesome IG pics So don't delay and get your pics preserved in so many totally cool ways you will definitely be wanting to SHOWOFFYOURSQUARES
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samantha222 : No problem!!! Just trying to catch up with all my IG friends!!! Hope your weekend is also great!!!! ✌
karyzmmah : Before I start liking everything, I just want to say what beautiful work you have. ” Charm” holds a special place in my heart because of my name. I used to be @wckdcharm until I decided to change it. Keep on inspiring lovie!! My name is Charisma, BTW. So nice to meet you through great friends. Kisses
insta_charms : Your too sweet. Now everything I type or say charm ill think of you. Thanks again for all the ❀❀❀ n it's a pleasure to meet you.
insta_charms : @karyzmmah πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†
insta_charms : @karyzmmah btw I forgot I'm Nina. ✌❀
karyzmmah : Smiling from ear to ear!! Nice to meet you again, Nina!! ((hugs)) Enjoy the rest of your night!
insta_charms : @karyzmmah u 2 hun
insta_charms : #bunchofsquares
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[ i been working on the railroad.... ]
_wg -
insta_charms : @jerry1011 thanks. That right. My hubby collects antique trains n trucks 60 + yrs n older. I think I have more fun playing with them than he does. Lol.
jerry1011 : Wow that's cool!
baobeitt : So cute!!!!
insta_charms : @baobeitt thanks
sweetlaur : Love this
snap_a_shot : My grandpa collects trains too! He's got tons of old ones collected from when he was a child and alot of them are still in the box. This is a really neat pic. I love the miniaturization of it!!
insta_charms : @sweetlaur @snap_a_shot many thanks.
insta_charms : @snap_a_shot it's crazy. Most of ours are still in original boxes too.
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SALE ENDS THIS SUNDAY Do you love your squares? Want to show them off to your friends, family and co-workers clink on my profile page to go to my shop and get 10% off ALL ITEMS custom orders are included Items are not discounted until you enter coupon code "showoffyoursquares" at checkout you will then see your 10% discount If you live outside the USA and/or are interested in custom charms from your IG pics please take a minute to read the "policies" section, it will explain all about international shipping and steps to order custom charms If after that you have any ??? Please click the "contact" link or kik me "bunchofsquares" and I will be happy to answer any ??? you may have before you place an order Have a great week
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orangiata8 : @insta_charms ur welcomeπŸ˜ƒ
insta_charms : #stockingstuffers
insta_charms : #work_mm I work from home and have an etsy shop where I make and sell custom photo items such as pendants, earrings, keychains, coasters, tile magnets and puzzles. @markmakingdesign
markmakingdesign : Really great idea for a business @insta_charms, especially when instagram is so popular. ξ€Ž
insta_charms : @markmakingdesign thank you so much. Really hope to make your book but if new pics were only allowed I will be happy to remove the tags on old pics. Tks again. ✌
insta_charms : @imagesbyerin oh my goodness please forgive my late reply as I am just now seeing your comment. Thank you for taking the time to check out my shop. And yes I do ship internationally and the coupon code stated above is still active.
insta_charms : #bangkok #singapore #thailand #japan #china
insta_charms : #kewikihighlight_flowers
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[ do what you love.... love what you do..... and I love making you custom photo charms ]
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tizzia : J'adoreπŸ’œπŸ’šπŸ’›
insta_charms : @tizzia thank you and thanks for all the likes. ✌❀
jojojackson24 : ΖˆΟ‹Ο‹Ο‹Ο‹Ι¬Ι›Ι› (..β—œα΄—β—..)
insta_charms : @jojojackson24 β˜ΊπŸ˜‰
insta_charms : #_wg #flowers_wg
addictedtopuppyluv : 😍Pretty!
insta_charms : #bangkok #singapore #thailand #japan #china
insta_charms : #bunchofsquares
helenaideguchi - instagramsfunniest -
Do you love your squares? Want to show them off to your friends, family and co-workers clink on my profile page to go to my shop and get 10% off ALL ITEMS custom orders are included Items are not discounted until you enter coupon code "showoffyoursquares" at checkout you will then see your 10% discount If you live outside the USA and/or are interested in custom charms from your IG pics please take a minute to read the "policies" section, it will explain all about international shipping and steps to order custom charms If after that you have any ??? Please click the "contact" link or kik me "bunchofsquares" and I will be happy to answer any ??? you may have before you place an order Have a great week
customphotocharm - bunchofsquares - ignecklace - igpendant - customjewelry - instagramnecklace - instagrampendant - wearyourinstagrampics - igphotopendant - igphotocharm - photocharm - instagramphotocharm - instacharmed - instagramphotopendant -
insta_charms : #photocharm #customphotocharm #customjewelry #wearyourinstagrampics #instacharmed
insta_charms : #instagramnecklace #ignecklace #instagrampendant #igpendant #instagramphotocharm #instagramphotopendant #igphotocharm #igphotopendant
mitsukiney : Where you based?if you deliver in Japan....😁
insta_charms : @mitsukiney I'm in USA but ship everywhere
lisalisabug : I like the dangle charm! βœŒπŸ‘‹
insta_charms : @lisalisabug thanks. The come w/peace sign or ✌smiley face. 😊
insta_charms : #bunchofsquares
emily.lewis - _maqqiiee_ - color_tee - mrsmiciano -
wanna wear your instagram pics or have them on your keychains???
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insta_charms : @jo3010_ih many thanks
shardrix : Pretty!
insta_charms : @shardrix thankya kindly my friend!
pumpkin_head_ : Hows the shop been working for ya?!?!?! I've been busy but can't wait to have one eventually! Hope yours is flourishing!
insta_charms : @ambuhwolf thanks your too sweet. Not too bad. Came up with some new products I added to the shop so hopefully it will pick up. You should go ahead n register n open. You can open it up all at your own pace. That's what I like about it the most. I do things on my time schedule. Tag me when ya do though. ✌❀
jeani7 : 😍
insta_charms : @jeani7 thank you I love making them.
jeani7 : Looks great!
fatimayousif - lalahoo_japan - cody_clay -
never give up
hdriphoneography - hdriphoneographer - awesome_hdr - hdr_gang_family - hopestagrams -
insta_charms : @lpezwm why thank you sir!!!
bebelevine : This is such a fantastic idea!!!πŸ’—Can you make charms using my pictures?
insta_charms : @bebelevine yes and lots of other things too. If you like click the link on my profile. It will take you directly to my shop. Please read the "policies" section. It explains how my shop works and all about shipping and custom charms. Then if you have any questions hit the "contact" link and I will be happy to help you. And thanks.
alberthrbcn : Gorgeus
insta_charms : @alberthrbcn thanks so much
taro12 : Great!!!!!!!!
insta_charms : #hopestagrams although I did not use a typography app on this photo I did use a typography app to make the pendant. Hope that qualifies. I know tag @rbpixs @tanyamac_gf and @jase6 to join in the #hopestagrams project.
insta_charms : @zackwilson_ ^^^
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tell her you will love her "forever"
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alberthrbcn : I love it
insta_charms : @alberthrbcn thank you.
insta_charms : #gf_daily_squaretuesday_005
arlenejemima : πŸ‘Œ
insta_charms : @arlenejemima thanks so much
arlenejemima : You're welcome
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simple love
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shardrix : Love! πŸ’œ
thelucidword : So cute!
insta_charms : @shardrix @thelucidword thankya so kindly.
jadedog13 : I love this.
insta_charms : @jadedog13 thanks so much. I love making them.
baobeitt : πŸ’œ
insta_charms : @baobeitt thank you
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getting my IG❀ on
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margotfonteyn : I must order one! How clever!!!
insta_charms : @margotfonteyn your too kind. Thank you so much. ✌❀
insta_charms : @kiks_crayons here ya go different version of IG keychain
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A BIG THANK YOU to @tattoodevil13 for graciously letting me use a few wonderfully edited pics to make some charms. Ii hope you like the end result as I absolutely LOVE them. Thanks again your just to kind. ✌❀
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insta_charms : @sandygram any pic as long as the resolution is high. Ck out my shop by clicking the link on my profile if you like. I make all kinds of custom items
sandygram : I will :)
insta_charms : @sandygram great. Let me know if I can help you in any way.
insta_charms : #work_mm @markmakingdesign taking IG pic and making them into wearable art
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@texasrose @1frosty thank you for your orders
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vovoswaldo : Thanks for fowlling
insta_charms : @vovoswaldo ✌
insta_charms : @blessedmommynwife these are examples
pyt53 : Ok I like those!
insta_charms : @blessedmommynwife thanks. I just wanted to give you an idea of size.
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my first custom order.... Thank you @texasrose I'm so happy you like it.
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insta_charms : @mamamaterialgirl thanks I was one of the very first custom charms I did. She grew up in this house.
mamamaterialgirl : That is so sweet. You definitely did a good jobπŸ‘πŸ‘
insta_charms : @mamamaterialgirl ☺
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insta_charms : #work_mm @markmakingdesign keeping childhood memories close to ones heart
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zeromyhero : Love these ...have the one upper right corner.
insta_charms : @zeromyhero thanks. 😘hope it's holding up for ya dear.
zeromyhero : Totally @insta_charms it stays with me and my keys on a daily...
insta_charms : @zeromyhero awwwww that made my day ✌️❀️
smallbusinesslocator : Amazing!
insta_charms : @smallbusinesslocator thank you so much
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insta_charms : @evelincita wow I am really late to answer you. So sorry. But the free shipping is over now but I am running a 20% off sale. Should save you more than free shipping n yes I ship to PR. Look at my collage pic from Friday. It will give you all the details.
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sandygram : Cool!
insta_charms : @sandygram thank you so much.
insta_charms : #tagstagram
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