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doreecebennett : @eloiseflaherty This is my #shoeroom 😉
doreecebennett : @eperezic I hear ya man... Prices weren't too bad initially after the release, but now they're outrageous 💰💰💰
eddydoingthings : @doreecebennett so rough. I really wanted these to be my summer shoe but I'm not willing to drop the money some people want. Ah well on to the next pair
jonlflint : My favorite nb ever!! Missed the release and cncpts is right around the corner from where I live. Was out of town😓
thara_photo : My grails. Just perfect shoes.
m_weldon : @doreecebennett for sale??
doreecebennett : #nbgallery
mrcrispycoyle : Might be my favorite collaboration EVER!!!!
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