What do you do when you're sick with the flu and don't live at home with Mom anymore? Make soup from scratch yourself like a big girl πŸ˜·πŸ’πŸœ #yupicancook #fluseason #ifeellikedeath #adultproblems
yupicancook - fluseason - ifeellikedeath - adultproblems -
cdfoster0727 : Like a boss
bouzyhannah : Basically, I want that coffee mug.
tesladaigle - ellisoriginal - cdfoster0727 - bkayfes -
πŸ’€πŸ˜· #blackplague #ifeellikedeath
blackplague - ifeellikedeath -
paypay1432 - _paul96 - _justangel - _renaaayyy -
So im going to be a little emo.kid for a minute becsuse im tired of this shit. I'm tired of feeling like this. I feel like I seriously have the worst luck. I know things could always be worse, but seriously I feel like most people don't go through nearly half of.what i have. They dont understand what really goes on with people like me. #depressiongoaway #ihatebeingpoor #thestruggleisreal #thefaceofdepression #needmymedictionback #whenitrainsitpours #fucklife #fuckdepression #unluckiestpersonalive #ifeellikedeath #withdrawlssuck #uglycryingface
needmymedictionback - thestruggleisreal - fucklife - uglycryingface - whenitrainsitpours - depressiongoaway - withdrawlssuck - thefaceofdepression - unluckiestpersonalive - fuckdepression - ifeellikedeath - ihatebeingpoor -
dreadful_cupcake : @grimandgothly thank you for those words. I usually am happy. But I'm really at a low.point right now. I thought life was coming.together. but now I'm not so sure. I keep putting my life on the back burner.
kinseyvenessa : Sorry hun, you're my cousin and I love you u can always textd or msg me I'll listen... :)
kinseyvenessa : @dreadful_cupcake
dreadful_cupcake : Thank you @kinseyvenessa love you!!
kinseyvenessa : You're welcome :)
hellfireglazz : @dreadful_cupcake do some relaxing breathing get some lavender and huff the shit out of it and smile your still aliveπŸ˜ƒ
dreadful_cupcake : @hellfireglazz that actually sounds magical right now. I'm about to rub some lavender and peppermint on my head.
bioxymoron : @dreadful_cupcake - oh gosh I feel your pain. Like @witchy_disney_villain I have been through PTSD due to seeing too much trauma in my working life. I cycle through deep depression about every 2 or 3 years and have done for about 15 years . When I am good I am awesome ( I even ran the London Marathon in 2013). Right now I am pulling myself out of a deep black hole. Only 4 weeks ago I was convinced the world and my family would be better without me. I too cycle on and off medication but have now decided, with professional help, that I have to stay on the medication much like a diabetic needs their insulin, I need my venlafaxine. @dreadful_cupcake you need to find what works for you and stick with it, whether meds or motivation. I urge you please talk to your friends, family, professionals etc. life is worth living and all those around you would miss you terribly. Just reach out sweet lady. I have DM'd you and am here if you want to talk by DM or whatsapp?
hexlexi - gothging - westcoastbuds_ - ladydubx -
What today will look like. πŸ˜ͺ | #tuesday #dayoff #cold #sick #undertheweather #dumpy #boo #ifeellikedeath #vitaminc #butireallyneedvitamind #haha #thirsty #blackandwhite #aweekwithoutcolor #mylifeinblackandwhite #monochromatic
monochromatic - sick - blackandwhite - tuesday - dayoff - haha - mylifeinblackandwhite - butireallyneedvitamind - cold - thirsty - aweekwithoutcolor - ifeellikedeath - vitaminc - undertheweather - boo - dumpy -
jackkjackk622 : Feel better @kdelara !! I'm sorry you are sick 😩😩😷😷
herminagmphill - lucyxlynn - clodeuhhh - danny89512 -
ifeellikedeath -
ericavetra : Oh no! :( Feel better soon!
meliss613 : Thanks!! Feeling a bit better today :)
ericavetra -
Being sick isn't pretty. Being sick is messy and dirty. Flu/cold suck ass. #beingsicksuck #day4 #flusucks #coldsucks #ilooklikedeath #ifeellikedeath
ifeellikedeath - flusucks - day4 - ilooklikedeath - beingsicksuck - coldsucks -
fingerxpressions - demialeshacarlson_ - derrickgregory -
My new bff. Were going 2 days strong.. :( #sick #ifeellikedeath #flu #medicine #vegas
medicine - flu - vegas - ifeellikedeath - sick -
lasvegas_male_stripclub : :)
crag_halen - onbrandwear - shahabiazad_ali - matty13769 -
Ha good luck #happytuesday #ifeellikedeath #Tuesday #sarcasm
sarcasm - tuesday - happytuesday - ifeellikedeath -
nirdvana - kaylamay_19 - manzoj_92 - badkittyy_12 -
Fml 😷 #IFeelLikeDeath #AbsolutelyMiserable #InfluenzaAPositive
absolutelymiserable - influenzaapositive - ifeellikedeath -
_roseeayy : For a min i thought i was a pregnancy test haha!
brizzle_rae : Oh hell no @_roseeayy!!
lori_collins : Hope you feel better soon!
brizzle_rae : Thank you aunt @lori_collins. I'm absolutely miserable.
Drinking some tea with honey hoping to feel better. :( #sick? #allergies? #ifeellikedeath #foxcup #fox #tea #homeremedies
ifeellikedeath - homeremedies - sick - tea - allergies - foxcup - fox -
tinker650 - tarshahtbibiloni - lil_boba_fett - khaila_brianne -
What's up Parmesan crusted pork chops and 60minute meal prep. #withasideofbackpain #ifeellikedeath #ineedanewspine
ifeellikedeath - withasideofbackpain - ineedanewspine -
mom0neyyy : Omg yum
clentchner93 : That fake ass glove
imnotgnarlow : It came out really good @mom0neyyy @clentchner93 I'm not sure what you mean by that, shit works for me taking shit outta the over
imnotgnarlow : Oven
clentchner93 : Shit never worked for me at school when i would wear it in class idk what the problem was. Now the glove i wear at work is a lot better then that thing @imnotgnarlow
pauly_t_oy - the_lexecutioner - dts_will - littlemiss_horror -
Tea and horror flicks for my sick ass #canijustgetbetternow #thatwouldbegreat #ifeellikedeath πŸ˜·β˜•οΈπŸ’€
thatwouldbegreat - ifeellikedeath - canijustgetbetternow -
whoajag : Your sick again? So I guess power hour is out of the question... @desttt_darling
desttt_darling : I thought you were making chile verde and we were gonna watch love and hip hop @whoajag
whoajag : I'm still making it, @desttt_darling
j_freeman87 : Soup coolers
desttt_darling : Ahhh that stuff is so good I want some 😩 @whoajag Soup coolers?? @j_freeman87
j_freeman87 : πŸ˜—πŸ’¨
sosored : #perfectlips #melting 😍
awesumma : Ring?
jasminexo03ox - smroxx88 - pinupdolly94 - jcmommie09 -
How I spent my weekend ... only i catch the flu when I have off #day4 #ifeellikedeath oh and my wisdom tooth is growing in so that's a lovely addition to my sickness
day4 - ifeellikedeath -
_alexiawolf - lauren_lalaa - brittanyesposito - valgarcia17 -
So true. Not only is it the worst day of the week at work because the kids are all off from the weekend, I also am sitting in a doctor's office getting checked for strep and the flu. Woohoo! #happymonday #sickysickface #fever #chills #yuck #influenza #ifeellikedeath
happymonday - influenza - yuck - ifeellikedeath - chills - fever - sickysickface -
berthabarbiere - graciejayyy - raye_nicely - sarakoehler -
This is how I'm spending my sick day 😷😷 #IFeelLikeDeath πŸ’€πŸ’€
ifeellikedeath -
lexi.19xx : 😌 looks better than my day.
makayladickinson : No. @lexi.19xx
lexi.19xx : Yes I wish I could lay in bed I had to go to 7 shitty hours and have a shitty day full of shitty attitude and shitty people, then I went to cheer practice my backspot pretty much broke my god damn arm, and then I was even shittier, now I'm home laying on my coach covered up with a shitty blanket, wasting my shitty life away, with a shitty headache a shitty throat ache a shitty stomache ache and a shitty stuffy nose, watching a shitty show.
makayladickinson : Life's so hard when you're in middle school.
lexi.19xx : It is Makayla πŸ˜‚
mjr_2015 - arialovatic - lexi.19xx - tay.19xx -
This is exactly how I feel today. Dead. #dead #monday #overit #ineedahug #ifeellikedeath #sick #blood #tattoos #tattoedgirls #girlswithtattoos #vampire #bloodsucker #vamp wearing #Wicked from @limecrimemakeup on my lips #limecrime #velvetine
tattoos - monday - girlswithtattoos - limecrime - dead - blood - vamp - velvetine - tattoedgirls - vampire - ifeellikedeath - sick - ineedahug - bloodsucker - overit - wicked -
kattydelux : I need a hug toooooooo
nonstopbop : I was just talking about needing a hug... Bad! @kattydelux
kattydelux : @nonstopbop let's all hug it out!!!
winter_fate : @kattydelux @nonstopbop *iHug*
pawsofamaltese : Eyebrow game really strong #EyebrowsOnFleek
lilian_stds - jim_kit567 - nellafrenchie - thebaitch -
Called off work little man and i are both super movies all day in bed it is πŸ˜·πŸ‘πŸ’» #monstersuniversity #movie #sick #ifeellikedeath
movie - monstersuniversity - ifeellikedeath - sick -
eri_aragao - katherinewilchez - mthsgomesbr - xo_snoopy -
I hate being this sick, and now my nose had decided to bleed so every time I sneeze it starts again. So since I feel like death, here's an old ass photo of my shoes cause I thought I was cool. #Sickly #IFeelLikeDeath #BloodyNose #CantBreathe
sickly - cantbreathe - ifeellikedeath - bloodynose -
missyvsrobots : If I start the zombie apocalypse this is me apologizing in advance!!
tweed_metal - april.peterson2014 - jeditricked - _tori_garcia -
Being sick is s cute right? Haha #selfie #nofilter #nomakeup #sickday #bringmesoup #ifeellikedeath
nomakeup - sickday - ifeellikedeath - bringmesoup - selfie - nofilter -
mickaybrooke - flashpainter_23 - flowers_and_beads - montelongo2014 -
Ice cream makes me happy ☺️ #OnlyWhenImSick #IFeelLikeDeath πŸ˜ͺ😫
onlywhenimsick - ifeellikedeath -
ayebighead : #terrble
too_fly_guy : Not cookie dough πŸ˜©πŸ˜–
b___ashley : @too_fly_guy that's all they had lol
sha_lisaaa : Best kind πŸ˜‹
_chynablack : I'm about to have this too! 😁, hope you feel better 😘
b___ashley : @sha_lisaaa I like everything...I'm just greedy tho lol
b___ashley : @_chynablack I swear it saved my life just now lol. Thanks boo 😘😘😘
aysian_luv : Yessssss just had that last night
kingingus_ - medinasworld - missdesiboo - twanknowsbest -
Sick selfie. #selfie #sick #puckers #ifeellikedeath #shootme #nothappy #flash #dirtymirror
shootme - puckers - flash - dirtymirror - ifeellikedeath - sick - selfie - nothappy -
sharky_32 - works_at_the_bux - kiikii20_ - ferris.louise2015 -
πŸ›€πŸ”₯ #LastNight #LatePost #TooGoodNotToPost #BubbleBath #Relaxation #MamaTime #CandleLit #Sick #IFeelLikeDeath #MeTime #Happiness #ItsTheSmallThings #Bubbles #PeppermintScented #Everything #Legs #IHateFeet #ButOhWell #Soothing #Breathe #CloseYourEyes
breathe - candlelit - soothing - bubblebath - relaxation - bubbles - lastnight - toogoodnottopost - happiness - butohwell - latepost - metime - itsthesmallthings - mamatime - everything - peppermintscented - ifeellikedeath - sick - legs - ihatefeet - closeyoureyes -
jay_germ - natalieasousa - m_bugx3 - nicole_ramos_97 -
I hate being sick this cold is going to get the best of me I swear. #Ihatehospitals#ifeellikedeath😷
ifeellikedeath - ihatehospitals -
mindathamarie - soaringeagle74 - dillengerdeville -
Sick girl temporary fix #hotapplecider
sinusinfection - ifeellikedeath - hotapplecider - sick - keurig - makemebetter -
stefunnykey : #Keurig #sick #sinusinfection #makemebetter #ifeellikedeath
ieshacassio - ehtelrrverdi - jonniezebetha -
#imsosick #ifeellikedeath #whatswrongwithme 😷😴😒
ifeellikedeath - whatswrongwithme - imsosick -
breebrazil : Me too. I literally just slept for almost 3 days. Hope you feel better soon!
mommanana411 : @breebrazil sorry to hear that love. Get better soon as well!!
brittany_d3ad : I have a deathly cold and I can't take anything any tips on what I can do for a cold when pregnant?
mommanana411 : @brittany_d3ad tea is your best friend prego. Herbal tea and honey. I hope you feel better soon love
brittany_d3ad : Ok thanks! @mommanana411
j_robinson17 - christ_curtis - beardifull - kcrystalb -
found this picture on my phone this morning. apparently, drunk me wanted to share my #sockgame with everyone last night when I got home but didn't get around to posting it... #redwings #jcrew #ifeellikedeath
ifeellikedeath - redwings - jcrew - sockgame -
macaroniandguff : Thanks drunk you
thelayeringco : Perfect shot
millionairesocks - dreamfreshmi - kritao2 -
Saturday night. #hewantedtotakeapicture #sickeyes #ifeellikedeath
hewantedtotakeapicture - sickeyes - ifeellikedeath -
kelsey.hb : πŸ’
adrienne_rebecca11 - flinchk - dgrec23 - kosmonatt -
Feeling like absolute πŸ’© today but at least I'm still feeling pretty 😊 #sick #ifeellikedeath #stillcutetho πŸ˜‰
stillcutetho - ifeellikedeath - sick -
harrisaaan - anjelicayegussi - hermonnnb1127 - mprenti -
Still not 100% kinda wanna shoot myself in the face but time to be a responsible adult and do work #independentbitchproblems #workflow #ifeellikedeath #looklingratchet #fml
independentbitchproblems - looklingratchet - ifeellikedeath - fml - workflow -
thawestcoastg : Looking good @ashvicmil
thawestcoastg : Thank u for the follow β˜ΊπŸ’ @ashvicmil
ildysierra_skk - _korinarenee - lioness_scarlett - kittycatrose3 -
Sitting in the waiting room at immediate care. Better take a sick selfie. #sick #overthis #ifeellikedeath #mask #tired #immediatecare #waitingroom
waitingroom - ifeellikedeath - sick - overthis - tired - immediatecare - mask -
holliday71 - ender086 - marieannethings - carl_was_here -
#mysaturday #theraflu #ifeellikedeath #why???? #thelifeofworkinginapedsoffice
mysaturday - ifeellikedeath - why - thelifeofworkinginapedsoffice - theraflu -
jdolaa : Feel better tif ! The worst
tiffany22684 : Thanks @jdolaa hope you and Angelo are feeling better!
maris_bons44 : Get better Tiffany πŸ’™πŸ’›πŸ’œπŸ’šβ€οΈ
nessa032684 : Feel better Tiffy!!!
tiffany22684 : Thanks!!! The flu sucks!!!
nicolelynn1737 - jdolaa - katherinetrejo - ajvg932110 -
Hard to break this migraine with these #bedhogs #vinnie #molly #ifeellikedeath #butmyhatcollection πŸ‘Œ #hats #snapbacks #fitteds #everythingmiami #newera #mitchellandness
vinnie - butmyhatcollection - snapbacks - hats - everythingmiami - molly - ifeellikedeath - spinners - bedhogs - mitchellandness - fitteds - newera -
andieebabyy : Are you at work? Hungover? πŸ˜• @ugaprincess0724
ugaprincess0724 : I'm at home. Hungover. Lol I didn't mean to go to diamond dolls...... πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
andieebabyy : Wanna grab lunch later? @ugaprincess0724
andieebabyy : Strippers doe. Bahahahaha @ugaprincess0724 I'm smart enough to just give them quarters πŸ˜‚
ugaprincess0724 : I would. But I don't have my car :/ I don't tip strippers. But that girls ass doe. On poooiinnnttt πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
andieebabyy : Where is your car at @ugaprincess0724 sandbar?
ugaprincess0724 : Yes ma'am @andieebabyy
andieebabyy : And bootys are always good. But I like em little #spinners @ugaprincess0724
laceyy753 - nam.myoho.renge.kyo - batey_bates - kelly_mckim -
It's time to blow this Popsicle stand #ifeellikedeath
sunglassescoverthebloodshoteyes - ifeellikedeath -
ianmcc : #butulookcool
keithbilous : Thabks @ianmcc #sunglassescoverthebloodshoteyes
tylerzavala - ianmcc - chrisdca - skirtacus -
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