These future leaders are reppin' Pepperdine, but who will you be representing on September 12? Sign up today for the Crazy College Dash Fun Run/Walk! Raise money for IEFL, in order to continue brining students and turning them into future leaders!!! Only $25!!! Put your college gear on and tag us, showing your school pride and support to IEFL! Spread the word!!!! #iefl #crazycollegedash #peppedine #gowavesπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸŒŠπŸ‘ŸπŸƒ
gowaves - iefl - peppedine - crazycollegedash -
kaaarla___ - bree10_ - jaimegarcia13 - jenelleadrianna -
Some of my faves! ❀️ #IEFL#since2007
iefl - since2007 -
kathymarielove : Love you all πŸ˜ŠπŸ’™
bree10_ : thank you so much for coming!!!!! love youuuuuuu!!!!! 😘
phleshlight - jenelleadrianna - jemm33 - infamoussockthief -
We are less than a month away from the #CRAZYCOLLEGEDASH! Help IEFL continue to inspire the youth and build future leaders for another 30 years by signing up today! You won't want to miss out on this fun run! #iefl #funrun #30thanniversary
funrun - 30thanniversary - iefl - crazycollegedash -
mindygomez : I LOVE this picture!
susieq.u - mindygomez - flores_linda - angela_diamond -
#ThrowBack to a week or so ago when I re-experienced the best week of my life. Coming back as a staff member has taught me so much. I miss my delegates and my awesome team of GA's! #FutureLeaders #IEFL #2014 #StaffLifeWasIntense
throwback - stafflifewasintense - iefl - futureleaders - 2014 -
bree10_ : thanks for cutting me and @wookie_chavez93 out!!! πŸ˜‘
la_zapatiadora7 : Lol awwww miss you.! πŸ’žπŸ˜­
juanhernandezahs - __bee18 - smiley_angie_ - ana_the_minion14 -
Taking a quick minute to highlight two local boys doing their thing. Check out @gabegistall's Gistall Morr line and the new @bledsian by @killacam1217! Why can't the next @thehundreds and @crooksncastles come from The Dino?
gistallmorr - fashion - hats - instalove - sanbernardino - thedino - snapback - iefl - style - entrepreneurs - getyours - ts - instagood - mexicanfood - bledsian - local - mitlacafe -
cam_bledsian : @mitla_cafe πŸ˜‚ them thangs better be πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ lol
bobbyd44 : @killacam1217 lunch date? Lol
desiree_bledsian : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
cam_bledsian : @bobbyd44 lol! I only do dinners I gotta be wined and dined!
gabegistall : Thanks for love @mitla_cafe, @bobbyd44 that's how you feel Bobby's first @mon_cheri85 co works now cam? Lol
that_guy_steve : I need a Dino hat in my life! Put that bad boy right on the shelf next to my LBC cap.... Where can I find?
mitla_cafe : @that_guy_steve check out @gabegistall. He sells out almost as soon as he gets them though. I'd suggest red for you.
mitla_cafe : Anytime!πŸ‘Œkeep drinking them Micheladas! @gabegistall
cashie85 - __m_a_c__ - marmosi_collection - josephine_johnston -
These two girls are my sisters, and I love them. Changing children's lives with these two and the rest of our IEFL familia is the greatest feeling in the world. #iefl #jf #bb #finallyfacilitators
jf - iefl - bb - finallyfacilitators -
_aaaleman : I'm obsessed with the hashtags πŸ˜‚β€οΈ
juicejuicejen : Lmao!!! I can't explain how much I love you & the rest of our '09 crew! Those are true best friend hashtags! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’™πŸ‘§πŸ‘¦πŸ‘§
sirraaahhh_ - _ashleyy24 - jazillion - shaelynsymone -
I'm going to miss my kids! Luckily I'm going to bother them always and forever! #familia1 #1 #IEFL #2014
1 - 2014 - familia1 - iefl -
nadiaaileen - maddy__luv - j24d - killagloria -
I'm going to miss my kids! Luckily I'm going to bother them always and forever! #familia1 #1 #IEFL #2014
1 - 2014 - familia1 - iefl -
nadiaaileen - maddy__luv - cristi_na99 - j24d -
PC's for life! #IEFL #pc #2014
pc - iefl - 2014 -
estefaniag_8 - maddy__luv - oguerrero22 - j24d -
Cause I'm down for my clique. #iefl #2014
2014 - iefl -
kailadelapaz : Yyyaassss rainbro's all the way! :)
javierwheelz : Beachball in the backround too😏
jackiehurtadoo : Familiaaaaaa
sebastianm24_ : For sure!! U already know πŸ‘Œ
mustysoup : @jackiehurtadoo familiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 5ever
sincerelyyandreaa : ❀️❀️❀️
nencheese - maciasjasmine99 - _cheekbones - nikkol07 -
First day back home gotta take a selfie #iefl
iefl -
b.carty : From where
austin_m_day : Camp @bruh.carty
b.carty : Oh
nicolevelasquez22 - _londonmarcelle_ - djulu94 - avivithadad1 -
It's a wrap!! #IEFL 2014 was a huge success. Can't wait to hear about all of the success stories from the delegates in the years to come. #Leaders #Pride #Respect #familia
respect - pride - iefl - leaders - familia -
juicejuicejen : I love you Gary!!
tangothebeat : I love you too Gary!!!!! Lol I miss you guys 😘😘😘
legendary_gary : @tangothebeat it wasn't the same without you!! @juicejuicejen Love ya too shorty!
stefyeffie - kiddoerc - ___kmr___ - packercat -
We are future leaders couldn't be prouder, if you can't hear us we'll shout a little louder... ❀️ #bestyear #bestweek #iefl
bestyear - iefl - bestweek -
bree10_ : miss this already!
tiffanybbly : Best experience ever! I hope I can come back next year!
emmzzerr : I'm so proud of you, Poppa ❀️😘😘❀️
claudia_lyzette : the best experience of my life πŸ‘
proverbs31teacher : Hope things are going well for you Andrew! I can't believe you are already going into your 2nd year of college!! I'm so proud of you! 🌟
xxiloveyouallxx : I love you and miss you Andrew! πŸ’• soon I'll try to be a staff person like a ga I thinkπŸ˜„. @drewgulo28
alisajustinee - katiemartini17 - nando_12_ - jceja55 -
IEFL 2014 Graduate Assistants rocking their college gear! sign up for the #CRAZYCOLLEGEDASH now!! ONLY $20!!!! #iefl #funrun #GAs #2014
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la_zapatiadora7 - estevansv - marthaeaton - esliburrito -
Bitter Sweet moment. The love of my life and I are making home made whistles for his kids from IEFL summer camp. He'll be leaving for 6 days. I'm going to miss him so very much but it will be worth it. He is making a difference in these kidos lives and for that I am so proud of him. So worth the share to know that he is out there showing them that today's choices will change their tomorrow. #IEFL #camp pura #familia #2014 . Thank you baby for being amazing and making a difference πŸ’š
2014 - camp - iefl - familia -
kassy_frankie : Lucyyyyy!!!! @prizebthis
prizebthis : My love!!!! How are you??? Your so beautiful!! @kassy_frankie
kassy_frankie : I'm good how are you?? How you been??? I haven't seen you in a LONGGG time... I miss you sooooo much!! Aww thank you Lucy you always been so gorgeous!!! πŸ’•πŸ’•
kassy_frankie : @prizebthis
prizebthis : I'm happy and happy and a little more happy! Haha I miss you too love. I'll be sure to call you when I'm in town so that we can have a throwback hang out. Lol smile always love @kassy_frankie
kassy_frankie : That's good to hear Lucy I'm glad your doing good! Your not in town? Where are you?!?! Yes please or text me 3032107337 like the ones we use to have LOL I have asked my self plenty times where's Lucy I always remember you! Your such a good friend! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• @prizebthis
prizebthis : Well I'm currently living in San Diego. My husbands family is from here so we moved out here. I will definitely text you! And well I'm glad I come to mind every once in awhile. I know I think of you for sure. Oh the old days. Lol we were young!! Hahahah @kassy_frankie
miss_elizabethhh_ - kroyce143 - jairstagram_db - beaa____ -
Visited a very special place today. Can't wait for camp! 😊 #IEFL #futureleaders #15days #familia #pride #leadership
leadership - futureleaders - 15days - familia - pride - iefl -
estefaniag_8 : Why did you visit?
brown_bear_luis : We filmed a rules video for IEFL orientation
estefaniag_8 - a_man_der05 - captainrextech11 - danielicardenas -
CLASS OF 2014! The #CRAZYCOLLEGEDASH is a great way to start showing off school spirit of your college! Register now! What are YOU waiting for?! #iefl #ieflfunrun 2⃣0⃣1⃣4⃣
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art987 - crazycollegedash - patriah - alexaeve12 -
Have you heard? The discounted rate of $20 has been extended! Register now! Link in Bio! #ieflfunrun #iefl #CRAZYCOLLEGEDASH
ieflfunrun - iefl - crazycollegedash -
mindygomez - alexaeve12 - bree10_ - mr.estradaboy -
First time in 5 years that I get to see Michelle. I met Michelle my delegate year in 2009 during camp as my Facilitator. If it wasn't for her I don't know where I would be in my life. She had such a positive influence on my life changing the path I was going down right before I entered high school and is the reason why I'm in college. I'm so so so grateful to have been blessed with an amazing Facilitator, Friend and Familia <3 thank you Michelle for helping me when I needed help the most, I wouldn't have made it this far without you. I will make you proud this year at camp as a Facilitator! (: Love you <3 #InlandEmpireFutureLeaders #IEFL #Familia #Familia4VIP
inlandempirefutureleaders - familia4vip - iefl - familia -
jrooood : You're so cute Abraham! ☺️
kathymarielove : This is so so cute!! 😭😭
casandradolphin : aww my familia! ❀️ @yoursalone8 @abee7171
yoursalone8 : We'll have a reunion @abee7171 @casandradolphin πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ
711_amaro - dianneee17 - clerissa_p - vandanalm -
we're down to only 12 weeks until the #CRAZYCOLLEGEDASH! have you started training yet? πŸƒ "If not now, then when?" #iefl #funrun #2014
funrun - iefl - crazycollegedash - 2014 -
mr.estradaboy : Omg totes excited
onesquatshop : β€οΈπŸ’œ
alexaeve12 - jazillion - crodrun - jenelleadrianna -
eternalflame - iefl - csusbalumni -
prouddaddy760 : Congrats bro
xo_nayele : Woohooo🎈 Great job!
nessabbabe : Congratulations Dante πŸŽ“β˜ΊοΈ
_7cynthia7_ : Congrats!!! πŸŽ“πŸ˜ŠπŸŽ‰ #csusb
_aimlo : Congrats bud!
missmelo_d : Congratulations!!!! So proud! Love you! πŸŽ“πŸŽ‰
no__david : Congrats man! πŸ˜ƒ
no__david : My little brother is going to IEFL this year, are you?!
ag_psycho - luv_my_boyz3 - tinytinap25 - liberadejavu -
Good morning all you racers!! Today is your last chance to register for the #CRAZYCOLLEGEDASH for the discounted price of only $20! LINK IN BIO! #iefl #funrun
funrun - iefl - crazycollegedash -
juicejuicejen - flores_linda - la_zapatiadora7 - cyndique -
Hey guys and gals! There is only 1⃣ more day to register for the #CRAZYCOLLEGEDASH at the discounted price of only $20! Don't be the last to claim your spot! LINK IN BIO! #iefl #funrun #raceforyourcollege
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ONLY 2⃣ DAYS LEFT!! Sign up for the #CRAZYCOLLEGEDASH by this Sunday June 1 for the discounted price of only $20!! Wow what a deal! Run for your college & support our program! It's going to be a blast! The run/walk will take place September 12. LINK IN BIO! Who's in?! #runforyourcollege #funrun #iefl
runforyourcollege - funrun - iefl - crazycollegedash -
bree10_ : I'm in! πŸ™‹
mr.estradaboy : So pumped!!
crodrun - bree10_ - la_zapatiadora7 - deemaris_ -
ONLY 12 DAYS LEFT TO REGISTER FOR ONLY $20!!! Prices increase on June 1st!!! #iefl #crazycollegedash #ieflfunrun #raceforyourcollege
ieflfunrun - raceforyourcollege - iefl - crazycollegedash -
la_zapatiadora7 - jonahh_08 - bree10_ - theresdanielxvii -
Great start to our first staff meeting of our 30th year! #crazycollegedash #funrun #iefl
iefl - funrun - crazycollegedash -
the_uncle_mike - la_zapatiadora7 - mindygomez - heredia_rc -
We have #crazy great news for people wanting to sign up for the 5k. Special discount FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY: $20!!!! Hurry and sign up now before this deal goes away!! #crazycollegedash #raceforyourcollege #iefl
crazy - iefl - raceforyourcollege - crazycollegedash - signupnow -
marthaeaton : This is awesome, where do we sign up?
crazycollegedash : Go to our profile and click on the link to register! #signupnow
carol_11 - theresdanielxvii - jenelleadrianna - carissaceniceros -
Which college has the most school spirit??? Comment below with your favorite college and we'll post the winning school! 🏁 #crazycollegedash #representyourcollege #funrun #iefl
funrun - representyourcollege - iefl - crazycollegedash -
beccamarie93 : GO YOTESπŸΊπŸ’™πŸ‘πŸ™Œ
bree10_ : #CSUSB πŸ’™πŸΊπŸ’™πŸΊπŸ’™πŸΊπŸ’™
juicejuicejen : #GoYotes πŸ’™πŸΊπŸ’™πŸΊ
crazycollegedash : Looks like CSUSB is representing for their school! Any other schools think they're better than the Yotes?
bree10_ - la_zapatiadora7 - beccamarie93 - jenelleadrianna -
I can't believe it. In the summer of 2007 when I attended IEFL I was blessed with the best mentor and Facilitator. Art was a kind person with a huge heart and is definitely gone too soon. I was just one of the many that he motivated and inspired and I can honestly say knowing him impacted my life. The two years I was able to work along side him as a Graduate Assistant and Peer Counselor, giving back and helping others is something I will carry around with me forever. My prayers go out to his family. πŸ™πŸ’™ #iefl #neverforgotten #rip
iefl - rip - neverforgotten -
givemorehope : My prayers are with you too. As well as his family.
khuracha19 : I remember him he was really chill may he R.I.P
beccamarie93 : ❀️
gabiegaga : πŸ’™
guadaloops : πŸ˜”
kathymarielove - ayeeeitsraul - reece_ann15 - stephennxxx -
Rest in paradise dear friend ❀️#foreverinourhearts
artarzola - iefl - rip - foreverinourhearts -
desiree_bledsian : #artarzola #IEFL #rip
lizherr0307 : 😒 It seriously breaks my heart
thecarlosavendano - el_davalos - annetelopy - greciagrace -
So good to see my familia again #rip #artarzola
artarzola - iefl - rip -
patriah : #Iefl
_holler - __thecutesayings__ - aismermaid - anablue91 -
The last time I went to #IEFL I had the honor to work with an amazing person. I had met him through this amazing program and grew close as friends. We got to be in the same #familia and work our magic with the kids! We had so much fun and grew even closer. I'm sad that you went so sudden to be with The Lord but your in a amazing heaven! You will always shine! Art I will always remember you and cherish all the moments we shared. My prayers are with your familia. πŸ™
iefl - familia -
swoopsdizzle : Love you Nubia. Thanks for these words. He is a great man.
vintagenubia : Miss and love u @swoopsdizzle
sincerelyyandreaa - wtf_beebe - jessitony - hawaiianlilly -
"Remember there's a fire that always burn inside you. And this reminds you of it.." #iefl #inlandempirefutureleaders #2012 #futureleader #innerlight #dontforget #alwaysremember #fire #candle #quote
alwaysremember - futureleader - fire - quote - inlandempirefutureleaders - iefl - innerlight - candle - dontforget - 2012 -
_rozzie : This made me tear up. Miss all of you so much, love you guys πŸ’•
cece_1950s : @_rozzie aww, I tear up too. Miss and love you too rozzie <3 (:
_rozzie - simplyy_jennny - alonzo_gutierrez17 - krystall_loves -
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