The best camp staff ever! Plus the best advisor anyone could ask for!! #PC #IEFL
pc - iefl -
shallowbay_baby : Tell everyone I say hi!!!!!!
_aaaleman : ❤️❤️❤️❤️
lorde_estrada - laurenhumpherys - that_girl_ashlie - _danaaramosss -
Throwback to 09 #iefl
iefl -
juicejuicejen : Love you Bob! Miss you so much 💙
lorde_estrada : Que the genuine pony 😂 @juicejuicejen @_aaaleman @kathymarielove
hisham__a - miriamlopez022 - neloybhowmik - the_keenwa -
Since there is only 2 days left, here's to the year that started it all! #byebyebye #ontheupandup #iefl #09ers #2011 #theboysarebackintown #fashionstatements #secondskit?
byebyebye - theboysarebackintown - sigmalordevarsity - 2011 - 09ers - secondskit - ontheupandup - fashionstatements - iefl -
abee7171 : Wow 4 years ago that was us... I'm so proud of you and all that you have accomplished Jacob, I love you man ❤️ make this year at camp one for the books and be the best role model for all those future leaders 👌🏻☺️ can't wait to see you!
jenelle_adrianna : ❤️
juicejuicejen : I'm not in this, why you tag me?! Haha jk love you beta 😌
casandraylene : 😭😭😭 Hope you guys have a blast up there this upcoming week!
lorde_estrada : And I tagged you cause you're always gonna be there even if you arnt there 🙈 haha love you #SigmaLordeVarsity @juicejuicejen
lorde_estrada : @abee7171 I love you man so bummed your not gonna be there this year :/ but I real appreciate what you said it means the world to me
juicejuicejen : #SigmaAlphaLorde
lorde_estrada : I swear I mixed it up more and more everytime I say it 😂 @juicejuicejen
nicholasvallin - chaykler - - cnataliav15 -
Only five days until we head up the mountain and all fall asleep at breakfast! It's because our staff doesn't rest until our delegates get the best! Shout out to @_aaaleman she's one of the best facilitators!!!😂😅 #Familia #IEFL #sleep
sleep - iefl - familia -
_aaaleman : Hahahhahahahhahaha I love you so much I can't even get mad at this 😂😂😂😂😭❤️
melmo_tll : Heeeeeeeyyyy that's uuussssss
lorde_estrada - orozco_esme - devorahtmcarin - -
#IEFL #Familia #PeerCounselors Only one more week until the magic on the mountain begins!
iefl - familia - peercounselors -
nowhere_dani : I can't wait to go back as a GA. Hopefully.
la_zapatiadora7 : Ugh we look so adorbs 😁💙🎉💅
lorde_estrada - orozco_esme - __xoxosteph__ - _danaaramosss -
#기말시험 거의 끝#영어#IEFL#👊👊
기말시험 - 👊👊 - iefl - 영어 -
2bloomk -
Next week I will be able to once again change lives with some of my best friends! Here's to new beginnings and never forgetting the delegates are our mission! #iefl
iefl -
abee7171 : I'm so proud of you Jacob. I love you man ❤️
beccamarie93 : You will do great next week. #proud
crystal_dmuniz : 😭😭I miss being there.
_aaaleman : So excited!
brown_bear_luis : I wonder where you got this cool pic idea from...😏
eveters : Familia 10 fo lyfe
crodrun : I got 15 #winning
eiflor7293 - carolinaeneyda - a_littlebit_of_sunshine - cnataliav15 -
Inland Empire Future Leaders camp is less than a month away! Excited to go back as staff with these peeps 😂🙌 #IEFL #camp #summerready
camp - iefl - summerready -
altoidtera : Aw man I want to go back 😩
averyelena : Whatttt you know rozalyn?😱
cameren_c : What Yeahhh for a while now 😅 @averyelena
averyelena : Her brother goes to my school and I work with her 🙆
rozalynduron : What da heck Avery how do you know Cameren!! @averyelena
cameren_c : We are cousins 😊 @averyelena @rozalynduron
averyelena : Small world 😱
eww_its_cristal_cx : Tbh//we haven't talked in a while
xo.esmi - felicitygonzalez - victoriajohnson32 - jessica_mejia19 -
Our 3-foot burritos are a hit at parties and we're getting pretty fast at putting them together! This will be enjoyed by the staff of the Inland Empire Future Leaders Program.
yummy - foodporn - mexicanfood - timelapse - iefl - burrito - mitlacafe -
zfloresxxo : Yummy!!!
mxmurdaa : @gillybossie Benjamin's 2nd bday
syl_v_a : 👍🏼👍🏽
mrs.howard82 : That looks amazing!
jellynat30 : @dizzle12009
dizzle12009 : @jellynat30 that can be done
jordan_carnage : I should get one for myself on my birthday haha @tiffguillen
tiffguillen : @jordan_carnage yessss!
shelley.spain.t - ninermama08 - 480sm_ - 8beautiful_disaster8 -
so excited!!! 😍 #iefl
iefl -
javierwheelz : YEAAAAAA, to bad you might be mistaken as a delagate😂😂😘
theresdaniel : Congratulations Bud! I'll be seeing you 🎉
alexis_vives : Ahhh congrats! I'm so jealous that you get to go back but super excited for you 🎉
eyesfixedabove : So proud of you Victor!! Congratulations
amberkirsten : Heeeyy Congrats dude!
bri.quintero : we're going to have an awesome summer! 🎉🎉🎉
fabi122198 : You'll have a blast!
kori_cole : Rate 10 homie
__jason_p__ - leo_hurtado9 - steveloera_ - aau19 -
‼️ calling all HS SENIORS & COLLEGE FRESHMAN ‼️ for this scholarship opportunity! applications will be on the website in just 2 days!!!! #IEFL
iefl -
jacquijulez : @marinovalley @marcoybar6 tag ur brother I can't find him on ig, @4pretty_nana my sisters and I did Inland Empire Future Leaders it was awesome! You'll love it! #IEFL
marthaeaton : @oclamador17
marcoybar6 : @_______frankie_______
jenelle_adrianna - la_zapatiadora7 - bryanna_caloca - susieq.u -
Even though I didn't get to see my beautiful niece, still had an amazing weekend 😊🙌 at least she got to see Furious 7 😂#Imissher #IEFL #gameofthrones #greatweekend
imissher - gameofthrones - iefl - greatweekend -
simplyannaa : She's soo cute 😍😍
youngking_yrn : Lol she was actually awake instead of asleep like the picture
youngking_yrn : 😂
danceislife2014 : Awww she really really pretty @cameren_c
cameren_c : @danceislife2014 I know! I love her so much 😊❤️
danceislife2014 : Awwwww that's sooo cute
marissathesickestkid - yaniasantos - danceislife2014 -
I feel truly blessed and honored to be returning to such a tremendously wonderful program! This will be my 4th year attending camp and I couldn't be happier! Getting to see a camp full of new faces brings such joy as I know they get to participate a life changing camp! #IEFL #Familia #PC
pc - iefl - familia -
lorde_estrada : Ada boy
sisi72 : Congrats....Those kids are so lucky to have you there I know first hand what a wonderful friend and just an all around great guy you are
la_zapatiadora7 : Yaass Luis !! 😃🎉👏
beccamarie93 : Yay so happy for you😀👏🏼
http.roossee : best week ever 💟
kelvin.universe - lorde_estrada - jceja55 - melmo_tll -
First time in 6 years that I didn't apply to camp😢Seeing everyone's acceptance letter as staff makes me so sad I'm not going this year. I am so happy for everyone that is going back. I know it will be another great year (as always) & I'm sure going to miss it & everyone❤️ #IEFL #mifamilia #untilnextyear #dreamteam
iefl - untilnextyear - mifamilia - dreamteam -
jceja55 : We're gonna miss you becca😢 @beccamarie93
darth_chavez93 : !!!!! :((((((((((
nickaraujo951 : Aww Becca :(
la_zapatiadora7 : Aww nooo Becca !! 😢
stefyeffie : I'm so bummed that the year I go back you won't be there 😩😿
lorde_estrada : You'll be in my heart kido!
bri.quintero : IM GOING TO BE SO LOST WITHOUT MY KITTY!!! you'll be in my heart the entire time and I can't wait to tell you all about it when we get back. love you Bec! 😘😘😘
crodrun : You will be missed @beccamarie93 !! Have a safe trip!
richard.rodriquez - dreahhh_31 - di3selboi - evymgt -
It's been 3 long years since The last time I was at IEFL, but this year I'll be coming back as a PC! I am super excited 😊🙌 #IEFL #accepted #PC
pc - accepted - iefl -
altoidtera : Awsome man!
rozalynduron : Can't wait 😍
_antonio_banderas - shadihemmati - official_arizzz - mrs.infante -
I have been waiting anxiously for this letter! IEFL has been such a huge part of my life and I'm so excited to have been chosen to come back as a facilitator! #IEFL #2015 ❤️
2015 - iefl -
rafdacat : See you there! (:
_chickhabit : ❤️❤️❤️❤️ My heart is so happy for you!
realityescapesme : So cool!!!!
lorde_estrada : Welcome back ☺️
stefyeffie : @imrafaelcendejas yay! @stephy_meows @realityescapesme thanks ladies!
stefyeffie : @lorde_estrada thank you! Congrats on assistant director!
hollis.r : Congratulations
mznike28 : Omg that what i want congratulations
downtownfox - jencaraveo1999 - shebarnabas - sararo_ -
I am truly honored and excited to be one of Inland Empire Future Leaders Conference Directors. Some of the greatest people I have ever met have been apart of this program and I'm proud to say they are some of my best friends. I have been overwhelmingly blessed these last few months with some of my wildest dreams coming true, this being one of them. #IEFL #alwaysandforever
iefl - alwaysandforever -
lorde_estrada : 😌
lorde_estrada : Why thank you can't wait for this year ☺️ @la_zapatiadora7
lorde_estrada : @jceja55 thanks bro!
lorde_estrada : Thank you so much ☺️ @mars_bars
lorde_estrada : Thanks kido!! @rozalynduron
lorde_estrada : Thanks 🙈 @_mirandaj
lorde_estrada : Thanks ma brotha!! @filthy_luca
eileenrayala : Congrats Jacob!!!😎👏👏
cnataliav15 - helenaarae - ev_mosqueda99 - nicholasvallin -
Citco#gerri route🚗 #Chd👍 #Gerrari😉 #iefl tower🗼
gerri - chd👍 - iefl - gerrari😉 -
dhanoa_777 - nitish_1459 - ramanpreet_0003 - gurbakshish_virk -
The Japanese Friendship Garden 🎎🇯🇵 A most trusted friend & mentor @crodrun Thanks for letting me crash your SD trip ❤️ #CherryBlossomFestival2015#IEFL
iefl - cherryblossomfestival2015 -
sealest_ : Ahhhh lucky 😫
itsinstajessie : Where is this at? Omg I love cherry blossoms trees!!!😍😍😍
stefyeffie : @itsinstajessie it's in San Diego's Balboa Park
itsinstajessie : Thank you!
bri.quintero : gorg 😍
crodrun : 😘😘 thanks for coming! Next time we'll do sake tasting!
stefyeffie : @crodrun and I need to take you guys to eclipse! You will love the chocolate and brunch!
crodrun : @stefyeffie San Diego is a place we will continue to keep visiting!
lissetebonilla - staceynt15 - madisonashleigh24 -
Forever will Johns eternal flame be lit. I remember my GA year & he was a PC. He had a personality that would light up the room. Another IEFL familia member gone too soon. Heaven gained an angel💙 #IEFL #eternalflame
eternalflame - iefl -
dc5_anabel - dreahhh_31 - warriorprincess_z - cocoloveskaykay -
Where's my familia at????? #ONCE #IEFL
iefl - once -
_aaaleman : Miss you guys ❤️
cristi_na99 : awww i couldn't go😩
melmo_tll : I couldn't go either. I cry ;-;
kaimartin424 - kelvin.universe - christopher.mora97 - melmo_tll -
The 2014 IEFL Reunion is this Saturday! Register now! You won't want to miss out on the fun! #iefl #reunion #2014
2014 - iefl - reunion -
beccamarie93 : @bree10_ u wld pick this song. Lol
bri.quintero : @beccamarie93 lol because it's gonna be a "GOOD TIME!"
sirraaahhh_ - lorde_simental - la_zapatiadora7 - evymgt -
Calling all future leaders...IEFL 2014 Reunion is happening Saturday, December 6th at CSUSB! All IEFL alumni & parents are encouraged to attend! Register online at Can't wait to see you all there! #iefl
iefl -
nikki_says_rawr - sirraaahhh_ - la_zapatiadora7 - jenelle_adrianna -
So who's going?? #IEFL #phenomenal
phenomenal - iefl -
_aaaleman : Miss you!
nowhere_dani : Do we have to do anything else if we already signed up and payed the day we came back from camp?
la_zapatiadora7 - nowhere_dani - maddy__luv - andrew.vasquez -
We're all Anteaters now, happy they chose UC Irvine 😀🐜 #IEFL #Novi #Anteaters #UCI #Familia
anteaters - novi - familia - track - crosscountry - iefl - uci -
abee7171 : #CrossCountry #Track
creepynamster - dinorahmacias - c_rod22 -
Ran my first 5k today!!!! Represented La Sierra U at the Inland Empire Future Leaders Crazy College Dash! So much funncant wait for next year! #iefl #lasierrauniversity
iefl - lasierrauniversity -
nathanrodmar : For reals dude?! That's Awsome congrats!!!!!!!!!!
nonono_o_ogsrh - sonofswan - lepe_trmpt4life - toribel_ -
The Crazy College Dash Team fundraising for an amazing program Inland Empire Future Leaders. GO YOTES🐺 #IEFL #crazycollegedash #5k #getkidstocollege #sisepuede
sisepuede - getkidstocollege - iefl - 5k - crazycollegedash -
romo0821 : Great Job , Go Yotes!!! Proud of u Becca !!!
yrstrlygab : Wish I was there. :(
dc5_anabel - dreahhh_31 - jceja55 - makeupby_alyssav -
we are here at the #CRAZYCOLLEGEDASH! use the hashtag and tag us in all of your pictures!! we're pumped! LETS GOOOOOOO!!!! #iefl #funrun2014
funrun2014 - iefl - crazycollegedash -
crodrun : #chapman #ucr
bri.quintero : #csusb
mr.maxhernandez : Photo cred: @mrbadseed
carol_11 : #uofr
evymgt - lorde_simental - kobe_kendall8 - melmo_tll -
TODAY is the LAST DAY to register online!! the #CRAZYCOLLEGEDASH is tomorrow! REGISTER NOW at! ONLY $25!! 🏃🏃🏃 #iefl #funrun #2014
funrun - iefl - crazycollegedash - 2014 -
mrsheredia55 : They look good
estevansv - jenelle_adrianna - ezequiel_the_creator - la_zapatiadora7 -
More IEFL staff representing their colleges! Michael Chavez repping UCLA, Christina Rodriguez repping Chapman University, Andew Angulo repping Cal State Fullerton, and Brianna Quintero & Becca Montes repping Cal State San Bernardino! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 TAG US in a photo of you wearing the college gear of the school you will be representing at the 5K & we will repost it! 🏃 the #CRAZYCOLLEGEDASH is only 4 days away!!! 😱 #ucla #chapman #csuf #csusb #iefl #funrun #2014
csusb - funrun - ucla - chapman - csuf - crazycollegedash - 2014 - iefl -
wcctglobal : Wow!
lorde_estrada - alyssaaa__17 - 1stavenuemedia -
Carolina Rodriguez is running for the University of Redlands! 🐶 Who are you running for? 🏃 the #CRAZYCOLLEGEDASH is only 4 days away!! 😱 TAG US in a photo of you wearing the college gear of the school you will be representing at the 5K & we will repost! 🌟🌟🌟 #iefl #funrun #2014 #bulldogs #UofR
uofr - bulldogs - crazycollegedash - 2014 - funrun - iefl -
dreahhh_31 - jceja55 - lissagoogs - evymgt -
#CRAZYCOLLEGEDASH runners: want to win the prize for #bestdressed? party stores always have tons of props in every color no matter what college you're running for to help you pull your outfit together! GO ALL OUT! that's the fun of it! show your school spirit!! WE ARE A WEEK AWAY!! #iefl #funrun #2014
funrun - bestdressed - iefl - crazycollegedash - 2014 -
briananila - artrod12 - rozalynduron - carol_11 -
the Nila sisters will be representing their schools at the #CRAZYCOLLEGEDASH! #sfsu #csuci #ucr 🌟🌟🌟 TAG US in a photo of you wearing the college gear of the school you will be representing at the 5K & we will repost! #spreadtheword #iefl #funrun #2014 ONLY 8 DAYS LEFT!!
ucr - funrun - crazycollegedash - spreadtheword - 2014 - csuci - sfsu - iefl -
estevansv : @dan_the_stan
corin_0213 - lorde_simental - dreahhh_31 - jceja55 -
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