Kershaw sisters #howdoyoudoit #idontgetit
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How come people never believe you're a lesbian at straight bars?? #reallifequestions #wth #idontgetit #lesbian #lesbehonest #straightpeoplepleasestop #gayexcuse
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jamiescoles : 😁
the1wren6 : Great image! β›Ί
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#hilarious #soironic #doesanyoneactuallyfindthisfunny? #idontgetit #twelfthnight
twelfthnight - soironic - idontgetit - doesanyoneactuallyfindthisfunny - hilarious -
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It said there was bowling.. I'm confused.. #idontgetit #purpleflowers #imissmymommy
imissmymommy - idontgetit - purpleflowers -
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Such a small phone for such big hands βœ‹βœοΈπŸ˜˜ #idontgetit #letmeholdyourhandsbaby #Hehe #annoyinghim #homework
annoyinghim - hehe - idontgetit - homework - letmeholdyourhandsbaby -
adelynvee : What a cutie.😍 @brandeeeezi
itsherarah : Ewww
itsherarah : @brandeeeezi
brandeeeezi : Wtf ...
brandeeeezi : @adelynvee <3
brandeeeezi : @itsherarah chinkkkkkkk.. callate ...
itsherarah : @brandeeeezi Who you calling chink chink.
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Do not listen to this little child. Poke my face, lose your finger lol πŸ˜‚ #badjokes #kidsjokes #idontgetit #amisupposedto #accidentally #hilarious #happyplace #dontpokemyface #notamorningperson #onlyononeday #december25th #santa #jessiej #pokerface #ladygaga #iamjessica #missjones
ladygaga - idontgetit - badjokes - kidsjokes - iamjessica - pokerface - amisupposedto - happyplace - missjones - santa - jessiej - dontpokemyface - notamorningperson - onlyononeday - accidentally - december25th - hilarious -
gagasbio : Like my photos? πŸ‘ΈπŸŽ…
hdgaga : love your account! follow me little monster?
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I'm just saying if chrisbrown can show his girl love and show all the 100000000000000X10000000 how's that be dying begging him to fuck why can't regular ass niggas show love & respect to the girl that really hold it down for them ? @chrisbrownofficial #brezzy#realshit#idontgetit
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I don't fucking understand how u can get 20 fuking years in prison for robbery and that bitch who was with u was found not guilty I fucking love u kainoa I promise to tell your son all the good things about u because fuck what people say they don't know the real you,I promise to watch over him and love him unconditionally it breaks my heart to know I wont be able to see u untill were 43 years old wtf.from preschool to high school u was always my mfkn ride or die and well always be fuck wat u people see in the newspaper and wtf u hear he doesn't deserve this and trust me they going get theres fuck the law fr #mybestfrenπŸ’”#idontgetit#fuckthelaw#fuckeverything
fuckthelaw - mybestfren - fuckeverything - idontgetit -
blvd_702 : No offense maybe he shouldn't rob people
2___deep - mrscvrter - tyga_watson - the1wren6 -
Go warriors 🏈✌️ #firstfootballexperienceever #rainbowwarriors #uh #collegefootball #alohastadium #idontgetit #letswatchsoccerinstead
alohastadium - idontgetit - firstfootballexperienceever - rainbowwarriors - collegefootball - letswatchsoccerinstead - uh -
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Love these two guuurrrrllllsssss πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• #alwayslaughingatme #whatssofunny #idontgetit #beachspam @tessrose_84 @kalliehunter
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tessrose_84 : Always fun times with u girlsπŸ’•πŸ’•
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Thanks @kelsey__friesen I dropped it on my face! #stopdropselfie #IDontGetIt #reading #thebestofme
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kelsey__friesen : You're so cute! ☺️
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I try to tell em... #dontlisten #idontgetit #ohwell #notme #lessonslearned #toogrownforthis #grownwomanshit #mylife
idontgetit - toogrownforthis - lessonslearned - ohwell - notme - mylife - grownwomanshit - dontlisten -
a_true_black_beauty -
Am I the crow? Picking his skull? #IDontGetIt
idontgetit -
the_ashley_diaries : Also 100% disability isn't that hard. Sleep apnea is 50%. Sorry off topic
betho38501 - aksullivan1 - abbaaaaeee - the_latte_man -
Thanks sis (@candaceboyd )... I nominate @hvdsteenrussell & @niki3002 #stopdropselfie #idontgetit #reallyidont 😜
reallyidont - stopdropselfie - idontgetit -
candaceboyd : I don't either lol
cgfinn : LoL @candaceboyd
bobbiebergie : It's for MS
make50days - niki3002 - mayghanm - bobbiebergie -
350k ? Maybe I should invest in colored pencils 😬 #idontgetit
idontgetit -
marioinexile : So artistic...
haileyaxna : ^tru miss ya Mariah ❀️
dirtjunior666 : So first grade
danicajlynch : Hello it's famously expensive cuz i secretly had peebz run around on the paper with crayons strapped to his feet than put a date of 1964 on it. Duh @mariahklynch
darlacoy : @mariahklynch you're in town and didn't visit me at work? πŸ˜’
jondtv : very impressive lol
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IM SO FUCKING CONFUSED WHAT IS THIS? . . . #help #dog #zoo #what #idontgetit #tumblr #tumblrfunny #funny #funnytumblr
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sarah_willaert : @grvntmvrk ....really
jasmin_gault : Shit zoo
jasmin_gault : A zoo of shot
jasmin_gault : Shit*
jessicanicolee___ : @kaylee_marie_sacco
katlynbree143 : @carol_rosales22
agentp23 : @estelle_rentsch important πŸ˜‚
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"Junior pay attention to me!!!"....."Mom...I'm saving the United States from the Russians. " 😞 "Huh?!?!"
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lilmama_32 : #playstationmind #idontgetit #hesstillawesome #mylittleman #us2 #igotchu #myhero #hesawesome #mystud #myson #lovehavinghimhome #qualitytime #iwillsettleforthis #whatevericanget
amer1can_h0ney : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­
mrsmartinezl99 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
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A sea of business cards stapled to the low ceiling of the Old Log Cabin bar and restaurant in Forest Lake, MN #justbecause #idontgetit
justbecause - idontgetit -
maalphin : Such a great restaurant!
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Hockey date. #komets #idontgetit #ice #beer #nofights #whatsthepoint
beer - nofights - idontgetit - komets - ice - whatsthepoint -
katieklug : @katiemarose @anthonygainey
loufitness : keep up the good post
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It really bothers me when someone gets a temporary thing as a tattoo. Like tattoos are permanent. Don't put anyone's name on you, like a best friend or boyfriend/girlfriend. Cause what if they aren't a part of your life anymore? Then you look retarded with that tattoo. Unless you cover it up or completely remove it which actually doesn't even remove it completely. And that costs even more money. And don't get something that I would consider a "phase" like if you like a song, or band and it has an ACTUAL SENTIMENTAL VALUE to you then okay tattoo it on you. Or even with a person from a band/singer/musician but not like a best friend or something stupid like that, because at least you'll never really know the type of person you tattooed on yourself with a singer/musician/band. Where as a friend can hurt you and so much other shit. If it doesn't have any value to you, something you will hold dear to you for the rest of your life. Something that won't change like "I like this video game/cartoon/tv show, I'll tattoo it on me" then you end up liking another one even more or actually have the new interest mean something to you. Then you're gonna wanna tattoo that on yourself and maybe even remove/cover up the one you got in the past. It's just gonna be a cycle if people keep putting temporary things on themselves with permanent longevity. I just don't understand it. If someone could explain to me why people do this, but in a civil manner then I'll get why. But seriously I don't understand it. Can someone explain please? Seriously explain. #tattoo#tattoos#idontgetit#temporary#truth#help#confused#permanent
tattoo - temporary - help - tattoos - confused - permanent - truth - idontgetit -
venarsaur : But if a person dies no matter who it is and meant something to you, then I get the whole "ima tattoo their name on me"
sofiaabtoniabravo - gourmetghost - hostoftheprescription - methfairyy -
#whylie #idontgetit #brokenpromises #brokenheart #soplayed
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moni2dv8 : 😞 I'm here if you need to talk I'll see you Wednesday
__xoxo_syd : Thanks @moni2dv8 love you
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Teenagers are weird. Lil bro just chillin with a hamper over his head while he games on his phone during movie night at Gram's... #idontgetit @zane8__
idontgetit -
grijalva_13 : @zane8__LOL... Not even surprised at this.
zane8__ - grreeenjello - mayanass_ - cabin_essence1 -
#boredashell #homework actually #sounds #fun #idontgetit #thisplacesucks #crystallakeil need to #getback to #coloradosprings #pbr #pabst #pabstblueribbon #bored #followthis #saveme #armylife #army #pbrlife #college #collegelife #sucks
coloradosprings - idontgetit - followthis - getback - thisplacesucks - collegelife - pabst - saveme - college - sounds - armylife - boredashell - pbr - crystallakeil - army - sucks - pbrlife - pabstblueribbon - fun - bored - homework -
tony754 : πŸ‘πŸ‘
textsfromex : I'll give away an acc with 14k followers when I reach 100k. Follow me & stay tuned :)
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"Trying to understand" Extrañaba dibujar! πŸ˜† #drawing #pencil #sketchbook #sketch #dibujo #lápiz #idontgetit #itsbeenawhile #finally #love #confused #mascaratears
pencil - sketch - lΓ‘piz - love - idontgetit - sketchbook - confused - dibujo - finally - mascaratears - itsbeenawhile - drawing -
josue_garduno : :)) quedo genial!! Pero porq enojada!?
katel99_art - lalobachow - gabby_draws - elisan_n -
ThIs DeSeRvEs AlL tHe AwArDs #FAlexfromTarget
falexfromtarget - idontgetit -
horancrux_9_3.4 : #Idontgetit
_isxxc_cxdenxs_ - teamjdfnj - __kayla__02 - 15_splash -
Loving this FedEx job already!!! Had coffee, donuts, half a large pizza and Pepsi today and for some reason I'm not even bloated. In fact my abs were peeking out a little bit... Strange. I like it though!!! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ’ͺπŸ‘€πŸ‘Œ#piggy#wheredoiputit#idontgetit#feeltheburn
feeltheburn - wheredoiputit - piggy - idontgetit -
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#cajunfries #never #idontgetit #imoldfashioned
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Serious foot race at the polo for a date with a player. #idontgetit #wecallthosecleatchasers
wecallthosecleatchasers - idontgetit -
rebekaf21 : Haha love the hashtag!
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Stand up for what is right even if your standing aloneπŸ’—β˜ΊοΈ
idontgetit -
ashleelesinski : Tbh// your super pretty and nice but we aren't very close. We talk sometimes but not a lot.
makayla765 : Thanks!(: @ashleelesinski
robryona_18 : Tbh. Your pretty cool jk. Your cool😎 we talk sometimes but we definitely need to talk moreπŸ‘Œ you are so pretty and all that good stuff #InsideJokeYouWouldntGetItπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
makayla765 : Thanks!πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‚ #idontgetit¿ @robryona_18
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Audrina's 1st Fortune 🍚
audrinaleighmay - fortunecookie - idontgetit - firstfortune -
maymichelle : #firstfortune #fortunecookie #idontgetit #audrinaleighmay
megan_kungle - ahoward9373 - whit_holliday - amberchomyak -
im probably going to delete it again.. #snapchat #idontgetit
idontgetit - snapchat -
waatmani -
Thanks for the #stopanddropselfie @jordanwiens @robbiefriesen .... I nominate @jschmidt8 @11leelo #iwascaughtoffguardbytheflash #idontgetit #surroundedbychicks
surroundedbychicks - iwascaughtoffguardbytheflash - stopanddropselfie - idontgetit -
nolanferguson98 : Look at all those chickens
josiah16139 : Dannnnggg
thefunkgal - jschmidt8 - biancael19 - nolanferguson98 -
I guess you're just supposed to snap a quick selfie..... or something. Anyways thanks for the nom @declanmiller #stopdropselfie #idontgetit #ourgenerationsucks
stopdropselfie - ourgenerationsucks - idontgetit -
nfourns : #ourgenerationsucks <--- Haha sad but true
nulty92 : You didn't...
blaketitley : Kinda lookin like I did lol. Fuck. Now I gotta kill myself. @nulty92
esps22 : @blaketitley @nulty92 yup
t_kocis : Drive into a cold lake with the doors locked
league_of_eternal_friendship : That smile is a 10/10.... #tits
brigs21 : Buckle up its going to be a long haul
blaketitley : Perfect smile for a knuckle sandwich lol. I get it fellas, I'll kick my own ass later. @t_kocis @esps22 @nulty92 @league_of_eternal_friendship @brigs21
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