Just saw a mom singing along to this song with her young daughter. Terrible. What's wrong with people. Do you not realize what you're making your kids listen too? Keep telling yourself that a good beat is all that matters #music #pop #terrible #lyrics #rolemodels #badgeneration #popmusic #idontgetit #decency #morales #life #whataworld #sexsells #gross #jessiej #arianagrande #nickiminaj #hateit #longliverockandroll
life - badgeneration - lyrics - arianagrande - pop - hateit - rolemodels - decency - jessiej - popmusic - idontgetit - gross - sexsells - terrible - music - nickiminaj - morales - longliverockandroll - whataworld -
hugh_honey - bretthebest - joshua_canaber - jaclyn_demetria -
In the bathroom peeing and the cat decides to take nap. #strangecat #idontgetit
strangecat - idontgetit -
jasmineitara - xobellababygurlxo - sammii_lee -
I picked up a new hobby in the car today #littlecousins #idontgetit #pokemen #squirtle?
idontgetit - squirtle - pokemen - littlecousins -
mandifly - almostfiguredout - phil_liu - carmenelle -
Sometimes I sit in my car and listen to weathermen tell me there is a 0% chance of rain today while im too afraid of the thunder and lightening to even get out. #whydotheymakesomuchmoney #idontgetit
whydotheymakesomuchmoney - idontgetit -
laurasolar611 : We picked the wrong career. Also, I am literally doing the exact same thing as you right now lol
alisaaaaaaa1 : @laurasolar611 haha! And like I just went grocery shopping and lord knows I dont want to be lugging that crap in this!
carisssmarie - aestiria -
It's like fast and the furious over here at the Robert residence #fastandfurious #cars #itsacarthing #Idontgetit
cars - idontgetit - fastandfurious - itsacarthing -
hannah_plum_ : Coommmmmeeeee
carli_bundy : I can't I don't want to drive my bike. I think were almost done
farinacci - steephyxox - hannah_plum_ - bimdriedebrea0aa0f -
Didn't realize I picked this one until I started drinking it #lucky #Idontgetit #butIlikeit
lucky - butilikeit - idontgetit -
jennaseavictoria - robynwedge - melanieriesch - kernshorchata -
Lame parents be baby can shake a rattle, just call her Einstein. #IDontGetIt #BabiesDoingBabyThings #HateTheseWannabePageantMoms #MaleahAnnelise #YouMustBeAProdigy #LetsGetThoseMITappsReady #BabyGENIUScominThru #Sarcasm #Duh
duh - idontgetit - sarcasm - youmustbeaprodigy - hatethesewannabepageantmoms - babiesdoingbabythings - maleahannelise - letsgetthosemitappsready - babygeniuscominthru -
jessi_smilezz : Shes so light skinned. I love it :))
_danixoxo : oh my gosh. 😩😍😍😍 she's so cute Lydia! I can't wait to meet her.
bee_jay25 : I can't with you. 😂 einstein😍😘😘 lol
insta_lyddz : @jessi_smilezz she definitely gets that from me lol
insta_lyddz : @_danixoxo thanksss!! We all need to get together one day! Maleahs baby debut lol
insta_lyddz : @bee_jay25 well dang..this bitches bug lol theres nothing intelligent about your drooling baby. Chill. Hahahahaha damn im so mean. And btw I think I will be there tomorrow!
bee_jay25 : Hahahaha that's jus your charming personality. 💁 yay!! Wyd today?? I'll jus text
em_geee - machinegungus - _xdaisyyx_ - mfginn -
The sweetest boy #myfirsthashtag#idontgetit#cutestbaby
cutestbaby - idontgetit - myfirsthashtag -
emmigrl - jkist45 - bentli0416 - taymarquez -
Disclaimer: NOT a petty post. It's just that #this shit's honestly had me kinda #confused since last night. I sincerely don't understand why someone who's stated they unfollowed you a while ago (bc they thought your posts were bs) would still feel the need to look at your posts, read the captions, & comment negatively on them. Like what's the actual point tho? Attempting to "expose" someone & even speak on your personal life like they've hung out with you or sumn. Getting their point of view on you from gossip and/or rumors (from a small messy town's bored residents with nothing better to do) or ig/fb posts. Why even waste your time on someone you've felt didn't deserve your attention? Why even look at posts you've unfollowed? Things that make you go hmm.. I'm just glad I'm too busy living my own "struggle" life to even notice Wtf other ppl are doing, let alone take time to try & rile them up for no reason. Lol! For the record, I have beef with NO ONE. And I don't bother anyone either. But some ppl love coming for you just cuz. #idontgetit #ijustneededtovent #movingon #twotearsinabucket #itiswhatitis
twotearsinabucket - ijustneededtovent - idontgetit - itiswhatitis - this - confused - movingon -
lastof_adyingbreed_ - publishedqueen - spiritual_growth_83 - aharcaki -
#NewMug #unt #Idontgetit #iseewhatyoudidthere
iseewhatyoudidthere - unt - newmug - idontgetit -
cat_krugar - unt.sweetheart43 - ria_0706 - b00ndg0ggle -
Checking out some (not actually) art at ICA Boston with @carolineanneevans #IDontGetIt #MostOfThisIsCrap #ThisOneWasCoolTho
mostofthisiscrap - idontgetit - thisonewascooltho -
rockinrobinb : Ahaaaa Mikho!
gmfortin - laurianebm - carolineanneevans - anoelle22 -
I real deal want to know why the moment a woman is impregnated, some men choose to lose their minds.WHAT IS THE ILLOGICAL REASONING BEHIND IT??#THOUGHTS #bafflesme #idontgetit #itsfartoocommon #pregnancyissupposetobesexyright #likeforlike
likeforlike - itsfartoocommon - bafflesme - pregnancyissupposetobesexyright - thoughts - idontgetit -
abundantia14 - emmazacko - mz_damnshe2sexxi_tasha - zcordell -
I may or may not have an addiction...#freebirds #whyyoutastesogood #yourejustaburrito #idontgetit
freebirds - whyyoutastesogood - yourejustaburrito - idontgetit -
laurentaylormanjack : YESSSS
half_pint24 - morthan_blackvenom - heatherlynnd13 - _theonejonnyd_ -
This is how I feel! I don't except the challenge sorry @kaleyblundell hahaha looks like it's donating time #savewater#wereinadrought#donate#itsforagoodcause#idontgetit
itsforagoodcause - savewater - wereinadrought - donate - idontgetit -
17alexandrea : 👍
victum140 : @nightfurynikki
kaleyblundell : Okay okay I accept ! 😘 #GetYoDonationOn
aanniemariie : Thank god your smart😊
aanniemariie : Ha my teachers like at least if your gonna waist water do it on the grass!
ginamercedez : Hahaha true!!
ginamercedez : @aanniemariie
corina_arellano - primabarbie - nicograsu - babyy_tatss -
I nominate everyone that has done the ice bucket challenge! #pourwater #soyouwontdonate? #idontgetit?
pourwater - repost - soyouwontdonate - idontgetit -
jaime92_ : #repost @drdre81
jaime92_ - robertongo1 - _jenno_22 - ztrain1 -
But why does justin look more like a lesbian than a man?😩 #idontgetit
idontgetit -
stay_c3 : But dead ass 😭😭
xo_ninamarie : @stay_c3 lmaoooo
xo_ninamarie : @stay_c3 he has such feminine features I'd be embarrassed to be Selena Gomez. Like noooo
deloitmu : @xo_ninamarie he hasn't hit puberty yet lol
xo_ninamarie : @deloitmu LOL Bendito I mean they do have until 21 and he's 20! Lol almost there Justin!! Lol
jadaaaxo_ - sickmazda6s - jb0ogz - oak_11 -
#als #icebucketchallenge #forreal #idontgetit #justdonatemoney #somepeoplecantgetwater #whatdoesalsstandfor #amyotrophiclateralsclerosis
idontgetit - amyotrophiclateralsclerosis - whatdoesalsstandfor - forreal - somepeoplecantgetwater - justdonatemoney - icebucketchallenge - als -
kitsonblack : @steve_skelt 100% correct #celebbs
bigkool25 - kitsonblack - wafflepants_11 - kasvandam -
Hi I have so much math homework. #6pages #fml #wah #idontgetit #SOS
idontgetit - fml - 6pages - sos - wah -
jennaavh : Hahaha this just happened for me in my trig class.
ashlee_enchanted - jennaavh - julianvolpe - edgar_awesome -
I nominate @ben_lipinski14 @jadaaa_101 @dj.dee_ @monicagarde
idontgetit -
monicagarde : Too bad I already did it
madison.ferraro : ❤️ @derrick_kowalczuk
derrick_kowalczuk : what does ❤ mean? @madison.ferraro
madison.ferraro : It's from one of ur photos
madison.ferraro : @derrick_kowalczuk
madison.ferraro : It means I'm single!😂
derrick_kowalczuk : oh ok then #IDontGetIt @madison.ferraro
madison.ferraro : Lol😂👌
allisee09 - the_player448 - lilyanne457 - colepenguin101 -
"Art." #idontgetit
idontgetit -
anthonyr_85 : Noice
coniboboni - daniel025913 - j_ordanks - garyfabio -
Wait... What does this NR key do? #didntknowicoulddothat #toomanyacronyms #idontgetit
didntknowicoulddothat - toomanyacronyms - idontgetit -
maxhess9 : That looks fun
dkobray - nicky_the_beast - borgiaborgia - balldough -
idontgetit -
sarahcaitlincarpenter : Brian Lima's favorite delicacy
shenkfoley - jamie_sj - jkw1387 - _lizartd_ -
💀 #genius #dead #funny #math #idontgetit #no #funnytestanswers
funny - idontgetit - funnytestanswers - genius - no - dead - math -
pizzvgato : Stupiddd lol
justincreduble : lloll
ggreenbeard - justincreduble - raraxnoir - _space_sugar_ -
Found me a sweet tropical themed Colorado cap at a garage sale this morning. #idontgetit#misprint#weirdcaps#sweetscore
sweetscore - weirdcaps - idontgetit - misprint -
emerica_esp : Fav color
derpzog - beecr8v - haybalezz - goinscottylaird -
#Well #Rp #iDidntWriteThis #iKnowitShouldBeTheir #DontStartWithMe #WhatsInYourWallet #YourLaneCalled #ItSaidGetTheEffOutOfMine #iDontGetIt #YouShouldProbablyFocus #ImTooBusyPavingMyOwnLane #WhoCares #iCanGiveAnEffLess 😎✌️#HappyFriday
rp - idontgetit - well - yourlanecalled - itsaidgettheeffoutofmine - icangiveaneffless - whocares - youshouldprobablyfocus - iknowitshouldbetheir - imtoobusypavingmyownlane - whatsinyourwallet - ididntwritethis - happyfriday - dontstartwithme -
fiona.duong : @shittiestphotos
crayhefner - _lady_brittany - ebunie - kaosgogettadavis -
"What You See is Not Necessarily True" by LingWenChen. Boom! This is so #DEEP. LOL 🐎 #你看到的未必是真实的 #FiberGlass #Artwork #Idontgetit #appreciate #art #instagramable #confused #horse #horseman #艺术品 #马人 #芳草地 #深奥 #太深了 #疼么 #发射
艺术品 - 芳草地 - art - idontgetit - confused - deep - artwork - horseman - 你看到的未必是真实的 - horse - fiberglass - instagramable - appreciate - 太深了 - 深奥 - 发射 - 马人 - 疼么 -
aznpr7de - gabz6 - seaeaea - elitsour -
Independent Onlooker VS Cling Master #ShesWhining #IDontGetIt
sheswhining - idontgetit -
zachmorgan39 - alexis_keaton - em_meadows24 -
I ❤️ NY and @krowkie #newyork#postholidaydepression#takemebacknow#merica#loveyou#bestfriend
takemebacknow - bestfriend - idontgetit - postholidaydepression - newyork - merica - questionmark - loveyou - loveyatoo -
sambowa7 : #takemeback #instagramnottakemebackgram #loveya
louisecurrey : #idontgetit#questionmark#questionmark @sambowa7
louisecurrey : #loveyatoo @sambowa7
emkbenson - cassandratomic_mua - gemaya - belle_muir -
I have no fuckin clue what this means but it says meemees in it and has a black cat so clearly it's about meemis! #whatdoesthismean#confussed#huh#idontgetit
confussed - huh - idontgetit - whatdoesthismean -
chandy84 : Ninos mean little boys. Lol. Don't know who are them. #Spanish lol
chandy84 : Ate**
ashlexbarrett : So someone ate the ninos (aka the little boys?) who ate them meemees? Or the cucuy? This story's is starting to be terrifying... What are the cucuy?! Do I even wanna know? Then it says amen this is fucked. @chandy84
chandy84 : Hahahaha lmfao 😂😂😂 I am going ask my Spanish friend cause now I am concerned why this is a prayer. Lol.
rancidxhooligan : It means a monster of some sort is going to eat the little kids if they don't sleep. That's what I got from it anyways. It's a parent reading a story.. Lol.
ashlexbarrett : Haha perfect! Thanks @rancidxhooligan I should know that considering I tell that to my kids every night.
in my dream last night, i was slashed multiple times in my back by her. i did search for interpretation and this what searching gave me. #idontgetit
idontgetit -
anjenakananaman : gets ko hahaha @ai_ban ikaw nga yan ;p
ai_ban : ha?? hindi ko nga gets eh. hahaha
So when people say they are doing it for the charity... #idontgetit #als #bucketchallenge
bucketchallenge - idontgetit - als -
joeeho : AGREED!!!! 😒
maggie_lu_ : lol!!
camilia.flower : Read up on it. It may not seem like it but it's for a really good cause even tho i see what u mean.
pearlgail - hank_lu0602 - joeeho - stelllaj -
#Drought #IDontGetIt #PartyPooper #jme
partypooper - drought - idontgetit - jme -
daganel - thecaliforniahillbilly - darrenondrums - thefarpost -
Where the real men at? Gooodnight💤 #mensuck #allplayers #spoton #thisisperfect #idontgetit
mensuck - allplayers - spoton - thisisperfect - idontgetit -
menababe : On point 🙈👌😂
michelliieeee : @colinkingg
miistaa_james : Hello 👋
shelbyypatriciaa : @ashleylynn73 this is hysterical.
reedd19 : Makes perfect sense to me, I don't get why you're confused.
zbjanda : Ugh boys! And they say we're crazy
shelbyypatriciaa : @zbjanda seriously. I can't wait to see you!
zbjanda : 😄😝😏😧 all the faces we are going to go through on your bday
ashleythornhill - allybertik - leannabuckleyy - deeeeez_ -
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