After a truly disgusting trip to the factory store, #icanttakeitanymore
icanttakeitanymore -
kelimnichols7 : Aww I love Nike why you gotta be hatin?
stefanshreds : Fuck nike
meanjean51 : I hate nike!
stefanshreds - dapper__dan__ - ryanbroguiere - jm_ath -
I'm feeling really depressed right now. I'm basically home alone and I really want to cut...I'm trying not to but it's not working..I'm a awful human being... #depressed #cutting #depression #ihatemyself #imworthless #icanttakeitanymore
cutting - depressed - ihatemyself - icanttakeitanymore - imworthless - depression -
chilly.chong.dip.pip : No... Your a beautiful human being! And I know that! Okay... I have a dare for you! My dare to you is to be happy
attack_on_wifi_ : Hun you don't have to do that things get better, when i got out of my depression and quit cutting i completely regretted doing it so if you wanna kik me or something i would be happy to c:
_tavros_the_awesome_ : No you're not, don't say things like that
mageoflife : You can do it, I know you're strong enough to not cut yourself. Start a new goal! You can do this!
_tavros_the_awesome_ - a_depressed_guy - psycho.boy - chilly.chong.dip.pip -
Where did the summer go πŸ‘€πŸ˜³
summervacation - summerrain - summerday - photoporn - nofilter - icanttakeitanymore - rain - forecast - whereismysummer - mybeautifulcountry - mylife - uglyphoto - instaweather -
uniquecreazioni : #forecast #rain #summerrain #summervacation #summerday #mybeautifulcountry #mylife #instaweather #whereismysummer #icanttakeitanymore #photoporn #uglyphoto #nofilter
life.recorder : Went to Kuwait I assume πŸ˜„
uniquecreazioni : @life.recorder we had two days with no rain but chilly weather now it's back to fall 😱 even the elderly don't remember a summer like this. The wine harvest is going to be a disaster, the EVO harvest and so on! We need SUN πŸ™
life.recorder : Well, all I can tell is; lucky you! :P lol you'll see it as a luck when you live in a 45-50 celsius weather in summer! :P
uniquecreazioni : @life.recorder I guess so 😳 weather wise I'm a spoiled brat, I lived 2/3 of my life with 4 beautiful seasons where it's never too hot and it's never too cold ❀️ I did experienced 45 Celsius, I can handle it for sometime but after a while I go nuts πŸ’€
bykarinas_knitwear - life.recorder - mim_naja - fanfreak -
#areyoureadyforsomefootball #aaaahhhhh #icanttakeitanymore
icanttakeitanymore - areyoureadyforsomefootball - aaaahhhhh -
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#suicideisreal #depressionhurts #bullyingneedstostop #itried #ithurts #icanttakeitanymore
depressionhurts - ithurts - itried - icanttakeitanymore - suicideisreal - bullyingneedstostop -
i_love_pjo_books : Cortney?
cjsmith543 : Yea? Wsp? @i_love_pjo_books I need a hug ❀️
i_love_pjo_books - hannah.44 - jordin7777777 - young_roses04 -
This is a wry sexy penguin. This penguin hates you all, so go away 😢 #tired #penguin #goaway #stahp #gun #videogames #imslowlydying #ughh #needsleep #like5morehourstogo 😭 #icanttakeitanymore #torcher #bye
bye - tired - ughh - imslowlydying - icanttakeitanymore - gun - like5morehourstogo - torcher - goaway - needsleep - videogames - stahp - penguin -
eugeneqtiera - pampenguin1 - samcameron5 - placelesstraveled -
My new bestfriend and I 😊 #nomoresoda 😩😩😩 #illovesodathough #thisisgoingtobeharddddd #icandoitthough #imfat #icanttakeitanymore #gymnextweek
gymnextweek - nomoresoda - thisisgoingtobeharddddd - imfat - icandoitthough - icanttakeitanymore - illovesodathough -
kyleataorta : You are not fat,you are beautiful !
swank__ : You Can Do It ✊ I Stopped Drinking Soda A Few Months Ago Now It Taste Nasty
kimprettyyeahh : @kyleataorta well just in shape lol thanks baby
kimprettyyeahh : @swank__ I'm trying to stick to it 😫
swank__ : You Got It
e.single : selfie queenπŸ˜‚
c0rey12 : U fr this time
kimprettyyeahh : @e.single I try I try πŸ’
_crownofthorns - __itsascarysitee - auuthentic - lor_richie -
#unestatealmare #oblivion #laguerradeimondi #waroftheworlds #voglioessereaddotto #storm #thunder #clouds #blackclouds #badweather #summer #proprio #summertimesadness #estatepopopodemmerda #icanttakeitanymore
blackclouds - unestatealmare - clouds - laguerradeimondi - summer - voglioessereaddotto - icanttakeitanymore - waroftheworlds - oblivion - storm - thunder - proprio - estatepopopodemmerda - badweather - summertimesadness -
rubenvoci - gianlucaveroni - kevgreyjoy - fabrizio_fc -
#icanttakeitanymore #imdone
imdone - icanttakeitanymore -
putmeonthespittney : ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️
vanillanina : "Would I let someone else do this to me / would I stick around" x
kirstenrubie : I'm not sure what you mean πŸ˜† @vanillanina
kirstenrubie : 😘😍😘 @putmeonthespittney
vanillanina : Like ask yourself what you'd do if it were someone else not him.. Love makes you react differently to things πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
kirstenrubie : ohhh I get you :) xxxx @vanillanina
bensonnnnn - hannngreenwood - yaimeest - emmalou_gliddon -
That's it, I'm making some changes, Im gonna get to the bottom of this whole Allergy Mess even if I have to become Vegan and cut out ALL Animal Base Foods. #ICantTakeItAnymore #CantStandHavingAllergies #Cuttingoutalldairy #NoDairy #NeedToGetRidofTheseAllergies #Onceandforall #Vegan #MakingaBigChange #ThisFoodisKillingUs #Smh #YouGottaMakeaChange #NoDairyChallenge #Instapost #instadaily #CleanEating #HealthyEating #HealthierLifeStyle
makingabigchange - nodairychallenge - healthierlifestyle - vegan - cantstandhavingallergies - vegans - cleaneating - thisfoodiskillingus - instadaily - healthyeating - onceandforall - nodairy - yougottamakeachange - icanttakeitanymore - needtogetridoftheseallergies - smh - cuttingoutalldairy - instapost -
so_grateful : #Vegans
chloe_veganfit - taydontplay - streetrebirth - aguedamikesell -
depressing - anxiety - suicidal - helpme - icanttakeitanymore - lonley - wanttodie - blithe - killme - alone - depression -
socialreprogrammingmethod : Wow!
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So nice to feel relief again... #cutting #iwanttodie #imworthless #icanttakeitanymore #depressed #depression
cutting - iwanttodie - depressed - imworthless - icanttakeitanymore - depression -
chilly.chong.dip.pip : NOPE NOPEEE!!! BÆ!! STOP ITTT!!! YOU!!! stop don't cut my darling! Why cut? When you can dance.
windymischeif : Stop, drop the razor or whatever it is your using and take a deep breath, and then reply to @chilly.chong.dip.pip and I because we wanna talk to you.
_radioactive_alpacas_ : 😱😱😱 baby please quit this!! I know that we haven't talked ever and I sound really creepy r/n but I care about you!! Please throw away your blades because you don't have to do this to yourself!! I know from experience that cutting makes it worse and gives you more anxiety when you are trying to hide it. I can DM you a list of other ways to get relief from saddens that are safer than cutting!! (I personally like to rip magazines.. And draw stupid faces on the pictures) but there are better ways!! I love you (not in a creepy way... But you get what I'm trying to say..) and I am flat out devastated that you are doing this!! I genuinely care and want to help!!! Please talk to me!! πŸ’œπŸ’™β€οΈπŸ’šπŸ’— I'm here for you
tristann.clinee : Dm me? I'll try and help
mageoflife : No no no please don't do this it kills me to see you do that oh my god I am so sorry for not helping you feel better and I know you must be going through some really horrible stuff right now but please you're worth so much more then you think and you have a whole future ahead of you full of opportunities and mysteries please don't harm yourself like this and I know it'll be so hard for you to stop but I also know you're strong enough and there are enough people out there who believe in you so please don't do something so horrible to yourself you're amazing and talented and you are so very important you matter so much to the world and I'm sorry I didn't say anything to help you feel better if possible but please it's horrible and heartbreaking and gut wrenching to see someone as amazing and beautiful and talents as you doing something like that to your beautiful body and you matter so much to so many people including me even though I don't think we've ever talked before because you are a human and you're beautiful and talented and maybe a little flawed but even the best of us are and there are so many people who love you and there always will be even if you haven't met them yet and this isn't the answer you don't need to hurt yourself in an attempt to take out anger and pain on yourself or to punish yourself you are so amazing and beautiful and gorgeous and fantastic in every way and you deserve so much better than this and I'm so sorry you feel the need to do this but you're an amazing person and it'll be okay
dirk_and_davestrider : @windymischeif I'm DMing you
_radioactive_alpacas_ : I just DMed you if you are ok with that..
fandoms_bunker : You listen to me. What you are feeling is human, is natural. Every single person on this earth has been low before. But cutting isn't going to solve anything. It helps you feel less pain, and may help at the moment, but your going to hate yourself afterwards. That's how it always is. And I can't make you stop, or even read this because I bet you have heard people tell you before to stop, but that's not what I'm doing. I know personally that some things are just needed, so I'm not going to tell you to stop, even though I want you too. No, I'm saying if you need to talk you can DM me WHENEVER. I don't give a damn if it's three o'clock in the morning, you send that shit. And I'll sit there and talk to you about random shit like puppies and why the color pink loves purple to get your mind off of whatever happened/ happening.
xx_suicidesmile_xx - bleedinghearts_brokensmiles - __stop_self_harm__ - flowerstyle_love -
No one would care if I did #cutting #iwanttodie #imworthless #icanttakeitanymore #depressed #depression
cutting - iwanttodie - depressed - imworthless - icanttakeitanymore - depression -
attack_on_wifi_ : I would care :c
fairyhipster : I care. You're beautiful and so kind. Can I just come and give you a cyber hug? I know what you're going through and I know it hurts. But you can make it. I believe in you
_tavros_the_awesome_ : I would :(
serenedash : I would care. DM me if you wanna talk about it.
_radioactive_alpacas_ : Please DM me!! I wouldn't mind if you don't feel like it, but I just don't want you to cut your beautiful self. You are way to pretty to do this. I used to cut not gonna lie, but I'm about two years clean and I am willing to help! Remember I am always here to help you and I will let you in with open arms. πŸ’—πŸ’œπŸ’šβ€οΈπŸ’™ you!!
cayman_24 : omg same!
bleedinghearts_brokensmiles - serenedash - elizaphantomhive - stay.smiling.xoxo -
Isn't it sad when you get hurt so much you can finally say "I'm used to it." #noonegetsit #imsoalone #icanttakeitanymore
noonegetsit - imsoalone - icanttakeitanymore -
emillllly.xo : 😍
gianaaa_14 : Beautiful em😍
_emilyboylan_ : Thx luv u guys😘 @gianaaa_14 @emillllly.xo @jcuccixo
karenna.grier : 😍😍
_emilyboylan_ : 😘 @karenna.grier
karenna.grier : @_emilyboylan_ i hope were in some classes together next year! i had fun in englishπŸ˜‚πŸ’ miss u
_emilyboylan_ : Ha same miss u too😁 @karenna.grier
karenna.grier : @_emilyboylan_ haha
rory_molisso - mattgalloo - julianna_mann - gianaaa_14 -
I don't want to fight anymore....life sucks and I can't take it...I want to cut so badly...I keep fucking up my goals on not cutting. Although what does it matter? I'm just one fat, ugly, worthless fuck up that no one cares about. I also feel like a hypocrite because I tell others not to hurt themselves but I hurt myself. Maybe I just don't want anyone else to end up like me... #cutting #depression #depressed #iwanttodie #icanttakeitanymore #imworthless
cutting - iwanttodie - depressed - imworthless - icanttakeitanymore - depression -
dead_with_feels : You're loved more than you think, if you need to spill things, you can always talk to me. Even if you think it's stupid, I'm here for you. If you die I will cry, if you die, I will feel empty, if you die I would want to die.
fairyhipster : I care about you.
dead_with_feels - nepeta__362 - windymischeif - a_depressed_guy -
There is just so much we can take #givinguponyou #icanttakeitanymore #ijustwanttobehappy #ifyoucantgiveherthemoonandthestarssomeoneelsewill
ifyoucantgiveherthemoonandthestarssomeoneelsewill - givinguponyou - icanttakeitanymore - ijustwanttobehappy -
herasurething : @steelslim7
sqweeky_27 - jus_toya28 - veevee_26 - _just_keep_swimmin -
You made flowers grow in my lungs. And although they are beautiful I can't breath 🌹🌻πŸ˜ͺ #ithurts #tryingtomoveon #flowers #breathing #helpme #icanttakeitanymore #hurting #youmakemesick
tryingtomoveon - hurting - breathing - youmakemesick - helpme - icanttakeitanymore - ithurts - flowers -
danarode - wowothepirate - trenthlll2323 - kadeediane -
#selfietime #brotherhoodselfie #πŸ˜‚ #nonbu_hal #lookoftheday #eveningselfie #icanttakeitanymore #emptystomach 😝
nonbu_hal - brotherhoodselfie - emptystomach - lookoftheday - icanttakeitanymore - eveningselfie - selfietime -
jazzboy619 - pinpin135 - mhd_askr - handy_asha -
#eveningselfie #gselfie #nonbu_hal #icanttakeitanymore #hungerstrike 😝
gselfie - nonbu_hal - icanttakeitanymore - eveningselfie - hungerstrike -
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#lemmetake #selfie #morningselfie πŸ˜‚ #cold #picshoot #picoftheday #bestoftheday #epic #look #lookoftheday #tflers #tbt @tagsforlikes #tagsforlikes #f4f #l4l #belikeme #icanttakeitanymore #hungerstrike #nonbu_hal 😜
l4l - picshoot - lemmetake - selfie - tbt - morningselfie - cold - tflers - look - lookoftheday - icanttakeitanymore - tagsforlikes - nonbu_hal - bestoftheday - f4f - belikeme - epic - picoftheday - hungerstrike -
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#hot #warm #weather #sun #sunny #days #in #dk #need #something #cold #more #wind #icanttakeitanymore #imdying #thisweathergotmelike πŸ˜“
thisweathergotmelike - imdying - dk - sunny - ac - colddrinks - warm - something - in - need - cold - icecubes - sun - icanttakeitanymore - days - ice - hot - weather - aircondition - wind - more -
miiichala : #ac #aircondition #ice #colddrinks #icecubes
knownasmarlz - skinny_ass_disaster - crystaaalll_lll - realistgalluschx -
I know now, that quote is so true. Goodnight everyone. Ilysm. I'm sorry I've been slacking, I know... I'm just sorry. #sorry #imsorry #imsosorry #icanttakeitanymore #whatamisupposedtodo #goodnight #ily #followforfollow #tumblr #tumblrposts #tumblrpost
imsosorry - followforfollow - icanttakeitanymore - tumblrposts - tumblr - goodnight - tumblrpost - whatamisupposedtodo - sorry - imsorry - ily -
linalipoetry : Hey if you ever wanna talk dm me
believe_in_the_beautiful : Thank you. You have no idea how much that means to me. @linalipoetry
linalipoetry : Well I mean it love :)
believe_in_the_beautiful : Thank you so much :) @linalipoetry
oceans_and_glaciers : I love this >.<
believe_in_the_beautiful : Me too @oceans_and_glaciers
oceans_and_glaciers : >.<
sweetskie8 - fightforabeautifullife - oceans_and_glaciers - writinginspired -
#cantshakethisfeeling #iloveyoubut #iloveyou #imissyou #imgladyourehappy #inmyfeelings #imsorry #youleftsoeffortlessly #didyouevercare #idratherbeblind #icanttakeitanymore #comeback
cantshakethisfeeling - idratherbeblind - imgladyourehappy - iloveyoubut - icanttakeitanymore - youleftsoeffortlessly - iloveyou - inmyfeelings - comeback - imissyou - didyouevercare - imsorry -
illtachii : It has the ability to heel..
sincerelyours7 : Man girl I understand me and my bd going through it too
fukyolife_ybm : Its alot of reasons why, it could be love it could be you want answers. It all the depends on how yall ended and since I don't know I can't really give my input
perfectlove_perfectliess : Shit is the worst.. Especially when you love someone so fucking much.. I hope y'all make it though boo @sincerelyours7
sincerelyours7 : Idk about it this time he took it too far. Sometime getting away from a person is best. You can't stay away from someone you really love and keep thinking about so if he tryna stay away from me he must not give a fuck. That's how I'm feeling and I'm sticking with that
perfectlove_perfectliess : Damn mama I'm sorry :( @sincerelyours7
perfectlove_perfectliess : @fukyolife_ybm I want a lot of answers but I know I'm never going to get them..
fukyolife_ybm : Oh well its love that's holding yu there but me begin a guy he going to realize he lost something good when you move on that's just us but ypu will get thru this ma. Might have to stay busy
illtachii - fukyolife_ybm - sincerelyours7 - dj_910_allday -
THE waY shE'S HoLdiNg hiS last tWo fingERS 😭😭😭 JwjdjakagkxrbkxiwkqvoxkwvxiwuyxhwjidbizjqBxjakefuwiwiehhji This is 100000% proof that his hand is huge Afahdjsbuxkwbudowvjxkenjxvgakhhg My fangirl heart can't take it anymore.. πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’” *le dead* *roll on the floor* *screams into a pillow* *shouts into a pillow* #icanttakeitanymore #getbacktogether #plz #why #whataboutmyheart?
getbacktogether - plz - icanttakeitanymore - why - whataboutmyheart -
curiously_timed : *SQUEE*
thesoldierwithredstar : *thinks that if his hand's hugeness is related to "smt else" or not*
feelfour : Ahehehe ... Ahehe. Ahehemwwahahahahahaha. *cough cough* you little rascal yew πŸ˜‚πŸ˜œπŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @thesoldierwithredstar
feelfour : Afshdhfjkglhldkjdhs @curiously_timed
rainbowdash_olive : @lilyjoseph :)
thesoldierwithredstar : EHEHEHEHE
lilyjoseph : @rainbowdash_olive :)))))))))
kissstary - i_z_a_d_o_r_a - imryulee - otta_gallo -
NightπŸ’— #blithe#bruise#alone#depressed#suicide#secretfamily#numb#icanttakeitanymore#ihatemylife#escape#broken#worthless#depressing
depressing - worthless - suicide - depressed - icanttakeitanymore - bruise - ihatemylife - secretfamily - broken - blithe - numb - escape - alone -
comeon_skinnylove00 : stay baby stay ❀️
_awaiting.morgue_ - pariasanei - dev_marr - people.suckk -
Oh my my life is complete...I'mma go die now...O////‘‘‘‘////O #AphAustria #RealisticHetalia #Hetalia #SoHawt #ICantTakeItAnymore #MyOvariesSomeoneHalp #NosebleedsEverywhere
myovariessomeonehalp - nosebleedseverywhere - realistichetalia - hetalia - icanttakeitanymore - aphaustria - sohawt -
gemokitty - m3gp1318 - otaku.heaven - cryoutloud_ -
Squints Paladino, the only one of us who had the balls to put the moves on Wendy Peffercorn. #classic #hotlifeguard #kindarapybutsuperawesome #oil&lotion #lotion&oil #icanttakeitanymore
hotlifeguard - oil - classic - kindarapybutsuperawesome - icanttakeitanymore - lotion -
lylesgirl818 - shann0npic - mollytoretto - barrywilliam -
More classroom doodles #Icanttakeitanymore #aaah #drawings #sketches #doodles #peoplesbacks
sketches - peoplesbacks - drawings - aaah - doodles - icanttakeitanymore -
godlock2 - locarnoglam1 - ar_dos - ch.y -
imfine - suicide - suicidal - depressed - selfie - icanttakeitanymore - sad - ugly - killme - hate - ihatemyself -
slipknotmisfits : #selfie #suicidal #suicide #depressed #sad #imfine #icanttakeitanymore #ugly #hate #ihatemyself #killme
slipknotmisfits : I did...... @__camsarmy__
crystapher - _imasurvivor._ - amaliawvinita - jonieamadelaine -
I'm fine.
imfine - hatemylife - depressed - die - icanttakeitanymore - sad - storyofmylife - fakesmile - smile - hate -
insane_insomniac9 : Reminds me of everyday life cx
slipknotmisfits : I know right.. Same here @isaiah_fireheart
slipknotmisfits : #hate #hatemylife #die #depressed #storyofmylife #smile #fakesmile #sad #imfine #icanttakeitanymore
am0110 - dxpressed.minds_x - jerkerajohnson - annisanabilla_ -
And it's always so easy for them to just leave but little do they know how much it really hurts . πŸ’” #ICantTakeItAnymore
icanttakeitanymore -
missbehavin6996 : Be happy in ur own <3 and skin first.NEVER let another person be in control of ur happiness Ur a beautiful strong young lady.Own that shit baby girl........MUAH :-) <3 u
cutie_pie143_1997 - izzzy_xoxo - rain_britt - take_me_to_wonderland_please -
Coops #ootd how perfectly hilarious is this T by @esplincreations ??? I love it! #thesandlot #squints #chucks #legit #playball #baberuth #thebeast #wendypeffercorn #lotioningoiling #icanttakeitanymore πŸ˜‚
thesandlot - icanttakeitanymore - chucks - ootd - baberuth - lotioningoiling - playball - thebeast - squints - wendypeffercorn - legit -
undeclaredkate : Love this!
taisha_anne : Yessss!!
heavymetalz : OhMyGosh! Love this!!!
dianablase - tattycheermama - tdcampbell - thisgirlclare -
All beer and no play makes me a really dull bitch. #beer #dull #bitch #bitch_face #dull #bored #fedup #lack_of #love #need #changes #life #bad #good #icanttakeitanymore #losing #patience #fast #selfie #instapic
life - good - love - selfie - instapic - losing - leo - patience - bitch - need - dull - bitch_face - icanttakeitanymore - bad - fast - beer - fedup - bored - changes - lack_of -
maryaah_21 : Can you follow me please?
crimson_altair : Red Aura today πŸ‘€ @wild_feather78
wild_feather78 : I'm just bored and tired of drinking. Along with everything I am lacking.. Ahem... and sleep. @crimson_altair
crimson_altair : Me too. I tried drinking again. I just can't stand it anymore. It's all going to get old to you. Need to find a more productive way to spend your time. @wild_feather78
wild_feather78 : I need a job, but first I need a stable place to live. @crimson_altair Also, we are going into #Leo maybe my Leo rising is showing through.
crimson_altair : Definitely a job. And when you get stable $ you will have stable place to live. @wild_feather78 wow yeah it's almost my birthday so we are heading into #Leo 😱
priet19543205 - sandradelle - maddycakes0907 - nataliebelial17 -
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