My little genius is graduating tomorrow 🎓! Only a few weeks till I see you. Get ready for the madness 😁 #LoveThisChick #MyLove
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fahmink : @serry18 leave Kings already and come back to George's please 😔
fnad21 : Thanks for my happy grads/ can't wait till your sgul return #awkwars #heartbroken #rude @serry18 @fahmink
fahmink : ARE YOU GRADUATING TOMORROW TOO? #awks #iamsorry #weloveyou #alwaysinourheart #bigsister #neverforgetfahema @fnad21
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#ritzen #hassemich#hatemyself#cutting#itwasthecat#iamsorry#i#need#help
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🌀This is a selfie from a long time ago. 🌀 #iamsorry
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graykirk_ : #sorrynotsorry
graykirk_ : #angles
amberrosey : #youhaveitcorrect @graykirk_
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neonblue2001 : Your right
kubilayhan95 : @lailartr so ist das :)♥
lailartr : ❤ @kubilayhan95
tom_mills_02 : @hafizmiah @brankok10
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Basically me going shopping for tomorrow´shoot. Hope the model will stay strong 🙏 #iamsorry #staystrong #incaseyouwerewonderingwhodoesthat #itstheintern ✌️
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Friends for A DECADE!💥 Now that you have turned eighteen, no one can tell you what to do. But you better not stop listening to me. Because no matter how old you become, as your best bitch, I will always have the right to tell you what to do. The pictures of my childhood would have been incomplete if they didn’t have a beautiful face like yours. Happy 18th birthday, my Bitchiest Friend Forever! #BFF
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youngyeezzy : #happybirthday #iamsorry #nosurprise #presentnotyetprepared #lousiestfriend #ifeelbad #butiloveheruntildeath #hopeherforgiveme #iloveyou
ella.ella.x : happy birthday!
joynnlee_ : Happy birthday someone's wife! @jyeap_
jyeap_ : @joynnlee_ hahaahhaha thankiewww*shy*
jyeap_ : Love you my bitch😘😘 @youngyeezzy
weeing1996 : Happy birthday😗
yannichong : Happy birthday mrs.chuah! @jyeap_
jyeap_ : @weeing1996 boh xim lang zoukai @yannichong thankiewwww😘😘
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Order online danmeiners.com #floral #arrangement #flowers #arrangements #instafloral #kcflorist #kansascityflorist #florist #floraldesigner #happybirthday #justbecause #happyanniversary #congratulations #iloveu #imissu #iamsorry
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svtistomina : #comeback#iamsorry
tolstoi_und_chekhov : Everything I feel about cats all in one photo collage.
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Tut mir leid das in letzter zeit so wenig kommt, ich steh immer noch auf Kriegsfuß mit meinen Vater *-.-* und ich hab noch 2 weitere Seiten die auch ziemlich viel kraft erfordern. #Iamsorry || @hapahaber #samuhaber @samiosala #samiosala @oikonen #osmoikonen #raulruutu #rikurajamaa #riku#raul #sunriseavenue #s4ve ||
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sunriseave_lover : F4f💗?
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#like4like #follow4follow #Iamsorry
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Man Crush Monday😍😍😂😚💏 Theres something wrong with us but I think I love it...💁💕 #iamsorry #iloveyou #mcm #mancrushmonday #soadorable #babe #muahs #hosa #stitch #phoenix #trip #soccer #practice #sleeps #cuddles #yes #nothingbuttanks #sunsoutgunsout
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rique_16 : Armpit looks like a hairy vag ❤️❤️ @kristina_inez
kristina_inez : Welllll.....👀 @rique_16 😂😂😂
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Just putting it out there #my #iamsorry #selfie #thingswedoforlove #love #you
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iamgabyart : Que duro esta eso si con esto no te perdona déjalo así! 😜
claumonshots : Que Bella @missacmp hermosa toma!
_joha887 : Nunca se sabe asi q solo te atreves ;) #FraseDePelicula @missacmp
missacmp : @_joha887 el mundo es de los que se atreven...😉
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Então vamos viver, e um dia a gente se encontra 🎶👏🎀 #InstaSize#instalove#instacat#likeforlike#hashtag#followme#goodnight#Iamsorry
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leticiaghislere : Nossa que lindaaa amiga ❤
eloysepassos : Voce que é linda amiga ❤
leticiaghislere : ❤❤
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Un equilibrio stabile sopra un filo di follia #tiportoviaconme #waityou #Iamsorry
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Exactly.... #hangman #hurting #iamsorry
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#realshit #iamsorry #lol
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kane_raw : 😂
ifmmagazine : Lmao
skrillascrooge : Ha ha ha ha ha haha
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I am saying sorry to Tom , because if I have made you unhappy... I want to say sorry to you Tom and I want to tell you that in time it will only get better... I'm saying sorry because I love you Tom and I never want to hurt you... Please try to be happy because I want to grow old with you, I want to do do... Did you see what I did there :3... Anyway I want to do so much with you, I don't want to be with anyone else and I love you... You should know how much I love you... So I am really sorry... Please forgive pudding :) #sorry #imsorry #iamsorry #love #together #boyfriend #girlfriend
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ianjholm : @inasve82
mr_din0saur : I forgive you :)
tom_mills_02 : @hafizmiah
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Back with word of the day....i am sure u all know this...and if u dont, here u go #mianhae #iamsorry #korean #word #of #theday #kdrama #post #secretgarden #hajiwon #hyunbin #followme #thanks
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meant4exotic : F4f u first
dokungsooo : F4F?????
xxtuanmark : F4F? :)
ayo_143 : Done ur turn @xxtuanmark @dokungsooo @meant4exotic :)
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#โกรธกันแล้วในใจของเธอมีความสุขไหม #แคปชั่นแบบสก๊อยมอต้น #iamsorry 🙏
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ployamonratt : โหหห!!!น้ำปั่นอย่าโกรธน้ำหวานดิ 😑
ployamonratt : @paokoko
minttminttt : สวีทออสื่อไปอีก
whanwhan69 : #254dN
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Seriously though, if Chae and Ji ever come out, I can only imagine them doing that in like a concert or something. You know, they perform together and at the end of the performance Ji hugs and kisses her and then shouts to the crowd: "Everyone! I love CL-oppa!" 😅😅 Hehe, I think so, because they're both pretty sneaky, YG hides relationships really well and they both love music so much, I also doubt they'd confess through some social network. I can also imagine them getting married (because both of them want to marry asap) and becoming a sub-unit! (Tbh I want that not just because I'm an Infiknight, but mostly because damn, these make perfect performances and songs together). And during one of their performances Chae could pull a Beyoncé and take off her loose jacket and reveal a baby bump, while Ji walks up to her, kneels down and kisses her tummy 😭😭😭. #whyamidoingthis #delusional #skydragon #gdragon #cl #leaders #theleaders #hot #couple #love #kwonjiyong #leechaerin #ygentertainment #iamsorry #rideordie
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lucas_hunt21 : Lets Connect! DM me or text me your name so we can talk! 2073855145
xidhoooo : HAHA YES. I so would die if that happens for real xD Damn you got an awesome imagination ♥ haha. I so wish they perform together in the next yg fam con in seoul. It was so upsetting to see that they cut the performance. And lately they don't even interact at all. Y.Y if they don't perform together in the next con, surely something is up. But if they do, Jiyong better kiss her or do something like you said. Haha ^-^
__skydragon__ : This is my FAMS. lol!!!
tomeyouweretheone : @xidhoooo xD thanks, I wish I had it while writing an essay xD I wish they perform together as well, we've been deprived of their moments for far too long :( Chae is busy with the world tour and such, but I think they still meet up, just that the media doesn't know :(.
xidhoooo : You would do totally great in fanfics xD
xidhoooo : @__skydragon__ Hahah xD
tomeyouweretheone : @xidhoooo I'd totally write them, but my mother tongue isn't English so I'd screw up xD
xidhoooo : @tomeyouweretheone oh I understand ^-^ xD
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I love you but I love me more.💬 #iamsorry
iamsorry -
fimiiz : มันใช่อ่ะเจ้ 👍
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Words will never fully express how sorry I am, but I truly hope that it is a good start. I’m sorry. I regret nothing more in life than what I have done to you. It was wrong, stupid and immature and you do not deserve any of the grief and anger I have caused you. I can’t bear to see you unhappy because of my actions. When our relationship began, I promised {to myself} that I would make you happy. I failed. I failed both of us. But I want to make amends. I truly do. You’re too important of a person to lose and I hate myself for realizing that now rather than earlier. I understand the gravity of the situation, and I hope that you can find it in your heart to forgive me. I hope one day you will realize I did truly care for you. @babii_bill #iamsorry
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i promised.i dont hurt you anymore #sorry #sad#sorrow#surprise #surprisedeliverly #iamsorry#เศร้า#ขอโทษ#instagay #instalove #instagood #instamood #gay#guy#girl #yellow#rose#man#hug#kiss#cry
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Bother him, haha.😁#iamsorry#lolz
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Another day in #hk. People always approach me on the streets to ask for directions. Unknown to them, not only am I an alien, I am directionless. I kindly advised a 60yo couple to not take the airport feeder bus which would have cost them $40, but they were gone by the time I wanted to tell them the $6.90 bus could get to their destination. #iamsorry
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sniperbunny - rogerchan01 -
Cince sarkimiiz✌️📢🎶 #baobei #duibuqi #baby #iamsorry #comeoon #theyarejust16 👲🇨🇳
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#OnABadDay #Argumentative #Reckless #Unforgiving #ExtremelyHarsh #TakeTheGoodWithTheBad #Defensive #IAmSorry #HardToDealWith
takethegoodwiththebad - onabadday - argumentative - hardtodealwith - iamsorry - defensive - unforgiving - extremelyharsh - reckless -
_wissa_pissa -
I say 'sorry' a lot. Mostly because I feel like everything is my fault. 💔💔 #sorry #iamsorry #forgiveme
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thatchick_sammy : 😍
piercesalsbury : you look amazing
kariaaaaaa_x : Tbh | Your Gorgeous! 😍😍 But You Seem Weird But In A Good Way & You Seem Cool
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Dear @taylordouglas2019, I am sorry I am not the best Fry in the world and I am sorry I am stupid and immature sometimes and your like the best you understand what I am going though and try to help and I thank you for that and your like my twin cause everyone says we look alike and we act alike sometimes. Your smart and beautiful and your a believer in God and I know you will go far in life but I don't want you to go without me in your life cause I need you to be in my life. So I am sorry I ended the call last night, it's just you know who asked to call and like I needed to hear him say the things he did but thank you for being there for me when times are hard and I am sorry that I am like the worst person to give advice cause I know your going though a hard time to and I will try my hardest to help you though it and remember what you said you wonder if my mom and yah I can ask if you reallly want to, but i don't know if you were joking or so yah. But please forgive me for being a horrible Fry?? Dear @gracie_cole_16, I am sorry I am suck a fucked up BestFriend and I am sorry I haven't told you what's been going on it's just hard for me to tell you cause it's just so much and it's hard to explain it all but I promise you I will tell you everything when I see you again, that is if you still want to be my friend. And your amazing, Gorgeous, and smart and I bet if you realllly want to be that FBI person you could be one but just don't kill me if you become one. You and I have had our ups and downs but we have over come them. Also we've had the bestest times in the world that no one can take away. And who am I suppose to be dumb with cause me and you can be Soo dumb and laugh and laugh and have a blast. And Ik you've had a lot going on and I am sorry that I haven't stayed on the phone to listen to it all. But please forgive me for being a fucked up BestFriend you mean the world to me and I don't want you to walk away? #forgiveme #please #please #iamsorry #sosorry #sorry #Fry #BestFriend #iamstupid #iamdumb #pleaseforgiveme #forgiveme #forgive #sorry
bestfriend - pleaseforgiveme - please - forgive - iamsorry - iamstupid - iamdumb - forgiveme - sorry - fry - sosorry -
19robledok : @gracie_cole_16 @taylordouglas2019 @gracie_cole_16 @taylordouglas2019 @gracie_cole_16 @taylordouglas2019 @gracie_cole_16 @taylordouglas2019 @gracie_cole_16 @taylordouglas2019
19robledok : @taylordouglas2019 @gracie_cole_16 @taylordouglas2019 @gracie_cole_16 @taylordouglas2019 @gracie_cole_16
taylordouglas2019 : Girl your the best
19robledok : Thank you gurll and hey text me please @taylordouglas2019
gracie_cole_16 : I will always be your friend no matter what and girl u were supposed to keep that FBI thing a secret cause yea but oh we'll bffffffffffff x a million again?? @19robledok
19robledok : Haha yes bfffffffffffffffffffff x million again and ha I forgot well your secrets out:)! @gracie_cole_16
taylordouglas2019 : Hey girl you and I will always be Frys and have the long laughing conversations about the stupids things on planet earth and we can just make the gaysed songs up during basketball games and lasted but not least I will never leave your side I promise we can make it through this crazy world together. :)
19robledok : Awww thank you soooooo much @taylordouglas2019 and dude coach Meyer is going to kill me when I get back and yes we will get though this crazy world step by step and ha we do have good conversations
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Everything is so painful and lasts too long. I can't deal with all these emotions. I don't want to take it personally but it hurts. I know your words ain't true and I don't want to pretend anymore. I deserve better. I don't want but I must leave. For my own good. #iamsorry #clouds
iamsorry - clouds -
tigerlily_03 -
Sorry for not being active today went to center island. 😏😻👌👍 - Do you like this edit? ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ - I'm on City of Glass now. Have to read them all before the 28th of this month. Edit collab in half an hour anyone? Comment below 500+ followers plz { #augustus #waters #tfios #feels #fandom #edit #lovemyfollowers #reading #tmi #cityofglass #books #iamsorry #bye }
lovemyfollowers - bye - edit - cityofglass - waters - iamsorry - fandom - feels - books - tfios - tmi - reading - augustus -
fangirl.and.bookworm : F4f? :-)
the_book_infinity : Sure @fangirl.and.bookworm
sleep_eat_draw_ : amazing 😍😍😍
the_book_infinity : Txt me @sleep_eat_draw_
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Animals in restaurants make me uncomfortable #Iamsorry #dontbecomemydinner #iorderedchicken 😥
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#aalen #berlin #rückfahrt #schneckentempo #schlafmütze #gelangweilt #driver #boring #iamsorry #attention #pls
rückfahrt - pls - boring - attention - driver - iamsorry - berlin - marcellovoice - schneckentempo - gelangweilt - schlafmütze - aalen - müde -
gino_cazino : Hahaha nicht dein ernst
mikelorey : @gino_cazino die Leute sollen sehen wie schwer du gearbeitet hast. Deshalb auch so #müde. Zur not wechseln wir uns ab mit fahren #marcellovoice
mikelorey : 😂😂😂
gino_cazino : Du hast unglücklich abgedrückt beim foto schießen. Das foto sieht aus als ob ich schlafe obwohl ich da eindeutig niese! #eindeutig
_kath_i : 😂
mikelorey : @gino_cazino eindeutig 😂
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