#ridersonthestorm #picoftheday #igers #lastonetocome #iamdone
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Park bar #parkbar #exam #fever #iamdone #coffee #water
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Because sometimes, pretending to not know something is better than acknowledging it. #iamdone #2015 #nomorelookingback
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Is desperation a sign of weakness? #desperation#desperate#iamsorryiamsougly#iamdesperateapparently#idk#iamdone#fatgirl#ugly#filter#peace#bye
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Guess what my Valentine's Day plans are? Absolutely nothing...figures... πŸ˜’πŸ˜£πŸ’”πŸ˜€πŸ˜’πŸ˜²πŸ”« #iamdone #fuckyou #andyourlies #ilovedyou
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I am so pissed off right now. Like I dont even know how to start. Like WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!!! Who the fuck likes to be ignored?! NOT ME ATLEAST!!! I am so sick and tired ofgetting ignored. Like seriously. I know I sound like a bratty person and you mayhate me for that. I dont care. Nobody likes to be fucking ignored. I have feelings too, and it hurts to know that somepeople ignore me. Hate me all you like, but dont come to me and say that were friends and then start ignoring me. Ithurts. Just letting you know. I dont care if you read this or not. Call me whatever you want. I can take much, but start ignoring me, and you will find out that youve pissed off the wrong person. I.Dont.Like.To.Be.IGNORED!!!!! I.Am.Done. 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠 #pissedoff #dontcare #igiveup #fuckyou #iAmDone
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technowolfie : I know the feeling but me however got used to the darkness of ingnorense,im not sayin that you should do it but remember there will alway be ppl how gets close only to stab you down....be aware of these ppl. Stay strong! @mithrillian
card_captor_elylis : *hugs* HUNNEH ITS ALL GUNNEH BE OKEH *kisses and hugs tighter*. MAH TEDDEH BEARH.
mithrillian : @card_captor_elylis wuäää *cries crocodile tears*
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#gab #shopping #balharbor #whytakingpixmom? #iamdone #stopsurprisingme
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last photo of this store I'll ever post because they just lost a customer, or two, or three. πŸ‘‹ really can't stand people who are so unprofessional. #sorrynotsorry
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milou_nieuwenhuis : Herkenbaar!
anetteese : What happend?
loishermans : ^^^
mliees : Stom!!!!!
__gypsyheart__ : πŸ‘Š
xxacs : Huh whats up?? 😯
verdenius : Lovely
jetvanderheiden : Sowieso!
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FELIZ! Llenando ya mi solicitud de graduación!!! #happy #accomplished #GRAD2015 #biology #iamdone #collegelife #thanksGOD #blessing #blessed
iamdone - biology - blessing - collegelife - blessed - accomplished - thanksgod - grad2015 - happy -
anai5_nani : Ya me llego alguito por correo!!!! Muy lindo!!!! 😊 @rogerorfila
rogerorfila : @anai5_nani jajajaja los espero!!!
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#iamusetoit #broken #nomorebf #iamdone
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26. Three things #fmsphotoaday... Coffee + chocolate = scientific knowledge xD #Iamdone
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Dnesok...done βœ” #spinning #and #spinning #and #bicycle #and #spinning #iamdone #workout
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scarlettks : Starý malaΔπŸ‘πŸ’ͺ
aknirak42 : Stara srandistka skarlet @scarlettks
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Good night my tiredful lifeπŸŒ™ #iamdone
iamdone -
mclister_narady : @chan_sopha2301 finished yu hai tas! Jos lov study nov na?
chan_sopha2301 : Me too,os ey rean ai😝😝😝
mclister_narady : @chan_sopha2301 wow, kon ke loy mes!!
sovan_mony_ : @mclister_narady nice my face
mclister_narady : @sovan_mony_ Thx bro, good nite
duffy168 : As ah peas... (Keng dos arv) πŸ˜‚
heng_puthyrak : After fab for so long .... πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
sovan_mony_ : @mclister_narady πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
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I just packed zlatan in fifa #fifaultimateteam #fifa15 #iamdone
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fut15_packglitch : When you need my pack glitch then go to the link in my bio!
fifa_packglitch_ : Do you want the Packglitch to get good Players in Packs then go on the Link in MY Bio
freefut15items : Nice! Want free coins or high rated players? Just visit the website in my bio (instagram profile) and follow the steps. We are 100% legit and work with EA sports.
george.p11 : Cud I hav 40k
fut.helpz : Go check the link in my bio bro! :)
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d.a.dwyer : #stopIT #iamDONEπŸ”₯
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Christmas Salads πŸ™ˆ #salad #iamdone
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kat_cheungkw : Fucking Christmas
ligegebeu : ❄️⛄️ @anko_2
xuetong.f : βœ”οΈβœ”οΈ @yexiyang
jiujiuxihang : πŸ‘ @nelsony__
ruweiz : ☺️
sophiash_ : 衞δΈͺ☺️
giovanni_lmh : πŸ‘πŸ˜‰
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#morningwithlove #chewinggum #newhaircut #tea #happy #love #iamdone
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rashi_kundra : Ayee!!! Hawt ... 😘
devsign : Hahah sachi πŸ˜› @rashi_kundra
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#khu_te_bar #babbumaan #babbumaanfever #badshah #iamdone
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Hast du vergessen was ich alles schon getan hab, ja alles schon gemacht hab, wohin ich dich gefahren hab? Du denkst ich kämpf um dich? Jetzt beende ich's. Alles Liebe Schatz und denk an mich!' #IamDone πŸ™ˆπŸ‘Œ
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ecstasy.trip : ♥️!
vivi_di_valpecca : πŸ’Žβ€οΈ!
vanesju_ : Genauso sieht das aus ❀️
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That was me in front of the TV (Sorry for the cursing). But if you watched Miss Universe I believe you agree that Miss Jamaica was ROBBED!! 😠😠😑😑 I am so mad!! And the WORST thing is that Miss Colombia won. Miss USA was also my favorite but Colombia won ARE YOU KIDDING ME! I can't believe it. I just can't. #MissUniverse #MissJamaica #shewasrobbed #robbed #icant #iamdone #bs #wtf #unfair #cantbelieveit #misscolombia #MissUSA #fraud #missuniverso #robo #fraude #nolopuedocreer
iamdone - robbed - nolopuedocreer - unfair - icant - cantbelieveit - fraude - missuniverse - wtf - bs - missuniverso - fraud - missusa - shewasrobbed - robo - missjamaica - misscolombia -
laisidhiel : I was overjoyed Colombia won! Jamaica deserved what she got! She was an absolute dumbass!
danielseries : What's wrong with missColombia??
nandofrv : She was 90-60-90 perfect body
mchavezc13 : This was us too!!!! @elichavez_1989 @ale_berri_28 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
chicolindo10 : She deserved it. When she said inequality for men and woman... She won my heart! That's what I'm talking about.
elichavez_1989 : 100% agreed!!!
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Life just sucks when all you know if the bottom. #beartooth #adventuretime #jakeinmypocket #iamdone #onesie #grunge #iwokeuplikethis #fuckyourfeelings #atleastihavecoffee
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Always Smile No Matter What! A Sexy Smile Never Goes Out Of Style! #prettysmile!#Nicelips!#Content!#Grateful!#Sexynay!#ChillinAtHome!ILove2smile!#ItsGreatToAlwaysSmile!#NiceWhiteteeth!#Justdifferent!#Librawoman!#HumbleChick!#AllSmiles!#Nicesmile!#MiamiFlorida!#LoveIt!#Sweet&CaringWoman!#Grateful!#Awesome!#Amazing!#Humbled!#Blessed!#IsmileInAllSlfies!#Smiles!#Stayblessed!
iamdone - smiles - stayblessed - miamichick - librawoman - loveit - awesome - justdifferent - blessed - nicesmile - grateful - humblechick - nicewhiteteeth - miamiflorida - sexynay - iam_vanvicker - humbled - nicelips - prettysmile - itsgreattoalwayssmile - allsmiles - content - amazing - ismileinallslfies - sweet - likeforlike - loveu - chillinathome -
naysinois : Thanks Guys! Wow!!! Y'all r Amazing!! & I am Sooo Grateful! God Bless Each Of U 4 LIKING! #likeforlike! I got Y'all... It is All Goood. #MiamiChick! Hehehe..
naysinois : Oh My God!!!! #iam_vanvicker I am Speechless!!!!! For this Like!!! Oh My God!!!! Lol, ok. Let me just Calm Down before I have a Heart Attack in this place by myself... Lol Thank You!!! @iam_vanvicker Thank You So So Much!!! U just Made my Day... #IamDone!! Lol Wow!!!! Oh My God! #iam_vanvicker #Stayblessed & #Humbled! #LoveU!!!
ricxplix : πŸ˜€πŸŒΊπŸŒΉπŸŒΊπŸ‘‹πŸŒΈπŸ˜πŸŒΈπŸŒΉπŸ’›
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Anyone have a fork? #iamdone #twinsTHISWEEK
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jydub : Hoooooray!!! You look great!!
colleenc_1210 : You are amazingly beautiful!! What a wonderful journey you have been on. I can't believe those babies are still cooking and you're still so mobile and on the go!! Cannot wait to meet them!
thefixits : @colleenc_1210 You're so sweet. We will most definitely have to get all our munchkins together!
msimon10 : Hang on to your hats, it's gonna get crazy!!
lattelove : Can't wait to see them! You look amazing, seriously
kristaholmes : You seriously look fantastic!! Good work, and good luck, Mama!
kourtjack : I know the feeling!! This will be the best week ever! So excited for you!
_elouise : Yay babies! You look amazing!!
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Huvud axlar knä och tå knä och tå! Mest fokus på axlar utav dessa grupper idag, typ endast fokus på axlar! Älskar axelträning! Skulle helst vilja träna axlar varje dag, men hur skulle man då se ut?! #aldrigvila #IAMBUILT #iamdone #generationdone #physique #fitness #bodybuilding
iamdone - aldrigvila - generationdone - iambuilt - fitness - bodybuilding - physique -
johanhulle : πŸ’ͺ
patriksturk : Samma här! Axlar e helt klart favoriten :)
dannis86 - frusmorkullen - theegers - linnstrand -
Current mood #fuckitall #iamdone
iamdone - fuckitall -
jancaliiin : Love love 😘😘
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Messed up with my Versace on lol ##iamdone
iamdone -
mrmitchell07 : Where u at
capital_twin : My fam @jumpshotjay when it's time to turn up or have a great time he is always there for me my fam also @buckdiddy_atmg my bros
jumpshotjay : πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
buckdiddy_atmg : πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
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Just short weekend vacation... But it's worth it! #happyme #pondans #holiday #grandlexis #PD #bachelorparty #syeppy #Iamdone #ootd #picturespeakslauderthanwords #photo #projectkurusberjemaah #aptb #sisters #diet #food #greatday #hilangngantukaq #kurus #love #xoxo #creative #vacation #badot #naise #makansaje #bondingtime #kayosem #gayday #friend
iamdone - aptb - kayosem - happyme - love - badot - naise - food - photo - kurus - diet - pondans - syeppy - hilangngantukaq - picturespeakslauderthanwords - ootd - sisters - makansaje - grandlexis - bachelorparty - projectkurusberjemaah - greatday - xoxo - vacation - creative - bondingtime - pd - gayday - holiday - friend -
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Out and about. #showupandshowout #showingoffalittlebit #nightout #happybirthday @marieann1
happybirthday - iamdone - hookah - showingoffalittlebit - nightout - showupandshowout -
marieann1 : Sexy time! Thank you love!
artfirst23paint : πŸ‘
iamdiane0915 : I hit the #hookah way too much. #iamdone
ladyjay777 : Nice pic. πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜Š
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#Quote #QuoteOfTheNight #iAmDone #iAmSoFuckingDone #TimeToHeal #OnMyOwn
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best_ig_quotz : Very cool!
best_ig_quotz - jdcvia - mrgroovydead - cinnamonapple.bae -
#flex #jk #rubicon #choppedflares #led #forhayo #forminer #fuckhashtags #iamdone #someoneelsecantypethese
iamdone - flex - led - fuckhashtags - forhayo - choppedflares - someoneelsecantypethese - rubicon - jk - forminer -
tjcj07 : @tylerhayo @nveouss
kae_hernandez : #blackgirl
redbeardwolfe : Need more lift and tire.
tjcj07 : Yeah man I gotta make my pockets a little deeper first. The goal is 40s
redbeardwolfe : 40's hell yeah, I gotta come out next time Jonny brings his shit box out there.
redbeardwolfe : @4x4avvy10
4wdblazin : Come out with us man it's fun as hell I'm doing skid plates soon so I will stop destroying shit underneath of mine @redbeardwolfe @tjcj07
4wdblazin - connollycam - va_bluebell - redbeardwolfe -
πŸ˜‘ oh wow, you worked for the company any I work for now 10 years ago? You must know ALL the new policies we have now then! πŸ˜‘ Here's the thing, when you come into any retail store, the policies differ from store to store and change over time. Also, here's some tips for coming into these said stores: 1) do NOT get mad if I ask for ID when you're using a CREDIT CARD, this is for you're protection (also, don't give me a dirty look or get huffy if I check to see if the money you handed me is real. Even if it just came from the bank it could still be fake, this is for both of our protection.) 2) yes, I DO need a copy right for those PROFESSIONAL photos you just had printed (also, don't get pissy if I won't give you your nudey pictures, those are AGAINST policy.) 3) do NOT talk over me, you're asking everyone a QUESTION(S), I can't ANSWER them if you KEEP talking ... (Do I really have to explain this? πŸ˜‘) 4) oh you ordered something online you ALREADY PAID for? Yes I need ID (the email and website even say to bring your ID) and no not a school ID or your SS card, a GOVERNMENT issued ID! 5) you're name isn't on the order? Too bad, I can NOT give it to you. (You can put an ALTERNATIVE pick up name in the order, if you KNOW you can't pick it up then why is YOUR name on it and not the person PICKING IT UP?) 6) no you can NOT open that box (common sense people!) 7) no you can NOT take something out of that product just because yours is broke or missing (is common sense a super power?!) 8) yes, my manager will tell you EXACTLY what I am telling you (πŸ˜‘ it's STORE POLICY) 9) I work here, I know what I have in stock, I promise you, I do NOT have that thing anywhere in this store (not even in the back) 10) I am here to HELP you not do it for you ( help - verb (used with object) 1. to give or provide what isnecessary to accomplish a taskor satisfy a need; contributestrength or means to; renderassistance to; cooperateeffectively with; aid; assist: 2. to save; rescue; succor:) Feel free to add anything you can think of! @tannerlynn_18 @neverlands_music @shellyjaynetta #iamlosingmymind #thesepeoplearecrazy #salesassociateproblems #iamdone #cawcawmotherfucker #ugh
iamdone - ugh - salesassociateproblems - cawcawmotherfucker - thesepeoplearecrazy - iamlosingmymind -
emflem23 : Preach Nat cause nobody understand these rules
poeslittleraven13 : @emflem23 I'm just so tired of it!
connie.neal.e - emflem23 - his_girl_always_ - shellyjaynetta -
This weekend's project has commenced. #goodbyepinkstripes #mom #tearyeyed @l3t.a.r.d.i.s #celebrating
iamdone - celebrating - tearyeyed - mom - goodbyepinkstripes - fornow -
mollysabourin : How exciting!
mleichty : @mollysabourin - we were just talking about how hard Papa worked to paint those stripes 10 years ago. Thus the teary eyes. But it is fun to see the new color go up.
clachel : Wow, you are painting your whole house!!
mleichty : Now quite @clachel - but almost! After this weekend we will have painted 4 rooms plus the hallway. That leaves 5 rooms with their original paint. #iamdone #fornow
lkshaw1217 - isabellemaddex - mollysabourin - mia_carollo -
Daaaaaaaamn! #rusher #gemmer #coc #clashofclans #game #base #damn #wtf #iamdone . . ========================== Partners: πŸ“₯ . . ~ @world__of__clash ~ ~ @reedthegamer ~ ~ @clash.with.sway ~ ~ @games_week_xd ~ ~ @extremeclashing ~ ~ @clashinwithjdogg ~ ~ @coc_4ever ~ ~ @quality.clash ~ ~ @clashingwithrockey ~ ~ @cal_clash ~
iamdone - game - rusher - coc - base - damn - gemmer - wtf - clashofclans -
clashinwithjdogg : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
svchvsvllxstrxv : This is a cheater
truly_stan : Look like ur base @notdarienchan
dorsasayyadian - y0ung_shmurda - clashofclansismylife - chief.matty -
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