No better way to start my day, with the proposal of a great job offer. πŸ™ blessed for moments like these.. #iaccept #newjob #blessed
iaccept - newjob - blessed -
la_monita_d_wpb : Yeiiiii :) i have no idea what it is but cograts! Sounds official :)
brickell305 - em2_king - la_monita_d_wpb - minkyyymink -
Well DUH!!!! #forweaverandalways #iaccept #bestweddingEVA #cantwait @mal_brandenburg
forweaverandalways - iaccept - bestweddingeva - cantwait -
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#itdoesnthurtanymore #selfishass #notwaiting #yourcool #Imcool #werecool #Iaccept
werecool - iaccept - itdoesnthurtanymore - selfishass - yourcool - imcool - notwaiting -
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Ordered light bulbs from Amazon.... Got this inspirational magnet with the package today #juhlinglass #iaccept
iaccept - juhlinglass -
themediakit -
Do you accept this challenge? #Iaccept
iaccept -
kayla_friedel - xanth_pessetto - houston_brin10 - skyskyluv -
wow, today was amazing. I think each and every person that was in that gym today is awesome! y'all are so strong and I support you in every way possible. #rachelschallenge is an eye-opening program and I'm glad I was a part of that today. everyone was so emotional and I just want y'all to know that I'm always here, and that I love you very much. not just the people that were with me today, but everyone that I come in contact with. nobody's alone here, and Rachel, I accept your challenge. #iaccept #chainreaction #rachelschallenge
iaccept - chainreaction - rachelschallenge -
jjaaiiiimmee : Omg yesπŸ™Œ
c62h108o7 : im glad u were there too ariel :')
_xii_x_ - marbadalshmre - rahimoo366 - jasmine_argiriou -
I'm ret ta go! Wanda for halloween! #iaccept
iaccept -
deboswole : Lmfaooo oh god please dont
sapere_aude_godsend : Do it
cre8ive_beauty : Lol @deboswole wait on it
the_lovely_paulajae : That eye tho Lmfao!
jo_annnaahk - sifi_isreal - fadedeuce - adamevans58 -
"I will not be labeled as average" #Iaccept #rachelschallenge #chainreaction
iaccept - chainreaction - rachelschallenge -
below_standard - be.yourself.guys - nekodaschiller - baby_snooki -
When I say there's no competition out here. I mean I will never compete. Honestly, we all know... there's no competition where there's no comparison. Know your worth. And if you earn the title if being stuck up, high class, whatever it may be ... Girl be that ! Lol you earned that ! Take yo title, your sash, your crown, and look down on everybody who put you above them.. THEY PUT YOU THERE FIRST!. Lol yea some of us ARE up here! πŸ‘‹πŸ˜˜ #proud #iaccept where all my ABOVE females at. Lol ..
iaccept - proud -
__froot : Real Shit πŸ’―
blood_diamond_0621 : Rp
she_is_erin : @__froot βœ”οΈ
sylroyalty : N that order!
miszsunnieebby - pretty_short411 - j.jizzle_ - 2loyalb -
Free yourself from the walls which confine you because there is nothing more rewarding than being acceptant of yourself. #IAccept #RachelsChallenge
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sammmmie_6 : I ❀️❀️ this
jpbailey7 - heyitsjordyn7 - susie365 - cfcheer_16 -
iaccept -
dillo01 : I accept
boyerh24 - sarah_mccartney - carson.crowner - jennabean__3 -
#chainreaction #iaccept #rachelschallenge
iaccept - rachelschallenge - chainreaction -
b_harttt - lyona_21 - tkhets1 - reagan_raquel -
#IAccept …… #IWillNOTComplain
iaccept - iwillnotcomplain -
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No bitch I'm ment to be hereβœ… #bender #johnbender #thebreakfastclub #dontyouforgetaboutme #acriminal #abasketcase #aprincess #abrain #anathlete #youlost #eatmyshorts #idmarryhim #iaccept
youlost - dontyouforgetaboutme - idmarryhim - abasketcase - johnbender - acriminal - iaccept - abrain - bender - thebreakfastclub - aprincess - anathlete - eatmyshorts -
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Ten more days until Allah (GOD) guides me to a game changing moment in my life. #Bringit #letsdothis #IAccept
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asma12385 - rzsiddiqui - farahashfaq - sarah986 -
Well alright #sherylunderwood #iaccept
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naomyviviana - cortneyrenee - omotill.i.die - tashiiiiina -
next October πŸ‘°#moh #iaccept
iaccept - moh -
missyta : Those little buttons πŸ˜‚ unagi and crap bag! So funny. Congrats to Britt and her new MOH 😘
bjj117 : Jarvis?! πŸ‘­
katelynburke316 - dhortonn49 - dontgiveashiota - dalej712 -
Coin collectors orgasm. #heritage ? #racialconfliction #krand #iaccept tangible monetary aswell.
racialconfliction - iaccept - krand - heritage -
ali44abdallah - saniashapi - sausan.n - lila_13_ -
Do you accept this challenge? #iaccept
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_katey_ann_ : #Iaccept
your.one.true.love : #Iaccept
brylie_jardine99 - perkesbp2 - iammattsrithiemthong - your.one.true.love -
Rachel's Challenge #repost #iaccept #rachelschallenge If u accept Rachel's Challenge repost make this go viral 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
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lalalaysha_2003 : Ikr!@insta_freak2002
insta_freak2002 : But my 8th grade senpai he said I hi and then he went into a sad face because I was crying he was like oh
lalalaysha_2003 : β„“ol @insta_freak2002
insta_freak2002 : I was actually happy because he felt bad about being mean to me
lalalaysha_2003 : Lol @insta_freak2002
insta_freak2002 : He is usually mean to me but he felt bad
blythe_star : #challengeaccepted
l.ib.j.ib : 😍😍😍
alejandro_1559 - blythe_star - ninja_turtle54_ - pumpkin1212rat -
#nofilter #noediting #journey #lifelessons #lifeexperiences #beautifulwildandfree #riselanternfestival2014 #iamready #irelease #iaccept #innerpeace
irelease - riselanternfestival2014 - beautifulwildandfree - iamready - lifeexperiences - iaccept - journey - innerpeace - noediting - nofilter - lifelessons -
adubskii : Good shot!
aroraluna : Thank you.. :)
bjoneswill - davidcuccia -
#riselanternfestival2014 #iaccept##iamready #iamopen #ibelieve
iamready - iamopen - iaccept - riselanternfestival2014 - ibelieve -
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Someone please donate a large size scanner to the game. #IAccept
artgang - iaccept - art - collage - artdealerchic - collageart -
macharose : #art #artgang #artdealerchic #collageart #collage
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πŸ™ #peace #shaolin #me #firstnamemario #intheflesh #nofilter #openbook #iapologize #iaccept #blessed #diddyknot #sejesivle #creator
me - nofilter - creator - peace - diddyknot - blessed - iaccept - intheflesh - iapologize - firstnamemario - shaolin - openbook - sejesivle -
misslexycakes : amazing!
koolkush : Add me on snaps
00wu92 : What's your name on there @koolkush
koolkush : Koolkush
icookhebakes - simply_jey - misscrisssss - inthefleshseries -
Living has taught me that precious things in life are often hard and require work. Living has also taught me the meaning of inner strength #iaccept #iacceptyouselfasmybeloved #piscesinscorpioseason #newmoonblood
iaccept - newmoonblood - iacceptyouselfasmybeloved - piscesinscorpioseason -
blaktivist : 😘
love_laugh_live_xo - msramirezz - superlesshero - blackbirdmama -
Wait whats this..? A promotion?! Hmm..lemme think about it ues #IAccept #Offer #Promotion #Finally #Excited #Party #Woohoo
iaccept - woohoo - offer - party - promotion - finally - excited -
customart_by_e : @nutellaking Congratulations! So proud of you! You deserve it! Way to go buddy!
lawrvnce : Congrats bro!
yaya_afgbeauty : OMG finally Seyar!!!! congrats!
aaliyahabukhdeir : Yaaaaaaay Seyar!!! You deserve itπŸ’—
mrestebez : Congrats brotha
rayounna_ : Mabrook you deserve it Seyar β™‘
simplyfabulous1 : Congrats seyar! Well deserved @nutellaking
nutellaking : @shukrey_xo @lawrvnce @yaya_afgbeauty @aaliyahabukhdeir @mrestebez @rayounna_ @simplyfabulous1 you guys are too kind thank you!! πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š
christie1223 - doaa.free.palestine - jennyasterisk -
Do you accept this challenge? #iaccept
iaccept -
a.b.b.a.t.h.a.n.i.e.l : #iacceptπŸ’ƒπŸ‘πŸ‘Œ
_katey_ann_ : #Iaccept
kayla_friedel : #iaccept
xanth_pessetto : #iaccept
kenzie_the_directioner : #iaccept
gabbey7 : #iaccept
iammattsrithiemthong : #iaccept
your.one.true.love : #Iaccept
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My sponsor said I'm a bunny type. Concerned with home n family. I get it now, look at the bunny set up, two clean litter boxes, fresh water, shoe box with ball n toilet paper cardboard, various places to crawl under n hiding places, a bowl of fresh water a bowl of sticks, a box with teddy, the bear boo friend, and an egg toy full of pellets. I am a bunny type person, concern with family n home. #iaccept
iaccept -
ashaskell : Ok to say eww? Or keep it to myself...xo
el_taino : @ashaskell bunny n I accept you n your feelings
blakkcupcake - vixennoir - amitaswadhin - ashaskell -
Pretty sure I failed my math test. Whyd everything look like new material? Why did I leave my wallet at work last night and have to get up to pick it up at 6am? Why do I have a tummy ache dirty d when I have to work until 6? When will I recover? When will I get ahead? Why am I ugly? Tell me whyyyyyyy? Why must I cry?????? #whymusticry #tellmewhy firstworldproblems #notthenextsupreme #somanyproblems #muchstress #diresituation #probdying #iaccept
somanyproblems - tellmewhy - probdying - notthenextsupreme - iaccept - diresituation - whymusticry - muchstress -
likesnowwlikegold : HAHAHAHAH this is my favorite. I basically picture that caption when I cry
mamakayy44 : @likesnowwlikegold from now on when I'm having a as day, dis me.
xo_impossibleprince - likesnowwlikegold - riiickey - hannahmichellep -
Doodling away... #iboughtanotherlamyandiminlove #itsbeautiful #andplum #andmetallic πŸ˜βœ’οΈπŸ’œ
andmetallic - andplum - iboughtanotherlamyandiminlove - iaccept - itsbeautiful -
holly_culver : Only you would post this πŸ˜‰
florrete : @holly_culver and what are you implying? 😜 xxx
holly_culver : That you're a stationary hoarder my friend
florrete : #iaccept
florrete : @holly_culver
charlotte_old : I agreeπŸ˜‚πŸ™‹ your addiction is realπŸ™…πŸ˜˜πŸ˜…xx
florrete : @charlotte_old but for real βœ’οΈβœ’οΈβœ’οΈβœοΈβœοΈβœοΈπŸ““πŸ““πŸ““πŸ“”πŸ“”πŸ“”;) xxx
holly_culver - charlotte_old - sarah9815 - elle.higgins -
YUP....That's #MEAllDay #iAccept #ScorpioSTATEofMIND #SCORPIOS #KnowThyself #TakeHeed #SteppinOnToes #ImmaDoME #ScorpioSeason
steppinontoes - meallday - takeheed - scorpioseason - immadome - iaccept - scorpios - knowthyself - scorpiostateofmind -
1landa : Yes!!!!
mosaria : Used to hurt my feelings and make me feel shut out #inlovewithascorpio
1landa - its__whitney - britneysiren - tonystarks2335 -
#Repost from @_i_am_healing_ with @repostapp AFFIRM: I ACCEPT ALL OF ME: I RELEASE ALL GUILT: I FORGIVE MYSELF: I AM ONE WITH GOD. I accept the past, I accept the future. I accept right now, because that is all I am sure of. I accept that I am supposed to be where I am. I accept my shadow and my light. I accept my reality. I accept the fact that I can change my reality. I accept I am creator. I accept that I am powerful. I accept that there is things to be left unknown. I accept all spirit as one. I accept that I have chosen where I am. I accept that my feelings of separation are no longer. I accept myself as love. I accept that all I have attracted is for a reason. I accept that my growth has meant I don't always feel great. I accept that when I feel great it's because I am in alignment. I accept that when I feel down, I am choosing that. I accept myself wholly. I accept god, as god is me. I accept you, because you are me. I accept we, because we are one. With gratitude and full acceptanceπŸ™
iamlove - life - truth - god - acceptance - quotes - iaccept - growth - healing - weareone - light - thismoment - spirit - repost -
siren1988 : #acceptance #god #weareone #healing #life #growth #iaccept #iamlove #quotes #thismoment #god #spirit #truth #light
msgstacksz : I really needed this today.. Thank you πŸ™
khalia305 : This is sooo perfect!!!
newveez - _ejamila - chachittta - yogachic21 -
Do you accept this challenge? #iaccept
iaccept -
kenzie_the_directioner - skyskyluv - kdbugg_14 - rio_shaw1 -
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