#sudden has ended, no more #chengchuning but i know she would win best actress next year! #ruien We have to wait all the way until 8 april for #huangzhijie!:( but but but, #poeticjustice #wxzy is having their telecast from 5.30-6.30 on channel 8, after #joysoflife #hyrj 😂 #ruienrocks !!!!!!!! #clif3 @rbkd
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ruienlover : Chey! 30 min to reply! @thechannel8lurver
ruienxdesmond : @ruienlover what? I just woke up!
ruienlover : Lazy pig sleeping! @thechannel8lurver
ruienxdesmond : What! I usually wake up at this timing!
ruienlover : so late!!! @thechannel8lurver
itsyingjiex_ : Wait...what show is that on the right?
cheeseylin_luvs_ch8sg : @ruienlover CLIF 3. Not 2.
ruienlover : @cheeseylin_posts_ch8sg i mean the photo! Not whats coming up
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