Tonight was interesting, to say-the-least. #sad #depressing #hypocrites
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#equality #freedomtomarry #hypocrites #lasvegas #equalrights #notgayrightsbutequalrights
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#hypocrites will not #enter #thekingdom of #heaven because they think they can fool God into believing they can do whatever they want and still be accepted in the kingdom. True #christians seek #holiness #godliness #righteousness, seeking to be #obedient to the #willofGod. Remember, God is #omnipotent and can see your #heart is far away from Him. You cannot fool Him even if you tried. You're being fake in vain. You're not going to profit from it. All unrepentant sinners, hypocrites, liars, thieves,mockers, alcoholics, revilers, fornicators (having sex outside of marriage) and so on WILL NOT enter the #Kingdomof God according to His word. Be careful. You don't know if you have all the time to be foolish. It's like playing russian roulette, each day you're moving closer to the loaded gun. And when if kills you, and you die in your sin, and you cry out "Lord, Lord!!" Jesus will respond "Why do you call me Lord, when you do not do what I say?"
heart - righteousness - heaven - omnipotent - thekingdom - holiness - willofgod - godliness - obedient - enter - hypocrites - kingdomof - christians -
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People ruining my buzz cuz they can't keep their word lol. #hypocrites
hypocrites -
~Sam #supernaturalfandom #supernatural #spnfamily #spn #fanart #deanwinchester #castiel #samwinchester #sam #sammy #cas #dean #demonruby #ruby #blood #fastfood #alcohol #beer #addictions #hypocrites #funny
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lxviathan : rubys face
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😂😂😂 #hypocrites yall love supporting sidehoes cookie, pope, mary jane etc.knowing dam well ur probably a sidehoe urself or single. #idontwantanytrouble #whenkeepingitreal👉 #goestoofar #fatality
hypocrites - idontwantanytrouble - goestoofar - fatality - whenkeepingitreal -
raw_gi : 💯💯💯💯💯💯
bitchyyychicc : 😂😂
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Think about all those romanticized movies and how they can ruin your day. Think about how all those crappy books that have happy endings that, in reality, a person could only dream about. And think about all the photoshopped images of fake celebrities all over the internet and in all those magazines. I wish we coukd take it back in time to when curvy was considered beautiful and when all those dancers weren't acting like video hoes and singing about how they're "about that life". Because that right there is the reason so many people can look in the mirror today and hate absolutely everything they see. All because the only thing they see are the socially constructed ideas of beauty and not what actually matters. So stop the hipocracy because everyone is beautiful in their own form or fashion. #romanticized #hypocrites #messedupworld #lowblows #unacceptable #Beauty #equality #ego #heartsnotparts #inequallity #judgemental #killjoy #loveyourself #makeitstop #madness #perfection #perfectionist #sorrynotsorry #scenebabe #selfhate #thinspoooo
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Damn what did the Father of Medicine do to these ppl? #hypocrites #Hippocrates #PoorEnglish
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For reals though.. #when odor #depressed #depressedbutstillhere #fakepeople #hypocrites #whynot #suicidal
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So many chicks crying, making threats and "STILL" staying with these n***as #lol #karrueche #chrisbrown #niaamey #hypocrites #notserious #lmao #chicksbelike
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1spicyqtpie : So true. "Judge not, lest you be judged.." You said a mouthful. There are so many who dare to share that there's a man from their pasts with whom they're guilty of staying with too long--some man that it wasn't easy to walk away from until they'd walked through their process (as I raise my hand ✋). But you keep walking, learning, and living. This is something I wouldn't wish on any sister or man for that matter. My heart goes out to her. @rockah_curve
rockah_curve : @1spicyqtpie girl this generation is full of hypocrites it's quite comical lol so many women riding and dying for the wrong guys and yet feel to judge other women lol
1spicyqtpie : EXACTLY!! @rockah_curve
ast.x : @lrsko 😫
wendympofu : @langa_s
lrsko : @ast.x it's true
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I really don't understand why people lie because everything gets found out eventually and causes shit for themselves...why cause the headache for yourself? Hate it. #liars #hypocrites
hypocrites - liars -
amy.elizabeth7 : 😙❤ its like people who put all their energy into hate and negative attitude, its easy to be kind and happy 😣
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This one's for you bitch! #pissedoff #hypocrites #fakedone
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DISCLAIMER: This is not a mockery of the church. I believe in God. #church #churchflow #churchgoer #churchgoers #amazing #igers #iphonesia #igersoftheday #lol #lmao #laugh #lmfao #likeforlike #likeforalike #likeforfollow #hiphop #hypocrisy #hypocrite #hypocrites #hypocritical #SaturdayNight #SundayMorning #bootymedown #beautiful #tag #tagfortag #tagforlike #tagforlikes #tagforfollow #bootymedown #beautiful #ctfu
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koethemswarrior : @skytopfade cuz follow my other page
skytopfade : What is it cuz?
koethemswarrior : @dopeiskoe @skytopfade
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😏 #vegan 🌱🐂🐖 #hypocrites 😂
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Smh...its always the black power preachin ass men dating white women...make up ur mind ! what side of the fence do u wanna be on got-damn #hypocrites #blackpower#blackmen#fakers#causinascene#getalife#whitewomen#whute#black#african#africanpower#yearight#blackmennwhitewomen#dates#negros
fakers - dates - whitewomen - blackpower - whute - yearight - blackmennwhitewomen - causinascene - black - african - hypocrites - negros - blackmen - getalife - africanpower -
eliunknown : I see no race in love #justsaying lol
simplysheeba : Good for you😩 I was speaking on behalf of the black power mofos if it don't apply let it fly @eliunknown
eliunknown : But there black republicans I don't think they see the same views of pro black people
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When peoples bullshit doesn't affect you anymore. Hypocrites are the best😒😂 #bullshit #hypocrites
hypocrites - bullshit -
nardosshibeshi - sincerelyginaxo - tiffi_mary - jayden_goss -
💯 I've been sitting back as of lately just listening & observing. It's too many so called "conscious" folks policing what other people should be doing when they're not even all the way right with themselves! If you got time to be on social media all day telling other people what they should be doing then how are you doing any inner work on yourself?! Worry about policing your own thoughts, actions & ideas!
judgement - policyenforcers - thoughts - conscious - hypocrites - silence - knowthyself -
infinitebey : #conscious #judgement #hypocrites #silence #thoughts #policyenforcers #knowthyself
florez__gump : On point! People keep getting stuck in these ego traps myself included, but it's on us to be conscious of our hypocrisy and evolve
infinitebey : @florez__gump Word!
taylord2begreat : Yu def rite bro that's real shit
jack.linn : 👏👏👏👏👏☝️🙌
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hypocrites - with - done - wise - words -
sassy_cherrybomb : #Wise#Words!!😊
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#truth #hypocrites
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xox_heatherbeasley : Love this!
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#whiskey ☝#thathashtagmademelaugh #hypocrites #getoveryourself #30yearolddramaqueem #oldbitchescausingdrama
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This fact can be researched before people start commenting that this isn't a fact. I'm not saying that Christians are criminals or porn stars but when surveyed, most criminals and porn stars claim to be of some form of Christian denomination. But Christians are supposed to follow the Bible and it's commonly known that Christians claim that the Bible is their moral guide. Even though the majority of self-proclaimed Christians have never even read the book. Sometimes I feel people claim Christianity because they have a sense of belonging. I have a born on my own, die on my own attitude towards life. I don't have any desire to belong which made my decision to abandon Christianity a lot easier. The other percentages were 0.1% atheists/nonbelievers/agnostics, 0.9% other religions and 2.2% of random religious statuses. So that translates to me that people only want to be a part of Christianity because they just need to belong. Not because they have any interest living strictly to God's supposed word. How ironic?! The most perverted and criminal minded claim Christianity...I smell hypocrisy. #funfact #prisons #pornindustry #highpercentages #ironic #checkitout #research #learntruth #religionwontfixit #spiritualslavery #mentalillness #hypocrites #jail #jesustheexample #wakeup
highpercentages - spiritualslavery - prisons - religionwontfixit - mentalillness - pornindustry - research - hypocrites - jail - wakeup - ironic - jesustheexample - learntruth - funfact - checkitout -
ali.white_ : Lmfao
ali.white_ : @godsdaughter42 lol
thewizardofawes : @agentsmooth24
quely.gambz : okay, just b/c they claim to be christian doesn't mean they are. that like saying I'm Kim k and everyone believing me knowing Damn right I'm not. nobody is perfect, and everyone makes mistakes. but just because this might be a " fact " doesn't mean all Christians are like that. it's a shame most ppl know the word of God and still choose to sin but it's life and it's in the bible. Christianity isn't a religion, it's a way of life. a lot of ppl don't know the difference.
loi.boy : Oh they follow the bible. They're just most likely oblivious or in denial that they're probably going to go to hell.
godsdaughter42 : @ali.white_ 😩😩😂😂
jasmyne_hernandez21 : @mimi_alvarezz I KNEW IT. Jk mija 😘❤️ I look up to you
mimi_alvarezz : Omg! Hahahaha @jasmyne_hernandez21
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"The principle that we have urged legislators to address is that of fairness for everyone. In a society which has starkly diverse views on what rights should be protected, the most sensible way to move forward is for all parties to recognize the legitimate concerns of others. After a considerable amount of hard work, we believe that the Utah legislature has wisely struck that balance. LGBT people cannot be fired or denied housing just for being gay. At the same time, religious conscience and the right to protect deeply held religious beliefs is protected by robust legislation. While none of the parties achieved all they wanted, we do at least now have an opportunity to lessen the divisiveness in our communities without compromising on key principles." -LDS Church statement at the press conference introducing Utah Senate Bill 296, 4 March 2015. #justanotherapostate #exmormon #atheist #fairness4all #mormondoublespeak #discrimination #religiousright (Utah Senate Bill 296 does three things: it adds sexual identity and sexual orientation to the list of protected classes in the areas of employment and housing, it excludes religious organizations and the Boy Scouts of America from having to obey those laws, and it adds a provision so that if a court strikes down the section of the law that prevents religious organizations from having to obey the law, then the entire law is revoked, so that gay rights will never be forced on religious organizations. I'm not sure why Mormons believe their religion requires them to discriminate against gays in the areas of housing and employment, but this law doesn't protect religious expression; it protects the "right" of religious organizations and religious leaders to discriminate. But what do I know? I'm not a lawyer. I'm just another apostate.)
exmormon - fairness4all - mormon - justanotherapostate - falseprophets - lds - mormonism - thechurchistrue - religiousright - sharethegift - mormondoublespeak - mormonsandgays - meetthemormons - corruptedleaders - discrimination - sharethetruth - sharegoodness - atheist - hypocrites - mormonprobs - immoralchurch -
kemarinielson : Oh HELLLLL NO.
jonnifer : This law is disgusting. And it's infuriating that a "non-profit" church is influencing and making laws. They should be forced to make a decision--leave the laws alone or start paying taxes like the corporation they really are. 😡
lds_mormon_cult_survivors_help : Mormon smoke and mirrors
lds_mormon_cult_survivors_help : I would love for someone in Utah to start not serving Mormons in a business and then use this bill as a defense.
thenailfamily : Separate church and state now!
bookertalston : @lds_mormon_cult_survivors_help 😂😂😂. I will suggest this to my sister.
cmaury127 : @mrselatcia - in this case the church, and I guess the state of Utah, will spend lots of money litigating this issue. I think other states have pursued this avenue and been struck down in the courts. Would Utah be willing to bankrupt itself over this? Maybe.
kylasfavplace : I sure hope not @cmaury127 They need to spend that money on something positive like cleaning up the air so that there is anyone left living there to even care about any of this stuff ...cough cough hack cough.
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#IAM#MalikELShabazzEmperorSpeaksTheTruth👳MoorMoralsMoors#LessClownsCoons#Hypocrites#MKUltra#MindControl#MyHumanRaceWithMorals🌎🌍🌏👳👨👲💂WeStrongerTogether🙌#TheRestWillPerishForALackOfKnowledge👌😌👌 IgnoranceOfTheLawsOfTheMostHigh/Universe🙏🌌IsNoExcuse🙌
iam - myhumanracewithmorals - hypocrites - therestwillperishforalackofknowledge - mindcontrol - lessclownscoons - malikelshabazzemperorspeaksthetruth - mkultra -
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Dammed if you do. Dammed if you don't #hypocrites
hypocrites -
ducklyn12 : True
elizaballs_ - ducklyn12 - cveeee -
Greatest meme i have ever seen!!! #hypocrites @planetfitness #planetfitnessfail #fail #gymfail #gymhumor #meatheadproblems #judgementfreezone my ass!! You are too fitt for our gym, get out!!! 👏👏👏👏 how bout fuck you! Go eat pizza!
hypocrites - planetfitnessfail - fail - gymhumor - judgementfreezone - gymfail - meatheadproblems -
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Gather all these hypocrites, bury them in vomit and shit. "Fall of Hypocrites" - Whitechapel - #libertarian #liberal #conservative #anarchy #anarchist #liberty #freedom #america #politics #metal #metalcore #deathmetal #deathcore #blackmetal #thrashmetal #powermetal #alternativemetal #whitechapel #ourendlesswar #fallofhypocrites #hypocrisy #hypocrites
liberal - alternativemetal - fallofhypocrites - metalcore - libertarian - politics - america - anarchy - deathcore - powermetal - hypocrisy - blackmetal - whitechapel - metal - liberty - conservative - thrashmetal - ourendlesswar - freedom - hypocrites - deathmetal - anarchist -
skyboundband : |m|
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Never judge a book by its cover. @instaquoteapp. #instaquote #foodforthoughts #tattoo #banalnaaso #statement #hypocrites #asian
foodforthoughts - tattoo - asian - statement - hypocrites - banalnaaso - instaquote -
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NBA? NFL? Prison Cells? Nope! Its our elected officials! Still have faith in this system? #Hypocrites #Politics #Government #StandUp
hypocrites - politics - standup - government -
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The old marvel double standard! #marvel #doublestandard #dc #hypocrites
hypocrites - dc - doublestandard - marvel -
geekedphotography : Word i fucking hate the new scarlet witch
judahnathaniel : I don't mind either
_wayne_tech_ : Wonder woman looks fiiiiiine.
seageath : Agree WB, need some muscles on WW
williambonney : @seageath I don't think you understand the meme
seageath : :)
real_awesomess : Stealing. Giving you cred tho
williambonney : T @real_awesomess 👍
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#FixItJesus 🙏🙌 #Hypocrites
hypocrites - fixitjesus -
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#pretenders #hypocrites #backstabbers
hypocrites - pretenders - backstabbers -
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Basically #hypocrites #NoH8 #FuckOff
hypocrites - noh8 - fuckoff -
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my face when I look at my grades😒 The teachers bother me... they are always telling us not to procrastinate and to get our work done before the last day and then they put off giving us tests until the last three days of school 😡😡😡 I shouldn't be this stressed out right before spring break #mad #hypocrites #schoolsux
hypocrites - schoolsux - mad -
fornaro_17 : ayee i won!!
sarah_schwarz18 : bitch
100_happydaysof_grace : calm down @sarah_schwarz18
lauren_kerich : whore @sarah_schwarz18
leah_schwarz03 : language @sarah_schwarz18
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