Because cow's breast milk is necessary for the survival of mankind otherwise there will be lack of calcium and bones will get weak. Lol. Haha haha. #vegan #veganism #vegansidekick #269 #animals #milk #animalrights #hypocrites #funny #humor #comedy #calcium #bones #sarcasm #meat #vegetarian #plantstrong #herbivore #getlikeprophecy #prophecyspeaks #likeforlike #nutrition #health #food #drinks #followme #like #wisdom #truth
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For the folks who think "homosexuality is a sin", much less the ONLY sin. #loveislove #merica #hypocrites #knowledgeispower #rememberscience #pride
loveislove - merica - knowledgeispower - hypocrites - pride - rememberscience -
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The thirst be real out there........ That's why almost all my friends seen me naked or close enough lol..Can't leak what I show the world with pride...Suckas! #NoShame #LoveYourBody #NoPants #Truth #Nudes #LeakedNudes #Thirsty #ThirstisReal #Hypocrites #BowDown
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#Greece #default #debt #EU #deadbeats #hypocrites #thieves #FIFA #CORRUPTION #BDS #ISRAEL #UN It's ALL CONNECTED. Starting to get it dummies? You can't be a little dirty. If you drop a turd in the fishbowl the entire water column is polluted. Listos? VAMOS! In no particular order, except of course the actual literal numbers assigned to each of the following yo mama comments. 1) As a nation, Greece has just ELECTED to be the world's first deadbeat dad RATHER than cut back on some RIDICULOUSLY overburdened pension obligations to retired 29 year old crossing guards who receive full benefits and escalating pension payments STARTING at 150% of base salary which can be as high as 250% when overtime payments are factored in AND are NOT exclusive of other positions and ceremonial titles. 2). Having been such enthusiastic HATERS of both America AND Israel, this has-been (2,000 years and counting) empire and its rabidly anti-Semitic population can pucker up and straight SUQIT. You'll get no sympathy, understanding or compassion from THIS American Jew. YOUR DISEASED HENS HAVE COME HOME TO ROOST AND I HOPE YOU CHOKE ON THEIR BONES. This is where HATRED, THIEVERY, CORRUPTION, HYPOCRISY, FINGER POINTING, PILING ON, A TOTAL LACK OF INTEGRITY AND BEING A WHINY LITTLE BITCHOPOUS WILL LAND YOU...EVERY...TIME. Cont.
fifa - israel - debt - default - magicjohnson - hypocrites - thieves - bds - greece - eu - nba - un - deadbeats - corruption -
my_day_la : 3). The guys marching down the street are French soldiers. They figured...."FinayLEE! Somebodiez we can WEEN!" 4). The guys carrying Uzis that les weeNEEZ are running away from are Germans who have come to taken possession of their collateral...Greece. True story. Don't even THINK about calling us or NATO. We're not home. We moved. No forwarding address or phone number provided. Return to sender. Clean up your own room junior. 5). Your game has been flat BUSTED for TWO...THOUSAND...YEARS. A TWO THOUSAND YEAR SLUMP. I'm just glad your parents aren't Jewish or Chinese...cuz they would DIE of shame. True story. I just overhead them talking and they both agreed they'd rather have an entire population of queers. "We did. We totally agreed that," said China. 6). When an entire nation hits bottom...where does it go? Is there a twelve step program for nations that can't manage a budget and honor their financial obligations? What's that Israel? It's called "Go FUQ yourself...TWELVE TIMES! LOL!" The program's title actually had "LOL" included in it. "It's true," said Israel who why sheer coincidence OPERATES "Go FUQ yourself...TWELVE TIMES! LOL!" I'm told space is limited and you'll be LUCKY to get waitlisted. And you're gonna LOVE the in-take staff. They are ALL of them out of work French gay maitre de's from the restaurant "you scum can leek the bawTUM uv my Le SAQ before I geev you un TAHblah!" That's an ACTUAL restaurant in Paris. True story. Cont.'ll have to pay all fees up front in cash. They ran a credit check and...well...YO GAME IS STRAIGHT BUSTED JACK! Cont.
my_day_la : And (7). That's a whole lotta American trash talkin right there. You know whypopous? Cuz fuq you, that's why. Fuq you Greece. This is the price you pay after talking trash before the game. Other team don't say NUTHIN. They just hit that court like the fqn 101st Airborne. They D your ass up so tight you can smell what they are for breakfast. On offense they attack the rim like it kidnapped their family. They shoot and shoot and shoot and just don't miss. Your reward for talking shit before the game is a BRUTAL and HUMILIATING BEAT-DOWN of EPIC PROPORTIONS. It occurred to me earlier. You're Isaiah FQING THOMAS. The cheapest, dirtiest backstabbing flipping little punk bitch who played for the dirtiest bunch of thugs and punks to ever disgrace the #NBA. Do you know how much of a diq you have to be to stab #MagicJohnson in the back? "A huge diq?" A HUGE diq! Cont.
my_day_la : Make no mistake Greektards. I am not an angry man and these are not angry words. I am an affable and joyful man with a very small but rich life. What you jackaloopslopoulosess may confuse with anger is in fact the type of UNBRIDLED JUBILATION that comes after handing a trash talking punk opponent his ass. It's JUSTICE served where there can be NO DOUBT WHOS BITCH YOU ARE. And in this instance? It's ERbody's. This is the exaltation of man who has watched with helpless frustration as MADmen gained control over the world that America had tried so hard to keep free. This is the exaltation that can come ONLY from the DEEP SATISFACTION that at LAST some measure of justice is being served on one of the lesser street thugs who prey on fruit stands and falafel carts. This is the exaltation that comes from the FIRST reversal of fortune for one of the low level co-conspirators in this Great Fraud. These are the waning days of the Euro-Colonial World Order. And it couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of aristocratic condescending pigs who drew lines across the earth as if it was theirs to divvy up and when it CRUMBLED under the weight of its own arrogance and greed, these great "ancient" nations suddenly forgot THAT part of human history and focused instead on America's efforts merely to prevent the patient from bleeding out. Cont.
my_day_la : And from this shakeout the world is beginning to make more sense. Russia has emerged as a great power once again. Wanna know why? CUZ IT'S RUSSIA! Under American protection (which the increasingly petulant and soft headed America haters of Western and Southern Europe reserved their animus and anti-war demonstrations to AMERICA's forces) Europe's true colors began to appear. It went from soft to jello to its current powder form. And while Western European diplomats THRILLED to the sound of their own voices...Mother Russia LAUGHED quietly as it TRAINED...and exploited strengths and used it leverage to once again GROW STRONG. All the while...these same European debutards delighted in the Muslim world's courtship of their favor. "Hey these guys are AWESOME! They drive SICK cars and they hate the Jews even more than WE do! BDS! BDS! FREE PALESTINE! ISRAEL IS APARTHEID!" Etc. ALL the scurrying weasels were being PLAYED. Your elite cultural institutions are now filled with those who would see their destruction. You idiots. It's the most foolish and colossal giveaway of all time. Cont.
my_day_la : Cause for celebration? No. Because evil on the one hand the accelerating decline of European relevance is MOST welcome to Muslims around the world, those who step in to fill the power vacuums will decide your fate. And this is where Muslims of good faith must be VERY WARY. For there exists an alliance comprised of most unexpected members. At its HELM, is the TRUE ENEMY OF ISLAM and CHAMPION of its RADICAL ELEMENTS: BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, who more and more takes on the appearance of a fundamentalist far more radical and clever than anybody could have imagined. gone mad...and these BIZARRE events we see happening across the globe are ALL CONNECTED. Greece is the first victim of this self destructive dance. The world has collaborated on a purely fictional rewriting of its own narrative. The world has indulged in their own fairy tales and casting of characters as either pure evil or pure good. The world has not only indulged in a fictional narrative of their own creation that they THOUGHT served their own interests, it has CELEBRATED IT. Cont.
my_day_la : Before it is too late, Muslims of good conscience must look more closely at how this whole thing shakes out. We've already been marginalized. The question becomes...are you setting yourself up for the identical fate? Egypt got MORSI. Iran got KHOMENI. Syria and Iraq now face annihilation by LUNATICS who would replace the existing butchers with madmen of a whole other order. I worked for a brilliant man.' One of his sayings in particular was this: if it feels good, don't do it. This advice has NEVER pushed things in the wrong direction in both business and personal affairs (to the spotty extent to which I have been able to apply it). How does hating the Jews and UNITING around that hatred to drive its people into the sea? Does it feel good? You think so....but that "good" feeling is the same kind of lie that deceives drug addicts and alcoholics. It is a LIE. And the deeper into it you fall the more you come to depend upon it. And the more you come to depend on it the more narrow your options become until you are a SLAVE to ONE MASTER. And just as that same substance abuser cannot imagine life without their "master," they have no clue what it looks like and because they don't know it they fear it, and because they fear it they learn to HATE it. Then their TRUE MASTER IDENTIFIES ITSELF, and the SLAVE to that HATRED cannot imagine life without it. Tell me, misguided friends betrayed by your own leaders and their unscrupulous western allies...tell me...if you awoke tomorrow morning to a world withOUT Israel...and withOUT Jews...think very hard...what would you do?
my_day_la : Before attempting to answer that question, ask yourselves why is it that what YOUR LEADERS FEAR YOU asking questions and thinking for yourselves. Would am omnipotent divine being and his chosen messenger go to All that HINDER and ultimately DISABLE HIS OWN GREATEST OF ALL GIFTS TO THE CHILDREN OF HIS CREATION? Does is make ANY sense that He would GIFT MANKIND THE ABILITY TO REASON only to then have mankind ABANDON IT? Does that sound like something that would serve God? His Prophet? Or perhaps others would SEEK TO GAIN POWER AND WEALTH BY DEFORMING AND DEFILING GOD's TRUE MESSAGE? These questions you are FORBIDDEN TO ASK. You can't even ask WHY? Or...CAN you?
my_day_la : If men of bad will and evil intentions have HIJACKED God's message as you understand it...what would do? And does WHAT YOU ARE DOING NOW make ANY SENSE IN THAT CONTEXT? Jews are neither attacking Islam not have they HIJACKED it to serve their own interests. How then can those who have had NOTHING TO DO with the THEFT OF YOUR TRUE HERITAGE AND LEGACY FROM the SOLE "ENEMY" of Islam? How can Israel and the Jews be your enemy at all? None of it holds up to reason which is a UNIVERSAL language that exists independent of and beyond the reach of any human power or authority. Is that not the VERY THING "ISLAM" teaches today? Is THAT true Islam? Turn your back on reason and relinquish all moral inquiry in pursuit of the annihilation of an entire race that bears you NO ILL WILL? Does it make ANY sense outside of the contemporary context that SILENCES THIS VERY DISCUSSION?
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Carta de Amor , Not on this world because it's full of hypocrites envy and judgmental ., but in that perfect place where does not exist society , where there's no lies or pain , I would tell you that my heart wasn't born to be tamed , but it was born to be yours , whether you wanted or not .. Sign__ Hugo Garcia eternally yours . #love#life#poetry#perspective#envy#hypocrites#society#tameheart#yours#hers#eternally#cartadeamor
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And as I expected, it would appear that I have spoken too soon. The microscopic glimmer of hope I wanted to have for this lunkhead has been extinguished. Idolatry...coming from the man(child?) who has expressed more than once through social media and those little talking head interviews on the show how in love he is with the Arkansas Razorbacks. Even though he and his ilk frown upon higher education...CONSISTENCY, FOLKS. Honestly, when will the hypocrisy end with these people?! #benboob #benboobsneewald #smuggars #duggary #hypocrites
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kibblesnbits1 : The "bill" of "the Duggars most excellent adventures"
noahollie : He's literally the dullest person in existence today.
rez_hates_you : Something tells me he's secretly gay and only married Jessa to supress his homosexual tendencies but he'll eventually have a mental breakdown of some sort.
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Under British rule, Hong Kong Chinese were subjects of the British Empire and definite social inferiors until the final years. For 150 years under the British rule, Hong Kong did not have a democratically elected Head of state, the Head of state was appointed by a democratically elected government in Britain. So what democracy is there to speak of? Britain never considered choosing any Chinese for Governor. The British Empire remained solidly White-Racist until its last remnants were wound up. So Hong Kong had more democracy under the British? Think again! Seriously, what are the students smoking at the Hong Kong University? Singapore had fifty years of free elections so Mind your damn business and eat your lup chiong. And as for HHH, that piece of shit can stay there in Hk #singapore #sg50 #hongkong #doyourresearch #pretty #kids #quickdollars #survivaltechnique #knowyourself #educateyourself #idontevenknowanymore #iblog #allofthem #investigate #thatsreal #limits #hypocrites #serious #sellouts #politics #thingsarentalwayswhattheyseem #vision #trending #house #breaking #real #news #exportimportbank
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#politics #politricks #thingsarentalwayswhattheyseem #educateyourself #read #investigate #knowyourself #bemore than #afollower #trendy isn't a #survivaltechnique #thatsreal #rns #margaretsanger #hillaryclinton #vision has #limits #idontevenknowanymore #ijs #wolvesinsheepsclothing #allofthem #quickdollars #sellouts #hypocrites #doyourresearch #iblog #serious and #rachet #linkinbio
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When niggas from middle school hit you up like "you cute" BISH WHERE ❤️💖💕😘😍👏🏾👑💁🏾🙅🏾#howaboutnow #wayupifeelblessed #IDFWU #Drake #haters #hypocrites #scars #older #itgetsbetter
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#uagh #wow #america #americanflag #confederate #confederateflag #constitution #whocares #gaymarriage #helpusgod #godhelpus #God #conservative #christian #republican #libertarian #libtards #democratsSuck #dead #nope #ohboy #haha #hypocrites #ohwell Partners: 🇺🇸@rightwing_america🇺🇸 ☀️@caliconservative☀️ 😎@proud.conservative😎 💁@republican_princess💁 😂@republican_funnies😂 💬@libertarian_america 💬 ➡️@right_wing_conservative_ian➡️ 🌲@conservative_kentucky🌲 🏈@republitarian_pennsylvania🏈 🚷@the_true_feminist🚷 🇺🇸@conservative_wv🇺🇸 🌳@classysnobbbb🌳
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aaron_holc788 : Lol great profile pic
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#Truth #hypocrites #liberallogic
hypocrites - liberallogic - truth -
2k11agfj : How fucking true.
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The one thing in life i will just never understand #hypocrites
hypocrites -
m1zzboss_ladyyy : FUCKEN DITTO 😩😩💯💯💯💯💯
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Woe to the #hypocrites, self-deceived and deceiving others, with mockery on their lips, and mischief in their hearts, and fear; the clouds that bring fertilizing rain to others, to them bring but deafening thunder-peals and lightning flashes blinding to their eyes.
hypocrites -
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#WOW! #IAMSpeechlessAtThisTRUTHFULRevelation #Racisim #StopTheDoubleStandard #Hypocrites #SMH #Repost from @blaq_culture page.....But notice Black woman's milk is Good enough for baby to drink. My question is if whites didn't consider blacks as not human than why allow their baby to drink from filthy animal. Apparently the milk is the Same as mother's milk.
stopthedoublestandard - iamspeechlessatthistruthfulrevelation - racisim - hypocrites - wow - smh - repost -
helloooooooookitty : Yeah I posted this b4 this picture is a trip
helloooooooookitty : We weren't good enough to sit at the same tables but, we're good enough to breastfeed their children!!!
foreverchanging09 : @helloooooooookitty Yes, me because I'm a breastfeeding mom..... But what this post say had me stuck.....
foreverchanging09 : @helloooooooookitty MAN!!! Imma hush....
helloooooooookitty : Girl feel me
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#uagh #wow #america #americanflag #confederate #confederateflag #constitution #whocares #gaymarriage #helpusgod #godhelpus #God #conservative #christian #republican #libertarian #libtards #democratsSuck #dead #nope #ohboy #haha #hypocrites #ohwell Partners: 🇺🇸@rightwing_america🇺🇸 ☀️@caliconservative☀️ 😎@proud.conservative😎 💁@republican_princess💁 😂@republican_funnies😂 💬@libertarian_america 💬 ➡️@right_wing_conservative_ian➡️ 🌲@conservative_kentucky🌲 🏈@republitarian_pennsylvania🏈 🚷@the_true_feminist🚷 🇺🇸@conservative_wv🇺🇸 🌳@classysnobbbb🌳
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904.kat : AWE @iann.ig
catholic_cristiannn : Amen 🙏🏻
spamellc : @lakelifecrisis @pennys_companion @susansmiddy
esau_cortez : @gabrielareha
gabrielareha : @christianreha
trent_the_ninja : I couldnt fit the ring around my penis.
cade.grantland : @22jordan_epp3
love__ashley__ : @cmccurry2
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#uagh #wow #america #americanflag #confederate #confederateflag #constitution #whocares #gaymarriage #helpusgod #godhelpus #God #conservative #christian #republican #libertarian #libtards #democratsSuck #dead #nope #ohboy #haha #hypocrites #ohwell Partners: 🇺🇸@rightwing_america🇺🇸 ☀️@caliconservative☀️ 😎@proud.conservative😎 💁@republican_princess💁 😂@republican_funnies😂 💬@libertarian_america 💬 ➡️@right_wing_conservative_ian➡️ 🌲@conservative_kentucky🌲 🏈@republitarian_pennsylvania🏈 🚷@the_true_feminist🚷 🇺🇸@conservative_wv🇺🇸 🌳@classysnobbbb🌳
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jl_jellybean : @brandon_fowla hahaha yeeeessssss
conservative_memes : @cole.gonzo and theid be wrong, like they are with everything
conservative_memes : @ledzeprocks oh no I don't hate anyone, I just liked the picture
ledzeprocks : @conservative_memes I see. I just took it wrong. Plus, you already know my beliefs. 😂
conservative_memes : @ledzeprocks sall good
braedyn_adkins : @zachary_keel
zachary_keel : @braedyn_adkins unlimited funny
darrelld83 : @joecarver_93
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Sorry fake feminists, I regret to inform you that the vast majority of males never have or will rape anyone in their lives. I find it comical that so many people abuse what they have in this country and fail to realize the abundance of rights and comforts it offers, leading me to the odd conclusion that they are unfit to live in any country in the world. If you can't live in a first world western country where you think you are oppressed, where can you live? #feminist#feminism#women#female#male#men#feministlies#lies#hypocracy#hypocrites Check out these accounts! @mississippimoderate @ronreagan_conservative @irish_libertarian95 @conservative_free_thinker
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east_coast_diva : So true. People need to drop the stereotypes
jaytee818 : Amen
americanconsciousness : @east_coast_diva they most certainly do.
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I couldn't agree more #hypocrites #yulin #animalliberation #goth #gothic #love #hate #freak #pale #choker #tradgoth #alternative #metal #atheist #gothgirl #anarchist #subculture #dark #black #eyeliner #music #activist #vegan #vegetarian #followme #likeforlike
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punk.trash_ : THANK YOU but aghh i hate when people say because "dogs aren't meant to be eaten" and "dogs are tortured in Yulin". Like really they should shut the fuck up until they know what they're talking about ..
this_delectable_reaper : Yep, people like to make up excuses and bullshit to justify their own selfishness @punk.trash_
estekeste : @hugs_change_lives @butthurt_goalie16
ohhitsonlyemily : The difference here is that part of the point and fun of this festival is the public display of brutal torture and cooking them alive as a form of entertainment! It's one thing to raise animals cruelly and slaughter them for food, but it's another thing entirely to enjoy sadistically torturing them strictly for fun and entertainment. It is also alleged that a lot of the dogs involved were stolen or lost family pets. It makes perfect sense for omnivores to care because it's about more than just eating them. Stop being such an asshole vegan and get over yourself, any cause for animals is a good cause and you are derailing it with that attitude.
megadet.h - _t_g_b_a_ - sadlizt - _king_chameleon_ -
#uagh #wow #america #americanflag #confederate #confederateflag #constitution #whocares #gaymarriage #helpusgod #godhelpus #God #conservative #christian #republican #libertarian #libtards #democratsSuck #dead #nope #ohboy #haha #hypocrites #ohwell Partners: 🇺🇸@rightwing_america🇺🇸 ☀️@caliconservative☀️ 😎@proud.conservative😎 💁@republican_princess💁 😂@republican_funnies😂 💬@libertarian_america 💬 ➡️@right_wing_conservative_ian➡️ 🌲@conservative_kentucky🌲 🏈@republitarian_pennsylvania🏈 🚷@the_true_feminist🚷 🇺🇸@conservative_wv🇺🇸 🌳@classysnobbbb🌳
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dsdefiore : I LOVE this @samds94
brandtlukas : This is so perfect
samds94 : @dsdefiore yeah I love this
dm_westside : So true
rbovender38 : @luv.soldier
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NOT EVERYONE YOU LOSE IS A LOSS!!✌ #fakefriends #frienemies #haters #nonrisktakers #doubters #dreamstealers #negativepeople #hypocrites #moochers #leeches #snakes #thieves #enemies #gossipers
negativepeople - frienemies - dreamstealers - leeches - fakefriends - moochers - doubters - nonrisktakers - thieves - gossipers - hypocrites - haters - enemies - snakes -
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Literally me. Tired of girls acting interested because I'm nice and then ditching out as soon as someone better looking comes along. I'm not gonna be there for you when all you complain about is the same shit your'e doing to me. I'm worth more than that. #feelings #fedup #used #pissed #hypocrites #hmu
used - fedup - hypocrites - hmu - pissed - feelings -
jayder_patater : ❤ n miss you.
narctopus : @jayder_patater will hang when u get back
jayder_patater : After guard😷
narctopus : Oh yeah haha @jayder_patater
a_marie1999 : 😕😕😕😕
su.wai.phyo_asia : DW bae !! I'll be there for u. :D @narctopus
narctopus : @su.wai.phyo_asia thank ya 😊
su.wai.phyo_asia - a_marie1999 - og__miranda15 - elfunstoppable -
J'ai fait l'erreur de croire en des gens qui ne le méritaient pas.... PLUS JAMAIS!!! 😁 #keepsmiling #liars #hypocrites
hypocrites - liars - keepsmiling -
ariiie_f - megaaneouellet - keeveen98 - thesammy25 -
Eve was born from Adams rib & y'all mad at the gays though?? 😂💯Yo bible inspired em😂Woman born from mans rib with no help from a woman just a PENIS somehow unnaturally creating a whole person is AS GAY AS IT GETS😂😂😂 #hypocrites
councilofnicea - theblackwombmanisgod - hypocrites - melanin - evegene - blackwombman - ceaserborgia - : @hay.dee.dee Noah had 2 of every animal? Queen do you really believe this? 2 of Every animal? Animals that eat each other,Technology wouldn't have had a boat big or strong enough,How would the animals get to the location of the boat? Did he communicate with the animals? Did he catch 2 of every animal? Lol that shit ain't nothing
hay.dee.dee : So you think evolution will turn people black from being an monkey? If you shave a monkey today, it would be pink, just like all the other animals right..... If God created Adam out of soil, what color would he be? Honestly if you mixed soil and water together what color is it.... Brown right. Which makes you think again..... If a white person today cant get too dark from Sun why would they get dark back then if we was once a monkey..... And the flood was a local flood, so local animals was on this boat... Because when it stopped raining they ended up : @hay.dee.dee that's the thing Bosslady. Black people are the ORIGINAL people. We don't come from monkeys that's white people. We are the only humans 2 have #Melanin particles in our skin the same dark matter particles that flow from the Youniverse. We don't come from monkeys. Nobody knows the origins of black people. #EveGene is apart of you Queen. You are one of the things closest 2 god. You are the worlds royalty. Evolution has nothing 2 do with us. Our history is infinite & godly. Look up the #EveGene your are a #BlackWombman #TheBlackWombmanIsGod
hay.dee.dee : Like our local animals dog cats rats pigins you thinking lions tigers and bears they would die in a second. Be logical when it comes to religious, it may be over exaggerating in the bible but read in between the lines.
hay.dee.dee : So how come we can't activate this black matter you speak of, how come we can't access our all great powerful God to stop the America from what they are about to do to us, what they got planned for us..... : @hay.dee.dee it's a long story Queen but I got answers for everything you need. Trust me. I'm Dante remember I ain't gone mislead ya. 4 wat? Lol just know you are god. Any other being to a #BlackWombman is 2nd place.
hay.dee.dee : You do know that's it's all science right, nothing special about it, its basically what you should've learned in 10th grade. Of course a guy is going to have xy chromosome and girls had xx chromosome. That's nothing new. That's what makes humans humans in a white female she's going to have the same xx chromosome. Of that artical told you different stop reading it... : @hay.dee.dee no dee. Lol #Melanin is something exclusive to black people only. Not the chromosomes.
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"Stand up to hypocrisy. If you don't, the hypocrites will teach. Stand up to ignorance, because if you don't, the ignorant will run free to spread ignorance like a disease. Stand up for truth. If you don't, then there is no truth to your existence. If you don't stand up for all that is right, then understand that you are part of the reason why there is so much wrong in the world". #standupforfreedom #fuckwar #juntos #libertad #hypocrites #takeastand #standup
standup - takeastand - standupforfreedom - hypocrites - juntos - fuckwar - libertad -
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Thought for the day. Sadly, I learned this lesson early in life and these people can also be related to you🙏🌹#motto#hypocrites#backstabbbers#dontletthemgetyoudown#knowyourtruefriends#lifelessons#withagecomeswisdom#betruetoyou
backstabbbers - withagecomeswisdom - betruetoyou - knowyourtruefriends - dontletthemgetyoudown - hypocrites - motto - lifelessons -
heyizm3 : Trust & respect is a 2 way street.,,,,,
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#poemsporn #truth #brokenhearts #hypocrites #daisies
hypocrites - brokenhearts - truth - poemsporn - daisies -
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I'm just saying I'm sorry to all the people who think I was being offensive I'm just naturally aggressive, but don't talk about me doing something then going out and doing it yourself😂 yeesh #hypocrites #tothemax #jeez #practicewhatyoupreach
hypocrites - tothemax - jeez - practicewhatyoupreach -
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I don't know if you're #God is too small but I DO know that Your view of the world IS !! If you stuck in this way of thinking I would normally say things 2 you like " jump of a bridge ! Or kill ya self ! " but now I'm a lil older i realize you just need a hug and some ❤️ in your life . All #prejudice comes forth out of #Fear ! there are only 2 emotions #FEAR & #LOVE , all other feelings stem from those two ! We make a decision every day on which one we feed . Be conscious about it because The one we feed gets stronger day by day #WHOTHEFUCKAREYOUTOJUDGE
whothefuckareyoutojudge - love - prejudice - church - hypocrites - god - fear - sunday -
raymzter1 : #Hypocrites
raymzter1 : #sunday #church mofos !
busybe_e : 🙌🏽
asanafordays : TRUTH brother 👌
behzadae : Well said my man!! 🙌
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Saw this an laughed because it applies to so many. Trying to limit contact with people like this. #hypocrites
hypocrites -
hypocrites -
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#LOL #LML #Haha!! This is my own #reality check. Being a decent human being becomes more difficult, ev-er-y-day. #Hypocrites #OhMyGosh. #ForReal #True #Life #Facts #BuringTheCandleFromBothEnds. #Hilarious #Humor #Funny #Comedy #JK #Joke #Jokes #Seriously #Joking #LightenUp #Laugh #Smile #InstaFun #InstaGood #HaveaGOODmorning!!
life - buringthecandlefrombothends - joking - haha - forreal - lightenup - haveagoodmorning - instafun - lml - laugh - jk - facts - instagood - true - funny - humor - joke - lol - reality - jokes - seriously - ohmygosh - hilarious - hypocrites - smile - comedy -
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Surah Al Baqarah 2:16 These, i.e. the hypocrites whom Allah [Exalted be He] has described previously, are who have bought the deviation and paid the guidance as a price for that. Therefore they have lost the profit of the deal and have led themselves to destruction. So, they were not successful nor were they guided in what they have done. #QuranDaily #Quran #DailyQuran #RamadanPosts #Islamicposts #islamicreminder #Allah #Messenger #Prophet #baqarah #Surah #InstaIslam #InstaDawah #InstaQuran #God #Lord #Muslimah #Muslims #Hypocrites #lost #successful #SurahAlBaqarah #Misguided #Guidance #Guide #Deviation #Destruction
deviation - islamicposts - instaquran - dailyquran - quran - allah - surahalbaqarah - muslims - destruction - surah - lost - god - guidance - prophet - instadawah - qurandaily - islamicreminder - successful - muslimah - messenger - baqarah - instaislam - hypocrites - lord - ramadanposts - misguided - guide -
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Idc wtf anyone think about me, but if they happen to be a genuine person and owns a soul which resonates at a higher frequency than this worldly drama of life, who has the potential to see my heart beyond my physical, verbal or emotional characteristics! I respect them. I adore that quality and sadly its rare that I come across such human beings. Most of them live at a commonly approved frequency and won't explore their boundries unless there comes a selfish need. Many live a rather sad and depressed life, acting like nothing is going wrong with them.. Huh and these guys judge others who try to bring in some light of wisedom?! WHY?!! I am not talking for myself here.. but for all those unfortunate souls who had to undergo a lot of hardtimes, which leaves them with a great negative impact and how they struggle to recover themselves!! Today in this hyper fast world, majority of people behave in such an arrogant manner, that they prefer to PREJUDICE rather than EMPATIZE!! Everyone appreciates goodness but that too with some rules and conditions!! I prefer rather not to spend my time with these people, as I have already expanded beyond that! But if they have respect and genuine need for my assistance in their spiritual progress, I am more than happy do anything, anytime, anyhow for them! #sorrynotsorry #iamoriginal #uniquesoul #highervibes #risebeyond #lowthinking #worldlydrama #hypocrites #frogsinawell #sheeppeople #irresponsible #unwilling #stubborn #naive #vulnerable #closedminded #human #itspeaktimeto #wakeup!
stubborn - irresponsible - worldlydrama - closedminded - uniquesoul - human - frogsinawell - vulnerable - wakeup - sheeppeople - lowthinking - risebeyond - sorrynotsorry - itspeaktimeto - hypocrites - iamoriginal - unwilling - naive - highervibes -
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