This is a great tee with a great message. #beYOUnique #refuseto sink The design can be worn by anyone. Sizing starts at toddler and goes up to adult xl in a variety of colors. For anyone who would like to help me support a good cause and raise money for the hydrocephalus association in honor of my daughter, please repost and share. If you tag me and #hydrocephalusawareness, I will randomly select one winner and buy your tee color and size of choice. Winner will be randomly selected on August 10. YOUTH LINK in profile. Www.teespring.com/hydrocephalusawarenessyouth ADULT LINK: www.teespring.com/hydrocephalusawareness Thanks for all your support!!!
beyounique - hydrocephalusawareness - hydrocephalus - refuseto -
junebugsmomma : #hydrocephalus
dreambiglittleones : That's awesome. Admire you so much mama. 😘
dmcsaf - 13rianaleerey - dreambiglittleones - charliesangel729 -
Fever of 106 finally broke! Ever so grateful for all the prayers. I love my monkey. #Dmitrius We hate #hydrocephalus #doubletap i love you little fighter!
hydrocephalus - dmitrius - doubletap -
realeyes_realize89 - _prettykittymeow - memoriesofa_ - ms_nikki_marley -
Someone has mastered the balance bike. Low muscle tone can kiss her behind!
mom_hub - boogiebike - nothingisordinary - cutekidsclub - hydrocephalus - balancebike - lowmuscletone - themommarazzischool - my_365 - ig_kids - love - supergirl - balance - colbycruisers - ig_beautiful_kids -
krstiebecker : My Easton just had to do some therapy/exercises for low muscle tone in his legs and feet. Plus get special insoles for his shoes. So rock on cutie! πŸ’—
nicole518 : #supergirl #balancebike #lowmuscletone #hydrocephalus #balance #colbycruisers #boogiebike #my_365 #ig_kids #ig_beautiful_kids #nothingisordinary #themommarazzischool #mom_hub #cutekidsclub
nicole518 : #love
nicole518 : @krstiebecker Julia was in PT for 2 years, we had a helmet and braces for her legs, and she blows me away every day. Our kids are superstars, aren't they?
crazyjessie27 : Look at her go!
amy110610 : Dylan had a brace for low muscle tone in her foot. This is so great to see!
nicole518 - melissa_neuman - scunningham448 - sherrianns -
Cam hasn't taken a paci in months! Poor guy just want to eat but can't :(.... More tests today hopefully they will find the what is causing the pain. There is nothing worse than seeing your child in pain and nothing is able to soothe him... I have never felt so helpless #supercam #camspam #veinofgalen #hydrocephalus #hemiplegic
hemiplegic - hydrocephalus - camspam - supercam - veinofgalen -
ktpie4141 : It is the worst! Thank you guys hope all is well! @spacepersian
ktpie4141 : Thank you girls so much it means a lot! @alove1243 @danielllepearson
rochelle32101 : Sending prayers. Are u from South Florida?
ktpie4141 : Thank you so much! Yes we are:) are you in Florida too? @rochelle32101
rgiffin89 : @ktpie4141 I hope he gets well soon!
rochelle32101 : Yes Miami, well living in homestead now. What part r u from?
ktpie4141 : Thank you! @rgiffin89
ktpie4141 : We are in west palm:) born and raised but my son gets treated at Joe Dimaggios! @rochelle32101
danielllepearson - alove1243 - sweetyumyums0620 - kristi_rundle -
1 year ago we could tell "something" was wrong with Eli, but still no diagnosis. He has come sooo far <3 #timehop #hydrocephalus
timehop - hydrocephalus -
raisingrhy - tnt_1991 - mish_mash_16 - emi_eames01 -
I afore this little man!! My cousin is three and living with autism, global developmental delay and hydrocephalus, but he is an absolute trooper <3 #autism #hydrocephalus #gdd #hlobaldevelopmentaldelay #support #cousins #cute #lovehim #family #followforfollow
cute - hlobaldevelopmentaldelay - family - followforfollow - cousins - support - hydrocephalus - gdd - lovehim - autism -
im_just_a_teenage_dirtbag_bby : *adore :P
adrian_parejo - lowrysecks - juicee_sr - kelliefromearth -
Wefie with baby Athira #hydrocephalus
hydrocephalus -
suriyabonma - iema138 - adrinaadny - samzahri -
Today I finally had my tattoo done for my lil man... Thanks @laquenailbar for help with the idea from your dedicated nail in honour of cadenπŸ‘ΌπŸ’™#helpsuperboy #hydrocephalus #hydrocephalusawareness #arachnoidcyst #abiotrophiadefectiva #arachnoidcystthirdventricle #evd #etv #etvcpc #shunt #shuntlife #shuntsurgery #shuntinfections #sickkids #wonderboy #waterbabies #epilepsytoronto
sickkids - arachnoidcystthirdventricle - hydrocephalus - wonderboy - abiotrophiadefectiva - waterbabies - etv - shunt - evd - shuntlife - shuntsurgery - hydrocephalusawareness - etvcpc - helpsuperboy - shuntinfections - epilepsytoronto - arachnoidcyst -
luvtobemum : Beautiful tattoo
13rianaleerey : That is beautiful!! @jessa0329
jasonjf88 : @destinyf12
destinyf12 : @jasonjf88 omg I wish I could've gotten that
momof3punkins : Love this! Would you share on my facebook page? We Support Hydrocephalus Awareness
jasonjf88 - jury091509 - nwmotiv - miqueiascoelho -
Still can't believe Penny is gone... I miss her like crazy and can't stop thinking or crying over her #mybaby #hydrocephalus #puppydied #10monthsold #sad #RIP #missher #nomorepain #seizure #iloveyou
hydrocephalus - seizure - sad - iloveyou - mybaby - rip - nomorepain - puppydied - 10monthsold - missher -
rachelezoru - anunar_ohana -
Hey everybody!! Just a friendly reminder to text me ASAP to let me know if you wanted to walk and support myself and others who suffer from hydrocephalus!! The walk will be held on August 16th and is free but you're more than welcome to donate for a cure , anything helps . If you would like to join my team or need more details, please text me any time !!! (253) 230-8289 #hydrocephalus #association #HAwalk #suffer #itISbrainsurgery #cure #help #donate #walk #joinmyteam #teamlindsey #august16
joinmyteam - help - teamlindsey - hydrocephalus - walk - cure - hawalk - donate - itisbrainsurgery - august16 - suffer - association -
morgan_loraine - kleighniehaus - mskatiejoe - jordanhawk13 -
This describes exactly how I'm feeling right now, torn between the two. Fear and uncertainty tells me to run and forget all about this. Determination tells me to find answers, and work my butt off to get healthy, so I can help others do the same. We're all in this together, and I'm not going to stop until there's more awareness and better educated doctors. No one should suffer like this, and have to jump through all these hoops to get help. πŸ’ͺ #chiarimalformationawareness #fightlikeagirl #chronicpain #chronicillness #lifeofaspoonie #spoonieslife #spooniesisters #chroniccondition #hydrocephalus #posturalorthostatictachycardiasyndrome #pots #mylife #conquerchiari #chiaristrong
chronicpain - conquerchiari - wontstop - posturalorthostatictachycardiasyndrome - fightlikeagirl - pots - hydrocephalus - chroniccondition - chiarimalformationawareness - determined - determination - strongerthanmypain - mylife - nevergiveup - lifeofaspoonie - spoonieslife - strong - chronicillness - chiaristrong - spooniesisters -
_t_i_m_a_r_i_e : And I hope you don't mind if I save this photo! I love it!
chronically_determined : Thank you so much Tiffany!! It's been a really rough journey, and crap, seeing that giant blue H sign when we pulled into Hendersonville!! My heart started pounding so hard! I'm still in shock this is happening no matter what kind of challenges I have to go through. Man oh man! Thank you SO much for all of your support. You are going I make it too. I have no doubt. You are doing so amazingly good with all of this!! And, save away πŸ˜ƒ
chronically_jewelled : Wow! This is amazing! @chronically_determined
chronically_determined : Thank you @chronically_jewelled!! All my energy has gone into fighting insurance and being sick, but someday that won't be the case, so watch out world!
chronically_jewelled : Insurance for what @chronically_determined ? πŸ’ž
chronically_determined : @chronically_jewelled health insurance. I have insurance through the new marketplace that opened due to the healthcare changes here in the US. They only cover in state, but in Indiana, where I live, there are no Chiari specialists. I appealed to have Dr. Rosner in North Carolina, a Chiari specialist, added after I saw him in March. I won the appeal, and here I am!
chronically_jewelled : Oh forgive me- I'm Australian so the US health system isn't something I'm well educated in (apart from the fact it sucks!). Over here I haven't had to pay for any doctors visits except for seeing my rheumatologist (I paid $300 and got back $200) and about to see a neurosurgeon ($250 and will get back $110). I only had a two week wait for appointments. I haven't paid for any tests either!! You need to move over here πŸ˜‹ @chronically_determined
limmeeja : @chronically_determined I understand the struggle. I'm fighting to get basic coverage for doctors, tests and home health myself! I'm pulling for you! πŸ‘
dysautonomia.dawn - dizzydysautonomia - kateclc - toughcookie_1 -
Love this little lady. #autismspeaks #hydrocephalus #iamautism
autismspeaks - hydrocephalus - iamautism -
sweet_lakers4_life : Awe she's sooo beautifulπŸ’œ like her momma!!πŸ‘Œ
mandyalva : @sweet_lakers4_life aw! Thank you, you're so sweet!
fvxk_l0v3 : :0)
autismstars : ❀️❀️❀️❀️
autismstars : How many kids do u have ?
skeme1 : @autismstars - we have two. John and Sophia. Sophia was evaluated last week and was confirmed High Functioning Autistic.
jeroimcrownedroyalty - beabee75 - ig_autism - sin_dee7 -
Cameron says thank you guys for all the thoughts and prayers he is doing better today so far but they want to keep an eye on him to make sure. #supercam #camspam #veinofgalen #hydrocephalus
hydrocephalus - camspam - supercam - veinofgalen -
masch01 : @ktpie4141 My prayers are with you and baby Cam! He is so precious!!
beverlymh : Hope you guys can go home soon!
jessicao124 : He is so sweet and so strong! Love you three
mommymclean : We'll be there on wednesday for surgery. Prayers are with you.:*
kristi_rundle : He is so handsome. Sending some love from Texas!
k8luppino : So precious, love him!
dbrand31 : He is absolutely precious! Praying for him!
luvtobemum : He's adorable
k_lov3_ - ulcardinalgal - hb313 - __clwski -
He loves his cooling towel!!! #swimzip #froggtogg #hydrocephalus #teamxavier
teamxavier - hydrocephalus - froggtogg - swimzip -
lovenikkole - ptd613 - lulloma1 - aad_345 -
#hydroangelsoveramerica #hydrocephalus #convention. #bestexperence #needsnametags #xlinked #hydroawareness.
hydroangelsoveramerica - xlinked - bestexperence - convention - needsnametags - hydrocephalus - hydroawareness -
yellow5.0 -
Truley falling asleep in the grass #hydrocephalus #rescuedog #bestdog #specialneedspuppy
bestdog - hydrocephalus - rescuedog - specialneedspuppy -
officialsaintbernardlovers - instapetrescue -
Well at least they're getting some rest.... Cameron was not doing so good tonight so were waiting for some test results to make sure everything is ok. πŸ™πŸ‘ΆπŸ’™ #supercam #camspam #hydrocephalus #veinofgalen #hemiplegia #hospitallife #prayforcam
hospitallife - veinofgalen - prayforcam - hemiplegia - hydrocephalus - camspam - supercam -
obsessivemomma : Oh goodness. Praying for you guys 😘
ali4x : @ktpie4141 hope all is alright πŸ’“πŸ’“ sending our love πŸ’
ali4x : @ktpie4141 πŸ™
cbyrne425 : Sending our love and prayers your way. How's he doing??? πŸ’š
brittaniemarie__ : Hope everything is okay πŸ™πŸ’• @ktpie4141
jackiejack561 : lots of love coming your way! 😘😘
_veara : Sending prayers for your sweet baby boy @ktpie4141
ulcardinalgal : I hope he's doing better. Thinking of you all!
carriehoffrogge - brittkerwin - natalielynnew - prettyredmercy -
Babygirl! #myprincess #myeverything #hydrocephalus #autism #asdfamily
asdfamily - hydrocephalus - myprincess - myeverything - autism -
cruzin4abruzin79 - asdmom - autisticlove_jr - sinthia_aguilera -
My sweet angel πŸ‘Ό #supercam #camspam #miraclebaby #hydrocephalus #veinofgalen
miraclebaby - hydrocephalus - camspam - supercam - veinofgalen -
addieadventures : Eyelashes 😍
jessicaj_smith : Look at those cheeks! So adorable!
mrskate_compton : I miss my baby boo.
ulcardinalgal : Beautiful
xoxo__melly : Adorable ..!
alove1243 : How's he feeling? Hope and been praying he's feeling good!πŸ™
misscryz : Seeing him like this reminds me of my daughter. She had a hemorrhage after one of her embolizations and they had to put a drain into the top side of her head. Worst day of my life. But it helped her and she's doing more than wonderful today! I pray that all continues to go well for your son.
ktpie4141 : Oh my gosh That is scary! I'm glad she is doing so great now!! @misscryz
shantellpitts - misscryz - tiny_danc3r_ - jayymonayy -
This doesn't even look like the same gremlin! Where has time gone?!?!? I'm soooo proud of everything this boy does. He's over came every obstacle thrown his way, and walks away each and every time with a smile on his face. Whenever I feel like I just can't, I simply look at him, and know that I CAN! Our God has made a promise, and I know everything he's said is true. And I know, where ever we go, he will never leave us ❀️ He knew exactly what he was doing when he blessed me with you. Thank you Paxton for being my biggest motivator #loveyou #mywhy #blessed #specialneeds #god #reason #paxtonsarmy #everyday #proud #mommasboy #cerebralpalsy #hydrocephalus #growingup #slowdown #mybabyforever
specialneeds - growingup - god - proud - hydrocephalus - blessed - slowdown - mywhy - reason - mommasboy - cerebralpalsy - mybabyforever - paxtonsarmy - everyday - loveyou -
kelspassion : You're a lucky mama!!
laurnicomirr : πŸ™Œβ€οΈ
powpowprrmeow - charley1985 - _calliou_ - yenovk -
Soooooo for those who are not on FB, THIS is why I call this boy of mine my heart attack!!! Bruised after falling down the stairs HEAD FIRST! With his medical brain condition, THIS is a no no! Hell ALL accidents are no no's!!! LOL! But he's a rough boy! And his smile proves that there were no broken bones! He was just banged up pretty bad! And mama had NO WINE!!!! Now yall KNOW I was on edge!!!😁😁😁😁😁 #hydrocephalus #fitmoms #motherandson #mylove #mybabyboy #myheart
mylove - fitmoms - mybabyboy - hydrocephalus - myheart - motherandson -
born2blossomdotcom : Ouch is right @fitwithdiva!!! He was hurtin too!! And so was I!!! 😁😁😁😁
mbs_ceo24 : Awwwwwwwww
born2blossomdotcom : I know right @mbs_ceo24! 😩
fitwithdiva : Aww..poor baby
memeknowles : Such a cutie!!! Glad he's doing ok
msgrenade3 : Oh no!!!!' I'm glad he's okay!
blackbaby50 : @born2blossomdotcom so happy to hear that he's ok and you too keep smiling sis .
theguitarnero : Love@you too
mbs_ceo24 - jaindan - seldmitchell - memeknowles -
Prettiest girl in the room! #hydrocephalus #hydrocephalusdog #specialneedspuppy #blindpuppy #rescuepup #dogsofinstagram
rescuepup - dogsofinstagram - specialneedspuppy - hydrocephalusdog - blindpuppy - hydrocephalus -
misterbeau_thehounddog -
This boy is my joy, my pride and my HEART. ATTACK!! I love me some him! #unconditionallove #hydrocephalus #motherandson #myonlychild
motherandson - hydrocephalus - myonlychild - unconditionallove - helpme -
born2blossomdotcom : @kara2084
born2blossomdotcom : You saw the after on FB! Let's share with IG shall we?!?! LOL!
kara2084 : Lol. Ok. I saw the one on Facebook. I was wondering how he healed so fast.
born2blossomdotcom : @blackbaby50 wait until you see the AFTER pic!!!
blackbaby50 : @born2blossomdotcom Lol okay will do.
born2blossomdotcom : Uh huhhh, then you'll see what up @blackbaby50!!!! Hahahaha! #helpme!
blackbaby50 : @born2blossomdotcom he is a blessing to you sis
born2blossomdotcom : He is. He really is @blackbaby50! I've been blessed he chose me to be his mama!!! 😍😍😍
born2blossomdotcom - mbs_ceo24 - mrsveronica - slimgoody05 -
I can believe this was keep me alive! I'm so grateful for the doctors who gave me a chance to live and prosper! Without out this I would have died at the age of 2! But because of God and the wonderful doctors of #greatormandstreethospital I have managed to touch the lives of others as they have done onto me!!!!! #shunt #hydrocephalus #doctors #alive #miracle #tube #baby #gosh #greatormandstreet
shunt - greatormandstreet - tube - hydrocephalus - brainsurgery - miracle - greatormandstreethospital - alive - doctors - baby - gosh -
bossladyam : #brainsurgery
bossladyam - asheets88 - chelsea_green99 - debz_ola -
All packed!! I have my compression clothes and Chiari Angels tshirt for the drive tomorrow, enough underwear to probably last for 2 weeks, AND most importantly the mumu I found at the Goodwill the last time we took this trip. We'll be heading back to the beach for a couple of days of relaxation after all the medical stuff, so the mumu is a must! #fightlikeagirl #chronicpain #chronicillness #lifeofaspoonie #spoonieslife #spooniesisters #chroniccondition #hydrocephalus #posturalorthostatictachycardiasyndrome #pots #mylife #roadtripprep #packing #chiariangels #conquerchiari #mumu #moomoo
mumu - chronicpain - conquerchiari - pots - roadtripprep - fightlikeagirl - packing - moomoo - mylife - spoonieslife - chronicillness - spooniesisters - chiariangels - posturalorthostatictachycardiasyndrome - hydrocephalus - chroniccondition - lifeofaspoonie -
misskim005 - jojoegaray - ana_claire5987 - lifechallaccept -
A little spoonie humor 😜 The only time I shave my legs is for the doctor. I forgot the last time I went, and the look on the doctor's face was priceless. It didn't help that my sister referred to it as my "winter coat." 😁 This time I'll I'm prepared! Lol. πŸ˜„ #fightlikeagirl #chronicpain #chronicillness #lifeofaspoonie #spoonieslife #spooniesisters #chroniccondition #hydrocephalus #posturalorthostatictachycardiasyndrome #pots #mylife #spooniehumor #beforeandafter #voila #conquerchiari
chronicpain - conquerchiari - voila - posturalorthostatictachycardiasyndrome - hydrocephalus - pots - spooniehumor - fightlikeagirl - beforeandafter - chroniccondition - mylife - lifeofaspoonie - spoonieslife - chronicillness - spooniesisters -
chronicfighter17 : I do the same exact thing @chronically_determined
chronically_determined : @chronicfighter17 Right? Why waste the energy/spoon otherwise?
chronicfighter17 : Exactly! And I wear braces on my legs that I have to wear knee socks for, so unless I have to take them off somewhere I don't shave. @chronically_determined
chronically_determined : @chronicfighter17 I have scars from surgery on both ankles, and I get cold super easy, and can't warm up, so I'm usually always in long pants and a sweater.
chronically_jewelled : SO glad to hear I'm not alone on this one lol
chronically_determined : Nope, not alone at all @chronically_jewelled!!! My sister gives me crap for it, but no one sees, so who cares? It does make a lot of work though when I do have to shave! Lol.
sarahgadberry - devcon1 - spoonie_strong - misskim005 -
My last selfie with Penny before she died... I miss her so much but I'm glad she's no longer in pain #loveher #mybaby #hydrocephalus #nolongerinpain #2weeksbeforeshedied #heartbroken
nolongerinpain - loveher - mybaby - heartbroken - hydrocephalus - 2weeksbeforeshedied -
sherbearloera -
✨Maybe the journey isn't so much about becoming anything. Maybe it's about unbecoming everything that isn't you so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place✨
identical - specialneeds - preemies - love - brothers - monodi - identicaltwin - son - baby - preemiepower - preemie - 33weeks - pregnancy - junebaby - acc - boy - brother - niculife - nicumom - hydrocephalus - twining - tiny - twins - babies - mother - 2014 - monoditwins -
mama_gabb : I don't know why but your caption made me tear up. Such a beautiful picture πŸ’™ @cleaneating_sassy
mamathomas1 : Precious!
heather_villalovos : Little Easton. Sweet little fighter. Stay strong handsome!
laceylouu__ : Such a beautiful, precious picture!
aud__one : Aww... He loves his momma
jramdj : @cleaneating_sassy beautiful
cleaneating_sassy : #preemie #preemies #33weeks #2014 #babies #baby #boy #son #twins #twining #brother #brothers #hydrocephalus #nicumom #niculife #mother #junebaby #pregnancy #identical #identicaltwin #monoditwins #monodi #tiny #love #preemiepower #acc #specialneeds
mckenzie.tallarita : you have to change your bio from pregnant with twins to mama to twinsπŸ˜‚
thethreebrowns - momarieee - sezeni29 - kristenb2135 -
Strategically placed my phone so that no one can see the ugly incision that starts at my hair line loool πŸ˜‰ but yay, I'm 10 days post-op now :D I told Milo I was lonely, so he came into my room and promptly fell asleep. I love my baby mouse so much 😘 #lovehim #mybaby #milo #hydrocephalus #osteomyelitis #brainsurgery #postop #neurosurgery #boneinfection #scary #incision #plasticsurgery #hydrowarrior #selfie #me #kitty #cat #tired #ginger #cute #lonely #belieber
cute - lonely - tired - selfie - osteomyelitis - kitty - ginger - neurosurgery - lovehim - milo - me - scary - incision - postop - belieber - plasticsurgery - hydrocephalus - brainsurgery - cat - hydrowarrior - mybaby - boneinfection -
jdbieberlove - b.e.n.s.l.e.y - chrysjx - javiimiau -
#headache since 4:58 and he went to #bed with one! #ihatehydro #hydrocephalus #hateit #Ughs and Tylenol with codeine didn't even phase it !
hateit - ughs - ihatehydro - hydrocephalus - bed - headache -
abbyuranga -
Four months of crazy #brainsurgery hair grow out. This silliness is precisely why it wasn't a good idea for them to shave the whole thing!! Haha it's getting pretty wild. 4 months this next week. #recovery #relentlesspursuit #hydrocephalus #shuntlife #nevergiveup #stayheartstrong @ennairb thinking of you tonight, dear. Xo
recovery - nevergiveup - stayheartstrong - hydrocephalus - brainsurgery - relentlesspursuit - shuntlife -
dmcsaf : And still going strong!! Yay for your shunt. Jordan is almost at his 90 days with his latest. Hoping for a long run! His hair recovered quickly, he looks grown up now. Enjoy your weekend, still beautiful
melissamaegan : Baby hair probs. I'm thinking ours both are in the disturbing 2-3 year toddler stage phase. You know, the "IM DOING EVERYTHING RIGHT NOW THE WAY I WANT TO BY MYSELF!!!!!" Stage? My hairs poke out allll the time- pony tail, a bun, even wearing it down. It's no use trying to tame them πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ they do make me laugh though and they're such a beautiful sign that you haven't gone back in 😊
amy_booher : @dmcsaf thanks Dustyn! I hope both Jordan and I have a looooong time in between surgeries... πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—
amy_booher : @melissamaegan 😍
brandtlassen - jhimine - jstein0109 - craftynovice -
#hydrocephalus #cure #passionate
cure - passionate - hydrocephalus -
courtney_speer - momof3punkins -
Its a #beautifulday in #downtown #Columbus , #clearskies #blueskies, #coolerweather , doesn't feel like #summer. View while waiting to be seen in Neurosurgery clinic #NCH #neuro #hydrocephalus
beautifulday - columbus - coolerweather - neuro - summer - hydrocephalus - nch - blueskies - clearskies - downtown -
amy_booher : @dmcsaf everything ok?
dmcsaf : Oh yes, just a follow-up from our hospitalization end of June and recent ER visit last week. He just wanted to see how he's doing. We have a fantastic neuro doc! Thanks for checking @amy_booher
amy_booher : @dmcsaf ahhhh good.
gooned6390 - lornamulligan - tuba_b - fortheloveofjudith -
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