#hydrocephalus #hydrobaby #hydrowarrior #baby #babygirl #instababy #her1stlove
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Igor in New York!!! xx mayashope.org #orphan #ukraine #hydrowarrior #hydrocephalus #hydrocephalusawareness #nyc #newyorkers #hony #mayashope
ukraine - mayashope - newyorkers - orphan - hydrocephalus - hydrocephalusawareness - hydrowarrior - nyc - hony -
lamothesquaretin19 : :D @therealkarterzaher
analogtravel - tomasz.rozanski - mariazucena87 - a.linna -
Please pray for her--- she has just had her 54th surgery. This girl is a light. Her smile is so beautiful. She's really had a rough rough go for so long now but is sooooo strong (not to mention the strength oh her momma. They both amaze me. They really need a break. 🙏🙏🙏 #hydrokidsgrowingup #hydrocephalus #shuntlife ・・・
This little cookie has a pseudo cyst at the end of her shunt and a high fever. Pending cultures we will know if it's an infection. She's headed into surgery to externalize the abdominal portion of her shunt until she is well enough to have it placed into her heart. #hydrocephalus #hydrocephalusawareness #shuntrevision #shunt #vpshunt #epilepsy #seizures
seizures - shunt - epilepsy - hydrocephalus - shuntlife - hydrocephalusawareness - vpshunt - shuntrevision - hydrokidsgrowingup -
christina_earnest : lord have mercy 💔🙏🙌
jmcclarney : Oh sweet girl. Prayers!!
teen_cova : Praying for Michelle! ❤
loren_hall : Hello there! I have created an app for people with disabilities, disorders, and more to connect and help one another! For more info please check out the link on my bio as it is the prelaunch page and explains the app in depth!
grian5 : Prayers!!
arraya.laineysmama - taracope - chronicallyfabulous - mikechila94 -
#hydrocephalus #aftersurgary
hydrocephalus - aftersurgary -
arraya.laineysmama - bungafentiyanti - indie_santoso -
#hydrocephalus #aftersurgary
hydrocephalus - aftersurgary -
arraya.laineysmama : I have cried twice, I try so hard not to and let my girls see me sad... my lainey is always screaming like she is in horrible pain. Did you baby do this too?
bungafentiyanti : She did not feel the pain,she is always smile to everyone.my alea is strong baby.even i'm not as strong as my alea😭😭😭
arraya.laineysmama : That's great! I wish my baby was pain free! ♡#hydrocephalus #hydrobaby
arraya.laineysmama : How old is she? My lainey is 4 months
bungafentiyanti : Alea is 6 months dear.head diameter 49cm. So sorry my english is bad😆
arraya.laineysmama : Lainey is 4 months head diameter 45cm
arraya.laineysmama : Thank you for the information, your English isn't bad. ;)
bungafentiyanti : I'm from indonesia,and you?nice to meet you😊
bungafentiyanti - arraya.laineysmama - indie_santoso -
I LOVE this product. It's a @lovetodreamusa #swaddleup Babies naturally sleep with their arms up, this is a swaddle that promotes that position. This is the bigger baby version, you can unzip the arms when your baby is ready for that step! Unzip one to see if she's ready, if not, zip it back on! None of my other kids were still being swaddled (and didn't want to be) at this age. Charlotte still needs it and enjoys it, this was an amazing discovery (thank you @thebabyguynyc ). I showed this to Charlotte's OT and she flipped out, she immediately thought of three other families that this type of swaddle could greatly benefit. Anyway, this is my plug for any other #specialneeds parents whose little ones need the swaddle but need their arms up naturally as well, I feel like Charlotte has slept so much better since we stopped wrapping her arms across her chest. Now if she would just slow down the growth spurts! I wish I would have bought the bigger size! #charlotteadielle #dandywalker #hydrocephalus #deaf #hydrowarrior #deafbaby
swaddleup - specialneeds - deaf - hydrocephalus - charlotteadielle - dandywalker - hydrowarrior - deafbaby -
amy_booher : @cbmama4 oh my, she's always so cute!! I love seeing her little shunt, keeping her safe 💙⚓️ I sleep with my head to the side like that too, shunt side up. ❤️
cleaneating_sassy : She's precious!
reachandmatch : Check us out !!
ktpie4141 : So precious!
junebugsmomma : She is precious.
julieshaw2014 : Go checkout my sisters etsy shop @emersonspost
lovetodreamusa : We are so glad it's working for you!
misscouponqueen : Cute! I spy a shunt ❤️
adrimorrill - lovetodreamusa - westbrookvalerie - kpontiussssss -
Elisabeth is using BOTH hands! #ElisabethElva #cerebralpalsy #hydrocephalus #epilepsy #specialneeds
specialneeds - elisabethelva - epilepsy - hydrocephalus - cerebralpalsy -
lisa_sorenson : (She usually won't use her left hand for anything. )
tarathompson57 : Elisabeth!! This is huge!!! Congrats girlie!
abcsmomma : Yay!! Good job Lizzy! 😊❤️🎶
stiffanykinn : Go leftie!
junebugsmomma : Good job, Queen E!!
ashleycalaway : No way!! What an accomplishment! Yay QE! 💜
iammama33 - daria_malovich - catemagor - crhaert -
Chest & ab workouts DONE! Been seeing a TON of progress this week. And this shirt I got last night makes me feel even more bad@$$!
rocker - jamaica - birthdayvacation - honeymoon - strongisthenewskinny - womenwholift - strongereveryday - rock - beautyinbeastmode - girlswithmuscles - innerstrength - cantholdmedown - defytheodds - defyingtheodds - girlswholift - paparoach - rockerchick - myelomeningocele - fighter - honeymoon2015 - strongnotskinny - hydrocephalus - vacation - shuntlife - neuraltubedefect - birthday - progressnotperfection - spinabifida - rockmusic - womenwithmuscles -
bianca_graves : #beautyinbeastmode
lungessquatsandplanksohmy : Nice 🔫🔫
bianca_graves : @lungessquatsandplanksohmy Not as nice as yours, but thanks!
lungessquatsandplanksohmy : Thanks but u will be there before u know it!! Yours are so starting to cut!!
dani.ilvolo : @bianca_graves 👏😀👍👏👏
bianca_graves : #progressnotperfection #strongnotskinny #strongisthenewskinny #innerstrength
bianca_graves : @dani.ilvolo Thank you ☺️
dani.ilvolo : @bianca_graves 😄
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Youthful exuberance. Our grandson, Mathias, appreciates the possibilities of life. #hydrocephalus #winterly_leisure
hydrocephalus - winterly_leisure -
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Breakfast and #HEWpla with my faves! #supercam #camspam #veinofgalen #hydrocephalus #hemiplegia
hewpla - veinofgalen - hemiplegia - hydrocephalus - camspam - supercam -
obsessivemomma : Love you guys
kginger14 - nahiomy85 - avalanche_the_boxer - angallo -
Looking at my beautiful girl you wouldn't believe what she's been through, 4 brain operations, a month in special care, countless hospital admissions, countless ambulances called, daily medication, needles, oxygen masks, appointments.. Yet she's still smiling and beating the odds stacked against her 💙💜my hero 👑☀️💗 #specialneeds #hydrocephalus #hydrobaby #epilepsy #awareness #myhero #inspiration
specialneeds - hydrobaby - myhero - epilepsy - hydrocephalus - awareness - inspiration -
epilepsyspotlight : #truth
_valenzuela - dixie.braun2014 - ing_mommy83 - justice_for_jaxon -
"Real Bitches Been Bad Bitches From Birth" 💅👑 Stoned as fuck goodnight loves 😘💨 {#420 #710 #girlswhosmokeweed #girlsofig #girlswhosmoke #stayhappy #staylifted #keepcalm #Chronicallyill #hydrocephalus #keepfighting #italian #italiangirls #brunette #greeneyes }
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fansofjimmycentury : love love love
italianzdoitbest : #like4like
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As a parent it hurts to see your child hurt and you can't take it away. You get angry at everyone and their perfect babies. You get angry at the world and you want to know why your baby. In the end I know I won't know the answer, but I do know that my son is the strongest person I know. He's a fighter and he won't let this define him. As angry as I was in the beginning now I'm just in awe of my perfect son and all the things he does. I'm proud to be his mom and I will always be here to hold his hand! #hydrocephalus #hydrobaby #iloveyou #CreedMorgan #CMOK #youremyforever #9414 #sweetbaby #mommasboy #momtoaboy #myheartbeat #mysoul #mymiraclebaby #preemiepower
sweetbaby - momtoaboy - cmok - creedmorgan - hydrocephalus - mymiraclebaby - mysoul - iloveyou - 9414 - preemiepower - hydrobaby - myheartbeat - mommasboy - youremyforever -
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My acupuncturist took a picture of my scar for me today. You can't see it all, but look at how well it's healed and how much hair has grown back in 5 weeks! #zipperhead #brainsurgery #brainsurgeryrecovery #chronicillness #lifeofaspoonie #spoonielife #spooniesisters #chroniccondition #hydrocephalus #mylife #conquerchiari #chiaristrong #invisibleillness
zipperhead - invisibleillness - brainsurgeryrecovery - hydrocephalus - conquerchiari - brainsurgery - spoonielife - chroniccondition - mylife - lifeofaspoonie - chronicillness - chiaristrong - spooniesisters -
_rebel.scum_ : I was blown away by that too! How something so serious and big can heal relatively quickly! It's looking good hon!
chronically_determined : Thanks @_rebel.scum_!! It kind of makes it even more surreal. By the time I start back to work on the 2nd it will be hard for people to tell I had surgery. Almost like time stood still...
j_trammell : @chronically_determined looking damn good
chronically_determined : Thanks @j_trammell!!
njcoupondee : @chronically_determined I made fb page for illness, awareness and inspiration :) oh sorry got side tracked! Your scar is gorgeous!! I don't think my insurance covers acupuncture but my appt at TCI the dr told me to look into craniosacral therapy to help
chronically_determined : Send me your Facebook page D, and I'll follow it 😃 Insurance probably won't @njcoupondee 😞 The Affordable Care Act made it one of the services that didn't have to be covered, so most don't now. My acupuncturist has saved my life, stopped my attacks of paralysis and the worst pain. When I stopped going in November, because I was busy, everything came back. Now she's helping me heal. 💜 Thanks for the compliment. Before I know it, it will be hard to see.
ortiz_maria2014 : @chronically_determined my surgery coming up February 23, im so ready for it!
chronically_determined : Congrats @ortiz_maria2014!! I'm so happy to hear that! YEY! You got it all worked out 😃 That's great news 😘
jhchoi0112 - frozenoj - no1_jadiejay - njcoupondee -
Not saying my lil man is a fav with Monash nurses. BUT he does have a big prezzie waiting for him at the end of his bed to open when he wakes from them. Happy 3rd Bday my lil #hydrowarrior. Wish we weren't in here for your bday. I'm sure there will b no shortage of people to spoil you though. #hydrocephalus #shuntproblems #monash #kolby #3rdbday #willbspoilt @davstal84 @saiger911
monash - willbspoilt - hydrowarrior - 3rdbday - shuntproblems - hydrocephalus - kolby -
boje_1990 : Happy birthday kolby.
mz_kali : Happy birthday to Kolby Krystal, sorry he's in there for his bday 😔 suck a brave boy he is though 😘
becrankine : Happy birthday Kolby you gorgeous boy xx
kyliegv - boje_1990 - davstal84 - destinyy_faithhh -
Welcome to my hood. Where yesterday's high was 74, its currently 49, tomorrow some are saying snow in the city, and the next day will be 70s again with 80s by Sunday. Wreaking havoc on a guy's #shunt! #biflife #biffinaintforwussies #didntchoosethebiflifethebiflifechoseme #sb #spinabifida #hydrocephalus #myelomeningocele
myelomeningocele - shunt - biflife - hydrocephalus - biffinaintforwussies - didntchoosethebiflifethebiflifechoseme - spinabifida - sb -
johnyrocketz - cesarulloa3 - mrsdawnwyatt12_13_2014 -
#biflife #bifhumor #hydromakesmeahumanbarometer #headaches #spinabifida #hydrocephalus #chiari #myelomeningocele
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...nothing stops determination... #AzActive #AmericanMuscle #AmericasImport #Bagged #CoreSRT #Chrysler300 #GreyMatter #hydrocephalus #IFD #ItsAGreyThing #ImportedFromDetroit #LXLady #LXLove #LadyDriven #Mopar #SRT300 #TeamMopar360 #WhatWeDo
bagged - americanmuscle - ladydriven - lxlady - importedfromdetroit - azactive - teammopar360 - itsagreything - greymatter - coresrt - americasimport - whatwedo - lxlove - hydrocephalus - ifd - chrysler300 - srt300 - mopar -
bryan19933 : 😍😍😍😍😍😍
blueprintfitment : Nice!
bryan4eva717 : 💯👍
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Last week #ElisabethElva was sitting up; something she hadn't done in months. This morning she started doing something else we haven't seen in months: Her GIGGLES are back! Once again it is amazing to see how small breaks from seizure activity can make such a huge difference in this little girl's life! We honestly don't expect her giggles to stay around for long, so we will cherish and enjoy them while we can! (The sad part is, about 5 minutes after I shot this she had a huge seizure that knocked her out for the count. Sometimes life isn't fair!) #giggles #specialneeds #hydrocephalus #seizuressuck #seizures #epilepsyawareness #epilepsy #cerebralpalsy #cp #microcephaly #shuntbump #laugh #foreverbaby #cvi #corticalblindness #corticalvisionimpairment #cvi #lennoxgastautsyndrome #pvl #hydrokid
specialneeds - giggles - corticalblindness - epilepsy - laugh - microcephaly - cp - pvl - hydrokid - seizures - foreverbaby - shuntbump - elisabethelva - hydrocephalus - lennoxgastautsyndrome - epilepsyawareness - cvi - seizuressuck - corticalvisionimpairment - cerebralpalsy -
asunset42 : She is truly beautiful!
lfrantz : Thank you God!
lfrantz : She's melting my heart.
alicialeppert : Priceless
lisajking : Gorgeous!!
haolepinos : I just love her!!
lannette81 : Precious girl!
crhaert : ❤️❤️❤️
_theoriginalbadu_ - chronicallyfabulous - jcard_pvl - nataliezmommie -
Oh the places you'll go! One of Logan's first books (before birth) he can read it now 😢 He's come a long way! #drseuss #ohtheplacesyoullgo #books #book #5yrold #boy #children #childrensbook #motivation #ilovethis #shunt #vpshunt #Hydrocephalus #arachnoidcyst #read #reading #goodread #SquareInstaPic
5yrold - motivation - read - squareinstapic - drseuss - books - ohtheplacesyoullgo - children - goodread - boy - ilovethis - shunt - hydrocephalus - childrensbook - book - vpshunt - reading - arachnoidcyst -
hardly_mouth_ : niiiice! ☀
baty.loretta2015 - cassie_cakes77 - aelizabeth3389 - caroxo1810 -
Hurra til min store pige ♡ idag bliver hun 14 år ♡ Det er altid en hård dag for mig at komme igennem. Næsten den sværeste på hele året. Hele hendes liv vælter op i mig. Kiggede på billeder af hende og de gør så ondt. Kan så tydeligt se hvilket smerte helvede hun var i fra blot 2 uger gammel. Øv. Idag er hun en glad pige og det fejrer vi selvfølgelig. Boller og lagkage i eftermiddag med morfar farmor og moster ♡♡♡ #hydrocephalus #handibarn #dandywalkersyndrome #hjertesmerte
dandywalkersyndrome - handibarn - hydrocephalus - hjertesmerte -
cirkeline1979 : Tillykke med hende! 🎂🎉🎊🎈🎁 Har forsøgt at læse mig til hvad det er for en sygdom din datter har, men er ikke blevet meget klogere... Der er ikke meget på dansk... Men skøn er hun, udfordringer eller ej 😊
by_stjernedrys : Meget kort fortalt så har hun hydrocephalus som er ophobning ag spinalvæske i hjernen. Hendes naturlige afløb er blokeret af en cyste som man ikke kan fjerne. Derfor har hun en shunt ( dræn ) der leder væsken fra ventriklerne ( hulrum i hjernen ) ned i bughulen. Den går under huden bag øret og ned. Hun mangler lillehjernen og hjernebjælken er meget for lille. Hun havde et par blodpropper efter den 3 operation ( havde 3 op'er på en uge- 24 på 4 år ) det har også gjort skade sammen med 2 gange menigitis. Hun er meget nådigt sluppet. Har overrasket lægerne. Men det er hårdt og jeg er slidt efterhånden. Håber det forklarede lidt @cirkeline1979 Hendes vanskeligheder idag er hun er ikke renlig, hun har scoliose, indadvendte fødder, abcancer, sanse sensitiv, motorisk rigtig dårlig. Sproglig dårlig. Går i special skole og er under betegnelsen multi handicappet.
1i11e1u11e : Hurra og tillykke med din datters fødselsdag
jytteisberg : Tillykke med hende ☺️
cirkeline1979 : Pyha sikken en historie! Kan godt forstå du er slidt! Det må simpelthen være det værste i verden bare at se hjælpeløst til når ens børn har problemer af den ene eller anden art... 😞
emmyweriss : Gratulerer med dagen Laura🎉🎊🎊🎈
agnete_p : Kæmpe stort tillykke med Laura i dag. Hurra hurra 🍰🍰🍰🍰👏
petrinelundstein : ❤️💐⭐️🎁⛄️😊
emmyweriss - agnete_p - dandywalkerhope - malou2907 -
💙⚓️ Never ever ever give up the #relentlesspursuit of everything important-- thank you for our blue anchor @twotwentytoph @lowreeezy we love it, and love you! 💙⚓️ @boo_her #hydrocephalus #hydrocephalusawareness #hydrowarrior #vpshunt #shuntlife #brainsurgery #recovery 💙⚓️
recovery - hydrocephalus - brainsurgery - relentlesspursuit - shuntlife - hydrocephalusawareness - hydrowarrior - vpshunt -
twotwentytoph : Love you guys!!
lowreeezy : You found the perfect spot 😊 we love you, keep fighting you two! @amy_booher & @boo_her
boo_her : Thanks for making her smile @lowreeezy @twotwentytoph her happiness means the most
lalalalinds_ - blyebrarian - wanda2312 - meli.mel.jerfs -
#tbt to the South Florida Hydrocephalus Association walk 2013! We always have a good time! Thank you to all who joined us! 😘💙 #Hydrocephalus #Hydrocephalusassociaton #2014 #walk #walks #raiseawareness #brain #brainsurgery #nuero #nuerosuergon #neurosurgery #arachnoidcyst #vpshunt #shunts #shuntsbite #ilovelogan #family #love #son #miamichildrenshospital #southflorida #joinus2015
miamichildrenshospital - love - vpshunt - ilovelogan - joinus2015 - tbt - son - brain - neurosurgery - shunts - walks - nuero - walk - raiseawareness - hydrocephalusassociaton - family - southflorida - hydrocephalus - brainsurgery - nuerosuergon - 2014 - shuntsbite - arachnoidcyst -
jenniferslashboutique - joyce.gibson.y - jessiebraselton - randaawad8 -
Our little #maniac is home and back to normal. Thank you everyone for the well wishes. I think they worked 😘💋❤️ #hydrobabies #hydrocephalus #preemies #homesweethome
preemies - homesweethome - hydrocephalus - hydrobabies - maniac -
lukepaton : HUGE photo like @hydromomma :)
dmcsaf : Yay! Glad to hear
tomorrow1313 : So happy to hear it! Glad for a quick trip!
jmael12 - amie71081 - rfowler718 - gswans -
#holdingon #brainsurgery #shunt #hydrocephalus #complications #praying #staystrong #family #massgeneral #bostonhospitalsaregreat #prayersneeded #rockyroad #love
love - shunt - family - staystrong - hydrocephalus - brainsurgery - massgeneral - complications - holdingon - rockyroad - praying - prayersneeded - bostonhospitalsaregreat -
jesstine_l : I'm praying for you and your family @rachaelheilner
rachaelheilner : Thank you @jesstine_l it means a lot. We need them!
jesstine_l : My brother has the same problem! He's missing his corpus callosum and a cyst grew in place and he has 3 shunts in his brain to drain the fluid so I can only imagine what your going through with these complications! He's in my prayers @rachaelheilner
hdeluco : Praying for you both. Stay strong!! Love you guys!
strokerecovery : Prayers.
amy_booher : @rachaelheilner 💙⚓️#shuntlife sucks sometimes. Hold tight, your support will mean the most in his recovery 💙⚓️#relentlesspursuit
mandee_heilner_dybus - katet816 - ahill1988 - strokerecovery -
This handsome boy turned 14 months old yesterday! He can sit for 3-5 minutes mostly unassisted he loves all adult food but does not eat much he's babbling and smiling a lot more and he's getting cuter everyday! Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you Cameron we love you! #supercam #camspam #veinofgalen #hydrocephalus #hemiplegia #14months #miraclebaby
14months - miraclebaby - hemiplegia - hydrocephalus - camspam - supercam - veinofgalen -
shannylkoch : 😍😍😍😍
__clwski : Amazing 😍
mrskate_compton : 😘
junebugsmomma : He looks so long!!
cbmama4 : He looks so long/tall! Sweet boy.
ktpie4141 : Yes let's I'm dying to meet your little guy too! @rvhiii
ktpie4141 : He is soo tall! Growing like a weed lol @junebugsmomma @cbmama4
ktpie4141 : ☺️☺️☺️☺️ @shannylkoch @__clwski @mrskate_compton
nromano1212 - kthomp38 - danielllepearson - angallo -
#ipekbade #yarın yine yurtdışına çıkacak ve yine seyahat kabusu başlayacak:( Çünkü baş ve gövde kontrolü olmayan engelli çocuklar içşn özel koltuklar veya photodaki gbi özel oturma minderleri düşünülmediğinden 3.5 yaşındaki koca kız anne-babasının kucağında seyahat edecek.O da bir birey ve o da kaliteli bir yolculuk hakkediyor..#üzgünüm#bugece#biraz#empati#eşitlik#sevgi #sevginingücü #yolculuk #seyahat#şifa#emek#çaba#sonuçverir #umut#dua#inanç#engelli#engelsizyasam @turkishairlines #prematurebebek #hydrocephalus
farkındalık - eşitlik - biraz - emek - şifa - prematurebebek - sevgi - sonuçverir - yolculuk - empati - umut - engelsizyasam - seyahat - üzgünüm - hydrocephalus - serçev - farkindalik - yarın - engelli - dua - bugece - çaba - sevginingücü - inanç - ipekbade -
ozlemkoprukoysaribas : Hayırlı yolculuklar canım ..şifalı dönün inşallah🙏
obiletcom : Sonraki yolculuk sevipte kavuşmaya gidenler için gelsin ;)
marka_dunyasi : 👍👍👍
papatyaerkut : Anneannesinin canisi ölürümmm ona ben:))
h.beyzabulut : @ozlemkoprukoysaribas 💕😙
h.beyzabulut : @seldacel Amin cnm. Stabilo denilen bu özel minderlerin fiyatı 2500TL den başlıyor.Herkesin alma imkanı olmayabilir.O yzdn havayolu şirketleri satın alıp bünyelerinde tutup yolcunun engeline göre kullandırım yapmalı...
h.beyzabulut : @papatyaerkut 👏💘
seldacel : Aslında çok basit birsey, işinizi nasıl kolaylaştıracak. .. dedigin gibi herkes alamayabilir ve zaten uçağa da sokmuyorlar... mutlaka ilgililere bildirin canim @h.beyzabulut
butikde - tugceeyilik - mbaldemirel - zelihaacer -
Every single one of these true, BUT #9 & #1 REALLY hit home...Sorry if this turns into a mind dump, my mind is working overtime right now. Some people may think that I got into coaching just so I can workout & be about the physical aspect of it. To a certain extent that MAY be true (especially at first), but seeing how far I've come & hearing positive feedback (not just about the physical) makes me REALLY think. My confidence level had been pretty low for years due to being picked on in school because of my disability. Before that I was a pretty outgoing & confident person and I feel like I've FINALLY gained that power back after 20 years, 100%. I'm finding out WHO I am again & what I'm made of, both inside and out.
power - nevergiveup - fitnessjourney - loveyourself - confidence - overcomingadversity - courage - innerstrength - defytheodds - defyingtheodds - 1 - myelomeningocele - strength - fighter - bewhoyouare - obstacles - hydrocephalus - disability - neuraltubedefect - confident - overcomingobstacles - lifejourney - spinabifida - 9 - adversity -
bianca_graves : #spinabifida #myelomeningocele #hydrocephalus #fighter #fitnessjourney #lifejourney #confident #confidence #power #innerstrength
bianca_graves : #obstacles #overcomingobstacles #adversity #overcomingadversity #defyingtheodds #defytheodds #disability #neuraltubedefect #nevergiveup
bianca_graves : #loveyourself #bewhoyouare
bianca_graves : #courage #strength
female.fatloss.cure : Looking GREAT!
born2blossomdotcom - liftagsport - mariannes3 - healthyliving_with_jamielee -
#Beautiful #mountaineer #blueeyedboy #mommysboy #smile #light #hope #toddlermodel
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bpoling : #spinabifida #spinabeautiful #spinabifidaawareness #hydrocephalus
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Recovery Update: day 8, I'm feeling generally good-- just a mild headache, and the incision pain is pretty much gone. I'm off narcotic pain meds for the first time in months... And I'm really excited about that! I've been eating the #antiinflammatorydiet pretty perfectly and getting lots of water since Monday, and it's helping a lot in terms of losing the post-surgery yucky feeling and bloat. But I have noooooo energy. Completely wiped out. I'm venturing out of the house and I'm going to run by the health food store and grab some sweet potatoes and rice-- need to get my carb intake up. Have only washed my hair once, I've had some incision issues in the past, and there's a spot that doesn't look the greatest 😬 so that's the scoop, folks! Thanks for all the messages. 💙⚓️ #hydrocephalus #hydrowarrior #vpshunt #shuntlife #recovery #relentlesspursuit #proofoflife #bellagram @boo_her
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amy_booher : @phyliciamiami @bianca_graves @dmcsaf @ha_walk_charlotte @cheerflpessimst thank you... #nevergiveup #stayheartstrong 💙⚓️
amy_booher : @cbmama4 control what you can control. I had a visit from some dear friends tonight that really lifted my spirits. I'm blessed with so much love in my life. 💙⚓️
amy_booher : @carmenchuchuluvsyou thanks for all the love!! Don't worry, I'm going to get through this. It's a long race 💙⚓️#relentlesspursuit
vibrantsophie : You look beautiful, and your pup adorable :) Thanks for sharing about your journey <3
flyingsquirrel16 : I'm getting a VP shunt next Friday. I'm not gonna lie, I'm terrified. I have IH & Chiari. I had the Chiari surgery, and then I had an LP shunt put in, which kept dislodging and leaking (8 revisions in 10 months) so we are going for the VP now. I'm really nervous, more nervous than any other previous neurosurgery. Are you happy with the VP? Can you feel the tubing and everything?
amy_booher : @vibrantsophie ❤️
amy_booher : @flyingsquirrel16 I'm not too familiar with the LP shunts, except what they generally are... Why had they chosen to do that type so many times?? Yeah, the multiple revisions are so tough... I had 4 in the span of 5 months last winter and it was hell. I'm sorry you're suffering so much. I can't feel my catheter, but my body fat is fairly low so you can see it sometimes in my neck and chest. I've mostly had issues with the valve failing, which is surgical but not that bad to fix it. The way I look at it, I'm obviously not happy I have hydro, or a shunt, but I need it to keep me safe. Best of luck next week!!
neederz : Hello!! My son has Hydrocephalus and he's doing amazing! Just curious to how long you have had it? You give me hope that my son will be fine in years to come 💙⚓️
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This little dude's brain is just fine!! Head circumference is big, but the neurosurgeon said his ventricles will always be enlarged. We are so relieved!! #finn #fighter #hydrocephalus
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katiemiller1212 : Yes yes yes!!!
cassiweber : I can't get over how grown up he looks with his hair cut! Love you finny!
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They don't pull an IV until they know you are going home!!!! #teamxavier #cerebralpalsy #hydrocephalus #CVI #vision #luriechildrens @luriechildrens
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Part two of Kid 1's scans: here you can see the origination point of her ventriculoperitoneal shunt which manages her hydrocephalus. It's inserted into the ventricles of her brain, that are responsible for the circulation of brain fluid. This tube extends outside her skull, down her neck, past her chest, and terminates in a coiled up pile in her abdomen where excess fluid is reabsorbed. #medical #ventriculoperitonealshunt #hydrocephalus #kids #xray
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kristen__noel : It's very "terminator" which explains alot of her awesome sass ♡
kristen__noel : Sass as in sassy..I realized it read sort of weird.
jathrash : Hahaj @kristen__noel I totally got it. 😂
kristen__noel : Good..texting is almost is akward is actually talking on the phone...
canbran143 : Wow! Framer if u ask me!
ashleybrownraimondi : Thank god for modern medicine!
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