Some of the flowers for this weekends woodland wedding. #weddingflorist #weddingflowers #hungerford #farmerflorist #martinandthemagpie
hungerford - weddingflorist - weddingflowers - martinandthemagpie - farmerflorist -
ernestandgeorge : Beautiful
orchidbel27 : Pretty🌿🌸🌿
dallowayblooms - allforskin_eunmi - namphuengjra - sadie.dixon -
My new reiki space at the Hungerford with Enkyoji Buddhist Temple! Wednesday evenings by appointment! I felt my heart chakra open as soon as I walked in. ❤️✨#reiki #rochester #hungerford #rochesterhealers #buddhalove #reikiwithallison
buddhalove - rochester - rochesterhealers - reikiwithallison - hungerford - reiki -
bristykowers - cmsbs010 - dreal0ve - katetredwell -
Devonshire hydrangeas. 😍 #awooga #britishflowers #hydrangea #florist #hungerford #martinandthemagpie
britishflowers - awooga - hungerford - hydrangea - florist - martinandthemagpie -
mrslokke : Mooi!
flowersbythebridge : So beautiful
neum_flower : Wooo love it 👍 @treefrog_seulki
euphoricflowers : Looks like June is doing you proud @martinandthemagpie 😀
martinandthemagpie : @euphoricflowers she certainly is, bless her!
mrs_miniver2015 - mrsbkitchen - im.niae - andreathron -
Awesome to arrive "home" to this! The Hungerford is looking GREAT! #hua #hungerford #rocarts #albertpaley #paleystudios
hungerford - rocarts - albertpaley - hua - paleystudios -
shawnalee53 - teyelise - sotalkus - paleystudios -
I love Britian's dramatic skies. #skyatnight #sky#view #hungerford #nofilter
skyatnight - hungerford - nofilter - sky - view -
georgiannalane : Oh, yes!
featheredhoney - andreathron - lululawler12 - yumenohanashi -
I was looking through my phone and found this lovely Hungerford Christmas throwback. I forgot how beautiful it is. #Christmas #hungerford #sunset #lights #photo #christmaslights #towncentre
lights - sunset - hungerford - photo - christmaslights - christmas - towncentre -
jessie031090 - quovadis15 - pretty_yeti - borkumer_matjes -
Lovely #frenchmani for the #bride #weddingnails #didcot #wantage #hungerford #gelish #pinkandwhites #freehand #nofilteeneeded #gorgeous
gelish - wantage - nofilteeneeded - didcot - pinkandwhites - bride - weddingnails - gorgeous - hungerford - freehand - frenchmani -
charlotteanderson89 - mbrooker2 - hx.xoxo - slittle_things -
Almost 3weeks later. #gelishnails #Designnails not a chip or lift in sight. #infills #nailart #didcot #hungerford
gelishnails - infills - designnails - hungerford - didcot - nailart -
carvedkiwi - siobhanbb -
Love this recent colour and restyle I did for one very happy client.
hairstyle - wiltshire - newhair - berkshire - hairdresser - haircut - hair - hungerford -
that_salon : #hairdresser #hairstyle #hair #haircut #newhair #hungerford #berkshire #wiltshire
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Sir Sidney Ruff-Diamond of the Third Foot and Mouth Regiment. #hungerford #unionflag #unionjack #soldier #hungerfordantiques #hungerfordantiquesarcade #flag #uniform
hungerfordantiques - soldier - hungerfordantiquesarcade - unionflag - uniform - unionjack - flag - hungerford -
london_lovers_igers : 👏👏👏
chesfox : By Jove that's dashingly good , young Fortescue ! 🇬🇧😀
sandy_jo63 : Very nice
ali5on_smith : Tiffin anyone...?! 😂😂
fancydori : I'm scared. He's big.
franskats : 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 super shot old bean 👌🏼
lesliefog : There will always be an England ! 🇬🇧😊👍
bethannewodstrup : Oi..not being rude about the military are you dear..I come from a 🇬🇧military family old chap!! 😅 @count_christoph
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Great day to wear new white canvas shoes Jo....especially when Ben's around....#bankholiday #hungerford #familytime
hungerford - familytime - bankholiday -
bethcawte - joannam21 - dormbooker - hannah.m.biggsxox -
Lovely day out with the family #hungerford #canal #walk #familytime #bankholiday
hungerford - canal - familytime - bankholiday - walk -
joannam21 - kissmelodie.payton - sophiebiggs2003 - hannah.m.biggsxox -
Latergram but I miss my 'family' down south! Was an amazing holiday though!! Let's make it a shorter time next time!! #holiday #Newbury #hungerford #south #friends #family #fun
fun - family - hungerford - holiday - friends - newbury - south -
nasrinabdi97 - brassellelaine -
Happy bank holiday weekend all!! 🌻🌞💛☔️ #bankholiday #teddybearsunflower #florist #hungerford #martinandthemagpie #nofilter #petalperfection
hungerford - petalperfection - florist - teddybearsunflower - nofilter - bankholiday - martinandthemagpie -
inwaterflowers : Great photo !
dam_lovely : Gorgeous! 🍃💛🍃
orchidbel27 : Super sunflower..good weekend to you despite the weather☔️
sammivatcher : Love it
flowersbyhime : Beauty💜💜💜💜
margauxreneeflowers - hana.tarou - narumolgallory - d_in_denver -
Made it. Reading to hungerford! 30 miles. 2hours 53mins. Now, where's that rosé at!!! #bike #cycle #shattered #bankholiday #fit #vino #hungerford #bohemia
bohemia - shattered - vino - fit - bike - hungerford - bankholiday - cycle -
jia.t.t : 😊
m.arzyyy : very nice
livbennett26 - mmontanaro90 - wycked_danthamansky - robnurgundy -
such a poser!! #duck #hungerford
hungerford - duck -
vanharendave - krymupl - vidunderlig_engel - baereismelody6 -
Pretty maids all in a row. #newbeginningsvintage #hungerford #handpainted #manniquin #vintagestyle #fasinator
manniquin - fasinator - newbeginningsvintage - handpainted - hungerford - vintagestyle -
kaydavies13 - martinandthemagpie - amunro1007 - hatacademy -
This why I'm raw asf because my mom is a #hoodbitch too 👑 #mommaraisedme #lmao #gaymer #gaysofinstagram #lmfao #hungerford #nochill
lmao - lmfao - nochill - hoodbitch - mommaraisedme - gaysofinstagram - hungerford - gaymer -
ladyhungerhurst : Lmao. Mom is the best
chachachajo - le_blue_bean - dani_girl04 - andrecorey_ -
#Hungerford #bridge #Embankment #southbank #London
hungerford - bridge - southbank - embankment - london -
esther22_ill_make_you_rich - joerichardson4 -
#hungerford #berkshire #afternoon #exploring #whatcanwefind #horse #wholeftthathorsethere
exploring - horse - afternoon - berkshire - hungerford - wholeftthathorsethere - whatcanwefind -
graham_merwin - __ellis____ - selinby23 - daniiundso -
and it's a bank holiday woo hoo. What else could you want,oh yes Darling clothing sale as well and sunshine would be good 😃😉 #newbeginningsvintage #hungerford #bankholiday #darlingclothes #sunshine #friday
sunshine - newbeginningsvintage - hungerford - darlingclothes - friday - bankholiday -
kaydavies13 - darlingmslili - holmenskanal -
#castle #hungerford #random
hungerford - castle - random -
bernardello - mana__m - imclaireactually - montid -
The lovely Lisa and Gary are getting married right now at the beautiful Wasing Park. I love creating her bouquet and the divine @fleuropean ribbon was just the icing on the cake! #weddingflorist #weddingflowers #seasonalfloweralliance #hungerford #mmwalledgarden15 #martinandthemagpie #wasingpark #wasingparkwedding #farmerflorist #britishflowers #margaretmerrill
weddingflorist - weddingflowers - britishflowers - seasonalfloweralliance - wasingparkwedding - mmwalledgarden15 - martinandthemagpie - farmerflorist - hungerford - margaretmerrill - wasingpark -
darlingandgreen : Stunning 💕 xx
foothills_flowers : Love those cosmos dancing around
orchidbel27 : Beautiful👏🏻👏🏻🍃🌿
quincebrighton : Love!
walkingdowntheaisle : Beautiful!
martinandthemagpie : Thank you so much @walkingdowntheaisle ! 😊
auntwillieswildflowers : This is lovely!
laurahingstonflowers : I want this!
davidchen5727 - labistrake - naserjamshidi95 - alovelytable -
I just can't work out why my buddy Sam Stallion keeps winning with musical statues... #floralcrownfriday #florist #hungerford #martinandthemagpie
florist - hungerford - martinandthemagpie - floralcrownfriday -
ernestandgeorge : I love floral crown Friday, it makes me happy. I hope you have a fab day. 🌸
fairynuffflower : 💙
fleuropean : Lovely! You should try a staring contest ;) xx
martinandthemagpie : @fleuropean something tells me he would win again... 😉 xx
martinandthemagpie : @ernestandgeorge yay! Mission accomplished! Love making people happy 😊 hope you have a great day too! X
martinandthemagpie : Lots of 💙💙💙 @fairynuffflower xx
whimsicalsugar : Lol very good! I think he needs a hydrangea decoration for his head too! Then he may wobble 😉
martinandthemagpie : @whimsicalsugar I suppose that would make it an equal challenge! 😂
labistrake - meme_alshibli - annie.h.magpie - parfum_flower_company -
Late night prep due to issue at the Tunnel. Feel sorry for our wholesalers for having had a nightmare today. #weddingflorist #hungerford #martinandthemagpie
hungerford - weddingflorist - martinandthemagpie -
fairynuffflower : Everything was crazy today. Good luck lovely x
paulacabrelliflowers : Tricky times at the moment. I feel for the drivers .
sarahmatthewsflowers : Yes a tough time for our drivers...I'm based on the Isle of Wight so they had an extra delay waiting for an available ferry...thanks to all those working so hard to keep us supplied
martinandthemagpie : @fairynuffflower it certainly was. Hope we're back to normal tomorrow! X
martinandthemagpie : @paulacabrelliflowers it is. Those poor guys!
martinandthemagpie : @sarahmatthewsflowers indeed very grateful for their hard work. It's a logistical nightmare for everyone.
farzadmohab - agneslayefleurs - gege.cute20 - naserjamshidi95 -
Snapshot of tomorrow's wedding flaars. It's going to be a pretty one! #margaretmerrill #britishflowers #hungerford #martinandthemagpie #florist #farmerflorist #weddingflorist #weddingflowers #mmwalledgarden15 #seasonalfloweralliance
britishflowers - weddingflowers - weddingflorist - seasonalfloweralliance - mmwalledgarden15 - martinandthemagpie - farmerflorist - florist - hungerford - margaretmerrill -
thealilyloves : 😍😍
orchidbel27 : Beautiful..✨
georgiannalane : Oh!!! So beautiful!
lynneack : Wow😍
parfum_flower_company : Awesome!
agneslayefleurs - floraltab - arinarhova - parfum_flower_company -
#rubmethesarongway #gelishnails #didcot #hungerford #oxfordshire #nails
gelishnails - hungerford - rubmethesarongway - oxfordshire - didcot - nails -
hx.xoxo - jeaphotography - nails_by_leila - emmas_happy_little_world -
#frenchmanicure #gelish #harmonyuk #pinkandwhites #nails #didcot #hungerford #beauty #nailtechnician #eyelashtechnician #livingthedream
eyelashtechnician - gelish - beauty - nailtechnician - didcot - nails - harmonyuk - pinkandwhites - hungerford - livingthedream - frenchmanicure -
jenkajennifersandahl - hx.xoxo - charlotteanderson89 - pinkjunky -
Half a set of #eyelashextensions using #marvellash for these lovely but short lashes. What a #transformation #didcot #hungerford #beauty
eyelashextensions - beauty - hungerford - didcot - transformation - marvellash -
joylashstylist - thekokobella - auroralashesandbrows - dailyworkouttv -
#Beautiful Individual #EyelashExtensions 😘 #marvellash #eyetransformation #lashes #Didcot #hungerford
beautiful - eyelashextensions - lashes - eyetransformation - hungerford - didcot - marvellash -
joylashstylist - _.codiee._ - auroralashesandbrows - charlotteanderson89 -
This just caught my eye in the workroom. Could've been set up for a photo shoot! But it wasn't. Id love to do a photo shoot one day but (luckily) we're too busy running a business to find the time. MOAN ALERT! I love Instagram. I love following fellow florists on IG and I get inspired by what I see. However I do get fed up with the amount of photo shoots pictures some people put on. Are you really doing one every week? Where do you get the time from to do shoots and run a business?? Or is getting well known because of photo shoots your business? How do you make a living? I'm not trying to slag off everyone who does a photo shoot and I'm not jealous. I'm annoyed. There are florists that work their butts off. That get up every morning at stupid o'clock to make sure that that funeral tribute arrives at the undertakers on time, that make sure that the bouquet for Mrs Whotsits 37th wedding anniversary is exactly as her husband wanted and delivered to her on time, that still keep smiling when the customers is bulking over the price of flowers just because 'a bunch of spray carnations is only £2.95 in Tesco'. There is more to floristry than just pretty pictures. There are happy customers, sad customers, there are busy days where you sell out, there are days that you throw flowers away. I just wish that certain people not just appreciated a pretty picture that a so called florist puts on and promote them because of it. Promote the local florist. Appreciate the local florist. Support the local florist. We can all take pretty pictures of flowers, but that doesn't make us a FLORIST. #moan #florist #hungerford #martinandthemagpie #britishflowers #mmwalledgarden15
moan - britishflowers - florist - hungerford - mmwalledgarden15 - martinandthemagpie -
fleuropean : @martinandthemagpie Between running a shop, growing a walled garden and finding family time, I can totally understand how valuable your time is... I love the flowers I grow so much, the beauty in their individuality and personality, that I feel compelled to capture what I see on camera to (hopefully!) share that beauty with others. Working from home, I can make the time... I consider it somewhere between a hobby and style branding rather than true floristry in a day-to-day working sense, I guess. xx
thewhitehorseflower : Agree with your last comment to Zanna @flowersbythebridge who is probably the best florist I've ever had the honour of working for and yet probably hardly anyone on IG has ever heard of Tiger Rose or FBTB! Photographing ones work takes SO much time I actually try to factor it into my schedule where possible. Alas today's wedding hasn't made it to the feed due to tomorrow's event taking precedence! I think you've struck a chord @martinandthemagpie with all of us hard working florists who feel unless you've got 10k followers you're a no body! Not true some of my favourite follows are quietly creating beauty which inspires me no end. Well said.
martinandthemagpie : @fleuropean I would love the capture more of what I see on a daily basis and share that with the rest of the world. But as you indeed say, time is of the essence and with family and business sometimes there is no time. I'm not trying to define floristry. I think @thewhitehorseflower captured it in her last comment perfectly. There are so many hidden gems of florists that don't get a chance to shine because they don't have time to capture their beautiful creations and share it with the world. Xx
darlingandgreen : @martinandthemagpie, oh I do see your point Martin. I have worked in a busy florists shop and know how hard the day to day is. I just love to see everyone's beautiful images, either a quick iPhone snap as a bouquet leaves a shop to a wonderfully creative styled shoot by someone with a huge love of flowers to whom it is just a hobby. All equally admired and inspiring to me. Good debate to have I think xx
thewhitehorseflower : @martinandthemagpie @tbflorist @kaydavies13 @bareblooms we is da posse! 💕😘
bareblooms : @thewhitehorseflower @tbflorist @kaydavies13 @martinandthemagpie posse meet up soon please 😘😜 xx Martin you are a star xx
martinandthemagpie : @bareblooms thank you Chloe xx
martinandthemagpie : @thewhitehorseflower @bareblooms @kaydavies13 @tbflorist 👊🏻 😎 xx
gardenandwild - shamo_queen - p.murphy616 - teatime_vintage -
Much loved and used vintage/ antique dolls pram. Great project for someone. 💜 #newbeginningsvintage #hungerford #vintage #antique #pram #muchloved
antique - newbeginningsvintage - hungerford - vintage - muchloved - pram -
zoekevandme1 : Is it a silver cross?
new_beginnings_vintage : Don't think so @zoekevandme1 Cant find a make on it.
zoekevandme1 - martinandthemagpie - andrea_masotti - nicoladowning2 -
L'armoire de Marguerite and a yummy cake! #libbyblakey #hungerford #libbyblakeydesigns #decorativeinteriors #interiordecoration #interiorstyling #interiordesign #wallpaper #homestyling #interiors #homedecor #decorativeaccessories @lamaisonpierrefrey
homedecor - libbyblakeydesigns - interiors - wallpaper - interiordesign - decorativeinteriors - libbyblakey - interiorstyling - interiordecoration - hungerford - homestyling - decorativeaccessories -
rugdesigns : 🙌 @top.interiors amazing!
lindafenwick_shelldesign : Beautiful!
charmajestylinens : 💙
rachaelwestcoaching - svevaconsonnifolcieri - life_like_a_bohemian - sticksandstoneau -
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