Lief among the trees #humboltredwoods
humboltredwoods -
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Powerful forces going around these days. Tune in. #AvenueOfTheGiants #humboltRedwoods
avenueofthegiants - humboltredwoods -
mrtimmytimtim : Amazing! Need to come out & see some redwoods! Nothing that size over here! Maybe next fall... Hope you're well buddy
curtyreilly : @slanginzas can we go here toooo?!
nick_russelll : Hope all is.great @mrtimmytimtim !
nick_russelll : @curtyreilly @slanginzas you should!!
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Found this gem of a surf spot. #camelrock #humboltredwoods
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#Americana #Roadtrip#HumboltRedwoods#Statepark
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Fallen giant in Humbolt Redwoods, CA. The fall of this tree must have been quite dramatic and the size of uncovered root system speaks for itself. #redwoods #humboltredwoods #hiking #explore #trekking #california #nature #naturelovers #instatravelhub #neverstopexploring #outdoors
hiking - nature - outdoors - neverstopexploring - humboltredwoods - explore - california - trekking - naturelovers - instatravelhub - redwoods -
jumpswimexplore : Great shot!
henrikkappelin : Thank you! @jumpswimexplore
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Entering the redwood forest along the Bull Creek trail, in Humbolt redwood park. This 9 mile trail is a true time machine since many of the trees along this trail are amongst the oldest existing redwoods. The oldest ever recorded was well over 2000 years old. The feeling of anticipation was incredible. Walking amongst these giants was a true humbling experience. #redwoods #humboltredwoods #california #hiking #trekking #adventure #nature #neverstopexploring #outdoors #nature #naturelovers
hiking - nature - outdoors - neverstopexploring - humboltredwoods - california - adventure - trekking - naturelovers - instatravelhub - redwoods -
henrikkappelin : #instatravelhub
rasmus4u2 : Raggarn!
rasmus4u2 : Nu har du kommit rätt!
henrikkappelin : Jajamen du @rasmus4u2
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Inside a redwood tree this summer #humboltredwoods
humboltredwoods -
mike_reed : Doubt it.
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#stonecoastmfa #pleauleavesportland #humboltredwoods
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meinpc : @amandapleau looks like you were really roughing it...
hillahillahillary : iCamping
amandapleau : @meinpc it was rough! The wifi was sooooooo slow.
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#Bjorn in the mountains. #childhoodunplugged #humboltredwoods #redwoods #bestseatinthehouse
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asaparova : Ong, so cute! Reminds me my babyboy in our road trip from Fl to Vancouver, BC. Tiny little heroes. ๐Ÿ˜
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They call these burned out hearts of giant redwood trees "goosepens." We've found other uses for them. #childhoodunplugged #redwoods #humboltredwoods #forestpixie
childhoodunplugged - forestpixie - redwoods - humboltredwoods -
lostworldluis : Love this one @dzimstream
intergalacticchick : Great shot.
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The exposed river rock bed of the Eel River has something for everyone. #childhoodunplugged #rockstacking #cairn #eelriver #humboltredwoods #throwlikeagirl
eelriver - childhoodunplugged - humboltredwoods - cairn - rockstacking - throwlikeagirl -
rumblestripramblings : Fun. My kids could throw rocks into water all day long.
erica.benedick : Love!
jesscurren : We actually never made it down there. I swear every place we go I think "we need at least one more day...."
dzimstream : @jesscurren We're adding one more here. And I bet the Eel would be even more fun earlier in the season with a little more water (also not in a huge drought).
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Just... Wow. Such a magical feel to the Rockefeller Grove. #humboltredwoods #redwoods #bigtrees
humboltredwoods - redwoods - bigtrees -
thervnomads : Agreed! Our favorite trail in the Redwoods!
racmenlo : Sweet. No trees like that in Philly that's for sure.
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Looking up. I guess if you gotta walk the baby to sleep in the carrier, this isn't a bad place to do it. #humboltredwoods #sawinglogsbutnotthewoodkindsavetheredwoodsokayyouguys
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theecotravelers : ๐Ÿ‘
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Morning walk just across the Ave of the Giants from the campground. #humboltredwoods #babywearing
babywearing - humboltredwoods -
travelingsills : Ahhhh, love love love this place. We went through last October and can't wait to go back! @dzimstream
dzimstream : @travelingsills Just got in last night. Favorite hikes?
airstreamknight : Go out to Albee creek and check it out. Also Garden Club of America Grove - and be sure to go into the visitors center ..I use to work at that park - haven't taken the airstream there yet.
dzimstream : Will do. Albee Creek campground was full but we'll make the drive out tomorrow.
travelingsills : I wish I could help with hikes. We were onyl there for about a day and half and we mainly did walking paths around the Avenue of the Giants. If you walk around some of the larger trees there are some unique little pathways we found to explore. The one thing I will defintely suggest is try to stop into the Visitors Center. The folks that run that place are incredible and there are a lot of touchy/feely things for kids to interact with. We popped in for a potty break and defintiely stayed a while learning about some of the parks history and reading through some of their books/information! We are hoping to get back within the year when we are living in California for a longer period of time so let us know any gems you find! @dzimstream
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Even the trees get really high here #humboltredwoods #roadtrip
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Back in the #redwoods, although this time with possibly a little more sun for solar (only staying three days anyway). #humboltredwoods #airstream #liveriveted #toyotasequoia #campvibes
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campytrails : We are heading up and over that way tomorrow. Likely staying overnight somewhere and splitting the drive into two days.
wandering_tim : We stayed in that exact same site. Tight campground.
dzimstream : @campytrails This one was recommended by @jesscurren as one of her favorites with tons of short hikes through the groves nearby. There should be plenty of walk up availability tomorrow and weds. Thurs might start getting tight with reservations.
dzimstream : @wandering_tim Yeah, all the trees everywhere along the Ave of the Giants seem to have taken a few bites out of trailers.
jesscurren : ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ glad you made it! @wandering_tim we had fun backing our trailer in. Definitely a tight one! Worth it though.
thehollands : Beautiful
crownvic08 : Beautiful place to spend a few days.
brenogdiniz : @alefmesquitagomes @tonton220912
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Splitting wood all day. @mimiimim0 #humboltredwoods #roadpirates #drivetheysaid
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๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ™‡๐ŸŒฒ๐Ÿ—ป#camping #2014 #lovehim #hiking #HumboltRedwoods #HumboltStatePark
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#mrspound #humboltredwoods #damnthosearesomebigtrees
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#treehouse #humboltredwoods
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#humboltredwoods #bigtrees
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susieqbk : Beautiful!! (disregard my question of Mammoth)
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Good morning! #humboltredwoods
humboltredwoods - humbolt - camping - happy - redwoods - trees - norcal -
jaudreyc : #camping #norcal #humbolt #redwoods #trees #happy
ljkoupal :!! โ›บ๏ธ
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I could live with these giants in a heartbeat. Wouldn't have made the trip without my bestfriend, girlfriend, fellow believer, & headache. #gyspysouls #redwoods #humboltredwoods #oldgrowth #gf #girlfriend #roadtrip #goproround2 @_samm__
goproround2 - gyspysouls - gf - oldgrowth - roadtrip - humboltredwoods - girlfriend - redwoods -
gregstagner : Dope shot!
gypsy__sole : Thanks man! @gregstagner
taekwondo_ninja : Thats awesome sir #treeHOUSE
gypsy__sole : Thanks! :) ya I wish @taekwondo_ninja
pammert2 : So amazing love this shot !!
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Summer Safari squeezing through a drive through tree... Almost didn't make it #tightsqueeze #shrinedrivethrutree #humboltredwoods lucky I'm such a skilled driver. Yep #skills
skills - humboltredwoods - roadtrippingaussies - tightsqueeze - shrinedrivethrutree -
le_loz : #roadtrippingaussies
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Awesome opshop haul today!. #hoodie #tiedye #peace #rainbow #humboltredwoods #americanapparel #rollingstones #hippy #flowers #energetiks #gymtop #workout #gymgear #tigerlily #lace #pansys #openback #vintagelace #pretty #romantic
gymgear - lace - workout - americanapparel - gymtop - hoodie - hippy - openback - flowers - vintagelace - rainbow - tigerlily - romantic - vintage - pansys - peace - tiedye - humboltredwoods - energetiks - pretty - rollingstones - opshop -
lhotrocks : #opshop #vintage
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#confusionhill somewhere in the #humboltredwoods
humboltredwoods - confusionhill -
puppvanrowan : Nice. I was RIGHT by there in the mountains working.
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The Rockefeller Loop - Humbolt Redwoods State Park, CA
hiking - rei1440project - trees - rsa_nature - neverstopexploring - explore - humboltredwoodsatatepark - california - adventure - nature_seekers - roadtrip - norcal - hike - rockefellerloop - humboltredwoods - forest - exploreca - redwoods -
_darren22 : #rei1440project #redwoods #rockefellerloop #humboltredwoods #humboltredwoodsatatepark #rsa_nature #forest #hiking #hike #exploreca #explore #adventure #roadtrip #neverstopexploring #nature_seekers #trees #california #norcal
mariocarrasco50 : Reminds me when I was a kid running in the park in Eureka
seascapelife - elensanti - oul - jaclp -
Carpet of Clovers. Grieg-French-Bell Grove - Humbolt Redwods State Park, CA
clovers - hiking - nature - rei1440project - avenueofthegiants - rsa_nature - roadtrip - neverstopexploring - humboltredwoods - explore - humboltredwoodsatatepark - california - norcal - exploreca - redwoods -
_darren22 : #redwoods #rsa_nature #avenueofthegiants #clovers #humboltredwoods #humboltredwoodsatatepark #norcal #california #hiking #exploreca #explore #roadtrip #rei1440project #neverstopexploring #nature
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hello cold! #humboltredwoods #riverbed #ilovemyjob #sohappysolucky #brrrrrrrr
sohappysolucky - humboltredwoods - riverbed - ilovemyjob - brrrrrrrr -
lyonsbaby : Hi boo
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Little shit, big tree #humboltredwoods
humboltredwoods -
free_byrd_ : That little shitter
cherritard : I'm up in Mendocino till dec, you in ca for long?
_jaclynmichelle : @cherritard no ๐Ÿ˜ญit went by so friggin fast!!!
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#humboltredwoods #deer #skull
humboltredwoods - deer - skull -
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The biggest tree in the park. #bigtree #HumboltRedwoods
bigtree - humboltredwoods -
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Flatiron Tree. #FlatironTree #HumboltRedwoods
humboltredwoods - flatirontree -
bbanniesong - mtmeloni - jeffarch12 - judahisvaran -
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