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Bought a few things at the powwow today. One of them being this eagle warrior shirt from @nsrgnts #eagle #warrior #eaglewarrior #exist #resist #decolonize #indigenize #huitzillin #tzunún #huitizilli #nsrgnts
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soultliltic : Sho do 😒
pinche_frankenkittystein : Dude I needs me huan 😱❤
nsrgnts : Great shot!
juncocanche : ✊
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Getting ready for the powwow, bought a new lens for my camera to get some up close shots. This is what I'll be spamming you with the next few days lol. Along with pictures and videos on my phone. Also bought a filter for my new lens. There was a "quick setup guide" for the filter. It literally said "screw on to lens" lol #camera #newlens #canon #canonrebelxti #rebelxti #huitzillin #tzunún #huitizilli
newlens - rebelxti - tzunún - canon - huitzillin - camera - canonrebelxti - huitizilli -
huitzillin_ : @gimpgoddess ooh I will. Hope you feel better
nicol33xx : Awesome! I need to get me an actual camera
huitzillin_ : @nicol33xx I would say check Craigslist for some.
nicol33xx : @huitzillin_ definitely 😉
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I have a secret little digi-crush on this warrior woman of Sarayaku community, kichwa people. Fighting for her home in the Amazon. @ninagualinga #warriorwednesday #womanwarrior #womanwarriorwednesday #womanwarriorcrush #native #indigenous #stayindigenous #staynative #exist #resist #decolonize #indigenize #huitzillin #tzunún #huitizilli #kichwa #sarayaku
tzunún - indigenous - womanwarriorcrush - exist - staynative - huitizilli - womanwarriorwednesday - womanwarrior - stayindigenous - resist - sarayaku - decolonize - huitzillin - kichwa - warriorwednesday - native - indigenize -
huitzillin_ : @j_tasunkemaza @ms_hummingbyrd she is. I love her smile and her eyes. She has beautiful eyes
jagonzalez_jj : I third that 😍
cumeil74 : Oh boy😉😉😉😘😚
neonnachos : Sheroe. :) - jasminumofficinal - _westin - limenola -
It has been little less than a year since I was given this book. I still read it and reread it. One of my favorite books. Thank you. T.E.S.M.A. C.H.C.D. Good morning, brothers and sisters. Hope you have a good day. #huitzillin #tzunún #huitizilli #intimesofterrorwagebeauty #staynative #stayindigenous #exist #resist #decolonize #indigenize #wagebeauty
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As you can tell, I tweeted this on Feb. 16th of this year. I have a thing with stories. Everyone has a story. Some are long, some are short. Some have points and some don't. But everyone has a story. I met a woman today. Homeless. I've seen her multiple times on my bike rides. Today I stopped. I asked her a simple question "Excuse me, Ma'am. Are you hungry?" I don't have a car right now. I was in a car accident recently. So, I long board it every where. Unless I can borrow a car. At the moment I said had food, she lit up. I took out half of my subway sandwich and gave it to her. Her whole persona changed. She was reading, lost in thought. She jumped when I stopped and spoke. Didn't know I was there. It wasn't the fact that I gave her food, that changed her mood. It was me asking her name. Asking for a little bit of her story. Asking about her. Making her memorable. I wear a shirt... it says... Los muertos vivan hoy. The dead live today. Meaning those that have lived before, are still with us. Stories are important. I will remember Heather now. The woman that lived behind Plaza Bonita Mall. Caked with dirt. Happy that I stopped and offered her food. But even more so, happy that I stopped and asked for her name. I will remember her. Heather. Who lived behind Plaza. A woman who will no longer pass on nameless. Cause I will remember her. Her voiced quivered, knowing I will know she existed, one of the invisibles. She said "I'll have a good day now." Before riding off I shook her hand and said "It's nice to meet you, Heather." Letting her know, she's not forgotten. I will remember her. Everything about the first time I met her... I challenge you. Listen to someone's story and tell yours as well. #huitzilli #huitzillin #tzunún #exist #resist #decolonize #indigenize #staynative #stayindigenous #remember #tellyourstory #story #stories #whatsyourstory #nativeamerican #native #indigenous #firstnations #ourstory
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_desertflower_ : Awee you're so sweet.
huitzillin_ : @_desertflower_ only on the weekends, sometimes on Tuesday past 3 pm lol
thesavagelord : I recommend "Story Teller" by Leslie Marmon Silko. She's an icon in Native American Woman Literature, and her premise for compiling her grandmother's stories is almost beat for beat what you're saying here.
xandrro : Very sweet :)
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"Mother is the name for God in the lips and hearts of all... children" -William Makepeace Thackeray Mim. Madre. Nikawi. Nantli. Mom. Mother's mean the world to us. In the movie Silent Hill, I'm pretty sure in the game as well, Alessa's mother says something similar. "Mother is god in the eyes of children..." Happy Mothers Day. How do you say mom or mother in other languages? To mama wolf: happy mothers day, you're constantly on my mind. I Love you. T.E.S.M.A. #mom #mother. #mim #madre #nantli #nantzin #nikawi #happymothersday #mothersday #love #huitzillin #tzunún #huitizilli #mama #mylittlewolf #mamawolf
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huitzillin_ : @beans_crafts_ one of my favorites
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#bebecolibri #feeding #miracle #bby #hummingbird #huitzillin #oiseauMouche #wazomu #1200latidosporsegundo #aferratealavida #instamoments #lorescate #losalvamos #dia3
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And here with the throw back, a few pictures a friend sent me the other night. Me! I had actually forgotten I took those pictures. Those are about 9 years old. Maybe 10. That was a fun little shoot. #huitzillin #tzunún #huitizilli #throwback #tbt #throwback #me #oldpictures #chicano #chicana #xicano #xicana #mexican
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malarie_christine : I super remember these Lolol 😍😍😍
huitzillin_ : @malarie_christine no you don't. You're lying lol love you Maori Boo Boo
malarie_christine : 👊 shut it! Love you too xx
chiltzikatletl : el Pachuco 😎
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A very great and knowledgeable man that I know and had the honor of meeting once said.... (look up) and a lot of the time. We just have to throw up our hands and say "Fuck 'em all!". Various reason why this post is going up, it may because of those that are throwing our own under the bus. Those that are speaking over others. Those appropriating a struggle or those pushing a racist propaganda on our people. Whatever the reason is... just look up #huitzilli #huitzillin #tzunún #fuckemall #FTA
fta - tzunún - huitzillin - huitzilli - fuckemall -
native_faces : @elmemoblaxicano yo Malik, don't think you are not part of the problem... this is a post response to people who are throwing their own under the bus, selling out their own etc... you, and your "we were already here" (Afrocentric claims) narrative is a testament to your shadiness... top it off, your name isn't even "Memo," your name is Malik.
chiltzikatletl : No se que fue la rason pa ra que ese buey me blokiara. Es el le gusta tomarse photos de cholo...
huitzillin_ : @chiltzikatletl translation lol
chiltzikatletl : I don't know the reason, for that buey, for blocking me. It's that dude likes taking a lot of cholo pix of himself.
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•Cuando Era Bailarina de Folklor!😂💜💚 #Recuerdos #Huitzillin #Dance #2012
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Today on #fashionfriday we talk about decolonizing your wardrobe. Are you a chichimeca? Do you descend from the chichimecas? Well, we need to decolonizing your clothes. Here are some some fashion tips from the late classic period. Remember guys, we go to war... we fight naked. Lol Decolonize! I guess my regalia would be number 5, since I like shooting the bow. Which number are you? Hahaha little humor on this Friday morning. Happy Friday brothers and sisters. #huitzilli #huitzillin #tzunún #exist #resist #decolonize #indigenize #staynative #stayindigenous #decolonizeyourclothes #chichimeca #chichimecajonas #lagranchichimeca #mesoamerica #mexico #flashbackfriday #fbf
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otrujillodesign : Chichi huanga
_desertflower_ : Ok I'll make your cazones.
peepster_ : 👀🍆🍆💦💦
chiqui_baby_mi_amor : ❤️❤️
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The definition up above is pretty broad. So let's narrow it down a bit. - "Elements [that] are copied from a minority culture by members of the dominant culture, and these elements are used outside of their original cultural context" Although the quoted entry I used was more towards Cultral Appropriation. I'm going to focus on appropriating a struggle. I have seen some accounts lately appropriating the struggles of our Northern native and indigenous brothers and sisters. Us, as latinos do not suffer the same type of oppression or struggle as they do. And far to often I have seen pages act as if they do. The racism, the prejudice, and the oppression we endure is not because we are seen as Native Americans. It's due to the fact that we are seen as "latinos" or from latin america. In essence as foreigners. One real notable person that has appropriated a struggle is Rachel Dolezal. Some have even accused Shaun King of appropriation. Although I can't speak on that, because I honestly don't know to much about it. Some people on here that have appropriated would be "societymenace" and "Mahaway". One of which has stolen thousands of dollars from many of her followers, by setting up a gofundme account and faking a struggle. One has even come up today. Although I will not name her and I ask that you keep her out of it. She has appropriated a struggle as well. Claiming to receive oppression for her ethnicity, although she is white passing. I'm not saying she hasn't struggled. But what she has experienced isn't ours or our northern family. One thing that they all almost have in common, are their inconsistent stories. Sooner or later, their lies will come to light. I will say few things in regards to the one that is being exposed. It is not my place to confirm or deny her ancestry, so I will not. But she does have inconsistencies in her stories. Sorry for those that like it already. Had to delete it and add a caption. #appropriation #struggle #decolonize #culturalappropriation #huitzilli #huitzillin #tzunún #appropriatingstruggles
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masochisticxtendencies : I wish I can like this post over and over again
theotherangels : @surprisemecrazy
huitzillin_ : @masochisticxtendencies your first comment had me dying. But yeah, we're not seen as Native Americans. I, myself don't really like using Native American. I don't feel like it's part of us.
indigenia : ❤️❤️❤️❤️!!
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Iguana🐊 #BalletFolklórico #Huitzillin #chilpancingo #auditoriosentimientosdelanacion #tixtlaguerrero
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Por los caminos del sur vámonos para Guerrero, porque me falta un lucero y ese lucero eres tú. 🎼🎵 #Huitzillin #Guerrero
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You share one picture with @coraxondenopal... and this is what she does. Turns me into propaganda. Lol what do I even tag under this? Lol #revolution? #decolonize? #decolonizewhilefashionable? #huitzilli #huitzillin #tzunún #me
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huitzillin_ : @ewokgia I was trying to think of ridiculous hash tags to go along with it lmao
ewokgia : That works! Hahaha
flatearth_nurse : Ugly
huitzillin_ : @flatearth_nurse that's it?! That's the best you got?! Lmao
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T'ilab: Jant'inij ti ulit's an ko'y al a it's. The story of how the rabbit became the moon. You can find this video on the YouTube channel 68 Voces. Along with many other main other languages from Mexico. Spoken in Huasteca, from San Luis Potósi. Where my great grandmother and grandma are from. #huastecapotosina #tenek #tinik #indigenous #native #nativeamerican #staynative #stayindigenous #language #tzunún #huitzillin #huitzilli #huasteca #huastec #exist #resist #decolonize #indigenize
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beans_crafts_ : I always used to tell my mom I see a rabbit on the moon
huitzillin_ : @beans_crafts_ I've always seen the same thing. Never understood why they said there was a man on the moon.
beans_crafts_ : I don't see a man. I see a rabbit who looks like he's jumping! I love this story haha. Its one tale I believe to somehow some way to be true
_yaocihuatl : I loved these series, they tell beautiful stories and it's great to hear all the languages
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❤💕👫👫👫👫👫 #Huitzillin #familia
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I love the fact that I can call buying comics, research. Lol This year I decided to write a graphic novel. Not many people know. Only about a hand full. Even less know the potential storyline. About 2. I picked up 3 graphic novel series and one manga yesterday. The graphic novel series are Wytches, Descender, and Low. The manga is Attack on Titan. Read most of the ones in the back except Watchmen and Death. Well, Time to do some research. Lol (haha my Funko! Fits in perfectly in the back) #huitzilli #huitzillin #tzunún #art #comics #graphicnovel #wip #ideas #workinprogress #research #manga #wytches #descender #low #attackontitan #thecrow #watchmen #thejoker
thejoker - thecrow - art - tzunún - attackontitan - wip - workinprogress - descender - graphicnovel - wytches - comics - ideas - research - huitzillin - watchmen - low - huitzilli - manga -
pabstar313 : Watchmen you will love!!!
pabstar313 : Do you draw or do animation?
huitzillin_ : @pabstar313 I draw. I learn how to animate a bit in high school. But drawing, I'm prefer just drawing on picture instead of multiple frames lol
pabstar313 : Oh that's cool..You have a cool page I just reposted one of your post..I hope you don't mind Iam newbie drawing as a hobby..This the best part about social media meeting and seeing interesting people all over the world.Iam from US... Born and raised in Philadelphia,Nice meeting you and good luck on the graphic Novel..😊
notanotherartist - tonio_raya - mujerrebelde - lucho_latinghetto -
Wish you the best @stormieperdashian. Received it yesterday. #beadwork #art #jewelry #huitzilli #tzunún #huitzillin #love ##life #art
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stormieperdashian : Yessss! Glad it arrived safely!
huitzillin_ : @stormieperdashian it truly made my day.
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Bruce Lee with his son, Brandon. Father and son goals. Or even Father and daughter goals. For when I have kids. #brucelee #littledragon #leejufan #lixiaolong #saifon #martialarts #jeetkunedo #goals #brandonlee #huitzillin #huitzilli #tzunún #repost #rp from @jkd_javad_brucelee
brucelee - brandonlee - littledragon - saifon - tzunún - leejufan - huitzillin - goals - martialarts - lixiaolong - rp - jeetkunedo - huitzilli - repost -
sol_con_lluvia : Father and daughter goals❤️👌🏾❤️👌🏾❤️👌🏾❤️
phokingagain : Father and child goals 🙌🏾
indigenousyogini : I loved Bruce lee movies when I was little - I studied taekwon-do so he was all we watched lol
belle_musique7 - _francisco____ - keeyapat97 - xiitanita -
"Man is a moving being" -The Demon's Sermon on the Martial Arts Issai Chozanshi (Niwa Jurozaemon Tadaaki) The other day i posted a picture about how 2 am is for lovers, poets, artist, etc etc. Thats because at 2 am. I was drawing. It's where I do most of my work. At night. I've been wanting to get an ollin symbol tattoo for some time now. I didn't want the typical symbol everyone knows. So I went for a lesser known one, on top of that. I decided to design my own. Here's my process. In square 1 there's 3 symbols. The 2 top ones are lesser known ollin symbols, while the bigger one is a brazier(incense burner). All three were found in Tenochitlan, now Mexico City. In square 2, you start to see me combining designs and playing with the forms. I decided to add forms from a brazier from the Yucatan(not pictured) of Maya design. Seen above the symbol on the right. In square 3, I've started to finalize the symbols. The top of the ollin symbols I've added part of a Yucatec brazier. And also started to sketch in a speech scroll glyph. In square 4, I've finalized the basic shape for of the base. And in the 5th square, is pretty much the final form. It's still missing a few things that I haven't added yet or finalized. But that's the basic form of my ollin symbol. #huitzilli #huitzillin #tzunún #tzunúm #ollin #art #life #love #wip #workinprogress #movement #exist #resist #decolonize #indigenize #staynative #stayindigenous #design #tattoo #tattooideas
life - art - tattoo - tzunún - tzunúm - tattooideas - resist - design - wip - staynative - love - workinprogress - stayindigenous - ollin - decolonize - huitzillin - exist - huitzilli - indigenize - movement -
soultliltic : Dope
_desertflower_ : Sounds complicated 😓
huitzillin_ : @_desertflower_ does it? Hope it doesn't look complicated.
sol_con_lluvia : ❤️👌🏾❤️
eduardoo_meztli_ - juncocanche - indigenous_insurgente - based_communist -
#HummingBird #Colibri #Tsunuum #Huitzillin #BirdsNest in my #Garden #PhotoNumber500 For Many Cultures Hummingbird is #GoodLuck and #Prosperity #ThankYouAll 😀 #Instacool #Instamoment #LikeForLike #FollowForFollow #Birds #Love #Nature #Instalove 🌳🍃⭐️💚
love - garden - colibri - goodluck - instalove - thankyouall - instamoment - birds - birdsnest - prosperity - followforfollow - tsunuum - nature - huitzillin - instacool - likeforlike - hummingbird - photonumber500 -
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"Burning that midnight oil, I see." Said the lover to her artist. He smiled, said he would be to bed in a minute, look back down, and continued to work. Knowing it was a loving lie, she placed a gentle kiss on his cheek and let him create. 2 am creations. Busy drawing long into the night. I'll go to sleep soon. Just need to tweak it a bit. #2am #huitzillin #huitzilli #tzunún #design #art #love #life #ideas #midnight #latenight
life - art - tzunún - 2am - midnight - ideas - latenight - huitzillin - design - love - huitzilli -
coraxondenopal : 💗
unbreakablake : Hijos de Caín💪❤⚡⚡⚡
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auroralyrayoga : Hello! My name is Aurora and I'm giving away free copies of a yoga routine for anxiety & depression. If you're interested in a copy, just sign up via the link in my bio. Cheers! 🙏
auroralyrayoga - lemuriansea - magnificenthc -
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#Huitzillin #Quetzal #animalbeauty
huitzillin - animalbeauty - quetzal -
guatemalasparky1 : So cute
yaocelotl90 : @guatemalasparky1 i know, so beautiful
vane_pan0217 - cruva_ - fideoschinos_ - chimpunki -
I never sent him out & don't plan on doing so either. #huitzillin #huitziqui
huitziqui - huitzillin -
chiltzikatletl : dope
soultliltic : @chiltzikatletl thank you
zipaktlixlahun - nathaliin_ - _greassemonkey_ - arcarsenal_1000faces -
mitla_arte - amazing - losangeles - ometeotl - huitzillin -
soultliltic : Little babe 🙆
averyloveswords : Nice!
stormcloud72 - jr_213 - mssonjamodel - nicepicforlife -
Little babe, huitzillin. He always comes to visit. Well I think this one is a different one, but he's been coming lately. But i/we always get visits ❤ #huitzillin
huitzillin -
soultliltic : @freevnvsty I love them too.
medicineandmelanin - 4chicano_soul - steelernation26 -
Short little video of a hummingbird that came to visit me last week on the 18th. I was leaving to work. I heard this loud humming. Didn't know where it was coming from heard it over head, looked. Nothing. Heard it behind. Nothing. Then finally I caught a blurry green flash zip by me. He had been flying around me for a good 30 seconds before I noticed. He stayed about 2 or 3 minutes. Watching me and darting back to the orange tree. The hummingbird in question is a black-chinned hummingbird. #huitzillin #huitzilli #tzunún #tzintzun #chunum #hummingbird #exist #resist #decolonize #indigenize #indigenous #native #staynative #stayindigenous #tzun #blackchinnedhummingbird
blackchinnedhummingbird - tzunún - indigenous - resist - staynative - exist - chunum - hummingbird - stayindigenous - tzintzun - decolonize - huitzillin - native - huitzilli - indigenize - tzun -
native_faces : @comrade_tzintzun lolol well its true
comrade_tzintzun : I believe you #Ankh 😂😂 @native_faces
_desertflower_ : I used to get one that would come when I would water my backyard it would fly upside down and do all do all types of tricks 😂 it was so cute it played in the water that I was spraying, they are so fast with their wings they are able to do that. I swear it stared right at me once it was just a few inches away from my face .. . I think I was about 14 at the time.
letsgetit86 : Nobody cares for your dumb ass opinion bitch now stay off my page!
tonio_raya - tailfeathersdes - dolly.dagger84 - pinturaycultura -
Can you guess who I'm making? I'll give you a hint. She's the moon. New possible artistic venture. #huitzillin #huitzilli #tzunún #art #workinprogress #work #wip #moon #goddess #moongod #god #teotl #funko #funkopop #mesoamerican #mesoamerica #ixchel #Istų́hminaaki
teotl - art - tzunún - istų́hminaaki - wip - workinprogress - ixchel - goddess - funko - mesoamerican - mesoamerica - god - work - moon - huitzillin - moongod - funkopop - huitzilli -
_cuauhtzin_ : Bad asss
danita_designs : Wow!!! Who are you making and what's the story.
huitzillin_ : It's ixchel. She's the moon goddess @danita_designs
danita_designs : Oh,I can't wait until you post her when your finished😊
nicholask254 - buuy_ig_follllowers - based_communist - tonio_raya -
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