Four generations in one picture, within each line on our faces, you see each generation. Present, past, and future. Like palms, we read faces to tell the past and future. Each wrinkle and crease you see a loved one. With each smile you remember all the hardships. And with each tear you feel all the memories to be made. Within each one of us, lies the ancestors and descendants we carry. Picture taken about a week ago. My dad(left) and tio(right) at the top, me and my grandma. And that little face poking through, one of my nieces. #huitzillin #huitzilli #tzunún #family #generations #love #life #ancestors #descendants #exist #resist #decolonize #indigenize #indigenous #native #nativeamerican #mexican #xicano #chicano #chicana #xicana
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huitzillin_ : @sol_con_lluvia thank you Edna love
fittybitscorpio : Awh! Daddy!!
dolly.dagger84 : Twinsies
mercurios_ : Nice pic!!!
soultliltic : πŸƒπŸ’›β€πŸƒ
danita_designs : What a beautiful familyπŸ’πŸ½πŸ™†πŸ½
huitzillin_ : @danita_designs Thank you very much
wombyn76 : πŸŒ€πŸŒ€πŸŒ½πŸŒ½πŸŒ€πŸŒ€
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Momentos πŸ™Šβ€ #Teamomucho! 😊❀ #love #Salvaje #Huitzillin #guerrero #Folklore #Folkloremexicano
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lupita.nava04 : Aiñ πŸ™ˆ que buenos bailes hemos realizado, aunque me pegues y casi me dejas sin dientes Jajajajajajaaja te amo muchi mi Toñito @d.criss13 casi lloro πŸ˜₯
d.criss13 : Hay es que la emoción πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ es para que te acuerdes de mi siempre πŸ˜‚ perdonars! #yoteamosmasharto!! πŸ˜‚β€ #Kemosion shoremos ❀❀
d.criss13 : @lupita.nava04
lupita.nava04 : Huy si he que emoción πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ más solistas juntos, pero rezó antes de bailar jajajajaja #juntossiempre #teamomashartoquetu #shoremosjuntash
lupita.nava04 : @d.criss13
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If your curious and you don't know what to get me for my birthday... well... there's a hint. Someone get me a Redtail Hawk or a Harris Hawk lol. Preferably a Harris Hawk or a Golden Eagle. So I can name him huitzilopochtli and when he lands on a nopal to eat a snake. I can say "this is my homeland!" Lol #harrishawk #redtailhawk #huitzillin #goldenhawk #huitzilli #exist #resist #decolonize #indigenize #huitzilopochtli #Repost @lostonthewildside with @repostapp
resist - redtailhawk - decolonize - huitzillin - harrishawk - huitzilopochtli - exist - indigenize - huitzilli - goldenhawk - repost -
indigenous_insurgente : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #dead @serg_plus_5 @huitzillin_
lee_lee_atx : Omg this is amazing <3
lee_lee_atx : I'm jealous
beans_crafts_ : Do you know anything about them brother ?
huitzillin_ : @beans_crafts_ what are you curious about? I honestly don't really know that much
beans_crafts_ : Food, and such for now
huitzillin_ : @beans_crafts_ the hummingbird right?
beans_crafts_ : Yes
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29 years ago today, at 2:06am I was born. I was born about 3 months premature. These last few weeks, one event has been on my mind. It was the day I died. I decided to share this with you, those that follow me. I remember it. It's like a dream. Even now as I'm typing this up, images flood my mind of that day. But like a dream, I only remember it in fragments. We had just arrived at a resort in Ensenada, Mexico. Nothing has yet been unpack. We're walking along the coast, up to the back of the hotel. Where the pool was at. Clear day. My mom and my Tia lying in the pool chairs. My sisters are off running around or in one of the pools. My little brother in the arms of my mom. He had to have been 2, 3 at the most. Which would mean I was 4 or 5 at the time. My dad and tio were inside checking in. With the sun on my back. I'm excited. Running up to one of the workers and I ask him for a some pool toys. In spanish too! I spoke more spanish than. He told me there were none left. The kids before me took the last few. While my dad is inside, one of the employees runs in to the front desk. Panicked and worried. In spanish he tells the front desk "Someone drowned! Call an ambulance!" My dad tells me when he heard that, he thought they were talking about an older man. He didn't know that it was me. 10 minutes passed. No ambulance. 15 or 20 minutes later, it finally arrives. During that whole time my dad is growing more and more worried for the man. You see, during the majority of that time. I wasn't breathing. I'm told that it wasn't found for about 4 or 5 minutes. 4 or 5 minutes underwater. He tells this story every year. And when he gets to the part where he walks up and sees me lying one the concrete. Lying lifeless and wet. He gets quiet. Chokes up a little bit. The crazy thing is I remember being underwater and seeing the pool stairs and walking towards them. Then next thing is I black out. I wake up for a bit and see people huddled around me. Then I pass out. From that point on, I don't remember anything. Just what, I'm told. I just heard the whole story a few years ago. Maybe it's why I love the ocean so much. #huitzillin #huitzilli #warrior #hummingbird #me #life
me - warrior - life - nicantlaquitosmuursunited - huitzilli - huitzillin - hummingbird -
huitzillin_ : @wbmonica1126 I know. We're getting old lmak
huitzillin_ : Lmao*
wendymonica1126 : I know ha
indigenous_insurgente : @huitzillin_ lmao not even death wants to be your friend hopefully the muurs will accept you πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚..I'm glad you are here to share your story..
tonio_raya : Happy birthday brother
huitzillin_ : Thank you @boocheche
huitzillin_ : Thank you @ixchel1190
huitzillin_ : @zipaktlixlahun thank you
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Taking down nican tlacas one kick at a time. Lmao awesome edit!! #huitzilli #huitzillin #exist #resist #decolonize #indigenize #notnicantlaca #nicantlaca #iamnotnicantlaca #Repost @chiltzikatletl with @repostapp
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comrade_tzintzun : Huitzillin vs scorpion πŸ˜‚ I'd buy that mortal combat any day
huitzillin_ : @comrade_tzintzun nican Leo tlaca is the finally boss. Lol
comrade_tzintzun : Dead πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€
lauraeffinlu : im turning you into hr lmao
huitzillin_ : @lauraeffinlu that's not even funny! Lol
lauraeffinlu : I think its hilarious lol but you know me i wouldnt do that πŸ˜„
lauraeffinlu : Your hair is getting longer!!! Yay!! πŸ˜†
tillug_god : Check out the link in my bio brother! πŸ’―
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Good morning, brothers and sisters!! Lmao a little clip of me fooling around early early this morning. I always feel the unnecessary need to do capoeira at inappropriate times. So I decided to do an aú batido on camera. I was actually surprised that I was able to do it with such ease. It's been a while since I've played a game or two. Hope everyone has a beautiful day. #huitzillin #huitzilli #warrior #hummingbird #capoeira #axé #au #aubatido #capoeirista #martialart #goodmorning #love #life #art #smile #capoeiramandinga #cmsd
warrior - life - love - capoeiramandinga - capoeira - au - art - capoeirista - cmsd - hummingbird - axΓ© - aubatido - martialart - huitzillin - smile - huitzilli - goodmorning -
coraxondenopal : I'm not mean lol!
huitzillin_ : @coraxondenopal you are. That's why you have spikes
sol_con_lluvia : ❀️❀️❀️
lauraeffinlu : Thats how he ended up kicking my face @malarie_christine
lauraeffinlu : Because he does shit like this! Lol
malarie_christine : Lol I just read your comment @lauraeffinlu πŸ˜‚ should've thrown something at him lol
huitzillin_ : @malarie_christine @lauraeffinlu she can't cause she's a jerk and left me and now I and actually have to work ugh... James is happy about that part...
huitzillin_ : @sol_con_lluvia β€πŸ’–β€πŸ’–β€
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At times when I'm feeling down or feeling cynical about the world, these two little warriors lift up my spirits and give me hope. My nephew on the right always text me, "Uncle Luis, can we go shoot the bow today?" I wish I could drop everything and take them every time he text me. They always look so proud walking to the range with bow in hand. Every time we go, it always a little lesson. "Lift up your elbow, keep your back straight." I'll say, making sure their posture is correct. "Stop! Listen... Do you hear that?" Showing them how to find a hummingbird with just a little chirp. "This here mocos, is black sage." Showing them which plants can be used and some even eaten. But always warning them, "never eat anything I show you. Okay?" My little warrior nephews and my future kids give me hope for a better future. #huitzilli #huitzillin #thewarrior #littlewarriors #mamawolf #papawolf #kids #children #mocos #exist #resist #decolonize #indigenize #indigenous #native #archery #chicano #xicano #warrior #chicana #xicana
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sol_con_lluvia : I broke my phone today faceπŸ€“ text me so I can have your number again lol!
comrade_tzintzun : πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½
phokingagain : HAPPY BIRTHDAY πŸŒˆπŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽπŸŽ€
huitzillin_ : @phokingagain Thank you! Wait... yours is today to isn't it? Or yesterday?
phokingagain : You're welcome :-) and yaaas
huitzillin_ : @phokingagain happy birthday to you too!!
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Mis queridos amigos de @fondahuitzillin me regalaron esta cute bolsa con pequeños bocados llenos de sabor, próximamente será su aniversario y estamos pensando en ideas para saber como celebrar, se les ocurre alguna buena? 😊 . . #Huitzillin #colorful #colors #handbag #cute #fashion #fashionblogger #bloggers #portrait #vsco #vscocam #huntgram #fotografiaunited #igers #picoftheday #ootd #cdmx #weekend #smile
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andypancakes : Hermosa
eriickmontiel : Increíble!!!
karina_conk : πŸ‘Œ
_mademoisellec : @andypancakes si, ahora busco un backpack de este estilo, jaja.
_mademoisellec : @eriickmontiel y tan sencillo, no?
_mademoisellec : @karina_conk πŸ™
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πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Šβ€ #friends #Folklore #guerrero #Huitzillin #Tequieromucho ❀
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joseelaraa : Guapos chamacos πŸ˜‰πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
maariaacostaa : Te quiero mucho! ❀️ nos vemos bonitos πŸ™ˆ jajaja
d.criss13 : Aww! 😍❀😊
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Two little great items of awesomeness: the Corn Grenade t-shirt by the carnal @mesheekaclothingco and this onyx, coral and jade necklace by the amazing @elainasanty both make me feel strong! #juncocanche #chicanoart #jewlery #chicano #mexican #aztlan #huitzillin #mesheekaclothing #indigenous #native
mexican - chicanoart - chicano - indigenous - huitzillin - jewlery - juncocanche - mesheekaclothing - aztlan - native -
cthulhusenpai : Sweg
ixchel1190 - impasto_tattoo - lachupacabradistro - manzurguzmantattoo -
πŸ˜‰πŸ˜β€ #folklore #tixtla #huitzillin
tixtla - huitzillin - folklore -
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#logo #logotipo #vectores #rosa #naranja #pink #colibri #huitzillin #design #diseño #josma
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fanny_barrios : Like !
josma_art_design : @fanny_barrios gracias :)
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As I sit here, contemplating what to post , what to write, or to even post at all. It's the first post of the year. Should I make it good. So I post something thought provoking? I don't really know. But I remembered, I have a video if a hummingbird on my phone. And as I sit here in the fine mist that was suppose to be rain, I think of this little bird. A symbol of love, a symbol of self-sacrifice. Said to be a warrior ancestor visiting us, to guide, remind, or just to simply say hi. This particular one was more curious than other hummingbirds, I've come across. He watched us, as we walked by. How do I know it was a he? The black feathers that shimmer a vibrant amethyst purple under his chin. So on this gloomy day we have here in San Diego, I give this gift to you. To remind you to smile and to have a good day. (It's a black chinned hummingbird. If anyone if curious) ##huitzillin #huitzilli #exist #resist #decolonize #indigenize #indigenous #native #nativepride #Indigenouspride #nativeblood #indigenousblood #tzintzun #hummingbird #warrior #littlewarrior
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sangre.mexica : Oh wow okay, sounds good πŸ‘ I'm excited to see one even though winter won't end for a few months lmfao
masochisticxtendencies : I've never seen one either but I'm from a hood in NYC so I guess that's why. πŸ’€
phokingagain : I just found out we are twins! 21 more days πŸ»πŸΎβœ¨πŸ’«πŸŽ‰πŸŽπŸŽŠπŸŽ€πŸŽˆ
huitzillin_ : @phokingagain I know me too!!
phokingagain : Yaaaaay πŸ‘πŸΎ
huitzillin_ : @phokingagain we're almost there
phokingagain : We should take a beach trip @sol_con_lluvia
sol_con_lluvia : We should😊 @phokingagain @huitzillin_
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I debated with myself. Do I put up a new years eve post? If yes... then what about? Anti-menso Movement(Mexica movement, for those that don't know)? Or do I do it on something more cultural? Make something dumb? Or plain? Do I decided with this, after scrolling my screen shots this picture came up. Almost forgot I had it. It's a scene when the 11th doctor begins to regenerate into his new form. Into the Doctor he is now. He's talking about remembering all the past people he use to be. And how he shall always remember. And the same applies to us. We should always remember where we came from. Who we were. What we are now. As I look back on this year, as we begin to close the book on this year. Ending day 365 of the Gregorian calendar that we use now a days. I see all that I have done. Who I have met. Who I have let go. I've let go a lot of venomous people this year. I even fell in love with a xochitl. A flower. And very much love her and miss her every day. So with that said, I'm glad and thankful for meeting a few people. They have helped me alot this year. I'm thankful for reconnecting with a few old friends. Because of them, I will remember who I was before I met them. I will remember who I am after. And I will continue to grow. With that said. Happy new years brothers and sisters. Whether you be a long long long long lost nue'ta cousin, a mayan brother, various "faceless" accounts(I know your faces lol), or even a paixicana. Happy New years. Pretty sure I forgot to tag a few, if I remember I'll tag you #huitzillin #huitzilli #warrior #nativeamerican #staynative #stayindigenous #exist #resist #decolonize #indigenize #happynewyears #newyear #love #friends #family
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native_faces : I love this post! Happy New Year!
huitzillin_ : @native_faces @serg_plus_5 @x__theunbreakable__x happy new years brothers. Glad I you cats
huitzillin_ : @x__theunbreakable__x @indigenous_insurgente yeah, he's the faceless account meant to divide us. You know, the white agent lmao
indigenous_insurgente : @huitzillin_ @x__theunbreakable__x shhh I'm actually working for the F. B . I😁😳
d_cm_k : You're not British. Stop watching doctor who. STOP STEALING BRITISH CULTURE
huitzillin_ : @d_cm_k feel better? Lol
d_cm_k : Aww you got that page to delete all the comments.
huitzillin_ : @d_cm_k you must have a pretty poor piss excuse of a life to come on my page. To actually take the time to look for something to bitch about
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Ok, so I was planning on staying off and not posting. But I wanted to share a bit of mesoamerican trivia with you. The pointsettia. How many of you know that the pointsettia is actually a plant native to Mexico and Central America? It has a long history here in the Americas. It gets its name from Joel Roberts Pointsett. It was said that he loved the look of the flower so much that he sent a few back home to his friends in South Carolina. Now, Pointsett wasn't a very loved man in Mexico, even had a new term coined after him "pointsettismo". But we won't into that this is about the plant. It's a plant that has been seen to grow up to 10 to 12 feet. In Mexico and Guatemala It's known as "flor de noche buena". Some of our nahuatl ancestors(assuming your have nahua blood) called the plant "cuetlaxochitl", figuratively translated to "the flower that withers" or "the mortal flower that perishes like all that is pure". It was seen represent chalchimatl, the blood of the sacrifices. It was so special that there is evidence of Tlacaélel an his half brother Moctehzuma Ilhuicamina visiting gardens of cuetlaxochitl in Oaxatepec, in what is now Morelos. The red "flower" is actually the leaves, the flower is the yellow part. The red leaves were used as dye and the sap was used as medicine. I'm still doing some fact checking. But most of this information I got from "Drink Cultura: Chicanismo" by José Antonio Burciaga. #huitzillin #huitzilli #cuetlaxochitl #pointsettia #flower #exist #resist #decolonize #indigenize #indigenous #native #mesoamerican #mesoamerican #mexican #history
cuetlaxochitl - flower - mexican - mesoamerican - decolonize - history - indigenous - resist - huitzillin - native - exist - huitzilli - indigenize - pointsettia -
nayelielespiritu : I actually learned about this in college when I was taking a "goth literature" class. It's also known as the lobster flower. I love your posting this. Just further shows who many different cultures make up "Christmas" while along, our culture have completely different meanings and uses. Thank you for your post! @huitzillin_
huitzillin_ : @nayelielespiritu lobster flower lmao I'm going to call it that now. It's interesting to dive into the holidays and see where and what they came from
nayelielespiritu : Lol. Yeah, it was called that because of it's color until another plant was "discovered" and the name was more fitting for it. @huitzillin_
native_faces : Didnt know that, thank you
huitzillin_ : @native_faces I didn't either till this year. It's a trip.
indigenous_insurgente : Very interesting, thanks
huitzillin_ : @indigenous_insurgente no problem. I was really surprised to find out
indigenous_insurgente : Yes, good research on it @huitzillin_ πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜€πŸ‘Œ
nayelielespiritu - sogothimdead - colleenilskelton - tacostraficatering -
Ce huitzillin nican chimaltlallimarte #huitzillin #recycledguns #CampoMarte
recycledguns - campomarte - huitzillin -
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In the spirit of Star Wars: The Force Awakens coming out today. Here's a clip of Star Wars: A New Hope. We all know George Lucas was influenced with native american dress. I.E. Princess Leia Hair and Luke Skywalker's costume. Well, did you know that three of Tikal's temples are shown in "A New Hope". When the Millennium Falcon lands on the rebel base on Yavin IV, all the temples are shown. The most prominent being temple IV of Tikal. Tikal is a Classic Maya site began around 300 BCE. Around 378 CE there is evidence of invading forces from Teotihuacan. Influencing their art, clothes, architecture, and culture. Tikal is also shown to conquer their local rivals Uaxactún and Rio Azul. #huitzillin #huitzilli #tikal #starwars #starwarsanewhope #yavinIV #forceawakens #episodeIV #episodeVII #theforce #maytheforcebewithyou #maya #mesoamerican #mesoamerica #teotihuacan
starwars - starwarsanewhope - maya - mesoamerican - mesoamerica - yaviniv - teotihuacan - maytheforcebewithyou - huitzillin - forceawakens - episodevii - theforce - huitzilli - tikal - episodeiv -
boocheche : #themoreyouknow πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½
huitzillin_ : Thank you! Thank you! @boocheche
xicho1340 : Ha, my wife gets tired of me pointing the templos out every time we watch.
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I don't know why. But it always surprises me when I hear "hey mi'jo..." from behind me like another person is gonna be there. But my dad surprised me yesterday at lunch. So I took him out. So there's the old man and me. Lol that's an old school chicano in my eyes. #huitzillin #huitzilli #warrior #chicano #chicana #xicana #xicano #mexican #native #indigenous #mydad #oldman #ancestors #descendants #lunch #food
warrior - chicana - mexican - descendants - food - chicano - indigenous - mydad - lunch - native - xicana - ancestors - xicano - huitzillin - oldman - huitzilli -
sol_con_lluvia : Hermososβ˜€οΈπŸŒ€β˜€οΈ
mercurios_ : Nice picture!!
huitzillin_ : @sol_con_lluvia thank you my edna love!!
monstacraig : Helluva guy right there!!!
indigenous_insurgente : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
huitzillin_ : @monstacraig he sure is.
christyhoney317 : @huitzillin_ , so much knowledge in his face, makes me miss my "Mexican grandma" soooo much😒 I'm half white so me and my brother always called our Grandmas "white grandma" and "Mexican grandma" I learned so much from her. So many stories of working in strawberry Fields and getting paid by the basket fulls. She told me stories about having to sit in the back of the bus, and using "colored" bathrooms. She was a godly woman and always told me, all things happen for a reason.
soultliltic - jade_yolotlzin - taloniu - g.tapia03 -
Are you a Mexican born in the US? Are you to  American for Mexicans? Or too paisa for chicanos? Maybe your to chicano for Mexicans? Do you enjoy dancing to banda more than Hip hop? Or do you find solace in Oldies, Corridos, and R&B? You might be like many out there. You're tired of being told you're to paisa to be Chicano. Or Maybe you're tired of being told your Chicana to be Mexican. Or it might even be both. You don't fit in with the chicanos but at the same time you don't fit in with the mexicans. You're neither here nor there. If that's the case, you might just be a "paixicano" Yes, my friend. You read that correctly. You might just be a "Paixicano/a," What is a "paixicano", you ask? It's the best of both worlds. Half Paisa, half Xicano. Don't take it from from me. Here is the first ever Paixicana. Ramona "La Primera" Marcos- "You know, for the longest time, I didn't know where I would fit in. The Chicanos didn't want me. The Paisas said I was to americanized for them. I just didn't know. It hurt. But then I meet Huitzillin. He told me "You know what, you sound like you might be a 'paixicana'. The moment that sound hit my ears, it sounded so poetic. It filled me with pride. I knew exactly who I was. I was... No. I AM A COCONUT LOVING PAIXICANA!!" There you go ladies and gentlemen, straight from a coconut loving paixicana's mouth herself. So if you're in that middle ground. Then this may be for you. If you're tired of being too paisa or too chicano, then you may just be a paixicano/a. If you act now, you will be given a Certificate of Authenticity and the how to guide for being a paixicano/a. #paixicana #paixicano #xicano #chicano #chicana #xicana #paisa #mexicano #mexicana #mexican #huitzillin #huitzilli #coconutloving #coconutlovingpaixicana #haha #coconut #ramonalaprimeramarcos
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indigenous_insurgente : Lmao @x__theunbreakable__x and coconut too πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
native_faces : Funny comments
huitzillin_ : @native_faces I was cracking up. The word is even being used now lol
native_faces : Oh lol
based_communist : @mexica.commie
acu_1 : Lol
acu_1 : This would be a great infomercial lol
huitzillin_ : @acu_1 haha that's what I was trying to make it sound like.
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Holy shit!! Who the hell is that?! Damn, that was 10 years ago. That was senior picture. Damn!! #throwback to my senior picture. I miss my long hair. #tbt #huitzillin #huitzilli #me #life #love #mexican #native #indigenous #chicano #chicana #xicana #xicano #stayindigenous #staynative
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rjsd_ : πŸ˜·πŸ˜·πŸ˜·πŸ˜·πŸ”«πŸ”«πŸ”«
huitzillin_ : @rjsd_ awww, is someone being a hater. Yup!
rjsd_ : No shit
rjsd_ : 😷😷😷
indigenouspride : #2fresh
sauvage_titchywakoi : Love that long hair on a strong and smart indigenous man!!!
huitzillin_ : @sauvage_titchywakoi I'll have hair that long one day again
ladrea_mariaa : Love the hair ! βœŠπŸΎπŸ’•
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@toonz_artist You asked for proof the our ancestors actually wore quetzalcopilli. Exhibit A, for those that don't know is the quetzalcopilli given to Charles V as a present from Motecuhzuma. Well, here is your proof. 1.) Xiuhtecuhtli from the Florentine Codex, book 1. Notice the head dress he is wearing 2.) Burial tombs in Monte Alban. Tomb 104. Warriors adorn the tomb wearing quetzal head dresses. 3.) Tomb 104, Monte Alban. 4.) Military leader in casual dress wearing another said head dress. Mendoza Codex p. 64 5.) Monte Alban lord wearing cocijo(rain god) head dress. Quetzal feathers often adorned cocijo headdress. 6.) Feather artisan depicted making various forms of featherwork. Bottom right, quetzalcopilli being made 7.) Creator couple, male only shown. Wearing warrior head dresses. Tepantitla patio, Teotihuacan 8.) Huitzilopochtli, Telleriano-Remensis Codex. 9.) Toltec warrior showing his dominance over an enemy. Gold disk discover in a cenote at Chichen Itza. 10.) Teotihuacano warrior. Tepantitla patio. I happy to provide more references of when our people wore head dresses similar or just like the quetzalcopilli. As a matter of fact. Yax Nuun Ayiin, stela 4 Tikal. Stela F Quirigua. Stela D, Quirigua. In fact most maya stelas will show lords and rulers in an elaborate head dresses. The eagle and jaguar warrior orders, Borbonicus p 11. Water Lily Serpent stela 4, Machaquila. Aztec warrior during a gladiatorial sacrifice, Magliabechiano Codex. Lady Xoc performing a blood letting ritual.  Yax chilán lintel 24. The entire Zouche-Nuttall codex shows lords and rulers in the head dresses of the same fashion. The huehuetl from Malinalco shows jaguars with quetzal head dresses. In fact, Jaguar warriors are almost always shown with quetzalcopilli style head dresses. I should've shown those instead. I will say this in defense of my art. My "mediocre 5 min sketches", as you so eloquently called it, looks better than your hours of sleepless paintings. My original comment was not an attack. Just letting you know there is proof.
huitzillin_ : @chiltzikatletl he found it in the same codex that talks about kundalini yoga
chiltzikatletl : Have you seen his "art" he has Nezahualcoyotl with a third eye. WTF. Who the fuck thinks thats ok.
huitzillin_ : @chiltzikatletl really?!
huitzillin_ : @serg_plus_5 thanks brother. It was actually really nice dusting off my text books and researching again
serg_plus_5 : Third eye wtf!?
indigenous_insurgente : Lmao at @sol_con_lluvia comment πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
indigenous_insurgente : @chiltzikatletl talk about creativity this menso @toonz_artist is drawings pictures of ancient ancestor, Zapatistas with 3rd eye ..the fuck is that ...
sol_con_lluvia : ☺️ @indigenous_insurgente
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#Repost @huitzillin_ with @repostapp. #beYOU2ful ・・・ Here's a little video of a video of a snoring hummingbird. Yup, you read it right. A snoring hummingbird. #huitzilli #huitzillin #warrior #hummingbird #tzintzun #snoringhummingbird #beijaflor #staynative #stayindigenous #goodmorning
warrior - repost - tzintzun - snoringhummingbird - huitzillin - stayindigenous - beyou2ful - beijaflor - staynative - huitzilli - goodmorning - hummingbird -
_sacredwildfire_ : Did you know humming birds can't walk?
haitianphoenix : They snore so
jaythehappyhobbit : Aww look @madi1265 the little hummingbird is snoring
parsonsiv : Francis (my bulldog) was very concerned. But I though it was adorable 😍
spirit_voyager : This is so awesome β˜†β˜†β˜†
simplevapors2 : Amazing!
simplevapors2 - spirit_voyager - the.angel.princess -
Dec. 3, 2015. Drew this little eye yesterday in the morning. In the wee little hours of the day. Then a friend of mine suggest a really awesome idea. So I'm going to run with it. Thank you @indigenia for the idea. I need like 10 more bucks, in singles lol. Here we go! But this is a #workinprogress #charcoal #whitecharcoal #colorpencil on what ever money is made of. Cotton? #huitzilli #huitzillin #tolteca #toltecatl #art #money #moneyart #eye #pencildrawing #pencil #sketch #quicksketch #dailysketch #chicanoart #chechechallenge? I don't know.
charcoal - sketch - whitecharcoal - art - pencil - money - tolteca - dailysketch - quicksketch - workinprogress - chechechallenge - eye - chicanoart - boochechechallenge - pencildrawing - moneyart - colorpencil - huitzillin - huitzilli - toltecatl -
sol_con_lluvia : I LOvE thisπŸ™‹πŸ˜
huitzillin_ : @sol_con_lluvia I have more coming!
huitzillin_ : But thank you!
huitzillin_ : Not really a #boochechechallenge but I still tagged it @boocheche
boocheche : Niiiice! Genius! Love it! Keep rollin with this idea dude! πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½
indigenia : Yay! Coming to life! Can't wait to see!
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Well here's another one that tends to float around. I've seen this one a bunch of times. The woman is said to be one of two things, either the standard of beauty in the 50's or the winner of Miss USA in the 50's. And of course people believe it, she goes against the standards of our modern day beauty. She's thicker than what the media portrays nowadays as beautiful. Now, I'm not saying she isn't beautiful. I mean, look at her, she's gorgeous. Absolutely beautiful. But would you believe that this model was actually born in 1977? Would you believe that she is actually a porn star? Yes, you read it correctly. I even did the research and looked her up. I can already see the jokes coming out of this oneπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. But yes, her stage is Aria Giovanni, born on November 3, 1977. Roughly 20 years after the era she is said to represent. Yet, no one wants to research these claims. Have we become that lazy? Have we become that easily controlled that we readily believe every bit of information the media gives us?! Have truly given up all free thought plugged yourself into the "matrix" believing everything it feeds us? Do the research. Learn to question. Don't believe everything you are told. Look beyond the scope. I see more and more of our people more readily taking advice from snake oil sales men like "Dr." Sebi. Believing aliens helped build the pyramids in the americas. Black Olmecs. White messiah complexes. Or other pseudo-science and conspiracies. Yet none of these claims can withstand the simplest of criticisms. #huitzillin #huitzilli #exist #resist #decolonize #indigenize #research #drsebi #pseudo #pseudoscience #ethnocentric #afrocentric #eurocentric #dotheresearch #questioneverything #question #ego #conspiracy
drsebi - question - resist - conspiracy - exist - eurocentric - dotheresearch - afrocentric - ethnocentric - decolonize - pseudo - questioneverything - research - pseudoscience - huitzillin - ego - huitzilli - indigenize -
huitzillin_ : @indigenia she is. She's gorgeous
indigenouspride : Tell me about the research process on Aria Giovanni πŸ˜‚
otrujillodesign : "Research" lol
huitzillin_ : @otrujillodesign haha yeah, I had to research lol
indigenouspride : #research
sauvage_titchywakoi : Wow she and I have a lot in common lol.
huitzillin_ : @sauvage_titchywakoi like what?
sauvage_titchywakoi : Haha. A lot.
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This one may make some of you mad. Here we go. Now we have our eurocentrics and we have our afrocentrics. They're the ones that claim that if it wasn't for them, we wouldn't have culture or even exist. We all know them. Some of the most notable claims are the "white savior" Quetzalcoatl. Or the black olmecs. But this post, is about our native brothers and sisters that seem to using our history and culture. Cherry picking what fits best with their core beliefs, casting aside what doesn't fit. They even go as far as using our history as an excuse to hate. I've seen this done mainly with a lot of "latinos" with native ancestry and even a group that claims to be about native rights. Here's a few examples. I've seen time and time again, where some of these people will claim that all native people had two-spirit people and honored them. When in fact this was not the case. There is evidence of the mexica being extremely intolerant towards gays and lesbians, which was punishable by death. And there was even one recorded death of a lesbian couple, by what the mexica called "the flowery ropes". Or calling out a half white half native woman who takes on more of their caucasian side, as if they know their ancestry. Last example, they'll use our mathematics and deny the "religious" aspect yet fail to realize, it was used mainly for "religious " purposes. It's when we begin to cherry pick and romanticize our history and cultures, even the cultures around us that we begin to make it more about our egos than reconnecting and relearning what was once lost. It's the cherry picking that makes things like "claiming mexica doesn't erase your Cherokee, Maya, Navajo identity" ok. It's cherry picking that makes things like saying "brown rape isn't as bad as white rape", okay. When we learn about our history, we need to learn and accept all of it. The good, the mundane, the bad, and the ugly. Not just cherry picked snippets that fits our belief. #huitzillin #huitzilli #exist #resist #decolonize #indigenize #indigenous #native #nativeamerican #staynative #stayindigenous #nativecentric #nicantlaca #molemovement #ego #hate #afrocentric #eurocentric #ethnocentric Pic by @mayanenger
nativecentric - nativeamerican - molemovement - nicantlaca - indigenous - resist - exist - eurocentric - staynative - hate - native - stayindigenous - afrocentric - ethnocentric - decolonize - huitzillin - ego - huitzilli - indigenize -
huitzillin_ : @om.universe apologize for the late reply. A lot of "latinos" with native decent are cherry picking to suit theirs beliefs. In this case of the mathematics, I'm referring to the mesoamerican calendrics. It was used to record dates and important events yes, but a lot of "Native-centrics" fail to admit that it was used for divination or spiritual purposes
wombyn76 : πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½
soxerboxer91 : Good postsπŸ‘πŸΏ Gotta say though, these arguments amongst many melanin people seem primarily about separating us. Much like immigration situation in New York during the industrial revolution. The "Native American," "Black," "Chilean," "Haitian," "African," all come from common root, have all had histories hidden, languages stolen, thus, self-perspectives are ultimately altered generation by generation. To be "insert-english-profile-here" is to first use a language that bastardized a people, which I believe is one of our many beginnings to much argumentation. The idea of looking at history through a racial lens baffles me because our understanding of race today isn't the same scope as 80years ago, nonetheless 12,000 years ago.
huitzillin_ : @soxerboxer91 care to elaborate
elsilenciodeunapoeta : @huitzillin_ yesssss!
huitzillin_ : @elsilenciodeunapoeta it's unlikely fortunately true..
native_faces : @soxerboxer91 cant you see the irony in your own words? At one moment you speak of "melanated people" and on the next you speak about being baffled how "looking at history through a racial lens." Smh... you speak as if all "melanated" peoples are of one culture, language... they are not. On another note, ALL people have melanin, its just some have more or less than others. Only true albinos do not melanin. See what happens when you subscribe to racist Afrocentric theology?
kinetic_sounds : Real talk @huitzillin_ This here and New Age plagiarism and commoditization is what's been causing us considerable damage. Thanks for your posts, they often help me refocus.
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Huitzillin top Men's sizes M - XXL $25 plus S&H DM / INBOX to order WWW.QUETZALBOUTIQUE.COM SPecify size upon ordering #hummingbirdlover #hummingbird #colibri #westcoast #streetwear #nativepride #chuparosa #huitzillin #colibriZurdo #zunzuncito #menstees #madeincalifornia #californialove #califaztlan #mexicanfashion #mexicanboutique #mexica #mensfashion #menstops #azteka #aztekatl #azteca #indigenouspride #firstnations #culturalwear #culturalboutique #unique #designersLA #shopeastla
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Always on time #Hummingbird #Colibrí #Huitzillin #MisTesoros
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So, this is why I urge people to do their own research and not use social media as source. Social media would have you believing that this is a baby bison. When in reality, it's a musk ox. I've seen time and time again where people said "well, so and so said this" and they've taken it as gospel truth. Please, do your own research and look beyond the scope of social media. #huitzillin #huitzilli #learn #lookbeyond #thinkforyourself #research #realsource #think #truth #read #exist #resist #decolonize #indigenize
thinkforyourself - read - decolonize - lookbeyond - research - resist - huitzillin - exist - truth - learn - realsource - huitzilli - think - indigenize -
j.tasunke.maza : Haha! Yessss! I agree! I don't post/use/trust social media too much as any source especially Ancient Knowledge, however, I do find some articles intriguing by perspective. Everything seems so egotistical -- You know who you are until you log on and everyone tells you who and how to be, it's hilarious!
x__theunbreakable__x : I'm beginning to think that people just like being stupid
huitzillin_ : @j.tasunke.maza I feel the same way, especially with "ancient knowledge".
huitzillin_ : @x__theunbreakable__x ooh no, you're still stupid. Lol jk jk it's like the saying going "ignorance is bliss"
indigenia : Ha! I posted this one some time ago. Just be calling me out then, huh? I see how it is. 😜
huitzillin_ : @indigenia I actually took a screen shot a while back of it. Then I recently saw it and said to myself "that looks like a musk ox" lol
taylorgmusic : 😍
danita_designs : Omg! I live in Florida by way of Michigan and they have these down the street from my grandkids school!!! It just a little fence between them and the road. I
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Fooling around with one of my friends at work yesterday. The yogurt I was eating expired on Sept 9th of this year.... Yeah, I still ate it. It was still good. Lol sorry for the crappy quality. I just realized it was about 2 1/2 months expired lol #huitzillin #huitzilli #food #playtime #ohgod #laugh #laughing #smile
ohgod - food - huitzillin - laughing - laugh - smile - playtime - huitzilli -
huitzillin_ : Yes, I need to learn your ancient calm gagging technique lol. And yes, I am the professional. But I have rejected the school of thought to calm gagging. It doesn't have the same finesse and... je'ne se qua. Lol I never lose! Ever. Even when I lose, I still win. I win at losing lol
shawna_long_time : Lol so u want to learn but u dont want to learn. Sheesh make up ur mind. Hahaha u never win! And if u think u do, then dream on! Lol
huitzillin_ : @shawna_long_time I can't make up my mind. If I do, I form an attachment and it goes against the philosophy of Tibetan gagging lol I always win and you're jealous that I do. Which is understandable, because I'm awesome!
shawna_long_time : O my. Lol I would never in a million years be jealous of you. Yes you are awesome I give you that lol but not always right. There are times when u get me but other times I win too lol we are both winners in minds eye 😌
huitzillin_ : @shawna_long_time and that's how we know you have a problem. Cause you won't admit it. Admitting is half the battle. Lol it ok. We all still love you. Me most of all. But we both can't be winners in the same game. Lol so naturally, I win!
shawna_long_time : I know u love me, even though I'm a sometimes. But I win! And you win. We can both be winners. But it means so much to you, I will lose this time. I think it's a tie game now.
huitzillin_ : @thesavagelord hahaha no, they called me about my braids not eating expired yogurt lol
comrade_tzintzun : My man πŸ˜‚
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#Repost @adam.atieh with @repostapp ・・・ Happy birthday Little Dragon When I studied martial arts, someone who I really loved watching was Bruce Lee. I fell hard into the his philosophy as well. Bruce Lee was and still is someone I look up too. I have 8 books he wrote and continue to buy and study his work. His books were some of the first martial art philosophy books I bought, I still reference and read them to this day. #leejunfan #saifon #lixiaolong #brucelee #happybirthday #birthday #martialartist #martialart #jeetkunedo #huitzillin #huitzilli #warrior #hummingbird #littledragon #bewater
warrior - littledragon - birthday - hummingbird - martialartist - jeetkunedo - repost - happybirthday - brucelee - saifon - bewater - martialart - huitzillin - leejunfan - lixiaolong - huitzilli -
franmagallanes1 : @lucascabella
02viola : @thomcooper7 LOL
indigenia : I could watch this all day.
huitzillin_ : @indigenia I love Bruce Lee's philosophies. Such a powerful man.
domdiddy93 : @kuda_55 @joshua_inyang be water my friend πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­
benedict_saiyan : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
brownhulkforever : @bmiestre79
brownhulkforever : @lbraven17
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Happy Thanksgiving to all my brothers and sisters. Yes, Happy Thanksgiving. I have seen some negativity towards those here on instagram that celebrate, from those that run in the same digital circles as I do that don't celebrate today. There is no need for any type of negativity. This is my prespective. Because I celebrate Thanksgiving in no way means I forget or choose to ignore what actually happened. In my family thanksgiving, and I believe with many others, was a day for us to give thanks for what we have. Today I am giving thanks for what I have, what I have had, and what I will have. I am not forgetting what happened in the past at the first Thanksgiving. Nor am I forgetting what happened after. For those that choose to talk down or belittle our brothers and sisters that celebrate today, you have no right to pass judgement. I'm 100% sure if I look into your life right now, you will have more colonized and westernized ways than you think. Happy thanksgiving! Happy get fat day! Let the anger commence. ---------- A good friend of mine reminded me that I will receive a lot of hate for this post. And I understand that I will and willing to take on such hate for my views. #huitzilli #huitzillin #exist #resist #decolonize #indigenize #ancestors #thankgiving #happythanksgiving
ancestors - thankgiving - decolonize - resist - huitzillin - exist - happythanksgiving - huitzilli - indigenize -
indigenous_insurgente : Vendidos @serg_plus_5 @huitzillin_ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚... I'll respect each one of your opinions the end of the day us our circle we agree to disagree or disagree to agree..we learn from each other..and what @huitzillin_ said we must never forget what really happened puts everything into perspective..
lonefeather49 : I got the point of your post and later comments, Cuatl ... However, "Solidarity/Protest/ Boycott" at least iin the Spirit of those three... After all there will be 364 days left in a year to eat and get fat..
serg_plus_5 : Super Vendido to you @indigenous_insurgente
huitzillin_ : @indigenous_insurgente damn right!! Now let me get fat today!! Lol
indigenous_insurgente : I'm just here for the tamales @serg_plus_5 @huitzillin_ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
nenetlx3 : I have to admit my perspective of thanksgiving this year as opposed to last year is different but I still won't partake in the feasting, not because I feel decolonized, but because that's the way my brothers and I were raised. I don't look down on anyone who's conscious allows them to participate in the holiday. Like the brother said in the first comment "live and let live" but I had posted something earlier, not necessarily trying to make anyone feel bad for feasting in spirit of the holiday, but because I saw a few contradicting themselves. One post was hatefully bashing and next post was "oh getting the turkey ready". That seemed a bit odd but to each their own, right? As far as passing judgement on others, we've all been guilty of that period, whether we want to admit it or not. It just seems we try to use that "don't judge others" card when we feel a stone is being thrown at us. I don't know why I felt the need to comment, I guess the shoe fit lol but I do insist, las gracias son todos los dias no tiene que ser en un dia festivo de los gringos:) happy get fat day brother
comrade_tzintzun : You said you will receive hate on this post. You are right! Fuck you huitzillin
huitzillin_ : @comrade_tzintzun but..but..butπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜―πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­
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Pancito de Guayaba en #huitzillin #cdmx #bakery #coffe #cafe #λΉ΅ #μ»€ν”Όμˆ #톡쑰림 #pan #guayaba #guava
cdmx - guava - guayaba - huitzillin - coffe - bakery - λΉ΅ - pan - cafe - 톡쑰림 - μ»€ν”Όμˆ -
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Drew this about 5 months ago? 4? Maybe 6? I don't know. But it was some time ago. Another eye. I love eyes. Haha you can see the naked women on the other page lol #huitzillin #huitzilli #art #love #life #eyes #drawing #draw #eye #pencildrawing #pencil #sketch #quicksketch #dailysketch
pencil - draw - love - eye - pencildrawing - dailysketch - life - quicksketch - huitzillin - sketch - art - huitzilli - eyes - drawing -
shawna_long_time : Big difference from the other eye u recently drew, great progressionπŸ‘Œ
ourculturetheory - ixchel1190 - plasticandheroes - excited483qx -
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