So, this is why I urge people to do their own research and not use social media as source. Social media would've have you believing that this is a baby bison. When in reality, it's a musk ox. I've seen time and time again where people said "well, so and so said this" and they've taken it as gospel truth. Please, do your own research and look beyond the scope of social media. #huitzillin #huitzilli #learn #lookbeyond #thinkforyourself #research #realsource #think #truth #read #exist #resist #decolonize #indigenize
thinkforyourself - read - decolonize - lookbeyond - research - resist - huitzillin - exist - truth - learn - realsource - huitzilli - think - indigenize -
j.tasunke.maza : Haha! Yessss! I agree! I don't post/use/trust social media too much as any source especially Ancient Knowledge, however, I do find some articles intriguing by perspective. Everything seems so egotistical -- You know who you are until you log on and everyone tells you who and how to be, it's hilarious!
x__theunbreakable__x : I'm beginning to think that people just like being stupid
huitzillin_ : @j.tasunke.maza I feel the same way, especially with "ancient knowledge".
huitzillin_ : @x__theunbreakable__x ooh no, you're still stupid. Lol jk jk it's like the saying going "ignorance is bliss"
babycousintracy - tomtano - monstacraig - juncocanche -
Fooling around with one of my friends at work yesterday. The yogurt I was eating expired on Sept 9th of this year.... Yeah, I still ate it. It was still good. Lol sorry for the crappy quality. I just realized it was about 2 1/2 months expired lol #huitzillin #huitzilli #food #playtime #ohgod #laugh #laughing #smile
ohgod - food - huitzillin - laughing - laugh - smile - playtime - huitzilli -
lee_lee_atx : Lol dork
sol_con_lluvia : I Love to see you laugh and play. ❤️❤️❤️
huitzillin_ : @sol_con_lluvia thank you face!!
huitzillin_ : @lee_lee_atx gotta play every now and then. Lol
lee_lee_atx : @huitzillin_ word!!
indigenous_insurgente : 😂😂😂
soultliltic : Good to see you laugh
mercurios_ : 😆
jade_yolotlzin - elvisderpresley - alarueapparel - cherylxlombard -
#Repost @adam.atieh with @repostapp ・・・ Happy birthday Little Dragon When I studied martial arts, someone who I really loved watching was Bruce Lee. I fell hard into the his philosophy as well. Bruce Lee was and still is someone I look up too. I have 8 books he wrote and continue to buy and study his work. His books were some of the first martial art philosophy books I bought, I still reference and read them to this day. #leejunfan #saifon #lixiaolong #brucelee #happybirthday #birthday #martialartist #martialart #jeetkunedo #huitzillin #huitzilli #warrior #hummingbird #littledragon #bewater
warrior - littledragon - birthday - hummingbird - martialartist - jeetkunedo - repost - happybirthday - brucelee - saifon - bewater - martialart - huitzillin - leejunfan - lixiaolong - huitzilli -
franmagallanes1 : @lucascabella
02viola : @thomcooper7 LOL
indigenia : I could watch this all day.
huitzillin_ : @indigenia I love Bruce Lee's philosophies. Such a powerful man.
domdiddy93 : @kuda_55 @joshua_inyang be water my friend 😂😭
benedict_saiyan : 👍👍👍
brownhulkforever : @bmiestre79
brownhulkforever : @lbraven17
girlish_bear - rebel_moonchild2 - mpilo.c - downcasteyes84 -
Happy Thanksgiving to all my brothers and sisters. Yes, Happy Thanksgiving. I have seen some negativity towards those here on instagram that celebrate, from those that run in the same digital circles as I do that don't celebrate today. There is no need for any type of negativity. This is my prespective. Because I celebrate Thanksgiving in no way means I forget or choose to ignore what actually happened. In my family thanksgiving, and I believe with many others, was a day for us to give thanks for what we have. Today I am giving thanks for what I have, what I have had, and what I will have. I am not forgetting what happened in the past at the first Thanksgiving. Nor am I forgetting what happened after. For those that choose to talk down or belittle our brothers and sisters that celebrate today, you have no right to pass judgement. I'm 100% sure if I look into your life right now, you will have more colonized and westernized ways than you think. Happy thanksgiving! Happy get fat day! Let the anger commence. ---------- A good friend of mine reminded me that I will receive a lot of hate for this post. And I understand that I will and willing to take on such hate for my views. #huitzilli #huitzillin #exist #resist #decolonize #indigenize #ancestors #thankgiving #happythanksgiving
ancestors - thankgiving - decolonize - resist - huitzillin - exist - happythanksgiving - huitzilli - indigenize -
ratheruniquej : Nothing wrong with family time but, the holiday is pretty much celebrating the genocide of the natives of this land ...
huitzillin_ : @ratheruniquej oooh I know what the holiday represents. I think you missed the point of the post
indigenous_insurgente : Vendidos @serg_plus_5 @huitzillin_ 😂😂😂😂... I'll respect each one of your opinions the end of the day us our circle we agree to disagree or disagree to agree..we learn from each other..and what @huitzillin_ said we must never forget what really happened puts everything into perspective..
lonefeather49 : I got the point of your post and later comments, Cuatl ... However, "Solidarity/Protest/ Boycott" at least iin the Spirit of those three... After all there will be 364 days left in a year to eat and get fat..
serg_plus_5 : Super Vendido to you @indigenous_insurgente
huitzillin_ : @indigenous_insurgente damn right!! Now let me get fat today!! Lol
indigenous_insurgente : I'm just here for the tamales @serg_plus_5 @huitzillin_ 😂😂😂😂
colotlx3 : I have to admit my perspective of thanksgiving this year as opposed to last year is different but I still won't partake in the feasting, not because I feel decolonized, but because that's the way my brothers and I were raised. I don't look down on anyone who's conscious allows them to participate in the holiday. Like the brother said in the first comment "live and let live" but I had posted something earlier, not necessarily trying to make anyone feel bad for feasting in spirit of the holiday, but because I saw a few contradicting themselves. One post was hatefully bashing and next post was "oh getting the turkey ready". That seemed a bit odd but to each their own, right? As far as passing judgement on others, we've all been guilty of that period, whether we want to admit it or not. It just seems we try to use that "don't judge others" card when we feel a stone is being thrown at us. I don't know why I felt the need to comment, I guess the shoe fit lol but I do insist, las gracias son todos los dias no tiene que ser en un dia festivo de los gringos:) happy get fat day brother
adamk_56 - cherylxlombard - elvisderpresley - lynnleea -
Pancito de Guayaba en #huitzillin #cdmx #bakery #coffe #cafe #빵 #커피숍 #통조림 #pan #guayaba #guava
cdmx - guava - guayaba - huitzillin - coffe - bakery - - pan - cafe - 통조림 - 커피숍 -
nuskin7 - mikeandpattys - soooooon_12 - breadsee_ -
Drew this about 5 months ago? 4? Maybe 6? I don't know. But it was some time ago. Another eye. I love eyes. Haha you can see the naked women on the other page lol #huitzillin #huitzilli #art #love #life #eyes #drawing #draw #eye #pencildrawing #pencil #sketch #quicksketch #dailysketch
pencil - draw - love - eye - pencildrawing - dailysketch - life - quicksketch - huitzillin - sketch - art - huitzilli - eyes - drawing -
shawna_long_time : Big difference from the other eye u recently drew, great progression👌
soultliltic - ourculturetheory - excited483qx - ixchel1190 -
Her eyes were like two hummingbird dancing in the wind. With each blink, the colors of her irises would shimmer with new colors. When they asked what fell in love with. I merely utter "the hummingbirds she hides within her eyes" Not really digging it to much. Something about the drawing bugs me. I think it's color, I added. All part of the process. @boocheche it's your challenge. We're going to get this going! #boochechechallenge #chechechallenge #art #love #life #eyes #huitzillin #huitzilli #drawing #lifedrawing #drawing #pencildrawing #pencil #marstechnico #staedtler
chechechallenge - pencil - life - art - staedtler - boochechechallenge - pencildrawing - eyes - lifedrawing - huitzillin - marstechnico - love - huitzilli - drawing -
boocheche : 😱😍😍😍 Love it! And a lil poem.. Deep. Loooove it! #chechechallenge?! GaHh we gotta get that goin! 😘❤️❤️
huitzillin_ : @boocheche we're gonna do it. It's gonna be the next big thing
graciela_sonora : Awesome
huitzillin_ : @graciela_sonora thank you!
mindbloom : I shoutout talented people, DM me 😄
lee_lee_atx : This is badass
huitzillin_ : @lee_lee_atx thank you thank you. It really means a lot
mindbloom - soultliltic - ixchel1190 - yeskahml -
First part of the #boochechechallenge lol told I would start it @boocheche. So this is where I left off after the stream ended. But I'm continuing to add to it. Not really happy with the sketch book. It's odd and cheap. Oh well. Anyways. Here we go. My work in progress. Yes, I know. I draw a lot of eyes. But eyes are beautiful. #huitzillin #huitzilli #art #love #life #artist #quicksketch #drawing #chicanoart #staedtler #wip #pencil #pencildrawing #workinprogress #draw #eyes
pencil - draw - art - life - wip - love - eyes - workinprogress - staedtler - artist - chicanoart - boochechechallenge - pencildrawing - quicksketch - huitzillin - huitzilli - drawing -
chiltzikatletl : But I mostly use the .5
huitzillin_ : I don't even know what size these are. But I never really liked the feel of mechanical pencils. These to me have a more of a natural feel to me, like wood pencils @chiltzikatletl
chiltzikatletl : Yeah, I like my tips to stay consistent. I'll don't sketch and only do mechanical drawings. Used to.
huitzillin_ : Sometimes I do, but usually for me it's the small details I use mechanical pencils
huitzillin_ : @chiltzikatletl ^^
shawna_long_time : 👀
boocheche : I just saw this! OMG! Amazing!! Love it! Keep at it! #boochechechallenge 😁 Lets make it big!! 😘😘❤️
huitzillin_ : @boocheche I'll post up the finished version later tonight. Or tomorrow.
jade_yolotlzin - ourculturetheory - cherylxlombard - ixchel1190 -
Drew this a week or so ago. It came out ok. Not entirely a happy with it. But ooh well. So here you go. #subcomandantemarcos or #delegatezero or #subcomandantegaleano #dollar #art #dollarart #life #love #drawing #chicano #chicana #xicana #xicano #mexican #chicanoart #ezln #huitzillin #huitzilli #pencil #pencildrawing #draw #money #moneyart #bored
pencil - chicana - art - love - money - moneyart - dollar - draw - dollarart - ezln - mexican - subcomandantegaleano - xicana - huitzilli - chicanoart - subcomandantemarcos - life - xicano - huitzillin - chicano - pencildrawing - bored - drawing - delegatezero -
ollinyouth : That's fresh
coraxondenopal : I thought it was Subcomandante Ninja...
huitzillin_ : @coraxondenopal he's a Mexican ninja lol
huitzillin_ : @ollinyouth thank you
indigenous_insurgente : Haha ninja 😂😂😂 what the heck
huitzillin_ : @indigenous_insurgente it's from something someone in her family said about her little ones shirt with subcomandante marcos
_cuauhtzin_ : Sick
huitzillin_ : @_cuauhtzin_ Thank you brother
ixchel.botanicals - ourculturetheory - ixchel1190 - ollinyouth -
Done. Ish. It's missing a few fragments in the skull and about 5 teeth. But there he is. Or she. Now I just got to figure out what design to put on him. #huitzillin #huitzilli #raccoon #raccoonskull #skull #art #life #love #wip #workinprogress #exist #resist #decolonize #indigenize #indigenous #native #chicano #chicana #xicana #xicano #mexican
life - love - raccoonskull - chicano - chicana - indigenous - resist - exist - wip - mexican - workinprogress - native - xicana - art - skull - decolonize - xicano - huitzillin - raccoon - huitzilli - indigenize -
sol_con_lluvia : 👏👏👏👍
j.tasunke.maza : Wow...Awesome!
huitzillin_ : @j.tasunke.maza thank you
huitzillin_ : @sol_con_lluvia I'm going to put a peyote design on it
soultliltic - cherylxlombard - natvstyle -
Putting this bad boy back together. I have a few designs in mind for him. Work in progress. #huitzillin #huitzilli #exist #resist #decolonize #indigenize #indigenous #native #chicano #chicana #xicana #xicano #mexican #art #love #life #wip #workinprogress #raccoon #skull #raccoonskull
chicana - love - raccoonskull - chicano - life - mexican - indigenous - resist - exist - wip - art - workinprogress - native - xicana - skull - decolonize - xicano - huitzillin - raccoon - huitzilli - indigenize -
jade_yolotlzin - soultliltic - cherylxlombard -
Bit and pieces of a raccoon I found I early today. Well, I didn't find it today. It was hit by a car a few weeks back. But I went back for the skull. It's a nice complete skull. Cleaned it up I'm the stream by my house. It still needs some cleaning. But I'm happy with it. Lol kind of sounds odd, now that I read that. Possible art piece? I'll see. The teeth are sharper than expected #huitzillin #huitzilli #skull #art #life #love #raccoon
life - art - skull - raccoon - love - huitzilli - huitzillin -
vzvlev : Of course its art dude 😄
tonio_raya : You could use it as a knife to kill the Afrocentrics and the mm
soultliltic : Dope
huitzillin_ : @soultliltic thank you
yeskahml - soultliltic - cherylxlombard - eliseu.junnior -
huitzillin -
lis.arrieta : Es lo más bello que he visto, me encanto.
yaocelotl90 : :)
angelito90_heart - keinrass - letticheshire - odysay_tinta -
Propuesta Colibrí ! Anillo de aventurina ***** las estrellas en tus manos ***** #huitzillin #aventurina #anillo #HechoenMexico #diseñotapatio #universe #rings
diseñotapatio - aventurina - anillo - universe - rings - huitzillin - hechoenmexico -
siquieronoquiero : Super !!!!
annel_lenna - oscar_contreras_valenzuela - marlen_1092 - naaybuenrostro -
"Mother is the name for God in the lips and hearts of all... children" -William Makepeace Thackeray If any of you seen the movie "The Crow", then you may recognize this scene. It's where Erik Draven forces Darla to realize the harm she is doing to herself and her daughter. It's one of the few scenes ripped directly from the graphic novel. It speaks to how children see their mothers. How much of an impact mothers have on on us. This scene and other parts of this movie have popped up in various ways the last few days. So I figured I shared with all of you. It's one of my favourite movies and graphic novels. The Crow by James O'barr "Can't rain all the time..." #huitzilli #huitzillin #thecrow #erikdraven #mothers #mamawolf #littlemamawolf #mama ##mom #jamesobarr #brandonlee #cantrainallthetime #love #life #children #kids #son #daughter #nantzin #nantli
life - thecrow - love - erikdraven - jamesobarr - cantrainallthetime - son - mom - daughter - children - kids - brandonlee - mothers - nantzin - huitzillin - mamawolf - mama - nantli - huitzilli - littlemamawolf -
huitzillin_ : @indigenous_insurgente there's no need to be jealous lol
indigenous_insurgente : 😂😂😂... Keep it Barbie 💯 hahaha @huitzillin_
x__theunbreakable__x : Lol ayy 😬
huitzillin_ : @x__theunbreakable__x @indigenous_insurgente insurgente is just jealous. Haters gonna hate potatoes are crisp. What is the saying?! Lol
indigenous_insurgente : 😂😂😂😂😂 @x__theunbreakable__x @huitzillin_
x__theunbreakable__x : Potatoes are starchy? 😹😹😹
mz3100 : I love your account ✊
huitzillin_ : @mz3100 thanks means a lot
cherylxlombard - tapateo13 - rican_ishmael -
"Just let me stand in the middle of this little river and snap a selfie really quick!" Haha I feet are cold now. But the feeling of riding through these mini trails is just enough when I can't make it out to the hills outside of town #huitzillin #huitzilli #exist #resist #decolonize #indigenize #indigenous #native #mexican #xicano #chicano #chicana #xicana #love #life #connected #home #riverselfie #coldfeet
chicana - mexican - chicano - life - indigenous - resist - exist - home - love - native - xicana - riverselfie - decolonize - xicano - huitzillin - coldfeet - connected - huitzilli - indigenize -
phokingagain : I'm scared of Ursula @Edna
comrade_tzintzun : Huitzillin the alligator
shawna_long_time : My handsome ex boyfriend but still my best friend 😍
skinwalker_painz - chlsyswrld - marie.cree.8ing -
So the city decide to take my bridge away and are taking forever to replaced it. But the dry river bed is now a river again. I had to walk through it lol my feet are cold now. Lol #huitzillin #huitzilli #bikeride #bike #muddy #trails #muddytrails #excercise #sandiego #california #ride #coldfeet #river #riverwalk #life #love #warrior #chicano #xicano #mexican
warrior - life - muddytrails - love - trails - chicano - bikeride - california - riverwalk - mexican - muddy - river - sandiego - ride - xicano - huitzillin - bike - huitzilli - excercise - coldfeet -
jacobnedler : Inspiring!
comrade_tzintzun : Well let's build another fucking bridge man! Mine craft style
pierrejackcanobbio : nice...
rebel_moonchild2 - chlsyswrld - soultliltic - hla.official -
A short little video of my bike ride. But we had a good little storm on Tuesday. And the trails I ride on was inadvertently turned into a river by the city. Can't really tell. But yeah... lol I almost fell at the end. Haha #huitzillin #huitzilli #bikeride #bike #muddy #trails #muddytrails #excercise #sandiego #california #ride #xicano #chicano #mexican
muddytrails - mexican - sandiego - trails - ride - chicano - bikeride - xicano - huitzillin - bike - california - huitzilli - excercise - muddy -
maximumpowersports : So nice!
ixchel.botanicals : Man, this is what i need! I miss biking!
native_faces : Looks like fun man
comrade_tzintzun : You crip now?
soultliltic - chlsyswrld - maximumpowersports - heart_soul_earth -
Yerba maté from a gourd and bombilla on a rainy day. Well, rainy-ish. ☕🐸 haha #huitzillin #huitzilli #yerbamaté #tea #rainyday #exist #resist #decolonize #indigenize #indigenous #native #nativeamerican #staynative #stayindigenous #chicano #xicano #mexican #love #life #teatime
life - mexican - nativeamerican - rainyday - tea - chicano - indigenous - resist - exist - yerbamaté - staynative - love - teatime - native - stayindigenous - decolonize - xicano - huitzillin - huitzilli - indigenize -
huitzillin_ : @indigenouspride 😂😂😂😂 shut up! Got me cracking up lol
amomatimedicinals : 😻😻😻😻
teo_tlacuila : Cool! I've always wanted one.
huitzillin_ : @teo_tlacuila love using it.
huitzillin_ : @amomatimedicinals I have to gourds and that's my favorite one
amomatimedicinals : @huitzillin_ they look like they make drinks taste so yummy! De donde son?
huitzillin_ : It gives the tea a stronger taste. And it has such a nice feel to it
huitzillin_ : @amomatimedicinals
ixchel.botanicals - kikumaro.tuuhoo - madandovel - honeybbeads -
Andando por el panteón me dijo una calavera, si no me lo quieres dar enséñamelo si quiera. 😂 #CalaverasFolkoricas #folkloremexicano #Huitzillin #BafoHuitzilli
folkloremexicano - calaverasfolkoricas - huitzillin - bafohuitzilli -
joseelaraa - alondra_bs - fernandabd19 - jimenez_aranza -
#colibri #colibries #sanmigueldeallende #caminosilvestre #hummingbirds #magical #magic #altar #reencarnacion #life #death #flowers #birds #likeforlike #picture #picofday #buenavibra #leyendas #culture #culturamexicana #huitzillin #nahualt
picture - life - hummingbirds - colibri - altar - culturamexicana - culture - picofday - nahualt - colibries - flowers - birds - death - magic - reencarnacion - sanmigueldeallende - caminosilvestre - magical - buenavibra - huitzillin - likeforlike - leyendas -
nachoalcocer1961 - yosoydanoo - eibrajambr - cinthyq -
I've post this one before as a #throwback. I really love this picture of me. The more I look at this picture, the more I miss my hair. I'm glad I'm finally on my way to growing it out again. Even though it's at that awkward stage where I really can't do anything with it and it just looks a mess or like a mullet lol. But that's me about 7 years ago. Maybe even 8 years. One of the things I miss the most, is braiding my hair. Lol #huitzillin #huitzilli #warrior #mexican #native #indigenous #nativeamerican #staynative #stayindigenous #exist #resist #decolonize #indigenize #nativeblood #nativeculture #indigenousblood #indigenouspride #chicano #chicana #xicana #xicano #me #tbt
warrior - chicana - mexican - nativeamerican - chicano - tbt - me - indigenous - resist - throwback - indigenouspride - exist - staynative - indigenousblood - nativeblood - native - xicana - stayindigenous - decolonize - nativeculture - xicano - huitzillin - huitzilli - indigenize -
huitzillin_ : @indigenous_insurgente that's what I'm doing now. Haven't cut it in roughly 8 months
indigenous_insurgente : Good 😏✊ @huitzillin_
djhelenstride : Handsome!
native_faces : 👍
5agittarius : Awesome! Simply beautiful long braids Rock!!!
huitzillin_ : @5agittarius can't wait till my hair is that long agaim
huitzillin_ : Again*
5agittarius : 💪😎💪
kikumaro.tuuhoo - uto_aztecan_ndn - kristibigleggins -
Here's a throw back to when my hair was long and I practiced capoeira. Damn. This picture was a good 7 years ago. Maybe 6. That's me and padrinho, my capoeira godfather. At my first batizado. Getting my first cordão. When I became part of the capoeira community and part of Capoeira Mandinga #throwback #throwbackthursday #tbt #capoeiramandinga #cmsd #huitzillin #huitzilli #mandinga #capoeira #axé #batizado #batizadodacapoeira #me #capoeirafamily
me - capoeirafamily - axé - capoeira - throwbackthursday - batizadodacapoeira - tbt - batizado - mandinga - huitzillin - throwback - huitzilli - cmsd - capoeiramandinga -
thesavagelord : That's you!!! 😮😮😮
huitzillin_ : @thesavagelord yup! That's me. Many many moons ago.
thesavagelord : I would have never guessed why didn't you ever mention that your hair was long? It looks even longer than mine! That's so cool!
huitzillin_ : @thesavagelord I never told you my hair was long?! Ooh damn, that's weird. Yeah, I use to have really long hair. Hold on, I'll tag you in another picture of me with long hair
comrade_tzintzun : Damn tf happened to you!?
sol_con_lluvia : ❤️❤️❤️
soultliltic - heart_soul_earth - cherylxlombard - mjnelson_20 -
For those of you that follow and/or support the "Mexica" "Movement", this is what you are supporting. The erasure of identity. The erasure of ancestors. As most of you know, I'm Mexican. But what most of you wouldn't know, is that I'm a quarter Filipino. Now under this "nican tlaca" ideology, being that I proudly claim to be part Filipino. More accurately Mexican-Filipino, I am not good enough to be native or indigenous under their idiotic ideology. Who the fuck are you to tell me who and what I am? It's plain out racist. Now don't give me this bullshit, about being a person of color and the inability of being racist due to a system of power being in place. It is, what it is. Racist ethnocentric ideology. Now we all know, how I feel about the term nican tlaca. We won't get into that. But one thing is for sure. I WILL NEVER CLAIM NICAN TLACA, NOR WILL I EVER DENY OR DISHONOR MY ANCESTORS. Both my Mexican and Filipino side will never be denied. So let me go straight to the "members" of this so-called "prestigious liberation movement" @huitzilyolotl @mexicanswakeup @tlacaelelquetzalcoatl @nicantlacawoman @mexicamovement Tell me, how is this going to lead me to an identity crisis? I mean, if you ask me denying a part of who you are leads to self-hate. Will lead to identity crisis. Explain to me how denying part of our ancestors will secure our native-ness or indigenous-ness? Do you really believe if we didn't get conquered, yet did modernize to the world around us, that our people wouldn't have had contact with the outside world? Or did you expect us to allow no one in? If claiming my other ancestries means I won't be nican tlaca?! Then by all means, I am not nican tlaca. Nor will I ever be. I will never deny who I am. I am native. I am indigenous. And my indigenous blood runs strong. Could keep on going, but I'll leave it at that. P.s. I do not look down on anyone that takes on the nican tlaca identity. #notnicantlaca #iamnotnicantlaca #mm #mexicamovement #molemovement #chicano #chicana #xicana #xicano #huitzillin #huitzilli #indigenous #nativeamerican #native #exist #resist #decolonize #indigenize #staynative #stayindigenous #nativepride #Indigenouspride
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huitzillin_ : @idkyi_ ooh, no I'm not letting them define me. Main reason I put this post was to show people the ideology that they are spreading. And one of the members is actually teaching this to kids at the school he teaches at. Obviously, the cropped portion of what they wrote struck a cord with me. I totally agree with not allowing anyone to define us
addisuns : @native_faces as did I, I remember one of their pictures was the first I came across when it comes to this subject of identity and what it means for me as a Mexican. I found their page and immediately started to take things with a grain of salt as I picked up on their ethnocentric tone. I started to realize that their pictures I was coming across were probably highjacked by those who probably wouldn't agree with the MM. I can now see they have their own agenda and will only accept those who blindly accept what they say. I guess the only thing to do is to spread knowledge and awareness.
idkyi_ : That's fucked up teaching kids that #mindcontrol it's just so damaging
addisuns : It's scary to think that they introduced me to these topics but the way they go about it makes me feel like it can suck anyone in and in a sense, brainwash them into not wanting to research on their own.
comrade_tzintzun : @noble_savage_ DM soon or sometime in the future whenever you aren't busy brother. Cause a lot of shit has gone on and things have been getting sorted out in regards to who is really for indigenous progression and who is for ethnocentric style fascism
pueblorevolt : I don't associate myself with the other half because I never experienced it. Many of our ancestors were women who were sold as prostitutes & had children by the conquistadores of different types. I cannot associate myself to that but neither will I claim to be a Mexica or Nican Tlaca if my people might have not used that language before 1492.
lighttwister : We are human. #weareone. I come from Direct Mexican and Puerto Rican ancestry. I have Aztec, Spanish, Taino, and African blood. And through my ancestors I've got an additional dose of dna from the Canarie islands where I have traced my roots to Arabic ancestors during the crusades. My daughter is mixed with all that and more now that I have married a "white" woman. And all I will ever identify as is human. We all bleed red.
otrujillodesign : I wonder if the people from MM all plan to change their spanish surnames too, like "x" , "Shabazz", "Ali" etc. That would be a pretty good way of rejecting eurocentric ideologies. Right on bro for acknowledging your Filipino roots too. I got lots of filipino homies. Good, hardworking, family oriented peeps.
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Quick morning sketch. Need to get into the habit of drawing every day again. For those of you that know. Art is my life. Reference picture provided by Miss @localsparrow. SHE HAS A CUTE LITTLE BUTT!! #huitzillin #huitzilli #art #love #life #toltec #toltecatl #tolteca #artist #quicksketch #penandink #penandinkdrawing #sketch #ink #inkdrawing #drawing #lifedrawing #artistnude
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New addition to my book shelf. 2nd codex I own. I'm excited to open it up. #huitzillin #huitzilli #exist #resist #decolonize #indigenize #indigenous #native #mixtec #codex #ancestors #love #life #mixteccodex #books #nativepride #Indigenouspride #nativeblood #indigenousblood
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huitzillin_ : @indigenous_insurgente 😂😂😂😂 oooh yeah for sure. Send it right away
indigenous_insurgente : 😂😂😂 you better @huitzillin_
huitzillin_ : @indigenous_insurgente all they had left was a Russian translation, you'll have to get our russian friend to translate it for you lol
blackandbrownsolidarity : Pretty cool
mario.martinez.549221 : Can I get that?
native_faces : Want
pinturaycultura : I you did get it.
huitzillin_ : @pinturaycultura yeah, I did. It's beautiful
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We've been working on this project for a while now and it's now ready to go into production. Hummingbird stud posts in burnt sterling silver. Approx 18mm from tail to wingtip (Rose not included) They will be available for purchase next week online, you may pre-order now. $45 free S&H introductory offer. DM for more details. PayPal & all major credit cards accepted. #wearableart by #quetzalboutique #quetzalcollection #hummingbirdlove #hummingbirdsandroses #huitzilli #huitzillin #chuparosa #zunzuncito #colibri #silverearrings #sterlingsilver #burntsilver #shopeastlos #shoplocal #madeinLA #madeincalifornia #byketzal #ketzal #fridainspired #mexicanboutique #boutique #mexicanvintage #fridakahlo #cambaya
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rxvrings : Cool!
carpiotzintzun : I need them in my life.
carpiotzintzun : #Tzintzùn that's what my last name means in Tarasco or Purepecha
quetzalboutique : @carpiotzintzun indeed
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Flor de Maíz 🙊❤ #Folkore #Tabasco #Folkloremexicano #BafoHuitzilli #Huitzillin #Colibri
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maariaacostaa : Que guapos ❤️ @d.criss13
d.criss13 : @maariaacostaa gracias igual que tu! :3 ❤
spicyaddict : 👍
joseelaraa : Se ven muy bien saludos 😉✌🏻️
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This is what happens when I have nothing to do or I'm left to my own devices. And I also have a sneaky suspicion on this is also why I'm single. or maybe I'm like that 'cause I'm single? Hmmm, we may never know. Forgot I had this video. #huitzillin #huitzilli #bored #lipsync #dieromantic #laughs #laugh #fun #music #laughter #smile #life #love #beauty #beautiful
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huitzillin_ : @___heeyreeses I think they call that call that a delusion in the professional world lol
huitzillin_ : @___heeyreeses when we getting fat together?! Lol
___heeyreeses : I have tomorrow off! So we can get food! @huitzillin_
huitzillin_ : @___heeyreeses I'm going to sea world. I can't maybe for dinner?!
___heeyreeses : @huitzillin_ dinner before 8 cause I'm going somewhere around 9pm on Friday
___heeyreeses : @huitzillin_ if you aren't doing anything on Saturday I'm having a house party
shawna_long_time : ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤Aiden!!!
huitzillin_ : @shawna_long_time haha yup!!
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Las aventurinas que tenemos para ti, son M Á G I C A S y las puedes pedir de la forma que prefieras, como anillo, pulsera o collar, todo es posible #colibrimx #aventurina #joyasmagicas #huitzillin #HechoenMexico
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#huitzillin sigue presente con nuevas piezas, hemos creado el anillo de Aventurina Luneta y el Cuarzo Transparente, pide los tuyos, lleva el corazón del Colibrí 🐦💖 #colibrimx #joyasmagicas #HechoenMexico
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#Repost @xoivana with @repostapp ・・・ Happy #indigenouspeoplesday to my Neechis' down south! ✊✊ • • • And to my northern family and even to the my family further south. #huitzilli #huitzillin #native #indigenous #nativeamerican #staynative #stayindigenous #exist #resist #decolonize #indigenize #ancestors #indigenousculture #nativeculture #indigenouspeople #nativepeople #indigenousblood #nativeblood #nativepride #Indigenouspride
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paulcannonband : Yup
srhten : @huitzillin_ Holy shit, do other natives use the term "Neechis"? I guess I never really noticed it but I thought it was a Cree thing. Lol
huitzillin_ : @roman_nose777 Haha no, the girl that I took this from is cree.
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