We let them get married and then they want more #howAboutNo #WhatIsAmerica? #redwhiteandblue
redwhiteandblue - howaboutno - whatisamerica -
abby_m2020 - caidyn_spitzer - _lizzyblack - garrett__henson -
Y'all can have fun trying but that will never happen..... #howaboutno #bullshit
bullshit - howaboutno -
dylan.galindo : Haha hell no!!
sydkid17 -
#imfine #butamireallytho #howaboutno#thursday#yeg #notagain
imfine - yeg - howaboutno - notagain - butamireallytho - thursday -
natashaseniuk -
I don't care about the whole gay marriage crap, just don't mess with the American flag. #HowAboutNo
howaboutno -
_bridgettparker_ : That's insane..
john_tri : You do know this was a joke, right?
autumn_sanford15 : ^^ not something to joke about.
falloutsloane : yeah honestly, you don't mess with the symbol of a country.
john_tri : I know I agree that you shouldn't mess with it but I was just saying that this is fake. @falloutsloane @autumn_sanford15
sabrina_j9 : Ppl taking it too far πŸ˜“ @aneewoes
jphilly500 - shes.mykindofcrazy - _princess_alexandria_ - coveemaclaine -
howaboutno -
gonzo_1998 : It should be a felony to be a damn faggot
slap_my_turkeyss : Turkeys
cubberzz : FUCK. NO.
diparmy - ak472daface - 22_janczak_99 -
howaboutno -
schuttert_56 : Never see that bullshit flyin around me patch
schuttert_56 : My*
brittanyyrugerr - plesh11 - jessss_brakerrrr - katieex.x -
I'm in love with Prague ✌️✈️ #summer #bodygoals #nofilter #basic #jsempica #omg #howaboutno #likes #amberrose #isbiggestloveofmylife
summer - omg - howaboutno - jsempica - amberrose - likes - basic - isbiggestloveofmylife - nofilter - bodygoals -
liddy7794 - davidseco8 - salisalamek - yoloslav.fojtik -
howaboutno -
spencerandnewman : No!πŸ˜³πŸ’”πŸš«πŸ‘
keeganw18 : I'm moving to Canada haha @spencerandnewman
spencerandnewman : Take me with?
keeganw18 : Pack up yo Shit. Hahah @spencerandnewman
spencerandnewman : Alright, leaving after game. See u then β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘πŸΌ
alexvandyke38 : Do potatoes grow in Canada?
keeganw18 : Haha if they don't. We're gonna make them @alexvandyke38
sydpetersen28 : This bullshitπŸ™…πŸ˜·
mack816 - k_a_y_l_i_e_15 - katelynloring - maggie.albert21 -
howaboutno -
braxtonh2014 : I swear I FREAKING SWEAR IF THEY DO 😑😑😑
cadedevivi : #why
maaddiiee.02 - j.miller.02 - shoshana.stowe - calebbryant01 -
howaboutno -
the_northern_hick69 : That's some major bullshit.
prettybrowneyes_55 : No!😑 : Ohhh fuck no
neverland.ptv : Okay while I see why the would want one. I don't think it should be the new country's flag by any means. But if they were to make one and sell it that would be fine considering you can buy an ISIS flag
dellison_4020 - stephaniegirl24 - alex_1413x2 - benbadawy -
howaboutno -
taryn.myaija : Too far.πŸ˜’
v_dunn17 : Makes me sick to my stomach
gi_block101 : Literally this will not happen : ^^ exactly. No point of stressing over it, but it's disrespectful as hell.
____saraaaaaa - gi_block101 - gigantor87 - allisonmpoole -
Okay, really? This equality stuff is cool and all, but this is a little over the top. Our current flag had been this way for awhile. I don't think we should go around changing it. Red, white, and blue. Granted all of these colors are in this "new design" but it's not the same, it's ludicrous, honestly. If this happens, America will never be the same. Equality means everyone's equal. And now that "gay marriage" is legalized they seem to be running the show. That's not equality. #HowAboutNo
howaboutno -
queen_zea : yeah this is wayy too far
kaitlyn.howard : Yes. @queen_zea
haavveen : Agreed. Preach it girl.
kaitlyn.howard : Thanks Hav! ❀ @haavveen
kileyg16 : I agree with like everything you post πŸ˜‚
kaitlyn.howard : Thank you, you've got to be a great girl then!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Š @kileyg16
kileyg16 : Lol same to you 😊
samantha__renee__ - jurniegrace - harlieturpin24 - weaver_0316 -
☺ - #bands #bvb #sws #mcr #miw #fob #cof #swpb #bfmv #rhcp #fir #botdf #omam #bmth #ptv #pvris #nyd #asitis #slipknot #HIM #emo #scene #goth #gothicgirl #emogirl #howaboutno #adventuretime
goth - swpb - bands - adventuretime - cof - scene - pvris - bvb - gothicgirl - bmth - botdf - ptv - him - fir - emogirl - howaboutno - miw - emo - mcr - slipknot - bfmv - fob - asitis - sws - omam - nyd - rhcp -
lorenmotionless - cupkatiee_ - homeskillettyler - floorcrazy -
This is the most retarded thing I've ever see #howaboutno
howaboutno -
cheyenne.dilley : @akrider4life
ak_sniper : Yes πŸ‘ŒπŸ» @im250less
auldi_all_day14 : I admit the flag thing is retarded but Josiah don't be dissin your own sexual preference fam @im250less
im250less : @auldi_all_day14 πŸ˜‚cool joke bud. Ill tell it to my girlfriend
auldi_all_day14 : What's his name homie? Have I met him yet?πŸ˜‚ just playin bruh hmu we gotta chill when I get home @im250less
ak_sniper : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
im250less : Shots fired
teeenage.pirate : I fully support gay marriage like 100% but that's just like wtf
brodiegideon - hoopster907 - ak_sniper - jill.n.bakerr -
howaboutno -
katykuhr0624 : I heard they got 10,000 petitions @gritz726
gritz726 : Just look on snopes website
dantom1996 : Even the mere thought that someone would consider doing that to our nation's flag....
katykuhr0624 : @dantom1996 I don't even get it...
austinjmaxwell : You've gotta be kidding πŸ˜‚
austinjmaxwell : Is this real
tranchida_90 : I just puked in my mouth😐😝 @katykuhr0624
jenellehess : it's fake they would never change the flag katyπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
edjiululko3 - joedogg786 - austinjmaxwell - alyssakschreck -
So sassy and dramatic.. Should totes be a model πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #howaboutno casually part of my arm missing. #idgaf πŸ’ #model #sike #outfit #mirror #sass #drama #yourewelcome
drama - howaboutno - sass - idgaf - outfit - sike - yourewelcome - mirror - model -
chenaye_99 - amy_jade_w - unicornmistmagic - joe7783 -
Nearly 28 should start growing up #howaboutno #lol #whatfunwouldthatbe
whatfunwouldthatbe - lol - howaboutno -
betteford : Growing old is inevitable, growing up is optional..!
djay_87 : Ill take option B πŸ‘Œ
sideshow1967 - -
PLEASE READ!!!!!! #howaboutno I can't believe people are even thinking about making this a thing. I'm not saying I am against gay marriage but I am saying that it shouldn't represent our country! Not everyone in America is gay so it shouldn't be put on our flag. The flag is supposed to represent equality, not pride. I am ok with some gay pride but not on our flag!!!
howaboutno -
alysa_marie__ - irljasper - kayleigh._.reed - pinto_lover_for_life -
howaboutno -
stephen_holden_music : This country is goin to shit quick is all I know.
will_gregg1 : @stephen_holden_music tell me about it and it's disrespectful not just for America but for the soldiers that fight for red white and blue and there talking about making the American flag for gays
irljasper : @stephen_holden_music its been like that for a while
stephen_holden_music : Oh I know. It's a big slap in the face to everyone that's fought for that flag. I will move to Canada in a heartbeat if the flag ever changes. That's a promise.
will_gregg1 : @stephen_holden_music yea I would too especially if it turns into a damn gay flag
stephen_holden_music : Now is time for the American ppl to stand up and make a stand before the devil takes over this country @will_gregg1 @irljasper
irljasper : @stephen_holden_music truth
nicco344 : What the fuck is this bull shit we can't have a fucking confederate flags but their trying to turn the American flag into a gay flag
hudson_chris_ - hailey_eberts - tony_bxtch - 72_______.konrad._ -
#weekendsWheels thought were gettin an X-trail but had none so Toyota #(G)RAV(E)4 it was .... Fits me that's all that matters rides like a dream. Love fact I'm higher off ground more elevated !! My 6"ft2 ass squeezes n fits in comfortably.... I line it . Sure its a bit #soccerMum but uh fuck it ... Unlimited kms on it brrrrrrand new model ( literally had 9kms on the odometer when picked it up today) . Even has the feature that I liked of line a prepaid petrol .... U know how most rentals u gotta return it with full tank of petrol/ gas..., this we don't need to instead prepaid $52 in advance so that kinda covers it.... Cool.
weekendswheels - soccermum - howaboutno -
chefsean666 : Not available to drivers under age 25 mr @clown_prince666 hahaha
chefsean666 : Relax I'm not excited too much just driving a 12yr old hatchback Mazda is what I'm used to... These wheels are what a future family car size purchase would be what I'd sus out ..... Subaru Forester.... Mitsubishi Outlander... Nissan x-trail .... Something with space n HIGHER ground clearance for mr tall bastard here.
clown_prince666 : Well I hope you two have a great time man and enjoy the car it looks like it would be fun so don't go slamming it down a great road oh who's kidding we both know that you are just don't get caught is all
chefsean666 : How bout a car crash???? #HowAboutNO!!!!!! @clown_prince666
clown_prince666 : Lol how about you suck my balls mr garrison. Lol enjoy your trip man
j_movie_addict - nihilism181 - midnightdagger - clown_prince666 -
NO #HowAboutNo bad idea
howaboutno -
abbie_so_silver : No no no!!!
sterling.sanchez : No
abbeyrules : That looks horrible!!!!
krysta_summer_5 : It's ugly
lilmock21 - grace.4 - krysta_summer_5 - leanne.marca -
This horse is pretty... But i just saw that dumb Americans are trying to make our flag a crashing rainbow flag! If this happens I'm moving out of this country ASAP. That flag we fought so hard for... Our founding fathers if they were alive they'd be disappointed. COME ON AMERICA!!! Get real!!! #Saddayforamerica
saddayforamerica - howaboutno -
breyerhorsegirl345 : #howaboutno
barrelracer1739 : I freakin know!!!!!!! #howaboutno
sundown_studio - horse.latitudes - breyergirlmontana - _zoe165_ -
πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸΌ Hahhahaha #republican #republicanparty #rebel #republic #democracy #democratic #democraticparty #politics #political #liberal #liberallogic #liberals #conservative #conservatives #howaboutno
liberallogic - liberal - democracy - howaboutno - republicanparty - political - conservative - democraticparty - liberals - republic - rebel - conservatives - politics - republican - democratic -
sco_______pare : This is so funny because it's never going to happen!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
led_lennox : I dont think i like rainbows anymore : Same!! @led_lennox
allieee.beaniiee - relaxaddie - - jewkester -
howaboutno -
jace_the_potato : "SGT were under attack" WAVE THAG FLAG AND DIE WITH IT *waves gay rainbow flag* terrorist: "LOL what is That, I guess You died for no cause after all"
chinabug2003 : Lol. @jace_the_potato
brokehomiequann : ...
jumpinghorselife - _random_person12 - jenten_eq_life - skygoldie_ -
howaboutno -
kittygraceanne : NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
jace_the_potato - shhhmile - justin_1833 - classy_and_smartassy -
NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!! Wtf #republican #republicanparty #rebel #republic #democracy #democratic #democraticparty #politics #political #liberal #liberallogic #liberals #conservative #conservatives #gay #no #gaypride #gaymarriage #fuckno #never #america #gaymerica #nooooo #howboutno #howaboutno
liberal - gay - republicanparty - gaymarriage - never - nooooo - gaypride - conservatives - politics - republican - howboutno - america - democracy - howaboutno - no - democraticparty - gaymerica - political - conservative - liberals - liberallogic - republic - fuckno - democratic - rebel -
hoesertim : Hell no we won't go hell no we won't go!!!! : @16isaacs so true!
saul_goodman_ : Its gay, but its Better than south Carolinas nazi traitor flag : ....... I stand up for that flag.... I live in South Carolina..... @saul_goodman_ : And no... It's not better! It's WAY worse! You don't change the countries flag like that!! We aren't America, land of the skittles.... @saul_goodman_
jace_the_potato : @saul_goodman_ totally!!!!! That Flag Has Jew Killers all Over itπŸ‘Œ
trojan_american : Burn the shit out of that flag I'd happy have the confederate flag over that shit
tyler_bruhzil : Preach brother @xavier_almanza5 I'm joining the marines or AF
conservativeky_girl - _trenchcoat.mafia_ - ruby_fusion - -
#HowAboutNo This is disrespect to our county and the people that fought for it. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ People are turning crazy! #No #TrueCountry #RedWhiteBlue
redwhiteblue - truecountry - howaboutno - no -
its_aubree16 - brad_angel - giovanna.guzman - daltonboyer2 -
Omg i am really mad about this like no!!! Look yall be tryna change everything but this flag means more than your stupid opinions on gay rights or whatever... Show some respect many military men and women died wearing our blue, red, and white flag on their shoulder!!! And as a future marine this is offensive i care alot about my country and i cannot believe what some stupid/ignorant people are doing!!!Yall already got your right to get married leave it at that,dont be tryna change our traditions!!!! I am not agnaist gay people or anything but somethings should not be done like tryna change our flag!!!!! #mad #ignorants #americanflag #redwhiteblue #americantruelove #pride #DontMessWithTexas #futuremarine #Marines #military #thefewtheproudthemarines
leavethingsastheyare - thefewtheproudthemarines - justdont - disrespectful - usa - no - dontmesswithtexas - getalife - offensive - americantruelove - howaboutno - stupid - defendourrights - ignorants - futuremarine - redwhiteblue - military - marines - pride - americanflag - mad -
countrylifeqoutes : #defendourrights #stupid #getalife #disrespectful #mad #no #offensive #usa #justdont
countrylifeqoutes : #howaboutno #leavethingsastheyare
claire_jolly : Agreed
countrylifeqoutes : @claire_jolly yes!!! Share this plz!!!
william_verheem - texasgirl_143 - _farmgirl_19_ - linny01_ -
#howaboutno πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ keep our true colorsπŸ”₯
howaboutno -
druubeck : Im sorry but thats some bfs
braap_squad_2 : ^ it is @druubeck
rebecca.addison : πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌ
landon0122 : That's messed up dude don't touch our flag freacking fags
heytrinn : Makes our country look gay af
alexis.lexiana : like tbh our world doesn't revolve around them
tnwellss : it really does @heytrinn
otter_without_the_p : That pisses me off so badly
marisaproctor - calebmillerr_ - minewizz234 - sydd.scott -
howaboutno -
elizabethhheve : Too bad this is from a satire website... This would never happen, don't be ignorant.
passon406 : Buzzz away bizzz @elizabethhheve
elizabethhheve : ? I was clarifying the falsity of this, but I mean if you want to continue to get your panties in a wad over something fake then I'll just "buzz" away.
sarah_gabrielle5 : ^^^^^alright back up. Listen here...all Aden is trying to say is that he doesn't want our flag to turn into the multiple colors. What's wrong with stating his opinion? Obviously you are more important. Which that right there is selfish. You need to back off of him. You have your opinions and he has his. He doesn't judge you based on your opinions because they aren't his they are yours. Don't use the little kid language of "panties in a wad" like how old are you? Really? That's immature. Just because u don't like his opinion doesn't mean you have to start shit. Keep your comments to yourself if you don't like what other people have to say. And he said "buzz away" because he doesn't care about what u have to say. @elizabethhheve
elizabethhheve : Lol k weird ass. @sarah_gabrielle5
passon406 : Alright let's just all go to bed or something! Night @elizabethhheve @sarah_gabrielle5
sarah_gabrielle5 : ✌🏿️
njmolitor62 : How bout not
sborlaug - ally_rams1617 - katecomptonn - meggie_zook -
⚠Warning rant ahead. ⚠ Ok. I'm gonna start off with, I really don't care if your gay, bi, straight, or what ever you want to be. But this is my flag and I do NOT agree with you doing this to it. I find it rude and disrespectful, basically I look at this and I feel as if you are trying to say that some how your battle for same sex marriage is just as important as the people fighting for our freedom. You "fought" for your rights, and by "fought" I mean you sat outside on a sidewalk with a sign and protested it. Did you go into war? No! You didn't go to war. That red stands for the blood of the fallen and the ones fighting, not part of the gay symbol. Our men and woman are at battle putting there life on there line for us! A lot losing there life for us. Hundreds of great people never leaving that battle field. Are there hundreds of people dead from trying to get equal marriage? No, the only thing that's killing y'all is aids and that's your own dang fault. That's want you wanted, and maybe its just God's way if punishing you. That flag is a shame, the american flag is to represent the people fighting for our freedom, our rights, NOT to be saying hey I'm gay and I'm gonna make a flag to prove it! This is sick, it truly makes me sick looking at it. Your gonna take my flag and turn into something it should never, ever stand for! Were all sinners, and yes the bible says a man should only be with a woman, but it also says we should not judge. But seeing this, I just hope to God that it is forced to be token down. If I can't have my rebel flag then you can not have this trashy, disrespectful, shameful piece of crap. Rant over πŸ‘Œ
shameful - disrespectful - howaboutno -
camo_girl_3900 : #howaboutno #shameful #disrespectful
addiskillen : I didn't even read all of it but I already knew it was πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
camo_girl_3900 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @addiskillen this just makes me mad!
until_i_see_you_again : Yes I fully agree with what you said!!!!
tayyyyyypaige : I agree w/ everything u said πŸ’― I go off a lot about this πŸ˜‚
jeramiah_dylan - nthompson8302 - raging_redhead - connorcholden -
#nope #HowAboutNo
nope - howaboutno -
jordanl_h : @hunter_4444
morgan_abend : They take gay pride to seriously... Like yay good for you, you can now marry but this country isn't full of gays and, I have straight pride.
whitneypaige_9 - lyssa_k_12 - justin_lemme23 - baileyson1995 -
PINS informed that my points are about to expire and that I should travel somewhere. Where would you go, what would you see? πŸ”œβœˆοΈ #ideas #wanderlust #travel #airbaltic @airbaltic
wanderlust - travel - ideas - howaboutno - airbaltic -
robina1971 : You heavnt seen here nothing so it is still open sir
vootele : Tbilisi, def!
rasterheart : If it were my choice I would put my newly acquired scuba diving licence to test in some warm waters. Second best would be city exploration in Tbilisi.
riinaljas : budapest vienna athens
vesiloom : Downtown Bagdad sounds interesting...
nmullo : Ahh PADI course? I haven't used mine since I got mine so thats a great idea @rasterheart
nmullo : Yea, two for tblisi now then, looks really awesome in the pictures. Just not sure that the miles proggy will allow me to go there as well πŸ™πŸ»@vootele
nmullo : Two for budapest and vienna as well πŸ™πŸ» not sure I'd like Athens now though @riinaljas
mlliinak - heleneviikholm - kerit90 - meriloi -
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