Stop making excuses! With the proper diet and exercise I can show you how to achieve these same results within 90 days. I don't promise miracles but I can promise permanent results! Order your corset today and receive everything I used to loose 60lbs in 90 days! #getfit #hourglassmahdams #corsettraining #noother #numberone
numberone - hourglassmahdams - corsettraining - noother - getfit -
rochellem82 - tinktink711 - queen_netta - shareem1983 -
Down 6lbs in 12days. Was loosing a 1lb a day but had a few set backs but still managed to keep loosing. Start weight was 264. #watchmework #90daychallenge #hourglassmahdams #corsettraining #joinme #orgetleftbehind
90daychallenge - orgetleftbehind - corsettraining - hourglassmahdams - watchmework - joinme -
senoritadominicana : πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
hourglassmahdams : @msdrea3106 Click the link in bio and you can find pricing there. Thanks @britoc
lose2win148 : Awesome! @hourglassmahdams
qu_een1 : I'm ordering next month. Lots if successes.
shanell_83 - divadarla - totabraham - trutreazure -
She started the 90 day challenge contest. I provided her with the same meal plan I used. The challenge started October 1st. She's already down 3lbs #hourglassmahdams #mealplan #fitlife #levels
fitlife - hourglassmahdams - levels - mealplan -
_misslacour_ - hey_itslacey - pineapple_crush1 - moe_n_amariah -
Ladies this is why my shipping time is 7-10 business days. Your not the only one trying to get #summertimefine 40% of these emails are new orders. You do the math:) #levels #hourglassmahdams #howmymorningstarts
hourglassmahdams - summertimefine - levels - howmymorningstarts -
yolied85 : Business is definitely booming for you! That's a blessing!
hourglassmahdams : Thanks luv @yolied85 just working day and night trying to grow my brand.
yolied85 : I'm going to order as soon as things start picking up and you're welcome @hourglassmahdams
blackpeacestoner : Number please @hourglassmahdams
hourglassmahdams : @blackpeacestoner 843-259-7008
phuck_yo_feelingss - lolasims - flavoredpink_ -
Couldn't sleep so went to Walmart where all sleep walkers reside...lol. Picked this up for $10. Lets see how good this works. #lifestyle #diets #gottatryit #weightloss #corsettraining #hourglassmahdams
gottatryit - corsettraining - lifestyle - diets - hourglassmahdams - weightloss -
_jan_jan : Curves your appetite completely
cgm_touch.of.alley : They really work!!
hourglassmahdams : @cgm_alley I can't wait to try it @_jan_jan Have you used it?
kueenkey : I use those
auntiememeloves : Did this really work
divadarla - sugacain810 - ruth82pooh - sophiechada -
BMW X5 2014....Got this in my birds eye view. It's mine and I claim it! #grinding #summertimefine #hourglassmahdams #corsettraining #bankrolls
hourglassmahdams - summertimefine - bankrolls - corsettraining - grinding -
roxxy_laflare - killerkurves82 - caseymammax4 - skydiva_1 -
I've been thru the hard part. Now I'm enjoying the benefits. I'm doing this to motivate you to get to the size you always dreamed of. I'm on your side! #hourglassmahdams #corset #summertimefine #here2help #yournotalone
hourglassmahdams - summertimefine - here2help - yournotalone - corset -
queen22ferno : Whats the prices ?!?
hourglassmahdams : @mrsreynolds22 Click link in bio and you'll fine product/pricing info
_misslacour_ - itz_shacarla - niyemah_mom - divadarla -
Up MAD EARLY:( But gotta get you ladies orders packed/shipped out. These numbers comin in are crazy but my luvs trying to get #summertimefine #hourglassmahdams #instacollage
instacollage - hourglassmahdams - summertimefine -
sexyflawlesschic - niyemah_mom - keyaweya87 -
Left pic me before I started my weight loss journey. Right pic after I completed my weightloss journey. Everything I used I now have available on my website for sale. Look under Hourglass Skinny Pack and find everything you need o begin your weightloss journey. Link in bio! See you on the other sideπŸ˜¬πŸ‘πŸ’ͺ#hourglassmahdams #skinnypack #reallyworks #ordersyours #andget #summertimefine #instacollage
instacollage - summertimefine - ordersyours - hourglassmahdams - skinnypack - reallyworks - andget -
lifeneverstops50 : Call me fatass 6469250616
juss_damo - mz_rey_unruly - lifeneverstops50 -
STF ALERT: Another satisfied client. She only wore it for 10hrs the first night and look at her results. #10hrs #losinginches #hourglassmahdams #corsettraining #instacollage
instacollage - hourglassmahdams - corsettraining - 10hrs - losinginches -
nayna008 - sugacain810 - chocolateflava1980 - itz_shacarla -
STF ALERT: My client accepted the 24hr challenge and lost 3 inches overnight! No matter what size you are everyone wants there waist missing! #corset #corsettraining #hourglassmahdams #iinstacollage
iinstacollage - hourglassmahdams - corsettraining - corset -
thickkness_beautyy : Okay , I already have an hourglass shape but it just needs a little toning , which corset would be best ? @hourglassmahdams
hourglassmahdams : @thickkness_beautyy The dream corset
shakeout315 : Im planing on purchasing one but I would like to know did the women in this picture use the vest or clincher @hourglassmahdams
eleby42_self_made_247 - its.so.audrea - xclusivdivamariea_bosslady - itz_shacarla -
You still trying to figure out if you're ready to get #summertimefine Well why you decide my clients are #hourglassmahdams #corset #corsettraining #instaresults
hourglassmahdams - summertimefine - corsettraining - instaresults - corset -
coyjareese - mykids.myworld - blackpeacestoner - killerkurves82 -
My view! Dont't even have to get out of bed but decided ill work off my balcony for a few hrs. #independent #businessowner #hourglassmahdams #answerto #noone
answerto - independent - businessowner - noone - hourglassmahdams -
miss_jessica_lea - elilibrarian - rogersweetie - mykids.myworld -
STF ALERT....yours truly Mrs.Hourglassmahdams herself. Corset Training has done me wonders. I'm still getting #summertimefine #corsettraining #hourglassmahdams #instacollage
instacollage - hourglassmahdams - summertimefine - corsettraining -
bipolar_ass_phatt : @hourglassmahdams what size is ur corset???
hourglassmahdams : @bipolar_ass_phatt I got up to a 4c
hourglassmahdams : 4x
i_prodeuce_change - me_myselfn - blackpeacestoner - tisherak -
STF ALERT from the one and only Mrs.Hourglassmahdams herself. Lost 10lbs in 2 weeks and 3inches off my waist thanks to corset training and my secret skinny pill. If your ready to loose weight and keep it off email at hourglassmahdams@gmail.com and ill tell you my secret! #skinnypill #corsettraining #hourglassmahdams #instacollage
instacollage - hourglassmahdams - corsettraining - skinnypill -
darkk_chocolat - i_prodeuce_change - bella_loves_couture - caseymammax4 -
STF Alert...she's getting #summertimefine #corset #corsettraining #hourglassmahdams #instacollage
instacollage - hourglassmahdams - summertimefine - corsettraining - corset -
lovinmycrew060811 : How do i order
hourglassmahdams : @86jessicamc www.hourglassmahdam.com
mykids.myworld - ladyshaw08 - killerkurves82 - darkk_chocolat -
Insanity Day 4 complete. If my kids can do it what's your excuse? #realpeople #realresults #herbalife #hourglassmahdams #picstitch
herbalife - picstitch - hourglassmahdams - realresults - realpeople -
cookie3808 - carribeangal - nomuzzle001 - 3rdworldlow -
Soooo I had a craving for some sweets. Thi k I did a good job if getting what I want but still maintaining portion control! #lifestyle #change #oneday #atatime #realpeople #realresults #hourglassmahdams
lifestyle - atatime - hourglassmahdams - oneday - realresults - change - realpeople -
ambere2012 - juss_damo - __epic_love - lifeneverstops50 -
It just got real! Oh you thought I was playing? Naw buddy. I'm serious about my fitness and getting #summertimefine #hourglassmahdams #getfit #ordietrying #realpeople #realresults
ordietrying - summertimefine - getfit - hourglassmahdams - realresults - realpeople -
hourglassmahdams : @laresamoore I'm ready for asylum...lol
heineking : Insanity is no joke and not for beginners
prettybzeandevil : @hourglassmahdams its d most intense workout i ever done even d fit test is painful every part of my body is aching but i know its wrking so im super motivated. Keep me updated as u go along!!
3rdworldlow : I list 30lbs doing insanity :-)
3rdworldlow : *lost
thee_thee18 : It's such a great workout!! You really have to #digdeep @hourglassmahdams you're gunna love it :)
jayfrankbeauty : I've been thinking about buying it! When are you starting?
laresamoore : Haven't tried asylum yet babygirl ;)
livin_n_luvnlife - ladyshaw08 - caseymammax4 - 3rdworldlow -
Breakfast is served. Gonna post up my one meal options as I do this 30day challenge. Simple meals but fulfilling #herbalife #fitlife #hourglassmahdams #picstitch
fitlife - herbalife - picstitch - hourglassmahdams -
nayna008 - eleby42_self_made_247 - caseymammax4 - niqua_30 -
STF alert. One of my lovely clients @naysh2112 getting #summertimefine Left pic was a wk ago on the 1st latch. This week she's on the 2nd latch. I spy a #hourglass #corsettraining #hourglassmahdams #summertimefine
hourglassmahdams - summertimefine - corsettraining - hourglass -
teri_jones : Made up my mind that im ordering thru u...lol! I ordered a vest 3 months ago and I still have not reciv
teri_jones : Received
yennyhc : @hourglassmahdams Thanks so much yesterday received my corset tomorrow begins to use
hourglassmahdams : @yennyhc πŸ‘πŸ˜ don't forget before and after pics @teri_jones a while they are never in stock
thatsbae.nuk : I'm ordering mines this Tuesday I can't wait to get #summertimefine
odetefarias : Eu quero πŸ‘—πŸ‘—πŸ‘—πŸ‘—
cnot_withdatbs : @hourglassmahdams how much are they I won't one?
hourglassmahdams : @cnot_withdatbs Right now I'm running a special all waist clinchers are $70 sizes large and up and all vests are $85 sizes large and up
justivory - coldhearted_bryantladi - juicy_whitney - jbmua -
This STF client is corset training and using HCG Drops. Keep up the good workπŸ‘ #summertimefine #corsettraining #hourglassmahdams
hourglassmahdams - summertimefine - corsettraining -
banginbodiess - sincerelyselene - 31yafah - ms_ambitious_the_motivator -
Another one of my loyal clients. Started with a Medium-35 if I remember correct and now will be ordering a XS-32 #stfalert #summertimefine #corset #corsettraining #hourglassmahdams
hourglassmahdams - summertimefine - corsettraining - stfalert - corset -
hourglassmahdams : Correction Medium-36
sincerelyselene - chocolategirl1984 - eleby42_self_made_247 - urstruly_1019 -
STF Alert....She's on the 2nd hook after corset training for 2wks😁 #summertimefine #corset #corsettraining #hourglassmahdams
hourglassmahdams - summertimefine - corsettraining - corset -
badgurl_gonegood : How much does it cost & how long will it take to get to L.A &can I wrk out wit it on
badgurl_gonegood : @hourglassmahdams
hourglassmahdams : @mizzundasthood $65 You don't workout in it and shipping is anywhere from 2-3 business days
sweetcommunion5 : @hourglassmahdams I'm looking forward to ordering one of these fab corsets from u soon. I'll be in touch.
hourglassmahdams : @sweetcommunion5 Ill be ready to get you #summertimefine
sweetcommunion5 : Thanks madam. Post surgery I still have a little pooch that I need to get rid
firstladysmalls : I'm going to try to get in touch with you this weekend. With the training how often do you wear & for how long per day?
hourglassmahdams : @firstladysmalls You wear it the first night for 24hrs then 8-10hrs daily until you reaches your desired waist line.
makeupartistrocket - tubby_la_bom - thee_thee18 - singleladydt -
Sizing chart for all your corset needs. Found this and it's very accurate! #summertimefine #corset #corsettraining #hourglass #hourglassmahdams
hourglassmahdams - summertimefine - corsettraining - corset - hourglass -
sexxy_sag29 : @hourglassmahdams
hourglassmahdams : @sexycaramel27 the tag should be at the top left
sexxy_sag29 : Omg lmao ok I will try it again I never knew tht @hourglassmahdams
iamnotamilf : @hourglassmahdams I need to know how to make a order
hourglassmahdams : @iamnotamilf www.hourglassmahdam.com Make sure you order buy your shirt size
iamnotamilf : Okay thanks alot @hourglassmahdams I've been telling people about this
hourglassmahdams : @iamnotamilf THANK YOU😘
iamnotamilf : @hourglassmahdams no problem boo
shoni1087 - 30_andlovinevery_moment - seduce_me_jones - cherelle075 -
Now offering Corset Training in your state. Email hourglassmahdamsdanica@gmail.com or hourglassmahdams@gmail.com for more info. Ready to get you and all your lives ones #summertimefine Well email is and save the date #hourglassmahdams #making #powermoves
hourglassmahdams - summertimefine - powermoves - making -
bellelata_ : How long did it take for her to get down to this size? & how much is this?
hourglassmahdams : @bellelata_ this was after the 24hr challenge and the waist clincher is $70 until tomorrow night and $85 for the vest
justivory - lubimovaludmila - feliciacamille - funsized_tekababy -
Yes I'm legit. I'm not the competitor. I say what I mean and I mean what I say! I promise same day delivery while supplies last and that means same day shipping. #corset #hourglassmahdams #summertimefine
hourglassmahdams - summertimefine - corset -
lay120 : If we order the wrong size can we return/exchange?
hourglassmahdams : @lay120 Yes you can please email me in regards to your order @ hourglassmahdams@gmail.com
_flawd_beauty - ms_ambitious_the_motivator - urstruly_1019 - whomefee -
A client of mine who lost 4inches I'm 3days. Getting #summertimefine #corset #corsettraining #hourglassmahdams
hourglassmahdams - summertimefine - corsettraining - corset -
missraelynn84 - nayna008 - vsimone2012 - niqua_30 -
Can you see the difference. 3inches in 24hrs #corsettraining #summertimefine #hourglassmahdams #hourglass
hourglassmahdams - summertimefine - corsettraining - hourglass -
sexxy_sag29 : Hi @hourglassmahdams, come join me on @InstaTalks so we can start chatting now!
mahogany_babe30 : @hourglassmahdams How long does it take to ship? I ordered my yesterday morning & it didn't say how king it will take. It also didn't give me options for faster shipping.
hourglassmahdams : @mahogany_babe30 2-3 business days
mahogany_babe30 : *mine* & *long* excuse my auto-correct.
hourglassmahdams : @mahogany_babe30 please email me at hourglassmahdams
hourglassmahdams : Hourglassmahdams@gmail.comfor order inquiry
d3sull : How do I know what size to order?
hourglassmahdams : @d3sull You order based off of your shirt size. A large 38 medium 36 and so forth
a_whit89 - as_iam77 - tamtamddiva - cherelle075 -
Hey ya hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday, I know i am. Ladies check my bio for your corsets,, #Me #Candyyumyum #MAC #ILoveMakeup. #ComeCheckYourGirl #Hgm #Hourglassmahdams #SummerTimeFine
me - comecheckyourgirl - hourglassmahdams - ilovehimtoo - ilovemakeup - summertimefine - mac - hgm - candyyumyum -
diva25xoxo : Tnx @mrpickettup
diva25xoxo : Tnx hun @emmy_ma
chuk_taylor : So I see the south is treating you good
diva25xoxo : Yea you could say that lol....
diva25xoxo : @chuk_taylor
chuk_taylor : That's wassup. How's the girls ?
diva25xoxo : Their good growing up to fast, and yourself ? @chuk_taylor
diva25xoxo : Really @mr_supavalid lol #ILoveHimToo
4dafans - mikeyvelasquez - jenntrav23 - derty_money -
Same day shipping while supplies last #summertimefine #corsettraining #hourglassmahdams #textgram
textgram - hourglassmahdams - summertimefine - corsettraining -
4jsmommy_xoxo : How much????
hourglassmahdams : @4jsmommy_xoxo you can visit my website for product/pricing info www.hourglassmahdam.com
4jsmommy_xoxo : Ok thanks
eleby42_self_made_247 : Real talk I ordered mine this morning & within 20 minutes I got email mines was shipped out #summertimefine
diva25xoxo : Does this apply to all the distributors as well @hourglassmahdams
hourglassmahdams : @diva25xoxo yes while supplies last
diva25xoxo - aykut_murat_karagul - eleby42_self_made_247 - gorgeous_mysses -
Bout to make me a Bahama Mama....trust me I've earned it! All products have been shipped. Please check your emails for tracking numbers. Still offering same day shipping while supplies last. Lets get you #summertimefine #hourglass #hourglassmahdams #corsettraining
hourglassmahdams - summertimefine - corsettraining - hourglass -
fuk_ya1234 : Is it anyway u can call me
hourglassmahdams : @china_black88 you can call me at 843-259-7008
mrsholmes_2u : Jus came from mowing lawn ughhhh I need a Bahama Mama too please....... πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰. My corset is soaking wet!!!!!! #summertimefine #determined @hourglassmahdams
hourglassmahdams : @mrsholmes_2u I am so excited for u!
hourglassmahdams : @butterflyyyxoxo where are my before and after
butterflyyyxoxo : Lol i just noticed this...i swear i will be getting them to yu soon! :))) @hourglassmahdams
__bionicbeauty - jamea_smommy - caseymammax4 -
Gotta get the packed and shipped. Get your orders in today ladies. Offering same day shipping while supplies last! #summertimefine #hourglass #hourglassmahdams #corsettraining
hourglassmahdams - summertimefine - corsettraining - hourglass -
urstruly_1019 : @hourglassmahdams I'm so xcited can't wait to post pics
hourglassmahdams : @urstruly1019 I'm just as excited as you!!!!!!!😁
breonnadouglas : How do you order?
hourglassmahdams : @breonnadouglas www.hourglassmahdam.com
justivory - blackbeautyy - 4jsmommy_xoxo - pahneesha -
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