In honour of #RecordStoreDay2015 here's one of my favourite pieces of #vinyl both to listen to and to look at #HotChip #OverandOver
overandover - recordstoreday2015 - hotchip - vinyl -
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Looking forward to this album release, second single is cracking too - total summer BBQ soundtrack! Roll on the bonnie days... ☀️🍻😎#hotchip #nicegraphics
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papa_helleh_lawson : Yeeessss! Love the thing they're doing with this release - every album cover will be different! Roll on mid-May!
kylecoys : Seeing them again next month, just about my favourite live band...
lefarq : Jealous @kylecoys - really wanted to catch them at the art school but we're away. Gutted I missed them in Skye at Easter, my friend went - said it was a cracking wee festival. Are you going @papa_helleh_lawson?
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Killer Number💫 #HotChip #HuaracheLights
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Cockatoo eating lunch with us 😂😂 #triedtotakeachip #photbombed #hotchip #cockyputitsfootinthesource #myfacethouglyaf
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The moment I fell drunk in luv w/@mattcarleo #hotchip
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Desfile Glória Coelho (@gloriacoelho) tem como tema Cura e trilha do Hot Chip. Amo! #SPFW #spfw20a #gloriacoelho #hotchip
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Hot Chip рулит😜😜😜😜
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shomovai : #сынипапа #сыноктанцует #сыночек #танец #песня #hotchip
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Al #gym en la #eleptica escuchando el nuevo disco de #hotchip #nofilter
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Oh hi Dane! #hotchip #canteen #crazies
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dattinyfatkid : Hahahahahahah @dane.harr1s didn't see u there jokes
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Harry nursing all the frozen chips #canteen #hotchip
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The Daily Songs N.1568 Hot Chip - Need You Now Hot Chip are a British electronic music band formed in London, in 2000. They have released five studio albums—Coming on Strong, The Warning, Made in the Dark, One Life Stand and In Our Heads. Listen Here👉 http://thedailysongs.blogspot.co.uk #AlexTayler #HotChip #TDS #TheDailySongs
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Este album novo do Hot Chip, Why make sense, é o melhor desde aquele de 2008 que o alzheimmer apagou da minha memoria o nome(não fiquem mal impressionadoa com a pobreza visual sa capa)... E essa é a minha música preferida e nem é pq tem comida e bebida "White Wine and fried chicken". #hotchip #whitewineandfriedchicken #whymakesense #music #musique
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COLOURS - Hot Chip Colours are what Keep me alive Colours are what To hold in my head Colours are where my My old meets new Colours are where my My brain finds blue - https://youtu.be/n7cmOoluTRE - #vsco #vscocam #igers #hotchip #music #vscomusic #notfilter #reflex #vscohub #vscogood #igers #instagramers #instavsco #fredfalke #remix
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Laid back, i'll give you laid back... 🎧 Hot Chip - Over and over 🎧.
enjoy - beyoung - love - paixixi - behappy - gintime - befree - fantastic - overandover - beyourself - live - hotchip - familytime - home - gin - friends - happy -
mary_delaoh : #home #love #live #enjoy #happy #friends #beyourself #befree #beyoung #behappy #paixixi #fantastic #familytime #gin #gintime
manolillog86 : Qué tal ha ido la cena?? Aparentemente bien,no??😊
mary_delaoh : Demasiado bien @manolillog86 !!! Nos han cuidado demasiado bien, tendremos que volver... 😉
mary_delaoh : #hotchip #overandover
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Do you listen to music when you read? If so, what do you like to listen to? When I was younger, music was really distracting, and I couldn't listen to anything other than instrumental pieces (so I couldn't sing along!) while I was reading or writing. I'm better able to multitask now, and I especially love listening to music while I write. I even create different playlists depending on my mood and what I'm writing. Music can still be a little distracting while I'm reading, especially if it's catchy and easy to sing along to, so I try to stink to artists that provide a nice background sound without pulling me out of my book. 🎧 Also, is anyone else excited about Hot Chip's new album? It is May yet?? 😀 #allegiant #veronicaroth #music #hotchip #books #booklovers #bookloversnest #reading #writing
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bookloversnest : @josealan That's amazing! That must have been a great show. And I'm seeing them at the Greek in LA! Small world. 😀
josealan : @bookloversnest awesome!!! That's where I'm going to try and see them!
marissasuddreth : @bookloversnest yes exactly! :D What are your favorite songs to listen to?
aboutthatbook : @bookloversnest It's all her fault. I think as a big sister she really wanted to share her passion for books with me, and it kind of worked! ;) ❤️
bookloversnest : @josealan I hope you can get tickets! They weren't that expensive, especially considering how much tickets to the Greek can be.
bookloversnest : @marissasuddreth Too many! I gravitate toward those artists who have slower/softer songs in their repertoire, so Hot Chip, some Passion Pit, Coldplay (I know! I still love them.), Of Monsters and Men, Miike Snow, M83, and Kongos. They all have some songs that are a bit more relaxed and perfect for reading. I'm also loving Bleachers and Sylvan Esso, both relatively new and great for reading. What are your favorite songs/artists for reading?
bookloversnest : @aboutthatbook She sounds like an awesome big sister! I actually gave everyone in my family at least one book this Christmas, and now my dad's trying to keep up with my reading pace.
marissasuddreth : I will have to check all of them out! I love listening to Maroon 5, but they aren't the best reading-music... I also like Owl City, a few country artist whose names I can't remember. Haha ;) Suddenly I can't recall anyone else X)
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Subbing again. Go to 891khol.org to stream now. On the playlist ::: #jimihendrix #thelions #oddisee #chromatics #monophonics #alabamashakes #tycho #tamaimpala #prince #outkast #slyandthefamilystone #kendricklamar #atribecalledquest #chromeo #hotchip
chromeo - thelions - outkast - tamaimpala - prince - chromatics - communityradio - tycho - kendricklamar - slyandthefamilystone - hotchip - atribecalledquest - oddisee - jimihendrix - alabamashakes - monophonics -
nbedell83 : #communityradio
stephenwilli : Tuned in man, #thegoodfight!
stephenwilli : Haha, and you are stealing my playlist for tonight
kpfinns : Thanks for playing #monophonics
nbedell83 : My pleasure, @kpfinns digging the new album. Come to jackson, wyo and play!
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Feeling good listening to♫ #HotChip - #Colours , #cantwait
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Bagel Blvd. trying get in on that #Bellagio fountain show game. What #drought? 💧 soundtrack by #hotchip
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nellejea : Hard to converse water when the underground infrastructure in LA is shitty @lamayorsoffice
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Distance means nothing when someone means everything. Ogni volta che pasteggio a vodka penso a te. #vodka #dinner #drink #carbonara #italy #uk #london #bestfriend #flame #fire #love #night #panda #moscowmule #girls #happy #home #russia #stripes #brunette #hotchip
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MY ABSOLUTE 10 MUST SEES (no particular order) #RyanAdams / @bellesglasgow / #Spiritualized / #PattiSmith / #SuperFurryAnimals / @fatherjohnmisty @pharrell #JamieT #ChemicalBrothers / #GeorgeClinton+#Parliament+#Funkadelic+#TheFamilyStone (they seem to be doing some kinda funk supergroup) Then any of these if feasible in between seeing the rest of the joint: #FooFighters #Maccabees #Vaccines, #Jungle @courtneymelba @peace4ever #AlabamaShakes #HotChip #AzealiaBanks, #FatWhiteFamily, #FKATwigs #LaRoux #FutureIslands #SharonVanEtten #WolfAlice #PerfumeGenius And still another headliner to be announced it looks like. And #LionelRichie. And #Motörhead doing #AceOfSpades. #Glasto #Glastonbury #Excited
futureislands - sharonvanetten - georgeclinton - thefamilystone - glastonbury - funkadelic - superfurryanimals - maccabees - glasto - pattismith - parliament - jamiet - foofighters - lionelrichie - spiritualized - motörhead - ryanadams - azealiabanks - laroux - fkatwigs - fatwhitefamily - alabamashakes - vaccines - wolfalice - perfumegenius - hotchip - jungle - aceofspades - excited - chemicalbrothers -
ignore.and.continue : 👊
nancy_n_alans_boy : @ignore.and.continue 👊
heinz_sight : Awesome
ukidband : Awesome
pianoman1982 : Cheers mate will do. Should be quite a chilled out one. Enjoying new Sufjan Stevens at the mo with lots of revisiting The National dribbled round the edges.
nancy_n_alans_boy : There's one big band to still be announced for Glasto.....I would cream my pants if it were The National. Not listens to Sufjan Stevens since that Illinois album. I'll check it out tho. Have you listened to Father John Misty's 2nd album? Or his first for that matter? Both sublime. Think you'd dig 'em @pianoman1982
pianoman1982 : Nice one, I'll have a listen. See you soon for a few potters I hope.
nancy_n_alans_boy : Definitely @pianoman1982
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#hotchip fckn again
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#hotchip #shakeafist #musicinthecar
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Lots of my faves in the #Glastonbury lineup, including #SuperFurryAnimals @jessieware #hotchip #belleandsebastian but will they be playing on the Sunday (the only day I'm going!).
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Nothing is wasted and life is worth living Heaven is nowhere, just look to the stars There is a day that is yours for embracing Everything's nothing, and nothing is ours.. #hotchip #ifeelbetter #vsco #vscocam
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antomastro96 : 🔝
nazliosmanagaoglu : Karsiim buyuksun! 👊👏 @gndz
ecemsurel : 👌
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Lollapalooza Berlin 2015...the libs and various we are coming! #lollapalooza2 15 #berlin #lineup #thelibertines #fatboyslim #hotchip #digitalism #bastille #macklemore&ryanlewis #ffs #mightyoaks ....
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dani_dello : #lollapalooza2015
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my baby said she wanted some action. i said baby, i can't give you that : i'm a simple man. #iminlove amigos el mejor álbum de #hotchip necesito otro igual de bueno T.T #comingonstrong #babysaid #trip #goodmusic #thebestof
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So for our big 5th birthday bash we are having a Dj Set by the one and only Hot Chip and it's free entry. That's right...FREE! This is going to be huge! #theshippingforecast #HotChip
theshippingforecast - hotchip -
jsmnchng : @owalshy
charlotte195 : @jesslalang @mellisme fanccccyyy itttt?
beckylaw__ : @emltxo everywhere now 😂
tom_evo1983 : @lorna_adamevans fancy it?
s19jay : @jajypatel @sambska @pavdhande
s19jay : @jajypatel @sambska @pavdhande shit, realised I'm in brum that weekend
jajypatel : Good 1 @s19jay
mellisme : @charlotte195 @jesslalang g'wed
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#glastonbury2015 who's going??? #iwanto but can I risk the possibility of standing in #mud 🙈😂🙈😂 #foofighters #kanyewest #pharrellwilliams #maryjblige #rudimental #florenceandthemachine #palomafaith #azealiabanks #markronson #laroux #cleanbandit #lionelrichie #thechemicalbrothers #ellaeyre #thevaccines #fkatwigs #hotchip #royayers
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"Need to know" #hotchip #shynola #MusicVideo #videoclip #topoftheclips www.topoftheclips.com
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『12-Inch Dance: Indie』 New Order、Joy Division、Happy Mondays、EMF、 Radiohead、Aztec Camera、Echo & The Bunnymen Coldplay、Hot Chip、Hard-Fi、Lily Allen、Mystery Jets など 美味しいコンピ。CDなんですね。 LP希望 #NewOrder #JoyDivision #HappyMondays #EMF #Radiohead #AztecCamera #EchoandTheBunnymen #Coldplay #HotChip #HardFi #LilyAllen #MysteryJets #12inch #dance #indie
happymondays - emf - indie - mysteryjets - hardfi - lilyallen - echoandthebunnymen - coldplay - azteccamera - dance - 12inch - joydivision - hotchip - radiohead - neworder -
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Enjoying a bit of quiet time, making little necklaces for party bags & listening to Hot Chip... #Craft #JewelleryMaking #SewingRoom #CraftRoom #HotChip #ColorInspiration #ColourInspiration #ABMLifeIsColorful
abmlifeiscolorful - colourinspiration - craftroom - craft - hotchip - colorinspiration - sewingroom - jewellerymaking -
erinhen : Cannot stress enough how jealous I always am when I see your space. My dining room table just doesn't cut it!
designed_by_ben : @lucylovesyablog what a beautiful room!
lucylovesyablog : @erinhen Know what you mean. I spent years wiping marmite off fabric! Got the room in the end xx
lucylovesyablog : @designed_by_ben Thank you 💜
debbietowler : Gorgeous room
lucylovesyablog : @debbietowler Thanks x
one_little_leaf - siyahdantel - ceramicism - safa_jaberi -
#heyohletsgo #glastonbury #festival #2015 #glasto #lineup #kanyewest #foofighters #florence #pharrell #deadmau5 #cleanbandit #franzferdinand #hotchip #deathcabforcutie #alt-j #charlixcx #love #music #2monthstogo @ritafoiadelli
love - cleanbandit - glastonbury - glasto - kanyewest - foofighters - alt - florence - charlixcx - franzferdinand - pharrell - festival - 2monthstogo - deadmau5 - heyohletsgo - music - 2015 - hotchip - lineup - deathcabforcutie -
rossilosa : Anche io voglio!!!! Hai Gia preso I ticket?
mattbartoli : Ti svegli sempre tardi Ross! Già presi! Ormai non so se riesci più.. C'è una resale ma ci sarà il finimondo ☺️ sentiamoci su whatsapp! @rossilosa ❤️
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