Always awesome face timing with @mgn_miller and catching up! #facetime #applerules #highfive #new #hosanna #applepower #minnesota
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#amen #allfaith #artistkiwonkim #iam #drawthewordofgod #sonofgod #Holy #faith #faithinjesus #faithful #Glory #lnchrist #Lord #jesussaves #Jesus #jesuschrist #jesuscristo #hosanna #holyspirith #christians #christian #christianquotes #christianity #him #blessed #biblequote #message
biblequote - lnchrist - jesussaves - christian - holy - sonofgod - blessed - jesus - jesuscristo - drawthewordofgod - allfaith - message - him - christians - iam - faith - jesuschrist - holyspirith - faithful - glory - amen - christianquotes - christianity - faithinjesus - hosanna - lord - artistkiwonkim -
artistkiwonkim : Amen!!
bella_lovely_ : Amen❤️
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Thousands of people together to worship our Lord. Our God is amazing💛 🎶Hosanna in the highest Heal my heart and make it clean Open up my eyes to the things unseen Show me how to love like you have loved me Break my heart for what breaks yours Everything I am for Your kingdom's cause As I walk from earth into eternity🎶
hillsongunited - worship - hosanna -
negretekenia : #hosanna #HillsongUnited #Worship
_pris_22 : What a wonderful experience!!!😊 there's a lot of ppl!!:)
negretekenia : @_pris_22 yes!!! It was amazing!!!
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Friday night ! Gonna praise the Lord for His grace is sufficient for us! #yourgraceisenough #hosanna #specialcelebration #fun #gonnabeawesome
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shinyuan91 : What is that ??? Hahahah thats sooo funny
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#mywife #myvoiceofgermany #loveher #hosanna #worship
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There's nothing like singing for the creator!! Glory to God!! #music #song #cover #singing #god #christian #piano #becausehelives #praise #worship #lord #omega #hosanna #live#love#life @dgrievesy
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joeoubridge : Nice shirt man ;)
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| H I L L S O N G | lastnight 🙌 @ #theforum #hosanna #beauty
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danyelldoeshair : #hillsongunited
lexiiideol333 : So jealous! Looks awesome!!
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Hosanna - Hillsong united same guitar solo with the actual chords & better pedal effect🎶🎵🎸 #hillsongunited #hosanna
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rambo_9669 : Un corrido vale @jesus_lopez14
jesus_lopez14 : @rambo_9669 haha nah😅👎
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Heal my heart and make it clean, open up my eyes to the things unseen, show me how to love like you have loved me ❤️ #hosanna #hillsongunited #lethoperise #LAforum #concert #soldout #blessednight #inglewood
concert - inglewood - hosanna - lethoperise - hillsongunited - laforum - blessednight - soldout -
daniel_melgar : Love this song. Favorite!
311_angie : Lucky
steph_a_saurus : @311 thanks. A friend got us the tickets
obviously.sabrina : We need to go sis !
steph_a_saurus : @obviously.sabrina next concert we will go :)
obviously.sabrina : Okay (: let me know
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Bon Soir! And please , don't tell me that I should keep it for ages. The life passes So quickly . 😊
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enchnt_ : #Winelovers#winestagram
enchnt_ : #hosanna#chateau
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Break my heart for what breaks yours Everything I am for Your kingdom's cause As I walk from earth into eternity 🎶🎶🎶 #Hillsong #Hosanna
hillsong - hosanna -
gee_papril : LUCKY!!!
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"ALLAH" is the greatest, The Almighty, The High, The Creator of absolutely all things. Created everything from nothing, perfected all things End of the world is near, So wake up mankind and submit yourself to the truth. Islam is the truth. "ALLAH" is the truth . Submit yourself in total submission to "ALLAH", that is best for you, if you should know. Those who have rejected the truth and disobeyed their Lord a painful torment of hell awaits them all when they are returned.
essy_070 : Lol. @persianstrangr has some mental issues. I hope you get some help before you hurt someone. Or you spout off with your bullshit in real life and someone hurts YOU. 🔥🙌
essy_070 : 😂😂😂😂😂
callum_exo : Your pretty fucked up
totoro.the.satanist : Since when are fairy tales considered knowledge? The fairy tales and imaginary friend's you believe in aren't real.
jerkjesus : Why do you choose to believe in fairy tales?
slap_bassist : @luciquinn this guy has taken the full pledge to ignore facts and turn to religion. IDIOT BIATCH
wayward_melody_rp : Religion isn't the problem really. Its people like you. People who submit their will to gods are absolute IDIOTS. This is all just absolute ridiculousness. It corrupts people, ducks up their minds. Do me a favor a get your ass off Instagram
wayward_melody_rp : *and
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@textgramofficial #Hosanna
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# and that's why I seek no approval from man on this earth but God's. They love me today/hate me tomorrow. Not my business! I am only concerned with eternal things their concerned with temporal worldly things that could be snatched from them in a flash. Because they want to live their best life now!The day you stopped caring what society thought about you is the day you gained your independence as an individual. #Hosanna today #crucify him tomorrow #human beings are natural hypocrites, and were not perfect so count the cost of each relationship and action you take. Peace brothers/sisters😃😁✌
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"ALLAH" is the greatest, The Almighty, The High, The Creator of absolutely all things. Created everything from nothing, perfected all things End of the world is near, So wake up mankind and submit yourself to the truth. Islam is the truth. "ALLAH" is the truth . Submit yourself in total submission to "ALLAH", that is best for you, if you should know. Those who have rejected the truth and disobeyed their Lord a painful torment of hell awaits them all when they are returned.
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persianstrangr : #ALLAH #QURAN #islam #muslim #atheist #atheism #athiest #athiesm #christian #christianity #catholic #bible #jesus #messiah #savior #god #agnostic #christ #hosanna #religion #yeshua #yahweh #yashuah #lordjesus #jesusfreak
eggo_waffles : Your 4 stupidest posts all in one
essy_070 : dude I really can't tell if you're stupid or just a troll😂😂😭
michael_thekind : He's stupid @essy_070
essy_070 : @michael_thekind oh okay😂😂
cormad142 : This has to be one of the best trolls ever HAHAHAHAH
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#hillsong #saviourking #stillmyfavourite #hosanna #inyourfreedom
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Snagged this pic from another concert attendee! Wow! She SANG the heck out of Oceans! @hillsongunited #oceansismyfavoritesong #hosanna #worship #faith
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@hillsongunited what an incredible night of worship! #thankful #blessed #faith #hosanna #lovedtheencore
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poetrithepoet : Wow! Where was this?
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#trying .. Sad because I was missing out on the #hillsong #united #concert in #la .... #keys #piano #marcobarrientos #hosanna
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deysii_x : Omg i love this song (: !
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Taya Smith on vocals! #AlmostAsGoodAsBrooke #Hosanna Break my heart for what breaks yours Everything I am for Your kingdom's cause As I walk from earth into eternity
hillsongunited - hillsongmovie - hillsong - hosanna - almostasgoodasbrooke - lethoperise -
nomer18 : #hillsong #hillsongmovie #hillsongunited #LetHopeRise
madelynasmith : #justasgoodasBrooke 👍
nomer18 : @madelynasmith 😃
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#PaidinFull Needed some work to be done. #ink addiction, I'm feeling it. #JesusChrist paid for our sins with His life. #faithful #Love #GodsMySavior #GodsNotDead #hosanna #inkedchristian #tattooeddaddies #inkeddaddies
jesuschrist - love - faithful - godsmysavior - paidinfull - inkeddaddies - ink - tattooeddaddies - hosanna - godsnotdead - inkedchristian -
isaacm661 : Thank you @jonhalllovesyou for the awesome work
krystalaavila : @isaacm661 very nice! 🙏👌😉
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Spontaneous drive to LA to worship with Hillsong United? ✅ #glimpseofheaven #hosanna
glimpseofheaven - hosanna -
bestchestinthewest : Woah that's sick broseph!
gpinheirochavez : Ahh I'm here too! It was AMAZING!
gigerzz : Omg fun!
sarahndipityclark : Are you serious?! I am SO jealous!
benwest93 : @emkate1 @jamespasselin @imalaurable @reedyornothereicome
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mhg.1996 : อุ้ยคนสวย
gracygift : พี่เอง
fahtkp13 : ง่าาาาาา ง่อวววววว ฮือออออออ
gracygift : @fahtkp13 แกหน่ะ ไม่ยอมมาเด้อㅠㅠ
fahtkp13 : ก็ไปไม่ได้อ่ะ TT @gracygift
gracygift : @fahtkp13 โอ๋เอ๋ๆๆๆ ไว้คราวหน้าโนะ คถ. แกจัง ㅠㅠ
fahtkp13 : 😘😘😘 คิดถึงงงง @gracygift
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One of my favorite #songs #hosanna by #hillsong #hillsongthemovie #theforum
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officialkenille : I bet that was awesome!
stephrami89 : @officialkenille it was had a great time
officialkenille : I can imagine! That's amazing.
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#Fe #Obediencia #Hosanna #NadaEsImposible
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"ALLAH" is the greatest End of the world is near, So wake up mankind and submit yourself to the truth. Islam is the truth. "ALLAH" is the truth . Submit yourself in total submission to "ALLAH", that is best for you, if you should know. Those who have rejected the truth and disobeyed their Lord a painful torment of hell awaits them all when they are returned.
sunshine_faerie : What does satan have to do with what I said? Is this somehow proof that the Quran though written by a man is true? Because right now I'm confused as to how you came up with this answer. @persianstrangr
persianstrangr : @sunshine_faerie you believe that Satan is here to mislead mankind right? I also believe that Satan is hear to mislead mankind...... Satan is afraid of our creator.......... so just think now carefully,,,,,, if our LORD is here with us. Where do you think Satan will be? Satan will be scared and Satan will leave earth and will leave mankind. Are you thinking?
sunshine_faerie : Wow.. Ok listen if you claim God isn't with you or he's distanced himself from you he's abandoned you. God doesn't leave you to deal with life on you're own until you die, that's awful it justifies every bad thing on earth, someone once said without God everything is permissible. It's true, also you should start thinking satan knows he's defeated, Jesus conquered the grave, satan is doomed and will be in hell one day. He knows he's doomed he's trying to drag as many people down with him as he can, he wants everyone to turn away from God. Besides where do you expect the devil to go? To hell, maybe outer space? Your reasoning makes absolutely no sense. @persianstrangr
persianstrangr : @sunshine_faerie my Majesty my Lord is not hear among us but HE sees everything and knows everything. HE helps and guides whom HE wills. ALLAH only says "be" to whatever HE wishes to happen and it is. ............ but your jesus came directly to you with his voice talking to you shows weakness . What's the use of the brain mind and intelligent if your only going to hear listrn to voice? .............. I will prove to you that jesus is evil Satan. I with tag to to a post and I want you to let your jesus only listen to it. You will see fear in him. Okay wait
sunshine_faerie : If The Lord isn't here with you than you're distanced from Him. Being God I can understand where you're coming I mean what you're saying, but what I don't get is why Jesus coming to me makes Him weak. Why should I see Him as a monster? He died for me so that we wouldn't have to go to hell. Instead of sacrificing lambs daily like they did in the Old Testament for forgiveness of sins, Jesus came and was the sacrificial lamb for me so that he could indefinitely forgive me! He conquered the grave! How is this not the act of an almighty God?!! When we go to Him we simply accept his gift, he paid for it, our debt of sin is washed away. This isn't weakness, this is a God who loves me. This isn't puppy love or the feeling you get when you get married this is so much greater. I'll never fear Jesus, I love Him so much. "We love because he first loved us."
persianstrangr : @sunshine_faerie this is evil Satan who is misleading you. You just gave the complete answer that what your following is the evil Satan. ...JUST READ YOUR VERY LAST SENTENCE -> I'II never fear jesus, you love him vs much because jesus was the first to love you. ... DO YOU SEE HOW EVIL YOU ARE AND THAT YOUR FOLLOWING EVIL...... you are nothing created from nothing. Earth sun moon day night. Nature life food and drink all created from nothing by the Almighty... you are just a naked human being very weak weak weak you can't even live few min without air. .. and you follow someone who FIRST has to give you love? looks like your giving orders to jesus. Hey jesus you first give me love and then die for me. Then I will follow you. . And your jesus tells you yes my master I will love you first and die for you now follow.Are you thinking? ....................... even if ALLAH was to paralize me make me blond and deaf and make my life hard and miserable and makes me suffer in life. Even if "ALLAH" was to send a messenger telling me that ALLAH is not in need of you and that I'm already going to hell. .... I will still never abandon the truth. that I am slave of ALLAH for I do not give orders I only follow orders and if I need something . I will have to beg down on my knees like a poor weak beggar because we simply are poor weak beggars naked human being created from nothing. I will be striving towards ALLAH accepting me. ... I fear "ALLAH"......... . I do not fear jesus. Jesus has nothing, he cannot do anything other than whispering voices and he cannot even harm a fly
sunshine_faerie : You know I'm not that worried, I'm honestly so happy right now. I know you want me to be scared I don't understand why you want to scare me into believing what you think is truth but I do know that what I believe in is truth. We love because he first loves us is a bible verse meaning that because we he loves us unconditionally and he lives in us so we also are to love as he loved. You told me something similar about kindness remember though much differently, but I suspect it had to Do with how you act. Don't get me wrong I do fear Jesus he is God, but it's a holy sort of fear. I meant I will never see him as the bogey man or something you'd see in a Halloween movie. :) another things don't try to assume what I mean, you've done this before and usually you're wrong. I don't mind you asking questions either, so don't feel like you have to assume things. You are not willing to believe in Jesus because of love, right? Weakness is not tolerated, love isn't weakness as I'm trying to explain it's kind of hard to describe. I'll try, but I'm going to go out in a limb here and say you've never been on loves you've never experienced the feeling you want to spend your life with this person, or the pure ness and the happiness that comes along with it and the protectiveness, like you would do anything to keep her or him safe. If you can imagine this, then imagine this times a million and then multiply that by a billion and it still wouldn't be close to the amount of how much God leaves us. I'm sure you've heard of people who've died or sacrificed things for loved ones, they are heroes yet Jesus is considered weak, I'm sure that rising from the grave and conquering the dead must seem weak As well, but I love God and I respect Him. I believe and know that he isn't weak and I know that the person who convicts me of sin etc isn't the devil because as I said the devil does a lot of bad things but turning you away from sin is good and that's something he doesn't want you to do. He wants you to remain caught in your sin why would he turn you from it?
sunshine_faerie : Loves* not leaves sorry for the typos
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Good job braders :::. #teamwork #happyboys #radosnanowina2000 #hosanna #światełko #wradosnej #czekamy #na #was
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All day everyday fam! Never forget it! Shalom! ✊ #YahOverEverything #LookToTheSky #ILookToYou #Salvation #UnderstandLife #Hebrew #Hosanna #HeHasBeenNothingButGood #HeIsMyStrength #YouBetterBelieve #Shalom
shalom - hosanna - youbetterbelieve - hehasbeennothingbutgood - heismystrength - looktothesky - hebrew - ilooktoyou - salvation - yahovereverything - understandlife -
_carrie_21 : 🙌
yirmeyahu_ha_nabi : 👆👆 🙌 @_carrie_21
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I See the King of Glory. #SantaAnaPhotography #ComingOnTheCloudsWithFire #TheWholeEarthShakes #Hosanna
comingonthecloudswithfire - hosanna - thewholeearthshakes - santaanaphotography -
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Good morning Yashra'Al and Yah bless! #TheMostHigh #Yah #Yahusha #Messiah #LostTribes #LoveInstruction #Hebrew #Hosanna #YahuahOurRighteouness #BlessHisName #UnderstandLife #Shalom
themosthigh - shalom - hosanna - blesshisname - loveinstruction - yah - hebrew - yahusha - yahuahourrighteouness - messiah - understandlife - losttribes -
mssavvy__ : Good morning
yirmeyahu_ha_nabi : Good morning sister! @mssavvy__
black_pride_sis - biblepathwayadventures - angeleyez816 - frantz93 -
"ALLAH" is the greatest End of the world is near, So wake up mankind and submit yourself to the truth. Islam is the truth. "ALLAH" is the truth . Submit yourself in total submission to "ALLAH", that is best for you, if you should know. Those who have rejected the truth and disobeyed their Lord a painful torment of hell awaits them all when they are returned.
persianstrangr : @aimlesslywandering I can also explain to you how a house is built . So what if you can explain. It still has a creator. Evolution did not happen all alone by itself. Intelligence is there behind the evolution that is happening. ...... The human inventions for example. Did they just evolve and became better all by itself the cars mobile TV etc. .. no it did not evolve and became better by itself. mankind was behind their own inventions becoming better.
aimlesslywandering : I do not believe a house, which is static, not alive, and man made, is a comparable example to a living organism, which is dynamic, always in motion, alive, always changing. But I understand what you are trying to say. What part of Iran are you from? My old roomate of 3 years was persian, his dad emigrated here, he said he did not like the repression of some social factors in Iran... But then again he is a bit liberal compared to normal folk by you, or so he says.
sunshine_faerie : @aimlesslywandering I am Christian, I saw what you said about Why you don't believe in the bible or anything anymore, I'm not going to lie people do take the bible and twist what it says we live in a broken society, but the bible is true every word. I'm afraid I can't give evidence I'm afraid if I do i won't be able to do justice to it and you'll be confused but I do encourage you to search. And I would pray, I believe there's a higher power too of course. I an understand why you can see a greater design in nature, it's so beautiful and unbelievable how plants are so vital to our lives such as trees. I would pray, also I would read about a women names mimosa, it talks about her growing up without a bible in a bad part of the world she had only heard of God once but she knew God was with her, she followed god like this for most of her life and even grew up and became a teenager and adult before having another opportunity to hear about her God, even had several kids one of which died but she still believed. I believe the author is Amy Carmichael. I would also pray that God would show you what to do, if you're honestly seeking Him then he will show himself to you. I don't know when and I don't know how but God is waiting for you.
aimlesslywandering : @sunshine_faerie I see God, Allah, Yahweh, in untouched nature. Even in nature reclaiming damaged land. Nature has a purity to it, and treats all the same. Jesus died, and rose from the dead after 3 days... In a time where there was no science or technology. Perhaps he was in a coma? Many people have been thought to have died, then came back. Why do they get no recognition? How do u know one of them isnt Jesus, returning? If one of them told people he WAS Jesus, people would simply dismiss him as crazy, schizophrenic. How do we know Jesus wasnt crazy or schizo as well? To many things dont add up... But like I said, I am not an athiest. Just be agood human, help those less fortunate than yourself, or in times of need, and lets stop having wars over religion.
sunshine_faerie : Well, I can help you with the part about making sure Jesus was really dead. Remember they had no advanced medical knowledge this verse is of importance. John 19:34 But one of the soldiers pierced his side with a spear, and at once there came out blood and water. You can be assured that Jesus was who he said he was, we don't get the advantage of being able to see his miracles though and actually go back in time and be there, but we have His word. You are trying this is evident to worship the one true God, and I'm glad. You're not content with just anything it needs to be real. I hope this helps a bit. @aimlesslywandering
jack_the_joker72 : Every single religion is bullshit
jack_the_joker72 : Like what all of you believe in is just fucking fairy tales its make believe!
jerkjesus : @jack_the_joker72 I agree
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Hosanna in the highest 🎼 🎸 #guitar #acustic #hosanna #pratice #tagima #praise #worship #rock #bandfdj #jesusfreak
bandfdj - jesusfreak - rock - acustic - guitar - tagima - praise - hosanna - worship - pratice -
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#tbt #hosanna #eventos #friends #pme
pme - eventos - friends - tbt - hosanna -
kennacarialegre : Que equipaZo!!! Quiero un reencuentrooo 🙌 @emmanuelirizarry
emmanuelirizarry : @kennacarialegre siiii por favor!!! 😘
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