The team that explores together, stays together. #hosanna #family #bearlake
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"ALLAH" is the greatest. We Muslims understand that our prayers may or may not be answered. It may take time , can take really really very long time. We Muslims know that we are only creations of "ALLAH". HIS property, HIS slaves. We only obey and be patience in our life.
muslim - christian - quran - athiest - allah - agnostic - jesus - athiesm - atheist - savior - islam - catholic - bible - christ - god - christianity - atheism - hosanna - messiah -
persianstrangr : #ALLAH #QURAN #islam #muslim #atheist #atheism #athiest #athiesm #christian #christianity #catholic #bible #jesus #messiah #savior #god #agnostic #christ #hosanna
tegan_p1 : What does the Quran teach about Jesus?
answering_christianity : @tegan_p1 son of mary a prophet of god the Messiah the word of god not the son of god or god
persianstrangr : @tegan_p1 jesus is a great prophet messenger of ALLAH. Jesus was born miracle from a virgin Mary without a father. Jesus cured the sick, the blind the leper and raised the dead. Jesus created a bird and gave life to it. All that with the help of his LORD ALLAH. Jesus spoke the truth and guided mankind towards worshiping ALLAH his LORD and your Lord. And that jesus will indeed be coming back in the end of times by the permission of his LORD ALLAH and that jesus will once again speak the truth like last time and fight corruption and kill the evil anti-christ fake jesus that will also return misleading mankind saying he is god. ...... jesus is no different than our prophet Muhammad, prophet moses, noah, Joseph, Abraham , Adam and many others they were all nothing but messengers obedient slave of ALLAH guiding mankind to truth to ALLAH LORD of all the world's
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#Hosanna @cryssie_k @nellypaulse @cindasb29 @prettygal_gabz @ystynder
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joannacnavarro : #icandoallthings#prayer#intercede#hehearsme#womanofgod#youarefaithful#hosanna#thereispowerinthenamwofjesus
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#hosanna #hillsong #singing whit my #keyboord #worship #cover
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nathandavisjr : Nice job!! :) listen to my new cover!
garrettgengler : Great post! Check out my page I am a young upcoming music producer shooting for his dreams. My band is called GALAXXIES and we recently got on iTunes! Please check out my music & covers you’ll love it! Link in bio 🌌
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Hosanna by Marcos Barrientos (intro) likes? 🎹 #hosanna #piano #musician
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hydgeminatorone : Love the lights my son.....
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#InstaSize#amen #artistkiwonkim #drawthewordofgod #followjesus #faith #faithful #grace #godbless #hosanna #holyspirit #holyghost #jesuschrist #jesusdaily #jesussalva #jesus #christian #christianity #him #christ #biblequote #ilovejesus #iam #word #oneway #praisejesus#lord #lnchrist
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leniegurl : hi do you sell your paintings?
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#good #morning #sun #thanks #God #hosanna #hosannainthehighest
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#BangingHard TeePhlow - #HOSANNA ft. Nature and Kwabena Kwabena (prod. By da'Hammer) Click here to download
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assignmentmcaggreyjnr : Nyc song @teephlow
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OUT NOW TeePhlow - #HOSANNA ft. Nature and Kwabena Kwabena (prod. By da'Hammer) Click here to download
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rebeccabenjamen : #hosanna Each tyme, just each tyme I hear this song out of random, my heart does this twist n turn & I fall in love all over again. Never fell out of it since the first tyme I heard it :D
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#HowHeLoves #Love #Unconditional #JesusChrist #King #Glory #PraiseTheLord #OurSaviour #Mercy #Grace #Unashamed #Gospel #GoodNews #God #Hosanna #TheMostHigh
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Morning worship🙏🎤 #Godisgood #lifthimup #IsraelHoughton #Hosanna #Checkoutmymicdoe😅
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misss_guided : Limited addition ;) @samuelschristopher
samuelschristopher : lmfao :) borrow me lol @misss_guided
misss_guided : Hahahahaha it's only found in E.L @samuelschristopher
samuelschristopher : lmfao its a sign that I shud cum el @misss_guided
misss_guided : Definitely one @samuelschristopher and you should follow these signs
samuelschristopher : lmfao I shud:)@misss_guided ..... so if I cum dwn u gonna sing fr me:)on ur wooden mike:)
misss_guided : Lol of course :) @samuelschristopher
samuelschristopher : cnt wait :)
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#Hosanna sunday
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Where was I when the rockets came to life and carried you away? #papa #afternoons #oceans #hosanna #john15 #ephesians2 #genesis1one #owlcity #new #prayerlist
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If a man finds a woman that fears Yahuah and reads and keeps the bible (Torah, etc) she is a keeper! That's a gift from The Most High! Good night and shalom! #AHAYAH #ALAHYM #AWESOME #WONDERFUL #WOMAN #EVE #RIB #HEBREW #HOSANNA #YAHUAH #YAHUDIM #YAHUDAH #YASHARAL #YOUBETTERBELIEVE #SOBEIT
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Rub your eyes you're a star in the summer night. #bonfire #fire #firecity #hosanna #shootingstar #twilightzone #wakemeupwhenseptemberends #new
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tamicalinwood : If you are self-motivated📖, enjoy helping others👪, a hustler and a dream chaser🏠💵, then this is for you! Txt 📲786-366-7013 and IG name.
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Cell phone video under water
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brinnycakes : Awesome :)
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Hosanna!!! #aviary #hosanna #pôrdosol #camS3
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#estudiando #escuchomusica #relajarme #diacansado #leer #Hiisong #hosanna amo esta canción #hIIsongunited muestrame tu corazón "
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So blessed to be apart of such a great ministry. It's an honor to lead this campus with these beautiful people. #Hosanna 2014-2015. It's going to be a great year.
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vincepeterson : #SQUAD
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"ALLAH" is the greatest, creator of absolutely all thing "ALLAH" is the greatest above all the false gods For the unbelievers, evil doers, preventer of good, aggressor, doubters,those who rejected disobeyed "ALLAH" and his message, those who tried to extinguish the light of ALLAH, those who took the path of satan, WHAT terrifying moment awaits them all after death. Indeed it is the most horrific, most severe, most painful torment of hell awaits them all after death when they are returned.
persianstrangr : @dumkoffe indeed isaac Newton was and do you know what was his belief?
dumkoffe : @persianstrangr he was a devout Christian who believed that Jesus wasn't god.
dannykid95 : @persianstrangr He also believed in alchemy. Do you believe in alchemy?
persianstrangr : @dumkoffe exactly your right he was a devout Christian , following the true teachings of Christianity . He rejected trinity and divinity of jesus. He rejected the corrupted bibke parts and he keot his bekief a secret because if he made it public he would have lost everything and probably killed. He believed God is most powerful and is 1 unique no weaknesses no equal to him and that jesus is only a messenger . In other words you could say his belief was same as Islam we believe In the exact same thing................ @dannykid95 we don't know what he was exactly doing with alchemy. But I believe in him. He was an indeed very intelligent man and that he believed In "ALLAH" 1 unique most powerful no weakness no equal to him creator of all things and the one in control. He even predicted the end of the world would be no earlier than 2060 very very interesting for a man of his intelligence. I already believed that were living in the end of times.
dannykid95 : @persianstrangr He spent a good chunk of his life trying to make other metals turn into gold. We know now that is NONSENSE. Just because Newton believed in something DOES NOT mean it was correct. Unfortunately, Newton spent a lot of his time also studying the bible instead of improving on science and mathematics.
dannykid95 : @persianstrangr Every generation has claimed it was in the "end times" — well guess what? We're still here.
dannykid95 : @dannykid95 If Newton was born today, he'd most likely be an agnostic and/or atheist. In his time, we didn't know about evolution. We don't know about genetics. We didn't know about the vast expanse of space. We were very ignorant. Now we know better.
dumkoffe : @persianstrangr well he didn't believe in the teachings of Muhammad so I don't think he was Muslim, but I also don't see how it is in any way relevant. There have been thousands of brilliant Muslim scientists.
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Album of the day. ... #celebration#choir#zimbabwe#hallelujah#hosanna ..... thesis editing #grind feeling blessed
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life_explosion : Hey, Have an unbelievable day :) Stay Gold
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"Mostra-me que nada sou, tudo o que eu tenho é para o Teu louvou e do nada vou chegar perto de Ti" 😌🙏👆 #Hosana #Hosanna #Hillsong #Hoshana #Salva-nos, #SENHOR!! #Lord #God #DeusLindo #music #acoustic #guitar #violão #Condor #photo #pretoebranco #InstaSize #Snapseed
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#hosanna #ilovethissong❤️ #hillsong 🙏☝️
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shielayusingco : Ambal nakatag sakin to sa fb pero pag tiningnan ko wala naman hehe nasa notif lang hehe
christianclothing : Hey! We are a clothing company devoted to bringing a message of love and hope to the world through an edgy and powerful message! Please check us out! @christianclothing
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SHOUT! #Hosanna #Jesus #God
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gbyouthmin : Well, good morning, @therealmilesespy!
therealmilesespy : Good morning @gbyouthmin!
gbyouthmin : Yo, @itsxebony_xo! How are you doing today?
itsxebony_xo : I'm doing great this beautiful morning , how are you?
gbyouthmin : @itsxebony_xo, never better, Sweet Lady! Hope to see you Wednesday night!
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"ALLAH" is the greatest Prophet Muhammad is an obedient slave and a messenger of "ALLAH".
muslim - christian - quran - athiest - allah - agnostic - jesus - athiesm - atheist - savior - islam - catholic - bible - christ - god - christianity - atheism - hosanna - messiah -
persianstrangr : @so_great_a_salvation isa never said he can forgive the sin but that he will pray to the LORD for you but that you should not stray from the path of truth @tan71500 nobody knows the exact date of the end of the world but from looking at what's happening in the world I can say that we are very very near ....Sir isaac Newton one of the greatest man of all times , a monotheist rejected trinity, divinity of jesus. In other words you could say that sir isaac Newton lived according to the true teachings of jesus and rejected the corrupted bible , Sir isaac Newton lived and believed same as belief of Islam. And also Sir isaac Newton predicted that the end of the world will not be earlier that 2060. Is could very will be, we are indeed close to end of times. You can research about Isaac Newton
so_great_a_salvation : @persianstrangr - My dear friend I will leave now, because I know the origin of true salvation. It doesn't lie in my arguments won or loss with you. I have loved my neighbor as myself and told you the truth regarding Jesus. You will find out for yourself, since LOGIC determines your path, LOGIC will condemn you!
persianstrangr : @so_great_a_salvation truth supports logic fact prove evidence. Falsehood rejects all that and accepts blind faith . So what do you support?
tan71500 : @persianstrangr 2060 it's still very far
so_great_a_salvation : @persianstrangr - Once again my dearest friend, I've appreciated the discourse but, it's not my job to raise your heart from the dead. That is the work of Christ. "Truly, truly, I say to you, an hour is coming and now is, when the dead will hear the voice of the Son of God, and those who hear will live." - John 5:25
so_great_a_salvation : @persianstrangr - I will go now.
truth_will_set_u_free : @so_great_a_salvation well said
dumkoffe : See, I like this picture, post more like this. It isn't filled with stupid nonsensical garbage that makes you look like an idiot.
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#hosanna#festival#2014#good#time#with#friends#TGD#selfie <3
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The beginning pencils of 'Joshua The Son of Nun'. #newbeginnings #pencils #deuteronomy #Israel #bymichaelstott #new #hosanna #highfive #spies
pencils - israel - highfive - deuteronomy - spies - hosanna - new - bymichaelstott - newbeginnings -
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yahuah - yahushua - halleluyah - aluah - hebrew - kings - queens - sobeit - ancient - knowledge - shalom - yahudah - priests - ahayah - prophets - yahudim - hosanna - yahusha - knowthyself - alahym -
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#Metales #Hosanna #Music
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"Heal my heart and make it clean. Open up my eyes to the things unseen. Show me how to love like you have loved me. Break my heart for what breaks yours."
lyrics - nature - joy - socal - strength - sunrays - pacificocean - ocean - manhattanbeach - hillsong - sun - reality - sunset - truth - hosanna - fun - beach -
bunnypiehead : @magic_momentz ohhh, much appreciate!
bunnypiehead : @gene7 Hello, Gene!!! 💗
al_josha : Wow!! ✨ ✨ ✨
cortado_ : :) @bunnypiehead
bunnypiehead : @al_josha Precious you are.
johnjoesonbud : These are some of the best you have done. You should print this and sell them.
barking_tree : Fantastic 👍
white_from_black : 👌
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#hillsong #hosanna #lettering #handlettering #thedailytype #art #typography #vsco #vscocam
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