Giant #hornetsnest on my building. The locals are blaming the #hipsters.. #williamsburg #brooklyn
smfh - hipsters - williamsburg - brooklyn - hornetsnest -
kyliesobel : #ew
marty_mckfly : @kyliesobel hundreds of hornets. #smfh
babygraf : Do hipsters attract hornets?
kyliesobel : Let's convince a shop around here that hornets wings are a natural aphrodisiac and become the supplier. We'll be rich Williamsburgians
marty_mckfly : @babygraf I doubt it, but anything that goes wrong around here has to involve the hipsters!
marty_mckfly : @kyliesobel gonna research that!
jennygersten : Those hornets placed those white flags on the Bk Bridge right?
marty_mckfly : @jennygersten also blaming the white flags on the hipsters.
grand_ma5ter_flash - nataliaarar - theboldpotato - babygraf -
#buglife closeup of huge #hornetsnest at #mycasa that I found cutting the grass today. Interesting entrance they built. Even my #bugs are #attentionwhore s lol
mycasa - attentionwhore - bugs - hornetsnest - buglife -
onestak - wolvertonmountainwoman - christopherupperman - soupinatrix -
#buglife marked a huge underground #hornetsnest I found cutting the grass #mycasa #atlanta #attentionwhore
mycasa - atlanta - attentionwhore - hornetsnest - buglife -
katiedeedle : Those are horrifying! I fell into one about 5-6 years ago. Not fun at all
pinellasnorm : @katiedeedle holy crap, did the ground give way under you standing on one? Here in Georgia that clay is hard as cement during the summer unless it rains for days. I'm going to use a foam hornet spray and cover it with a bucket so the ones that fly up and hit the bucket before figuring out how to get away and sting me.
katiedeedle : We were laying on the nest without realizing it. We heard a loud buzzing noise, thought it was the chainsaw we use up there, then we thought there was an earthquake b/c all of a sudden we fell down and she fell on top of me so i got most of the stings. A foam is always the best at killing bees. I suggest doing it right before dawn before they go out to look for flowers
katiedeedle - onestak - wolvertonmountainwoman - soupinatrix -
Huge #hornetsnest outside my window.. #imnervousthough
imnervousthough - hornetsnest -
hollsz_23 : What the hell?!! That just made me nervous for you!
drew_shu : @itzmellymel no sir! That's what landlords are for Lol
itzmellymel : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚lol @bk_drewski
nboogs : Be safe hunny b lol
drew_shu : @nboogs man look. I'm boarding my room up!
blackcherry45 : What da hell is that
drew_shu : @blackcherry45 some bullshit. That's what it is lol
vinceofbk : U left your honey buns out again bbbbbbb?
brueklen_dee - catch_a_fire1 - therealkendoll27 - itzmellymel -
This is how we spend quality time together.. lol. #hornetsnest #hornets #babies #disecting #whodoesthis?
babies - whodoesthis - mybffjill - hornets - disecting - hornetsnest -
whitetrashbeautifulll : They are still wiggling n grossing out #mybffjill 's 8 year old lol.
andys_gopro : Pretty gnarly
mopar_8349 - sharksandseeds - 24moto - jbooty85 -
I almost stuck my hand in this box today! #hornets #bees #bugs #hornetsnest #bugnest #badidea #mailbox #ouch #oops #almosthurtmyself
bugnest - almosthurtmyself - ouch - hornetsnest - bugs - bees - oops - badidea - mailbox - hornets -
theparloricecream - dundlowgladis - laurenebouillon - pynealex -
Them #whitefacedhornets though... 😳🐝 #beesnest #hornetsnest #nature
beesnest - whitefacedhornets - hornetsnest - nature -
ashleexjulia : Stoppp that thing is huge
ashleexjulia - samannntha__ - bzbarbie -
#hornetsnest that one of the techs brought to the office
hornetsnest -
kdehn3 - alyssa__morgan -
This lovely family of #hornets have decided to move into, or rather, ONTO our building. #hornetsnest #neighbors #brooklyn
neighbors - brooklyn - hornets - hornetsnest -
theparloricecream : Superb!
queen_adrock : Kill it with fire!
modernsuperninja : Lol
Good morning, Charlotte!!! #charlotte #qc #queencity #hornetsnest
charlotte - qc - hornetsnest - queencity -
volleyball_run_swim - abcampbell85 - 704court - bleedsbabyblue -
This was the Hornets nest that was taken down from the tree in my backyard today! It's been there for about a week!! #HornetsNest #Huge #new
huge - hornetsnest - new -
chrislengua - sean_baudille10 - ohsnapits_ean - _positive.vibes1 -
Just had a random neighbor knock on my door to tell me about this #hornetsnest #yikes
yikes - hornetsnest -
mama_who_runs : @thejaderocks we had one in the right Eve of our house 2 summers ago. Mike got a hornet and wasp killer that sprays 18ft away. Make sure you wait until it's dark, spray and run like hell. They sleep at night though so it's a lot safer...
mama_who_runs : Or if you're close enough open a window and try to spray it
thejaderocks : @mama_who_runs it's all the way out at the front right by the street. Im going to call my landlord tomorrow and see if they will do something. If not then i guess ill figure something out.
thejaderocks : @cam_for_short I am not a teenage boy. I dont throw random objects at a nest full of angry hornets.
thejaderocks : Also for perspecrive, its approximately the size of Winnie the Poohs honey pot or a little larger than a gallon of milk. I zoomed in for this video.
cam_for_short : That's awesome.
sonloplen : Oh. Heck. No.
stevenswithaph : Time to call your daddy!!
stepht2thetay -
Trying to #relax in the #hottub with my #wine and #madmen nope #hornet #hornetsnest #gross
madmen - gross - hottub - hornet - relax - hornetsnest - wine -
hollywd44 - grapefriend - winedesigns - _kellyrich_ -
It's my city... #buzzcity #queencity #crowntown #clt #hornetsnest #TheQC . No matter what you call it, #charlotte is home. #charlottesgotalot #southendclt
charlotte - southendclt - theqc - hornetsnest - buzzcity - crowntown - queencity - clt - charlottesgotalot -
dovicsak : @airwaysdrew07 it sure is!!
scmurse628 : @dovicsak you need to work for the chamber of commerce. Haha you are the billboard man for CLT and I love it
dovicsak : @scmurse628 they don't pay enough haha
psbart : Very nice pic. @dovicsak
davie_doobie : What a beautiful cityscape. We don't have skies that clear in LA. As a matter of fact the only reason our sunsets are nice is because of the smog, lol.
dovicsak : @davie_doobie Charlotte really is a beautiful place! I like LA too though, but just to visit :)
davie_doobie : I'll have to visit one day.
cltjames : Great pic!
mcint7927 - bobbyk_88 - profitonline - justinaugust57 -
Just found a disaster waiting to happen! How can I get rid of an underground #hornetsNest 🐝🐝🐝
gameover - hornetsnest -
mavsgirl_mze : @unclevic13 just move!
667jf : @unclevic13 call Orkin
unclevic13 : Lol @mavsgirl_mze
unclevic13 : @667jf we could no see that nest until the yard was cut but that nest looks deep. I would hate to step on it and it caves in? #gameover
toneschaser : A quart of gas will kill them on contact. Not so Eco friendly bit it works. Do it at night.
fluecok : How scary!!!!!!
deziree_cx - albertogdallas16 - 667jf - dallas_mavs33 -
#beeshive at workπŸ˜³πŸ˜±πŸƒπŸ’¨#waspnest hate #bees fuck that. I'm staying inside
beeshive - bees - hornetsnest - waspnest -
danceswifwolves : That's a hornet nest bees are friendly hornets are not
jaydubbzz : @danceswifwolves That's what I meant oops #hornetsnest
rebecca_lynneee : That's not what you meant lmao
danceswifwolves : Lmaoo
nikfrevr - garrick_joye - joshr_gti - rebecca_lynneee -
Inside a hornets nest I took down from my eave. I wish I could have kept the whole thing in tacked but the spray I used demolished the outside. Hated to have to destroy them but it had to be done. #hornetnest #hornetsnest #honeycomb #hornet #beesnest #beenest #hornetnestinside #larva #hornetlarva
beesnest - hornetnestinside - larva - hornetsnest - hornetlarva - beenest - hornetnest - hornet - honeycomb -
katmpt : Really love this
destination_anywhere1 : @katmpt I'll bring it over sometime so you can play with it. 😜
sterlaphine : Minus the bees please 😁
jaboasis86 - stashmeister - sterlaphine - nicholed02 -
#hornetsnest #bees #wasp #bulldozer
wasp - bulldozer - bees - hornetsnest -
d.j.riley : Looks like #scrapmetal
skyslimit11 - magnumopus_art - shealie52794 -
#hornetsnest I #tookout @ #work #yesterday I didnt get #stung #once #crazy #landscaping
crazy - tookout - stung - work - yesterday - hornetsnest - landscaping - once -
jpwhitt123 - kittynaynayy -
Why is this right next to my house? No. #hornetsnest #bees
bees - trynottogetstung - hornetsnest -
aaauuusssiii : I was literally just about to insta this. 10 feet from where i sleep #great
connorschessler : Haha two think alike
logan_catherine : Beat you to it #trynottogetstung @aaauuusssiii
lilyshehadi - cherylz98 - truman_joseph_teduits - lolitsann -
beehive - bees - hornets - hornetsnest -
dopezra : #bees#hornetsnest#beehive
venuslovesvirgo : @dopezra 😎
scoleluv : Ohhh whoaaaaa
destination_anywhere1 - jubarocha - jambo_art - missluceyinthesky -
#hornetsnest #climbinghydrangea #stinginginsects
climbinghydrangea - stinginginsects - hornetsnest -
karma_64 : Hornets nest found in climbing hydrangea bush!
briannadaley - destination_anywhere1 - -
The hornet nest has tripled in size over the past few days. Now it's truly terrifying. #hornetsnest #buzzcity #nature #evil #killitwithfire
killitwithfire - buzzcity - evil - hornetsnest - nature -
blanchab1 - jamessielaff - menezesmarcio1967 - shadylikealady -
#SupportOurTroops #HornetsNest
hornetsnest - supportourtroops -
1000stings - pain - bees - sizeofabasketball - ouch - hornetsnest -
tinakarlin : Getingbo?
pellebang - issaksjokvisst - frukarlin - mivosy -
#hornetsnest #hornetshideout #hollerlife
hollerlife - hornetsnest - hornetshideout -
prettymamasuzi - gunbritt_kronstrom - grandytrip - leianegibson -
@krazy_gg @__gracie_dog__ watching @mitchelmd light hornets nest on fire!!!! #hornetsnestingire #funny #hornetsnest #hornets #fire #deadhornets #tobadforthehornets #hornetssuck #hatehornets
funny - fire - tobadforthehornets - hornetssuck - hornetsnestingire - hornetsnest - hatehornets - deadhornets - hornets -
5kin5minutes - janey_em - ason1388 - kaitlynramsrud -
my hornets ❀️ #hornetsnest #hondahornet #919
hondahornet - 919 - hornetsnest -
hooligan4l_ : #eyegasm
hooligan4l_ : I wouldn't mind those hornets buzzing around me
leerat6969 : Which one do I get to ride??? Lol
hailscience_ : @hooligan4l_ until you get stung! lol
hailscience_ : @leerat6969 both :) lol
hooligan4l_ : I wouldn't mind getting stung by either of those beauties 😍😍😍
davidgarcia09_ - its_santi_bro24 - _benjaminbarbara - juanivich -
Hornets Nest Holy Shitballs Batman..#hornets#hornetsnest#ouch
hornets - ouch - hornetsnest -
hanapolnau -
This is the best they would pose for. #australian #cattledog #acd #blueheeler #redheeler #charlotte #northcarolina #hornetsnest #summertime #heelernation #heelersofinstagram #cowdogs
charlotte - heelernation - acd - northcarolina - blueheeler - hornetsnest - cattledog - cowdogs - summertime - redheeler - heelersofinstagram - australian -
shopmintrose : Wow like it!
rhett_foster - missyrhea68 - legreen0606 - dominican_nina -
I don't know about this bee's nest. All the bees are gone but it's still scary. #yorkie #yorkieboy #yorkshireterrier #beesnest #hornetsnest
yorkshireterrier - yorkieboy - yorkie - hornetsnest - beesnest -
donna_lee_t : The moment of recognition is so great. :)
donna_lee_t - prettylittleyorks - thebestyorkies -
Building their Hornet's nest #Vacanze #Calabria #ReggioCalabria #Italy #Bella #Italia #Summer #Summertime #Beautiful #Sunshine #Sun #Wonderful #Nature #Respect #Art #Work #Wasps #HornetsNest #Pink #Flowers
beautiful - summer - calabria - art - nature - vacanze - hornetsnest - wasps - respect - flowers - pink - italy - reggiocalabria - sun - work - bella - wonderful - italia - summertime - sunshine -
itsmissaller : Great shot!
hawaicoconutlady : Thanks @itsmissaller!
mohd7894 - giuseppe_rositano - reggiocalabriaphoto - sonicnutella -
When I was a kid, my mom found a dead pelican on the beach and brought it home. Now she has a defunct #hornetsnest on her mantle. #somethingsneverchange
somethingsneverchange - hornetsnest -
je_documentary - fridacallous - tarasgroi - dailygluttony -
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