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comicbtherapy : $22 shipping included. USA only
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#titancosplay #cable #xmen #babyhope #nathansummers #hopesummers #marvel #marvelcosplay #cosplayplans #nerdyfather My fiance is pregnant and besides be super happy about having my first kiddo, I'm pumped that I'll be able to do a legit Cable & baby Hope cosplay!
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annakacosplay : CONGRATS!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
thelusir : Your kid's first cosplay! So exciting!
of_house_nguyen : YAAAASSSSS!!!!!
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Final move. Charge #HopeSummers with #RedHulk. Looked into the aether saw rolling doubles. Typed my prediction into my phone, told him that I'd share what I "saw" after the roll. Rolled two 5s. Red Hulk's 3 damage was enough to knock Hope onto her last click. The doubles knocked her backward and off the cliff, falling to her death. Oh the horror!!! Hehehe #Heroclix #MarvelComics #gaymergeek #gaycomicgeek #deathblow #killshot #MortalKombat #FinishHer
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Had my #RedHulk based next to #HopeSummers. Definitely looked like she was in my sights... that was until I successfully rolled breakaway charge, running past her, to pick up a heavy object and kill #ExNihilo. #Heroclix #MarvelComics #gaygeek #gaymergeek #gaycomicgeek
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The second game yesterday, #Intelligencia vs random ensemble. #Heroclix #MarvelComics #RedHulk #RedSheHulk #theLeader #Modam #HopeSummers #ExNihilo #gaymergeek #gaygeek #gaycomicgeek
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$20 each shipped US or both for $35 #xmen 205 #1stappearance of#HopeSummers #marvel #comics #cable #NathanSummers
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A Rarity, Summers and Louise selfie! - I tried people, I seriously tried to get this right 😂
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🙏🙌👍👌 #MarvelMotivationMonday #MotivationalMonday #Marvel #HopeSummers #mutant #determination #motivation #inspired #nerd
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#marvelmotivationmonday #marvel #hopesummers #mutant
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#hopesummers keep pushing me #marvel #marvelnation #marvelites @ilovemarvelfan
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Here's some #MarvelMotivationMonday !! Sorry I've been inactive lately, I've been sick the last 3 days and I haven't really gotten better yet😔 #marvel #shield #hydra #captainamerica #wintersoldier #avengers #avenger #hopesummers #motivation #quotes #motivationmonday #yougotthis #sick
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#MarvelMotivationMonday #HopeSummers
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Never let anyone push you so hard that you unlock your full potential. They're going to end up in shock when they see what you can do. Have a #MarvelousMonday and a great week #TrueBelievers #MarvelMotivationMonday #HopeSummers
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Repost from @marvel #quote #quoteoftheday #marvel #motivation #marvelmotivationmonday #superhero #comics #hopesummers #mcu #striveforgreatness #inspirational
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jessicashields_fitlife : Love this!
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Prove it. #hope #hopesummers #hero #marvel #comics #motivational #quote #motivationmonday #marvelmotivationmonday #happymondays #wise #words #love #this #pushit #pushyourself #proveit #follow #followme #tfl #tflers #TagForLikes #TagsForLikes #likes4likes #like4like #likesforlikes #likeforlike #l4l #likealways #20likes
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Choose your power. Ok, I haven't done this challenge in a few days but I'm trying to catch up. If I had to choose a power, I'd go with Hope Summers powers. She's an omega level mutant who can mimic the powers of other mutants without touching them. She is also the adopted daughter of Cable 🙌 #comics #comicbooks #comicchallenge #comicbookchallenge #marvel #marvelfans #marvelcomics #hopesummers #cable
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filmandtvmemes_classicsnmore : 👌😉
davidellis01 : That's pretty damn powerful!
daftdelinquent : I'd pic her power or Shadowcat's power
atrandomfandom : 🙌
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To apaixonado pela Hope 😍 #hope #hopesummers #xmen #mutant #mutants #marveluniverse #marvel #marvelcomics #comics
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One of my favorite X-Men and until recent years was one of the most underrated characters. Scott Summers is a prime example of why the X books are the best selling comic series of all time. While many series stagnant and stay fairly static for the decades that they are published, the X-Men books thrive on evolution and character development. Scott Summers was the leader of the X-Men since 1963 and for nearly 50 years was the archetypical play by the rules boy scout leader hero. He was a real stick in the mud but was always counted on to follow the rules and be the good guy. He truly believed that Xaiver's dream of mutants living peacefully with humans was possible. He fought for decades for a world of people that hated and feared him for no good reason. That is why it is so amazing that Cyclops has cracked and broken down after multiple traumatic events and is now the exact thing that he has been fighting against all these years. Scott is now Xaiver's greatest failure. Scott has grown away from protecting and serving a world that fears him and will do anything to protect the mutant race. He is not above committing terrorist acts and killing in cold blood to get his point across. You could argue and say that while he was fighting for humanity all these years, he was fighting and pushing back his true self all these years. If you would have told me in 1999-2003 that Scott Summers would be one of the greatest X-Men villains in the last twenty years, I would have laughed in your face despite the writing being on the wall right in front of me. I'm not sure if Scott Summers can ever truly redeem himself but I know that I am excited to see where ol' Cykes ends up in another ten years. #scottsummers #hopesummers #jeangrey #cyclops #xmen #xmencomics #comicbooks #xaiver
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queef__latina : Well he just died so haha
queef__latina : 616 cyclops
born_from_restlessdreams : @queef__latina he'll be back lol
queef__latina : Most definitely, I'm curious in what form though. Marvel has a chance to start fresh with the X-Men without this whole schism between Scott and Logan, even though he's dead too.
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My little bubba Summer. It's play day this afternoon and she's very happy about it Ignore my weird voice at the end haha #germanshepherd #puppy #doggy #sghpets #sgh #suicidegirlhopeful #girlswithtattoos #hopesummers #thatsherfullname #mybub #instagood #pets #doggy #girlswithink #bigdogs #sharpei
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jpgorys : Such a cutie, playing with another cutie ;)
_thedrink : awesome
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🔱•From Beyond•🔱 Would love to see these characters on the big screen 🎥 | #cable #hopesummers #cyclops #xmen #avengers #avengersageofultron #ageofultron #infinitywar #xmenapocalypse #captainamericacivilwar #civilwar #ironman #thor #hulk #captainamerica #scarletwitch #blackwidow #hawkeye #daredevil #spiderman #wolverine #deadpool #marveluniverse #marvelstudios #marvel #comicart #conceptart #deviantart #marvelcomics
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fun4spidey : Nice
rayyner : Cable ? Great
doof_warrior_ : yes I want Xforce movie
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A tribute to the hosts of the Phoenix Force! Song: Burn by Ellie Goulding #cyclops #scottsummers #jeangrey #phoenix #fire #emmafrost #magik #colossus #hopesummers #rachelgrey #namor #comics #xmen #marvel #vidoe
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maybel_scenes : 👏👏 Great #page 😊 : Thank you so much!!!❤️☺️ @maybel_scenes
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#ImperialComicVerse #21Favorite #FemaleMarvelSuperHeroes #3 #HopeSummers from the #MessiahComplex #Xmen #XmenUniverse #Marvel #MarvelUniverse #MarvelComics #MarvelCinematicUniverse #Anime #Animated #Animation #ComicArt #ArtWork #Cartoons #Toons #CartoonCharacters #Likes #TagsForlikes #LikesForLikes #ShowSomeLove #Likes
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wolforchid : This I really good
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Battle Of The Fema....Day Season 2 #22! ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ #JeanGrey #DarkPhoenix Vs #HopeSummers #DarkPhoenix #FavoriteFemaleHero ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Location: Genosha Preptime: None Backup: None Restrictions: None Bloodlust: On Time of Day: Morning Things To Know: Whoever Wins Is The True Phoenix. Also you can count who's hotter *whispers* Hope... Gear: Standard Gear Morals: On Battle To The: Death My Opinion: Hope Summers ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Who Wins You Decide! **Dont Be Biased** Sorry about Marvel Vs DC being moved to Friday Hopefully you enjoy this fight ~Charger
favoritefemalehero - hopesummers - darkphoenix - 22 - jeangrey -
raven13098 : Biased
dc_is_better_than_marvel : Jean
_coltons._ : Jean
_red_hood.scorpion_pics : Hope summers
_red_hood.scorpion_pics : Agreed hope is hotter
mahmood1st : jean
joe_vegas_ : Hope
benjamin_kch : Jean
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Cable and Hope : saviors of mutantkind. #cable #hopesummers #marvel #marvellegends #xmen #toyslagram #rebeltoysclub #toyphotography #toygroup_alliance #toygang #biondiverickzer #gamer #acba #articulatedcomicbookart #actionfigurephotography #timetravel #tcb #daddydaughter
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ickzer1 : #uncannyxmen
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🏆 @MUTANT.MESSIAH, вeѕт нope ѕυммerѕ on ιnѕтagraм. #HopeSummers #MutantMessiah
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I'm trying to decide what to wear for Halloween this year and actually give myself enough time to finish it. Last year I litterally made the costumes the night before #hopesummers #seleneunderworld #roguexmen #peggycarter
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fizzay12003 : Selene
jazzypantss : I've got one vote for Selene and one vote for Peggy so far
shaaners : ROGUE
_oh_liv : Rogue!
lasvegashousewife : Agent Peggy Carter!!!
cristenajane : Rouge!
kittyypurrry : Peggy Carter
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; { Closed with tagged } ~ "Tommy..." "No. I told you once, Billy. I'm not going back." Shepherd left the room with haste. He had screwed up bad, and he knew it. Again. He always managed to muck it up someway. And now he knew he wasn't fit for the life of a superhero, he wasn't ready for the responsibility it involved. Especially when friends and family were at risk, and trust was placed in the speedster. He /was/ still basically a teenager, and teenagers weren't meant for that sort of thing. But he knew that the powers given to his generation of mutants... the offspring of previous leaders in the world of mutants, were far too powerful to be wasted. He was gifted with his speed, among other... experimental abilities. Whether he had them or not, he wasn't an expert at using them. So he had somewhat decided to retire. For the moment. But, in his new isolation, he could still sense something... Something alike himself. It didn't take long for the mystery to be revealed. "Thomas!Getoutofthereanddoyourjob!" He jolted back a few yards. It wasn't often someone could speak as fast, and it could only mean two things. Either a younger female Pietro, or a familiar mimic. "Hope...?" He mumbled, unsure of himself, to a seemingly empty room. ~ { #ThomasShepherd #TommyShepherd #YoungAvengers #Marvel #HopeSummers #MarvelComics #MarvelRP #Speed }
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sonofthenexus : "No!" Instinctively the Young Avenger yelled out, praying she wouldn't. "There's gotta be a way..." Looking down at the dagger, he shook his head. "She mentioned something about using this to kill her... If things went horribly wrong." Senseing the punch he was likely to get from Cyclops, he quickly carried on. "Again, I don't know anything but I'm assuming using it would be the same effect as suicide, right? Unless her method is self-destruction..." He almost had a headache. The others were all in awe, apart from his mother. She /had/ to know. "Wanda. You can alter reality, right? Surely you can do something." @mutantmessiah
mutantmessiah : "I...yes, I can." Wanda stuttered. "No. I won't." Sternly, and yet so calmly, Wanda nodded at the girl. "Her father got her that dagger, Thomas. She trusts you to do the right thing with it. It's your choice, but you have to be careful. For me, please." Scott pleaded, holding Jean tightly in his arms. "For her." Wind blew at the group, at Hope, at the public without any sign of halt. "I've done something wrong, haven't I? I didn't..." she yelled at Tommy. "Reach out to my hand, please. I won't hurt you...just..." She stopped talking, stumbling on her words and feeling the lump in her throat. Her hand was pure flesh, no matter how much fire was in her veins. No matter how much passion and anger she felt, she was still human. She was just a girl, still question right from wrong. She couldn't control it. "Reach out to me..." she whispered.
sonofthenexus : Thomas was beyond scared. He had this crazy responsibilty randomly placed on himself. He had to use this dagger for something... Something that wasn't killing her, he prayed. Everyone had suddenly acted like he was some kind of "Chosen One" destined to save the day, when in reality he was winging every little thing. "You haven't done anything wrong, I promise! This isn't something you can help, it's not like you wanted it... Don't be hard on yourself. I'm trying, okay?" He slowly reached out with his hand, while extremely cautious. "Okay, I'm reaching! Just do what you have to do!" He yelled at her, before making contact. @mutantmessiah
mutantmessiah : "I-I... know what I have to do." she stuttered. "Just...d-don't let go..." Softly taking a breath, she filled the air with small sparks of light and filled the sky with rays of light. "The Phoenix feeds off emotion." she cried happily. "You...saved me?" she said, in a surprised tone. "Nobody does that...not since I was a baby." As the light filled the skies and glory spread across the city, she was struck with sudden fear. Raising herself into the air, keeping a tight grip on his hand, the skies filled with stormy clouds. "Will I ever get rid of this?" she snapped. "Too much power..." she said, falling slowly to the ground with painfully loud snap. Silence, apart from the rain and thunder, was painfully obvious. "What happened?!" Scott screamed, his hand sticky with blood. "Oh, Hope." Jean said, in a heartfelt tone as bood pooled on the ground under Hope.
sonofthenexus : He held on tight, doing everything he could to fulfill his purpose. Watching the mysterious rays travel across the sky, he suddenly felt sick inside. It was dread. It must've reminded him of how powerless he was in the whole situation. This was larger-than-life, and was certainly threatening everyone's lives, but she had seemed to sort of control it for the moment. As she rose he followed in awe and fear, anxious for her to beat the evil. When they fell he tried to get back up as quickly as possible, praying she was okay. But the look on Jean's face told him everything. He got up and stared at the body, helpless as he didn't even know why it had happened. "Hope... Can you hear me?! Hang in there, it's gonna be okay!" Words he couldn't put much faith in, but he could try. @mutantmessiah
mutantmessiah : Coughing up blood, her eyes flickered open and glowed like a dim candle. "Phoenix?" Scott said cautiously, taking a step away. "I think my neck might be broken." she said lightly, stifling a laugh to brighten the situation. She grabbed onto the sides of her shawl, coughing viciously. "Okay...I think my lung is punctured. Why is there so much blood? Well, that's disgusting." she sighed, turning her head away. "I'm damn sure that I should be read right now." The sunlight hurt her eyes and she could feel blood drying on her face. Her suit was overheating and she was pretty sure it would burst aflame. However, she kept on clenching her fists. "Uh, I need serious medical attention here." she blurted out. It was strange to her why nobody was doing anything. Scott replied, "It's not safe for you to go the hospital. We're not sure if you're clear of the Phoenix yet." Hope rolled her eyes, "Are you kidding me? We're talking big ass internal bleeding."
sonofthenexus : "Your /neck/ is broken?!" He anxiously crouched down beside her. "Jesus Hope... You think that Phoenix Force thing is gone now maybe? We can get you to a healer or something, just confirm to these guys that the thing is gone... It's all you need. I don't know if I can help, but..." Just then, he had a brainwave. "She doesn't need a hospital, right? You guys just tell me where one of your healers is, or something. I'm sure you guys have many by now. There's got to be someone... Billy." He whispered the last word, as he knew his brother wasn't going to love this but it seemed like the best and quickest option. Gone before he finished his sentence, he found his brother and told him what to do, before arriving back to see his brother in front of him. "Wow... You're amazing now." @mutantmessiah
mutantmessiah : "What?" she asked. "Me or your brother?" The dark haired boy hovered over her, casting shadows on her body. "Can you just stay there? This sun is burning me up." she laughed carelessly, despite her pain. "Can you tell me where you hurt?" Billy asked quietly. "Where don't I is the better question. I'm struggling to breathe, I'm bleeding like a waterspout and my neck feels like hell on Earth. Any more questions?" she said, writhing on the ground in discomfort. "No, there's no more questions." he said quietly. His hands glistened with bright light as Jean rubbed her hair. "Scott loves you, sweetheart," Jean sighed, "he just has problems." All this attention made her awfully uncomfortable, like the tingles she felt from the healing. It was like soda was being poured all over her body and it was so weird. "Should we be worried about the Phoenix overhead? I vote let's go run away." Hope suggested. "You're not fit to run anywhere." Billy said sternly. Hope shrugged her shoulders and apologised, "Sorry about this." she said, touching his face. While she felt the magic in her veins, she still felt a little bad as she tazed him in the stomach. "I'm fit enough to do anything." Hope winced, crawling away and firing at the giant bird. "I'm the only one who can stop this, right, Scott?" Hope asked. Scott nodded, but looked slightly pained at the thought of it. "Then you should leave me alone." she said sternly, "I'm kicking bird butt."
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if #marvel joins in on #dccomics #suicidesquad featuring Frank Castle as the #punisher Natasha Romanoff as #blackwidow Peter Quill as #starlord #HopeSummers as the #mutantmessiah Bucky Barnes as the #wintersoldier Victor Stone as #cyborg Slade Wilson as #deathstroke Harlene Quinzel as #harleyquinn And Jack Napier as #thejoker
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Y do I feel like I posted dis? fuk it if I did u gon like it again negro #avengerssanction #cable #redhulk #falcon #samwilson #captainamerica #steverogers #theamazingspiderman #cyclops #xmen #hopesummers #tonystark
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Because it seems to be the cool thing to do lately....#4faveMarvel #Daredevil #WinterSoldier #HopeSummers #Psylocke
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#sdcc2015 #sdcccosplay #xmen #xmencosplay #hopecosplay #hopesummers #hopesummerscosplay #marvel #marvelcosplay #cablecosplay #cable
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iamjak_com : cool, i think youd like the page @jaklovesjil
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