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When I lose inspiration I always go over to my grandparents house. They have been married for 71 years. Can you believe that? They bicker at each other all day, pure comedy. It's moments like these when he tells me a story or giving me hell. Either way I love them both dearly. This is their swing. This is my perfect place #homework54
homework54 -
butterflyzee : Wow. 71 years. That's something.
5italians : I love this! You're right, they ARE awesome! Great pic & story!
twistedsoda : @butterflyzee I can't imagine the same grumpy guy for 71 years. Lol
doganm : Very nice ๎Œฎ๎€Ž๎Œฎ
antichrist_opher - kikimstq - squigz -
I was walking home Looking at the trees Got the feeling that they Were looking back at me Thoughts that occurred to me Where not of the usual kind And I don’t take it granted no I don’t call them mine I don’t call them mine ‘Cause in my life things Are built on Constant surprises Coming my way Some call it coincidence But I like to call it fate Constant surprises Coming my way Some call it coincidence But I like to call it fate The higher forces want to connect Last night in my dream I was talking to you You know who you are Were you dreaming too ‘Cause in my life Things are built on Are built on Constant surprises Coming my way Some call it coincidence But I like to call it fate Then on my way home I met this guy He was not so shy You know not that kind We spoke then suddenly I could read his mind You think it’s mad But I don’t fool myself You think its odd ‘Cause in my life In my life things are built on They built on They built on Constant surprises Coming my way Some call it coincidence But I like to call it fate Constant surprises Coming my way Some call it coincidence But I like to call it fate. ~Little Dragon, Constant Surprises~ ๎Œญ๎Œญ
momma2maxhselfie - 365sps -
imapurrson : Wow! Awesome, just awesome!
momma2maxh : @imapurrson thank you this photo took me forever. Haha. Decim8 is one of many apps I used. ๎Œญ
imapurrson : It shows! This is pure artwork! Very lovely indeed!
momma2maxh : #momma2maxhselfie #365sps
rmcaiuby - maxxsterling - black_magic1969 - scarlett69 -
Another way I get myself out of a creative slump is by pulling out the macro lens and getting veerryy close @homework #homework52
homework52 - smmmmbo2011 - sm_flower -
jenndish : Me too! Great advice to share with everyone!
smmmm : @jenndish thanks! ๎”
smmmm : #sm_flower
smmmm : #smmmmbo2011
tephi - ceegee - deena21 - _brooklyndragonfli_ -
When I'm in a slump, I start playing around with apps like #decim8. It's like a switch.. Helps me see things differently (literally & figuratively! ๎…)@homework #homework52
decim8 - homework52 -
carolsue74 : Cool.
smmmm : @carolsue74 ๎”
th3w4cko - homemadesoup - the_real_mccoy -
What a distressing contrast there is between the radiant intelligence of the child and the feeble mentality of the average adult. ~Sigmund Freud
jj_forum_0553 - perfectphoto -
roni_az : ๎Œด @happyfools_challenges @lo2487 @captain_gf @partially_sane
pernicioustwit : #perfectphoto
deana1124 : Nice light
pernicioustwit : #jj_forum_0553
ffbp - dianeong - armandocervetti - tanukijones -
Pictures must not be too picturesque. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson
jj_forum_0510 -
nei.cruz : ๎€Ž
leslie_b_e : I like your photos a hell of alot, but I like your captions even more.
pernicioustwit : @leslie_b_e thank you ma'am!
pernicioustwit : #jj_forum_0510
martindavepat - gerenphoto - ximoteo - psychosaw13 -
When i am in creative slump i get my best friends to join me for a coffee and a photowalk! Left to right: @dess2912 @tvss @abraley. Hi girls, I always have fantastic time with you! Thank you! My submission for #homework52 hosted by @homework.
sgshophouses - homework52 -
sidydy : @leesamantha hahaaa come down to Singapore and we can do this together!!!
leesamantha : @sidydy Yes, i will definately inform u n @abraley if im gg to spore withouy the kids๎”๎„๎„๎„. So i can do this in peace !!!
morenografic : @sidydy Great edition! ;-)"
sidydy : #sgshophouses
kojidj - xelar - aliathingy - archmama -
Highway butterfly #jj #picframe
thecreativemind - jj - picframe -
love_your_life : @tyrantlizardking thanks again! ๎—
love_your_life : @rida_aries #thecreativemind
freespiritf15_gf : ๎€ข
love_your_life : @freespiritf15 ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
unomel - instagood - nihilisten -
I can't tell if these two are fighting or is the guy just really happy to be on the lift.
jj_challenge_silhouette - jj_rights_released -
5toria : #jj_rights_released
ctobin : ๎„†๎„†๎„†
5toria : #jj_challenge_silhouette @joshjohnson
sunlower : ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ cool!
izter - akisburton - aina75 -
Sad little girl, the other kids wouldn't play with her. So she came to me and said, "Take a picture of me sad and post it." I'm not sure how this makes me feel.
pissykidphotos - instareality -
5italians : Great pic. She is adorable! Poor thing!! Tell her those kids are lame & missed out on a lot of fun!
5toria : #instareality
tame40 : Thanks for followme and your likes.
5toria : #pissykidphotos
poetryandprosephotography - superflow - nihilisten - tdumont7 -
#IG #ignation #teg #iPhone #iphoneonly #iphone4 #iphonephotooftheday #photooftheday #bestoftheday #inkstagram #instagram #hipstamatic #jj #g #instagood #theonetowatch #implus #instamood #instagramhub #church
instagram - jj_forum_0350 - hipstamatic - teg - jj_forum_0211 - jj - church - instagramhub - ig - implus - g - ignation - iphone4 - iphoneonly - theonetowatch - instagood - bestoftheday - iphone - iphonephotooftheday - inkstagram - instamood - photooftheday -
urnakedcellmate : Amazing photo.
jenndish : Me too!
5toria : #jj_forum_0211 @joshjohnson
5toria : #jj_forum_0350
5toria - pernicioustwit - my_name_is_asher_lev -
Actually this week I have been lacking creativity after all my pics I took two weeks ago in north Carolina. So when I'm in a slump my muse tends to change that. She decided to wear her Ariel costume (for 2 days) and I caught her having fun. Also I had been wanting to get the lensflare app so that helps also to get the creative juices flowing. @homework #homework52
stephsmuse - homework52 -
_jocelyn_wong : Amazing
jaquelinejalique : ๎„†๎Œจ๎Œญ๎„†
whatfoxknows : precious
tephi : #stephsmuse
surefirephoto - ts_ot_li - msatasoy - tinkruns26.2 -
When I need inspiration, I download a new app. Since it's #bwwednesday, I reedited the #tulip picture I posted a few days back. @homework #homework52 #photoparade #dxxdbest #theonetowatch #instamood #phot0bug #bestoftheday #photooftheday #picoftheday #jj #implus #gottalent #flower #iloveflowers #instaflowers #blackandwhite #black&white #bw #b&w
phot0bug - photoparade - picoftheday - blackandwhite - gottalent - bw - jj - implus - colorfulbnw - iloveflowers - flower - bwwednesday - dxxdbest - instaflowers - theonetowatch - instamood - tulip - black - bestoftheday - b - homework52 - photooftheday -
atmytime : Cool b&w. Awesome picture either way Jane.
hoshizaru : ๎Œฎ๎€ฑ๎Œด๎ˆŒ๎Œ„๎ˆŒ๎Œด๎€ฑ๎Œฎ
before.1st.light : @elem @atmytime @hoshizaru thanks guys!
before.1st.light : @postaljeff #colorfulbnw
scquz - sjuk - jj_ger - laurenepbath -
How do I try and get myself out of a creative slump? Well, I go for a walk or drive to a place I've never been. I'm a huge fan of travel and love looking back of old photos, seeing where I've been and looking in to where to go next. And, I also love being a tourist in my own city - there's always something to discover. For @homework #homework52
homework52 -
bridgette.xo : @islanddrummer can imagine, know for sure what it's like to move - stressful! Haven't been either!
0cake4life0 : @sippinlattes I want to say this is the biggest move but it isn't! ๎„ Moving to and from HI to the east coast was but I didn't drive that one! ๎„…
bridgette.xo : Good luck @islanddrummer think I beat you going from London to Seattle ๎‰๎„๎—๎€lots of miles.... lol
0cake4life0 : @sippinlattes Thanks ๎Œจ! Yes, you beat me in miles for sure! ๎… Did you ship all household goods and car on that move? ๎
mr_fury - bkindler - offwhitephotos - nihilisten -
juice & crackers <3
35likes - 40likes -
fenwaylinds : #35likes #40likes
zmizrahi_ : Stunning pic
fenwaylinds : @zmizrahi thank you so much!
gezrith : Great edit
tikbot - ellasmommy - nihilisten - wacaco -
@homework #homework52 how do I get out of a creative slump? I try not to think about it and just trust that another creative moment will come naturally. For this shot, I was sitting in the car doing a phone interview when I noticed the greens & reds on this tree near the parking lot. This somewhat abstract shot of it was my favorite.
jj_challenge_abstract - 30likes - homework52 - jj - instagramhub -
burgerjawn : #jj
burgerjawn : #jj_challenge_abstract
burgerjawn : #30likes
burgerjawn : #instagramhub
unomel - nihilisten - eelnej -
#1x4series #abstract #lomostatic #jj #instagramhub #iphoneography #photooftheday
jj_challenge_abstract - jj - lomostatic - homework52 - abstract - 1x4series - instagramhub - iphoneography - photooftheday -
lomostatic : #homework52
lomostatic : #jj_challenge_abstract
lou_sy_ : Ohhh man I am liking too many of your photos but this series is so amazing!
lomostatic : @lucybhall thank you so much โ˜บโ˜บ
don62 - jonmic - chitras - christimes -
#colorfull #colorharmony #igersholland #stripes #abstract #art #photooftheday #pictureoftheday #red #green #black #iphoneonly
art - abstract - iphoneonly - stripes - colorharmony - pictureoftheday - green - red - black - colorfull - homework52 - igersholland - photooftheday -
laysnegrini : beautiful!
colorfull : @laysnegrini Thank you ๎–๎Œฎ
colorfull : #homework52
maryfp : Awesome
marjethamel - emilyeverafter - naraycaglar - liek_nl -
#door #doorporn #mail #newspaper #photooftheday #pictureoftheday #iphoneonly #igersholland #graffiti
iphoneonly - door - iseefaces - doorporn - pictureoftheday - graffiti - newspaper - mail - homework52 - igersholland - photooftheday -
colorfull : #homework52
colorfull : #iseefaces
siw_henrichsen - maryfp - arisa_jp - scquz -
#broken #tiles #blackandwhite #bwoftheday #bw #igersholland #igersholland #photooftheday #pictureoftheday
tiles - blackandwhite - homework52 - broken - pictureoftheday - bw - bwoftheday - igersholland - photooftheday -
ochinapi : Cool!!
colorfull : @ochinapi Thahk you!!!!! ๎Œฎ
colorfull : #homework52
sanjayprasad - scquz - elle_ada - raphaelsolholm -
My son's Gecko! He breeds designer geckos of all sorts! When i find myself lacking of creative inspiration I like to try to find live subjects such as pets or children and just shot randomly! I usually end up with some shots that I can either edit or that inspire me for my next shoot! For @homework #homework52
lizard - igerscanada - hdr - jj - teg - gecko - homework52 - hopeimakethepoppage -
jackieisfree : #jj #teg #hopeimakethepoppage #hdr #igerscanada
jackieisfree : #lizard #gecko
iamthesara - jackieisfree -
My edit of @jaywintermeyer's Sears Tower shot. Also my @homework. To fight creative blocks I take on somebody else's pics. I seem to be less worried about what I do to them. #jayw_sears #homework52. #erinishuman
jayw_sears - erinishuman - homework52 -
erinishuman : @jaide_orchid It's fun! Check out the jayw_sears tag and see how different people's edits are :) and thank you as well ๎–
joooolya : Wow nice.
deidre817 : Cool edit!!
erinishuman : @joooolya @deidre817 Thank you!!!
belami53 - lasaluki - dakota_grown -
WOMAN ON TRAIN 4: Discovered the Gothic filter in PhotoForge.
jj_forum_0213 -
ra_ka_9 : @djkatana they always do๎…๎€Ž
iamjenniferreyes : I like this one too! Very sting!
iamjenniferreyes : I meant to say strong! ๎…Œ
djkatana : #jj_forum_0213 @joshjohnson
lillycristev - rhodyl - ra_ka_9 - jasor -
unitedbyedit -
djkatana : @mrs_mamapie Oh thanks, Mrs M
stuff_and_nonsense_photography : This is dark...
djkatana : @rockpool I know. I liked the discovery of the gothic setting in PhotoForge.
djkatana : #unitedbyedit
rmcaiuby - onurguldogan - nihilisten -
jj_forum_0213 - bwsquare - homework52 -
djkatana : @Homework #Homework52
djkatana : #jj_forum_0213 @joshjohnson
kaybee416 : ๎ 
djkatana : #bwsquare
sedatyamak - kidjim - patrickdee - millicentg -
Hi this is my buddy "D" we do some walking he's a big Pussy ๎… #pictools
pictools - homework52 -
pussindocs : All 52 kgs of him ๎•@tteerts
pussindocs : #homework52 @homework I don't usually take dog pics ๎–
sonz : Hey D ๎ž๎€’๎ž๎€’.
pussindocs : ๎”ช๎Œง@sonz
drkvbailey - gisem_ - lost140601 - tteerts -
Taking a chance with this pic...more #abstract than I usually do. This is a #macro shot of a #Hibiscus. What do you think...hit or miss?
hibiscus - macro - abstract - homework52 - jj_challenge_abstract -
elizabethndp : @jamesyoung1990 Thank you!
kimberlysh_ru : I like taking chances! ๎Œง๎Œง๎Œง
elizabethndp : #homework52 @homework
elizabethndp : #jj_challenge_abstract
onthe3rd - unomel - polina77 - nihilisten -
her wonder.
homework52 -
goodepeoples : @homework #homework52
teensleuth - trespolo - valstreit - berrybush -
ๆจกใ€‚็‰น Little Model
mozusa : ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
chho : @mozusa ๎–๎–๎–
yue_er : ไนŸๅคชๅฏๆ„›ไบ†๏ผ
chho : @yue_er ๆ˜ฏ็š„๏ผŒ้žๅธธๅฏๆ„›๏ผ
scarlet_sky - ozgunozel - kojidoi - chyan -
ๆ™‚ๅ…‰ใ€‚้šง้“ Subway
captchina_depth - captchina - ignation - instadaily - igaddict - instagramhub - instagood -
chho : #igaddict #ignation #instagood #instadaily #instagramhub
merelylo : Great!
zwitscherelfe : Great
chho : #captchina #captchina_depth
ningnhum - caroico - kyra_gf - vivalank -
Fire Dragon ่ˆžใ€‚็ซ้พ
akiame : @chho Wow! artistic!
chho : @satoichi39 my fire dragon photo! ็ซ้พ๏ผ๎–
chho : @satoichi39 Thanks for many likes and enjoy my photo! ๎–๎–๎–
chho : @ishizoo another type of dragon ๎–
eatsalls - sookyinpsy - dpapadopoulos - kann_m -
How do YOU get out of a creative slump? -Me, I relax and start taking silly pictures until it helps me see a new angle.- It happens to everyone (we think!) and if we pool our ideas, we'll have more tools for when it spins back around to our turn. Please tag your photos @Homework #Homework52. Entries are due Friday at 10pm EST (7 PST). Please only submit your original work. Limit 3 entries per person. Only new images. The homework team is @annacox @cragglefish @debinsf @jenndish @kenney0718 and @sleekmaus. Questions? Just @ us.
homework52 -
jnglboogi : How fitting! I am in this exact position now-a creative slump. Mostly stifled by stresses in life. Trying to get thru it but not sure how. Hopefully this challenge will help me learn how.
mmwine : I've been in a creative slump for a while. Family drama sapping my energy and mojo. Hard to find motivation for my site and it's killing me. Can shake it
shewantsthestars : This is adorably whimsical
5italians : Very cute! And good idea too. :)
key___no3 - gibson29 - fotomaniak -
@homework's #homework52. How do I get out of a creative slump? I experiment on combining filters that I discovered from challenges like @homework's #homework50 or @kissamew's #tinyplanets_challenge and @jasor's #invert_challenge. The result for this image: "Trapped in the rings of fire!" ๎–
panoroundup - 9pmhabit - invert_challenge - invert - igersmanila - negative - teg - tinyplanets_challenge - snaphotography - jj - instamood - homework52 - tinyplanet - homework50 -
janeoako_ih : #tinyplanet #invert #negative #jj #igersmanila #instamood #teg
jasor : Nice!
janeoako_ih : @jasor thanks! ๎–
janeoako_ih : #panoroundup #snaphotography #9pmhabit @igersmanila
kulit - inphausto - jhesz - superflow -
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