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colorfull : #homework52
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ochinapi : Cool!!
colorfull : @ochinapi Thahk you!!!!! 
colorfull : #homework52
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laysnegrini : beautiful!
colorfull : @laysnegrini Thank you 
colorfull : #homework52
maryfp : Awesome
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Congratulations to @tephi for winning @homework's #homework52 "Breaking Out of the Slump"! Congratulations to @sidydi, @kimberlysh, and @twistedsoda who were also finalists! Please hop over to all their feeds to congratulate them. @homework is a collaboration of @jenndish, @kenney0178, @cragglefish, @annacox, @sleekmaus, and @debinsf. Please let us know if you have ant questions.
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sidydy : Congratulations! Its a beautiful picture!!! @tephi
kdmintz : Wooot!!! Yay @tephi !!!!!
trinia : @tephi congrats Doll! I love that I voted for ya and didn't even know it
raeraebaby : Yay!!!! @tephi  I knew it
tephi : @sidydy thank you very much!
tephi : @kdmintz thank you so much Kristen!
tephi : @trinia he he Thank you very very much dear!!!! :) :)
tephi : @raeraebaby ohhh thanks again dear!!!!
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These are the finalist for the @Homework's #Homework52 "Break that Creative Slump". Please vote for you favorite by commenting the letter of the image. Names have been omitted so that voting isn't a popularity contest, so please don't post names. Thank you to everyone who submitted NEW images. @Homework is a collaborative effort of @annacox @cragglefish @debinsf @jenndish @kenney0718and @sleekmaus. If you have any questions feel free to ask us here but @ one of us or we may not see it.
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sheshercat : C
peachypic : I like all four pictures 
califloraniajen : B
simirani : B & C
lazytinka : C
singing171 : ~ C!
mazidivision : Pretty cool edit?!?
hakuna_mtaa : d
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bennypark : #abstract @homework #homework52
arttea7 : Nice 
bennypark : There are two aspects of working with abstracts that are most creatively appealing. The first is that, simply, in the deconstructive and transformative technique there are no rules. There is no image integrity to maintain, no expectation to meet. If it pleases my eye, then it works. Secondly, my imagination is uniquely stimulated when the original image ceases to exist, when all mental and aesthetic associations to the actual "subject" have dissolved and what has emerged in it's place brings a new, unfamiliar, original aesthetic of it's own. There is a kind of purity in that that is at once seductive and satisfying.
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#zoeylove #jj #iphone #inspiration #nofilter #homework52 #ig #instagram @homework
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halffull6280 : #dirtybird
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I was walking home Looking at the trees Got the feeling that they Were looking back at me Thoughts that occurred to me Where not of the usual kind And I don’t take it granted no I don’t call them mine I don’t call them mine ‘Cause in my life things Are built on Constant surprises Coming my way Some call it coincidence But I like to call it fate Constant surprises Coming my way Some call it coincidence But I like to call it fate The higher forces want to connect Last night in my dream I was talking to you You know who you are Were you dreaming too ‘Cause in my life Things are built on Are built on Constant surprises Coming my way Some call it coincidence But I like to call it fate Then on my way home I met this guy He was not so shy You know not that kind We spoke then suddenly I could read his mind You think it’s mad But I don’t fool myself You think its odd ‘Cause in my life In my life things are built on They built on They built on Constant surprises Coming my way Some call it coincidence But I like to call it fate Constant surprises Coming my way Some call it coincidence But I like to call it fate. ~Little Dragon, Constant Surprises~ 
momma2maxhselfie - 365sps -
momma2maxh : @thewhitedove
momma2maxh : @cocorollings thank you kindly!! 
manders05 : I feel such a strong connection to you. Like if we met we could talk for hours and I wouldn't have to worry about you thinking I was crazy for seeing the world the way I do. I am so happy we met 
momma2maxh : @manders05 Definitely!!!!!!! I'm on my way to help a friend, but thank you so much for catching up on my feed & all your beautiful comments my dear!! So Appreciated. Keep looking to the universe. People like us aren't crazy, it's just most people can't relate!!!!! Love you!!! 
imapurrson : Wow! Awesome, just awesome!
momma2maxh : @imapurrson thank you this photo took me forever. Haha. Decim8 is one of many apps I used. 
imapurrson : It shows! This is pure artwork! Very lovely indeed!
momma2maxh : #momma2maxhselfie #365sps
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When men on the chessboard//Get up and tell you where to go//And you've just had some kind of mushroom//And your mind is moving slow//Go ask Alice// I think she'll know : When I'm in a creative slump and it feels like I've photographed everything in the world 100 times, I go back through my camera roll and look for a picture to edit that I forgot was on there and find inspiration for the edits through lyrics of a song ======== How do YOU get out of a creative slump? It happens to everyone (we think!) and if we pool our ideas, we'll have more tools for when it spins back around to our turn. Please tag your photos @Homework #Homework52. Entries are due Friday at 10pm EST (7 PST). Please only submit your original work. Limit 3 entries per person. Only new images. The homework team is @annacox @cragglefish @debinsf @jenndish @kenney0718 and @sleekmaus. Questions? Just @ us.
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koktav : 
jenndish : @chloethecool @koktav thanks friends 
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First, thanks so much for the wonderful comments on last photo!!! I have not had time to respond to them all. This from #Boothsrocktrail in #AlgonquinPark... Using for submission to #homework52 - how do you get out of a creative slump? I go to a photo that needs no editing and is beautiful as is. Hope you enjoy!! #hellena777north @homework #fall_josefharald #autumn #ignation #igerscanada #instagood
hellena777autumn - fall_josefharald - instafoliage - hellena777north - ignation - algonquinpark - autumn - jj_forum_0213 - instagood - instamood - boothsrocktrail - homework52 - igerscanada -
aneel : Lovely
hellena777 : #instafoliage #instamood #hellena777autumn
dching65 : So beautiful!!
hellena777 : @melwerner SquareReady
basse_79 : Beautiful!! 👏👏✨👍
hellena777 : @basse_79 thank you !
b_rilliant215 : I appreciate the tour through Canada
hellena777 : @mrphotogame215 thank you kindly 🍁you must visit some time!!
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How do I try and get myself out of a creative slump? Well, I go for a walk or drive to a place I've never been. I'm a huge fan of travel and love looking back of old photos, seeing where I've been and looking in to where to go next. And, I also love being a tourist in my own city - there's always something to discover. For @homework #homework52
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bridgettesxo : @mlturbin there is. I used to travel and fly out of the USA but now I really want to explore my own area. Admit I haven't traveled the US much.
bridgettesxo : @islanddrummer thank you, hope all
bridgettesxo : @islanddrummer w the move is going as planned.
islanddrummer : @sippinlattes I'm a busy little bee, and boxes and totes are filling up! Can't wait to be close to CA to see and take trips too! Never been to Lake Tahoe, so that is on my list for sure! 
bridgettesxo : @islanddrummer can imagine, know for sure what it's like to move - stressful! Haven't been either!
islanddrummer : @sippinlattes I want to say this is the biggest move but it isn't!  Moving to and from HI to the east coast was but I didn't drive that one! 
bridgettesxo : Good luck @islanddrummer think I beat you going from London to Seattle lots of miles.... lol
islanddrummer : @sippinlattes Thanks ! Yes, you beat me in miles for sure!  Did you ship all household goods and car on that move? 
mr_fury - rlstafford - islanddrummer -
to kick-start my creativity I usually browse through the album. and take one of them worse pictures. and try to do something good. This picture was taken at dusk and it was hard to see anything. before I started posting pictures here on IG I never edited photons, but now I think it's quite amazing what you can do with images and it has changed how I look at both pictures and shake the motiv.
thechallengigers - nature - igersmanila - homework52 - instagood - freedom_challengigers - jj - challenge123_1 - bestoftheday - igla - instamood - photooftheday -
nefelim : I edited this photo first in filtetstorm then in dynamic light and then pixlromatic by the way i think they have the best frames.
nefelim : #instagood #instamood #nature
nefelim : #freedom_challengigers #thechallengigers
nefelim : @theonetowatch
nefelim : @prodigiouskenny
nefelim : #igla #photooftheday #bestoftheday #igersmanila
nefelim : #challenge123_1
nefelim : @challenge123
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off the dock and into the mist
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phonetog : Love it
th3w4cko : Love, love, love!!!
th3w4cko : Thank you for joining in!!!
fslmama : #jj #instanature
fslmama : @igla #igla_challenge_negativespace
fslmama : #fslmama_favorites
fslmama : #jj_simple
fslmama : #jj_negative_space
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evedeville : Oh wow...
yoshee : It's my fav for today 
visualwhiplash : Awesome
kymica : Awww miss ur photos
cryingjune : Wonderful capture! That beach seems like it is a perfect place to find inspitation. 
telmovasquez : 
isabellawrence : #golden_challengecom @challengecom
isabellawrence : #silhou_ette @pgreen1983
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A long December and there's reason to believe/Maybe this year will be better than the last : When I'm in a creative slump and it feels like I've photographed everything in the world 100 times, I go back through my camera roll and look for a picture to edit that I forgot was on there and find inspiration for the edits through lyrics of a song ======== How do YOU get out of a creative slump? It happens to everyone (we think!) and if we pool our ideas, we'll have more tools for when it spins back around to our turn. Please tag your photos @Homework #Homework52. Entries are due Friday at 10pm EST (7 PST). Please only submit your original work. Limit 3 entries per person. Only new images. The homework team is @annacox @cragglefish @debinsf @jenndish @kenney0718 and @sleekmaus. Questions? Just @ us.
homework52 -
jenndish : @aizrox @geegi thanks to both of you 
jenndish : @stdamz thanks hon!
jenndish : @jonasj thanks hon! 
jenndish : @raeraebaby thank ya 
sawtooth_lifeform : Oh boy do I want to use my tree climbing gear on that one!! *drools*
boktorrie : Beautiful. 
mexicanameric4n : Love CC
jamieeffisimo : I just love this picture! Great shot Jenn!
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My son's Gecko! He breeds designer geckos of all sorts! When i find myself lacking of creative inspiration I like to try to find live subjects such as pets or children and just shot randomly! I usually end up with some shots that I can either edit or that inspire me for my next shoot! For @homework #homework52
lizard - igerscanada - hdr - jj - teg - gecko - homework52 - hopeimakethepoppage -
jackieisfree : #jj #teg #hopeimakethepoppage #hdr #igerscanada
jackieisfree : #lizard #gecko
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What do you do when inspiration wanes? Well, first of all like many other, a quick session with my muse always helps to come up with the goods. Secondly, digging back in the camera roll to find a photo from a previously posted series or even a reedit of a oldie can help. And also sometimes just busting out good ol' hipstamatic can make the mundane beautiful. Here's an example of all 3 - a re edit (or perhaps more accurately re non edit) of an old hipstamatic shot of my princess (and her beautiful hat). For @homework's #homework52
hipstamatickids - mykels9ofpride - homework52 - mykelsprincess - raesfundayfriday -
mykel : @raeraebaby yup.. it'd be hard work to take that hat seriously 
mykel : @giuliam she is me beautiful princess indeed !
mykel : @tephi thanks Steph.. your muse homework shot is awesome!
mykel : @eelnej I could promise to read it on an ipad double sized.. would that help? 
mykel : @st_lair thanks
giuliam : She is!! Plus I love that her "tiara" is a kickass cute hat instead ;)
mykel : #mykelsprincess
mykel : #mykels9ofpride
jozefine - dashable - rollingmom - goodepeoples -
Actually this week I have been lacking creativity after all my pics I took two weeks ago in north Carolina. So when I'm in a slump my muse tends to change that. She decided to wear her Ariel costume (for 2 days) and I caught her having fun. Also I had been wanting to get the lensflare app so that helps also to get the creative juices flowing. @homework #homework52
stephsmuse - homework52 -
tephi : @michiepoo thank you so much dear!!
tephi : @alexmitchell3224 they are so funny sometimes. :) thank you!
jreuscso : Brilliant shot!! Perfectly captured!!
chrisgef : 
_jocelyn_wong : Amazing
jaquelinejalique : 
whatfoxknows : precious
tephi : #stephsmuse
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I have been making photographs for many years and over the course of time, I have had moments were my cameras were left by themselves to not see the light of day. Last year I made a commitment to myself to making pictures a priority again. Several months ago I found out about IG and started sharing my photography with a wider unknown audience. Recently I have wondered if the amount of images I have here is too many; am I creating/sharing too much? After some thought and a few conversations with some people I respect on this platform I decided that they are my images and part of my process and the self imposed restrictions I have given myself have been my way of maintaining my creative self; that person I have always loved but many times was afraid to nurture. So, I now embrace my 1000+ images even if I have moments of wanting to start anew and i remind myself that they are like sketches to a painter. For @homework #homework52
homework52 -
sixis : If you promise not to put your camera down, I'll do the same. Love your work Deena!
taoish : This greenhouse was one of the first subjects I believe I saw of yours…. 1000 and counting. Beautiful sketches, realized and posted with your inspiration coming to the fore. I love your eye and that you are honoring your creative self. Thank you my friend.
shaun_s : I'm late to discovering this, but i wanted to mention what an encouragement it is to have heard your words. IG has been a new place of discovery for me as well in creativity that has exploded for me too and have often asked the same questions. I appreciate your candor. My main problem now is how to manage my time well so that all the other important facets of life get needed attention. Do you have any tips on how you manage your creative time?
deena21 : @intao thanks so much ;)
deena21 : @kapaa I somehow (as we know this happens often) missed your wonderful comment. Sort of like going full circle. Thank you my friend! Makes me happy knowing you are out there ♥
deena21 : @shaun_s in all fairness, I am late to discovering your comment. Things get lost via notification land. I'm really glad to know my words were encouraging to you. Managing my creative time
deena21 : @shaun_s con' easier then for most. First off, I don't have any children so that makes for substantially more time from the start. Even still, getting into the practice of pursuing creative time is still difficult at times. I sometimes find doing things like creating a book or entering into juried shows helps give me focus. In general, I'm constantly taking pictures and looking through them. We all have our practice that works so my advice is just keep taking pictures. It's a start..
shaun_s : @deena21 thanks Deena! I appreciate your taking time to write back! I'll keep snapping! :) I think I have more ideas and desire to be taking and creating with photos than I have time for these days. It'll work itself out, I'm sure.
redheadbychoice - raynach - ioannisdg - wiltravel -
When i am in creative slump i get my best friends to join me for a coffee and a photowalk! Left to right: @dess2912 @tvss @abraley. Hi girls, I always have fantastic time with you! Thank you! My submission for #homework52 hosted by @homework.
sgshophouses - homework52 -
sidydy : @willarkin thanks so so much Will!!! Have a great Sunday to you!!!!
sidydy : @5italians thank youuuu! It was fun indeed!! :-D
leesamantha : Tats so fun! Wish im ur neighbour.
mario_blink : Nicee
sidydy : @leesamantha hahaaa come down to Singapore and we can do this together!!!
leesamantha : @sidydy Yes, i will definately inform u n @abraley if im gg to spore withouy the kids. So i can do this in peace !!!
morenografic : @sidydy Great edition! ;-)"
sidydy : #sgshophouses
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#fromwhereistand for @helenafri 2/3 #instatriplet_fromwhereistand
fromwhereistand - hornbecker - hipstamatic - redeyegel - desejável - koddotxgrizzled - instatriplet_fromwhereistand - purehipstamatic - jj_challenge_leading_lines - mirror - olhaiosdetalhesdochao - homework52 -
thewhitedove : Love 
olaquerompe : 
njmitre : I see 4 lovely feet 
marcio_meira : Que pezinho mais lindo é esse 
titaponte : Being in front a #mirror can makes me more creative #homework52 @homework
riad_farah : Original !
titaponte : #olhaiosdetalhesdochao
titaponte : #jj_challenge_leading_lines
lizziecoco - nairasanches - riad_farah - dohobbit -
The #bike also looks happy at #sunset #hipstamatic
luizmelodia - bike - sunset - jj_challenge_silhouette - lonelybike - instamission35 - hipstamatic - homework52 -
titaponte : @thewhitedove haha! Thank you so much, I get proud of this title!!! Wish I was, but it's true that I hardly can edit a hipsta shot, I prefer it "pure" :) I'm waking up for Friday now;)
titaponte : @mnasce obrigada! Hipsta e' um vicio
titaponte : @sardinha17 obrigada!
titaponte : @punkmachine yes, #lonelybike ... Maybe starting a new serie?!! Hehehe!
punkmachine : Great idea! I'll post my entry for the lonely bike series tomorrow morning :)
gavhayes : Love
titaponte : #instamission35 " o por do sol vai renovar, brilhar de novo o seu sorriso /E libertar da areia preta e do arco-íris cor de sangue, cor de sangue... O sol não adivinha, baby, e' magrelinha" AMO #LuizMelodia
titaponte : #jj_challenge_silhouette
lilha - hairsprayninja - lucky_8 - hiphen -
juice & crackers <3
cute - colorsplash - love - instagram - blackandwhite - 30likes - son - feet - juice - instag - art - iphonography - instagramhub - ig - blue - colorsfreaks - 15likes - 35likes - iphone - jj_forum - toddler - adorable - homework52 - 10likes - instahub - photography - stripes - iphoneography - bw - igers - jj - child - baby - 20likes - boy - iphone4 - iphoneonly - iphonephotography - instagood - 40likes - igdaily - crackers - dashofcolor - 25likes -
fenwaylinds : #homework52 @homework when I'm in a slump I'll rapid fire shots of my muse and find a new free app to try
fenwaylinds : #25likes #30likes
laurenepbath : Beautiful use of colorsplash.
fenwaylinds : @laurenepbath thanks Lauren :) one of my fav apps for sure
fenwaylinds : #35likes #40likes
zmizrahi_gf : Stunning pic
fenwaylinds : @zmizrahi thank you so much!
gezrith : Great edit
carlyjanecaruso - keita_bear - lteeler - zmizrahi_gf -
I can't tell if these two are fighting or is the guy just really happy to be on the lift.
instagram - jj_challenge_silhouette - hipstamatic - teg - jj - sunset - instagramhub - ig - implus - ignation - iphone4 - iphoneonly - theonetowatch - homework52 - instagood - bestoftheday - iphone - iphonephotooftheday - inkstagram - instamood - jj_rights_released - photooftheday -
msalt69 : Let's I
msalt69 : Let's imagine he's happy.
davkat7 : Wow 
irmavep : Great shot!
5toria : #jj_rights_released
ctobin : 
5toria : #jj_challenge_silhouette @joshjohnson
sunlower : 👏👏👏 cool!
martinegrenierburtis - carlyjanecaruso - jishiuan -
Bendy buildings! #igerstoronto #toronto #homework52 #homework Inspiration can come from simply going somewhere new.
toronto - igerstoronto - homework52 - homework -
fragileglass : It looks like your iPhone took a side trip and visited my shoes :) haha!
carlyjanecaruso : @fragileglass LOL... Maybe it did... ;)
homework - girlnotblue - kennedy2397 - hipstagram_416 -
How do you dump a creative slump? We shift our #focus beyond the problem. @homework #homework52 #India #martialarts
martialarts - 70likes - 60likes - india - focus - homework52 -
suuhlest : I had no idea that Compassion had an Instagram! oh this is wonderful. :) I'm a proud supporter of a little boy in Tanzania. :) Thankyou for all that you do, Compassion. <3
celisdiana : Waooo is amazing
compassion : #60likes
compassion : @breatheceleste How did you discover us? We're glad you did. - Chris
suuhlest : I went to a student life camp at Palm Beach Atlantic in FL this year! :) I was so moved by the speaker and felt like I had to do something! So I gathered 4 other friends who wanted to do it as well and we picked out a child that was all wanted to support and we committed to helping out this child. :)
compassion : #70likes
carlyjanecaruso - molly_ann91 - unitednations - joshwaahhh -
A creative slump? (2) Take some fresh air. For #homework52
homework52 -
jonmelo : @etkeithy tx for the likes+++
asyanna86 - hey_kellie - janel_s - enoughtalking -
How many sailboats do you see? Another way I get out of a creative slump is to edit an old picture in my camera roll that I overlooked. I took this one over a month ago. Hehe  || @homework #homework52 || #jj_forum_2011 || #visualeyezSF || #visualeyezit
jj_forum_2011 - visualeyezit - visualeyezsf - homework52 - 300likes -
twelvestones : Lovely! 
visualeyezit : @twelvestones Aww. Thank you very much, Josh! Wish I could've captured the whole scene. There were tons of sailboats 
razhe : Superbe ! 
visualeyezit : @razhe Thanks so much!! 
jackiepierce : Amazing!
keepsy : This is great
visualeyezit : @jackiepierce Oh my. So sorry for the late response. Thank you so much! 
visualeyezit : @keepsy Hi again! So appreciative of the kind words and the love on my pics. Really means a lot that you enjoy them. I really love SF; it's hard *not* to take good pics there. Hehe 
jlohhh - levisssima - kartfx - isaacrich -
the best place to spend the evening
ih_hubster_bridges - instanature - fslpick - fslmama_hike - theonetowatch - 2bestshots - 2bestshots_003 - fslmama_favorites - fslmamahikegrid - jj - bestoffslmama2011 - proud_josefharald - clicheaday - instagramhub - calendarworthy_challenge -
fslmama : #fslmama_favorites
fslmama : #fslmamahikegrid
fslmama : #fslpick
fslmama : #bestoffslmama2011
fslmama : #ih_hubster_bridges
jt1114_ih : What a great submission for the challenge!!! Love it!
fslmama : @jt1114_ih thanks!! I wasn't familiar with #instagramhub until today.
fslmama : @musiccityace #calendarworthy_challenge
ypytypy - letteski - jesslynn24 - aubreycouture -
When I'm in a creative slump and it feels like I've photographed everything in the world 100 times, I go back through my camera roll and look for a picture to edit that I forgot was on there ======== How do YOU get out of a creative slump? It happens to everyone (we think!) and if we pool our ideas, we'll have more tools for when it spins back around to our turn. Please tag your photos @Homework #Homework52. Entries are due Friday at 10pm EST (7 PST). Please only submit your original work. Limit 3 entries per person. Only new images. The homework team is @annacox @cragglefish @debinsf @jenndish @kenney0718 and @sleekmaus. Questions? Just @ us.
homework52 -
jenndish : @sidydy finalist!!!! 
jenndish : @ecnerual thanks hon 
jenndish : @debinsf thanks Deb 
jenndish : @dig_it same here...thanks so much!
jenndish : @rene1704 thanks!
jenndish : @gypsycaravan I love that too!!! Thanks
jenndish : For noticing (sorry hit send by accident @gypsycaravan )
sidydy : Ahahahaaa...yes i was! So happy that i made it to the final! Thank you Jenn :-)
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Inspiration to get out of a creative slump.
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jenndish : Coming on...break out the vino! (sorry hit send before I was done)
pinot_dog : @jenndish Yes! I generally feel a creative slump pretty much every night!
somcity : Me like!! 
pinot_dog : @somcity Thanks so much!
pinot_dog : #40likes
lrcasanova : VERY NICE !!!
pinot_dog : @lrcasanova Thank you so much, and many thanks for looking at my photos!!
lrcasanova : It is my pleasure. Your galery is fantastic
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