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"Basically, I only play one character; I just play him at different volumes" - Chris Farley #rip #holyschnikes I'm late, but 12/18/1997
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uhh_lisaaa : My gal!!!!!!!!!
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HOLY SCHNIKES!!! It has been 17 years today that funny SNL man, Chris Farley, had passed away. He's one of the celebrities that inspired me to have the CRAZY, Enthusiastic, funny energy and personality. Even though drugs hit him hard when he was around. His legacy will live on. Don't do drugs, ppl RIP Chris. #rip #restinpeace #chrisfarley #snl #holyschnikes
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ddmjdzs21412 : Beverley hills ninja is one of my favorite movies
imgreyallday_1998 : @ddmjdzs21412 ya, that was a funny movie :)
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RIP Chris Farley #TommyBoy #HolySchnikes
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Never been more compelled to buy a Hot Wheel before #TommyBoy #ChrisFarley #HolySchnikes
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shawnhannon : Wow I need one. So awesome
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Wednesdays are for WINGY!!! πŸ£πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜­πŸ”« #holyschnikes
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allysloan : I've been wanting to go there! Tasty?
der.herr : Wingy
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Footwork drills at @racc_mayhem in #BridgeportCT
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angieoverkill : You're a maaaaniac, maaaaaniac
notoriousnewell : @angieoverkill #HolySchnikes
jwestover13 : @notoriousnewell keep putting in work man! Good shit.
notoriousnewell : Not sure where you're going with that @sjshineshaze
mamute_jj : your the one brother'm always cheering for you a big hug @notoriousnewell
theutahkid : @haro_135
lennyxca : When she sends you nudes
kingly_vante : @901_tonikbeats @__itim__
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The semester is just about over.. One more big exam it's a wrap! #holyschnikes
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TOMMY WANT WINGY πŸ‘Όwith DADDY @senorcoldones !! #tommywantwingy #holyschnikes #buds #daddy #wingy
tommywantwingy - buds - holyschnikes - daddy - wingy -
mered.th : Das my spot! @twwatx
senorcoldones : GIVE ME MOAR WINGY βœ¨πŸ”βœ¨
kwrez : My friend owns that place! πŸ‘πŸ™Œ
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going through old clothes my sister don't want anymore and found this gem! seriously love Tommy Boy! #HolySchnikes
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Attempting to get these patched and upgraded. #holyschnikes #sandalschurch #sandalschurchproduction #sandalscreative
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mattecooper : Nice!
jonlillietech : Very cool. I want video of them working.
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So... In the last 15 hours, this has happened! Getting more orders than I know what to do with! My first holiday season as an Etsy seller has sure been an eye-opening one to say the least! That being said, I love that this is my second "job." :)
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zimmermom : Yeah!!!
jewel5969 : Holy moly, that's awesome...
ettavee : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
partyhappier : @shopitsvann @printablepartiestogo @sweetsandtreatsboutique @dwcasmith @zimmermom @jewel5969 @ettavee Wow! Thank you all so much! No idea what caused the rush in sales, but pretty excited to make so many fun things for people! It'll be a busy week!:)
poppycockgifts : Congratulations! I got a ton of orders yesterday and was so giddy!
partyhappier : @poppycockgifts Good for you! Glad to hear others are having great success too!!:) πŸ‘
katils : Woop woop!
preynolds62gmailcom : You might have to hire some elves for the holiday season!
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This clip right here though...just gave me goosebumps. #starwars #theforceawakens #holyschnikes
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#turkey #cheese #ham #cheese #turkey #bacon #friedegg #healthyliving #foodgasm #foodporn #holyschnikes #madmunchies #nomnomnom
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shadiislaiemy : Beautiful
mjroper : Oh my.....
imrenes : Yummy..πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹
chickkle : Ñamm!!
jenjam25 : My arteries just tightened
lilymichigan : Nice
miss_nature_61 : Yummyyyyyyyyyy😍
777_goodluck : Yummy Yummy!!
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#holyschnikes#itscoldoutthere #staywarmpeople# #livininavandownbytheriver
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#HolySchnikes its @ashleynicole389 my #WCW πŸ˜€πŸ’
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ashleynicole389 : πŸ™ˆ
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Holy Schnikes! The Talented @chrisjonestattoos Gave us a Follow! Thanks Dude! It really means a lot to us when Artists we feature Take the Time to show love & Support our Page! πŸ™Œ@chrisjonestattoos πŸ™Œ #ChrisFarley #ChrisFarleyTattoo #ChrisFarleyPortrait #InAVanDownByTheRiver #HolySchnikes #ChrisJonesTattoos #PortraitTattoo #Tattoo #Tattoos #RealismTattoos #TattooArtOfIg #BestTattoos #TattooArt #TattooArtist #ColorPortrait #PhotoRealism #TattoosOfig #GuysWithTattoos #SuperbTattoos #GirlsWithTattoos #InkedNation #TattooWorkers #SkinArt #CleanTattoos |
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kingglass420 : @whereswiding
adamsalterego : So what if I drink my own urine
birdiegirl02 : Wow !! That's amazing !!!
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#mcm #ChrisFarley #TommyBoy #HolySchnikes
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ash_niccole : #thatsgonnaleaveamark 😜
jcouch : @ash_niccole #NotSoMuchHereOrHereButRightHere
ttfnteri : Fat guy in a little coat.
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My face when I heard Black Veil Brides' new album. @blackveilbrides #holyschnikes #mostexcellent
mostexcellent - holyschnikes -
ashletamvrie : It's extremely good. I'm super impressed πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜
annmarieanthrax : @ashletamvrie They are definitely at their best. I'm so happy. :)
metalheadhorror : No, just no -_- needs a dislike button, that band has no talent in my opinion!
annmarieanthrax : @hostelshark Ahh, to each his own. :) They have changed entirely, they sound nothing like they used to. The left the post-hardcore genre and their new sound is very impressive. :)
metalheadhorror : Thank you 😊 ill give it a listen for you though
annmarieanthrax : @hostelshark Most excellent! :D
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Movie night #tommyboy #chrisfarley #holyschnikes
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#sleepy #tired #hatemornings #holyschnikes
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#Hbd #meinedeutchefreunde happy birthday @sweet_haertt I am so happy I met you in German and we both accepted how weird each other was! You have a truly amazing personality and I cannot wait to see you soon! Live up your 21st because you deserve it! I love you to no end #twentyfun #shwasted #holyschnikes
hbd - meinedeutchefreunde - twentyfun - shwasted - holyschnikes -
sweet_haertt : Thank youuu lisssaa :) I love you
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And so it begins #holyschnikes #wowwowweewow #suicidegirls #blackheartburlesque
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And so it begins... #stephenking #hessomewhereinthisbuilding #holyschnikes
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Please bury me in this. {#casket #dead #flames #awesome #holyschnikes #dope}
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So, I could not resist playing a little dress up with some of the dresses for today's shoot. Size 10. Fits like a glove, though a tad too snug for the tatas. LoL @nicolemillernyc knows how to design dresses for proud curvy girls like me. ;-) #dressup #vavavoom #holyschnikes #nomakeup #readyformyshower #longday #foxymama #20sfashion #gatsbyglamour #fashionweddingphotographer #funonthejob #freelancer #hairandmakeupartistonthego #fashionphotographer #brcbeauty #ambassadorhotel #okc #znzphotography #LB #curvies #cgg #curvygirls #fitme #proudmama
curvygirls - gatsbyglamour - dressup - cgg - freelancer - okc - foxymama - funonthejob - proudmama - nomakeup - hairandmakeupartistonthego - holyschnikes - fashionphotographer - lb - fitme - 20sfashion - curvies - readyformyshower - longday - ambassadorhotel - znzphotography - vavavoom - brcbeauty - fashionweddingphotographer -
teej_119 : wowza
erkindemir : Lovely!
melanie_fotografie : Soooo toll! 😊 Du sieht so schön aus!
beegentry : Sizzling hot
julia_f : πŸ™ˆπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜
leonieark : You look great!!
brcphotog : Thank you all sooooo much!! :-)
nrumpi : Beautiful Becky
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All I can say is.....wow #fbf #flashbackfriday #holyschnikes #soblonde #ineedabeer #afterseeingthis
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kwame2797 : Hehehehe too funny
thejimsta87 : I was just thinking....you may have saw this in person @kwame2797 been too long so maybe I'm wrong
kwame2797 : Think so.... It might be when you were in polytech
thejimsta87 : Oh it was beginning of Jr year. I started arbys sophomore year....we are getting old man @kwame2797
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#tbt to warmer days and summer concerts! Can't believe she will be a married woman in a few weeks!! #holyschnikes πŸŒžπŸ‘―πŸ’›πŸ’
holyschnikes - tbt -
jac2792 : This is totes presh πŸ’—
lacibobuck : That DJ never texted back and we never got backstage! Haha!
jakisa_c : @lstowers I know! Jake Owen was waiting for me-I just know it! Lol
lacibobuck : Yeah he was @jakisa_c!
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I just walked past a hawk the size of a small child on my way to class. #HolySchnikes
holyschnikes -
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This is what is said whenever shit goes down....It's a shame this legend is not around today to make us all laugh! #chrisfarley #holyschnikes #tommyboy #laugh #retro #photooftheday #picoftheday #legend
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Going to see my buddy @fg2132 warming up to run over the Rams. #onthefield #levisstadium #holyschnikes
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How can anyone NOT believe?? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #chrisfarley #welcomeback #imabeliever
imabeliever - chrisfarley - welcomeback - holyschnikes -
missfeaster : #holyschnikes
cruzinwithacruz : He's not gone! He just stays in a vsn, down by the river!!!!!!
mistah.steal.ya.girl : ^
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This is about to happen 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱!!!! @therealstanlee @stanleecollectibles @stanleecomikaze #stanlee #comikaze #comikazecon #funkopop #pop #funko #holyschnikes #imetstan #tickets #passes
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gokou105 : What are you getting signed n how much were each ticket?
superfunkopopsaiyan : @gokou105 they were 60$ each and I got 5 pops my avengers dvd set and my thanos glove signed
icecoldcollector : You spend$420 on Stan lee autographs.... Guy makes a killing jesus
superfunkopopsaiyan : @icecoldcollector it's not him he signed for free before he got this douchbag agent now that's a jerk. Stan lee doesn't own rights to marvel anynore he lost al lot when marvel tried to sue him for his name which was just stupid. Then marvel made up for it kinda. But he's got kids and grandkids and if you knew you could make money to help them out you would. He's not Michael Jordan or jay z with just stupid money like you think. Why do you think Sony and fox have rights ? They sold them off marvel was going under.
icecoldcollector : I never said there was a issue with him doing it lol, just that he made a killing. I'll have to google the whole "sueing" thing I didn't know this
superfunkopopsaiyan : @icecoldcollector oh ok lol he's so old man he could barly sign we couldn't take any pictures at all like they were hella strict. The flashes would bother him. He doesn't have much time left from what I so. God forbid he goes soon πŸ˜”
superfunkopopsaiyan : @icecoldcollector marvel tried to sweep it u see the rug. Do you remember stan lee auto use to be at the top corner of the marvel logo before and it's not there anymore. They tried to sue him for his own name lol. Bcuz his name isn't stan lee it's Stanley so they wanted his nickname
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After how many years, gas price dropped below $3.00. #holyschnikes!#
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daharry121314 - danielletheelephant - rollatoyz - tantalizing_trini -
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