Thank you sweet baby Jesus for UrbanDecay All Nighter setting spray. It literally saved my makeup at prom and I use it everyday due to the Florida heat and humidity! πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸ™ #mua #urbandecay #settingspray #skindinavia #makeuplover #myfavorite #holygrailmakeupproduct
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shariecealisha : I just got this. Haven't tried yet.
makeupandbeautybysusie : Its a holy grail product! I used it for my prom makeup and it kept it perfect for almost 10 hours of sweating and dancing! @shariecealisha
shariecealisha : Oh wow. I need to try it ASAP. El Paso is HELL!
makeupandbeautybysusie : So is Tampa! Its so hot and humid and the spray literally wont make my makeup budge! @shariecealisha
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#day8 #30daysofbeauty #holygrailmakeupproduct #mac #prolongwearconcealer
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Yeaayy! My new makeup haul from @makeupforeverind #makeuphaul #makeupforever #holygrailmakeupproduct #mufe #makeup #fullcover #concealer
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maharannyccc : #makeupforeveraddict #clozettedaily
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bagandbeyond : Kakak cantik♥ Cari tas branded 100% ORIGINAL Longchamp? READY STOCK! Guarantee CHEAPER than stores. Imported langsung dari EROPA. Barang LIMITED. So what are you waiting for?! Check them out loves & jangan sampai kehabisan xoxo
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QUICK REVIEW: Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation for Combo/Oily Skin. About $11-$13 depending on where you purchase them. This is my HG liquid foundation! It claims to last 24 hrs and I'm not entirely sure about that since I habe not attempted to find out. I've worn this an entire day of work before and while out and about, roughly 12 hours maximum. It has lasted the entire day without making me feel like I have a full face of makeup on. It isn't heavy, goes on very lightly and smoothly. The coverage is medium to full and it sets pretty quick so you have to blend it in soon after applying to your face. This does help keep my shine at a minimum, more so than the NYX Stay Matte foundation! I love this so much and have stocked up on backups (thanks to my bf :) for buying me more backups!) I highly recommend this foundation for people with both combo/oily and normal/dry skin!
katchoww : @beccarivas79 yea! I noticed that the NYX stay matte foundation would sort of feel a bit heavy after a long day. It doesn't hold up the well for elan entire day but it works for up to 4-5 hours for sure. This one though, it's hands down amazing, does not feel greasy or heavy and stays on and stays put even when I blot my face when I start to see some shine
derfacee : @katchoww Have you tried the Covergirl 3 in 1 foundation? That one is tied with this foundation for first for me. Love them both!
derfacee : Have you tried the Covergirl 3 in 1 foundation? That one is amazing as well! My other hg foundation!
beccarivas79 : I totally agree with you
lipstickqueenxox : I love this stuff! The selling point for me is that the shade range is so large (compared to most other drugstore brands) and doesn't oxidize on me. I used to swear by Nars matte and sheer glow foundations, but I honestly prefer this one. It really stays, even when I don't use primers and mattifying gels. Like, I put it on in the morning, touch up mid day, and go out for the night.
leeannradday : It stays on long! But it takes a while to settle for me.
momo_tuda_lulu : @derfacee I keep hearing such great things abiut the covergirl 3 n 1!!!! My skin is very dry so I can't wait to check it out!!!!
randomly_cute : I just bought this foundation. I've been looking for a new one. Hopefully this works out! So far I really love the texture @katchoww
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A holy grail of palette. This is not a guilty pleasure, this is a pure pleasure!
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kareenzanasthasya : Ni tu ada bii naked nya , pesenan ak kapan dtg .???
authenticlovers : Hi sis! Cek IG kita ya.. Jual authentic BAGS & SHOES, branded MAKE-UP / COSMETICS (naked urbandecay, chanel, benefit, sephora, toofaced), and brushes (SIGMA brushes), and KERASTASE & LOREAL stuffs. Kita juga #FIRSTHANDSUPPLIER of SNACK IMPORT (nutella, kitkat, ovomaltine, pocky, etc). Thanks beb ξ„†ξ˜ξŒ«
renitasss : Day8 #30daybeautychallenge
renitasss : #holygrailmakeupproduct
renitasss : #30daysofbeauty
nandariani : Advice donk , Mnurut km bagus naked or naked 2 @noniyenks
renitasss : @nandariani menurutku bagus naked1 sih, wrnanya aku suka. Trs dapet primernya jg. Kalo naked2 bagus di packagingnya ajaa 😁
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SuperLatePost #30daysofbeauty ... Day #6 : brushes #favbrush | Day #7 : skin care #sulwhasoo #productjapan | Day #8 #holygrailmakeupproduct | and Day #9 make up storage #list ... Baru sempat di upload jadi disatuin aja deh yah hehe...
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ilhaeko : Apaaan itu fit yg day 7?
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#HolyGrailMakeUpProduct 😍 #30daysofbeauty #EtudeHouse #Korea β˜ΊπŸ‘ its amazing product more than you know ... Lol*
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lilyanilechi : ~*~Days 8~*~
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The most important items ahaayy #day8 #holygrailmakeupproduct #30daysbeautychallange #makeup #holygrail #iphonesia #instyle #instagram
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zorafitria : #30daysbeautychallenge
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#holygrailmakeupproduct #nakedurbandecay <3
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onlybythemoon : Essential πŸ‘Œ
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