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Can I just read and be tested on the content of this book for my final exams? That would be nice. 😁 #HockeyFanProblems
hockeyfanproblems -
rolla_costa : This looks interesting. Did it help with gaining a better understanding? I'm always trying to see the next step ahead when watching lol
alim93 : Yes, it actually really did help with that! It's an amazing book, it gives you all of the information you need to know about anything NHL related. @rolla_costa
mrsbrown_xo : Need this book in my lifeee
rolla_costa : @alim93 awesome I'll have to pick it up! Loving the cover as well haha. Hope Hawaii has been treating you swell :)
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One day I'll remember why I wrote GRETZKY on this #hardwood sample. Today is not that day 😬 #office #flooring #hockey #hockeyfanproblems #floor #oops
flooring - office - floor - hardwood - hockeyfanproblems - oops - hockey -
jorgensonlockers : It must be the G.O.A.T. in the hardwood world or something. 😜 Happy weekend!
#excuseme ?? 😒 #aspettando la #dolomitencup #sotrue #hockeyfanproblems #hockeyfan #hockey #icehockey #quotes
icehockey - sotrue - dolomitencup - quotes - hockeyfan - excuseme - hockeyfanproblems - aspettando - hockey -
stefania_nones : @___sara10___ 😄😉😉
___sara10___ : Hockey the best one😛😉😍
design.logo_ : ⭐
hockey_helper : 👌 👌 👌 👌
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Got me some hand made duck ears. #hockeyfanproblems #hockeyfamily #goducks
hockeyfamily - goducks - hockeyfanproblems -
lodownkuba85 - elainep103 - maria_loves_life - mikaanddean -
Elimination sucks, but I'll always love my kings. Now the long wait for October begins. #LAKings #NoStanleyCup #HockeyFanProblems
lakings - hockeyfanproblems - nostanleycup -
b___roooo - akanebooooo - kev_slim - eduardor_495 -
🏒 When you're a fan of @strombone1 but this is the only jersey you have of his... #hockeyfanproblems #floridapanthers #nyislanders #nhl #nhlplayoffs @nhl @ny_islanders @flapanthers @tsn_official . Luckily I'm a fan of hockey in general but I think YOU could boast being this year's Biggest Hockey Fur-fan. YOU could be the new cover-pup for @dogswholovehockey! So lace up those skates and show us what you've got! 🚨 . To celebrate the NHL Playoffs @littleleothemorkie @cocobups and @dogswholovehockey want to see our furry pals in their hockey jersey/gear! A winner amongst you will be chosen by the hosts based on style and creativity! This year's contest is sponsored by our good friends at @bringhockeyback ! So head over to their site at to stock up on plenty of gear to wear for the contest! Brownie points will be given for entries wearing their BHB! . PRIZES INCLUDE: 🔹A BringHockeyBack "Two Minutes for Ruffing" doggie tee (size large) 🔹Shoutout from the hosts. 🔹Cover pup on @dogswholovehockey for the year. 🔹A mystery prize! 🔹and of course, bragging rights -- worth more than any prize! . RULES: 1. Follow all hosts: @littleleothemorkie @dogswholovehockey @cocobups. 2. Post a Hockey themed photo and in the main caption mention: "This is my entry to prove I am this year's Biggest Hockey Fur-fan #hockeyfurfan contest hosted by @littleleothemorkie @dogswholovehockey @cocobups. Go (insert favorite hockey team) Go!!" 3. 2 entries per account posted between April 13, 2016 to April 30, 2016. 4. Tag three friends on this post that may want to join. 5. Public accounts only. 6. Contest open to the U.S. and Canada for shipping purposes, however International accounts can participate for bragging rights and shoutout but the Prize will need to be designated to a U.S. or Canada account by the winner. 7. Contest ends April 30th, midnight PST. Winner will be announced by May 2nd. . .
hockeyfanproblems - hockeyfurfan - nhl - nyislanders - nhlplayoffs - floridapanthers -
cocobups : @chocolatebarpaws @pupsonpar yay more hockey loving pups! ❤️🏒
fragoletta_13 : @cocobups 😂😂 Tacoma in Italy the dominant sport is football. Hockey is very little. I And dad we have seen it only once on TV😂👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼🐾🐾🐾🐾😘😘😘
anabrier : Que Bellooo❤️❤️
cocobups : @anabrier gracias! 💙💕
daisybuttonnicole - priyutsobak - chewy_the_shit - lilyandaddy -
Acquired more playoff gear...St. Louis Blues!! #stlblues #NHL #Hockey #LGB #OurBlues #stlouisblues #STL #HockeyFanProblems #PlayoffHockey
playoffhockey - lgb - nhl - stlouisblues - stl - hockey - hockeyfanproblems - stlblues - ourblues -
timberhockey : Two thumbs up!
timberhockey - wheelhouse_nightlife - nappsnaturalhair - lisalassi77 -
If you ever feel like a loser, here is a story: When you're a kid and spend evenings with grandpa watching sports instead of cartoons; you enjoy collecting everything related to the Russian Rocket and the Russian Five; on summers you travel to Moscow to visit Mom and one day meet Ilya Kovalchuk, you don't like Spartak that time, but your Mom forces you to come up to him; you weren't really into all the leagues you are crazy about now before Torino 2006 starts: the first Winter Olympics you REALLY watched; definitely that time hockey completely steels all of your attention and your heart; you watch thrilling game performed by the teams, especially Sweden; you hear TV hosts joking about DRW being the main destination for Swedes; you are in that era of the Swedish Connection in DRW; you do endless researches to find out everything about NHL and DRW you can, thanks to Internet; YouTube is in function for a like a year and the whole online broadcasting things is becoming a "thing", so you spend days and nights watching everything that is not on TV, reading everything you can find, absorbing information like a sponge; you have plenty of free time for hockey, cause tennis isn't so exciting anymore, you don't train as much as you used to; you spend 10 years screwing up your sleeping pattern, being with your teams through their ups and downs, dreaming to get to the international competition one day; finally you find yourself on the KHL game; then you get to the YOG and meet people who help you with your application to IIHF WC in Russia and getting a good position, so you can see the game and meet the teams; your dream has never been so close to you and with your Birthday in May too, you are sure that this is gonna be the best one ever; but yeah, hello Mr. Murphy with your stupid law! You have to decline the offer, cause on the one hand you understand that you have responsibilities and important things to do here, but on the other you think there's nothing "importanter" for you than the game of hockey too. So, yeah, I'll be freaking upset and you can GFY if you don't understand why sports fans get so emotional over "just a game". Idk what to feel now #hockeyfanproblems
hockeyfanproblems -
humolesi : I loove reading your posts, my passionate hockey lover..and yes, those bitches need to realize how a game isnt just a game to certain spectators. Heads up, the year isnt over yet and the best is yet to come. I miss you!
likeberrys - humolesi - a.s.azamat - alikaomarova -
#chetristezza #tuttofinito 😢 #hcneumarkt #wildgoose #lost #imsosad #depression #playoffs #icehockeyplayoff #hockeyfanproblems
tuttofinito - playoffs - lost - icehockeyplayoff - wildgoose - depression - hockeyfanproblems - hcneumarkt - chetristezza - imsosad -
neunzehnternullvier_99 : Prossimo anno ce la facciamo 😊
stefania_nones : @neunzehnternullvier_99 siiii💪💪💪💪
susanne_visintin : Depression?? Anche di piú🙊😱😂 @stefania_nones
stefania_nones : @susanne_visintin ma veramente😤😔😅 - creaturesthatlive - anxiety.queen - m_illi_ -
Wrist bruise from banging the glass. Work is gonna suck. #HockeyFanProblems #Pensacola #IceFlyers #250kchallenge #bodybuildingcom #dymatize #sphl
iceflyers - bodybuildingcom - dymatize - pensacola - hockeyfanproblems - sphl - 250kchallenge -
themaineroxie : #worthit
andreigramas - fitsoccercoach - rcar33 - corndawg82 -
What to bring tonight to cheer on @rittigers? #hockeyfanproblems #gotigers #visitroc #atlantichockey #tigerpride
atlantichockey - gotigers - hockeyfanproblems - visitroc - tigerpride -
andrewathias - wonderful_tiger_ - rsplatinum - arldav84 -
Great day at the mailbox....Finally!! 💜 #JoinTheClan #PurpleArmy #HockeyFanProblems #EIHL #dedication #BraeheadClan #Scotland @tristancameronharper you got me hooked!
braeheadclan - jointheclan - eihl - hockeyfanproblems - dedication - scotland - purplearmy -
makemoneyhere10000000000 - braeheadclan - lacesy -
I can't even articulate how excited I am that we get the Winter Classic!! 💙💛💙💛 #icehockey #winterclassic #stlblues #NHL #Hockey #LGB #OurBlues #stlouisblues #STL #HockeyFanProblems
winterclassic - lgb - nhl - stlouisblues - icehockey - stl - hockey - hockeyfanproblems - stlblues - ourblues -
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Quote of the day by me: "What the fuck, I'm 24 and waiting to take a picture with a 16 year old kid!" 😂 But yeah, me and @tamara.gul still don't have a selfie with our favorite little goalie, gotta catch Amir tomorrow 😂 #crazypeopleproblems #hockeyfanproblems вот так вот взрослые бабы поджидают детей ради селфи, зачем так жить! #ебанькоproblems
crazypeopleproblems - ебанькоproblems - hockeyfanproblems -
sevara_013 - oskar88 - humolesi - mirriam_tamara -
Freaking out with @tamara.gul because our favorite little cookie replied to us 😂 #hockeyfanproblems gotta calm down, cause he is 16, lol, joke, but this kiddo is going places! <333
hockeyfanproblems -
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Поймали :D #CrazyPeopleProblems #HockeyFanProblems #LilCookie #AmirMiftakhovFanClub #ГордимсяРебятами #ае
гордимсяребятами - amirmiftakhovfanclub - ае - lilcookie - hockeyfanproblems - crazypeopleproblems -
saniyaq : Ахахаххахахаха
ihvtesvm : @saniyaq этой печенюшке 16 лет, а мы ебанутые :D
madina.sapar - humolesi - madina_yedilova - amir_miftakhov01 -
RUS vs NOR #iloveYOG #hockeyfanproblems #YOG2016 #Lillehammer2016
iloveyog - lillehammer2016 - yog2016 - hockeyfanproblems -
gulaiym_abish - lillehammer2016 - gerafukaeri - bzrdnaya -
The hockey arena ❤️ Really thankful it's close to the YOV and my accommodation! And I hope my team is interested in hockey too 🙆🏻 #hockeyfanproblems
hockeyfanproblems -
nurkenovaa - a.s.azamat - sevara_013 - likeberrys -
Knock-knock, can you give me a job, pwease? #hockeyfanproblems
hockeyfanproblems -
feruzajolmukhanova - a.s.azamat - likeberrys - high5sandblueskies -
[Hockey Replica] Jersey Tip: NEVER place your jersey near any item that has a Velcro attached into -- it will ruin your jersey. 😭🙈😭 #TheMoreYouKnow #HockeyFanProblems #FirstWorldProblems
firstworldproblems - themoreyouknow - hockeyfanproblems -
sharkgiants : That's happened to me. It's beyond aggravating.
hockey_card_kingdom - vinhelson - luucy__89 - brianamarleau -
Proper headwear is a must! #HockeyFanProblems #Hockey #stlouisblues #OurBlues #STL #NHL #TeamFinland
hockey - teamfinland - hockeyfanproblems - stl - nhl - stlouisblues - ourblues -
😩 this was my poster ready for the Bruins/Sens game. Now Cody is on IR and I'm just a sad man. Feel better soon kiddo @codyceci 😟 #hockeyFanProblems 🏒 #CodyCeci #BobbyRyan #Sens #NHL
sens - codyceci - nhl - bobbyryan - hockeyfanproblems -
fiftyshadesofreigns - mikeyboycanada - icetown_carlsbad - stadiumworldwide -
Decisions decisions. #hockeyfanproblems #stlblues #ourblues #boozeontheshelf Classic daiquiri made with @krakenrum. 2 parts rum, 1 part lime juice, 1 part simple syrup.
boozeontheshelf - stlblues - ourblues - hockeyfanproblems -
ashleyrox75 - bakerpeabody - thisfishknits -
#truelife #hockeyfanproblems #hockeyplayer #nhl #tistheseason #finally #hockey #hockeygirl #hoodieweather
hockeygirl - nhl - hockeyplayer - finally - hockey - truelife - hockeyfanproblems - tistheseason - hoodieweather -
samiii_tat - strictlycellys -
If the NHL is going to expand, we're going to need a bigger arena. #cbj #nhl #hockeyfanproblems
cbj - nhl - hockeyfanproblems -
nationwidearena -
This is so fitting! #hockey #hockeygirl #avalanche #avsnewage #avs #Colorado #sotrue #hockeyfanproblems
colorado - hockeygirl - sotrue - avs - avalanche - hockey - avsnewage - hockeyfanproblems -
jnimmo22 - hockeylandcanada - carolynvvgailes_024 -
#hockeyfanproblems #njdevils #nhl
njdevils - nhl - hockeyfanproblems -
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"Brother, can you spare a goal?" Yes, Ken...I've checked everywhere and we have no spare goals back here. #dkmbackstage #dropkickmurphys #kencasey #ericpinkos #thestruggleisreal #hockeyfanproblems #backstage #hockeyfan @epinkos @kendkm @dropkickmurphys
thestruggleisreal - dropkickmurphys - hockeyfan - backstage - ericpinkos - hockeyfanproblems - dkmbackstage - kencasey -
some_call_me_mayhem : Perfect!😃
gypsylullaby7 - lucasrumson - teamcolorsbycarrie - magicdany3 -
Watching my black and gold while at the boys black and gold #hockeyfanproblems
hockeyfanproblems -
b_leonard99 - jeveuxjouer -
What can I say... I'm sucker for a good fight! #letsgocaps #caps #hockey #washingtoncapitals #hockeyfanproblems #capsvsbruins #rockthered
letsgocaps - washingtoncapitals - capsvsbruins - hockeyfanproblems - rockthered - hockey - caps -
hunksofhockey : 👍
chadmcshane - ryank8585 - alicehomechin - sonsofhockey -
My dad doesn't miss an opportunity to troll me and Pete #toewssucks #blackhawkssuck #futurewingsfan #hockey #hockeyfanproblems #papasintrouble
futurewingsfan - hockey - hockeyfanproblems - blackhawkssuck - papasintrouble - toewssucks -
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Things I can wear today, because Blues n Islanders...though I'm pretty sure he's not actually starting tonight. >_> Whatever. #Jaro #halak #missyou #stlblues #nyislanders #hockeyfanproblems
halak - missyou - jaro - nyislanders - stlblues - hockeyfanproblems -
the_jen : Yeah, he's not starting because of playing last night. I love him still. 💙
theme._by_nica : Psst, it's Hex/Adrian 's birthday today! Shout him out and pass it on!
joncars05 - nineteenohsix - biasedlightningfan - sportstalk1240 -
#lvphantoms #hockeyfanproblems
lvphantoms - hockeyfanproblems -
izzy.k.22 : I was there!
dandeliondaydream89 - mattdonders - serenacruz317 - maia_nimeh -
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