This was once a car, this was once my car, this car is no more. We may have only known each other for 6 years but lord knows it felt like more. Chevy Prizm: 1999-2014. #HitAndRun #Detroit #ThankYouAirBags #GoodTimes #Dunzo
goodtimes - hitandrun - thankyouairbags - detroit - dunzo -
dboyer_ : Damn man, you all good?!
polaurbear : fuck 😐 I'm glad you're alright!
taxon_clade : Walked out untouched somehow, pretty damn lucky.
alexalynnroberts : Shit dude
polaurbear - nava_nagila - nathandumond - dboyer_ -
Kevin Lost Out - Kevin did not win his battle with the train at the Omaha botanical gardens
lauritzengardens - ape4kevin - trainset - trainstation - toys - unionpacific - hitandrun - kevin - evilape -
mcaevildesign : Kevin, be careful...!
ape4kevin : @mcaevildesign Kevin takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'. I tried to get Codo to shoot slow mo footage of it but he never listens to me. πŸ˜„
ape4kevin : #ape4kevin #Kevin #evilape #trainset #unionpacific
ape4kevin : #lauritzengardens
ape4kevin : #hitandrun
ape4kevin : #trainstation #toys
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Halloweenin' it up with Lummers πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜˜πŸ’ @emmalumleyx #Halloween #Zombie #Dead #Cat #GotHitByACar #DrunkDriver #HitAndRun #Cheer #Social #Love
drunkdriver - love - hitandrun - halloween - dead - cat - zombie - cheer - social - gothitbyacar -
emmalumleyx : Love it!!! Love your snapchat too πŸ˜‚ 'we love each other' xxx
tor_scott : I'm just romantic like that 😘 @emmalumleyx
emmalumleyx : So cute haha πŸ˜πŸ’ƒ
emmalumleyx - connershanefp - _cheerstars - cheer_conner_on -
#Halloween #muffinbreak#love #scary #hitandrun
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davincisdemons - hitandrun - artshare - elroyzart - design - drawings - fellas - artcrafts - artillusion - artmind - selftaught - elroy - davinci - calligraph - scareface - drugdealers - creativity - pen - polymath - retro - artworld - graffiti - like4like - featuremyartplz - guns - mafiaart -
latenightjustice : Nice!
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#s152jz #T78-33D #hitandrun #thehamisinthesandwich
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jbowlzy : @jaketurner86
jacklyons22 : Can't wait for this to happen! nice work man
steven_serone : @loco3n
peanut_drifthappy_nunn : Good stuff, looks like you're getting stuff done with it this week, awesome, keen to see it running :)
teedawgyo : Im coming by soom bro! @pistolpete_hitnrun
haazzaard : Aw yea !
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These Israelis are making this quite a habit of theirs.The hit and run thing And of course their so called "brave" and "moral" army tells those sick drivers to flee the scene as soon as they see their mission has been accomplished. And the mission was, hitting a little child.These people are so heartless and disgusting.And one day a Palestinian man retaliates and hits an Israeli child and he is shot dead at the spot and the whole of the sick psycho Israeli community goes crazy.When a muslim retaliates by attacking a child of that murderous community, trust me, that means they have gone way too far.Way too far with their inhumanity.But i don't understand why they got all emotional over that.I mean they have been killing Palestinian children for ever too long.It's a game for them.I think when those Israeli settlers get bored they decide to "hit" a Palestinian child and "run away".They enjoy it. Seeing that child whimper and quiver with pain, dying at the end. His family in tears.Hearing their agonising screams makes them happy.Then i think it's really not surprising that as they don't understand the pain they make those parents go through after they take their child from them, they will obviously one day go through the same pain themselves as they do not plan on understanding what they make others go through until the same happens to them.They think they have a license to kill everyone but no one can raise a finger at them.Actually they should realise by now that their is a limit to everything.That Palestinian man, i do not blame him for what he did. A point comes and it came quite a long time ago that those Israelis deserved it.After all they have done to the Palestinians.They would never understand until the same is done to them.As far as the "sacred jewish blood" is concerned that they all think no one has the right to shed i think they have quite clearly shown the world that filthier blood than that does not exist considering what they did to the Palestinians.They are heartless disgusting psychopaths who have no respect for any other human's life.In fact they think the only thing they have every right to do is take it. Well guess what Israel?You don't.
boycottisrael - israel - gazainourhearts - freegaza - freepalestine - savegaza - hamas - warcrimes - istandwithpalestine - israelterrorist - boycottamerica - iccforisrael - children - istandwithgaza - prayforgaza - israhell - prayforsyria - burninhell - hitandrun - savepalestine - pray4palestine - idfcowards - prayforpalestine - gaza - palestine - syria - freesyria - pray4gaza -
soulsingreenbirds : #gaza #palestine #gazainourhearts #istandwithgaza #istandwithpalestine #freegaza #freepalestine #savegaza #savepalestine #prayforgaza #prayforpalestine #pray4gaza #pray4palestine #Israel #israhell #idfcowards #burninhell #hitandrun #children #hamas #boycottisrael #boycottamerica #israelterrorist #iccforisrael #syria #prayforsyria #freesyria #warcrimes
lacy_design : I hate them children killer
palestiniangurl15 : Those devil settlers😠
ummekhan730 : I hope these bastards Zionist , get Wut they deserve soon. : This is why they are hated by most they have no morals and when you have no morals it's a dangerous thing for humans to be living with such beings.
soulsingreenbirds : Exactly.
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One project away for the winter another one to tackle #hitandrun #fuckbluecars
fuckbluecars - hitandrun -
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Inspiration for the day! Hit and run know what's up πŸ‘Œ #s13 #hitandrun photocred : #downshiftaus
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#hitandrun #wanted #recklessdriver pls let us know kng kilala nyo
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grtg_ : woah @VinesBeLike
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Permainan tradisional.. #Traditional #Game #HitAndRun #Hit #Run #BoiBoian ⚾
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When @kyletraska @djpotira & I get gets HOT!!! We love playin for all kindsa parties, but hour & and a half dance classes with @aninhasambista, & then straight into an after party is the craziest! So much fun last Friday! More coming soooon! #HitAndRun #HitNRun #LA #dance #drums #LP #yamaha #zildjian #remo #vicfirth #VF15 #samba #brasil #brazil #femaledj #twodrummersoneDJ #party #newnew #danceclass #sweat #HEAT #kyletraska #djpotira #ryanknudsen @vicfirth @remopercussion @zildjiancompany
vf15 - dance - yamaha - vicfirth - kyletraska - heat - drums - zildjian - hitnrun - femaledj - brazil - samba - brasil - la - danceclass - ryanknudsen - hitandrun - djpotira - twodrummersonedj - lp - remo - newnew - party - sweat -
carmonaproductions : Great! Musical Talent has played a major role in society at large, there are numerous individuals seeking recognition. Why join the majority when you can take a stance marketing your own music? Click the link on my bio for more info.
djpotira : πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’›
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πŸ‘‹&πŸƒ #hitandrun
hitandrun -
bekleah : Scary
iamdannykim : #buttholesurfer
_antoniosantos_ : is that what i think that is right there near the place where the thing comes from?
maibamboozle : @_antoniosantos_ πŸ™ŠπŸ’©πŸ’«πŸ’₯
bigredgee : Yikes
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This is pretty much a homicide in Quebec..Also a sin. #montreal #montrealproblems #poutine #careless #disaster #murderer #HitandRun
montrealproblems - murderer - disaster - poutine - careless - hitandrun - montreal -
poutination : 😹 : Ahhh!
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En clase de ingles :3 #BreatheCarolina #HitAndRun #SoGood #InstaGood :3
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Gets out to check there's space βœ”οΈ Ignores space βœ”οΈ Makes me so mad but I'm laughing βœ”οΈ I don't know who you are... But I WILL find you...and personally revoke your licence! ✊ You do not belong on the road... Yet alone a car park. The actual sequence took a whole 9 MINUTES! For her to get out of the parking lot. 😱 #driving problems #CCTV #baddriving #leicester #hitandrun #leicester #wtf
baddriving - wtf - driving - leicester - cctv - hitandrun -
dmhaigh : Take that douche bag down @zusun83 !!
cfisher07 : @zusun83 good detective work bro! Is that a work camera?? Or do they just let people access CCTV in Leicester?? Find this #HitandRun nuisance!!
zusun83 : @cralgy yeah gonna try sort that out this week.
zusun83 : @jake_burgoyne I wouldn't call that driving!! I'm on the hunt now... I smell blood haha
zusun83 : @jjh86xx @dmhaigh nana douche indeed. But did make for funny viewing! Not sure why she got out to check. More clips show it looked like she was gonna ram into it again! God help her.
zusun83 : @olifernandez you can't script this shit!!! She struggled to get out yet a big taxi van came straight through the entrance with ease πŸ˜‚ .... It HAD to be my car she clipped.... πŸ˜’ wtf
zusun83 : @cfisher07 haha proper detective. Found it was a restaurants camera (who apparently recognise me?!) and then went to my local Greggs who told me they saw the whole thing πŸ˜‚ unfortunately didn't get reg. will keep searching or enquire about other places near with cameras. ✊
mac2thefuture83 : Fuming
jenetictraining - mendiondojr - davefaull - _its_mr_j_ -
πŸ˜‘πŸ‘ΏWalked out of work to find my car had been hit, and no one around to take the blame. They obviously don't know who they are messing with. #mad #mustang #hitandrun
mustang - hitandrun - mad -
mustang_queen : @_syn197 thank you for being a positive person!
jessicaayres1 : Same thing happened to me girl! Sanchez body shop in Walhalla is really good and cheap. Ask for Victor
jessicaayres1 : But mine happened SIX days after I got my car 😭
mustang_queen : @jessicaayres1 thank you for telling me about them, never heard of em! And oh word, I'd be soooo upset I'd probably go to jail if that would have been me lol
jessicaayres1 : Well someone had to drive my car from Greenville so they didn't even know it happened. I was furious and cried lol but yeah go see them! It's literally two minutes from McDonald's in walhalla!
bluemustang84 : OMG! I would die, I'm so sorry 😭
lanceluan : We have cameras in our plant, ask HR, they can help.
kylelemere28 : Get a toilet plunger and pull that crater out
mustang_queen - cassidy_elliott - rafaelejn - baseball_boy_090 -
hitandrun - nycart -
pj__jose : Cool pic lol
icemanpaulk : @pj__jose thanks homie
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Bop bop! Just cuz a lot of broads want you don't mean I do. The nigga I want has a CDC # & wears blue, let's keep it G. I play too much. Free my folks tho. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…πŸ˜… #hitandrun #femalesbelike #bitchesbelike #ilovemyinmate #ilovebae #bae #daquan #goodgirlsbadboys #repyoset #freeHIM #freethem #scandals #hoodstars #funnyaf
scandals - repyoset - daquan - funnyaf - freehim - hitandrun - freethem - bae - goodgirlsbadboys - ilovebae - femalesbelike - hoodstars - ilovemyinmate - bitchesbelike -
harlem_madein_china : Dm
harlem_madein_china : Baby bomb tho lol and he with the shit lol
luvtobebossy : πŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ™‹ yesss
iloveangeee : Haha. I did it once guy became obsessed
luvtobebossy : Lmfao at oh enemy ass nigga smh I can't stand u
kikimoet1880 : @i_chose_up_vsg #facts
_geminibaby_88 : @rach90harper
bossladycisa : Yes honey...
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The gang βšΎπŸ˜‚ #throwback #thefam #ballers #watchout #HitAndRun #hateyis
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sarahgrehan : #HatersGonHate
aoibhin_oraw : πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›
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#hitandrun!!!!#badcarma someone hit my car!!! This sucks!!!
badcarma - hitandrun -
toshiekins : Aww! Were you in it? @amyrackleff
katkey05 : Where? I don't even see a scratch.
amyrackleff : Scratch is on the very bottom of the bumper and the bumper is pulled away at the seam. It's minor but very annoying!!! I was in several parking lots yesterday... Didn't see it til this morning
toshiekins -
πŸ’”πŸš— you're the real mvp. hang in there little one. 😭 #hitandrun #butwhy #poorsentra #yourestillmybae
poorsentra - hitandrun - yourestillmybae - butwhy -
dickemdowndan : By a Cherokee Also !!! @x3_katherine
x3_katherine : @dickemdowndan by an ugly blue one πŸš™πŸ˜ͺ
rvargas80 : @dickemdowndan @x3_katherine as long u guys are OK
stephaniesarai : So ridiculous! πŸ˜’
dickemdowndan - djstevehollywood - noboa_jnl - datbitchnae -
Greatest game has arrived just waiting for the console now #simpsons#hitandrun#ps2
simpsons - ps2 - hitandrun -
natalieeee_123 - simoneinc -
Deputy Sheriff Eugene Kostiuchenko with the Ventura County Sheriff's Office in California, what struck by a drunk driver while competing a traffic stop. The suspect fled from the scene but crash a short distance later. Two other Deputies who witnessed the crash arrested the suspect and faces multiple felony charges. Deputy Kostiuchenko died soon after, he was 41 years old and served for the department for 11 years. #EndOfWatch #thinblueline #sheriff #DUI #HitAndRun
dui - endofwatch - hitandrun - sheriff - thinblueline -
anthonykrikl : so sad- saw the news when it first broke out.
wishart.thomas - anthonykrikl -
Then they say it's me driving .. I got clipped #hitandrun .. Sorry baby 😒 ... Bmw or Mercedes next ?! I'll make the payments πŸ˜„
hitandrun -
x3_katherine : @p_weber08 lmfao! Daniel was driving! I'm not reckless
evolsavage : NIGGGGGGGA again??????
dickemdowndan : Remember when I was with you the other day and the guy ran the stop sign ?!?! Well this nigga ran it and left @evolsavage
evolsavage : @dickemdowndan same stop sign???
dickemdowndan : No diff stop @evolsavage
p_weber08 : Chase that motherfucker
monte_chinaryan : Benzzz, u cant downgrade
because_sebass : W140 !!
bulletproofbenzo - turki18321 - salem5600 - danasker -
.... Wtf.... Got woken up about 3:30am hrs ago to find this out.... #hitandrun #areuserious #vegas #drivers #e39 #m62 #totalled #fucku
m62 - drivers - fucku - hitandrun - e39 - vegas - areuserious - totalled -
ashbroo562 : Wtf!
junior_beemer : Neighbor near here ... Shoved the car in the garage but cop got lucky and i guess knocked or idk but was able to get most info about car and plates... So now to deal with hit and run investigators
torieroxx : Fuuuuuuuuccccckkkkk.!!!!! Oh em geee.!!!!! Thank god nobody was around or got hurt.!!!!!!
oni_ni_ : Oh shit.......
bigjim240 : Damn that sucks bro, at least you got him and you'll get his insurance to pay you!! @junior_beemer
shakotan_z : FUCK
terbobear : Gawd dam
kyle_sr20_s14 : Damnnn. . New bmw time. .
__chepe_ - crowdcontrolvegas - thejoshmckinney - tblain702 -
Wake up - Willoughby - wake up your Escape is totalled! #500am #hitandrun #stolencar #CPS #seeyalaterescaper #sigh #yyc #morning
seeyalaterescaper - sigh - 500am - hitandrun - morning - stolencar - yyc - cps -
janalyncredible : Oh no!
mattlundrigan -
Mah baby is back! Cheers to the guys at Palmerston North Panel and Paint. Post #crash #update #toyota #altezza #hitandrun #cow did it #panelandpaint #shiny #new #blue
blue - crash - cow - hitandrun - toyota - update - altezza - new - panelandpaint - shiny -
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Thaks Freddy for the nice Shot πŸ“· Stoke at Sorake πŸŒπŸ―πŸŽ‹πŸŒŠπŸ’¦πŸ’¦ #indo #nias #nocrowed #sorake #sumatra #surftrip #terimakasih #turnded #turn #hitandrun #stoke #followme #fuckisgood #fotojournal #makasih #morning #metosteprimo #bolsaECU #buenosdias #bolsaOC #regramg #robosurfboards #besttimes #mylife #paradise #countryofwaves #canon @bolsaclothing @robosurfboards @nick0023 @fjmata @afernandez73 @radical_mag @mostachoman @doncabeza @gambellini @hamiltonbor @luisphillips @leonfct @fcoherrerabravo @francovargas @danilosoriano25763 @misharisoriano @phil_goodrich_art @trillswills @gstoomey
buenosdias - makasih - metosteprimo - countryofwaves - canon - surftrip - terimakasih - robosurfboards - mylife - stoke - morning - fotojournal - besttimes - turnded - bolsaecu - sorake - hitandrun - regramg - nias - fuckisgood - turn - sumatra - nocrowed - bolsaoc - paradise - indo - followme -
docomusic : Woo
matchboyscollective : Awesome
manny2973 - ejhenriques - gonzaguevara - rena_bella -
If u didn't know been gone for a min been healing from what happen to me #burns#acident#hitandrun
acident - burns - hitandrun -
missgilliandunns : Glad your ok.
tristinamillzx - puncturewound -
Friends! I will greatly appreciate if you take the time and go to my gofoundmepage. I need money to fix my car or use it for down payment to get a new car. The police stated its a hit and run and have not been able to find who did it, and my insurance will not cover the damages. Please share my photo, I really need my car :( #car #echo #toyota #crashed #hitandrun #poor #collegestudent #needmoney #money #help #anythinghelps #sjsu #downtownsanjose #dtsj #spartan #sanjosestateuniversity #gofoundme
poor - downtownsanjose - help - money - collegestudent - echo - crashed - sjsu - dtsj - anythinghelps - sanjosestateuniversity - car - toyota - hitandrun - gofoundme - needmoney - spartan -
hailub13 : If you had uninsured motorist all you need is someone stating they saw it and boom! Covered lol
lilylovez : @fiitnesschic so far no one saw anything
lilylovez : @hailub13
hailub13 : But did you have uninsured?
lilylovez : @hailub13 they stated that they will not cover it, unless the police finds who did it.
theparloricecream : So nice!
yalabaa : $$$ ---->> @loraine815
genesteagall : @badguypaco
5high9 - melymel69 - lan.leoni - gregg.sheila2014 -
First three letters are PWB REPOST FROM @justinsena: "Repost. If you were in #santamonica tonight #parked on #pico and your #car #mirror was #smashed off, it was a #yellow #h2 with #hummer written down the side in black. #repost #lapd #smpd #hitandrun #la #losangeles #police #911" (via #RepostWhiz @RepostWhiz app)
hummer - losangeles - repostwhiz - h2 - yellow - parked - mirror - police - santamonica - smpd - la - car - hitandrun - pico - smashed - repost - 911 - lapd -
justinsena : I gotta get that app! @vintagegalmirren
vintagegalmirren : Hahah ya I'm sure there are plenty of kinds of repost apps but this one is pretty easy!
justinsena - vintagepublicrelations - californiagood_clothing - jenda_caserba -
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