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Getting a little pumped for Saturday afternoon #hitnparty #hitandrun #1992 #sandbetweenthetoes #vb #6toneofsin @best_guy @jwaz @bwaz_hnr @haazzaard @dallashnr @woods_hnr @spicy_guy @jakgeraghty
vb - 1992 - sandbetweenthetoes - 6toneofsin - hitnparty - hitandrun -
wesmills88 : @scottmitchellmedia
cade_cooper - spencer_smith272 - jye_mx_83 -
Currently! @crimekillz @n8noface @scumcrimekillz #crimekillz #hitandrun #CrewRunsDeep
crimekillz - hitandrun - crewrunsdeep -
zay_na_g - jf_daze - n8noface - lf23_ -
Watching Tyler's #ls1 #s13.4 finally cake tires after so many years of building and dreaming Was good to see #shredonnoonga #daddydriftcare #v8 #vodkasoda #cansteer #bake #raliegh #hitandrun
cansteer - s13 - hitandrun - vodkasoda - raliegh - shredonnoonga - ls1 - v8 - bake - daddydriftcare -
notreallyadoctor : Looks so rad!
haazzaard : Thing pumped !
nathanielwalker.com.au : How did Tyler go? Looks rad
minndoctor : #notorious #alldayskiing
ryanmoreonthenoff - joni_bigs - ryanmazzoni - muskkiii -
>:( #z31 #300zx #ratsun sometimes people get away with doing you wrong and that's a fact of life #idiotdrivers #dumbdrivers #hitnrun #hitandrun
idiotdrivers - z31 - dumbdrivers - ratsun - 300zx - hitandrun - hitnrun -
stevsam : Damn hope you're okay brotha
out1es4 - mikeymike253k - jody_dabroller710 - jeremyz31 -
Hit and run ... Let's hit and run the World. .πŸ’“πŸŽ΅πŸ‘Œ #lanadelrey #music #hitandrun #lanadelreyvideo #lanatics #teamlana #instakiss #queen #lanagoddess #instabeauty #instapic πŸ’“
lanagoddess - lanatics - lanadelreyvideo - lanadelrey - instakiss - instapic - hitandrun - queen - instabeauty - music - teamlana -
lanaddlrey - namelessroxana - lanadegrape - lanadeldevine -
Shout out to the slore who stood in a corner not looking both ways. Decided to try to run as I drove by her. Bitch broke off my side mirror that I had installed yesterday 😩😩😩😩😩. She had the audacity to run off like a gazelle when I stopped to see if she was ok. Papi ain't no snitch came out to see what had happened. But when I approached him, he went into the bodega and said he didn't see anything. Smh. That little cunt muscle that broke my mirror needs to learn how to look both ways. Gorilla glue should fix this. #fml #HitAndRun #LookBothWays
lookbothways - fml - hitandrun -
evilprincol : Smh wow
honeybiscuitz : Damnnnn
onlypuremusic : @evilprincol I'm mad cuz I installed that shit myself. With YouTube, I can be anything πŸ’ͺ.... But she ruined my work ;////
evilprincol : Stupid inconsiderate people I swear! @onlypuremusic
mabez88 : Slores now a days πŸ˜’
amazin_andy : That's just Gods way of saying you shouldn't install your own mirrors lol.
onlypuremusic : @amazin_andy ffffffffuck youuuuuuuu πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Š I was proud of myself.
amazin_andy : It's an accomplishment. That I agree. I'm just saying, God has a weird way of saying things lol.
aramos19 - flyfitcountryboy - mabez88 - honeybiscuitz -
-Russian mafiaπŸ˜…©#hitandrun#lanadelrey
hitandrun - lanadelrey -
stratulat_oks - tany_xloy_ - 54dancestudio - mashapierce -
About a month ago someone hit my car in the parking lot and left... Im thinking in covering the scratches with this crazy decal #hitandrun #booboo #coverup #audi #a3 #decal
a3 - booboo - audi - hitandrun - decal - coverup -
_mayart : Naah
rodelrio : Yeah I'm still in doubt :/ @_mayart
richiee__rich - nicopuche_ - brandino7 -
I found myself whirling around and falling down and down. My life memories were spinning around me, flashing like thousands of brilliant pictures with bright cascading colors like a thousand tiny kaleidoscope... #ily #near #death #experience #dirt #bike #accident #reckless #hitandrun #spiritual #dream #miracle #cherish #thelife #onechance #3months #ago #unforgettable
spiritual - dirt - accident - thelife - miracle - onechance - unforgettable - ago - death - 3months - hitandrun - experience - near - bike - cherish - dream - reckless - ily -
chillinvii : You make me scare but I been scare everyday. Stay be strong
zikkerg : Glad that you are alive. @shrooms93
dreaaaambig_ - cmax5207 - surdi_klf - stanton_21 -
Got BlackBeaut back today. (I did like my rental car a lot though!) And Colt 45 was playing loudly when I started her up. Now only to get my $500 back from the other person's insurance and this mess will be over!! In case you're wondering, that's $4000 worth of damage. #hitandrun
hitandrun -
mister_mcqueen : At least it's almost over! Woohoo!! πŸ™πŸ™πŸ’―πŸŽ‰
amyschlaht - mister_mcqueen - kory_jo -
Tbt! #Birthdaybehaviour. The criminals targeted us last night! #hitandrun @rayice and #Barbicanbeachcriminals #brokeintomyvehicle But God is good #nothingcanholdusdown @rayice Cheer up my sister!
birthdaybehaviour - nothingcanholdusdown - hitandrun - barbicanbeachcriminals - brokeintomyvehicle -
rayice : #theycantholdusnow #loveyahAngie
gellamir : Love you too hun @rayice
annmarievaz : πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™β€οΈ @gellamir
dan_etchy : Inlove with that dress
gellamir : Thank you @dan_etchy .
gellamir - janaearh - allopoint1 - dan_etchy -
Throw back to a few months ago when I got hit by a minivan at 40mph. #hitandrun
hitandrun -
brandiirenee96 - coltyyyy - dominiquepancner - youngandreckless29 -
Welcome to my hell. #hitandrun #again
again - hitandrun -
sloane422 : Your car looks like it's laughing at you...πŸ˜”
billtimesup : I think it's trying to communicate
josephtripi : Shazaaa nooooo!
ryanhandt : looks like it's smiling...
lalachik : Get spikes on the front.
ms_stormyriot : No way
lcrescenti : Fuck! Girl you need a nanny cam
medikateny : ugh
dethrone_devour - johncurtinjr - abciresi - filename.jpeg -
So after a few mins of shopping ...I return to my car only to find a surprise.please BE SAFE especially during this HOLIDAY SEASON...#hitandrun #hititsplitit #guam #altima #sadpanda #merrychristmas everyone makes mistakes but atleast own up to your shit. #coward
merrychristmas - sadpanda - altima - hititsplitit - guam - hitandrun - coward -
_xoxorachael : Karma!! Im sorry my love.
biglove90 : @xoxorachael happened last night...mhmm thought I could get over it...but it's been bothering me....I dont know how ppl can just do that. Miss you
_xoxorachael : @biglove90 :( we have some pretty stupid people in this world. I miss you more, im counting down the days already
_claireann : My mom, sister and the kiddos were involved in a hit and run a few weeks ago and while my mom pulled over the driver drove off. Some people are such heartless B's these days! Sorry that happened to your jhor! :(
biglove90 : @_claireann im soo glad they are safe...some ppl are just inconsiderate...
jaetris_fej : Oh man sorry about your car nen.
crazy9uy20 - lil_v90 - _xoxorachael - altima_addicts -
To the #pig who clipped my car and drove off, ur #MSP and wish i could throw u back to last thursday. #hitandrun #notcool #notimpressed #greatchristmasgift #thankssanta😠😠😠😠😠
notimpressed - greatchristmasgift - notcool - pig - hitandrun - thankssanta - msp -
sahra_heuwel : πŸ˜‚
imraan1 : @fadld 😱 πŸ™ŠπŸ’”
instafar_ : Easy pal... Not cool though but could be worse ❀️😘
mishkah.sydow - alzoriginal - sahra_heuwel - rameezb6 -
Genggam bia lebih pukul bia satu ahahaha.. #hitandrun
hitandrun -
ntashatushee - eizatjat - beenaaaaa - hasiibs -
Sorry for that cat pics but this one is my youngest. Not many people know this but she was actually hit by a car. Fortunately she was able to limp herself home and I was able to nurse her back to health. She was brave and strong the whole time. I'm happy to say she made a full recovery except for her tail being healed a little crooked and her personality is more timid and codependent now. She's healthy enough to hunt rabbits and all other little critters so I'm proud of that #9lives #cats #animalstory #recovery #hitandrun
metalheadswholovecats - cats - recovery - 9lives - animalstory - hitandrun -
theslickrick_ : #metalheadswholovecats
_maalouf_ - pumpkitten - _ceci_a - jonathan_nguyen_ha -
#hitandrunbuyer #hitandrun #garagesale #secondstuff #olshopping #prelovedstuff
garagesale - hitandrunblacklist - hitandrunbuyer - prelovedstuff - secondstuff - olshopping - hitandrun -
twinskycloset : #hitandrunblacklist
tanskiii : waaa wa donk ditt.....
meincloset - shilatrisman - sariechasmala - dinatweeny -
hitandrun -
wendyholloway1979 - qotsa_ah -
Lobster garbage/rests on the road means you're in France. #shellfish in the #gutter #Luxury #Decadence #bonappetit #Lyon #6ième #foodie #roadrace #hitandrun
lyon - gutter - foodie - shellfish - hitandrun - 6ième - luxury - bonappetit - roadrace - decadence -
artwontwait - whyshiroma - matt.morse - now_say_woow -
Dumb way to end a birthday. #accident #hitandrun
accident - hitandrun -
mwruff77 : Ouch...
flmkrd : Are you ok??
destrimartino : Yes, all seems fine.
victor_etn -
Shenanigans in Vegas! #hitandrun #vegas #fireball #hello #goodbye
vegas - hitandrun - hello - goodbye - fireball -
crystal_cant_even - danithecannibal - santacrawlmiami - bitchitschris -
@winocreep is tougher than you and Jersey City is a garbage town full of pig people. #hitandrun #jcmakeityours
hitandrun - jcmakeityours -
mikemistake : (He's fine by the way)
logoisforlovers : Tell me that's not human ketchup
mikemistake : @logoisforlovers 'tis
logoisforlovers : Yup garbage people
aurora_p : Oh no!
chris_von_doom : Yeah I don't miss Jersey City. Like, at all. Except for @mikemistake and @house_of_ames
fabulouslifeof : πŸ˜‘
sailorcaldwell : holy fuck people are awful.
samispretty - oldmanlandry - mmartellojr - travisalexander -
Haih. Why so many cars like to reverse and kiss you this year? #again #hitandrun #houyeh
again - houyeh - hitandrun -
yiin_wong : Because they like the number 88 hahaha
zowielinar : @yiin_wong chinese new year coming soon maybe lol !
yiin_wong : So may I kiss your car ? Haha
zowielinar : @yiin_wong prepare money for me to repair first only can kiss . Haha!
yiin_wong : I don't want , I help you paint it nicely lar then no need waste repair money xD
lll_cwl_lll - x.wenn - winnie_95 - imxiaomee -
Sushi! #vegas #firsttime #hitandrun
hitandrun - vegas - firsttime -
cesarnacho : How come when in in Vegas you guys don't go :(
vivalajoceyyy - piderman__ - allyyson12 - liz_jane7 -
Weeee have arrived! #hitandrun #vegas #woo #firsttime
firsttime - woo - vegas - hitandrun -
vivalajoceyyy - daviddespinoza - allyyson12 - aramos1216 -
I have no clue what Type of style I have going on but Im Here to Brag about Faithie!! Love here to death lol Don't mess with me She's my Body Guard ;) She's all fun and games will you mess with her crew lol Love You Boo Bear!! #POP#hitandrun #loveher #boyguard #sugarpiehoneybunyouknowthatIloveYou #wendesdayservice #ChurchBuds #shellcutyou #hahahah #withmyheel
loveher - hitandrun - pop - shellcutyou - wendesdayservice - withmyheel - churchbuds - hahahah - boyguard - sugarpiehoneybunyouknowthatiloveyou -
mariaa_raquell_ : Tbh idk you but you are gorgeous!
luz_chavez - ashley_cordova3 - markosolis00 - akakeyla -
College tuition, sneaker and game releases got niggas like...😰😲 #hitandrun #car #driving #college #sneaker #kotd #gaming #gamer #sony #nintendo #court
gaming - sneaker - court - driving - car - hitandrun - college - gamer - nintendo - sony - kotd -
wavez_kickz : Dope pic follow for feature
officialpokemonworld : So nice!
shoe_reserve : Superb!
cattasstrophe : Truuuuue
justinviola : Nice pic!
igmodelbay : Follow us if you like cars!
wherewoodofficial : So nice!
gamereverbnation : Cool pic! i found you by searching the hashtags you put on your pic. U into gaming? check out StoneVsCaveman in the app store. If you leave a screenshot of your score and use #stonevscaveman The owner will shout you out if you like.
ladyrave420 - cattasstrophe - c_ramos97 - ronaldguaman -
I'm fine but when I came out to go home I found this! Someone mingled my car! #hitandrun
hitandrun -
anainezsouza : That's really upseting!πŸ˜•
dki7 : Yes I had to explain it to my husband he's car fun @anainezsouza Thanks
efisherdesign : Yikes πŸ˜•
dki7 : Thanks I'm better now I was so mad! My friend that is still inexperienced at driving said it was only an accident but they didn't leave a note! ! Must be inexperienced also @efisherdesign
rcarmela71 : @dki7 😑😳
zveto4ek138 : Had the same ones 😬
rcarmela71 - masha___ze - julianaalvesr - zveto4ek138 -
Yeah that's the back of my car. Thank you random stranger for making this the best Christmas ever. 😑😊😀 #hitandrun
hitandrun -
1nonlyrosskennedy : I'm not home... @alecturner at my dad's I'll be there soon though
selena_garcia220 : Dangg that sucks!!! :(
alecturner : I would be so pissed
1nonlyrosskennedy : Yupp. @selena_garcia220 and you think I'm not πŸ˜…πŸ˜²πŸ˜ πŸ˜‘πŸ˜€ @alecturner
graciealiciaxo_ : Omfg so that's what I heard!!! It was so loud .-.
1nonlyrosskennedy : Yeah was your dad's patrol car there? I wonder if his car got anything on camera! @graciealiciaxo_
graciealiciaxo_ : No he's in Austin πŸ˜• his car probably would've gotten hit tho πŸ˜…
1nonlyrosskennedy : Dang. Alright. And yeah that would have been even worseπŸ˜… @graciealiciaxo_
selena_garcia220 - kaylakay67 - jtgcowboy99 - subjectt81 -
Alebrijes en la Roma #HitAndRun #VSCOcam
vscocam - hitandrun -
hadsappy : πŸ‘Œβœ¨
aletellezv - malle_m - myriamc_ps - alondracy -
Slapcam:) #slapcam #smackcam #brother #slap #reflex #hit #hitandrun #older #wemadeit #soft #itsbulkingseason #abuse #deservedit #gay @hewhogiggles @osmanalwi
hit - gay - older - slapcam - smackcam - hitandrun - brother - slap - wemadeit - abuse - deservedit - soft - itsbulkingseason - reflex -
ya.tucker2014 - selinator - osmanalwi - hemapersaud_ -
WORST. DRIVER. EVER. 97-point turn for parking job. Cyclists beware! Watch the video on our FB page ->http://roa.rs/1GtJVqC #bmw #baddriver #hitandrun #ohcanada
baddriver - hitandrun - bmw - ohcanada -
multi000m : Whoa
justinmills33 - igexclusivecars - bavariangarage - ramon_hek79 -
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