These old, rusty VWs draw together individualists and freethinkers like no other vehicle we know. - It's not so much the VWs themselves, but the mindsets of their owners. Aesthetics are a manifestation of philosophy. These buses symbolize an attitude of simplicity, of quality construction. They are physical representations of nonconformity and idealism. - Rambling through this big, wide country, we are reminded time and time again to fly this VW flag, to share these ideals. It's amazing how a hunk of metal can bring about movements in cultures and mindsets, how much a bus can change a life. #friendsgiving
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beartracks_photo : Hobos unite ✊
drewpatrickgraham : @themackenzielife @emilybuckwild
emilybuckwild : @dana__arnold @kameronwaters
gracehunt53 : most adorable high five I've ever seen
eightfinchone : @jennysparkles666 we are working on it
jess.hernandezz : @ceciliaesquibel asi quiero nuestro proximo viaje
stepherick : @clewis8255
tinyhousetinyfootprint : This makes me smile ❀️
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zannybabie : So cute
josiebuni : Thank you @zannybabie ♥♥
liezllotter25 : Aaaaawh sweet!β™‘
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The hubby teaching the kiddo how to #crochet a #scarf. #hippiebus #hippybus #Gillig #gilligschoolbus #busconversion #skoolie #schoolie #oddities #gypsy #hippie #hippy #parentingwin #parentingdoneright
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vspiraling : hubby looks like a hubby
1800schoolies : Yass! We're giving away $1,000 cash! All you have to do is th @1800schoolies and use #1800schoolies and you could win! Enter as many time as you like πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜πŸ˜Š
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Found waves. #surf #surfing #longboard #singlefin #logging #dreads #vw #vwbus #vdub #vdubs #volks #Volkswagen #classicvw #bus #campervan #vwcamper #vwporn #hippybus #vanlife #aircooled #ocaircooled #hayburner #baywindow #splitwindow #panelvan #combi #kombi #builtfortheride #homeiswhereyouparkit
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So often in our modern world, people don't have the opportunity to share closely. Inhabiting small spaces changes that, quick. - When we have company over, they have to bring their own plates and silverware, or else we eat out of pot tops. And when four share in cold weather, we sit practically in each other's laps, bumping elbows and stepping on toes. Personal space becomes obsolete. - This closeness, once labelled poverty, is a stance against extreme individualism. You see, in comfort we are divided. Living small, we share joy instead of material wealth.
idletheorybus : @elaswim Thanks Ela! ☺️
idletheorybus : @grammaissac Where do you live? This area is beautiful! πŸ™Œ
idletheorybus : @mista_binx Entertaining in a bus is truly the best; they carry the best dinner parties! πŸšŒπŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ
tedward31 : @clarmcarthur_7 🚻 U+ME
beccaverda : @tylerverda
ezemartes : @jess.hernandezz
jess.hernandezz : @ezemartes por favooooor
everydaybuddha : @idletheorybus indeed! β˜ΊοΈπŸ’•
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Drove past this the other day, which i think its the current vaamped further bus #hippybus #furthur #further #furtherbus
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Fun time memories riding school buses! Abandon but not forgotten.
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zerosixfotos : #schoolbus #bus #classic #funride #hippybus #school #transportation
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Black ice coated the road in a glassy sheen. - "Think we'll make it on a 14 inch clearance? That snow is packed high." - Martin and Lauren, @coeur_ame in their rust-colored Vanagon, introduced themselves at the top of a slick hill. We hugged hello. - They followed us to the rim of the Rio Grande gorge, a march into the night, a VW caravan slipping and sliding into the unknown. Our engines spooked a herd of elk, and they pranced across the powdered Mesa floor. - In the soft moonlight, snow glittering like a thousand tiny eyes, we shared food and company, booze and warmth. It was a comfort to wait out the single digit darkness with two other souls, two unsure millennials who also wander the mysteries of the southwest. #millenialdoubledate
millenialdoubledate -
idletheorybus : @sojourner06 Don't worry, we're careful--usually! πŸ˜‰ We'll be on the road for thanksgiving, but are talking about making a trip to visit family sometime this winter. We don't plan far out, but most likely we will! πŸ’›βœŒοΈ
idletheorybus : @of_mice_and_ken We don't have a carburetor; the bus is fuel injected! Makes it easy! 🚌
idletheorybus : @goodtimedalton Thanks! What a great compliment; glad my words mirror the road; my ultimate muse. πŸ™ŒπŸšŒπŸ’¨
idletheorybus : @freshpeaks No, we just can't get too far! 😁 We're actually heading into the Valles Caldera tomorrow and will most likely be there through the weekend! Wanna meet? Let us know when you guys are heading back north; we'd love to say hi! Shoot us a text with your plans! Happy thanksgiving and travel safe. πŸ’›
ohyouliftyhuh : I do not. I live in TN about 30 minutes from the NC border. I am there a lot though, as it's such a beautiful place. πŸ™ƒ
idletheorybus : @hobbitdad04 We walked the bridge the other day actually; and we're glad we did! It made the visual of your story come together. That is crazy; you and jack were lucky to have have those injuries; that's a long ways down with a lot of gnarly shrubbery! Man! What a story. The things kids'll give you a heart attack! Thanks for sharing your story! πŸ™πŸ˜€
idletheorybus : @ohyouliftyhuh Nice! That part of TN is beautiful! We may be heading back into the south this winter; we'd love to say hi when we do! We love that area. πŸŒ²πŸ™πŸ—»
ohyouliftyhuh : Absolutely! If you come to the area, we will certainly meet! Save travels, you two! ✌🏻🚌
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The Kayak Kombi with @jedigreg . . Dm or Hashtag #vwinteriors to be featured. . . #combi #Volks #Volkswagen #vwcamper #type2 #vwbus #vwvan #camper #retro #splitty #splitscreen #vdub #aircooled #vwkombi #splitbus #kombi #rv #aircooled #car #rvcamper #hippybus #hippy #kayak #hippylife #hippystyle
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brayds1995 : Yeah I really like this one too, it has a really cool Indy style πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜Œ @retromay
ekim.vinyl : That wood inside @sammilchem
sammilchem : I know bro, saw this one this morning so peng! I wonder how dark it feels inside tho? Do it inside a panel haha
batchitup : @fairbairn5
fairbairn5 : @batchitup so perfect
janicestuder : @rahelandereggen
harryradfords.life_ : @mariah_gracey_holder want!
mariah_gracey_holder : @harryradfords.life_ thats us babe ;)
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Reading is hallucination, an act that transforms mere words to vibrant truth. - "All paths are the same; they lead nowhere," says the medicine man in Carlos Castaneda's The Teachings of Don Juan. "The only question is: does this path have heart?" - What if we all woke every morning and asked ourselves this all-important question of Don Juan? What if we rose in the misty dawn, stared the path of life straight in its dark irises, and asked "Does this path have heart?" My guess is, if this were daily ritual, our world would be traced with faint and wonderful, tough but rewarding, paths lined with full, bursting hearts all going nowhere. - πŸ“· supported by @hydroflask #freedomfromlukewarm #unexpectedrefreshment
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eltwiggy : I love your life @idletheorybus
treehausbus : @idletheorybus - about the vest... That is awesome!! Even cooler now 8)
lukevanreenen : @coleyy8
emijacksom : @ailsamclellan
michael_brahier : Love that book. Happy trails!
dastank474 : @fleetstreetdubs hahaha I saw this! πŸ’šπŸŒ»πŸ’š
sergiomry : @isaaloopez
spotthescotts : @idletheorybus is that a junior ranger vest and badges?
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With some sadness 😭 I've decided to sell my Van. Recently have realized my adventures call for 4 wheel drive and a little more stability🚌 if you or anyone you know are interested send me a DM! #Vanagon #vanlife #riviera #campmobile #adventuremobile #van #bus #hippy #hippyvan #vw #volkswagen #hippybus #arizona #aspens #forsale #buyme #oldcar #vintage #vwlife #vwvan #vans #vanagons #vanagonlife #sadday
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jimkav : Get a Syncro @jedigreg
heart4pahoa : Every older couple that stops to talk with us about our van all give us the same unwavering eye focused stare during delivery of this warning. "Keep it no matter what because you will regret it if you ever sell it, because we do." Just say'n 😬
goatluvrr : :(
jedigreg : Already filled with regret 😒 just not fitting my lifestyle right now. If I had another DD it'd be another story! @heart4pahoa
jedigreg : πŸ˜“πŸ˜² @clloudniine
goatluvrr : I totally feel your pain. Not an easy decision to make πŸ˜•
jedigreg : @northernlightsvt Buy it so I can buy it back from you someday
latelight : πŸ‘
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Counting down the days. #busesbythebridge #vw #vwbus #vdub #vdubs #volks #Volkswagen #classicvw #bus #campervan #vwcamper #vwporn #hippybus #aircooled #ocaircooled #hayburner #baywindow #splitwindow #panelvan #combi #kombi #builtfortheride #homeiswhereyouparkit
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Tramps and ramblers and hoboes all share one fine truth. - "We're addicted to change," I told James gravely one day, when we woke and looked at the map and he said, with the hoarse pining of a junky, "Let's go somewhere new." Before he'd even taken a piss. - It's a vice, this endless desire for the novel. We don't know how to quit our dirty habit, our deep need. So we just move on. We wake and scan the coffee stained map each morning and arbitrarily point to a squiggly line. We drive off down a red carpet road to some mysterious promise, some sparkly shiny place, only to find that same hankering, back again, just as we've feasted our eyes on what's new. #vanlife
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idletheorybus : @silver.age.scorpion Thanks! Sunshine's egg yolk orange. πŸšŒπŸ’›
idletheorybus : @thewrongspecies We all get high on new sensory stimulation; you're right--it is the human condition. I like what you're suggesting, that we each have different manifestations of that urge. We just can't shake it! πŸšŒπŸ’¨
michael_perszon : That's admirable! It really sounds like you guys are living THE Iife! @idletheorybus
mdelay91 : @spackie
vansofamsterdam : Yewwwww
shaails : @seanskalsvik
superhooper : @nachobuttdad you should follow these guys. Livin the dream
nachobuttdad : Been following them for a long time haha i agree forsure @superhooper soon enough buddyboy
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My ride home tonight. #aircooled #aircooledjunkie #aircooledVW #hippy #hippybus #homeiswhereyouparkit #vw #vwbus #vwlove #vwenthusiast #volkswagen #volkswagenaustralia #vbub #vintage #wanderlust #kombi #kombibus #kombivan #kombilovers #kombilife #dakdak #theadventuresofbasilthekombi
theadventuresofbasilthekombi - kombivan - hippy - dakdak - volkswagen - vwbus - kombilife - vw - vwenthusiast - hippybus - wanderlust - volkswagenaustralia - aircooledjunkie - homeiswhereyouparkit - kombi - kombilovers - kombibus - aircooled - vintage - vbub - aircooledvw - vwlove -
naomi_vinnie : So cool :-)
alejosilva_23 : ♥.♥ @yari_dani
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Beauty (Endora) and The beast (Basil). #aircooled #aircooledjunkie #aircooledVW #bay #bayalltheway #Basil #hippy #hippybus #homeiswhereyouparkit #vw #vwbus #vwlove #vwenthusiast #volkswagen #volkswagenaustralia #vbub #vintage #wanderlust #lowlight #kombi #kombibus #kombivan #kombilovers #kombilife #dakdak #theadventuresofbasilthekombi
theadventuresofbasilthekombi - kombivan - bayalltheway - dakdak - volkswagen - vwbus - kombilife - vw - hippy - vwenthusiast - lowlight - hippybus - wanderlust - volkswagenaustralia - aircooledjunkie - homeiswhereyouparkit - kombi - kombilovers - kombibus - bay - aircooled - vintage - basil - vbub - aircooledvw - vwlove -
greeny_andrea : @chrisjeffes @charmain71
greeny_andrea : @naomi_vinnie : πŸ‘
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#farmlife #oahu #mountains #Mohala #hippybus
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andreeavesa : Aww
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There are a lot of hate and anger stories circulating now. Stories originating from a place within of fear. It’s easy to resonate with these stories because the seeds of them are within us. We are all human beings with empathic abilities. My story is your story and your story is my story. However, each fear story that crosses our path is an opportunity to practice being true to ourselves. Fear is not who we are and by attaching to it, we give away our power, becoming confined by our own mind writing lines in the chapter called fear, in the legacy of the world. When we give space to these stories, fear gives us our power back, and we live in a world of infinite beauty and possibility. Love yourself and reflect it to the fearing, from afar or face to face. It is love that will set us free from repetitive destructive dualistic patterns… for ourselves and all of humanity.
thedonboss6 : @nmangakis5
nmangakis5 : @thedonboss6 πŸŒπŸŒπŸŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ»
brandonpugsley : @dyllanr_
maryna_che : @fedorovskaya_alyona
alyrose15 : it's so good to see people confronting and discussing fear. It's deep in people unless we shine some light on it and spend some time getting to know it. In my experience, it's really deep with families, who remind you that there's everything to fear in the world and that you should strive for safety and security. It's with love that they want you to have these things, but it's so anchored in fear. You seem like you may be a Pema Chodron reader, have you read "when things fall apart?". She speaks of fear and hope a lot in that book. Thanks for sharing!
ilovetruthpaste : You are glowing✨
madfrances : I love this idea and have been following you both for a while, where did you buy your car or find out how to buy? 🚌
unaltranna : @juditgruas
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For us, van life began with assessing our needs versus our wants. Now, three years after we bought Boscha and our #vanlife journey began, I understand that this ongoing process is NOT about not having what you want. Rather, it's about letting go of what we've been conditioned to THINK we want so that what we have, inside and out, is truly desired and aligned with our authentic selves. To me, this inner experience of harmony, abundance, power, beauty, love and simplicity is where happiness is. And peace begins.
vanlife - loveandlight -
asolojourner : Yup.
ajcheshier : @schmitybangbang
kevinrich : Shedding our conditioning and being the authentic you is not easy. Well done! #LoveandLight πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜€πŸ’œ
wheresmyofficenow : @kevinrich It's a beautiful world when we let go. #loveandlight to you too.
danmartin128 : They got it all figured out @mimiturrentine
justwadeon : @_kimnic yes chef
fallonh23 : @wheresmyofficenow right on!!! We are new to the rubber tramp life. Like u guys we gave up everything we didn't really NEED to have its freedom. Sold the business. Sold the house. Our journey started with valuing time and life energy instead of money. Digging your feed.
_inkednidgaf : @_astoldbytoni 🚐
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This is what I do when I'm bored. I create stuff #shark #Shaka #hangloose #hippybus #vwbus #palmtree #tribal #surf #hawaii
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dubaylor : 😍
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#europeanbugin #ebi #chimay #transporter #panelvan #vintage #aircooled #volkswagen #vw #campervan #hippybus #splitbus #splitscreen #airmighty #aircooledvdubs #bus #oldvwclub #patina #stance #slammed #SlammedVDubs #t1
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Throwback to warmer kayak days. Miss trips with this old bus and his owner πŸ˜•. #VW #vwlife #vanlife #bus #hippy #gratefuldead #kayak #1967 #volkswagen #volkswagenbus #vintagecar #adventuremobile #camping #gocamping #vwcc #oldcar #hippybus #adventure #explore #arizona #willowsprings #payson #az #azstagram #kombi #thesamba #vwdeluxe
gocamping - arizona - thesamba - hippy - volkswagen - kayak - azstagram - explore - adventure - vw - az - gratefuldead - hippybus - vwlife - vanlife - adventuremobile - camping - volkswagenbus - kombi - 1967 - payson - vwdeluxe - vwcc - vintagecar - bus - willowsprings - oldcar -
northernlightsvt : this captures his essence so well! great pic. i think i have a print of this one
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"Morning time, The Miss. Time to get up." - "It can't be morning." I rise with wrinkles on the side of my face. My hair's matted in one dread on the side of my neck. - The grey sky delivers sheets of icy rain. The poptop droops, damp and heavy. We take the sheets down and set them on the bottom seat so they won't get soaked through. - We spend the rainy day in the visitor's center in Taos. The Adobe building offers free WiFi, but I don't think the tourism board really wants people to loiter here all day. Where else do we have to go? The woman behind the counter peers at me over her glasses. I think she's on to us, 5 hours in. The rain turns to hail. We stare out the window like its a television on static. James sighs. - "Some days," I tell him, "This living in a bus thing really sucks." #vanlife
vanlife -
idletheorybus : @benbenbuhben Thanks for the Taos tips. There are some magical vibes around here; the mountains sing of spirits! We hear em in our sleep! πŸ—»
idletheorybus : @loversfolksong Backroad bliss on this one πŸ˜‰
idletheorybus : @epicurious.joe The day was dark and gloomy like the mood, but it had its own beauty as well. ☺️
pzyduck63 : Hi @idletheorybus That particular little nugget is all mine. Glad you liked it.
kid_on_holiday : @bbygremgrem this account
el_sheriff_tom : @idletheorybus yeah! We have crossed the borders yerterday! Now in Tacoma WA, we had plan to be in south utah really soon.
thegrandgrizz : @theefeefee
n_downrider : @aninamueller_ πŸ‘«πŸŒβ€οΈ
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Growing up, my Dad always had a pop up trailer that we'd go camping in. My brother and I consistently sleep in the canvas walled camper on -10 degree January nights and have a bonfire in the snow. Pulling down to the charred fire pit in my own camper, right next to the old pop top, felt like some sort of awesome passage into manhood. #camping #bonfire #1975vwbus #vwbus #riteofpassage #vanlifediaries #vanlife #buslife #shibainu #hippybus #hippyvan #campfire #homeiswhereyouparkit #achievment #dowhatyouwant #livenow
hippyvan - vwbus - livenow - achievment - hippybus - vanlife - 1975vwbus - camping - homeiswhereyouparkit - shibainu - buslife - vanlifediaries - campfire - riteofpassage - bonfire - dowhatyouwant -
_hunterbrown_ : @_maciewhitfield
waveslayertbt : πŸ™Œ
henry_do : Love this!
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#safariwindows #safari #slammed #SlammedVDubs #aircooled #vintage #volkswagen #aircooledvdubs #AIRMIGHTY #bus #dubsdaily #francorchamps #hippybus #lebugshow #lifestyle #oldvwclub #stance #slammed #transporter #t1 #campervan #splitscreen #vdub #coolflo
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brittmichel : πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ“Έ
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Gotta love a good rotunda. #aircooled #aircooledjunkie #aircooledVW #bay #bayalltheway #Basil #hippy #hippybus #homeiswhereyouparkit #vw #vwbus #vwlove #vwenthusiast #volkswagen #volkswagenaustralia #vbub #vintage #wanderlust #lowlight #kombi #kombibus #kombivan #kombilovers #kombilife #rotunda #Beaufort #theadventuresofbasilthekombi
theadventuresofbasilthekombi - kombivan - bayalltheway - volkswagen - vwbus - kombilife - rotunda - vw - hippy - vwenthusiast - lowlight - beaufort - hippybus - wanderlust - volkswagenaustralia - aircooledjunkie - homeiswhereyouparkit - kombi - kombilovers - kombibus - bay - aircooled - vintage - basil - vbub - aircooledvw - vwlove -
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In the last post, we shared the story of our little meal list on our pantry door. It's a reminder, in times when we are ravenous and about to compulsively eat out, that everything we need is here, now. This is very helpful to stay on budget and ultimately on the road. A few of you asked to see the list, so here it is. We add spices, herbs, healthy oils, hemp protein, chia, nuts, raw cacao, and fruits and veggies whenever possible for flavor and vitality. πŸ†πŸ…πŸ’Breakfast πŸπŸ†πŸ†Buckwheat egg bowl, Chia seed bowl, Quinoa porridge, Sprouted grain toast, Hard boiled eggs, Eggs (scrambled bowl or hard boiled), Savory avocado pancakes 🍏🍐🍲Lunch πŸœπŸ‘πŸ† Any of above, Smoothie, Kale salad, Yogurt bowl πŸ³πŸœπŸ†Dinner πŸ—πŸ΅πŸ² Taco bowl, Bok choy curry, Okra stew, Van pizza, Buckwheat or quinoa bowl, Rice and beans, Veggie burgers, Grass fed burgers πŸ“πŸ’πŸ• What's your favorite healthy #vanlife meal? And, if you want to take a video tour of our kitchen, link in profile!
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sav_hughes : Please can we just stop and live this life @nickyydubbs
mapeladarcy : I πŸ’š love this idea. So glad you shared. I will definitely include this when I get rolling along in my bus. I am currently putting together my wood stove and campfire vegan recipe cards. I picked up a cute thrift find little happy and bright yellow vintage tin to hold the recipes. One of my favorite healthy breakfast bowls is shredded Apple, shredded pear, shredded coconut, chia seeds, and a little almond milk. πŸ’š
j_mullen_ : @myscarleta
jennyandryanflorida : Great idea!!
cindy_loohuu : @joshbeecherphoto ☝🏼️
ametterville : @McKenziemyles
zacottoson : @ashivers856 look at that standing room in the westy kitchen!
beeyouonpurpose : Wow - that's solid. @plo_iv
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"Can I have that piece of leftover squash? Thanks" #vanlife
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betabandits : ✌️
ourstreamlinedlife : OMG ... camping babies ... how adorable!
silver.age.scorpion : @the.wandering.rogue Naomi and Wren
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andyolam : Pretty!
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Blackies today. Can't wait for tomorrow!!! #surf #surfing #longboard #singlefin #logging #vw #vwbus #vdub #vdubs #volks #Volkswagen #classicvw #bus #campervan #vwcamper #vwporn #hippybus #aircooled #ocaircooled #hayburner #baywindow #splitwindow #panelvan #combi #kombi #builtfortheride #homeiswhereyouparkit
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nappy405kn : great picture 🌍
longbrdgram : wow @riderschannel if you need some longboarding on your feed. here it is
daniel_cagnin : @culraid_chile tampoco es tan loco ese espejo!
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It was sunset when we summited the 11,000 foot pass. Not a good sign. We stopped to watch the orange sunset, fully aware that the highway was covered in iced-over snow. - "Why did we forget to buy chains in Pagosa?" I whined to James. - He shrugged nonchalantly. "Guess we had other things to think about." - It was a long evening. We took the switchbacks down at 10 mph. When we slid on the ice, I clenched my jaw and dug my fingernails into my forearm. Not another vehicle passed in those 2 hours. Where was overpopulation when you needed it? - Finally, we hit the flat promise of the plateau. "Alright!" James held up one half of a high five. I tapped it reluctantly. We pulled out on a dirt road and parked in a pullout by a hopping kangaroo rat. I was exhausted. Every muscle of mine had contracted fully for the extent of the hair raising drive. - "Do we really need dinner tonight?" - "Nah." So we popped the top and got horizontal immediately, dreaming of headlights on the ice and snow chain delights in the 7 degree night.
kevinrich : This is adventure!!!! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜€πŸ’œ
mishainwonderland970 : Pagosa is my hometown! Did you go over Wolf Creek or Coalbank @idletheorybus?
energyjuicy : @_megstamp let's go
adventuresofkls : A real adventure
benjijury : @alex_bowl Go on then
alex_bowl : @benjijury f9
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We're a couple of long distance lovers experiencing life's adventure together. This our fairytale and this is our Vanderella.
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