Home made asada plate and a Corona after a long day at work, thanks booboo!!! @brestrada4 #highschoolsweetheart #carneasada #corona #somexican #booboo #wifeymaterial #bombdotcom
wifeymaterial - booboo - somexican - bombdotcom - highschoolsweetheart - corona - carneasada -
brestrada4 : Welcome babe😘 @crwdtekz
double4arent4 : Check your inbox I DM'ed you! ⭐
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Graduation #wemadeit #highschoolsweetheart
wemadeit - highschoolsweetheart -
lizzaay_53 - lpizzle22 -
Usually when Danny gives Silas a bath I'm in the other room. But, tonight I walked in and this is what I find: Danny with Silas' towel tucked into his pants pockets (which are also holding Silas' pajamas) and the top of the towel in his mouth. I don't know about other Moms, but I myself have never used this technique. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜’ Oh how I love this man! #DaddyVsMommy #LiterallyLOLED #HighSchoolSweetheart #LoveOfMyLife #TenYears
highschoolsweetheart - daddyvsmommy - loveofmylife - literallyloled - tenyears -
sus.west - wrappedingrace - top.poems -
Snuggling up with my moron πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜ cause he wouldn't take a normal photo until I pleaded haha #silly #couple #cute #snuggle #adorable #babe #relationship #highschoolsweetheart
cute - babe - relationship - adorable - couple - highschoolsweetheart - silly - snuggle -
jayjay623love : Omg :-) Im so glad you too are back together!!:)
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Found this gem on my phone. Gawsh I just love his sweet face. #mcm #everydaymancrush #highschoolsweetheart
everydaymancrush - mcm - highschoolsweetheart -
πŸ˜‹ #wingstop with my #mce #alldayeveryday #highschoolsweetheart #loml #mine
loml - wingstop - mce - highschoolsweetheart - mine - alldayeveryday -
_pjalexandre - shug143 - ehrinenikcole - marinaaa_c94 -
My Man Crush Monday! πŸ˜ŠπŸ™†πŸ’• can't wait to celebrate our 5 year anniversary this weekend!! #mcm #highschoolsweetheart #love #blackandwhite #boyfriend
love - mcm - highschoolsweetheart - blackandwhite - boyfriend -
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My MCM over and over #MCM #Bf #HighSchoolSweetHeart
mcm - highschoolsweetheart - bf -
amybaby_xoxo : Cuties😊
dlds19 - shenajoon - m_vallj - susyval16 -
#PhotoGrid #mcm #husband #highschoolsweetheart like I would ever be his wcw... so the sad!
mcm - highschoolsweetheart - photogrid - husband -
jonathanjr_mommy : Terry where have you been. I no see you.
derryyqueen - nettyai - ggirl_melanie - sav_monkey24 -
We truly are too awkward for pictures. #lovehim #highschoolsweetheart #awkward #love #mineminemine #stretchedears #curlygirl #curlyhairproblems #curlyhair #couple
love - awkward - curlyhairproblems - couple - highschoolsweetheart - mineminemine - stretchedears - curlygirl - curlyhair - lovehim -
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Got lot's of your "Pretty Silver Orders" shipped off today, then started going thru some old stuff! Found this little spiral notebook that I made for my husb a VERY looong time ago, like I'm pretty sure we were still in High School! I used to cut the "LOVE Is"...cartoon from the newspaper...I know right, and then I put them all together in this little notebook just for him!! Think I might REGIFT gift it to him for V'Day with this Handstamped Vintage Spoon! Can't wait to see his face😳 If you like it I'll add to the Silver Shop❀️ #highschoolsweetheart #hesakeeper #husband #Valentine #coffee #tea #Love #fungifts #keepsake #solovedsilverstuff
coffee - love - keepsake - tea - highschoolsweetheart - valentine - hesakeeper - fungifts - husband - solovedsilverstuff -
edmparties_la : Ever been to Exchange LA?!
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#mce because he's the best man any woman could dream of!! How the heck did I get an awesome man to call all mine but also an amazing life partner for our sweet baby to look up toπŸ˜πŸ’β€οΈ #codylee #2yearsstrong #highschoolsweetheart #bestdaddyaward
2yearsstrong - mce - highschoolsweetheart - codylee - bestdaddyaward -
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Shout out to my honey looking handsome like always😘 Six years ago we started dating and we would have never guessed we'd be together this long and with our baby girl Ali.. I love you boo! #sixyears #highschoolsweetheart #mixedfamily #bestthingieverhad β€οΈβ€οΈπŸ‘«πŸ’πŸ’‹ @getgainswithbracey
sixyears - highschoolsweetheart - mixedfamily - bestthingieverhad -
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A little #mcm action. My husband and best friend @photomac13 it's been a busy last few weeks at work and Miguel has been super helpful and supportive. πŸ’•πŸ’‘πŸ’• #highschoolsweetheart #discoverygreen #mce
discoverygreen - mcm - highschoolsweetheart - mce -
michaelyounghistory33 : 😍 lololol
alichanicole : @michaelyounghistory33 πŸ™…πŸ‘Š lol
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You make my heart melt. πŸ’– #love #bestfriend #highschoolsweetheart #datenight #courage #strength #loyalty #honesty #pushingseven #2008 #oneheart #onelove #unbreakablebond #kaytee
oneheart - strength - bestfriend - honesty - datenight - unbreakablebond - kaytee - highschoolsweetheart - loyalty - courage - pushingseven - love - 2008 - onelove -
sandra_8919 : @allhailkayy can you guys please get married soon! PLEASE!! πŸ’πŸ‘°
allhailkayy : We're working on it πŸ˜‰ @sandra_8919
myefgoeszoom - americaas_sweetheart - les102810 - dcarol30 -
We work hard every day to keep what we have going and making it better. Sometimes it seems like it's easier to give up but screw that. We're both here to stay so we will stay stuck in this fight for the long run. At the end of the day I'd rather you be my comfortable, goofy pain in the ass then someone else's. #highschoolsweetheart #loveyou #sometimes #goofy #always #mcm
mcm - goofy - always - sometimes - highschoolsweetheart - loveyou -
imjefftree : ☺️
megangurl22 - leighh2013 - masonecox - christinevb24 -
Rekindling the best/scariest feeling in the world with the greatest person I've ever met. #HighSchoolSweetHeart #WeStillGotIt #Ew
teamprivatelife - ew - highschoolsweetheart - westillgotit -
samanthalisette : #teamprivatelife 😝
christinachroma : I love this pic! you look so happy β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘Œ
victoriaashleyallen7 : THE CAPTION IS SO PERF
amandaaaa1014 : 😍
lookatlyssa : Hashtag EW
shellydenise : guuuurl
ashleyanneaj : An odd combination of tears and vomit is leaving my body. 😍😭😷
tcvossler : I'm smiling!
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Its a royalty thing, you wouldn't understand lol. #11413 #eternity #togetherforever #ilovehimtodeath #oneandonly #onlyhim #soldier #foreverandalways #hesmine #heart #highschoolsweetheart #knightandshiningarmor #king #love #babu #baby #nooneelse #myhero #myeverything #mine #militaryball #ROTC #AFJROTC #royaly #kingandqueen
eternity - heart - love - nooneelse - myhero - ilovehimtodeath - mine - militaryball - onlyhim - hesmine - babu - baby - royaly - kingandqueen - togetherforever - myeverything - king - 11413 - foreverandalways - highschoolsweetheart - knightandshiningarmor - afjrotc - soldier - oneandonly - rotc -
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Nobody makes me as happy as you do. I love you with all my heart πŸ’™πŸ’•. #babe #boyfriend #couple #MCM #lova #cutie #happy #smiles #perfect #highschoolsweetheart #laughing #blessed
lova - smiles - mcm - babe - happy - couple - highschoolsweetheart - blessed - laughing - perfect - cutie - boyfriend -
andygowen : I love you Ashley (: @ashleyycrozier
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Past tense. Nice to see you again... Not a happy ending story but we're glad to be friends and with our present and future tense. #firstlove #highschoolsweetheart #stillfriends
stillfriends - firstlove - highschoolsweetheart -
kat0417 : Wow! I'm a fan!
maemaemeee - micadunton - yehsim - kat0417 -
Shout-out to my #MCE for loving me and spoiling me rotten for the past 5 years lol. He's the real #MVP ✊😊 Thank you for all you do for me babe. πŸ’‹ Love you. #MCM #MyHandsome #MyPenguin #HighSchoolSweetheart #SunAndMoon #DrugOfChoice #HeTakesCare
mvp - sunandmoon - mcm - drugofchoice - mce - highschoolsweetheart - mypenguin - myhandsome - hetakescare -
weaver_jj : LOVE YOU BABE, I TRY MY BEST. lol πŸ˜˜πŸ˜™πŸ˜š @_marialiezel
iek_808 : @fucktheratrace that's good! You needed to chill out! Lol I've been home. Being dad..also raping fools on advanced warfare for XBOX ONE! @kalau170 slackin over there.. Gotta get together soon guys..real soon. Like maybe next week idk. Super bowl Sunday? @weaver_jj @_marialiezel
weaver_jj : Super bowl Sunday sounds good to me, I'm off on sundays thankfully. Where you like go watch um? @iek_808 @fucktheratrace
_marialiezel : Ahi poke bowl Sunday it is πŸ‘ @weaver_jj @kalau170 @iek_808 @fucktheratrace
kalau170 : I'm down for super bowl Sunday where u guys wanna watch it???? @iek_808 @_marialiezel @fucktheratrace
kalau170 : @weaver_jj
iek_808 : Not sure yet any suggestions? @kalau170 @_marialiezel @weaver_jj
weaver_jj : Anywhere that has happy hour lmao. @iek_808 @fucktheratrace @kalau170
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I love @drewcolace! #mcm #2009 #andrewmichael #highschoolsweetheart
mcm - 2009 - highschoolsweetheart - andrewmichael -
lizzyballerina : So adorable that you are high school sweethearts @shancolace
randicolace : Hey I see my mcm in there too 😍
thebriebella : Love this!
kathycolace : Love @the_jjgarcia hair in this pic
shancolace : @kathycolace I agree :)
drewcolace : That guy in front looks really really good
1jax408 : The one on the right ❀️
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Best guy ever! 😍Love my husband ❀️#lover #bestfriend #MrEscobedo #highschoolsweetheartπŸ‘« #MCM
highschoolsweetheart - mcm - bestfriend - mrescobedo - lover -
texas_rach : @bnsily I found it was Monday lol
bnsily : Ew. @texas_rach
texas_rach : @bnsily I'm telling Isaac!
chelle_dondo - ilyyy_3 - tescobedo - rubia_rodriguez -
So today makes 1 year & 5 months being with my best friend, my #mcm, my sweetheart! And I wouldn't have it any other way. Amazed that we are almost caught up to the amount of months and year that we dated in high school! 😍 #highschoolsweetheart
mcm - highschoolsweetheart -
kathrynjbrown : Bless it! 😍 @j__may
hannahrose125 : I'm digging biebers beard ha! @j__may
c_godwin - brookeway - jordanlecklitner - swag_queen104 -
My #MCM everyday @raidersknow91 πŸ˜πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜ #MCM #oneofmyloves #biker #highschoolsweetheart #babydaddy #motorcycles #rcnocrop #lovehim #alwaysandforever #nomatterwhat #rideordie #alwaysbymyside #throughthickandthin #tilimurderhisass πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
alwaysbymyside - mcm - motorcycles - rcnocrop - throughthickandthin - highschoolsweetheart - oneofmyloves - biker - babydaddy - alwaysandforever - nomatterwhat - lovehim - rideordie - tilimurderhisass -
raidersknow91 : Love you too😘😘😍😍
miss_esparza : Your last hashtag is the best! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @names_gabby
names_gabby : Hahah @miss_esparza I was waiting for someone to see it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
9lovenloyalty3 : Why would you ever want to murder Ricky retardo?? He's hilarious lol @names_gabby and @raidersknow91
johnny0five : That's weird that u posted him.. Some other girl posted him too! her hashtag was #flirtynotesonhisbike @raidersknow91 @names_gabby
raidersknow91 : @9lovenloyalty3 that's what I'm saying!! I'm a great guy!! @names_gabby
names_gabby : Lmfao @johnny0five
miividaaa - ashleyrenee_6 - richie_mills10 - bertm1215 -
Happy birthday to my very special lady on her 24th b day. We met @ValleyForge 07 i still don't even know how i went to Parma, glad i did we would have never met, #highschoolSweetHeart happy birthday @bea_uti_ful_me_
highschoolsweetheart -
iamshetori : aww so cute never wouldve knew thats my lil aunt lol
itsonly1sharebah_442 : Awwww you are only 4 days older, she has her an older man.
lilmarvboi : @iamshetori small world @itsonly1sharebah_442 LOOK WHO'S TALKING
bea_uti_ful_me_ : Lol thank u babe ur amazing lol that made me cry. #highschoolsweeteart @lilmarvboi and heyyy tori imu girl I just seen ur d daughter and mommy the other da
bea_uti_ful_me_ : Day lol imu so much @iamshetori
iamshetori : aww i miss u too asia @bea_uti_ful_me_ where the hell are u
bea_uti_ful_me_ : Mentor I'm about to dm u my number
itsonly1sharebah_442 : What do you you mean @lilmarvboi
khloe_cash - stayinhungry - sweetyoungreg - coldheart_stu -
She say she deal with a bunch of other people, I'm sprung tho #MyFirstLove #HighSchoolSweetheart
myfirstlove - highschoolsweetheart -
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Clean shaven #mcm #bestfriend #swolemate #boyfriend #highschoolsweetheart #iloveyou #fitcouple #mancrushmonday #handsome #myman #him
mcm - bestfriend - myman - mancrushmonday - highschoolsweetheart - swolemate - iloveyou - fitcouple - handsome - him - boyfriend -
mamadee_74 : He looks younger too πŸ˜‰
chris_aguilera96 - xoxoval_ - stevepadilla_ - chris_sandoval05 -
It's been one whole year I've called you mine πŸ’œ #highschoolsweetheart
highschoolsweetheart -
marleephillips_ : Weird we have the same date gaha πŸ’•πŸ’•
mace_inspace : awe happy anniversary to you too then @marleephillips_ πŸ’˜ I love you steven I cant wait for many more to follow
_philosophee - fuhqoff - mstephens30 - just_sarahg -
My #mcm My #highschoolsweetheart My #soulmate πŸ˜˜πŸ’•πŸ»
mcm - highschoolsweetheart - soulmate -
jelle_xo - hydrostav - brookebouse - erika_christina -
Can't express how lucky I am to have a caring, loyal, so unbelievably sweet, and beautiful friend like you! πŸŽ‚ Happy Birthday over and over again to my precious #highschoolsweetheart #15yearsandmanymore #heartofgold #thruthickandthin #birthdaygirl #nailsesh #loveloveloveyou
nailsesh - heartofgold - loveloveloveyou - thruthickandthin - birthdaygirl - 15yearsandmanymore - highschoolsweetheart -
itzjeena : 😍😍love you dearest!! Can't believe how fast time has flown by~ i'm grateful to have you in my life! ❀️ u so much!!
kangx084 - leseine - vegasthedon - oliviaoctaviani -
#MCM #MyMiddleSchoolSweetheart & #HighSchoolSweetheart πŸ’•πŸ‘«πŸ’‘ Est.08 #Mine #Prom #MyHandsomeDate #MCE
mcm - myhandsomedate - prom - mce - highschoolsweetheart - mine - mymiddleschoolsweetheart -
jovine_yara - victor_whitaker720 - aliegon - rosibeliaa -
To My high school sweetheart, Today marks the 17th year we both agreed to be boyfriend and girlfriend. It has been amazing growing up with you. There's no other person I'd rather spend half of my life with. To many more years together my love! #mostawesomehusband #highschoolsweetheart #anniversary
mostawesomehusband - highschoolsweetheart - anniversary -
saraahuertaa : 😍
jane_ho1 : ❀️
markquirimit : ❀️
bennzzzzy : Perfect. ❀️
nesssabear : 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
atsomepoint_iwill : #SharingTheJourney
julieenguyen : 😘❀️ miss you two
janneinnele - johnny_pham12 - lka1215 - sleepwalker63 -
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