You ready? If you've never attended one...well what are you waiting for?? The vibe is so beautiful, & it's a F R E E FESTIVAL. #Hieroday2014 #hieroday
hieroday2014 - hieroday -
drealove1 : Is it kid friendly?
rubyrubydoobie : Yes! All ages. Two years in a row, not one fight or any sort of act of violence. & If Isaac likes to skateboard, they have a skateboarding section with little pipes & ramps :) @drealove1
drealove1 : How fun, I'll be sure to take his skateboard. Okay I'm planning this trip with Isaac it's gonna be so much fun! He's going to think you're so cool Ruby!
rubyrubydoobie : Yay! Hopefully :) @drealove1
arahimh : Cool I will be there :)
arahimh : See you there
rubyrubydoobie : See you there @arahimh !
arahimh : Remember last year mistah fab believed me when I said I'm from Oklahoma
thekidratedr - sssteffy - leahbernstein - pepperonipleaze -
No way in hell I'm missing it this year. I'm off for once lol @mvribel πŸ™Œ#hieroday#oakland#bayarea#music#hiphop
bayarea - hiphop - oakland - music - hieroday -
bigeazy57 : Where at
kalilorenzomuha : @bigeazy57 it's right there on the flyer! lol go to the website too
missrosegarcia : How do I get tickets?? I tried last year and they were all gone already
caitlindufff - sackingsss916 - richardlegends - michelleeee_v -
3rd Annual Hiero Day : Monday September 1 : Linden Street Brewery : Oakland #hieroday #hieroglyphics
hieroglyphics - hieroday -
aaaalvinn - miss_special - jayjheee - qmrecleague -
3rd Annual Hiero Day : Monday September 1 : Linden Street Brewery : Oakland #hieroday
hieroday -
solemon - aaaalvinn - melisssanne - ionbackwards -
Kost,Bias and @aliss1977 at #hieroday #hiphop #hartz #wax #blunts
hiphop - wax - hartz - blunts - hieroday -
lou_dunn916 - xcvlli - hollakost - biasone916 -
Sept 1st... You ready? #HieroDay #HipHop #Music #BayArea #Community #Support #ListenUp
bayarea - listenup - music - support - hiphop - community - hieroday -
o.g._brandon - mrsandmrsrawlins - dwebb510 - mylifeasalvin -
HieroDay. #throwbacktuesday #HieroDay #hieroglyphics
throwbacktuesday - hieroglyphics - hieroday -
peace_hearts88 - lakeekee - sneakerheadkev23 - linn_nguyen_ -
Don't miss out #hieroday #hiphop #townbiz #laborday2014
hiphop - townbiz - laborday2014 - hieroday -
tnowland : got my ticket
robbie82 - pelineileen - _leftyblendz_ - _savvy_traveler_ -
Oh.. #HieroDay 9.1.14 #Oakland #IneffableMusic
ineffablemusic - oakland - hieroday -
ohsamabinrappin : @j_cornejo probably a couple more weeks
j_cornejo : If it's as dope as last year's I don't mind waiting
ohsamabinrappin : @j_cornejo imma go out on a limb and say this year will be iller than the first two combined. Lineup is incredible this year
grayda1 : Are tickets still available/ where do I get them? I don't see a link like last year
ohsamabinrappin : @grayda1 website is being updated with new content, check back in a cpl weeks
grayda1 : Fasho. Thanks
j_cornejo : @ohsamabinrappin last year's was epic. If that's true I might just cry
m_deep : Jus make sure this year they have enough merchandise so they dont sell out by 2pm! #moneytobemade
grayda1 - oaklandpcg - juststephyc - imafropinay -
9.1.14 #hieroday #hieroglyphics yep!!! #bayarea #sacramento #norcal #cali #hiphop #tgif
sacramento - tgif - hieroday - bayarea - cali - hiphop - hieroglyphics - norcal -
itswasaname : U performing
darealwordsound : @itswasaname we will se
itswasaname : Keep us posted.
itswasaname : That would be cool if we could to.
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#HieroDay #UrbanArt #Mural #EastBay #Festival #Hieroglyphics #Graffiti
hieroglyphics - urbanart - graffiti - festival - eastbay - mural - hieroday -
fm.stereo : Too stoked for Hiero Day 2014. Get ready!
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#fbf #opio #hiero with @aliss1977 #hartz #hiphop #93til #soulsofmischief #bars #hieroday
hartz - soulsofmischief - bars - hieroday - opio - hiphop - fbf - hiero - 93til -
callii100 : opio!
biasone916 : That day was dope!!@paulflames
hollakost - jbebadd - aroshad_79 - harold_o -
#hieroday sep 1, 2014
hieroday -
cityslikka : Aye bro u know how to get a slot to perform for this?
virgmanerge : My guess would be their website. I have 0 knowledge on something like that. Maybe Ineffable Music?
virgmanerge : @cityslikka ^
cityslikka : Fasho bro right on
mcpongolstein - e.rick.d - yvonnejoli - donpoppadopolis -
Hiero Oldies πŸ“·: Sway Calloway presenting Oakland's official Hiero Day proclamation to the #HIEROCREW. πŸ“· by @staysteady #hieroday #hierooldies #sway #swayinthemorning #swaycalloway #hieroday2013 #oakland #hiero #hieroglyphics
hieroday2013 - hierocrew - swayinthemorning - hieroday - swaycalloway - hieroglyphics - hierooldies - hiero - oakland - sway -
staysteady : @realsway
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Life for the next month @grindtime Everyday is #hieroday
hiero - hieroday -
t_ranhiphop : (β€’β€’β€’)
phuonghonney : @agirlfromoak you gotta come in for Hiero nails!!!
telektonon88 : I'd like to get hiero nails just on my thumbs because I'm a guy ;) is that possible? And if so what is the price per thumb @agirlfromoak ? Thanks again
agirlfromoak : We are working on #Hiero tattoos! :-) I'll see about adding nail art! @telektonon88
agirlfromoak : Email to vend or more info.
mrmikelawson - aminabrooks - del_toro_is_the_name - danie1964 -
#hierothedog #hiero #hieroday #dogdays #woof
hierothedog - hiero - dogdays - woof - hieroday -
s_sayyy : Cute! What breed is he?
negash83 : Like it!
amandafunsized - meeeggan - crunchygel - cray_dolce -
#TBT #Hieroday filming uncle @mc_craig_g! 45 days til #HierodayIII. September 1st, 2014, Linden Street brewery. Follow @hieroday on Twitter for all info leading up to #Hieroday!!! This year's lineup is pretty Damn amazing!!! #Oakland #HieroCrew #IneffableMusic #TownBiz
townbiz - hierodayiii - ineffablemusic - hierocrew - oakland - tbt - hieroday -
ohsamabinrappin : Photo by @josezlim
mc_craig_g : Los Angeles Area Catch Hiero And Myself With Much More @rhymefestla Aug 16th Fox Theatre Pomona California..Get Your Tickets Before They Sell Out At
paulinaefff - heavenbellydancer - rhymefestla - jellybeeean_ -
Rappers forget how important it is to get their music into the DJ's hands. Dropping a CD or a simple email with a download link goes further than you think. Also you DJ's need to stop playing out of the same tired Serato crates and start breaking more music! This Hip-Hop shit is a two way street! #Djs #emcees #rappers #producers #breaknewmusic #supportsystem #hiphop #rap #hieroday
djs - emcees - rappers - hieroday - supportsystem - producers - hiphop - rap - breaknewmusic -
ohsamabinrappin : #Hieroday
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Looking to be a #vendor to over 15K in attendance? Follow #HieroDay on #twitter now for the #application. #musicfestival #oakland #SFBayArea #hiphop #hierocrew #hieroglyphics #webb #share
webb - vendor - sfbayarea - musicfestival - hierocrew - twitter - share - hieroday - application - hiphop - hieroglyphics - oakland -
espyfam5_v2 : Eyyyyy! Thanks for given BZMZ & NDGO the heads up!!!
its.a.privilege - djbrigidope - oakcommon - espyfam5_v2 -
See You Monday September 1st #HieroDay | #RawKulture | #AboveTheCrowds | #Hieroglyphics | #LabordayWeekend
labordayweekend - hieroglyphics - abovethecrowds - rawkulture - hieroday -
phreeloaderxl : Let's do it @esteisanerd
wu_medina : @killa_coors @the_good_the_bad_the_george
jr_rideordie : @slug @mandyleev_ @noe_knicks @daniel_casillas_
mandyleev_ : @jr_rideordie Labor Day πŸ˜† I already have it off !
therealhierocrew : πŸ‘Š
el_rey_666 : @_blackwid0w I want to go
_blackwid0w : Go for it @el_rey_666
el_rey_666 : Let's do it? @_blackwid0w
ohsamabinrappin - hieroshop - danmasta88 - mateoinexile -
We're going to #HieroDay, bitches! Coolest daughter ever! What are you going to be doing?
hieroday -
ohsamabinrappin - grayda1 -
I'm going all out for #HieroDay this year. Anyone know where I can a Hiero shirt, this one, for my daughter? All the have on the Hiero site for kids are toddler onsies. I need two t-shirts and maybe two fitted hats; I don't do wack ass snackbacks. #Hieroglyphics @delhiero, help! Ha ha.
hieroglyphics - hieroday -
delhiero : @therealhierocrew
ohsamabinrappin - v1nc3nz0_d - mprttg - negash83 -
My daughter and I will be there. Who else is going? #HieroDay
hieroday -
Everyday is #HieroDay #webb will you be there this year? Follow #HieroDay on twitter and facebook. #musicfestival #SFBayArea #Oakland
webb - musicfestival - oakland - sfbayarea - hieroday -
neshatea : πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ‘
neshatea - _jaylouise_ - dlabrie - erikalizette -
#HieroDay in the #bay who's down to go this year!?!?! Let's carpool lol #hiphop #hiero #hieroglyphics #soulsofmischief
hiphop - hieroglyphics - soulsofmischief - hiero - bay - wheremycratestroopsdowntorollwith - hieroday -
cratesmusic : Anyone down to go with I wanna celebrate my bday up there and get a all weekend... #WhereMyCratesTroopsDownToRollWith :) any takers?
ohsamabinrappin : That's last year's lineup, it'll be Sept 1 this year, same place
cratesmusic : Thanks for the heads up @ohsamabinrappin hey by any chance were you at the OC back2basics festival when Zion I and souls rocked a set?
ohsamabinrappin : Nah, I didn't get sent out to film that. Heard it was hella DOPE tho
cratesmusic : Ya it was real dope my crew and I rocked a opening set...we've performed a couple souls shows and hands down they've been the best! hopefully will connect in person some day When rocking a heiro set comes to life but until then keep up the dope work behind the camera
ver1t4s - pebblesvanessa - ipixel8 - jenaebay -
#Hieromodelos #thirdeyevixens dig vinyl #digvinyl πŸ”ŠπŸ”ŠπŸ”Š #93til #hieroleggings #hierocrew
digvinyl - thirdeyevixens - 93til - hieromodelos - hierocrew - hieroleggings - hieroday -
primetimegrimester : @hieromodelos Where can I get these for my gf?
taylorlei_model : Hot hot hot
hieromodelos : @taylorlei_model πŸ‘Š
vivimon : @hieromodelos I looked on but can't find these leggings. Where can you buy them?
hieromodelos : @vivimon #hieroday
vivimon : @heiromodelos 😞 I'm in NC
hieromodelos : @vivimon they will be available online at some point. Don't know when
bboychb : @reem_kwahba
15.28 - theeatticcollector - djynot_keepingitfresh - hieroller -
#tbt #OPIO #hieroday #cabfare #hieroglyphics #hiphopisvintage
opio - hieroglyphics - hiphopisvintage - cabfare - tbt - hieroday -
letwan_james : Fav beat
bagoony : Om shiiit cabfare!! Sick
muatinatruong : Whatta fun day:)
berneecy - princezzjazz - drunkasstaquan - angietagal -
Here is a throwback from #Hieroday 2013 when Sway declared September 3rd Hieroday in Oakland, CA. Can't wait for the next festival this September! #HellaDecent #Hieroglyphics
hieroglyphics - helladecent - hieroday -
pyrexpeas - carlosshoots - flyexpress - crazy916 -
SMACKIN ASS HIERO DAY TURNT WITH @cellski @golasoaso @bostrangles #mobbin #forevernonstop #bayareashark #oaklandbreaker #hieroday
bayareashark - hieroday - forevernonstop - oaklandbreaker - mobbin -
rahmean : @golasoaso got that top button killen em!
golasoaso : @rahmean offtop
leilan_ - epiicc_perez - marceloabb - itjk04 -
#sympL reppin #Hieroglyphics #Hiero #Hieroday #Casual #FearItselfTour #FearItself #CharlestonSC #Charleston #TinRoof #tourlife #Hiphop
tinroof - tourlife - ontour - goldenstateofmind - realhiphop - ontheroad - sympl - goldenera - hieroday - projektlotus - charlestonsc - hiphop - hieroglyphics - charleston - fearitself - hiero - fearitselftour - casual -
symplemcee : #GoldenEra #goldenstateofmind #ProjektLotus
delhiero : πŸ‘Š
symplemcee : #realhiphop #ontheroad #ontour
johnnyutahbrah - 85supplyco - socalsom - overtheedgebook -
#Repost "I don't know how I didn't run into these dudes at Hiero Day last year, or notice two dudes shooting a rap music video. Check it on YouTube. bE! "Ain't Shit"... @justbe_cue @champlu_cue @changeup_ent" @thebishopjackson - much love, for the post, Bruh! Thick, it was. Active, we were. Haha #HieroDay #AintShit #ChangeUpEnt I like this screencap
hieroday - changeupent - aintshit - repost -
caporo_ - iam__isaac - tripp_c - romemanticpart2 -
Telling their history, giving pointers and what it takes to make it #Legends on the DJ panel @cmis2013 @djdsharp @djtourehiero @babyjaymes #cmis #musicconference #DJ #Oakland #djdsharp #djtourehiero #babyjaymes #alldayplayfm #thethesis #hieroday #hiero #blackpearlentertainment
musicconference - alldayplayfm - dj - legends - thethesis - hieroday - blackpearlentertainment - djtourehiero - babyjaymes - cmis - hiero - oakland - djdsharp -
nickkolelewis - galvanix - omonieo - livelifemakehistory -
#TBT #Hieroday last year w/ my bruddah @doc_jeezy #Sleeprockers #Oakland Hieroday will be Sept 1st this year and it's gonna be EPIC AS FUCK!! (°°°) #HieroCrew #IneffableMusic photo by @josezlim
sleeprockers - ineffablemusic - hierocrew - oakland - tbt - hieroday -
cutfresh : Can't wait yo!!!
djnocturnal : Ahhhh yeah!
doc_jeezy : @ohsamabinrappin ayo is there anyway I can get a copy of this flick. I love this shit. Was a big fucking day for me.
ohsamabinrappin : @doc_jeezy I just tagged you in the full pic on FB
doc_jeezy : @ohsamabinrappin my man
doc_jeezy - txjob2do - allblackandred - mikeydisko -
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