||Fanfiction: We’ve Already Met Before! Chapter 3. Idea credited to: @Potato.Warrior, who won the #artiethebrittsfanficcontest. Pairing: GerIta. If you haven’t read chapters 1 and/or 2, they are the previous posts with red lettering on this Instagram account, and I would recommend going back and reading them before continuing. You may now comment on this thread.||- - The last post was very faulty and there were a lot of errors that I corrected so I'm reposting it again)))
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artie_the_brit : - - There were at least two hours after Lovi nearly fainted from the shock of Feli’s words, when the nurses and doctors ran tests and asked Feliciano a few questions, trying to figure out what was going on. Antonio did his best to keep the elder brother from having an emotional breakdown, which was an extremely difficult task considering the circumstances. Most of this time ended up in Antonio stroking Lovino’s hair and pressing silencing kisses to his lips every time he began to carry on about Feliciano. - - One of the doctors finally came out, spectacles, clipboard, and all. “We did a few quick studies, and it seems like the most obvious and correct term for this particular case would be amnesia. It’s not possible to use medicine to treat this sort of thing… it’s actually far from likely that it can be treated at all. The best thing we can say is to hope that the memories come back on their own, which is usually what happens to the people who suffer from it.” The doctor was calm and apologetic. Lovino felt tears forming and falling from his eyes once more, nodding silently, not trusting himself to speak. Antonio nearly shed a few of his own, but kept strong for his lover, who was more distraught that anyone about this. - - - Feliciano stared at his hands, still shaking in fear. Amnesia? How could he suddenly forget everything?! Right, the accident, the one he couldn’t remember… Tears filled his eyes but he blinked them away. ‘I don’t know who I am… My name… It’s really Feliciano?’ He said the name slowly aloud, each syllable separate from the next, trying to make it fit, sound familiar, but it didn’t, and nothing did. He had no core identity to root himselfdown, no firm foundation. It had all been stolen from right underneath his nose. Shocked and still confused, shook his head, then buried his face in the pillow on the bed, trying to get some much needed rest.
artie_the_brit : ~ The Next Day ~ - - Ludwig stared at the phone in hand, scrolling through his history of the countless times he had called Feliciano. As the line continually and repeatedly went to the busy signal, his hopes began fading that whatever mixed up collection of dreams he remembered from the day before yesterday was really, in fact, a dream. He left five voice mails, texted the Italian at least forty times. He wasn’t anywhere, completely vanished. He even tried to call Lovino earlier that morning, but he only got sent to voice mail. - - He hadn’t eaten much yesterday, and he didn’t feel hungry today. Roderich had been asked to keep an eye on the younger man, along with Gilbert, by Ludwig’s boss, extremely unhappy to hear what had happened on his birthday. The brunet sighed, feeling himself starting to pity the other male a little too much. “He’s probably fine… You’re being too hard on yourself, why don’t you eat something-“ “Nein. I told you already, I think I did something horrible, something really, really bad. I’ve remembered most of this time, but I thought I had been dreaming.” He groaned. “He ran out of the house and then Gilbert and you were waking me up. Feli was really upset. It doesn’t make any sense!” Giving a frustrated sigh, he clutched as his head, willing himself to remember before giving in to the urge to call The Italian again. - - “Is he still going at it?” Gilbert asked in a low tone when Roderich left, returning to the piano he sat at most of the morning. “Ja… He is. Don’t laugh, Gilbert! It’s not funny!” He slapped the albino lightly, giving an irritated huff. “It’s so obvious that he likes him though, and it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! They’ve always been like that, huh? Don’t you remember back-“ Roderich covered his mouth, rolling his eyes. “Shut. Up.”
artie_the_brit : - The doorbell rang a moment later. Ludwig gave a heavy sigh, going to see who it was. His head was heavy and he felt each step was harder to take than the last. The blonde opened it, his eyes widening in shock. Standing there were both Lovino and Antonio, with Feliciano hiding behind them timidly, clutching tightly onto the Spaniard. - - “Feli?! Where the hell have you been?!” There wasn’t an answer to be given before Lovino ran at him, throwing a punch at his chest. “Bastard! You goddamn bastard!” “Lovi!” Antonio worriedly tried to move forward, but Feliciano whined and held on tighter, becoming more frightened by the situation unfolding before them. At this point, the other two in the house had heard the commotion and came over to see what all the fuss was about. - - Lovino continued to attempt to try and hit Ludwig, who ended up finally pushing him carefully into the wall, holding him there while he screeched and cursed in Italian. Antonio managed to make it over after gently peeling the other off of him, grabbing the older Italian and pulling him away protectively. - - “What the hell is this all about?” Roderich glared, crossing his arms. “He broke my brother! It’s your fault he’s like this now! Let me at him, I’m-a going to kill that damn potato!” Ludwig froze, staring at Feliciano, still standing at the doorway, holding onto the side for dear life, hesitantly watching them all before running back to Antonio, clinging to him once more. He didn’t seem himself at all… He hadn’t even acknowledged Ludwig’s presence. -
artie_the_brit : “Damn it, he’s /my/ brother! Why won’t he let me touch him?” Lovino nearly began crying again, and Roderich walked over, inspecting the Italian in confusion. Antonio finally got a spare chance to speak, taking a shaky breath. “He… doesn’t remember anything… We just found out yesterday, after getting a call about- “ - “Wait, what?! What do you mean he doesn’t remember /anything?!/” The blonde was getting pale, pangs hitting his gut painfully at the thought. “Just what he was saying! Fratellino got hit by a truck in the middle of the night, and lost all his memories! And it happened on /your/ birthday, so you better explain yourself right now, because this is all your fault!" “Lovi-“ “You have to fix him and bring him back! Fix fratello!!!” “//Lovino!//” Antonio’s voice was stern. - - Ludwig’s stomach felt like it had been turned inside out. His throat was dry, and he cleared it, the room going quiet and all eyes turning to him. “I was… drunk. I can’t remember, but I think we had a fight, and then he left…” It was all he could do not to break down right there.- - Antonio had to hold Lovino back before he could react. Feliciano had finally worked up the courage to leave the Spaniard’s side, walking over to Ludwig and nudging his arm to get his attention. He looked up, tilting his head shyly with a small smile, despite the variation in his persona.- - “C-ciao… I’m Feliciano! D-do you know me?”
artie_the_brit : ||This is the suspenseful end of chapter three. This story can now be found on wattpad under @artie_the_brit and on under the titles "We've already Met before!" I hope you're enjoying! Chapter four will be out tomorrow~ comments are now acceptable~||
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-Country fact Friday!! 󾓨 󾓨 󾓨 󾓨 { At the end of the 1990s BMW had to actually recall their GPS system because male German drivers did not want to take directions from a female voice } 󾓨 󾓨 󾓨 { #aphgermany #germanyhetalia #hetalia #hetaliagermany }
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"Oh, salut, Ludwig~"
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||*~• #Openrp in honor of #smexywednesday~ Wanted: your choice between a seme Italy/2P!Italy, Romano, France, or Russia. If you want to be someone else feel free to ask. Please remain literate and do your best, this is one of my favorite nsfw ideas. Poor grammar and short replies that break the rules will be deleted and not tolerated, sorry ((YEP we're trying this again)) •~* ||- - - Sexual frustration, especially whenever it is out of the blue, is never fun. Upon having been in the bar for quite some time, it could have to do with the young German getting tipsy. He had strong emotional responses on a typical day, and alcohol tended to magnify it. Even though today was one for celebration, having won peace with a fellow nation through diplomatic means, after drinking with his fellow Germans, this craving sent Ludwig over the edge, causing him to go home. Music and people enjoying festivities could be heard from every street. - - Quickly walking to his study, closing the door behind him, Ludwig groaned and grabbed his groin, feeling a slowly growing erection. "Scheisse," He mumbled, cheeks already red. He had to take care of this or he would be sore as hell for the next few hours. The warmth of that knowledge was making him sweaty. The blonde unbuttoned his collared t-shirt underneath the straps of his trousers, letting it fall open to reveal his bare torso and chest. He shuddered as the cold metal plate touched his skin. - - Unzipping his pants, he gently pulled his erection from his underwear, gazing at it with a small moan. Why was it always so huge? Taking it in his hands, throbbing could be felt. He rubbed one hand across the base, the other teasing the head of his manhood. It became harder to do both actions at once, low grunts and moans escaping the man. Closing one eye, he looked away, gritting his teeth as he kept going, louder moans released without any sort of shame. A soft string of curses left his mouth as he prayed that he would climax before much longer.
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aph_me : ((I couldn't resist such a beautiful FraGer opportunity)) Francis walked through the small corridor of the house, still slightly disturbed by the image of a drunk German group sitting in the living room he passed a couple of minutes ago. He wondered why Ludwig wasn't there with them, the guy was usually up to drinking whenever he had a good chance and no paperwork. Made him wonder what the blonde was doing at the moment. The Frenchman grimaced to himself, imagining the wide shouldered figure sitting in his study, nose buried in a large tower of papers named "how to annoy Francis and the others in the next world meeting". Disgusting. That desire of order and perfectionism was disgusting in Francis' opinion. Love -and life in general- had no borders or rules. Speaking of which, he would have never came to this place if not stupid borders and rules. And, of course, the money he hadn't and Germany owed him. Slowly, the blonde reached his destination; the large wooden door to Ludwig's study. The French was about to burst into the room with dramatic yells when suddenly his whole body was forced to freeze as a row of shameless moans came in connection with his ears. "Mon dieu.." France's sea eyes widened in shock in opposite to his body, which was quicker to react, that started moving toward the door as shamelessly as the volume of those moans. His eyes narrowing and lips twisting up in a smirk, the Frenchman slowly opened the door that, to his great surprise and luck, wasn't locked. Satisfaction lighted his face as Francis' eyes fell on the German who still haven't noticed his presence, too focused on his surprisingly large, excuse me, Berlin Tower. With a little bit of skill and a lot of sexual desire, the French could definitely help him to fasten the process. He gave the younger nation another few minutes before closing the door back with a loud noise, an action followed by a playful sentence, French accent in every single syllable "I wish I had a camera with me for the next time somebody called /me/ a pervert."
artie_the_brit : He had been sure he locked the door, but perhaps it had never shut properly to begin with. Ludwig froze as he heard the door shut too loudly, sending a sense of panic through him. He turned quickly and saw the tall, slender blonde, a smug smile lighting his face deviously. Oh... scheisse. His face was already turning Crimson shades he never thought could possibly feel so painfully, his head throbbing, as well as his exposed member, which could be clearly seen, hard as a beam of steel. Quickly he grabbed his jacket, covering the erection as a quiet gasp escaped his lips. It was obvious he was trying to regain some sense of composure, despite his shaky body and every single one of the circumstances. He knew Francis was simply beyond amused at this point. "Why are you here?!" A glare, a very forced glare was directed at him, though it didn't hold the intensity as well as it usually did. "H-how the hell did you even get in here?!" He stifled a moan, feeling the fibers of the jacket scrape against him. "Damn... You're one to talk. You masturbate more times than you breathe in oxygen." This was spiraling downhill really fast. His eyes were wide, face so red that he was sweating, the younger male biting his lip and glancing away. "Just leave so I can make it go away..." @aph_me
aph_me : The older blonde sighed in disappointment as the interesting image between the German's legs was covered with a jacket, probably Ludwig's war quick reflexes' work. The Frenchman bit on his lower lip to hold back another chuckle, which became unnecessary after the other's, quite rude, statement. Well, Ludwig wasn't one to blame considering the situation but still, Francis couldn't help but get a bit hurt. "In fact, that was kind of mean!" He noted with a slight pout "People tend to forget that I'm the country of love, nothing was said about masturbation and sex." However, the French nation had no intention to turn upset, not now when an opportunity as rare and amazing as this was lying right in his hand, exposed to any further actions. After a moment of thinking, he decided to ignore the first two questions, the answers to which were, in his opinion, rather obvious. What else could he be doing here if not solving political money issues? And did Ludwig really think it was hard passing his drunken German mates? Instead, Francis made a couple of quick steps toward the younger, his hands landing on the other's shoulders before they could meet protest. Leaning down, the French murmured into his ear "Why leave when I can help a bit since I'm already here? Free service, only for today, my client." Francis raised one hand to his mouth, squeezing the corner of his black glove between the teeth to pull it off. A decent job required decent ingredients.
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Such a beautiful relationship -- #hetalia #hetaliaaph #aphhetalia #anime #manga #aph #aphgermany #hetaliagermany #ludwigbeilschmidt #animeboy #mangaboy
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animecomedy : hello :) im 17 and just published my first book. and if you're into shonen anime I'm nearly positive you'd rly like it. so ya the link to a free sample is in my bio and if you wanna check it out that would b amazing c:
china.england.oids : XD
zoe_pastamaster : @rockingsasha03 XDDDD
rockingsasha03 : XD GERMANNYY @zoe_pastamaster
do_you_envy_my_scarf : i almost spat out my water omg
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XD.Well I better go find Him before Ludwig does XD *runs through aisle* #aph #aphswitzerland #aphaustria #aphgermany #hetalia #hetaliagermany #hetaliaswitzerland #hetaliaaustria #anime #switzerland #austria #germany
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aph_switzerland : Sales are important
ze_superawesome_prussia : @aph_switzerland except for Black Friday don't go out in that mess XD (I can imagine switzerland actually doing thatxD)
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#hetalia #HetaliaGermany #HetaliaPrussia #HetaliaGilbird #Prussia #Germany #Gilbird #aphGermany #aphGermany | Gilbird is not like any other bird, West. I've told you that before haven't I? I mean he did beat you in a bratwurst eating competition hosted by Amerika. We all know Amerika goes all out if he's hosting 🐥
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#hetalia #HetaliaPrussia #Prussia #Preußen #GilbertBeilschmidt #aphPrussia #Germany #HetaliaGermany #aphGermany #selfie #brothers | C'mon, West smile for the camera! Say beer! 🍻🇩🇪
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tfw you're reading a fanfiction in your room and you rock back and forth with feels and you hit your head on your wall so your parents come in thinking you're injured • • • {#aph #hetalia #gerita #aphitaly #northitaly #hetaliaitaly #aphgermany #hetaliagermany #ludwigbeilschmidt #felicianovargas #otp}
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the feels • • • {#aph #hetalia #gerita #aphitaly #northitaly #hetaliaitaly #aphgermany #hetaliagermany #ludwigbeilschmidt #felicianovargas #otp}
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*fangirls in corner* • • • {#aph #hetalia #gerita #aphitaly #northitaly #hetaliaitaly #aphgermany #hetaliagermany #ludwigbeilschmidt #felicianovargas #otp}
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Shitty, closet morning Germany cosplay, yay! I noticed earlier this morning my sleepware looked like Germany's training uniform, black tank top with military-green baggy bottoms, so I threw on my blue contacts real quick, messed up my hair into the way Germany has his in the morning and boom. If only my hair was all blonde, oh well, when I decide to actually cosplay him my hair will be blonde like his. (Yes, I am willing to dye my hair just so I can cosplay him, I had already planned to do it so its whatever~) #ClosetGermanyCosplay #GermanyCosplay #HetaliaGermany #HetaliaGermanyCosplay #ClosetCosplay
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heichou__levi__ackerman : Jfc my hair decisions seem really drastic over a hobby I have xD I swear they're not.
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Germany, Austria, and Switzerland: "No! Stop asking!" Liechtenstein: "That looks fun, but Big Bruder says no..." Prussia: "H*ll yes! I'll get all these pansies to join me!" . . . #hetalia #hetaliagermany #hetaliaprussia #hetalialiechtenstein #switzerland #askbox #hetaliaaskbox #hetaliaaustria #germansparkleparty #germanicnations #chibi #chibiaustria #chibiprussia #chibiliechtenstein
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