REPOST FROM @TROYSTYLEZ THIS IS SOOOO ME!!!! #FashionPrincess #ILoveShoes #TopShelfGoldie #HerRoleModel #GoldiesKloset #GoldieMarie #FashionBlogger #FashionLA #FashionStylist
herrolemodel - walkincloset - topshelfgoldie - fashionla - iloveshoes - fashionprincess - fashionstylist - betteryetineedadressingroom - fashionblogger - goldiemarie - goldieskloset -
mfrosty__ : Ten times worse than this tho 😧😧
goldies_kloset : Lol the struggle is sooo real ha ha @mfrosty__ 😩😩😩😩😩 #walkincloset #BetteryetIneedaDressingRoom
goldies_kloset : @mfrosty__ Yours is just as bad the only difference is all your boxes have a little jumpman on them lmaooo πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
lovesickla : Beautiful!
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#myniece #my1stprincess #shetookmyheart #herrolemodel
shetookmyheart - herrolemodel - myniece - my1stprincess -
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Today was a Good Day!!! #GoodnightYall #SwagggyD #SwagggChamp #GoldiesKloset #HerRoleModel #FashionBlogger #FashionPrincess #FashionLA #FemaleSneakerHead
herrolemodel - fashionprincess - fashionla - swagggchamp - goodnightyall - femalesneakerhead - fashionblogger - goldieskloset - swagggyd -
montrealclothing : Wow like it!
goldies_kloset : @montrealclothing Thannnk You!!!
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My pride and joy. The reason I strive to be better. I need to set the example.. #hermommy#herRoleModel
herrolemodel - hermommy -
mzsmileythebosslady - sangonzalez2 - itsmsdianatoyou - tlc2001 -
I can't believe that we are going to be attending the same university! This is a dream come true! Welcome to the Lion Fam Nay! #SELU18 #MyLilSis #MyHeart #HerRoleModel #TheNightToMyDay #ImSoProudOfHer #WontHeDoIt #YesHeWill
thenighttomyday - wonthedoit - mylilsis - selu18 - imsoproudofher - yeshewill - herrolemodel - myheart -
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Lily wants to know why Bobby Wasabi watching "Booby Movies" :) #herrolemodel #lovesherbobby #sillygirl #mycomedian #boyswillbeboys
mycomedian - sillygirl - herrolemodel - boyswillbeboys - lovesherbobby -
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She loves our quality time #herrolemodel #mommylife #priorities #mygirl
mommylife - mygirl - herrolemodel - priorities -
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Me && The Love Of My Life #SheFellOverWhenSheSawIHadMatchingShorts #LoveHerSooMuch #HerRoleModel #LoveSince2010 #PickneyGrowLikeWata #BeingAnAuntyIsTheBestThing
herrolemodel - lovesince2010 - shefelloverwhenshesawihadmatchingshorts - beinganauntyisthebestthing - pickneygrowlikewata - lovehersoomuch -
spyder018 : When you coming back home
kalinaj___ : Ming??? πŸ˜”
_chinkyyeyez : @kalinaj__ Yep That's Ming Ming Lol GROWN
kalinaj___ : OMG!😒 She So Bigg And Cute!
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Miss My Baby Girl β€οΈπŸ™… #CousinLove #GodSister #HerRoleModel #OurGirlTime #Movies #Blood #Family #mybaby #Happy #Black #PrettyGirls
herrolemodel - family - cousinlove - only13 - lol - smdh - movies - prettygirls - godsister - mybaby - blood - tallerthanme - ourgirltime - black - happy -
incomplete_women : #TallerThanMe #Only13 #Smdh #Lol
st4ckc4sh : What's good
incomplete_women : @st4ckc4sh srry iwent to sleep last night , i was goin to have u jus dm the info u want and we can go frum there
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Just Beachhhh N It Yesterday..... #GoldieMarie #HerRoleModel
herrolemodel - goldiemarie -
goldies_kloset : As a matter of fact he is in the background on this picture lol @its_my_jungle do you see um ha ha
goldies_kloset : Lol your sooo silly @its_my_jungle Thank you for the Love!
its_my_jungle : You kno it!
gstyles4u : Y that boi Frost in the back lookin like he need that rite now tho!!! Lmao!!!
goldies_kloset : He do got that look on his face!!!!!! Lmaooooooooo @gstyles4u
mfrosty__ : @gstyles4u bruh!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜­ I had that super creep look on. Like a real sugar daddy lol
gstyles4u : @mfrosty__ my nacca, in a real way tho. U was onnnnn!!! LmfaoπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜­
handsome_rj4 : Follow back
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No one will understand our bond and the love between 2 sisters. I would go to the ends of the earth to make sure this little is happy. Everyone knows I will protect this baby sister of mine with every inch of me. #KaylieRenaeAuburt #sisterbond #loveyoubooboo #myrock #mylove #myreasontosmile #herrolemodel #babysister #latepost #newyears2014
herrolemodel - myreasontosmile - babysister - sisterbond - mylove - newyears2014 - loveyoubooboo - kaylierenaeauburt - latepost - myrock -
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Trying to be just like her aunty Momo #herrolemodel #lovesauntymomo
lovesauntymomo - herrolemodel -
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So happy I get to be home today, and get to spend it with one. She fixes any bad day. She is my reason in life, and my reason to do better and be better in life. I'm a work in progress, but I'm grateful I have her as a constant reminder, that I am her role model. #amaya #prettyinpink #happyfriday #timewithmybaby #myinspiration #myheart #keepsmegrounded #herrolemodel #imacontinuousworkinprogress#blessed
timewithmybaby - herrolemodel - keepsmegrounded - imacontinuousworkinprogress - amaya - blessed - myinspiration - prettyinpink - happyfriday - myheart -
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It's like having a lil sister not gunna lie I love having her around even though she's a pain in my ass she will never fill the hole in my heart missing from my brother but she sure does helpβ˜†β™‘β˜† #cousins #fakesisters #smilesfordays #herrolemodel #love
cousins - love - fakesisters - herrolemodel - smilesfordays -
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#cousins #fakesisters #herrolemodel
cousins - herrolemodel - fakesisters -
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Bang Bang Bang!!!! #IAMTHEREALMVP #HerRoleModel #SwagggChamp #GoldieMarie #GoldiesKloset #MyLifeIsAFashionShow #Original #NoKnockOffs #LOL
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sp3cial_kk : Love it gotta steal this lol
goldies_kloset : Yes cuzzin you know how we do!!! @sp3cial_kk
luv_thy_selfie : Yessssss
queen_tikie : @goldies_kloset that part!
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My ❀️ the reason why I wake up and go so hard everyday I know she's watching only want the best for you siyah !!!! We gone make it #grind #dedication #love #herRolemodel
dedication - herrolemodel - love - grind -
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Good Morning... Check out my website WWW.GOLDIESKLOSET.COM New items coming soon... I am a stylist!!! If you need fashion tips or advice or if you have any questions regarding the items on the website please email me at #CelebrityStylist #StylistToTheModels #Fashion #HerRoleModel #NetworkingandBranding #GoldieMarie #GoldiesKloset #PrettyA##F#ck #LargerThanLife
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Wish I could stay right here cuddled up with my baby boo but instead Imma take my ass to WORRRRK for thee day!!!! ❀️πŸ’ͺπŸ’°πŸ’΅ GOODmorning IG πŸ’πŸ’« #herrolemodel #mother #daughter #love #superwoman
daughter - superwoman - herrolemodel - love - mother -
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Swag on chill about to go out for Pizza :) oh yea and I just made this shirt about 20 minutes ago ha ha #West #Westside #FashionStylist #HerRoleModel #GoldiesKloset
fashionstylist - west - herrolemodel - westside - goldieskloset -
creamaleepuff : Holupβœ‹is this in plus size😯lol
goldies_kloset : I can make you one DM me what size you need this is a mans small that I have on :) @creamaleepuff
creamaleepuff : That's what I'm talking about!! Lol
goldies_kloset : Ha ha ha ha your soooo silly :)) @creamaleepuff
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Here is the official tear sheet for Dip Magazine!! The magazine release date is Monday July 28th make sure you grab a copy!! Photo by: @immarcelanthony Model: @belladesyreebby Dress provided by: @goldies_kloset #NeverNotWorking #MakingMoves #NetworkingAndBranding #ICantWaitForTheL.APhotoshoot #LetsWork #FashionStylistToTheModels #GoldiesKloset #HerRoleModel
networkingandbranding - herrolemodel - fashionstylisttothemodels - icantwaitforthel - letswork - makingmoves - goldieskloset - nevernotworking -
immarcelanthony : πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ it's shall be awesome!!
goldies_kloset : Yessssssss!!!!!!!!!! @immarcelanthony :)
goldies_kloset : Follow @dipmag for all the details :))
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#mybestgirl been rolling with me ALL DAY! Sun up to sun down literally. From my speaking engagement to class tonight. My Hitta will definitely understand, respect, and appreciate the #grind. #singlemoms #standup #TRSMC #idoitformygirl #gradstudent #mommie #teacher #futureLPC #missionalleader #herrolemodel
idoitformygirl - gradstudent - herrolemodel - mybestgirl - grind - futurelpc - singlemoms - trsmc - missionalleader - standup - teacher - mommie -
nateleungonline : Awesome picture here. Hope you're having a blessed day. Are you at all open to connecting? Love making new friends here on IG. #Follow me and I will follow you back! #Follow4Follow
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#ilovethisgirl #mydaughter #loveatfirstsight #herrolemodel #10months #cherishthesemoments
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❀️#herrolemodel #myfashionista #july23
myfashionista - herrolemodel - july23 -
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1000000!!!! #HerRoleModel
herrolemodel -
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He asked me what's my favorite position I replied "CEO" Black Leather Matrix Dress for sale @WWW.GOLDIESKLOSET.COM #FashionBlogger #FashionStylist #FashionPrincess #HerRoleModel #prettygirlzonly #PrettyAs#F#ck
ck - herrolemodel - f - prettyas - prettygirlzonly - fashionprincess - fashionstylist - fashionblogger -
its_my_jungle : 😍😍😍
brokeproofdeezy - dincredibleone - cjchisel - miamiboyty305 -
Ready for my little sisters baptism today :) yes so proud to be her godmother πŸ’’πŸ‘§#littlesisterbaptism #godmother #loveher #promisetakecareofher #herrolemodel #white #smile #stephie
loveher - herrolemodel - stephie - godmother - littlesisterbaptism - smile - white - promisetakecareofher -
katyamariel : Beautiful ❀️
stephieleon07 : @katyamariel thank you ☺️
sha_wee - jmirandamarquez - soxcal_oc - j3an3tt3y -
Her new shirt I made her. She has to be like her cousin @ttayylor__ #herrolemodel #gettingbig
gettingbig - herrolemodel -
ttayylor__ : aww I love it!!
jamielou05 : She has one to wear tom too
ttayylor__ : awesome! we might be going bowling soo!
jamielou05 : Ok
jamielou05 : I need ur phone number for ur snapchat
ttayylor__ : 225-290-9284
brittmeche : Lord hope she's wearing a tank underneath @jamielou05
ttayylor__ - harleyalicyn - _shailliee__ - caseyangela -
As much as I don't care for Modesto, I swear I don't want to leave my lil mamas! Got to get back to the grind & the real world soon though. #herrolemodel #auntiesworld #family
herrolemodel - family - auntiesworld -
cieragood : I'm looking like #AuntieLife I see it in your eyes hahaha
alexandrasharell : Lol I've been an auntie for 15 years lol. But new babies are always so fun! @cieragood
cieragood : Smh I do keep forgetting lmfao
mylove_thee1 : Yup she's an auntie of auntie too. Lol @cieragood
ajalashes - italian_stallii0n - yea_its_kyle - keciaj1 -
My baby sister is the cutest most beautiful pain in the ass the Lord ever put on this earth #WrappedAroundHerFinger #BubbasLittleAngel #HerRoleModel
wrappedaroundherfinger - herrolemodel - bubbaslittleangel -
tfulmer_24 - kaylaburden__ - carrarayn - hollie_barton -
Here is a sample of one of the Hats... what do you guys think??? #PrettyGirlzOnly #PrettyAs#F#CK #GoldiesKloset #HerRoleModel #MyDissTVShowIsComingNext!!! #YallAintReady lol
ck - herrolemodel - f - prettyas - prettygirlzonly - yallaintready - mydisstvshowiscomingnext - k - goldieskloset -
goldies_kloset : Oh yea thats getting made for sure!!!!!! @queen_tikie
goldies_kloset : And ill make sure u have one auntie boo @goldies_kloset
queen_tikie : @goldies_kloset okay πŸ‘
queen_tikie : @goldies_kloset both ma girls would wear that hat though… lol
goldies_kloset : Okay I will let you guys know when they are done @queen_tikie
annaniiicolesmith : I will take a beater and/or crop top! Please and thanks😜
goldies_kloset : Yessss def bestie I gotchuuuuu :) @annaniiicolesmith Hopefully I can gef it b4 I see you β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘
goldies_kloset : *get
beautifullmsj - queen_tikie - cutefacetashy - churchboydamarmathis -
Rockin my Goldie's Kloset Side Boob Jumper... order yours now at #GoldiesKloset #GoldieMarie #HerRoleModel #FashionBlogger #FashionStylist
herrolemodel - fashionstylist - fashionblogger - goldiemarie - goldieskloset -
2kingss : Bombbbbb
goldies_kloset : Thank you boo @larondatiffany
erin.brianne : How do your sizes run? Not sure what size to order
goldies_kloset : I am 5'5 and I weigh like 120 and I have on a size small... it runs pretty true to size... but it really depends on your boobs lol since the side is out if you want to wear it how I am wearing it get a size smaller then your normal size if your boobies are smaller if theg arent small your regular size is good lol I really got a little graphic huh ha ha... @erin.brianne
erin.brianne : Ok thank you, the information was perfect actually lol I'm 5'5 weighing 124 lbs so a small is perfect and my boobs aren't big lol thank you I am ordering now
goldies_kloset : Okay cool!!! And your very welcome boo ;) @erin.brianne
goldies_kloset : @erin.brianne I got your order boo I will ship your order either Monday or Tuesday #GoldiesKloset when you wear it :)
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Todays Outfit...... xoxo #GoldiesKloset #GoldieMarie #HerRoleModel #MaxiDress #RealHairDontCare #AllNatural #FashionBlogger #Fashion #FashionStylist
fashion - herrolemodel - maxidress - goldieskloset - fashionstylist - allnatural - fashionblogger - goldiemarie - realhairdontcare -
goldies_kloset : Thank You boooo @larondatiffany
1mrsgayton : Love that dress girly
goldies_kloset : Thank you Honey Bunny @1mrsgayton
iammramazingg : Waiting on out date @goldies_kloset
goldies_kloset : Lol you are funny.... @iammramazingg where is that all white party at that you have in your bio on 8/16 I wanna go to an all white party...
iammramazingg : @goldies_kloset dead ass tho u playin
leahleex : @goldies_kloset bad β™‘
goldies_kloset : Thank you boooooo @leahleex
lovely_mzmona - russellhollingsworth - mvp_24_42 - westtampa_gq813 -
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