Bang Bang Bang!!!! #IAMTHEREALMVP #HerRoleModel #SwagggChamp #GoldieMarie #GoldiesKloset #MyLifeIsAFashionShow #Original #NoKnockOffs #LOL
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sp3cial_kk : Love it gotta steal this lol
goldies_kloset : Yes cuzzin you know how we do!!! @sp3cial_kk
luv_thy_selfie : Yessssss
xddishh - mel_o1913 - ella_kavela - foreign_mariee -
My ❤️ the reason why I wake up and go so hard everyday I know she's watching only want the best for you siyah !!!! We gone make it #grind #dedication #love #herRolemodel
dedication - herrolemodel - love - grind -
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Order your mermaid skirt today at WWW.GOLDIESKLOSET.COM #FashionBlogger #FashionPrincess #FashionStylist #GoldiesKloset #StylistToTheModels #NetworkingandBranding #HerRoleModel
networkingandbranding - herrolemodel - fashionprincess - fashionstylist - stylisttothemodels - fashionblogger - goldieskloset -
miko_cocainaaa : Do u have it in green?
goldies_kloset : @miko_cocainaaa No hun sorry I only have whie
goldies_kloset : *white
brisco1309 - luxuryamore - vonte_da_great - earl_gee -
Good Morning... Check out my website WWW.GOLDIESKLOSET.COM New items coming soon... I am a stylist!!! If you need fashion tips or advice or if you have any questions regarding the items on the website please email me at #CelebrityStylist #StylistToTheModels #Fashion #HerRoleModel #NetworkingandBranding #GoldieMarie #GoldiesKloset #PrettyA##F#ck #LargerThanLife
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Wish I could stay right here cuddled up with my baby boo but instead Imma take my ass to WORRRRK for thee day!!!! ❤️💪💰💵 GOODmorning IG 💁💫 #herrolemodel #mother #daughter #love #superwoman
daughter - superwoman - herrolemodel - love - mother -
_lb_100 - bigboomontana - miss_steph03 - alihazen -
Swag on chill about to go out for Pizza :) oh yea and I just made this shirt about 20 minutes ago ha ha #West #Westside #FashionStylist #HerRoleModel #GoldiesKloset
fashionstylist - west - herrolemodel - westside - goldieskloset -
creamaleepuff : Holup✋is this in plus size😯lol
goldies_kloset : I can make you one DM me what size you need this is a mans small that I have on :) @creamaleepuff
creamaleepuff : That's what I'm talking about!! Lol
goldies_kloset : Ha ha ha ha your soooo silly :)) @creamaleepuff
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Here is the official tear sheet for Dip Magazine!! The magazine release date is Monday July 28th make sure you grab a copy!! Photo by: @immarcelanthony Model: @belladesyreebby Dress provided by: @goldies_kloset #NeverNotWorking #MakingMoves #NetworkingAndBranding #ICantWaitForTheL.APhotoshoot #LetsWork #FashionStylistToTheModels #GoldiesKloset #HerRoleModel
networkingandbranding - herrolemodel - fashionstylisttothemodels - icantwaitforthel - letswork - makingmoves - goldieskloset - nevernotworking -
immarcelanthony : 🙌🙌 it's shall be awesome!!
goldies_kloset : Yessssssss!!!!!!!!!! @immarcelanthony :)
goldies_kloset : Follow @dipmag for all the details :))
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#mybestgirl been rolling with me ALL DAY! Sun up to sun down literally. From my speaking engagement to class tonight. My Hitta will definitely understand, respect, and appreciate the #grind. #singlemoms #standup #TRSMC #idoitformygirl #gradstudent #mommie #teacher #futureLPC #missionalleader #herrolemodel
idoitformygirl - gradstudent - herrolemodel - mybestgirl - grind - futurelpc - singlemoms - trsmc - missionalleader - standup - teacher - mommie -
nateleungonline : Awesome picture here. Hope you're having a blessed day. Are you at all open to connecting? Love making new friends here on IG. #Follow me and I will follow you back! #Follow4Follow
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#ilovethisgirl #mydaughter #loveatfirstsight #herrolemodel #10months #cherishthesemoments
mydaughter - herrolemodel - loveatfirstsight - cherishthesemoments - ilovethisgirl - 10months -
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❤️#herrolemodel #myfashionista #july23
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1000000!!!! #HerRoleModel
herrolemodel -
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He asked me what's my favorite position I replied "CEO" Black Leather Matrix Dress for sale @WWW.GOLDIESKLOSET.COM #FashionBlogger #FashionStylist #FashionPrincess #HerRoleModel #prettygirlzonly #PrettyAs#F#ck
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Ready for my little sisters baptism today :) yes so proud to be her godmother 💒👧#littlesisterbaptism #godmother #loveher #promisetakecareofher #herrolemodel #white #smile #stephie
loveher - herrolemodel - stephie - godmother - littlesisterbaptism - smile - white - promisetakecareofher -
katyamariel : Beautiful ❤️
stephieleon07 : @katyamariel thank you ☺️
sha_wee - jmirandamarquez - soxcal_oc - j3an3tt3y -
Her new shirt I made her. She has to be like her cousin @ttayylor__ #herrolemodel #gettingbig
gettingbig - herrolemodel -
ttayylor__ : aww I love it!!
jamielou05 : She has one to wear tom too
ttayylor__ : awesome! we might be going bowling soo!
jamielou05 : Ok
jamielou05 : I need ur phone number for ur snapchat
ttayylor__ : 225-290-9284
brittmeche : Lord hope she's wearing a tank underneath @jamielou05
ttayylor__ - harleyalicyn - _shailliee__ - caseyangela -
My baby sister is the cutest most beautiful pain in the ass the Lord ever put on this earth #WrappedAroundHerFinger #BubbasLittleAngel #HerRoleModel
wrappedaroundherfinger - herrolemodel - bubbaslittleangel -
tfulmer_24 - kaylaburden__ - carrarayn - hollie_barton -
Here is a sample of one of the Hats... what do you guys think??? #PrettyGirlzOnly #PrettyAs#F#CK #GoldiesKloset #HerRoleModel #MyDissTVShowIsComingNext!!! #YallAintReady lol
ck - herrolemodel - f - prettyas - prettygirlzonly - yallaintready - mydisstvshowiscomingnext - k - goldieskloset -
goldies_kloset : Oh yea thats getting made for sure!!!!!! @queen_tikie
goldies_kloset : And ill make sure u have one auntie boo @goldies_kloset
queen_tikie : @goldies_kloset okay 👍
queen_tikie : @goldies_kloset both ma girls would wear that hat though… lol
goldies_kloset : Okay I will let you guys know when they are done @queen_tikie
annaniiicolesmith : I will take a beater and/or crop top! Please and thanks😜
goldies_kloset : Yessss def bestie I gotchuuuuu :) @annaniiicolesmith Hopefully I can gef it b4 I see you ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
goldies_kloset : *get
beautifullmsj - queen_tikie - cutefacetashy - churchboydamarmathis -
Rockin my Goldie's Kloset Side Boob Jumper... order yours now at #GoldiesKloset #GoldieMarie #HerRoleModel #FashionBlogger #FashionStylist
herrolemodel - fashionstylist - fashionblogger - goldiemarie - goldieskloset -
larondaaa : Bombbbbb
goldies_kloset : Thank you boo @larondatiffany
erin.brianne : How do your sizes run? Not sure what size to order
goldies_kloset : I am 5'5 and I weigh like 120 and I have on a size small... it runs pretty true to size... but it really depends on your boobs lol since the side is out if you want to wear it how I am wearing it get a size smaller then your normal size if your boobies are smaller if theg arent small your regular size is good lol I really got a little graphic huh ha ha... @erin.brianne
erin.brianne : Ok thank you, the information was perfect actually lol I'm 5'5 weighing 124 lbs so a small is perfect and my boobs aren't big lol thank you I am ordering now
goldies_kloset : Okay cool!!! And your very welcome boo ;) @erin.brianne
goldies_kloset : @erin.brianne I got your order boo I will ship your order either Monday or Tuesday #GoldiesKloset when you wear it :)
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Todays Outfit...... xoxo #GoldiesKloset #GoldieMarie #HerRoleModel #MaxiDress #RealHairDontCare #AllNatural #FashionBlogger #Fashion #FashionStylist
fashion - herrolemodel - maxidress - goldieskloset - fashionstylist - allnatural - fashionblogger - goldiemarie - realhairdontcare -
goldies_kloset : Thank You boooo @larondatiffany
1mrsgayton : Love that dress girly
goldies_kloset : Thank you Honey Bunny @1mrsgayton
iammramazingg : Waiting on out date @goldies_kloset
goldies_kloset : Lol you are funny.... @iammramazingg where is that all white party at that you have in your bio on 8/16 I wanna go to an all white party...
iammramazingg : @goldies_kloset dead ass tho u playin
leahleex : @goldies_kloset bad ♡
goldies_kloset : Thank you boooooo @leahleex
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To all my followers: Please check out my fashion blog site!!!! I will be updating the latest fashion trends on the site.... the web address is Please leave comments, Follow the page, like some photos lol.... Thank You for your support!!!!! Xoxo #GoldiesKloset #goldiemarie #HerRoleModel #FashionBlogger #Fashion #FashionStylist
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Learning how to shred my threads.... ♡♡♡♡♡♡ #GoldiesKloset #WhoWannaGetShredded??? #Creativity #FashionStylist #FashionBlogger #HerRoleModel
www - herrolemodel - fashionstylist - fashionblogger - creativity - whowannagetshredded - goldieskloset -
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Love this picture of @marjorie_harvey and her daughter #motherslove #meandmo #minime #affection #love #care #support #herrolemodel
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Finally a plus size Maxi... What do y'all think should I place an order for this??? #goldieskloset #swagggchamp #herrolemodel #fashion #fashionstylist
fashionstylist - swagggchamp - fashion - herrolemodel - goldieskloset -
ahziza : 😍😍😍
goldies_kloset : @ahziza I love this dress too.. :)
miskullgame - twinlove34 - saphy13 - couturemask -
Coming Soon... Fly Earrings #GoldiesKloset #Fashion #FashionStylist #Fly #HerRoleModel #swagggChamp
fly - swagggchamp - fashion - herrolemodel - fashionstylist - goldieskloset -
iprettypink : Those are hot!
goldies_kloset : Thank You... I actually have the Gold Ones They are my fave!!! @iprettypink
iprettypink : I'd go for the gold too 😍
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Today's outfit of the day.. #GoldiesKloset #GoldieMarie #HerRoleModel #Fashion #FashionBlogger #FashionStylist
fashion - herrolemodel - fashionstylist - fashionblogger - goldiemarie - goldieskloset -
_babyboy89 : 😫😍😉
goldies_kloset : Thank you @comeback_kid3
foreignlauv : Love this
goldies_kloset : @foreignlauv Thank You hunny!
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Throwback to easter with my little cousin #easter #2k14 #laughter #funny #actingsillywithher #cousins #cuzzo #herrolemodel #tb
funny - 2k14 - herrolemodel - cousins - tb - actingsillywithher - laughter - cuzzo - easter - blurry -
keepcalm_dreamonx3 : #blurry
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I still have a few side boob jumpers available order yours today at or email me for an invoice #GoldiesKloset #GoldieMarie #HerRoleModel #FashionBlogger #Fashion #FashionStylist
fashion - herrolemodel - fashionstylist - fashionblogger - goldiemarie - goldieskloset -
goldies_kloset : @nomickeyshiit
nomickeyshiit : Not to much, just chillin today. And this pic is just bomb by the way lol
goldies_kloset : Lol stop looking at my side boob action lol @nomickeyshiit we need to do S4S I need more followers to grow my business
nomickeyshiit : Lmao at your side boob. This pic already just bomb but the side boob made this pic go from. 0 to a hunnid girl real quick....... Real quick....... Real fuckin quick lol. And u will get a shoutout soon lol
goldies_kloset : Lol ok I will shot u out when you shot me out and your silly ha ha ha THANK YOU FOR THE COMPLIMENT I REALLY APPRECIATE THAT ;)
nomickeyshiit : Don't trip, u deserve compliments u on yo shit and I mean that, tell your mom I appreciate her for making yo sexy self lol....... And wait you don't have to wait for me to shout u out, u can shout me out. U never know when imma do your shoutout I'm random and u gonna be like daaaamn that was bomb
goldies_kloset : Lol That was sweet ill tell my parents you said Thank you ha ha ha... @nomickeyshiit and I got you on a shot out :) the more followers the better right..
nomickeyshiit : That part boo, thanx
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The 33 Dress is still in stock available in Black Only!!! Perfect for running errands I wore mine with my J's!! Order yours today at #GoldiesKloset #GoldieMarie #HerRoleModel #FashionBlogger #FashionStylist
fashionstylist - fashionblogger - herrolemodel - goldiemarie - goldieskloset -
mztwotwo : @goldies_kloset what sizes do u have? And will you get more of the purple? The 33 throwing me off haha
goldies_kloset : Only black bestie and I have your size it might be to tight for your little belly tho its form fitting the white mermaid skirt would fit you bomb tho because of your belly ;) @mztwotwo
smokey420_ - xaythegreat - i_alwayswin_darkbeauty - cutefacetashy -
Still available colorblock one piece... This outfit fits like a glove... order yours today at #GoldiesKloset #GoldieMarie #HerRoleModel #FashionBlogger #Fashion
fashionblogger - fashion - herrolemodel - goldiemarie - goldieskloset -
goldies_kloset : Thank you boo :))) @inked_overlord
tymo99 : Lol... look like a track stud
goldies_kloset : Stud orrrr star???? @tymo99
tymo99 : Both lol.....
goldies_kloset : Fuckkkk you!!!!! @tymo99
tymo99 : Lol.... did.t eve mean it like ass stud as in a beast super dope @goldies_kloset jerk!!!!
goldies_kloset : I thought you meant stud as in dyke lmaoooooooooooo ha ha ha ha ha ha omg lmaoooooo @tymo99 I was like wtf damn lol lol not that I have anything against them but I was like is he saying I look like a boy ha ha ha
tymo99 : Cole u stupid lol...... @goldies_kloset
russellhollingsworth - ucame1998 - roxxy_zg - ohey_its_beloved -
Get your "Selfish" crop top now they are going fast..... #goldiemarie #GoldiesKloset #HerRoleModel #Stylist #FashionBlogger
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Todays Outfit Of the Day....... #GoldiesKloset #GoldieMarie #HerRoleModel #IamTheRealMVP #SwagggChamp #FashionBlogger #FashionStylist
swagggchamp - herrolemodel - fashionstylist - iamtherealmvp - fashionblogger - goldiemarie - goldieskloset -
goldies_kloset : Don't mind my tag ha ha ha
_thickbeautifulandconfident_ : 👑👑👑
goldies_kloset : Thank you Hunnny Bunny I hope you had a Happy Safe Holiday... @thickbeauty03
_thickbeautifulandconfident_ : Ty sweetie & I sure did hope u enjoyed urself as well @goldies_kloset
goldies_kloset : I did... Thank You boo ;) @thickbeauty03
heyyy_ines : Love it!
goldies_kloset : Thannnnk you hun.... @heyyy_ines
bedouinstudios - mekalani - _xoxo_shawnta - smokey420_ -
First let me take a selfie!!!!!!!!!!!! #GoldieMarie #HerRoleModel #IAmTheSwagggChamp #IAMTHEREALMVP
iamtheswagggchamp - iamtherealmvp - herrolemodel - goldiemarie -
triciey_ : 😍😍
goldies_kloset : @triciey_ Thank You Hunnnnny Bunnnny ♡♡♡♡♡♡
russellhollingsworth : Love your senses of style
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Another Picture from the other night.... #MsGoldieMarie #GoldiesKloset #GoldieMarie #HerRoleModel #FashionBlogger #FashionStylist
herrolemodel - msgoldiemarie - fashionstylist - fashionblogger - goldiemarie - goldieskloset -
kritikalsworld : 👀
goldies_kloset : @kritikalsworld Lol... Thanks
kritikalsworld : 😍🙈
goldies_kloset : Lololol.... @kritikalsworld :)))
jordynsolemates23 : Cute pic girl 😊
goldies_kloset : Thank you honeeeeyyyy :) @jordynsolemates23
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This about sums it up!!!! Lmaooooo!!! Ha ha ha #GoldiesKloset #GoldieMarie #HerRoleModel #LurkOnWhitYourLurkinAss
bblu - herrolemodel - goldiemarie - goldieskloset - lurkonwhityourlurkinass -
internet_banger : Funny!
goldies_kloset : Lol @internet_banger I was dying laughing when I seen this lol
prettypash : Hahaha luv
goldies_kloset : I know you have a few lurkers @prettypash #BBLU!!! LOL
internet_banger : Loves it tho' @goldies_kloset
goldies_kloset : Me toooo @internet_banger
classy_kayla : I have to Regram! 😂😂
goldies_kloset : Yessss do it lol @classy_kayla
_thickbeautifulandconfident_ - teflondonyambi - g_cole14 - erin.brianne -
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