Over the coarse of having 6 babies, Spencer and I have collected quite the load ofbaby items... 2 cribs, 3 pack n play pens, 3 swings, 3 jumpers, 4 excersaucer thing a ma jiggers, 3 baby playmats, numerous baby wraps and baby carriers, 1 high chair, 1 baby Moses basket, 2 bassinets, at least half a dozen strollers, baby blankets and burp rags galore, 1 Bumbo, 3 baby Boppies, too many baby car seats to count and clothes, LOTS of baby clothes! You name it- we've probably tried and tested the baby product. Funny thing is though, after every baby I've been anxious to get rid of most of it. It's ridiculous how much "STUFF" you collect with a teeny tiny baby in the house and truth be told- most of it was never necessary. Of course now that we'll be welcoming a NEW baby back into our home in 3 weeks or less (gasp! I'm sort of freaking out!), only now is it that I wish I had held onto at least a few of the baby items we had before (like a swing or a bassinet- gotta have something to keep her in, at arms length away from her older siblings who will probably smother her) As for now, I'm down to the bare basics and I'm sort of freaking out. We have a crib (which I'm about to evict Isla from this next week), a Moses basket, a baby Ergo (which truthfully I never used with Isla cuz it was too stinking HOT in Texas to "wear" my baby), a stroller, a jumper (which she won't use for a while) AND that's about it. Oh and LOtS of baby blankets- they might be blue but they'll workπŸ˜‰ and clothes. Yep- the babe has clothes (thank goodness!). It's ridiculous how many clothes Isla had! Of course she was a Summer baby and we lived in Texas for the 1ST year of her life, so the selection of "warm/winter" clothes I have for this babe are minimal, but if that groundhogs prediction was right, Spring, and then Summer are just right around the corner, right?! 3 weeks people- like I said, I'm sort of/kind of freaking out, which is funny because I don't think I've ever worried quite so much about adding another baby to our bunch. But then again, my other kids WERE just babies still when their siblings were born! #herewegoagain #justwaitingonourlittlecaboosetoarrive
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#fargomarathon2016 #herewegoagain #halfmarathon
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Hungover as hell but faking it for the birthday girl - lord have mercy! πŸ˜²πŸ”«πŸ’ƒπŸ½#rightnow #herewegoagain #ootn #wiw
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Chasing dragons on the eve of Chinese New Year πŸ˜‚ #KungHeiFatChoi #HereWeGoAgain #SundateWithTheGirls
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Seriously... How could you not.. @sanity_sometimes_escapes_me #instantsmile #totesadorbs #bestfriends #secondgeneration #herewegoagain #schoolplay
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Quando olho pra isso, só lembro de uma frase do filme Tropa de Elite: "Preparem suas almas, pois seus corpos já nos pertecem!" Kkkkkkk #herewegoagain #backtoclasses #pp
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And these two Slayed the Red CarpetπŸ”₯ 2016 Image Awards... @kennedyrue w/ Uncle Will & Auntie JadaπŸ‘ŒπŸ½#naacpimageawards #TVONE #herewegoagain
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mishaleneakamimi : Beautiful pictures.
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It's getting real! πŸ˜†πŸ˜… #studentmidwife #homework #herewegoagain #backtoschool
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another sun set xo #another #herewegoagain #yellow #red #orange #black #nature #wow #amazing #love #natureisbeautiful
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Typical family dinner. #herewegoagain #hotmess #waitressisnotpleased #drunkaf
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Cocktail night #herewegoagain #mezcal #puntamanguera #mypartnerincrime
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This Tuesday its GOING DOWN‼️ πŸ“½Set your DVR if ya can't Tune inπŸ“½ Tune in Tuesday Feb 9th on @tvonetv With with my cast mate @letoyaluckett @iamwendyraquel @officialkyndall 8pm est Directed by @ericdeanseaton Acting coach @troyrowland1 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #ShaunaBrooks #wendyraquelrobinson #letoyaluckett #Kyndall #HereWeGoAgain #Actress #PowerOfTheLash #Roxy #DrRoxy #Transgender #GirlsLikeUs #DoWut #Maddy #Loretta #Kayla
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troyrowland1 : U going to the premiere Monday?
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#snow #eastcoast #herewegoagain #pretty #winter #howmanysofar #whereissummer
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Fall into #formation and don't miss the sneak peek of #HereWeGoAgain, starring @LeToyaLuckett, re-airing TONIGHT 11pm/10c on @tvonetv! πŸ˜‰
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The weekends mean one thing around here‼️ W O R K On the +side, I really like the people I work with, they make for tons of fun everyyyy weekend. #lovewhatyoudo #happysaturday #thehustle #congaroom #lalive #herewegoagain #friends and #fun #theperfectcombo
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laurmanischild : F4f babe β™‘ : f4f?
hi_or_hey_1d_ : done
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Fall into #formation and don't miss the sneak peek of #HereWeGoAgain, starring @LeToyaLuckett, re-airing TONIGHT 11pm/10c on @tvonetv! 😎
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iamstevejones : Congrats!
sircedric : Appreciate ya @iamstevejones!
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No face and oversized work shirt but I was done with the dark side πŸ‘ŽπŸΌπŸŒž #HereWeGoAgain #FiftyShadesOfBlonde
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Well this hit home. Things have been crazy, to say the least. Pain has skyrocketed again. My primary insisted it was my back, my back surgeon did an mri, then cortisone Injections Last week -owe. They didn't stop any of my pain. On Friday morning, boom πŸ’₯ massive #flareup my #endo is back. I'm devastated. #hysterectomy is not a cure, but I thought I would have had at least a year without pain. #herewegoagain #spoonie #endometriosis #fighter #lawstudent
herewegoagain - lawstudent - hysterectomy - spoonie - flareup - endometriosis - fighter - endo -
mamaofboys : @fighting_endo I just got a new primary which is finally listening after 8 years I finally got my first diagnosis of migraines! It took me 8 years to find a doctor in my shit town! πŸ˜’ so next is to get sent to a specialist for endo
fighting_endo : @mamaofboys OMG I have migraines too! Those are the only problems I have buy holy cow they definitely can take a hold of your life! I did botox for years but if I didn't do it religiously my migraines just stayed 24/7 now that it's all out of my system I get one once every week or two weeks. I use topamax to help prevent them and sumatriptan to knock them out when I get one
mamaofboys : I started 100 mg of topamax and it made me so sick so they lowered me to 25mg and 100mg sumatriptan to knock them out but the last month I had them back to back I've been migraine free for 3 days it's been crazy πŸ˜«πŸ˜«πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ my body went into total shut down and flare up
fighting_endo : @mamaofboys holy cow! 100 is super high to start at! It's kinda like when you taper off a medication you do it slowly except this Is in reverse you titrate up in dose. And it takes months to get to 100. But it works. And the side effect, weight loss. Idk about you but since my hyster I have this little belly pudge I can't get rid of! So bring the weight loss on! I hope the topamax can work for you, it's seriously a miracle medication.
mamaofboys : Yeah 100 made me feel like death omg I couldn't even function it was horrible!! So yeah I've lost 4lbs in the weeks I've been on the topamax whoot whoot!! Lol Im hopeful!
fighting_endo : @mamaofboys see! Progress already! Kicking booty ;) well keep me updated on how it works for you! And get that endo u derived Control! Keep me up on all of it! I'm so happy you got a new primary, good things are in store for you love! ❀
wonderwoman2290 : Hey I had my lap surgery two weeks ago and my doc told me I need to have kids this year because next year he wants to do the hysterectomy. I can't take most of the meds to stop the endo due to high cancer rates in my family and my aunt did the Lopron and she went into meta pause very young. Do you guys have any suggestions? Right now I have a iud in and on oral birth control but I still feel like crap.
fighting_endo : @wonderwoman2290 I used Mirena, it's only purpose for me was to ensure I wouldn't incur a pregnancy, it didn't help my endo or adeno. Lupron works by putting your body into a chemical menopause. Most women will stop having a monthly cycle but you can still get pregnant on Lupron. Once Lupron is out of your system (takes a few months) your ovaries will reawaken and slowly start working again. Endometriosis is fueled by estrogen, I like to relate it to a seed that is planted and estrogen Waters the seed of endo and the water (estorgen) makes the endo (seed) grow. I was on it for many years. It gave me some extra time. It's not for everyone, it's a miracle for some though! Why is your doctor pushing for a hyster? Telling you when you should have your children is a little presumptuous. That's why it took so long to get mine, everyone wanted to have children, except for me. Some women report their endo pain going away after a pregnancy, but bringing a new life into the world isn't something you do to stop a medical condition, I've had to tell a few doctors thats! Lol.
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#propagandhi #partdeux #herewegoagain #hosers #fuckinrightsbud #iliketopartyfuckinghard #canajian
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seanlebonscott : That's what happens when you feed doritos to the bears too many times...
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#demilovato #demi #lovato #demetria #lovatics #lovatic #lovaticforever #ddlovato #staystrong #beautiful #gorgeous #getback #dontforget #lalaland #herewegoagain #rememberdecember #giftofafriend #skyscraper #giveyourheartabreak #heartattack #madeintheusa #neonlights #reallydontcare #nightingale #coolforthesummer #confident #waitinforyou
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#herewegoagain #imreallyboredaf #boredselfie #instacute #latetbt #oldsquadshit
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Minhas manézinhas lindas da ilha em SP! ❀️ #augusta #herewegoagain #party #floripa #sampa #muitoamor
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marinapillmann : 😍😍
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-Alfin los tengo todos πŸ˜­πŸ˜πŸ˜±πŸ’˜,I Love Demetria Devonne Lovato, #dontforget #herewegoagain #unbroken #demi #confident @ddlovato @ddlovato @ddlovatovideos @ddlovatopanama #lovatic
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kevinoriel14 : Ahora si tienes Don't ForgetπŸ˜‚.l. ya no te puedo jodee
mr.angelo : JAJA SI MALDITO πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @kevinoriel14
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New Beginnings.New challenges. β˜ΊπŸ˜‹πŸ˜πŸ“#Herewegoagain
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taty.rodriguez : linda la pollito :*
ferni_paz99 : Mi pily 😘😘😘
fannyndgo : Pero que guapa!
pri.sinprisas : Ayy que se me suben los colores πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ
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#aloha #happysundayeveryone #two_rascals_2015 #theboys #ivan #turbo #herewegoagain #dressup4fun #hawaiiantheme #hawaiipups #behawaiian #hawaiistagram #hawaiilifestyle #bestbuddies #bestiesforlife! 🐢🐾❀️
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petscatter : This is really cute 🐢🐢🌸🌸🌺🌺
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πŸ“Morro do Careca!β›°πŸ‘΄πŸ» E não é que eu voltei?! Agora com mais tempo 🎈🎈 #natal #brazil #landscape #herewegoagain
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leagueofmemers : 😻
kymamonai : Pretty!😊
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#herewegoagain #mytwomainmen #rscafeteria #friendsofsantambroeus πŸ“·: #alithegreat @alirezanyc
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alirezanyc : Love you guys!!!
kekecalmeida : Miss u boys!!! 😊😘😘😘
fishphillps : I'm almost reposting this pic to make it really annoying πŸ΄πŸ˜‰
kailinzjewelry : You guys look great ! ❀️
spinzidesign : Smart !! @robertstilin
mayamclaughlin : Gorgeous!!πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
redticking : So handsome ☺️
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Had the best day being featured on and getting an excellent review on one of my leotards. Tomorrow I do my biggest shoot yet. Phew. So much more to do still. #likeaboss #ladyboss #design #charmperformance #herewegoagain #boss #photoshoot #new
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miss_emden : Yeah girl!
1nstagramfash1on : This is sweet
celticceliac : Love it!
spookye : #electrocute
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Hard at work #makeup #bridalmakeup #makeupbydesign #makeupartist #herewegoagain
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New release ;) #crazymamarunner #growingfamily #wombwarrior #herewegoagain
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hl_barbs : Congrats!
franrunslong : Woohoo!! Congratulations!!
11aceraynor : Congrats!
ashleyfenton610 : Awww congrats!!
jonesje87 : Congratulations!!
twinmommy2fitmommy : Such a cute announcement! Congrats.
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