Made this drawing for my cousin in a army bootcamp, I am sending it out to him tomorrow. How does it look, honest opinions please. #opinions #comment #drawing #armybootcamp #helpplease #likeforlike
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cosmic_sketch : Awesomeness
cosmic_sketch - larsotterclou -
Cute or nah --- Please comment --- Would it be good for a graduation party --- Help pleaseπŸ™ˆ --- #comment #please #skirt #graduationparty #party #2014 #leafring #ring #flowers #floral #blacknettop #helpplease #pleasecomment #college #followme
comment - please - pleasecomment - graduationparty - blacknettop - college - helpplease - leafring - party - floral - 2014 - ring - flowers - skirt - followme -
seanna.makayla : Super but it wouldn't match you
zowie_serenah : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
awko_rali : What?? @seanna.makayla
seanna.makayla - zowie_serenah - moises_photos - creacioneswm -
CREATIVE MINDS NEEDED!! I've been working on these a bit more, but I'm thinking to give them more character they need names!! If you have any ideas please comment below, if I like your ideas I will clearly display your name below the charcter on our website! GOOD LUCK!! #digital #digitalimage #digitaldrawing #simple #vector #vectors #illustrator #illustration #outline #graphic #graphics #graphicsjob #graphicdesign #graphicstudent #graphicdesigner #graphicsstudent #guess #name #names #help #helpname #helpplease #helpneeded #comp #competition
digitaldrawing - help - graphicsstudent - simple - comp - graphicsjob - competition - digitalimage - names - graphics - outline - illustration - guess - graphic - illustrator - name - graphicdesigner - vectors - helpname - helpneeded - vector - helpplease - digital - graphicdesign - graphicstudent -
pxmultimedia : Nice
josephillustration - upscale4evr - thecreativecomb - jake.wooldridge -
Help Save Butters!!! πŸ’œ This campaign is raising money for "Butters Treatment Fund" http://www.gofundme.com/djc7cc
saveadogslife - savealife - puplove - corgilove - help - dog - donations - helpplease - butterstreatmentfund - dogchild - corgi - corgilovers - gofundme - savebutters -
sabella_ann : ⭐️Direct link is posted in my profile⭐️
sabella_ann : #gofundme #butterstreatmentfund #savebutters #saveadogslife #corgi #corgilovers #dogchild #puplove #dog #helpplease #donations #savealife
sabella_ann : @dogscorner @dogsofinstagram @adventuresofcarajake
sabella_ann : Message from Butters: "My name is Butters. On August 19th, Mommy came home and found that I didn't eat my favorite cucumber snacks. She got super concerned cause she's never seen me leave any food alone before. After taking me to the vet, they found out that I had a tumor and needed to undergo immediate surgery...
sabella_ann : On August 20th, I went to a nice doctor and they gave me surgery. When I woke up I found out that my 3 lb spleen tumor was removed, or nearly 10% of my body weight (this means I can eat more again right Mommy?). I was diagnosed with Spindle Cell Sarcoma. All this cost Mommy nearly 2,000 dollars in medical bill...
sabella_ann : Unfortunately the surgery didn't solve the problem, and a specialist told Mommy that I had high grade tumor which would continue to spread unless I had additional treatments. Normally Mommy would take care of this all by herself, but she just found out she's losing her job next year and she's afraid she can't provide what I will need by herself. I hope there are some other corgi lovers out there who can help her out in her time of need. She's just asking help with my chemotherapy treatments.
sabella_ann : #corgilove #help
sabella_ann : @dogsofinstaworld
shoproshambo - kabliss4 - zeus.dog_ - mr_t_the_staffie_dog -
Got my head examined, test results came back a little #fishy. πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #needhelp #seeadoctor #haveissues #xray #fishing #helpplease
xray - helpplease - haveissues - needhelp - fishy - seeadoctor - fishing -
rose10lily : Snook season!! It's a salt life!!
tvanderark - saltybynature - melwest24 - abbyfarrell -
Do You Guys Think We can Make it to my goal Of 1,200 before School Starts (Thursday) If you Did it would Mean allot And People Keep Unfollowing like I don't care If you Do But at the Same Time It gets Me Kinda Upset….OH WELL LETS TRY PLEASE?! #follow4follow #turtle4turtle #helpPlease #ThankYou #derp #fangurl
thankyou - helpplease - turtle4turtle - follow4follow - fangurl - derp -
angie__thompson : Did I already ask you what teacher you got and if not who did you get
derpy__fangirl : @angie__thompson Idk If You Did But I Got Buck/Rinylo (Idk How to Spell) Didn't you get Garbutt?
derpy__fangirl : Idk Her Name oops @angie__thompson πŸ˜‚
angie__thompson : Lol yeah I got garbutt
julannaluv685 - alexandra.paige_ - magcono2lmusic - 12madisontodd12 -
Still crying @leopard_love_ #blondie #girlos #whylord #ep2014 #electricpicnic #thedevilsland #helpplease
ep2014 - blondie - electricpicnic - thedevilsland - girlos - whylord - helpplease -
leopard_love_ : I am a beautiful butterfly x
emaloucon - leopard_love_ - paigearmstrong7 - rob_of_tyroproductionz -
@silverlit this is their friend! I am tagging you rather than spamming their photo. Even if you don't know this person, at least help a friend by taking a screen shot and spread the word! Please help!! (Sorry for "bothering" you by taggin you but PLEASE help! This is serious!!!!) #missing #help #runaway #trans #runawayteens #missingteen #helpplease #emergency #urgent
runawayteens - help - emergency - missing - missingteen - urgent - helpplease - trans - runaway -
alamartab : He ran away??
pansexual.cosplayer : @alamartab yep! This is all i know. You can ask silverlit if you need to know more, but the pic says it all!
lyndsaymohr : Wow this is terrible! I'll show my friends
pansexual.cosplayer : @lyndsaymohr ok thank you so much!!!
hope_long_forgotten - lauren_mc2300 - sfcosplay - that_one_fox_ -
All I need/want right now πŸ˜‘ #TheStruggle #HelpPlease
thestruggle - helpplease -
kell710 : Love this
cnservitivelywild - nicosuave25 - sarmarsanti - sabrinemachine -
Calling all hairdressers?! Can you help me out and give me a little info about @pravana muchly appreciated! #pravana #hairdresserlife #pravanavivids #pravanapastels #helpplease #pravanahairdressers
pravanahairdressers - pravana - helpplease - pravanapastels - pravanavivids - hairdresserlife -
stacikinsss : what do you want to know ?
helpplease -
vincegianfranco - otter_lover5 -
Anyone who will help me? #pokemon #naruto #narutoshippuden #help #school #homework #summerwork #pikachu #help #helpplease #google #nointernet #freeshinys #gts #ga #giveaway #gtsguveaway #adoption #pokemonadoption
gtsguveaway - google - freeshinys - help - pokemonadoption - pikachu - nointernet - giveaway - ga - narutoshippuden - pokemon - summerwork - school - gts - adoption - helpplease - naruto - homework -
russkinja : Sure, I'm good at history.
hinata099 : @russkinja really? Thanks so much :D
the_mythical_charizard : I can help 😏
uhohhspaghettiohs - pikagram_101 - the.lucario - pokemon_stuffs -
Morning all!! At carvery tomorrow night for dinner. What should I completely avoid?? Mash or roasts better?? Meat and veg I'll fill up on :) #helpplease #slimmingworld #swuk #slimmingworldfamily #dinner #choices #whatsbest
dinner - helpplease - slimmingworld - slimmingworldfamily - swuk - whatsbest - choices -
jo3ox : Avoid gravy, cauliflower cheese, and i avoid potatoes unless theyre new potatoes also check the veg for signs of butter garnish x
slimmingworldstruggler : Thank you @jo3ox . Do you think mash will be ok if its only the butter?? I'm going to be good all day so that any thing that I don't know about in the food I can sort of count for x
jo3ox : Not sure. Because of they've made the mash with cream which quite alot of places do it could be quite high in syns
joanne_slimmingworld - amys_fooddiary - melsweightlossjourney - melmofoodface -
I can't see my bed you guys.. 😭 www.blamebetty.com #blamebetty #helpplease #deathbylaundry
blamebetty - deathbylaundry - helpplease -
73jcam : @fresh_as_death
priscieh : πŸ’ƒπŸ˜ @aboutasquid how does it feel to be organized? We may never know
aboutasquid : Hahaha 😝 @priscieh
the_merida_way : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @miranda_marilyn the next time your parents tell you to clean your room😝
miranda_marilyn : Already tried.... Didn't work πŸ˜‚ @the_merida_way
jakeohrobitaille : @jackiebootzz
auliya.bean : @kaeliisawesome
zoeamador : @belentatman seeeee
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I need washi tapes inspired by these designs... #lookingforph #lookingfor #washitapes #helpplease
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chefstevenhawaii - donyadonita - jcbahamut - oojhunaroo -
Ok im confused. Those really cute cartoon selfies so many people have as their profile pics, how do you get them? #helpplease
helpplease -
waytorecovering : It's an app, "FaceQ" πŸ˜„πŸ’•
road2recovery__ -
I love this photo ❀️ I really want to try dragon fruit 😍
dragonfruit - xox - yay - forfollowers - colourful - ilovethis - coolas - tagesforlikes - likesfortags - lol - iamdesperate - helpplease - ily - heh - followme - thanks -
coloursofparadise : #followme#coolas#ilovethis#dragonfruit#colourful#ily#yay#xox#iamdesperate#forfollowers#heh#helpplease#tagesforlikes#likesfortags#lol#thanks
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Chest , back with some shoulders - feeling a bit flat the last few days :( does anyone know of any really good motivational ebooks life coaching or speakers? I am wanting to add 30 mins of positive reflection and building into my day - I missed my besties face today at the gym - #positivethinking #personaltrainer #veinsandgains #teamncf #inbacompetitior #goldsgym #boulders #sosore #motivation #strive #helpplease #hungary #lunchtime #iifym #veiny #shehulk #musclebuilding #bodybuilding @kimi_stevenson do u know any good ebooks @cfitness01
motivation - lunchtime - sosore - iifym - goldsgym - bodybuilding - hungary - inbacompetitior - strive - personaltrainer - shehulk - veinsandgains - boulders - veiny - teamncf - helpplease - positivethinking - musclebuilding -
kimi_stevenson : Mark divine seal fit or unbreakable mind! !!! I always listen to Eric Thomas who coined the phrase ' if you want to succeed as much as you want to breath then you'll be successful! !!'
cfitness01 : @musclejoypt I watched the Eric Thomas ones last year for motivation... @kimi_stevenson recommeneded them for me :-) :-) got me through !!!
marklife1 : nice photo :)) view @mattiaimpicciatore
cmpettet - fitalexiss - poptartsandprs - k88ktm -
#helpplease #givemeahand #horseshoebend #antelopecanyon #lakepowell #goodtimes #falling #adventures #hikinggonebad #hiking #spontaneous
hiking - antelopecanyon - givemeahand - adventures - goodtimes - lakepowell - helpplease - horseshoebend - hikinggonebad - spontaneous - falling -
clarryt_ : NICE! πŸ˜‚
desertdj : @happeefeets you really sold the expression!
ra_kel - abbyshmabby - clarryt_ - alafred -
"I'm losing you and it's effortless" #thefray #igiveup #itried #effortless #depressed #depression #killmyself #depressedguy #help #helpplease #ineedyou #ineedsaving #worndown #worthless
igiveup - thefray - help - depressed - itried - worthless - depressedguy - killmyself - effortless - ineedsaving - ineedyou - worndown - depression - helpplease -
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In the Miami area!! #MiamiBarbers #HelpPlease
helpplease - miamibarbers -
fck_it86 : @killakutz305
thatdamntam : Yeah. He good. Check him.
killakutz305 : Holla at me. I got u
cuban_dinero : @jerry_da_barber
cuban_dinero : Let me know if you need his number
splash_monroe : @fck_it86 Thanks BB!!!:-*
fck_it86 : No prob BB
datbarbertatted : @datbarbertatted lol he is the best lol lol
supacutety - king_twin_zulu -
This is gunner my three month old #maligator. He's been acting aggressive towards other dogs and most people. We've tried socializing him but it seems to be making it worse. Has anyone had this problem and if so what if anything helped. We're hoping it's just a stage he's going through, but any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated @gsdmalinoislove #belgianmalinois #puppyproblems #HelpPlease
belgianmalinois - maligator - helpplease - puppyproblems -
_sacull_ - kristi.north2014 - _maccrea - big_jayyk9 -
#readmeplease #readmeplease #share #share #helpplease #donateorsharePLEASE #sweet #Thankyou #Thankyou #pleasehelp #thisfamily #Thankyou #USA #whole #wide #world #wonderful #wecanmakeadiffrence #xoxoxo #Youngman #younwoman #youngorold #Thankyou #somuch #share #helpplease #Thankyou
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silly_willy78 : http://www.gofundme.com/c5mbu4
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I need 300 followers help me please lovely people. #emo #arielacid #followme #helpplease #followplease
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malcolm_grant14 - bvb_johnnie.g_lover - that_boy_zach_ - mahrie_r -
Which one looks better??????? #helpplease? #throwbackvsnewschool
helpplease - throwbackvsnewschool -
realmilo__ : Elite.
m.o.n.i.c.a523 : Elite!
barbaricmiranda_ : Thankkkkkk youuuuuuy!
biglion24 : You gonna buy my 5s
biglion24 : ?
barbaricmiranda_ - sareetaah - lucypack20 - professord303 -
Idk what to paint and I'm in a creative mood halp #legendofzelda #helpplease
legendofzelda - helpplease -
hyanese - fandom_feels.inc - jocelyn_and_chibiterasu -
At work starving like a mofo.... #wheresthefood #starvingmyassoff #helpplease
starvingmyassoff - wheresthefood - helpplease -
yooobruce : Where u grindin at
tsims22 : Been at Verizon 4 a few yrs now @yooobruce
_redbone28 - miss_kita0810 - kelly_nt_rowland86 - stacyyb85 -
My mcm has make up problems someone please help him #helpplease
helpplease -
eleanabenner : #mcm #hawt #wow #jealous #breahasgoodtasteinmen
_morgann_17 - krystalolinger - ashlyn_guyer - karpdog15 -
Please and thank you. #queens #longisland #piercing #helpplease
piercing - longisland - helpplease - queens -
ally_bo0 : @sam_piercing been doing my piercings since I was 17
charli32badd : Do i need an appointment @sam_piercing
sam_piercing : No, just walk in 12-7:39 every day. 718-886 3043 @charli32badd
all_day_heffty : Wyd today?
charli32badd : Thanks @ally_bo0 i went to him. Thanks @sam_piercing
sam_piercing : You are welcome anytime @charli32badd
ally_bo0 : Awwww good hope all was well! @charli32badd
christinamercedesss : On Long Island village street wear in Merrick is the best place to get pierced super super clean and professional
_deenka - sam_piercing - eousd - soblessedwithbandz2x -
HELP!!! I constantly suffer from shin splints, I hage it because it prevents mefrom getting my cardio done. I have done multiple routines to prevent it from happening from focusing on my running posture to buying new shoes and trying multiple remedies to cure it. Do you guys new better solutions to shin splints? From your experiences have you found a better way to prevent this from happening?? #help #shinsplints #pain #running #runningproblems #runnerproblems #cardio #solutions #helpplease
pain - help - shinsplints - runningproblems - running - runnerproblems - solutions - cardio - helpplease -
fatgirl_2_fitgirl : Thought I was to heavy for my knees
lupitaamador87 : Its sux the cuz to me it keeps me from doing ut harder and limping while walking:/
skorarunning : Have you tried compression socks?
fatgirl_2_fitgirl : @skorarunning No, I have not. To be honest, I didnt know they existed.
skorarunning : Many have noted that the addition of compression socks or sleeves have drastically helped ease injury pain. My theory is that the compression changes how your muscles are activated, tweeks your running form a bit, and/or modified where the impact forces are being distributed. Either way, compression has certainly helped others with shin splints and may be worth a try for you :)
kateelizt : Powerstep insoles helped mine quite a bit. Pay attention to your foot strike when you run too. Too much heel striking or landing on your tip toes aggravates shin splints. Every case is different...good luck and don't give up!
xc4days : A good way to prevent them is after a run walk on your heels and then start to point your toes out while still walking on your heels it helpsπŸ˜‰
fatgirl_2_fitgirl : @skorarunning @xc4days @kateelizt thank you all for the advice I'll be sure to try them out😊
katsfitjourney - artiman_gym - lupitaamador87 - losingthosepounds -
First night out being 18 at Satans Hollow with my weirdo was the best!^^ so gutted that my new rocks have killed my feet tho.. they are so painful :( any tips on how to make them wear in quicker or stop pain as much? #gothic #alternativegirl #blackandwhite #piercedgirl #bats #charms #pendants #gothproblems #snapchat #killstar #wednesdayaddamsdress #satanshollow #newrockboots #helpplease #inpain #lashes #mac #nightout
alternativegirl - lashes - charms - piercedgirl - snapchat - inpain - pendants - mac - gothic - wednesdayaddamsdress - satanshollow - newrockboots - blackandwhite - nightout - gothproblems - helpplease - killstar - bats -
abigail_addams : you are so lucky.. I cant even describe how painful they are, hmm i might give that a go xx @lauramaydevitt
lauramaydevitt : I understand how painful theyd be, my do martens KILL my feet whenever I wear them, and I got an ankle infection πŸ˜‚ when your feet feel a bit better wear them around the house for an hour then have a break and then do it it again :) might help xxx
abigail_addams : Yeahhhhh my heel is horrid -.- ive been moaned at for a week because I have to have my feet out xD its so bad :') I shall definitely do that rather than rushing into wearing them xx @lauramaydevitt
morticia___ : My new rocks hurt at first, now they are fine 😊 wear thick socks for a bit x
abigail_addams : I did have thick socks on and they still really hurt!:c I hope they break in soon.. its actually torture looking at them knowing I cant wear them -.- x @morticia___
lauramaydevitt : Be careful that you don't cut open your feet, because if you have thick of fluffy socks on they will heal inside the cut :O that happened to me πŸ˜‚
abigail_addams : Ewwwww xD @lauramaydevitt
morticia___ : I got loads of blisters when I wore mine at first πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ but now they are fine πŸ‘»
canyouturnmyblackrosesred - spatulaa07 - alien_larva - againstthemall_ct -
Considering a nose ring like @hannahpixiesnow βœŒοΈβœ¨β€οΈπŸ’ƒ #nosering #hotornot #idontknow #helpme #helpplease #hannahpixiesnowdon #me #girl #blackhair #peace #lovetoyouall #tagsforlikes #inspiredbymyidol
me - tagsforlikes - lovetoyouall - helpme - peace - hotornot - blackhair - hannahpixiesnowdon - helpplease - inspiredbymyidol - girl - idontknow - nosering -
muhammadeido_19 - dausle4980 - jadelouisewood - khalid_12392 -
Need a mix up, hoping for a bit of a boost! #helpplease! #reddays #instaslim #instafriends #swuk #slimmingworld #slimmingworlduk #sw #originalplan
instaslim - originalplan - reddays - slimmingworld - sw - slimmingworlduk - swuk - helpplease - instafriends -
girlonslimmingworld - _youaregold - iwillbeslim1289 - dietjunkie -
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